Dirty Secrets Inside Every Girl's Mind

[All characters are over 18 years old]

“What?...Why are you looking at me like that.” Daddy says to me. “Because daddy..” I reply biting my lip with a mischief look in my eyes. 

“What is it?” He says with stern voice. “Mhmm..” is all I could come up with.

“Oh, you’re horny?” Daddy asks me.

“Yes daddy....” I say while that need to be fucked feeling rushes throughout my body.

“And what is it that you want?” He says.

“I want you to fuck my pussy daddy, please.”

“And how would you like me to do that?”

“Umm, with your dick first Daddy, then let me cum in your mouth.” I say feeling a little shy, intimacy always makes me feel a little embarrassed no matter how many times I have sex.

Daddy pulls me close to him as he runs his hands up my dress. “Are you wet?” he asks me. “Yes Daddy” I reply breathing heavily while biting my lip. Daddy runs his fingers down my pussy, “hmm good girl” he says as he feels how wet I am, then begins to push his fingers inside my pussy, and I moan just a little as he thrusts his fingers inside. “But Daddy” I whine “I wanted you to fuck me with your dick.”

Daddy gives me the look, the look that I need to be a good girl and be patient. Biting my lips I look down while giving in to the pleasure of his fingers. Waiting for Daddy to speak.

I hear him take a deep breath. “You want me to fuck you with my dick?”

“Yes Daddy........”

Okay, but first you have to be a good girl for me, I want you to look me in the eyes, as I finger you. Show me how good my fingers feel. And I want you to cum, but don’t forget, look no where else but at me. And then I will fuck you, depending on how good of a job you do.

“Yes Daddy” I said while I begin to rock back and forth on his fingers.

“Good girl” Daddy says fingering me harder.

Staring in his eyes biting my lips. Only seeing him and nothing else. I can feel the blood rushing throughout my body, my heart is racing faster. “Oh my god Daddy” burst from my mouth as he goes faster he pulls me closer to him.

Careful not to turn away, I start to feel that sensation run through my body as every muscle in my body tightens, and that rush of pleasure consumes every inch of me......And I cum.....

“Good Girl” Daddy says at he pats my pussy with his hand.

He feels my pussy still pulsing, looks at me and says “Oh not finish yet?”

“No Daddy....I’m mhmm still cumming” I struggled to say as I just wanted so badly for his fingers to be back inside my pussy.

Daddy begins to kiss my lips with so much intensity as he continues to rub my pussy, waiting for my breathing to become steady again.

As I come down from my high, I laugh just a little and smile. I always seem to feel a little embarrassed after cumming.

Daddy looks at me and says “good girl” and he kissed my cheek. “Feel better?” He asks me.

I smile and say yes.

“Mhmm I can tell, you’re much more calm now.” Daddy says smiling at me.

“I’m ready to play now” I tell Daddy, then he lifts my dress over my head and drops it on the floor with nothing else underneath me. He lays me down, and kisses me deeply as I wrap my arms around him pulling him closer to me. Bitting his lips softly. He spreads my legs and finally gives me what I wanted, he slides his dick inside of me, and my head goes crazy. The passion devours me with such intensity I can hardly think straight. All I can focus on is how good his dick feels. The warmth of his body pressing up against mine. While he focuses on that one goal he has in that very moment. Which is to make me cum harder then I have ever came before.

“Mmhm you’re such a good girl for Daddy” he tells me, always knowing what to say to push me over the edge. Getting lost in the moment. I  reply “Yes Daddy, I’m a good girl for you” holding on to his hair while he bites my neck I start to scream “Daddy don’t stop.”

My favorite feelings in the entire world starts to consume my body yet again, feeling tense and relaxed at the same time. In that very moment it’s like I forget how to speak. I’m just lost in a whirlpool of bliss. And the explanation hits my brain and I’m cumming.

“Mhmm good girl” Daddy tells me again as he places his hand on my face to kiss me.

“Get on your knees and look me in the eyes” Daddy says as he stands up from the bed.

...............................To Be Continued


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