Her First Threeway

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02 Aug. '19
Her First Threeway

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Authors Note:

This was the first erotic story I ever wrote and posted it online on 7/10/09.

I wrote this story at the request of an online friend who went by Shy155. She is in a sexually unfulfilling relationship, and she desired a three-way with a friend's college-age daughter. Her partner is dead set against the idea.

This story contains erotic massage, romance, light bondage, sapphism, DP, menage-a-trois (MFF), fellatio, cunnilingus, and sodomy (F/F & M/F/F). If you don't enjoy this kind of smut, please choose another story.

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You just walked in the door after a long hard day of dealing with customers who love to grab the ass of the sexy young server. All you want to do is eat dinner and relax. When you walk in, I'm standing in the doorway of the kitchen wearing an apron and a smile. I walk up to you and take the dry cleaning out of your hands and kiss you passionately. You push me away, feeling too tired and stressed to make love.

I take you by the hand and lead you into the dining room. The table is set with our best china, and sitting there waiting is your favorite meal. I pull out your chair and pour you a glass of Dom Perignon. You let out a little sigh as I serve your dinner, and as we eat I listen to you vent about work.

Once we finished our three-course dinner, I pick you up and carry you into the bathroom. The garden tub is filled with hot water and your favorite bubble bath. The floor is covered with rose petals, and the only illumination is from a dozen lavender scented candles strategically placed around the room.

I put you down on the closed toilet and kneel in front of you. I untie the laces on your sneakers and pull them off your tired aching feet. I slide your socks off and spend several minutes giving you a short but powerful foot rub. You sigh in pleasure as I make sure to massage each toe.

When I have finished rubbing your feet, I reach up and take hold of the waistband of your bright orange shorts, and the pantyhose underneath. You lift yourself slightly and I pull them down your shapely legs and off your body.

You sigh as the lower half of your body is freed from your hated work uniform. I stand up and grab the hem your owl themed teeshirt, pulling it up over your head and off your body. I lean in close and nuzzle your neck, as my hands wrap around you and expertly unfasten your push up padded bra. As I slide the straps off your tired arms, exposing your wonderful mango sized breasts, I gently kiss you on your luscious lips.

Now that you are completely naked, I again pick you up and carry you over to the tub, lowering you into the warm bubbling water. As you submerge your tired body into the warm soothing water, I take your phone and open your soundscapes app and start the relaxing mix you set up.

As you soak, I head back to the kitchen to clean up from dinner. When I return to the bathroom, you are dozing in the warm water. I take off the apron and drop it in the hamper with your dirty clothes. As you sleep, I grab your shampoo and pour some in my hand. I pour a little water on your head and begin to massage your scalp as I work it into a rich lather.

When I start to rinse the strawberry-scented foam from your long beautiful black hair, your eyes flutter open. You smile at me as I finish with your hair. As I drain the water, I use the handheld pulsating shower head to rinse the last of the bubbles from your wet naked form.

Once again I leave you, quickly returning with your thick fluffy sherpa robe, fresh from the dryer. I had slipped into my short silk robe you bought me for our first anniversary. I help you out of the tub and wrap you I the warm robe. Once again I scoop you up and carry you into our bedroom. There is a crackling fire in the fireplace, soft music playing in the background, and another bottle of Dom in an ice bucket next to your make up table. I put you on the settee, and hand you a glass of Dom, and a plate of chocolate-covered strawberries.

As you nibble on the sweet fruit and sip the champagne, savoring the way the flavors complement each other, I take your hairbrush and begin to brush your long flowing silky locks. As I carefully brush your hair, my lips and tongue start to nibble on your long sexy neck, and cute ears. You tilt your head, welcoming my soft kisses and nibbles. As you hold one of the strawberries a little too long, some of the chocolate melts and drips onto your legs and your firm perky breasts.

When I finish brushing your hair, I offer you my hand, and you take it and stand up. I guide you to our king size bed. Before you climb on, I untie and remove your robe, leaving you naked to my hungry lust-filled gaze. I place a neck pillow on the bed allowing you to lay face down, to ensure your comfort while I massage you. Before you lay down, I lick the runaway chocolate from your breasts and thighs making you giggle as I accidentally tickle you slightly.

You get on the bed and lay face down as I stare at the most perfect ass I have ever seen. I climb onto the bed and straddle your body. I pick up the strategically placed bottle of massage oil from my nightstand and begin to massage your feet, starting with your big toe. I massage each toe one at a time, spending several minutes on each one. I continue to massage your feet moving to the soles going slowly and making sure to stimulate every square millimeter of your body. I slowly and methodically work my way up to your ankles and over your shapely calves. I flex your legs at the knee several times and pull your lower leg to stretch your sore muscles. Then I continue my journey up your thighs stopping just shy of your damp and glistening womanhood.

I shift my body around to face toward your head, shifting backward a little until my ass is lightly resting on yours. I start to massage your head and neck, focusing on your temples and the joint of the jaw just below your earlobes. I take my time moving even slower than before, as I move down and rub the back and sides of your neck. Soon I reach your shoulders finding, and working out numerous knots and kinks.

I can feel your whole body relaxing, your breathing slowing down and getting deeper. I can almost feel the smile on your face, and the building desire for our bodies to join together. I continue the massage moving down your back, letting my hands wander just a bit gently grazing against the soft supple flesh of the sides of your breasts. You moan every time I touch you there.

I continue to work slowly and thoroughly down your body, eventually reaching the small of your back. I slide back a bit more and grasp your cheeks in my hands, and begin to give you a deep tissue on your taut lean buttocks. Finally, I finish massaging your back half. I climb off you and ask you to turn over.

I drink in your incredibly long erect nipples, and the dew caught on your trimmed bush. Starting again with your feet, I work on all tops of them once again starting with each toe. I work as I did before, slowly, teasingly, staying away from the sensitive flesh of your thighs... for now!

I again turn around and start to massage your cheeks and around your mouth, working my way down, your neck, and then to your arms, massaging your biceps, triceps, and forearms. I then start on your hands treating each finger just like I did your toes earlier.

All that's left now is your torso. I avoid your breasts, massaging your stomach and sides down to the hips and back again getting ever closer, but never quite touching you there.

You are in sexual torment, wanting to scream touch me damn you but you know if you do, I'll slow down even more. You bite your tongue to keep yourself quiet, knowing how good it'll be if you are patient. After an agonizing hour of desiring to be touched, my hand finally comes in contact with your dampness. As soon as my hand grazes across your outer lips, you shudder and cry out involuntarily. I look at you and smile, drinking in the pleasure I am giving you. After spending all too short a time letting my fingers tease the outside of your most intimate place, I get up and climb off the bed.

I put the oil down and open the top drawer. In my hand are the first two silk neckties you gave me when I got my first office job, and the sleeping mask I used to use when I was working nights going to school. I see the concern in your face. I know you are not a fan of being tied down, but you trust me implicitly.

As I tie one necktie into a handcuff knot, I say “I know you're afraid, but trust me. I won't hurt you.” I place the knot behind the headboard, and you let me put your hands through the slats and into the loops. I pull them tight enough to make sure you can't get out but not so tight they're uncomfortable. You give a few test tugs, trying to escape and find you can't.

I tie a taut-line hitch at each end of the other necktie and put it around your left ankle making sure it's not too tight. Then I run the other end through the footboard and put it on your right ankle. Once you're secure I drop my robe to the floor, I approach you with the blindfold in my hands. You're staring at my engorged cock, knowing how soon it will fill you.

I kneel next to you on the bed, and ask “Are you okay?”

You nod your head but I can see the fear in your eyes. I start to place the blindfold on your face, and a look of panic crosses your face. I smile at you reassuringly and gently kiss you on the lips. While we're kissing I slip the blindfold over your eyes. As soon as your eyes are covered, your entire body is covered in goosebumps.

Once you are blindfolded I break the kiss and shift around placing my cock just inches from your mouth. You can feel the heat radiating off of it, and feel the air move as it throbs in anticipation. You turn your head toward it and try to find it to take it in your lips. I keep pulling it just out of your reach, and you moan in frustration, knowing it's so close yet not where.

I finally let you claim your prize and get your lips wrapped around the head. You begin to give me the best blow job I have ever gotten. You work your lips and tongue all over the shaft, and on the head. I let you fo for almost two minutes before I withdraw myself from the hot wetness of your mouth. When the head slides out, you suck hard trying to stop it from leaving you empty. When it clears your lips, you moan in disappointment.

You feel the mattress move as I shift positions, and then there's a pair of lips suckling on your erect pink nipple. A hand begins to caress your outer lips. You are so engrossed in the pleasure shooting through your body that you don't notice I'm still kneeling by your head until I whisper in your ear.

"Surprise honey. I know you always wanted a threesome but were scared. Tonight all you have to do is lay there and enjoy."

You moan in excitement and a small orgasm causes your whole body to shudder. I ask if you're okay and you nod your head asking,

"Who is it?"

"Don't worry. it's someone you've lusted after for a long time," I tell her.

I begin to suck on your other breast, while our mystery guest shifted down between your legs. You feel kisses and licks on your thighs and spread your legs opening yourself for pleasure.

As I suck on your nipples, you find my cock with your lips. A gasp escapes my lips as you suck me deeply, my hand starts to rub your clit as our playmate starts to lick up your thighs clean of the cream that had begun to coat them.

My enlarged dick slips out of your mouth, as you begin to moan. You lose control over your body and begin thrusting your pussy into our guest's probing tongue. A massive orgasm makes you convulse as you gasp and scream rewarding our guest with an explosion of juices. I kiss you as our guest attempts to swallow the blast of cream coming out of you.

When your orgasm finally subsides, I roll you onto your side. You feel a warm soft body behind you, and the familiar contours of my body in front. As I slide my erect cock easily into your well-lubricated pussy, you feel a second cock pushing against your asshole. You soon realize that the cock touching your rosebud is not flesh, but some kind of toy. You can feel the person's body heat, so you figure out that the mystery guest is a female using a strapon.

Both cocks are well lubed, so they slide into you easily and vary the thrusts sometimes sliding in and out at the same time then one is going in as the other is pulling out. The depth and timing of the strokes vary without rhyme or reason, so you never know how deep or when the next one is coming.

After several minutes of this torment, we begin to thrust the cocks deeply into your body. You feel hands on your breasts, and fingers playing with your clit. The sensations are overwhelming, and orgasm after orgasm makes you shudder and moan in ecstasy. After only god knows how long with two hard cocks thrusting into you, you feel my dick start to swell larger inside of you. You feel as if you can't take anymore cock inside of you, or you'll explode. I let out a barbaric yawp, and you feel my cum shooting deep inside your body, bringing you to the biggest orgasm of the night.

I lay there letting my cock slowly return to its flaccid state, as I watch the person behind you continue to fuck you slowly and steadily. When my penis slips out of you, the cock in your ass withdraws and then a mouth is at your creamy pussy and a tongue is probing your creamy depths. You shudder through yet another orgasm, as the unknown female eats every last morsel of your cream pie.

When she can't get any more of my cum out of you, she moves away from you, and you feel very alone. No one is touching you, there isn't a sound in the room except the dying fire. Even the music had stopped playing. You strain your senses for the slightest hint that someone is still with you. When you can't hear anything, you start to open your mouth to scream when a set of unfamiliar lips presses against yours, and a soft sweet tongue enters your mouth, offering you some of my cum and your cream.

You greedily suck the mingled fluids into your mouth as your tongues caress each other. When the mouth pulls away from you, you realize you are no longer tied down, all your limbs are free.

“Are you ready to see who it was?” I ask.

You emphatically nod yes.

“Close your eyes,” I tell you as I begin to remove the blindfold.

I help you sit up, and a cool glass of Dom is placed against your lips. You take a big swallow, swishing it around your mouth, cleaning your palette for whatever other delights I have in store.

“Open your eyes,” I say as you swallow the cool liquid.

The first thing you see is an extremely sexy bright pink hairless pussy. Your eyes are fixated on it and you lean forward and swipe your tongue across it. The person it's attached to shudders in delight as you raise your eyes to see the face. Her head is turned and her hair drapes down over her cheek so her identity is still hidden from you. After a short pause, she turns and looks at you.

You let out a surprised gasp when you see the blindingly bright blue eyes and angelic face of our friend's college-age daughter, Chris, the one you have been wanting to fuck since you first laid eyes on her.

Chris smiles at you and says, “I ran into Tony one night when he was out with the boys and more than a little drunk. He told me how you felt, and well I have a bit of a thing for older married couples, so we discussed it a few times, and came up a plan.” she said smiling at my shocked wife.

You grab her hips and pull her into your mouth drinking her juices as someone lost in a desert. While you are devouring her, I sit back and watch knowing this will be a long night, and I want to enjoy it all.

Chris pushes you back onto the bed with her thighs so the two of you collapse and end up with your mouthes glued to each other's pussies. I move close and start to cup and squeeze and caress all four tits. I also start to nibble on Chrises ass, since it's the one on top. I let my fingers slip into her pussy and feel how wet she is.

I squat down to watch your tongue as it pleasures our new bedmate, and I start to nibble on her ass and slip my fingers into her pussy. I feel how wet she is, and between your mouth and my fingers, she is quivering, on the verge of her first climax. The smell, feel, and the sight of the salacious activity taking place right in front of me gets my cock growing again. My dick brushes against your ear, and you pull your mouth away from Chris' pussy to invite her to give me a double blow job.

She climbs off of you and drops to her knees grasping my cock in her hand offering it to you. You shake your head no, having had it many times, letting her taste me for the first time. You take my balls into your mouth as she slurps on my rapidly hardening cock. Your lips and tongues dance over my cock and balls and occasionally slip into each other's mouths. The two of you are using one hand each on my cock and balls and the other on each other caressing breasts and rubbing clits.

As soon as I get fully erect, you push me down onto the bed and hold my cock in your hand offering it to Chris. She nods in thanks and climbs onto my body getting into the cowgirl position. You guide my cock into her tight young pussy. She gasps as my large cock fills her to overflowing. Once my cock is enveloped in her wetness you lick and suck my balls as we start to fuck. We get a good rhythm going so you climb on the bed and sit on my face. I probe you with my tongue, as you and Chris begin to kiss and grope each other. We continue enjoying each other like this until Chris asks if she can watch me spray my cum on your tits. We agree, and I continue to pump into her while savoring you.

My legs and balls start to tingle letting me know I was about to cum. I reluctantly pull my mouth away from your slit, and you to lay down. Chris gets the hint and climbs off my cock so I can kneel over you. Chris takes my shaft in her hand and begins to jerk me aiming the head at your heaving naked breasts. She plays with my balls and fingers my asshole, as my body tenses and I start to growl. The growl grows into an all out roar as my dick sprays ropes of cum onto your breasts. Spurt after spurt lands randomly on your tits and stomach, the last one completely coating your erect right nipple.

Chris releases me and leans down, kissing you, crushing her naked sweaty breast into your cum covered ones. After making sure my cum coated both sets, she moves her head down and begins licking up my cum. You grab her and with just a little shifting, you are cleaning each other of my cum. Soon both or you are cum free and covered in saliva. I am sitting in a chair off to the side spent from my two incredible orgasms.

You look at Chris and complain that it's not fair that you didn't get to fuck anyone. I jump up and grab the strap on and quickly clean it. I hand it to you and with a short struggle you get the harness secured around you, and Chris looks at you waiting for instructions.

You point to the floor and Chris drops to her knees and begins to suck on the toy, taking all eight inches easily into her mouth. You grab a handful of her hair and start to fuck her mouth. I sit there amazed that I can still get hard as I watch her tits jiggle while you drive the toy into her throat.

Soon she pulls away from it and gets on all fours.

“Fuck me please,” she begs offering both of her holes to you.

You slam it deep into her well-lubed pussy, and when it bottoms out, you let out a surprised yelp. The dildo has a clit tickler so every time you thrust in, it rubs against your clit. You slam it into her pussy until you see she is one the verge of an orgasm.

You pull the faux-cock out of her pussy and slam it into her ass. I was fully erect again and got up. As you drove the toy into Chris, I pressed my shaft against your already fucked ass. I slide in and watch you stroke for stroke, enhancing the sensation on your clit. We keep going harder and harder with each stroke until we can't take anymore.

Chris screams and her head collapses to the floor, her lower half supported by the toy in her ass. I ram my cock deep into you one more time and shoot a weak stream of cum into your ass. This sets off your orgasm and you scream in ecstasy. You collapse next to Chris, and I stand over you, my cock dripping the last vestige of cum and a tired, sated smile on my face.

All three of us are exhausted, sweaty and sexually satisfied. We go into the master bath and gently explore each other's bodies as we wash and dry each other, before returning to the bed.

We all collapse in a heap and start to fall asleep our naked bodies touching each other, and our limbs intertwined. As we're drifting off Chris asks “You guys live closer to my school, and I was wondering if I could move in?”

I slammed my head into yours as we both went to kiss her at the same time. We all laughed and as we drift off, you hear me say, “I love you, my beautiful wife,” as just before falling into a well-deserved sex coma.
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Shortly after writing this I lost touch with my shy girl and we never finished our other story. We only wrote three of the ten chapters. Maybe one day I'll finish it.

If you enjoyed this story, or if you didn't, please let me know. I don't get paid to write. Your comments, votes, likes, follows, shares, and reblogs (depending on where you read this) is my reward for writing. Feedback is a gift, and I like gifts.

Legal Disclaimers All characters who witness, participate or encourage sexual encounters are of legal age to do so. This is a work of fiction, any resemblance to anyone living or dead is purely and entirely coincidental. If this, or any of my stories reminds you of your life, let me know. I want to buy you a drink or 5... and see what happens. No animals were harmed in the writing of this story, except that one damn mosquito.


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