The surprise

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22 Aug. '19

It’s been a long day at work and you can’t wait to get back to your apartment and relax. I could see the look of shock when you turned the corner to your hall and saw me waiting by your door in heels and a trench coat. I decided to be spontaneous and surprise you. Before you can say how happy you are to see me, I’m already on your lips. You unlock the door and we stumble in together. You push me back against the wall and I can feel the growing hard lump between your legs as you push your body against mine. You start your decent of kisses down from my lips, to my earlobe, and down across my collarbone. You begin to pull at the tie that’s keeping my coat closed but I stop you, grab your hand to lead you into the bedroom, and push you down onto the bed. Standing at the end of your bed, I slowly start to untie the knot and let the coat fall to the floor by my feet. You pause to take in the lingerie I’m wearing. It’s a black one piece that’s only sheer and lace. There’s a deep V in the neckline that goes all the way to my stomach. It hardly covers my nipples- and I suddenly cut off your thoughts by telling you to take off your clothes, except your tie, and sit at the end of the bed. You do as I asked, but had enough of being told what to do. Before I could say anything else, you grabbed my waist and pulled me between your legs and started kissing my exposed stomach and continued all the way up between my breasts. You nudge the lace over one of my breasts with your nose to expose my nipple and you welcomed it into your mouth. I throw my head back in pleasure and that was all the encouragement you needed. You stand up, grab me by the waist, twist me, and throw me onto the bed. The action made a strap fall, fully exposing one of my breasts. You’re immediately on me, kissing my lips hard, hands exploring my body. You begin to kiss my neck and trail down to my exposed breast. While kissing and sucking one, you slowly pull down the strap to the other and begin to rub it. You proceed to trail down my stomach, pulling down the black lace with your mouth until it’s on the floor with the rest of our clothes. Suddenly, I grab your tie and pull you back up to my lips and flip us over so I’m on top. I start to kiss further down your body. As I’m kissing your stomach your hard cock is rubbing between my breasts. You moan, I love it. I continue my decent except I bypass your dick and put your balls in my mouth. My hands are rubbing your inner thighs as I begin to put your penis in my mouth. Deeper, deeper. You’re about to cum so I stop. Not yet. I slowly make my way up your body, leaving a trail of kisses as I go. Just as I get to your lips, you spin us so that you’re on top. As you’re kissing me, your arms grab mine and pin them above my head. Holding them with one hand, you use the other to take off the tie around your neck and tie my hand together above my head. Suddenly you get up and go to the end of the bed, grab me by my ankles and pull me down and spread my legs as you kneel on the floor in front of my exposed pussy. Once your tongue makes contact with my clit I instantly moan. I’m already dripping wet. Two of your fingers are in my pussy and one is in my butt, while your mouth is on my clit, it puts me over the edge. My body begin to spasm under your touch. As I try to compose myself, you flip me on my stomach into doggie position. Your rock hard cock slips right into my wet pussy. I love how you feel inside of me. You grab my hair in one your hands and thrust hard into me again and again. In a swift movement you slap my ass and turn me on my back. I grab your dick in my hand while I push your chest down on the bed with the other. I whisper in your ear... you make me so wet, I want to taste how wet you make me... I lick your cock up and down slowly, savoring the flavor. Your dick is too big for my mouth so I use both my hands on the shaft and twist in opposite directions. It’s almost too much for you. I look up and we make eye contact. I say, Baby, I want you back inside me, please cum inside me. You push me back and pull my legs up over your shoulders and enter me once more. One hand is on my neck while the other is playing with my clit. You go so deep inside me, I feel you in my stomach. I can’t help but call out, you match my moans with your own. The build up was too much, you can’t stop yourself... I can feel the warmth of your load inside me, dripping out onto my lips. 
As we lay there out of breath, there is only one word that comes to mind... 


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