The Other Job - Hard Worker

Info Ben Rosewood
09 Aug. '19

With a sigh, I slam down my work phone. Some fucking people just can't take a hint. Days like this make me think about throwing everything in. Hell, maybe I should. It's not like my other job doesn't pay well, in addition to being a whole lot more fun. Maybe I should check on it right now. My fingers dance on my smartphone and to my joy, I found an email from my employer.

'Greetings Amelia

A client is coming over for a business trip and has requested your services on Saturday night. He is staying in Room 207 of the Riveria Hotel and wants you over at 8:00 PM. He has requested that you bring red lingerie to wear for him.'

Businessmen were always interesting. Like me, they spent all day pent up in an office, eager to relieve the stresses of the day. It also allowed me to play a guessing game in my head. I won't know who I'm meeting until I open the door. No commitment. No ties. No fears. Just two people sharing a night of intimacy. Now all that's left to do is wonder who I'm going to meet on the weekend.

* * *

As the elevator heads up, I wonder who I'm going to meet tonight. My heart races as my mind attempts to picture what he'll look like. When the elevator finally arrives, I take a deep breath and walk forward. My hand trembles slightly when I reach out for the doorknob. When I open the door, I see a man with short brown hair and stubble sitting on the couch. He's about my age, if not a bit older.

"Hey." I say whilst walking in.


"That's me." I shut the door behind me before walking towards him.

"Pleasure to meet you."

"Pleasure's all mine." Now in front of him, I see his slender body, covered in office attire, minus a tie and a few buttons undone. To most, he'd be unassuming, but to me, that makes him even more of an enigma.

"Well, I'm Ben." Doubt it's his real name, but then again, Amelia's not mine.

"Mhmm. So..." I begin to unbutton my trench coat. "Looking to unwind?"


"Hard day at work?"

"Sure was."

I bite my lip. "So where you from?"

"New York."

"Wow. Long flight to California, huh?"

"Sure was."

With the last button undone, I say "Better give you a proper welcome then."

He smiles as I then open my coat up, revealing the red lingerie I'm wearing. In response, his eyes go wide as his jaw drops. "Wow."

"That what you wanted?"


I turn around to flaunt my perky ass, which I'm sure is receiving the same response. "May I take a seat?"


Sitting on his lap, I look over my shoulder to his amazed face. "You can touch me babe."

"Okay." His voice trembles, but his hands begin to rub my thighs all the same.

"Now, tell me what you like."

"Guess the first thing to ask is what's off-limits?" Ben says.

"If I say stop, you stop. Apart from that, I like to keep an open mind."


"I'm here to make you happy Ben." My hand rubs his thigh. "Whatever that means."

"Well, any sex is good. Better than what my wife puts out."

"Ohh, does she not take care of you?"

"Not really." He sighs. Doubt I'm getting the full story, but I'm not a marriage counselor. Hell, divorces are a big part of my 'actual' job.

"Well, I know if I had a handsome, hard-working man to go home to, I'd make sure to take good care of him." I start grinding against his crotch. "Tell me what she doesn't do?"

"We only ever do missionary now. She just lays there and-"

"Sounds like she doesn't appreciate you."

"She doesn't."

I stand back up and then face him, undoing my bra as I do so. "Does she suck your cock anymore?"


My bra falls to the ground, so I go down to my knees. Massaging his thighs, I say "Let me take good care of you then."

Within seconds, I have his belt undone. After unzipping his fly, I tug down on his pants, allowing his cock to stand at attention. He's rather average in size, but a guy like this is got to be pent up. Work stress plus a boring sex life should equal a man ready to fuck like an animal. Then again, there's only one way to find out.

I start by sucking on his sack, something I doubt his wife has ever done. My hand strokes his shaft whilst he moans. Next, I drag my tongue across his length, before focusing my tongue on the sensitive cluster of nerves under his tip.

"Oh my God..." Ben coos.

My mouth then engulfs his tip. I flick my tongue around his head a few times before plunging down his shaft. Once I hit the base, I start bobbing up and down, to which he moans with pleasure.

"Fuck... No one's ever given me head like this..."

Although it might not be exactly what he wants, I pop my mouth off of his shaft. "You sound like you're gonna burst."

"Ohh fuck Amelia... You keep doing that I might just do so."

"Mhmm, we can't have that just yet babe. I want your cock inside me."

"Sounds good to me."

"Let's go to the bedroom."

Ben completely removes his pants and then stands up. I make sure to grab my handbag before he leads me to the room, he begins unbuttoning his shirt. After throwing his shirt off, Ben opens the door to the bedroom. Once I follow him in, my hands reach for my panties, but before I can remove them, Ben pulls me in for a kiss. As we lock lips, I grasp his cock and start stroking. After the kiss, I whisper in his ear "How about you lay down for me?"


Ben gets down on the bed and watches me peel down my panties. I then reach into my handbag and pull out a bottle of lube. Next, I throw the bottle onto the bed and then crawl towards Ben, grazing my hand along his body. We then kiss once more, before I whisper into his ear "Do you want anal tonight?"

He raises his eyebrows. "That an option?"

I nod whilst biting my lip. "Only the best for my hard-working man."

Whilst I kiss his neck, he says "I'd like that."

I start kissing my way down his torso, towards his cock that's throbbing for what his wife won't give him. As I suck on his balls, I grab the lube and proceed to drizzle it all over his shaft. Once his cock was lubed up, I move on top of Ben, putting one hand on his chest. The other helps guide his slick cock to my rear entrance. When the tip meets with my hole, I bite my lip before slowly inching my way down his length.

"Oh fuck..." Ben coos.

"How does that feel baby?"

"Like heaven."

"That's what you deserve."

As I begin pumping up and down his shaft, I reach for my clit. Whilst I'd like to be optimistic, I doubt Ben's going to last long. Not with my ass clenching his underappreciated cock. Whilst I get into a steady rhythm, I let out a lustful tirade. Looking into Ben's eyes, I coo "Touch me Ben. Touch my body..."

His hands from my hips and to my breasts. Next, his thumbs rub my nipples, adding to the sensations I'm feeling right now.

"Oh my god... that feels so good."

My hand and hips work in unison to bring me to climax. Ben's giving me an intense look as if he himself is close to the edge. In response, I rub my clit faster, hoping to at least cum with him. His hands tightly squeeze on my breasts as he grits his teeth. I feel my own body tense up whilst my legs begin to tremble. Right on cue, my orgasm rippled throughout me. As my body quaked, Ben's seed flooded my channel. Now spent, I collapse on top of Ben before we both pant.

We then exchange another kiss, before I say "That what my hard worker needed?"

"Desperately." Ben sighs.

"Well, anytime you're in town, call me. I'll give you everything you deserve."



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