The Examination

The girl at the desk smiled when Janice entered the waiting area.

“Good morning.  What can we do for you today?”

Janice smiled back.

“I’m Janice Watters.  I called yesterday and made an appointment to see Dr. Mitchell.  I heard from a friend that he’s a wonderful doctor”

The girl at the desk reached behind her for a clipboard, attached a form, and handed it to Janice.

“Dr. Mitchell is doing some paperwork at the moment.  If you’d please have a seat and fill out this form, I’ll tell him you’re here.”

The form looked official and as Janice checked the boxes and wrote her answers to the questions, she felt the familiar thrill of what she was about to do.

Some of the questions were just the routine questions she’d have answered on the same type of form at her regular doctor’s office – name, age, height, weight – but the rest were very personal and some were embarrassing because she’d never told anyone about how she felt about them.

- How many sexual partners have you had in the last six months?
- 1
- 2-5
- More than 5
- How many times a week do you have sexual intercourse?
- 1
- 2-7
- More than 7
- When did you experience your last menstrual period?
- Were there any problems with your last menstrual period?
- Do you have any problems becoming aroused?
- How often do you masturbate?
- 1-2 times per week
- 3-7 times per week
- More than 7 times per week
- When you masturbate, which of the following do you use?  Check all that apply
- A finger or fingers
- A dildo
- A vibrator
- Other (describe)
- Do you enjoy anal intercourse?
- No, it is painful or uncomfortable
- Sometimes
- Yes
- I don’t know
- Do you enjoy receiving oral stimulation?  Check all that apply.
- Yes, to my nipples
- Yes, to my clitoris
- Yes, to my vulva
- Yes, to my anus
- Yes, other (describe in detail)
- No
- I don’t know
- Is sexual intercourse painful or uncomfortable for you?
- Never
- Sometimes
- Always
- I don’t know
- How are you able to achieve orgasm?  Check all that apply.
- Masturbation
- Vaginal intercourse
- Vaginal intercourse with manual clitoral stimulation
- Anal intercourse
- Anal intercourse with manual vaginal or clitoral stimulation
- Oral stimulation
- I don’t have orgasms
- I don’t know
- How sensitive are your breasts?
- Very sensitive
- Sensitive
- Not sensitive
- I don’t know
- How sensitive are your nipples?
- Very sensitive
- Sensitive
- Not sensitive
- I don’t know
- Do you consider yourself to be
- Heterosexual (straight)
- Bisexual (Bi)
- Homosexual (Gay or Lesbian)
- I don’t know
- Other - describe
-List any special problems you would like addressed

Janice answered all the questions except the last one and then took the completed form back to the desk.  The girl at the desk looked over the form and then smiled.

“You’re all set.  Please follow me to Dr. Mitchell’s examining room.”

The small examining room caused that little thrill to quickly race down Janice’s spine.  The room had walls tiled in pale blue and a floor tiled in white, and smelled of disinfectant just like her regular doctor’s examining room.  In the center of the room was the same type of examining table.  It had a paper cover over the padded top, and at one end were the stirrups she had expected to see.

Against the wall and within reach of the rolling stool that sat at the end of the examining table was a cabinet.  On that cabinet, Janice saw bottles and trays of medical instruments.  Several carts with medical devices of some type stood beside the cabinet.

Behind the door was a small dressing area screened off with a curtain.  The girl pulled open the curtain to reveal a small stool and a rack.  She turned to Janice.

“Please disrobe and put on one of these gowns.  Dr. Mitchell will be with you in a few minutes.”

 Janice took off her dress, then her bra, and then her panties, and placed them on one of the shelves in the rack.  The gown was of some sort of paper material that was open all the way down back.  Once she’d put it on and tied the single tie at her waist, she walked to the examining table and sat down on the stool.  

She’d heard about this place from a friend, just as she’d told the girl at the desk.  Several woman at her job had been talking over lunch about visits to the doctor and how much they disliked them.  Most said they felt vulnerable and uneasy with a male doctor and always asked for a nurse to be present during the examination.  

“Dr. Chin is feeling me in places I don’t even let my husband feel and I just think its better if there’s a nurse there to make sure he doesn’t try anything with me.”

“I don’t worry about Dr. Roberts.  He has to be over sixty and he’s really gentle, but I just feel so naked.  His nurse makes sure I’m covered up except where he’s looking.”

“I don’t mind Dr. Wilson feeling my boobs, but when he puts that speculum thing in me and spreads me open, well, that’s just so embarrassing.  I’ve never even seen inside there.”

Janice noticed that Denise was the only woman who didn’t have a comment.  Instead, she had a funny look in her eyes.  Denise and Janice happened to walk to the parking lot together that afternoon, and Janice asked her why she hadn’t said anything at lunch.  Denise smiled shyly.

“Well, I sort of like those examinations.  My doctor is a hunk, and having him touch me all over is exciting.  When he squeezes my boobs and sticks his fingers inside me, I start to get aroused.  I thought I was crazy until I looked it up.  I’m not crazy.  I have a medical fetish.  I get excited by my doctor doing that to me.”

Janice had gasped then.

“Denise!  Don’t tell me you’re having sex with your doctor?”

Denise grinned.

“Oh, God, no.  My son is older than my doctor and it wouldn’t feel right.  Well, it would feel right, but you know what I mean.  No, I’m not screwing my doctor, but I found a way I could get a doctor to do me, well, sort of.  I found this private club that has what looks like a doctor’s office.  It’s outside of town because they couldn’t get a permit inside the city limits.  They have two men and two women who act like doctors.  

“It costs a hundred and fifty dollars to join, but you get one time for free to see how you like it.  I paid to join when I left after that first time and I go back about once a week.  I like Dr. Mitchell the best.  He’s about our age and he knows what he’s doing.  I wish my husband had hands like Dr. Mitchell’s.  Hell, I wish my husband would even touch me.”

Denise touched Janice’s arm.

“I noticed you didn’t say anything at lunch either.  Could it be that your doctor turns you on too?”

Janice shook her head.

“No, my doctor is a woman so I couldn’t really relate to what they were talking about.”

“Well, if you ever want to find out what it’s like”, chuckled Denise, “go see Dr. Mitchell.  I think I have a card…yeah, here it is.  You’ll have to call for an appointment, just like with a regular doctor, but I always get in the next day.  They’re open until eight during the week and until one on Saturday night.”

The card didn’t have any logo or name.  The only wording was “Personal  Medical” and a phone number.  Janice took the card and dropped it in her purse.  Denise said she’d see her tomorrow and then walked to her car.  As Janice walked to hers, she was lost in thought.

What she’d told Denise was true but it was also a lie.  Her doctor was Dr. Natalie Hahn, and Janice wasn’t excited by Dr. Hahn at all, but that’s why she’d changed doctors two years before.  Dr. Rhodes had been about her age when Janice first went to him.  She thought she’d found a small lump in her breast.

Dr. Rhodes had spent several minutes palpating her breasts with his hands and then had said he didn’t feel anything abnormal but he’d do a mammogram just to be sure.  Janice had felt the stirrings of arousal when his hands moved around her breasts and her nipples had tightened when he pinched them to make sure everything was normal.  The mammogram had further excited her.  It was the way he lifted her breasts onto the plastic platform and then moved the clear plastic plate down and flattened her breasts out.

Dr. Rhodes and then done a pelvic examination, and Janice had been embarrassed by what his fingers inside her did.  She was embarrassed because by the time he’d finished she knew he had to know she was aroused.  She’d felt the flush on her breasts and felt how she was getting slippery inside.  He’d used a lubricant on his white latex gloves, but the feeling was a lot different when he pulled out his fingers than when he started.  

He didn’t seem to notice, and when he finished, he’d said there was nothing wrong with her.  When Janice got home, she was still thinking about it.  She had gone into her bedroom to change clothes, but as soon as her fingers touched her bare skin, those feelings of arousal came back.  

Janice was forty-eight, had been divorced for two years, and hadn’t been able to find a man she cared enough about to form any relationship that resulted in sex.  As a result, she masturbated several times a week, and when she got home that day, was so aroused she didn’t wait until she went to bed that night.  She squeezed her breasts and imagined it was Dr. Rhodes doing it.  When she inserted two fingers into her vagina, it was Dr. Rhodes’ fingers she felt.  When the orgasm took her away, it was Dr. Rhodes rubbing her clitoris and stroking his finger in and out of her wet labia.

After the orgasm, while she lay on her bed with her legs spread and her fingertips lightly stroking her clitoris, Janice thought some more.  Surely there was something wrong with her if she got so aroused by what Dr. Rhodes had done.  Janice went to her computer and typed “aroused by doctor visit”.  The search engine screen filled with articles about women who were aroused by a breast or pelvic exam and didn’t know what to do about that.

One of the articles was titled, “The Medical Fetish”, and described many of the things Janice had felt during her exam.  The article said it wasn’t common, but it was just a fetish, something that causes or increases sexual pleasure for some men and women.

Janice had then read as much as she could find about the medical fetish.  She didn’t find much in the way of information, but she did find numerous websites where the medical fetish was depicted in stories, pictures, and videos.  It was in the stories written by people she supposed were like her that she gained a better understanding of how she felt.

It was because of this understanding that Janice changed doctors.  She knew she couldn’t continue to go to Dr. Rhodes if she was going to be aroused anytime he touched her.  That would only lead to embarrassment for both of them.  She thought her only option was a female doctor, so she searched until she found a female gynecologist with an opening for new patients.  Dr. Hahn was younger than Janice as well as being female, and both those attributes kept Janice from being aroused by her touch.

Learning about her fetish made her curious about what would happen if she’d continued with Dr. Rhodes.  Would he have understood and said it was normal?  Would he have become a willing participant and tried to arouse her further or would he have just told her he couldn’t see her anymore?  Janice suspected the latter.  Dr. Rhodes was already married, and he didn’t seem like the type of person who would be anything except professional.

These thoughts had been nagging at Janice for a year when Denise had told her about being aroused by her own doctor.  The next afternoon while on her break, Janice walked outside the building and called the number on the business card Denise had given her.  Five minutes later, she had an appointment for five that afternoon.

In all of her forty-eight years, Janice had never felt so excited and so nervous at the same time.  What would Dr. Mitchell do to her?  Would he excite her as much as Dr. Rhodes had?  Denise hadn’t said if Dr. Mitchell actually had sex with her.  She’d just said he had nice hands.  Did that mean he wouldn’t have sex with her, or was Denise just not telling her?

When the man in a white coat walked into the room carrying a clipboard, Janice had a moment of fear, but was partly put at ease when he smiled.

“Janice, Janice Watters?”

Janice nodded because she was afraid her voice would waver.

He smiled again.

“I’m Dr. Mitchell.  I’m happy to meet you.  Do you have any specific problems today?”

In a quiet little voice, Janice said she didn’t.  Dr. Mitchell winked at here then.

“Well, maybe we’ll just do a complete physical then.  How about if you hop up on my table and lay on your side.”

After Janice was on the table on her side, she heard the quiet clatter of something in one of the trays on the cabinet, and then the soft click of a bottle cap being opened.  A moment later, she felt Dr. Mitchell pull the gown away from her hips. Dr. Mitchell lifted her top leg gently and said, “the first thing we’ll do is take your temperature.  Pull your leg up to your stomach for me.  That’ll make it easier for me to insert the thermometer.

Janice did as he asked and blushed because she knew in that position, Dr. Michell could see both her anus and labia.  She did attempt to relax, but when she felt his finger pressing against her anus, she tensed up.  Dr. Mitchell just used his free hand to pull her cheek up and forward to open her more.  Janice felt more pressure and then a little sensation that made her catch her breath when the bulb of the thermometer slid inside her.

“Good girl”, said Dr. Mitchell.  “Well just leave it in for three minutes so we get an accurate reading.

It soon became obvious to Janice that Dr. Mitchell was doing more than just leaving his thermometer inside her.  He kept slowly pushing it in and out and turning it.  Each time he changed that motion, Janice felt it, and after a while realized she was enjoying it.  It wasn’t exactly sexual arousal, but it did feel good.  She felt herself relax and the sensations got even better.

When Dr. Mitchell pulled out the thermometer slowly Janice shivered a little.  It had been something she’d never before experienced and she was both happy and embarrassed.  It was one thing to have a doctor insert his thermometer to just take her temperature and quite another to have a man push a thermometer in there and then wiggle it around for three minutes.  She was embarrassed both because he’d done that as well as because she’d enjoyed it.

“OK, Janice, based on your internal temperature, I’d estimate you had your last period about four days ago.  Is that about right?”

“Yes, five actually.”

“Then your temperature is normal so we don’t have to worry about that.  Let’s get started with the rest of your examination now.  Please sit on the end of the table.”

Once Janice was sitting with her feet on the little footrest, Dr. Mitchell stood at the side of the table, untied her gown and then pulled it forward off her shoulders and down her arms.  Janice instinctively put her arms over her breasts, then realized that was silly because she’d come here to find out about herself.  It took all her courage, but she put her arms back to her sides.

Dr. Mitchell then asked her to raise her left arm over her head.  Dr. Mitchell began pressing her breast between his fingers, sometime gently, sometimes with more force, and as he did so, Janice felt the same hint of arousal as she had  when Dr. Rhodes had done the same thing.  

That arousal became more than just a hint when Dr. Mitchell closed his fingertips just where her nipple grew from her nipple bed and pinched gently and then rolled her nipple.  She felt it becoming erect then, and a second later caught her breath when he pulled the nipple through his fingers.  She looked down and saw that nipple standing up instead of blending into her nipple bed, and then gasped as Dr. Mitchell did it again.  By the time he’d pinched her nipple and then pulled another three times, that nipple was swollen rigid and Janice’s heart was beating faster.

Dr. Mitchell did the same things to her other breast and Janice felt a tightening in her belly with every squeeze to her breast and tug to her nipple. The last time Dr. Mitchell pulled her nipple up and out and then let it slip through his fingertips, Janice gasped and was sure she was starting to feel wet inside.

 She thought he was done with that part of the examination when he backed away and moved to the end of the table, but discovered he wasn’t.  He lifted both her breasts in his hands and then moved his head close to look at them.  Janice was hoping he’d put his mouth on one nipple or the other, but he just moved her breasts around and looked before backing away again and smiling at her.

“Everything feels fine, Janice, but there is one other test I need to perform.”

Dr. Mitchell walked to the wall and then came back pushing a small cart with a box on top.  He opened a drawer under the top shelf and took out a small tube that looked to Janice like the tube her toothpaste came in.  After unscrewing the cap, he squeezed a small amount of a clear, jelly-like substance onto his right index finger.

After picking up her left breast, he dabbed a little of the jelly around her nipple and on her nipple bed, then repeated the application to her right nipple.  He then reached into the drawer and withdrew a small plastic hose.  One end of the hose he plugged onto a fitting on the front of the box.  The other end branched into two hoses with a glass cylinder on the end of each.  He held the branched end in one hand and pressed a switch on the box with the other, then turned back to Janice and explained the procedure.

“This test will determine the extent to which your nipples become erect.  It’s important that your nipples be able to extend and swell should you someday decide to breast feed a baby.  This apparatus simulates the sucking action of a baby’s mouth.  Just relax.  It won’t be painful and it won’t take long.”

When Dr. Mitchell positioned one of the glass tubes over her left nipple and then pressed it into her nipple bed, Janice felt a gentle sucking sensation.  The strength of that sensation increased when he put the other tube on her right nipple.

Dr. Mitchell pulled gently on each cylinder to make sure it would stay in place and when both did, he turned a dial on the front of the box.  Janice gasped at the strong sucking sensation, and gasped again when she looked down.

The vacuum from the machine had pulled her nipples into the glass cylinders and stretched them out longer and thicker than she’d ever seen them.  She was still staring as they began to become darker and didn’t see Dr. Mitchell move another switch on the front of the box, but she felt the change.  Suddenly, her nipples were pulled further into its glass cylinder, and a few seconds later, the suction lowered a little and her nipples moved out of the cylinders a little.  After a few more seconds, the suction increased and pulled her nipples back up the cylinders, and then decreased again.

It looked like what she saw when she used a dildo to masturbate, except the dildo was her nipples and the glass cylinders were the vagina.  That would have been enough to arouse her all by itself, but when Dr. Mitchell turned another dial, the suction again increased and made her moan.

Dr. Mitchell lifted Janice’s left breast and watched her nipple moving back and forth in the cylinder and then said “excellent” before lifting her right breast and doing the same thing, then saying, “we’ll now see how far your nipples can extend”, and turned the dial on the box again.  Janice watched as all of each nipple and some of her now pebbled nipple beds was sucked into the cylinders.  The sucking sensation tightened her belly again, and when the vacuum decreased, that tightening relaxed only to happen again as her nipples were stretched back inside the cylinders.

Dr. Mitchell didn’t seem to notice the little moan that slipped from her throat then.  He only lifted each of her breasts again and watched her nipples stretch into the cylinders, and after nodding, turned the dial on the machine once more.  When her left nipple was sucked even further into the cylinder, Janice felt a little pain and said “ouch”.  Dr. Mitchell then shut off the machine and pulled on each cylinder until her nipples slipped out with a little sucking sound.

“Very good, Janice”, he said.  “You should have no trouble nursing a child.”

Janice looked down at her chest and caught her breath at the sight of her swollen nipples.  They were darker in color and felt tighter than they’d ever been, tighter even than when she’d walked down the frozen food aisle at the grocery store.  She didn’t realize how much more sensitive they were until Dr. Mitchell lightly stroked each one.  When he did, Janice gasped and her tummy rolled.  Dr. Mitchell smiled.

“Oh, excellent response too…very excellent response.”

Dr. Mitchell pulled the table stirrups up and locked them into place, then asked Janice to lay back and put her legs in the stirrups.  Janice knew what he would probably do next, and she felt a tingle run though her body as she lifted first one leg and then the other into the padded stirrups.  

Dr. Mitchell pushed the cart to one side and then opened a drawer at the foot of the examining table and took out a pair of white examination gloves.  Janice watched as he put them on and then reached for something below her hips.  She heard a click and then the part of the table that had been under her hips fell away.  Dr. Mitchell sat down on the stool at the end and then rolled it up closer.

Janice felt his fingers separate her labia and also felt her face and chest getting warm.  She knew he was holding her open so he could look at her, so he could look at her slender inner labia and the hood that covered her clitoris.  A second later she felt the coolness of the air as her inner labia opened and exposed her entrance to his eyes.  His touch was firm but gentle as he moved her labia up and down and then back and forth, and that touch was creating little tingles that raced to Janice’s core.  

Dr. Mitchell continued this part of the examination for a couple of minutes and then said Janice was lubricating nicely.  She felt the warmth in her face and chest increase then.  He was seeing something she’d only felt but never seen.

That feeling of warmth lasted until she felt him gently roll the hood back over her clitoris.  The sensation shot to her brain and Janice rolled her head to the side and moaned again.  He lightly touched the tip then, and Janice moaned louder.  She immediately felt ashamed at doing that from such a light touch, but couldn’t stop the little tingles that made her rock her hips when he pushed the hood down and then back up over her clitoris.

Dr. Mitchell stopped then, and Janice heard him open the drawer at the end of the table again.  There was the soft click of a bottle top being snapped open, and Janice shivered when she felt the cool liquid streaming down over her clitoris and then on down between her cheeks.  The click of the bottle cap came again and then feeling of Dr. Mitchell’s fingers took her breath away.  He’d inserted one finger into her vagina and was probing her just at her entrance.  His fingertip pressed in all directions, making Janice feel the sensation of being penetrated, and then moved deeper.  He moved that finger in and out a little, then pushed it deeper still.

Janice couldn’t stop her hips from rocking up when Dr. Mitchell pulled out his finger and then replaced it with two.  She moaned when he pushed both fingers inside her, and then gasped when he curled them up.  He massaged the spot just inside her entrance for a while and then said, “You have a very sensitive G-Spot, Janice, and there is fluid filling your lower vagina.  When you have intercourse, do you find yourself secreting more fluids?”

Janice caught her breath when he put his other hand just above her mound and then pressed down.  She felt his fingertips press up again and this time the pressure inside her increased to the point she gasped and rocked her hips again.  She felt a short rush of fluid, almost like when she was on the toilet, but that rush took her breath away.

“I…I don’t know.  I’ve never felt this before.”

“Hmmm”, said Dr. Mitchell.  “We should make a more thorough examination then.  What do you feel when I do this?”

Janice moaned when she felt his fingers massaging firmly at that same spot, and then gasped “Uh…uh”, at the urge to push she couldn’t stop and then feeling of wetness streaming down the cleft between her nips.  She waited until the wave of sensations subsided a little, and then murmured, “I don’t know how to describe it.”

Dr. Mitchell stroked his fingers again and cause her to catch her breath.

“You have just had an automatic response to the massage of your G-spot and with that response, you have achieved a form of female ejaculation.  Have you done this before?”

It was difficult for Janice to clear her mind enough to speak.  The pressure of Dr. Mitchell’s fingertips filled her mind with little shocks that tightened her core.

“I don’t know.  I… I don’t think so.”

Dr. Mitchell pulled out his fingers and Janice heard to pop of the bottlecap again.

“It’s nothing to be concerned about”, he said.  “Female ejaculation is something most doctors don’t agree on, but I believe it’s perfectly normal.  Now, try to relax.  I’m going to proceed with examining your anus and rectum.”

Janice felt a fingertip moving over her rosebud and then began to tighten up when the pressure increased.  Dr. Mitchell didn’t stop the pressure, but she felt the pressure moving around the tight ring of muscle for a while before pressing again on the center.  She’d been relaxed a little by the gentle massage, and when his fingertip slipped though the tight ring, she moaned.  

Dr. Mitchell didn’t force his fingertip deeper.  He just moved it in and out a little for a time before pushing again.  It took several minutes before Janice felt his last knuckle slip inside her, and by that time she was so aroused it was more of a feeling of pleasure than anything else.  She moaned again when he began stroking that finger in and out, but gasped when she felt two other fingers slip into her entrance and then probe deep.  She groaned at the feeling of his fingers touching each other through her vaginal wall, and the feeling of the impending orgasm began to start.

Janice was somewhat frustrated when Dr. Mitchell removed his fingers then.  It had felt better than when she did herself at night.  She soon realized he wasn’t done when he pushed another cart up beside the table, opened a drawer in the cart, and then held up a long, glass cylinder for her to see.

“Janice.  This is called a vaginal endoscope.  It has a mirror at the tip and a light and a camera in the other end.  I’ll use it to examine your vaginal wall.  Just take a deep breath and relax.  It will feel like a large penis inside you.  If you want, you can look to your right side and see on the screen what I’m seeing.”

Janice took a deep breath, but had to gasp when the thick, cool, glass touched her labia.  Dr. Mitchell pulled each slender lip to the side as he pressed the cylinder more firmly and then rotated it.  She felt her vagina being stretched and then the feeling of being entered, but this wasn’t at all like when she and her ex-husband had sex.  It was the feeling of being filled, of being stretched tight, and also the feeling of embarrassment because she could see on the small screen what Dr. Mitchell was seeing.

As the glass probe entered her, Janice saw the small ragged flaps around her entrance and then the rippled walls of her vagina.  There were beads of moisture on the surface that stuck to the probe as it went deeper, and all the while, she felt as if she was being stretched even more and more.  When Dr. Mitchell finally stopped pushing the probe inside her, Janice was again feeling the arousal that would lead to an orgasm.

Dr. Mitchell then began moving the probe in and out and rotating it.  Both movements felt to Janice the same as when her ex-husband had stroked his erect penis in and out of her, but the sensations were much more intense because of the size of the probe.  Before she realized it, she was moving her hips up and down.  As she did so, she could see the rippled wall of her vagina moving over the probe, and that sight only made the sensations even stronger.

As she had noted on the form, Janice couldn’t reach orgasm from vaginal stimulation alone.  She always had to rub her clitoris, and when Dr. Mitchell began doing just that, she felt the beginnings of the waves that would leave her gasping and lurching her hips up as the orgasm swept her away.

She barely heard Dr. Mitchell when he said something about another examination, but she felt the round tip of something cold entering her anus.  She couldn’t tense up, not with the sensations of the thick, hard probe in her vagina, and gasped when the anal probe entered her.  It didn’t feel very large, but the impulses that raced from there to her brain crashed into the sensations of her tightly stretched labia and vagina, and exquisite shocks that his fingertip was causing on her clitoris.  A second later, Janice arched off the table, hung there while holding her breath for a few more seconds, and then cried out softly as the orgasm swept through her body.

Dr. Mitchell kept stroking both probes until Janice eased back down on the table and lay there panting.  Her body jerked when he slipped the anal probe out and then again when he withdrew the vaginal probe.  He quickly put both probes on the cart with the screen and then reached into the drawer under the table.  A second later, Janice felt his fingers opening her again.

“Just one more examination and we’ll be done”, he said.

Janice lay there with her heart still beating wildly while his fingers spread her entrance.  She caught her breath at the feeling of cold metal entering her, and then the feeling of her vagina being stretched open again.

“The speculum will allow me to observe how your body is reacting now.”

Her body jerked involuntarily as she stroked her lips and then gently rubbed her swollen clitoris.  

“Ah”, he mused. “Your cervix is moving up and down and that is an excellent response.  It does so to guide sperm into your uterus.  It’s perfectly normal and should you decide to become pregnant, that response will assist.”

When she began breathing normally, Dr. Mitchell removed the speculum, stood up and smiled.

“We’re done Janice, and you have nothing to worry about.  Your body is perfectly normal and your reactions are excellent.”

When Janice got home that day, her mind was more than a little confused.  Dr. Mitchell wasn’t a real doctor.  She’d known that when she made the appointment, but everything he did was almost exactly what her own doctor had done to her except for pinching her nipples and the vaginal and anal probes.  Dr. Rhodes had always made her feel embarrassed just like Dr. Mitchell had, but Dr. Rhodes had never affected her like Dr. Mitchell.  With Dr. Rhodes, she’d felt the beginnings of arousal, but Dr. Mitchell had taken her to the strongest orgasm she’d ever had.

Was that because she knew they were only playing and it was that knowledge that made her react like she had?  Could the fetish really be that strong?  What if Dr. Mitchell had really had intercourse with her?  Would it have been even better?  Would he even do that?  

That night as Janice lay in bed, she wondered how Dr. Mitchell had learned what he knew and how he had known what would arouse her so much.  He was in the business of catering to the medical fetish, but wouldn’t every woman be different and want different things?  Janice knew she had loved what he did to her, and she was beginning to understand why.

She’d read a lot of stories by women with a medical fetish and they’d written about feeling dominated and helpless.  At first, Janice had dismissed that as being just how some guy, writing as a woman, thought a woman would feel.  After her visit to Dr. Mitchell though, she realized she’d had those same feelings.  It was a feeling of having to do what he said even though it was embarrassing and at times, almost degrading.  It was embarrassing to be naked in front of a man she’d just met and have him touch her in her most intimate of places, and yet, she’d experienced a thrill when he looked at her and when he poked and prodded at her.  It was like she knew she should stop him, but couldn’t because he was a doctor and women didn’t stop their doctor from doing anything to them.

The degrading part was the anal probe.  Never in her life had Janice experienced the desire to have something pushed in her anus.  Even a rectal thermometer seemed to be obscene before she’d gone to Dr. Mitchell.  It was an invasion of her body in a place reserved for one function and one function only, and yet, when Dr. Mitchell had pushed the thermometer and then the larger probe inside her and then moved it around, Janice had felt excited as well as degraded.  He’d done that because he could and he knew she couldn’t stop him.  

The second degrading thing was when he’d used a speculum to look inside her.  Dr. Rhodes had done that as well, but not immediately after she’d had an orgasm.  Janice knew what Dr. Mitchell was watching because she felt the contractions happening inside her.  That was both degrading and exciting because she couldn’t stop him from doing that either.  It was like he had some power over her that she couldn’t resist, and that understanding made a chill run down her spine.

Janice didn’t think Dr. Mitchell would ever really hurt her.  He seemed too kind to do that, but she knew that no matter what he wanted to do to her, she wouldn’t resist unless it caused her a lot of pain.  She’d just be embarrassed and relish the feelings that embarrassment caused.

Three days after that, Janice and Denise happened to leave the office at the same time and walked to the parking lot together.  When they got to Denise’ car, Denise turned and grinned.

“You went to see Dr. Mitchell, didn’t you?  I think you did, because you’ve been smiling a lot more than usual and sometimes it looks like you’re daydreaming.”

Janice looked at her feet.

“Yes, I did.”

“Well, was I right or what?  Pretty fantastic wasn’t it?”

Janice looked up and smiled.

“It was interesting.”

Denise giggled.

“Yeah, and you probably think it was interesting enough you’re going to go back, don’t you?  By the way…did he fuck you?  I always want him to fuck me but he never does.  One of these days I’m going to have to beg him, I guess.”

Janice blushed.

“No, he didn’t, but he did about everything else to me.”

Denise giggled again.

“What about that huge endy thing.  I thought I was gonna cum as soon as he stuck it in me.  I didn’t, but God, it sure felt good, not as good as his cock would have, but it felt great.  I’m gonna ask him if he has a bigger one the next time I go.”

Janice frowned.

“I don’t think a bigger one would have fit in me.”

“Oh sure it could after he works on you for a while.  I told him I thought I was too tight, so he’s been working with me to open me up.  He says that’s how I’ll be able to take any man.  He’s up to four fingers now, and he says he’ll eventually be able to put his whole hand inside me.  I’ll tell you what, those four fingers wiggling around inside me like to drove me insane.  I’ll probably pass out when he gets his whole hand in there.”

Janice frowned again.

“I don’t think I’d like that.  It would make you too big for your husband, wouldn’t it?”

Denise laughed.

“Yeah, like Ralph would even notice.  The last time Ralph fucked me, I almost had to beg him and even then he didn’t fuck me.  I had to ride his cock for him and fuck myself.  He ended up cumming way before I was there, so I had to finish myself off after he went to sleep.”

Denise grinned at Janice.

“It’s amazing what an electric toothbrush can do besides brush your teeth.”

Janice thought long and hard over the next two days.  It seemed wrong to like what Dr. Mitchell did, but there was no way she was going to tell any other man what she liked.  There weren’t many men who would know what to do anyway, and they wouldn’t have an examining table or a thermometer or any of the other things Dr. Mitchell had.  

No, if she wanted to keep feeling like he’d made her feel, and she couldn’t imagine just laying in bed any more and fingering herself until she got off, she had to go back.  The next afternoon, she scheduled another appointment for six that evening.

The same girl smiled at her and said, “I remember you, so you don’t need to fill out my form again.  We do need you to join the club though.  Would you like to pay with cash or a credit card?”

Janice took her credit card from her purse and handed it to the girl.  The girl typed on her computer keyboard for a while, and then swiped Janet’s card on a slot in the keyboard.  After another few seconds, she looked up and smiled.

“You’re all set now, and you can use the facility anytime you want.  I’ll take you back to Dr. Mitchell’s examining room now.  He’ll be with you as soon as you undress and put on a gown.”

When Dr. Mitchell walked into the room, Janice was again sitting on the stool in front of the examining table.  She hadn’t bothered to tie the gown around her waist because he was just going to untie it anyway.  He smiled at her.

“Hi Janice.  How have you been?”

Janice tried to smile.

“I’m fine.  I just thought I needed another check-up.”

Dr. Mitchell grinned.

“Well, that’s what I’m here for.  Hop up on my examining table and we’ll get started.”

He started the examination the same way, with the rectal thermometer, and Janice had the same feelings of beginning arousal.  Those feelings got a little stronger when Dr. Mitchell said he needed to take another temperature as well.  

Janice felt him slip a finger between her lips and then the feeling of him smoothing the same jelly lubricant around and between her labia.  The thermometer felt as big as his finger when he inserted it, and the cool tube made her shiver a little.  Just as the time before, he kept moving both thermometers in and out and in little circles.

Janice didn’t want him to take the thermometers out when he did.  They were just a hint of what she really wanted, but that hint was becoming stronger as the time passed.  

Dr. Mitchell held up each thermometer when he read the temperature, and then smiled.

“Just like before, your temperature is exactly what it should be.  You haven’t had sex for a while, have you?”

Janice felt the thrill of being embarrassed.

“No, it’s been almost two years.”

“Ah”, said Dr. Mitchell.  “That and the point in your cycle where you are right now would explain the secretions.  Your body is preparing you to be fertilized.  Perfectly normal reaction.  Nothing to worry about unless you’re thinking of having sex.  Are you taking birth control?”

Janice felt a little tingle race through her body.  She hadn’t stopped taking the pill because she wanted to be prepared if she met a man she liked, and now Dr. Mitchell wanted to know if she was fertile.  

“Yes.  I never stopped after I got divorced.”

“That’s fine.  If nothing else, most women like the fact that their cycle is more regulated.  Do they cause tenderness in your breasts?  Some pills do in some women.”

Janice felt that thrill again.

“I don’t think so…well…sometimes right before my period, but not usually.”

Dr. Mitchell smiled.

“Well, let’s take a look anyway.”

Janice shivered when he took off her gown because she knew what was to come.  She wasn’t disappointed either.  Dr. Mitchell’s examination of her breasts was the same as before, but this time, Janice let herself enjoy it.  She liked the feeling of his hands squeezing and manipulating her breasts, and she moaned when he began pinching and pulling on her nipples.

“Does that hurt”, he asked.

Janice caught her breath and then murmured, “No, you can do it harder if you want.”

Dr. Mitchell did pinch her nipples harder then, and Janice caught her breath again when he pulled her breasts into long cones.  

He didn’t say anything when he wheeled the cart with the sucking machine to the table.  He didn’t say anything when it spread the lubricant on her nipples and nipple beds.  He just turned on the machine and then slipped the glass cylinders over her nipples and then adjusted the dial on the machine until her nipples were moving back and forth inside the cylinders.

Dr. Mitchell lifted both her breasts to inspect the movement and then asked her to lie down on her back.  He guided the tubing that connected the machine to the cylinders on her nipples so it wouldn’t come off when she moved, and then smiled.

“I think your reaction to the stimulus is a little better than last week.  I need to check a couple other things now.”

He opened the drawer in the cart and took out a handle with a short stainless steel rod protruding from the handle.  At the other end of the rod was a wheel with tiny little spikes all around the edge.  He held it up so Janice could see it.

“This device is called a Wartenburg wheel and it is used to determine skin response.”

With that statement, he placed the wheel on her stomach and rolled it up towards her breasts.  Janice felt a little prickling sensation and shivered a little.  Dr. Mitchell smiled and then moved the device to the dark nipple bed on her right breasts.  Janice gasped when the prickling sensation tightened her core, then gasped again when Dr. Mitchell used it on her other nipple bed.  It was like a thousand tiny little needles sticking her nipple beds and forcing her to respond.

Dr. Mitchell then rolled the wheel down her stomach, and over her mound.  Janice involuntarily rocked her hips up when the little teeth touched the top of her vagina and then moaned when Dr. Mitchell separated her thighs and rolled the wheel down over her labia.

“Exactly the response I was anticipating”, he mused.  “Now, please put your legs in the stirrups and we’ll do some more checking.”

Dr. Mitchell lifted Janice’s left ankle and helped her put that leg into the stirrup, then helped her with the right.  By that time, the sucking cylinders on her nipples and the tingles of the wheel had made Janice want more.  She was awaiting the insertion of the vaginal endoscope because she just knew that would cause her to have an orgasm.  

Dr. Mitchell put on a pair of examination gloves and Janice closed her eyes and waited for him to open her with his fingers.  He did open her, but only so he could run the Wartenburg wheel up and down the inside of her outer lips.  She rocked her hips up at the first tingles, and then rocked then again when he pulled that lip out firmly and ran the wheel over it again.

By the time Janice heard the little click when Dr. Mitchell put the wheel back into the drawer, her mind was screaming that she needed to feel Dr. Mitchell’s cock in her.  She was almost at the point of begging him to do that when she felt him smoothing more lubricant on her clitoris and the area around it.  Janice heard the tinkle of glass and then the sound of hissing air again.

“Janice, you seem to be responding well to the stimulus of the wheel.  I’m going to check another response now.  Just try to relax.  I won’t hurt you.  You might even find it pleasant.”

Janice shuddered when she felt Dr. Mitchell pull back the hood over her clitoris and then lurched when the glass cylinder he placed over it pulled her clitoris inside.  She moaned and her hips lurched again when the slight suction increased a little, then a little more.  She heard a soft click as Dr. Mitchell did something to the machine, and then cried out softly when the gentle suction became a sucking and then release of the suction just like the machine was doing to her nipples.

Janice barely heard Dr. Mitchell say, “Hmm…about two millimeters increase in diameter and three in length.  We’ll just leave it at that for now.”

Janice was lost in the sucking that pulled at her nipples and clitoris, and only a minute later, gasped and arched off the surface of the table.  She hung there supported by her shoulders and her legs in the stirrups as the orgasm wracked her body with spasms.  When she fell back to the table gasping for breath, Dr. Mitchell shut off the machine and removed the cylinders from her nipples and clitoris, then stroked a finger inside her.

“Janice you have better response to stimulus than I anticipated.  I need to use the vaginal endoscope to observe what your vaginal wall is doing now.”

Janice raised up to look at him and shook her head.

“No…not that thing.”

Dr. Mitchell looked puzzled.

“No, why not.  It appeared as if you enjoyed it before.”

Janice took a deep breath.

“I don’t want that.  I want you.”

“You want me?  What do you want me to do?”

Janice had often thought the word Denise used, but she’d never said it to anyone.  Now, it seemed to be the only word that meant how she felt.

“I want you to fuck me, and I want you to fuck me right now.”

Dr. Mitchell gave her an odd look and just stood there with is finger stroking inside her vagina.  Then, he removed his finger, opened his lab coat, and un-snapped and unzipped his pants.  When they fell to his ankles, he pulled down his underwear and his erect penis bobbed in the air.  Janice watched the bobbing head as he approached her, and then closed her eyes when she felt it probing her lips.

He didn’t push the head in quickly like Janice hoped.  She felt the pressure of his swollen head pushing and then slowly entering her.  She sighed as the head slipped past the tight spot just inside her lips, and then caught her breath as Dr. Mitchell pushed his organ deeper.  When he flattened her outer lips against her thighs, she moaned.

“Oh God, yes.  Do it.”

Before she even realized what was happening, Janice felt the tension building in her body, the same tension she’d felt when the cylinders sucked her nipples and clitoris.  I was the same tension she’d craved every time she used her fingers to make herself have an orgasm, but this tension built more quickly and became so intense she couldn’t think.  It was like she was completely in Dr. Mitchell’s control and that control was spinning her mind in a thousand different directions at the same time.  

Janice tried to lift her hips into his thrusts and gasped when his swollen head pressed against something deep inside her.  She felt her pelvic muscles clamp down and groaned at the way that constriction intensified the stroking of his shaft through the tight ring just at the entrance to her vagina.  In only a few minutes, she rolled her head to the side and started to pant instead of breathe, and when Dr. Mitchell groaned and thrust his penis in quickly, Janice felt the first wave sweep through her body.

She cried out softly and arched up off the table as Dr. Mitchell groaned again.  She felt his penis throb once, and then got lost in the waves of the orgasm that swept her into nothingness.  She was barely aware when Dr. Mitchell groaned twice more and then leaned forward and put one hand on each side of her hips to support his weight.

When the tremors subsided enough she could open her eyes, Janice looked at and saw Dr. Mitchell smiling.  She smiled back and then sighed.

“That was…I can’t even say how it was.”

Dr. Mitchell grinned.

“I know.  I can’t either.  This is the first time I’ve done this here.  Normally, I wouldn’t but there’s something about you that wouldn’t let me say no.”

Janice felt a little after shock then.

“Oh, wow.  I’m glad you didn’t say no.  I’ve never felt like this before.”

Dr. Mitchell began backing away and the sensation in her vagina caused Janet to moan again.

“No, don’t take it out.  Not yet.”

Dr. Mitchell moved back forward, and Janice sighed.

“Oh, that’s so much better.  I want to feel like this forever.”

Dr. Mitchell chuckled.

“Well, I can’t promise that.  It won’t be long before I don’t have a choice.”

As is always the case, a couple minutes later, Dr. Mitchell’s penis became soft again and slipped from between Janice’s swollen lips.  He quickly pulled a paper towel from the tray under the table and caught the semen that dripped from her, and then continued to gently wipe away the trickles of white that flowed from her and formed sticky strings.  When he was satisfied most of what was going to leak out had done so, he pulled up his underwear and pants.  After zipping up his pants and snapping the snap, he helped Janice get her legs out of the stirrups and then sit up.

He was frowning when he looked at her smile.

“Janice, I can’t continue to do this, not after what we just did.  If I did so, it could be considered prostitution.”

Janice felt sadness, and he saw it in her eyes.

“I didn’t mean we couldn’t continue to have sex.  I don’t know how it happened but you’re a lot more than just a club member to me.  I don’t want to stop making love to you, but we can’t do it here.”

Janice felt a little better and smiled.

“Dr. Mitchell, could we use my place?”

He smiled.

“Mine would be better, that is, unless you want to stop our little play.  I have a similar setup in my spare bedroom.  No, I don’t take women there.  I never have because I’ve never found a woman like you before.  Now that I have, I’d rather you called me Brian when were not acting like a doctor and patient. ”

It was a week later that once again, Denise and Janice walked to the parking lot together.  Denise asked Janice if she’d gone back to the club and Janice smiled.

“Yes, I did.  I’m a member now.  I don’t know how often I’m going to go though.  It’s OK, but I think I’ve found a man and I’d rather do the real thing.”

Denise giggled.

“Wouldn’t we all?  I’m jealous.”

Janice just smiled.  If Denise only knew, but she’d never tell her.  Brian had explained why she couldn’t that first night at his house.

“Janice, before we do anything, we need to have a serious talk.  The way I make my living, I have to continue doing to women what they like.  Will you be jealous?”

Janice smiled.

“Not if it’s only me you do for real.  That’s how any doctor would be.  He’d examine other women, but always save the real thing for just one woman.”

“Yes, that’s what a real doctor would do, but I’m not a real doctor.  I’m just a former Army medic who figured out some women like going to the gynecologist.”

Janice smiled.

“I didn’t know Army medics learned anything about women.”

“I learned quite a bit about women – how they’re different and how to deliver babies and things like that.  There was an Army nurse who taught me a lot more about women.  She was married to an Army doctor who didn’t understand her very well.  By the time my enlistment was up, I knew a lot of things about her that her husband didn’t.  It didn’t go any further than what you and I did the first time though.  I didn’t want to do that and neither did she.  She just liked being examined and the orgasms she had when I did.”

Janice put her arms around Brian’s neck.

“Then you just keep acting like a doctor with all those women except me.  The only difference will be the way it ends.  I want to feel how it ends again, right now, unless I need to schedule an appointment.”

Brian grinned, cupped Janice’s hips, and sat her on the examining table in his spare bedroom.

“You have a standing appointment here any time you want, and I hope you want a lot of appointments.”

No, she wouldn’t tell Denise who the man was.  That would crush the fantasy that Denise had, and that would be cruel.  Instead, she’d let Denise continue to dream about Brian fucking her on his table and hoping someday that would happen.  Janice didn’t have to have a fantasy any more.  She had Brian in his lab coat in his spare bedroom, exciting her with his hands examining her breasts and vagina and then probing her with his erect penis.  That was better than any fantasy any woman could ever have.


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