The Cameraman

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15 Aug. '19

I had just taken delivery of a new video camera. This was in the days before everyone had smartphones and could produce videos at the drop of a hat. Feeling pleased with my purchase, I videoed the cat chasing a piece of string, my brother’s kids at their school nativity and anything else I could think of. If it moved, I’d point my camera at it.

The novelty was starting to wear off a bit but I had become very proficient as a ‘videographer’ over the last few months. I needed a challenge.

While surfing the small ads one day, I saw an ad for ‘Personal Video Services’. The ad offered discreet filming for couples who wanted to record their sex lives. Wow, I had no idea such services existed. I also noticed the ad said ‘taking bookings from July onwards due to high demand’. So it seemed there were a lot of people who wanted to film their sex sessions. Who’d have thought?

With all the amateur clips online these days, it seems hard to imagine that there was a time when people’s bedroom antics remained private. It would appear that the desire was already there, waiting for technology to catch up!

Now I’ve always been a horny sod, taking any opportunity for sexual encounters that came my way. I was also a bit ahead of my time, being very liberal with the partners I chose. At 25, I’d already slept with many women, a few guys and one very memorable transgender girl, who happened to have the biggest cock I’d ever seen! So my natural horniness and having read that small ad got me to thinking. I wonder if I could offer my cameraman skills to couples that wanted to film their ‘ins and outs’ for posterity, and maybe have a little fun along the way?

I took my inspiration from the ad I’d already seen and embellished it a bit. I wasn’t really doing this for the money, but I figured I had better charge for my services otherwise people would just figure I was some kind of pervert who wanted a thrill. Which I was, but I didn’t want them to know that! I set up a dedicated email address, posted the ad and with a feeling of exhilaration, waited to see if I got any enquiries.

I checked the mailbox the next morning and was flabbergasted to see three messages already. I opened each one with anticipation and read them carefully.

The first message was from a couple in Scotland. They obviously had my location confused – even as horny as I was, I couldn’t travel 500 miles to film someone.

The second and third messages were from couples much closer to home. Message two had some pictures attached which were grainy and badly framed, so I could see why they wanted a pro to produce something better for them. They did, however, look very attractive, the kind of couple I would very much like to visit.

Message three was very sweet, almost apologetic. It was from a girl who wanted to record her having some fun with her girlfriend. She insisted she was bi, not gay, like that would bother me in any way. Unless she assumed I was to take part in the fun as well as film. Hmmm, interesting.

I replied to both messages straight away, offering a few dates when I ‘wasn’t already booked’. The couple with the bad photos were obviously very keen – as I was writing my reply to the bi girl, a message appeared in my inbox. The good news was that it was the female partner who had replied and was so keen to have me film them. Her name was Faith and her man was called Rob. She wanted me along as soon as I could make it and gave me her phone number, asking me to call before 12 noon that day to confirm a date and time.

Amazingly, as I was composing my reply to Faith, another email pinged its arrival. The bi girl – Shelly – was as keen as Faith and Rob seemed to be. I started to wonder if I had stumbled across a lucrative and potentially horny hobby! Shelly wanted me to be a surprise for her and her partner and confirmed the date and time she wanted me. I had my first confirmed booking! Now to phone Faith. I left it until 11am so as not to look too eager. From the tone of Faith’s emails, I imagined her as a confident, almost domineering girl. How wrong I was. She was rather shy at first, quite embarrassed to be talking to me in person.

“Hi, is that Faith? This is Steve, the video guy.”

“Oh, um, yeah, hi Steve. Err, thanks for calling me. Um, you know, sorry, I don’t know, um…”

I was surprised by how nervous she sounded so I tried my best to calm her.

“Is it convenient for you to talk? There’s no need to be nervous, I’m a professional and very discreet. Anything we discuss will remain between us, OK?”

That seemed to do the trick.

“Sure, of course, sorry.” I heard her take a deep breath, then she continued. “I think both me and Rob would love to make our own porno but we’re useless with cameras and stuff. We’ve been wanting to do this for ages but it’s taken me this long to pluck up the courage and find someone to help us. Your ad sounded so good, we both thought we’d give you a try. What do you think?”

If Faith could have seen the grin on my face she would have known exactly what I was thinking.

“I think you’ve chosen the right guy for the job. I’m chilled and friendly as well as a pretty good cameraman, modesty aside. I’ll do my best to ensure you both enjoy it, you’ll see.”

Faith breathed what seemed to be a sigh of relief. We agreed a date and time and she gave me her address.

Booking number two confirmed. Not bad less than 24 hours after placing the ad!

I now had a few days to mentally prepare myself and to stock up with new cassettes. The camera I had used actual video tapes – so old-fashioned looking back. I didn’t have any facility for editing, so I’d have to get everything right first time. I’d filmed people before, but not while they were writhing around naked. I hoped I’d be able to keep the camera still and in focus!

The day of my booking with Faith and Rob eventually arrived and I dropped Faith an email to confirm I’d be at their place at 8pm, as agreed. She again replied almost immediately, saying how much they were both looking forward to it. I had no idea whether or not I’d end up participating in their fun but I made sure I was well-groomed and spotlessly clean for the meeting, just in case!

I loaded my gear into the car – the camera, lenses, video tapes, tripod lights and a small ‘boom’ microphone. I was determined to make this a good production, particularly as they were paying me £150 for my time, which was quite a lot of money back then.

I arrived at their house just before eight and exited the car with a semi-hard cock! The anticipation of filming this hot couple was getting to me a little. The front door opened as I walked up to it and the pretty face of Faith appeared behind it.

“Hi Steve, come on in,” she beckoned. Faith was a real stunner. She was very pretty and had a beautiful figure. I didn’t ask, but I guessed she was about the same age as me, certainly not much more. She led me through to the lounge where Rob was nervously pacing up and down.

“Hi, man. I’m Rob,” he said, extending his hand. I shook it and said “Steve, how are you doing?”

“Bricking it, to be honest mate,” he replied. I heard Faith giggle behind me. I was about to try and calm Rob’s nerves when Faith piped up “You’d better not be too nervous Hun, or I’ll have to ask Steve to fuck me while YOU film!”

Wow, what happened to nervous Faith? She seemed emboldened by my presence and she kept teasing poor old Rob as I returned to my car to unload the gear.

Rob led me upstairs to the bedroom and seemed very interested in all the equipment I had brought. I’m sure it was just nervous banter – I mean, how interesting can a video light be? It only took me a few minutes to set up. “Ready when you are,” I said. Rob looked terrified! Faith, on the other hand, looked amazing when she slinked into the bedroom wearing a pale blue silk robe. Rob coughed and went off to the bathroom to get himself ready.

“OK, here we go. You look ready for fun so can I do a lighting check with you on the bed please?”

Faith seemed to be playing the role of slutty seductress. “Sure, Steve. Get as close as you want!” What I wanted to do was get my head between her thighs! However, I turned the lights on, picked up my camera and said “If you can stay still for a second then move around a little, that would be perfect. I just need to make sure the lights are right and find the best angles.”

Faith did exactly as I’d asked, kneeling on the bed at first, then moving her body into different positions. She wasn’t at all shy. In fact, I’m sure she deliberately let her robe fall open, revealing that she was completely naked underneath. What a body she had! I was wearing quite tight trousers and I’m certain the outline of my erection would be pretty obvious to her.

Rob reappeared and said “Oh yeah, starting without me?” Faith was now on all fours and her robe had ridden up her back, exposing her smooth, sexy ass. She was looking directly at the camera.

“You’re a lucky guy, Rob. Faith is stunning. This is going to be a great video.” I’m sure I saw Faith blush a bit as I said that. “Do you want me to direct you a bit, or shall I just film whatever you get up to?”

Faith replied “I love being told what to do! I think we need all the help we can get, right Hun? Rob nodded and said “You’re in charge now Steve.” Music to my ears.

“Ok, Rob, jump up on the bed, let me get the framing right, then go for it. I won’t speak once we’re rolling but you guys can say and do whatever you want and I’ll do my best to get everything.”

Rob climbed onto the bed and knelt next to his beautiful wife. They started to kiss passionately so I clicked the camera on and watched the action unfold. My qualifications for this job were my camera skills and my extensive research of hardcore porn! I knew what I liked to see and tried my best to replicate it.

Despite Faith’s boldness and slutty demeanour, it seemed that this was going to be a love-making session, not a raw, hardcore fuck. As they kissed and caressed each other, my arousal subsided as I was concentrating on the filming. Their arousal, however, was growing rapidly. Faith was stroking Rob’s cock through his shorts and they continued kissing as Rob slipped the silk robe from Faith’s shoulders. Faith then pulled Rob’s shorts down and his cock sprang out, fully erect. It seemed they had both become oblivious to me already. Faith moved her head down to take Rob’s throbbing member into her mouth. I moved behind so I could capture the rear view of Faith’s beautiful ass, then panned around to see her hungrily devouring Rob, licking and sucking his engorged prick and rubbing his knob over her face and lips. My cock started to grow again as I looked enviously through the viewfinder.

Rob then surprised me. He pulled Faith quite roughly off his cock by her hair and pushed her face down to the bed. He put one hand on the small of her back and started to spank her bare ass with the other one, making Faith cry out with little moans at each slap. When she really started to whimper, he swapped his hand for his mouth, kissing her red cheeks tenderly. He then got behind her, gently pulled her cheeks apart then buried his face in her ass, making loud slurping noises as he licked her pussy. The volume of Faith’s moans grew and grew and I could tell she was going to cum quite quickly. I moved closer and zoomed in as Rob gave his tongue a workout on Faith’s soft flesh and intimate parts. I could clearly see Rob running his tongue up and down Faith’s labia and caught every lick, suck and moan in crystal clear detail. They were going to love this film!

Faith was gripping the bed sheet and moaning loudly. Rob pushed one, then two fingers into Faith’s soaking wet pussy and moved his tongue to her anus. As his fingers moved in and out quite vigorously, he forced his tongue right into Faith’s tiny ass hole and it tipped her over the edge. I could see her body convulsing but Rob didn’t flinch, keeping up with the finger frigging as Faith writhed in ecstasy, pussy juice running freely over his hand and dripping onto the bed. Just as it seemed Faith couldn’t take any more of this stimulation, Rob withdrew his fingers, gripped Faith’s ass cheeks again, then plunged his cock into her pussy, fucking her hard and deep. Faith was crying out with lust, cumming over and over and Rob kept pummelling her until he let out a huge gasp as he came inside her. I had zoomed out to capture this, but I quickly zoomed in again as Rob pulled his cock out of Faith’s pussy. I put my hand up to indicate to Rob that he should hold Faith in this position and I recorded his large cum load dripping out of Faith and running down her thighs. I was surprised but delighted that Rob decided to lick some of his cum directly from Faith’s quivering lips then they shared an erotic cum kiss before collapsing in a heap side by side.

Wow, I thought to myself. That was amazing, both for them and for me. My cock was practically bursting out of my trousers and I heard Faith giggle as she said “Look Rob, look at Steve. He’s turned on watching us fuck!”

I placed the camera carefully on the carpet and sat on the corner of the bed. “Well, what did you expect?” I asked. “I’m only human and you two looked amazing!” I rubbed the bulge in my pants as if to emphasize the point. Rob chirped up “Ha! Just as well I don’t mind other guys ogling my wife, eh?” I smiled and nodded. Faith grinned too and added “Yeah, but what about your wife ogling other guys? We can’t leave Steve with a hard cock now, can we?” Rob looked thoughtful for a moment then looked directly at me. “Ever filmed yourself getting a blow job Steve?”

“ For real?” I gasped, genuinely surprised but absolutely thrilled at the prospect.

Rob grinned and said “Oh yeah, I know my lovely slutty wife wants your cock. I knew it the minute I saw you, you’re just her type!” Faith was now sat cross-legged on the bed having recovered fully from her breath-taking orgasms. She smiled and nodded her agreement with what Rob had said and added “If he’s as hung as I think he is, I’d like him to fuck me too, if that’s OK Hun?”

“Hmm, maybe,” Rob replied. “Let’s see what you got, Stevie-boy! Reckon you’d be up for it? Show me how to operate the camera and I’ll film you and Faith together, if you like.”

Well, one doesn’t like to disappoint a client, does one? I tried to play it cool and let out a sigh as I ripped my t-shirt off. “Oh, go on then!” I said, slipping my pants down and pulling them off, along with my socks. I was sat on the edge of the bed now, facing the beautiful, naked Faith. My erection was straining against the material of my boxers and Faith was licking her lips eagerly. I suspected this wasn’t the first time Rob had enjoyed sharing Faith, but probably the first time there would be video evidence of it! Rob had pulled on a pair of sweat pants and picked up the camera. “Is it as easy as it looks Steve?” he asked.

I pointed out the start switch and said “Use the viewfinder and whatever you see will be filmed. If it gets blurry, click this button, it’s the auto focus.” Rod nodded, looked through the viewfinder and said “Piece of cake. Go for it Faith. Ravage our new friend and be as dirty as you like!”

Oh my God! Faith was filthy, sucking me, deep-throating me, fingering my ass and all the time telling me how hot my cock was, how much she loved sucking it and how much she wanted me to fuck her. I’d been fully aroused and erect for about 30 minutes straight and I knew it wouldn’t take much to make me cum, so I eased back, lay down and pointed to my face. Faith practically jumped on to me, almost smothering me with her ass and thighs but making sure I was able to lick her pussy as well. She smelt of pure sex and it was only as I tongued her deeply I remembered that Rob had cum inside this pussy not twenty minutes ago. Oh well, I thought, in for a penny, in for a pound, and licked and sucked Faith’s soaking wet pussy with gusto.

Faith now leaned forward so she could take my cock back into her mouth. This meant her ass was bent nicely just above my face. I remembered she liked being spanked, so I lifted my head up, fastened my lips around Faith’s clit and sucked hard as I spanked her ass quite firmly. The first spank caught her by surprise and she yelped. She then wrapped her lips back around me and made muffled moans as I spanked her some more. Rob was moving from my mouth back to Faiths and I wondered if his filming would be as good as mine was. I was secretly looking forward to watching myself on video, fucking this amazing beauty while hubby watched.

Faith’s ass was now glowing pink from my spanks and her moaning was louder than ever. She had already done it to me, so I decided to slip a finger into her asshole, hoping it would make her cum and we could have a breather before I got the chance to fuck her. It worked! After two or three thrusts of my finger, Faith screamed an ear-splitting scream and came hard, her pussy ground into my lips, her cum dripping all over me. She released my cock from her mouth, sat up and continued to grind into me as she came a second time. I was holding her hips now and helping her to smash down on my face. I eventually slowed down, gave her pussy one last kiss, which made her shiver, then I helped Faith roll off me. Rob had clicked the camera off, placed it on the floor and gave us a little round of applause. This made me laugh and Faith simply stuck her middle finger up at her husband. Faith was breathing hard, still coming down from her orgasms, but she managed to gasp out “Make sure you film him fucking me Hun. Come on Steve, fuck me from behind!”

Again, one doesn’t like to disappoint. Little Steve was gagging for it and Rob picked the camera up, clicked start and I got behind Faith. Just as I was sliding my huge prick into Faith’s sopping snatch, Rob whispered into my ear “Every hole’s a goal, son. She loves it up the bum, but don’t cum inside her, OK?” Jesus! I nearly came there and then. I’d just had permission, no, I had just been instructed by Rob to fuck his gorgeous wife in the ass! Could today get any better? Rob was very close filming my cock doing its thing, so I figured he’d like a close up of me sodomizing his Misses. I spat on my thumb, eased it into Faith’s tight asshole, making her squirm, pulled my cock out of her pussy and placed it against her anus. Faith’s knees were shaking a little, as were mine, but I love anal as well, so I pushed forward firmly, enjoying the initial resistance, then acceptance of my knob as it slipped into her.

OK, I admit I lasted about 30 seconds! It didn’t help that Faith had another shuddering orgasm as I filled her ass with my swollen cock. The feeling of her ass muscles contracting and gripping my cock was just too much for me. Rob said not to cum inside her, so I pulled out as Faith turned to face me. She looked up at me just as I stroked myself one last time and she was greeted with a torrent of semen spurting forth from my pulsating manhood. It seemed to catch her by surprise, although I don’t know why, but it also seemed to delight her equally. She opened her mouth and took spurts four, five and six directly into it. She didn’t swallow it, but instead played with the creamy cum with her lips and tongue. The last few spurts dribbled out of me, dripping on to Faith’s breasts. This seemed to give her an idea.

“Rob, put the camera down and cum here please, Baby,” she politely asked him. He did as she asked and approached her, then, not at all politely, she barked “Clean my tits, NOW!”

Wow, what an erotic sight, a guy licking my cum off his wife’s lovely breasts! When he’d cleaned them as best he could, she lifted him up and, still with a mouthful of my cum, kissed him passionately on the mouth, letting the cum dribble down between their mouths.

Damn, I wish I’d filmed that part! It was so horny that my cock never really went soft. Rob had recovered too and Faith, being the naughty little slut she is, turned to me and said “I want to try something. I saw this in a porno and it looks awesome. Sit in front of Steve, Rob, and let me jerk you both off.”

Not only did she jerk us off, she rubbed our cocks together, knob to knob and dropped her head to take one, then the other of us into her mouth. She even tried to get both our throbbing cocks into her mouth at once but that was a struggle for her. It felt good to me though! Despite having cum barely fifteen minutes before, I could feel the familiar stirrings again. Faith was talking dirty as she jerked us, she really is a wonderful slut! “Whoever cums first, I’m gonna use his cum as lube on the other cock, then I’m going to lick them both clean,” she promised. Rob and I were face to face, in front of Faith. When he reached behind me with one hand and squeezed my ass cheek, it made me jump. As he chuckled at my surprise, I reached around and did the same to him. He sighed and let out another several spurts of cum, splashing Faith’s face, covering her hand and running down the length of both our cocks. As good as her word, Faith used this as lube to vigorously jerk my cock and it was only a matter of minutes before I erupted again. It wasn’t as big a load as the first one, but there was still a lot of semen covering both of Faith’s hands. She lowered her head to lick both cocks, and her hands clean, slurping the cum and loving the taste of it. This time, I moved in for the cummy kiss and got to share our combined loads first. Then we broke and Faith kissed Rob and he got to taste it too. I was completely spent now, no strength left in my body and I flopped down on the bed while they kissed.

Once we’d all cleaned up a bit in the bathroom, we decided to have a debrief. I rewound the video and we had a quick look to check the quality was OK. It was better than OK. I’d surpassed myself with my camera skills and the crystal clear quality was amazing.

“Damn, we’re gonna wear that video out, it was so hot!” said Rob. Faith agreed and asked if I wanted to copy it. I said yes please, knowing I would have to take it home and return with the original. “I’ll have it back to you tomorrow night if that’s OK?” Both Faith and Rob beamed and Rob said “Movie night tomorrow then!”

We packed all my gear up and they thanked me for a great session. Rob had £150 in cash rolled up which he tried to give me but I refused to take. “No, honestly, I had as much fun as you, you really don’t have to pay me.” Rob replied “Well, I think a deal is a deal, but whatever you say Steve.” I knew he’d try and pay me again when I dropped the video off the following night and I was right. This time, I acquiesced and took the money. Sadly, Faith wasn’t there so there was no chance of a repeat of last night’s fun, but that was probably for the best. We both had video evidence of how awesome it had been – I’d copied the video for my own collection. I certainly knew that if I ever wanted to watch some porn, that tape would be my first choice, every time.

As I drove home, I suddenly remembered that I’d promised Shelly and her partner that I’d be with them the following evening. I immediately wondered if I would have as much fun with two girls as I had done with Faith and Rob.

Well, it turned out to be a very different evening, but yes, just as much fun.

OK, if you insist, I’ll tell you.

I turned up with my gear at the agreed time and Shelly opened the door. “Hi Steve, you found me OK then.” I smiled as if to say ‘well, obviously…’ and Shelly led me through to the lounge. “Tina will be home in about half an hour and she doesn’t know you’re gonna be here. It’s her birthday next week and this is my surprise for her!” Hmm, nice surprise, I thought to myself.

I set the lights up and needed to test if it was OK. I asked Shelly if she’d come over and sit on the sofa so I could adjust things where necessary. “Oh, sure, no problem. As she walked towards me, she quickly pulled her t-shirt over her head and let her denim shorts drop to the floor. Not having any underwear on, she was now fully naked in front of me. I didn’t have the heart to tell her I just needed her in shot, no need to undress! She looked lovely. Shelly had shortish hair and quite a boyish physique. She was slender with small breasts and perky nipples and very attractive. I immediately wondered what Tina would look like. I was going to feast my eyes on two naked girls as they fucked in front of me. I’ve never been a particular fan of lesbian porn but if both girls look great, I can see the attraction to men.

Shelly put her clothes back on once I had made the lighting adjustments and we chatted for a few minutes, waiting for Tina to get home. When we heard the key in the lock, Shelly jumped up and said “Wait here and don’t make a sound!”

She left the room and closed the door behind her. I heard muffled voices from the hallway and after a minute or two, the door opened. Tina walked in tentatively with Shelly’s hands covering her eyes. She dropped her hands and said “OK, you can look!”

Tina was greeted by the sight of me sat on the sofa, video camera in hand, and a silly smile on my face.

“Oh my god, you haven’t!” Tina exclaimed with a shocked look on her face. “Yes, sweetie, for your birthday, I got you a man! And not just any man. This is Steve and he’s going to film us, uh, you know, when we….” Shelly tailed off, leaving the rest to Tina’s imagination.

Well, if Shelly was hot, Tina was even hotter. She was much curvier than Shelly and had very large breasts, longer hair and an equally pretty face. Tina seemed delighted with her ‘gift’ and turned around to kiss Shelly by way of thanks. The kiss started gently, then increased in passion, so I grabbed the camera and started to film them straight away. I caught Shelly’s eye and waved for them to continue. It felt much better to let the sex happen naturally than to pause and start again.

I watched in awe as one by one, the girl’s garments hit the plush carpet. It didn’t take long for them both to be fully naked and neither girl seemed to have any inhibitions at all about being naked and having sex in front of a strange guy. I decided to watch very carefully. I really wanted to learn how two girls turn each other on and to see what they did differently to me when I’m with a girl.

It was more tender than a guy and a girl going at each other. I could sense the lust from both of them, but it seemed to be more controlled, more ‘loving’ if you will. That was until Shelly got her head between Tina’s legs. I moved in for a close-up of Shelly’s tongue as it caressed Tina’s clit, but I was quite surprised to see that she went at her pussy exactly the same as I would have done, given half a chance! Totally abandoned passion followed, with loud slurping, fingers disappearing into every orifice and loud moans as each girl had an orgasm. The girls were in a side-by-side 69 position on the sofa and I tried my best to share out the close-up shots equally. Shelly kind of sang her moan in a single note rising to a crescendo when she came. Tina panted like a dog and moaned “Oh my God, oh my God,” as she came and almost grunted as her body was overcome.

They both sat up and I turned the camera off. “God, I need a shower and a glass of wine!” gasped Tina. “That was some welcome home!” Shelly giggled and said “Go on then, I’ll keep Steve company while you sort yourself out. I’ve got a plan and I want to discuss it with him while you’re not here.”

Tina skipped off saying “Ooh, I fucking LOVE surprises,” and scurried upstairs. I looked quizzically at Shelly, inviting her to share her plan.

“Well, Steve, it’s like this. I told you we’re both bi, not lesbians, didn’t I?” I nodded. “And well, you’re a great-looking guy and I can see how aroused you just got watching us…” Damn these tight pants, they hide nothing! I nodded again, chuffed that she thought I was good-looking. “It was the horniest sight, sound and smell I’ve ever witnessed,” I confessed. “So…?”

“Jesus, Steve, do I need to spell it out? I want you to fuck us both!”

I looked upwards to thank the powers that be for the situation I now found myself in. What did Belinda Carlisle sing in the eighties? ‘Heaven is a place on earth’ I think I had found that place.

“Shelly, nothing would please me more, really. I won’t be able to film it though, this camera is quite heavy,” I said, with a rueful smile on my face.

“That’s OK Steve, it was me and Tina I wanted filmed. How about, we go for round two with you filming. Then, when I give you a signal, you put the camera down and join us?” Shelly suggested.

I nodded and said “That sounds like it could be fun. How about you two 69 on the floor, with Tina on top. I’ll discreetly put the camera down, strip off and get behind Tina and fuck her without warning. Do you think she’d like that?”

“Oh my God, I’m wet again thinking about it! She’ll love it, she really will. Then we can roll over so I’m on top and you can fuck me too!” Shelly practically cackled as she spoke.

I’m so glad I’d been working out at the gym these last few months. Not only was I in good physical shape, I had improved my stamina. I was going to need it if I was to fuck these two sexy girls right here, right now.

At that moment, Tina came back into the room, wearing just a thong and a flimsy top. She looked, and smelled, wonderful. Shelly nipped up to the bathroom saying “Be right back,” and Tina started to quiz me about Shelly’s plan.

“What’s she up to, Steve? I’m nervous now!” she asked.

“Oh, nothing to be nervous about. By the way, you don’t look nervous. You look bloody stunning, if you don’t mind me saying!”

Tina laughed. “Why ever would I mind? You don’t look so bad yourself actually!”

I breathed a little sigh of relief. Thank God she thinks I look OK. I am about to fuck her, after all!

Shelly returned with two large dildos and said, “Ready for round two, Sweetie?” with a wicked grin on her face. Tina rolled her eyes and sighed. “You’re such a dirty cow, come here!” and pulled Shelly towards her. I had the camera rolling already and filmed them as they stripped down to nothing again and started to fondle and caress each other’s bodies. Little Steve was twitching again in my pants in anticipation of what was to come.

Shelly dropped to the carpet and lay on her back. Tina turned and kissed all the way down Shelly’s tight little body until she reached her belly button. She then swung her leg over her face and Shelly grabbed Tina’s ass cheeks, holding them gently apart as she started to trace her tongue up and down Tina’s labia. I was getting it all on video and it was even sexier than the first time. I moved around so Tina could see me, filming her tonguing Shelly. She grabbed one of the dildos and rubbed it all around Shelly’s wet pussy, running it up and down the length of her slit before easing it into her. Shelly moaned loudly as the dildo penetrated her, Tina flicked her tongue over Shelly’s clit and my cock was desperately trying to rip through my pants! Tina was moaning too, mainly because Shelly had swapped her fingers for the other dildo. I sidled back up to watch Shelly dildo-fuck her lover, the camera not missing anything. I even zoomed in for an ultra-close-up of Tina’s sodden snatch being violated by the smooth glass dildo.

Both girls’ level of ecstasy was rising rapidly, along with their moans. I felt a tap on my thigh and looked down to Shelly, who pointed to Tina’s held-open pussy and put her thumb up. I mean she gave me the thumbs-up, not, you know. Never mind. It was my cue to join in the fun! I silently placed the camera down and eased myself out of my pants and shorts. Shelly’s eyes widened when she saw my big cock spring upwards and a smile broke out on her face. Of course, fucking Tina in this position would mean my balls would be swinging inches above Shelly’s face. It didn’t look like she was about to complain.

I wiggled myself into position, remembering this was to be a surprise. Tina had her face buried in Shelly’s sex and had no idea I was now kneeling behind her. I stroked my length a few times and Shelly slid the dildo out of Tina’s pussy. I felt a gentle smack on my ass and I did exactly what we discussed earlier. Without touching any other part of Tina’s body, I lined the tip of my cock up with her dripping pussy and thrust into her, balls-deep in one smooth action. I wondered if she’d feel the difference when I replaced the dildo with my cock. Judging by her shriek as I plunged into her, she really could.

“Oooooohhhhhh fuck!” she squealed. Shelly giggled and I thrust for all I was worth. Tina was pushing back on each thrust, craving my cock as deep inside her as I could manage. I’m pretty blessed in that department, so it was damn deep! I could feel Shelly's tongue flicking my balls, so I pushed in hard and held myself there for a few seconds. Tina let out a deep sigh and Shelly reached up to squeeze my ass cheeks as she slobbered all over my balls. I was right. Heaven really was right here! It was just too good and I felt my balls tighten as my orgasm approached. I didn’t want to cum inside Tina but I very nearly did as Shelly’s body was gripped by a massive orgasm. She sunk her fingernails into my buttocks and gripped them tightly as she came, her shriek loud enough to be heard two blocks away!

 The erotic pain of Shelly’s nails made my urge to cum subside a bit, and when Tina started to mutter “Oh my God, oh my God” over and over, I knew she was going to cum next. With another primal scream, her body convulsed and she actually squirted, so hard was her orgasm. My cock was pushed out with the force of it and Shelly very thoughtfully gripped my cock and stroked it until I came hard, pumping spurt after spurt of hot cum over Tina’s perfect ass. She was still shaking from her orgasm and looked amazing with my cum dribbling over her pussy and her ass cheeks.

Shelly was underneath, enjoying the view and catching my cum as it dribbled over her face and neck. I don’t think I’d ever cum as hard, or as much as this. Shelly’s cheeks and neck were splattered and Tina’s cheeks glistened. Her ass-cheeks, that is. I eased myself backwards and let the girls finish off with Shelly licking my cum off Tina’s ass and pussy lips. It was like the best porno you could imagine, especially when they moved positions and kissed passionately, cum dribbling out of the corners of their mouths. I just couldn’t resist and moved closer, kissing them both in turn, tasting my own cum as well.

I can normally go again quite quickly after cumming, but both girls looked wasted and I figured that was the end of the fun for now. I nipped upstairs to the bathroom and returned a few minutes later fully dressed. The girls were now back on the sofa, Shelly with her eyes shut and Tina with a glazed expression.

I said nothing as I put away all the gear and loaded up the car. I re-entered the lounge to see both girls had partially dressed.

“Steve, that was awesome! We did say £150?” said Shelly. As before, I protested that I didn’t really want paying, that it had been my pleasure, but again, it was insisted that I take it, so I did. I hadn’t intended to become a gigolo, but I seemed to have inadvertently become one. No, I wasn’t being paid for my fucking skills, just my camerawork. I hope they all saw my cock as a bonus! I handed Shelly the video and she was already inserting it into the VCR as I left them.

When I got home, I opened my email to find another two enquiries as well as another message from Shelly. Intrigued, I clicked this one first.

“Hi Steve, thanks again for today, the video looks A-MAZ-ING!. Any time you fancy coming around to greet Tina home from work, give me a call. You don’t even need to bring your camera, just yourself. Maybe you could fuck me next time! Kisses, Shelly.”

Wow, that’s nice! An open invitation for a threesome with two lovely girls. My idea of becoming a videographer had worked out better than I’d ever imagined.

I’d earned £300 – a week’s pay back then – made four new friends, had a copy of a very hot porno and now I’d become a hot bi couple’s fuck-buddy! Oh, and two more enquiries, I almost forgot about them!

So that’s how it all started. As the years passed and technology developed, I was able to become cameraman, director and actor in my own films and it’s only now I’ve more or less stopped doing it. I’ve made some amazing friends along the way, including the girl I met, fell in love with and married. Jilly is an amazing person. You could say she’s open-minded about sex too, especially as we both go around to see Shelly and Tina most weeks. Yes, we never lost touch and the sex all four of us have together is mind-blowing.

Maybe I should invite a cameraman to film us all one day…



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