Naughty Feet

Info LorenzoAbajos
14 Jul. '16

It had been a good day, so far. His store had been busy all morning and then into the afternoon. Now it was slow. He hadn't had a customer in about an hour.

Fred Dirkson had a shoe store located just off the main drag in a college town. Since it was his shop he had made sure it had the layout he wanted. Not only did he want to make a living selling shoes but he wanted to indulge his little secret pleasures.

The store was fronted with large windows, behind which the newest shoes were on display. His store catered to women and that was by design. Fred liked women. Especially young ladies trying on shoes.

At the back of the store were all the shelves with the boxes of footwear. Customers were not allowed back there. All of the shoes he had available were shown in single examples at the front. Should a customer desire to try on a pair Fred would quickly go back and get the size they requested. It worked rather well.

Only he worked there but that was the way he liked it. Extra helpers would get in the way of his enjoyment. Actually, he was happiest when it was slow. That meant he could have a chance for a little more pleasure.

A young woman came in through the door, causing a little bell to jingle. Fred was standing by the front displays. He had noticed her approaching. She was wearing a short skirt and blouse and appeared to be in her twenties. He was glad when she stepped into his doorway. She smiled as he greeted her, then began looking over the newest arrivals.

Fred didn't follow her around. It was not good business to bother the customers. He just walked to the checkout counter and leaned against it casually watching her browse. She would pick up a shoe, smile or not, then move on to another. Finally she picked up a high heel shoe. Looking back to him she held it up.

"Could I try on a pair of this style? In red?"

He quickly walked to her.

"You'd like to try on a pair? Please. Come sit down. Let me make sure of your true size. They keep changing them, don't you know?"

She followed him back to the area he had set aside for trying on shoes. It was behind a low barrier that blocked anyone's view from the shop floor proper. The woman sat down and pulled her skirt up over her knees. Fred was sitting on his stool, ready to measure her feet with his measurement device.

"I'll just take off these, if you don't mind."

He removed her pretty pumps as he slowly lifted each foot. Her feet were delicate and bare. She wasn't wearing hose. He liked that. Her toenails were pedicured, with a bright coat of red polish. He preferred them to be clear and natural, but there was nothing wrong with these toes in the least. No, nothing wrong at all.

As he had been taking off each shoe he had felt himself growing. He spread his legs wider apart. He glanced up to her face. Her features were soft and tender, and her short, curly hair framed a face with twinkling green eyes. They were looking down at his crotch area. She gently smiled.

"Here. I'm just going to put each foot into the device."

He said this as he began measuring her right foot. She wriggled her toes and giggled softly. He looked up and smiled. He got the size, letting his hand linger on the tempting extension of her luscious leg. Then he picked up the left foot to confirm they matched. He stroked her flesh subtly as he took the measurement. He looked up to see how she was responding. She was smiling down at his eyes.

"That's it. Let me get the shoes in your size, miss."

He returned quickly. His stiff member was rather conspicuous now, extending down the left side of his slacks. He sat the box down and spread his legs widely now. Looking up he could see she was again grinning at his crotch area, then looking into his eyes.

He took the lid off of the box, and reached down to take a foot again to help the young lady try on the shoes. He lifted up one foot and then she twisted her foot away from his hand. She slowly extended her curvaceous leg and touched his erection in his slacks. He sighed as her toes began to wriggle against him. 

Her skirt was high enough that her legs easily splayed apart. As he felt her caressing his hardness he could see her thong barely covering her pussy. He took one hand and pressed his hard cock against her little foot. Then he lifted up her other foot as she laid back into the cushions of the chair. He lifted it up and began to suck on each toe. She giggled again.

"Sir, you're a naughty man. Oh, that tickles." Her laughter now rang out as he licked and sucked her toes, humping his prick against the other foot. Her fingers had found her own moist treasure pot, and she was giving herself pleasure as he performed his praise of her delicious twinkle toes. He was moaning now.

Glancing over the counter he could see the shop was still empty. No one had entered. He might have missed the tinkling bell in his fervor, but they were alone. As he groaned with happiness he slipped his hand off of the foot teasing his cock, and he unzipped the fly of his trousers. He was wearing no underwear. His member was set free and he grabbed her foot once more. He was now fervidly rubbing his throbbing cock against it.

He never stopped running his tongue over her precious foot. Sniffing and delighting in the odor of bare flesh. Tasting her salty flavor and adoring each digit, one by one, and then taking all of them into his eager, sucking mouth. His cock was humping her other foot. It was wonderful. She was now grimacing as her fingers played in her own wetness, then lifted up so she could taste her own honey.

She cried out and thrust her pelvis forward, responding to the tremors in her body as she came for him. He groaned loudly and pulled her two feet together around his cock. He was fucking them as she watched raptly. Humping in a rapid fever of lust he kept fucking her feet as she wiggled her toes, pleasing him even more.

He gave his own cry of triumph and his sperm shot up and began spilling over her feet. He continued ramming his long cock over and over as she laughed. The spunk squirted up in ropes that tapered down to finally abate. He sighed loudly. Looking up at her, he smiled.

"I think I need to clean you up, miss. Let me get something."

He stood up now, returning his shrinking member to his slacks. He went to the counter and picked up some baby wipes he kept there, just for this purpose.

"Wait! Tell me, may I have the shoes? Just as a little gift?" She grinned at him.

He was quick to respond. "They're yours, of course. Do you want to wear them now? I was going to wipe your little feet clean for you."

Giggling, she said, "Don't bother wiping them. I think I might like the way they'll feel when you lick them clean for me. You don't mind do you? Lick my feet, naughty man." She grinned now.

Sinking down onto his stool once more he watched her lift each leg, with its gleefully twisting foot, and then took them both in his hands and began licking his seed from each perfect toe. His own prick was again growing and pressing against his tight trousers. He finished his task, used the wipes to freshen her feet, and then fitted the red high heels onto her feet. He leaned down and placed her older pumps in the now empty box.

She stood up saying, "I'm Theresa. I might be back next week. Would you like that, Mr...," as her voice trailed off.

"Fred. Call me Fred. Come back anytime, Theresa. Yes, please do." He handed her the box.

She stood close, on her high heels, barely coming up to his chin. She caressed his hardness through the khaki material of his pants.

"I will, Freddie. I will."

She took the shoebox and walked out of the store. Her derriere twisted temptingly as her calves were enhanced by her new, red heels. The bell jingled.



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