My Straight Lovers I: Mixing Business with Pleasure

   When I first heard of, I thought, “Wow, this is great. I can connect with people around the world that are looking for writers and voice actors, and make some extra money.” I certainly wasn’t thinking that one of my new business relationships would turn into a really hot sexual partner.

   If you had told me that the hot, sexual encounter would be with a Pakistani Muslim who was just getting over the death of his wife, I would have told you that I wrote fiction, I didn’t live it.

   I’d been on Freelancer a few months when I bid on a project for a voice over gig. The title was “Male US voice over needed”. When I read the actual description of the project, I learned that the employer was also looking for somebody that could re-work the script for the three minute corporate video which, apparently, was for a company that needed to promote its new shopping software. “Okay”, I thought, “I can do both so that boosts my chances of getting it.”

    So I wrote my pitch. Since the employer that was producing the video for a North American client was in Pakistan, there was about 9 hours difference in time zones, so I went to bed without having received a response. Obviously, this happened quite regularly since many employers were in the Eastern part of the world, but every once in a while, I would bid on a project while the employer was on line and they’d get in touch with me instantly through the private chat on the site.

   This was not the case with this project.

   When I woke the next day, I logged on and found the employer had asked for my voice demos. I gladly sent them and quickly got a “ping” on the private chat.

   – Your voice sounds great. I’ll send your demos to my client.

   The business relationship was starting off well and, a few hours later, I was notified that I had been awarded the project. The employer sent me the script to rework and an info document with additional material so that I knew what I needed to talk about. I got cracking right away and, before I knew it, my employer’s client had approved the script and I had booked the studio for the recording.

   That first project went really well and the employer gave me a great review on the site, saying “he’d definitely hire me again”. As a matter of fact, he caught up with me on the chat and told me he was really thrilled to have met me and would make me his go-to guy for scripts and voice overs. I was thrilled.

   A week later, I noticed he had written to me again through the chat. He was looking to hire me again, this time to do the voice of a video game character.

   – Have you ever done stuff like that? he asked. Do you have demos for that?

I quickly sent him some recordings I’d done and he was really happy with them.

   – I forgot to tell you, he added. It’s for an adult game.

   I was intrigued… and honestly, a little aroused. Although I still didn’t know much about this employer personally – only that he was from a relatively small city in Pakistan, that he had studied video animation in Dubai and was building a pretty good reputation for himself in the field –, I had been titillated by his profile picture because he seemed to have a beautiful, chiseled, very masculine face.

   – Does that make you uncomfortable? he asked.

   – Uncomfortable? No, I replied. I’m open to anything… if you check out my profile, you’ll see I included “XXX” and “Anything goes”.

   – Lol. Okay. That’s a relief.

   My heart had started racing and I could feel my cock starting to grow in my shorts. I felt pretty silly getting aroused for so little, but I thought, “Hey, what’s the harm?” Before doing anything else though, I went through my demo files and sent him my character reel which would give his client an idea of my range for his video game.

   – Cool. I’ll send the demo straight to the creator of the game, he said.

   Then, I thought, since he’d opened that door, I might as well take it a step further.

   – I even recorded some voice demos for XXX flicks, I admitted. A guy fucking a girl, a guy getting sucked off by a girl…

   – Really? he typed, kind of interrupting my sentence. That’s funny. That’s not really what we need. But… good to know.

I was disappointed that he wasn’t asking to hear them, so I pressed on.

   – Yeah. I did a guy fucking a girl, I repeated, a guy getting his cock sucked by a girl…

   – Wo! That sounds hot!

He had interrupted me again at exactly the same place, but this time,I ignored his response and continued with my train of thought.

   – A guy getting sucked by a guy, a guy fucking another guy in the ass and a bottom gay guy getting fucked.

   – What?

   Oh-oh. Was I freaking him out now? Was he going to be disgusted and not want to work with me anymore?

   – Yeah. It was for a producer who does bisexual and gay movies in Prague and Bucharest and who needs North American actors to dub the performers.

   There was a long pause. I thought, “shit, I’ve grossed him out and he’ll never want to work with me again.”

   – Oh, I see. That’s cool. I’d be curious to hear what that sounds like.

Yes! We were back on track.

   – Just the guys with the girls or… all of them?

   – All of them. If you don’t mind. Why not?

   – Sure.

   I sent him the audio files one by one, starting with the guy-on-girl sounds, thinking he’d be more familiar with that kind of thing and might even be aroused enough to not be disgusted when I sent him the guy-on-guy lines.

   – Holy shit! You sound really good when you fuck the girl.

   That compliment made me even harder and found me squeezing my pole through my shorts. I kept wondering what he was doing and fantasizing that he was jacking off to my voice on his end. But I didn’t want to ask him straight out, fearing that he might be embarrassed to admit it and might get turned off.

   – Thanks, man. Glad you like it. I just remembered what it felt like to slip my hard cock into a hot, wet pussy, you know?

I knew, if he was already aroused, that this line would certainly not cool things down.

   – Oh, yeah, he replied. That’s nice. I love pussy.

“Oh course, he does,” I thought.

   A few more seconds passed before he got back to me about the “guy getting his cock sucked by a girl” audio file.

   – Oh man! I totally get how your cock was feeling in that girl’s mouth, he wrote.

   I couldn’t help but think that he seemed to feel I had actually really been getting sucked off while I had recorded that. I chuckled and thought I’d just let him think whatever he wanted.

   – I love it when a girl squeezes the base of my cock and slaps her cheek with it until it gets rock hard, he wrote.

   Reading that certainly wasn’t repulsive to me in the least. I didn’t have time to respond before I saw he was writing again.

   – My wife used to do that and then she’d blow my cock head with incredible suction. Sometimes, I thought I would faint.

   What? He had a wife? I was a bit disappointed, but it wasn’t like I was planning on dating him anyway. He was a million miles away, right?

   – Your wife is into oral sex? That’s cool!

   – She was, he replied. She died four years ago in a bombing in a park near our house.

My heart sank. I felt terrible.

   – I am so sorry.

   – I am just now getting back to my life and starting to have sex again.

Wow! I couldn’t believe he was talking so openly about this.

   – It feels a little weird because she is a friend of my wife’s. But two months ago, she came over and ended up spending the night. I had not made love to a woman in close to four years. She didn’t need to slap my cock on her cheek to make me hard because I was like marble. I thought my cock head would explode.

   My eyes were wide open, my heart was pounding, and it wasn’t the only organ that was pumped with hot blood.

   – But she did grab it by the base like I like and squeezed it so hard. With her other hand she was making my balls dance on her fingers. They felt as big as lemons.

   The visual was so clear in my head – and probably interspersed with the worse possible clichés about Pakistani Muslims – but I didn’t care. I was aroused like crazy and had to pull my cock out of my pants.

   – She sucked me so good, it was amazing.

I certainly wasn’t going to interrupt him to correct his grammar.

   – I felt like I wanted to buck off the bed so my cock head would rub against the back of her throat, but I didn’t want to choke her so I just rocked slowly, letting her do most of the work.

   He was totally driving me nuts with these vivid images of his dark meat slipping in and out of those luscious, female lips. I was beating my own cock like if I hadn’t jacked off in weeks.

   – I’m sorry, he said. This is so unprofessional.

   – I don’t care, it is incredibly HOT, came out of my fingers faster than I could think. You’re making me so horny, I’ve started jacking off myself, I admitted.

   – Really? Wow! So am I. I thought I was alone. LOL The last time I masturbated with a guy, it was my cousin Farooq. He had found a deck of playing cards with sexy dancers on them. We would have contests of who shoots the biggest load.

By this point, I had to stop jacking off or I would have shot my own load right then and there and I didn’t want this to end too quickly.

   – He almost always won and, one time, when I felt that I had shot a bigger load, he protested because he was a sore loser.

   I actually laughed out loud and it appeased my "horniness" for a few seconds which fit in perfectly with what I wanted.

   – He was older than me and the cards belonged to him so I said okay. So we could do it again.

I couldn’t help but answer “lol” in the chat window.

   – My sex life was so empty since my wife’s death. But now with Raeesa, how can I put this? I am starting to feel like a man again.

   There was no doubt in my mind that he was all man. I could feel the testosterone oozing through my computer screen.

   – I understand, I replied, hoping he’d get back to his story so I could get my rocks off.

   – That first time she sucked my cock, her tongue and the roof of her mouth did what I was hoping the back of her throat would do. I exploded in her mouth and it felt like if her mouth hadn’t been there, my cum would have shot clear across the room.

That was it for me. I shot my own load all over my shirt and thought “the hell with it. It’ll go in the washing machine directly”.

   – I’m sure I would have beaten Farooq that time.

   – Wow! You made me cum all over myself, I admitted.

   – Really? I did that?

   It was almost as if he was a child who had done something exceptional and was really proud of himself. I found it incredibly endearing.

   – Yeah, you did.

   – Cool. Do you want to know what Raeesa did after she swallowed my cum?

   He was really getting into this… and my cock was still hard.

   – My cock was still hard, he wrote, so she straddled me and slipped me inside her wet pussy.

   Again, the visual was so clear that I would have closed my eyes if this had been a phone call. But I needed my eyes to read on!

   – She rode me so hard and gave me just the right amount of natural lubrication and friction for my cock to explode a second time. Oh yeah! I’m going to cum now, too!

   There was a pause and he started writing again.

   – Sorry. I shot my load, too, just remembering how my cock felt inside Raeesa’s pussy.

   I started pumping my cock again frantically and, before I knew it, I was shooting a second load myself.

   – Your stories are incredible, I wrote. You made me shoot again.

   – Incredible? he typed. You mean you don’t believe me?

   Oops… I realized, although his English was incredibly well mastered for a Middle Eastern man, there could be some misunderstandings sometimes.

   – Oh no! Sorry. That is not what I meant. I meant your stories are amazing.

   – Oh thanks. You are a good writer, too. And I really like your voice on your demos.

There was a short pause, and suddenly, he started writing again.

   – Guess what? The client just wrote back saying he loves your character demos and wants you for the video game!

   I couldn’t believe it! So quickly? Had we been talking cybersex for that long?

   – Wow! That’s so cool! I replied.

   – I’ll send you all the details later.

That sounded like he was about to leave.

   – It’s getting very late here, he continued. Actually, it is early morning. I need to get some sleep.

   He wasn’t kidding. I looked at the time in the bottom right corner of my computer and added nine hours. It was 5:30 in the morning over there! He was used to working on Eastern time zones.

   – I understand. Do you want me to send you my other XXX audio demo files? Just for fun? I asked.

   – Sure. Which ones?

   – A guy getting sucked by a guy, a guy fucking another guy in the ass and a bottom gay guy getting fucked.

   – Oh yeah! Those! Okay.

I started getting aroused again sending him the “Guy getting sucked by guy” file.

   – Wow! That sounds so real! he said after listening to the file. Was there really a guy sucking your cock there?

   – Not while I was recording, I admitted, but I’ve had guys suck my cock before… and I’ve sucked other guys off, too.

   There. I had said it.

   – Really? Wow! I’ve always wondered what it would have been like if Farooq had sucked my pole. Sometimes, I would catch him looking at my cock with that look on his face, you know? Like maybe he was into that.

   I was hard again. Shit! This guy really knew how to press my buttons.

   – Can I hear you fucking a guy in the ass? he asked.

   I sent him the file without reminding him again that it wasn’t an actual scene that had happened but just me faking the act.

   – Hahaha! I thought I would find that weird, but I’m surprised how hot it sounds, he confessed. I fucked a few women in the ass a few times and what I liked, usually, when I did that was I would finger their wet pussy at the same time, you know? They would ride me with my hard cock in their back hole and I’d slip my fingers in their front hole and they would grind against me.

   He was making me jack off again. I couldn’t believe it.

   – What’s that last demo you have?

   – Guy getting fucked in the ass by another guy, I answered.

   – Right, he replied. I’d like to hear you taking a cock in the ass.

   I was beating off furiously again. And I sent him the file with my free hand. A few seconds later, he was writing again.

   – I want to listen to that one again and again. Imagine my hard cock penetrating your butt hole and making you moan like that. Making you beg for more like you do in the demo.

   I have never really considered myself a bottom and have never been a great fan of anal sex, but I suddenly found myself wanting this client’s hard, dark, middle-eastern, Pakistani cock being slammed into my anal orifice while his lemon-sized balls banged against mine till we both exploded in a mutual gush of hot, male juice.

   – Would you like that? he asked.

   – Shit, yeah, man! I’d love that! I wrote back.

   – I wonder what it would feel like to have balls rubbing against my pubes instead of a pussy… and seeing a hard cock bobbing up and down, oozing precum while your anus swallowed my cock over and over again…

   Shit! He wrote like he didn’t need writers at all. He could create his own copy for sure. I thought to myself, “this guy has really done his homework as far as writing in English.”

   We’d just imagined we were doing it in different positions: He was fantasizing about me riding his hard cock and I was imagining he was fucking me doggy style. Either way, I was totally into the fantasy and was feeling my balls boiling with hot cum again.

   – I’m gonna shoot another load! I warned him, as though he needed to be informed.

   – Wait, he replied. I want to come at the same time.

   I was so blown away with what was happening that I took a beat. And that was just the time he needed to catch up with me and we exploded in unison, at both ends of the earth.

   – I’m going to sleep like a baby now, he wrote. Let’s talk again tomorrow for the project. Good night.

   And he was gone. I cleaned myself up and went to bed myself, with a stupid grin on my face. That’s when I realized he knew my name from my profile on the Freelancer site, but I only knew his company name.


   – Oh, sorry. My name is Akbar.

   That was easy enough. As soon as I asked him the next day, he told me.

   – It means, “greater, bigger”.

   – Hehe!

   – Don’t even…

   – Okay, I won’t…

   There was “silence” for a few hours on the Freelancer chat. He was probably working on stuff as I was busy on my end, too. Then, I while I was checking what was trending on Twitter, I saw the word #Pakistan. “That’s odd,” I thought. “Not to mention ironic.”

   – There has been another bombing in Lahore, he wrote.

   My heart sank.

   – It’s like I’m losing my wife all over again.

   I didn’t know what to say.

   – I wish I could be there for you, to comfort you.

   – Are you crazy? This is the last place I would want you to be. This is the last place I would want anybody I care about to be. You are so lucky to live in Canada. I’ve always wanted to move there. Ever since I met some Canadians in Dubai. It seems like such a wonderful country.

   – It is. But it has its problems, too. Not that I would compare them to what you are talking about now.

   – I need to get out of here. I need to go to Canada. You are in Toronto, right?

   I couldn’t believe what I was reading. He wanted to come to Canada? Just like that?

   – Montreal, actually.

   – The Olympic Games in 1976. Nadia Comaneci.

I laughed.

   – Yes. But that was 40 years ago. Much has happened since then.

   There was another long pause. I didn’t know what to say so I went back to writing a short story for an LGBT web site that had hired me through another freelancing site.

   Suddenly, I received an email notification that he had written to me through the chat again.

   – There is a flight from Islamadad to Montreal tomorrow morning. Qatar Airlines. With a stop in Doha. I will try to book a ticket.

   – Really? Isn’t that a little sudden?

   I was starting to freak out, quite honestly. As long as this work relationship was a distant one, I was fine. But now this guy I didn’t know and with whom I had shared some hot yet very unexpected cybersex was on his way here?

   – Yes, it certainly would seem like that, but I’ve been wanting to do it for a long time. Now, I am so sick of the violence around me, I want to visit and see if there is a possibility of moving to Canada.

   – Wow! That’s amazing!

   I couldn’t believe how impulsive yet courageous this was. I even thought I might be dreaming because this had a sort of absurd feeling to it.

   – Done. The plane ticket has been purchased. I will arrive day after tomorrow… with the time zones and all. For two weeks. Do you have a guest room?

   He certainly didn’t beat around the bush, was all I could think. Yes, I had a guest room but… really?  Was I going to open up my home to him for two weeks?

   – Yes, I do. And of course, you are welcome to stay at my place.

   I couldn’t have imagined saying anything else. That just wasn’t the kind of person I was. But I must admit, I was pretty scared that things would turn out badly.

   – That’s very sweet of you. You are a good guy. I really need to get out of here. I am disgusted by my country right now. Thank you for helping me do that. To repay you, I will buy food and cook for you.

   My head was spinning and, much to my surprise, my cock was twitching. Was anything sexual actually going to happen between us? Sure, we had this cool, easy, friendly connection and we both had a way with words to arouse each other over the Internet, but… Would his curiosity at trying stuff out with a guy suddenly fade away when he ended up standing in front of an actual, potential sexual partner?

   I guess I’d find out soon enough.


   I spent the next 36-some odd hours wondering what the hell this would be like. Well, that’s not true. I also wondered about how odd it seemed that he just had a few thousand dollars laying around (how much was that in Pakistani rupees, huh?). I guess he was richer than I would have thought. Maybe his small video-making company was bigger than I had imagined. After all, his name did mean “bigger”, right? These are the types of silly thoughts that crossed my mind and that made my sleep very unstable.

   I didn’t hear from him for over 24 hours on the Freelancer chat… either he was really flying to Canada or this was all a big joke. But then, I received a message:

   – Hi, I am in Doha. I will be landing in Montreal at 15:45 your time. I don’t even know where you live.

   I scoffed. Of course, you don’t know where I live. You are from Pakistan! And you’re flying to North America for the first time of your life on a whim! You are a crazy person and I am even crazier to have promised you hospitality!

   – I will check the flights on the Internet and I will meet you at the airport.

   – Wow! That’s great. I can’t wait to see you.

   I didn’t know how to interpret that last line, but I decided to leave it alone.

   – I can’t wait to meet you, too, is all I ventured.

   For hours, I cleaned my already clean house. I washed the linens for the guest room, remade the bed, set up cushions on it, washed the linens of the master bedroom, too, thinking, “what if?” I really had no idea what was going to happen. And that was both terrifying and exciting.

   Two hours before leaving for the airport, I started fantasizing about Akbar. My cock was hard and my house started feeling really warm so I decided to take a cold shower. But the images wouldn’t go away so I ended up jacking off in the shower. That did calm me down a little and then, it was time to go.

   When I got to Trudeau International Airport, I quickly found the gate where I needed to wait for Akbar. I don’t know why, but as soon as I spotted him through the large window doors, I knew it was him. Our eyes met and he walked straight over to me, without any question. We ended up face to face like old friends who were finally reuniting. In his eyes, I could see what seemed like a mix of affection, gratitude and peace.

   – Thank you so much for doing this for me, Gavin.

I smiled.

   – My pleasure, Akbar.

And I knew everything would be alright.


   In the car, on our way to my place, he couldn’t stop talking. I found his accent incredibly sexy. It was similar to the Indian accent, like Apu on The Simpsons or Kunal Nayyar who plays Raj on The Big Bang Theory. I happen to find him über sexy. Not Apu, Kunal.

   I kept wondering if we would be having sex. I tried to sneak peaks at his crotch but, while driving, it was kind of hard. Hard like my cock was getting. What the hell is wrong with me? was all I could think.

   When we got to my place, he asked me if he could shower.

   – It’s a 21 hour flight.

   – Really?

   I pretended to be surprised because I actually knew that. I had spent hours on the Internet checking out stuff about Pakistan, flights from Islamabad, Islam, Muslims, name it. I had even downloaded some porn scenes that starred Pakistanis fucking and sucking each other off. I was ready.

   – Sure, go ahead. Take all the time you need. There are towels and everything you need in the bathroom.

   I showed him where it was and walked away. He thanked me, but surprised me by not shutting the door. My curiosity got the best of me and I made an excuse for myself to walk past the bathroom again. He was stripping in front of the mirror. His body was rugged and hairy and his muscles were well defined. He wore plain old white Fruit of the Loom briefs. But on his dark, delicious-looking skin, they were sexy as hell. Instead of taking them off, he adjusted his cock and balls. Then, he turned his back to me and got down on his knees on the plush mat I have in there, prostrating himself in what was clearly a prayer position. I couldn’t help but admire his beautiful butt turned toward me and gawk at his hairy ass crack I could guess through the thinning material of his briefs.

   When I started getting a hard-on and began stroking my cock through my jeans, I thought: “This is just wrong, man! Get the hell out of there.” So I let him pray in peace, hearing what seemed to be some sort of mantra he kept repeating over and over.

   After what seemed like an eternity, I finally heard the water running. My brain went into overdrive. I just had to find an excuse to go into the bathroom.

   When I finally did, I got a look at his silhouette through the foggy door which was really arousing, but I realized I’d had a better look at his body when he was just standing in front of the mirror.

   – Akbar, I’m sorry to bother you, but I was wondering what you would like to eat?

   And in my head, I continued with: “And if you wouldn’t mind sharing your meat with me?”

   He didn’t answer. I could see that he was soaping up his arm pits because his arms both went up, one at a time. He clearly had not heard me.

   – Akbar, I started again, a bit louder. May I ask you a question?

   He turned around in the shower, rinsing off and did a double take, just realizing that I was there. He opened the door.

   – Is everything alright?

I was dying to look down at his crotch but didn’t want to seem too obvious.

   – Oh, yes. Everything is fine. I… I just wanted to ask you if you were hungry…

   The water from the shower was cascading down his back and his ass, shielding it from splashing out of the stall. In the corner of my eye, I caught his free hand go down to his crotch and tug at his cock. My eyes went down.

   – Sure. I’d love to eat something. Anything you have will be okay. Tomorrow, you can bring me grocery shopping, okay?

   I felt myself gulp. His cock was semi soft and covered in foamy soap. It was long and thick and I thought to myself, “You’ve come a long way since your days jacking off with Farooq, Akbar. Now you could probably boast that your name fits you well.”

   – That would be great, I managed to reply.

   Then, his cock twitched. I thought he’d done it on purpose, sort of as a message, but he quickly wrapped his big hand around his cock and balls, as though he felt bad.

   – Don’t be embarrassed, I said. You have an amazing body… and nothing to feel ashamed about.

  He smiled, chuckled and blushed. Slowly, his hand moved so that it freed his cock and wrapped his balls. He looked down at his basket and made his cock twitch again. Quickly, it started to grow and rise. His eyes came back up and met mine.

   – I’ve never been with a guy.

   – I know.

   I moved closer to him, my heart pounding. Quickly, he turned around, offering me an amazing view of his brown, bubble butt. It was beautiful, but was he telling me that he didn’t want me anywhere near his cock? When he turned around again, I saw that he had rinsed off his crotch.

   – Do you want to suck it? he asked.

   I knew that, with a straight guy, it would probably be better to be as less gay as I could. If I started touching him too much, he might get freaked out, yet I didn’t want to go straight for his cock. I knew it would be a bad idea to kiss him, to stroke his hair or to pinch his nipples. So I brushed my hands over his chest and shoulders, slowly coming down over his muscular arms toward his hips. When I reached his waist, I outlined that delicious looking V below his abs that zeroed in on his crotch. His cock was now fully erect and bobbing in anticipation. My fingers went around it, and I started caressing the inside of his thighs, making sure I didn’t touch his balls right away. He made both his cock and balls twitch as though they were saying, “what are you waiting for?”

   – I can’t believe I’m here, he whispered.

   – I can’t believe you’re here either, I responded before pursing my lips and pressing them against the foreskin on his cock head.

   I let my mouth slip open just slightly so that his hard meat would feel like it was penetrating a tight pussy. He moaned and grabbed onto the top of the shower stall. I could still taste the soap with the musk of his middle-eastern skin. My own cock was screaming to get out of my pants but I thought it better to not show him my manhood quite yet. Let him fantasize that this mouth belongs to whoever he wants.

   He started slowly fucking my mouth without getting too aggressive and by making his hips oscillate, almost as though he was dancing. It was incredibly sensual. I started playing with his heavy balls and he indicated that he really liked that, too. After a while, I started letting more and more of his massive cock into my mouth. He even touched the back of my throat a few times, moaning even more intensely when that happened.

   When I felt that he was about to blow, my anticipation grew at the idea of swallowing his cum so I turned up the speed. He got really excited too and seemed to be willing to give me his seed, but at the last second, he pulled me off his meat, saying:

   – Wait. Not right away.

   He grabbed the base of his cock as though he wanted to hold the cum inside the tube, make sure it wouldn’t cheat its way out.

   – Take off your clothes, Gavin.

   I rose to my feet and did what he asked, staring him straight in the eyes to make sure I didn’t lose him. When my rock hard cock popped out of my Under Armour boxers, he turned around again. For a second, I felt stupid. Of course as soon as he’d see my eager cock, he’d freak out and want to end it all. He was a straight Muslim with a taste for pussy!

   He turned off the water and stepped out of the shower.

   – I’ve never touched another guy’s dick before.

   I realized I was holding my breath. Slowly, his hand inched toward my manhood, Akbar’s eyes moving from mine to my cock, back and forth, up and down, as though they were asking permission. He looked so innocent, so overwhelmed, like if he was a virgin. In a sense, of course, he was. But a very experienced virgin, if that is at all possible.

   His fingers cupped the underbelly of my man meat and his thumb rested on the top. He squeezed lightly, pushing against the bulging vein under my cock. I winced lightly.

   – I’m sorry, did that hurt? he whispered like a little boy who’d gotten in trouble.

   – No, it’s fine, I replied, bringing my left hand up to massage the back of his neck.

   As soon as I touched him, I worried he’d freak out, but he didn’t. He let me knead the back of his neck and run my fingers through his hair. His eyes closed and a small smile of contentment illuminating his face. Oh how I wanted to pull him in and kiss him hungrily.

   He started stroking my cock, opening his eyes and focusing on mine to see if I was enjoying what he was doing. I was. And I wanted him to know it. With his free hand, he mimicked what I was doing to his neck and hair. I started stroking his hard cock, too, and it felt as though we were playing the mirror game. I thought, “As long as he’s doing it to me, he’ll feel comfortable if I do it to him”.

   After a while, I wanted to get back to giving him oral sex. Without warning, I just crouched down and swallowed his pole whole. He grabbed the back of my head with both his hands and started fucking my face, still maintaining that sensuous oscillating of his hips.

   – Oh, yeah, Gavin, suck it. Take it, Gavin. Mmmm…

   He was actually saying my name. I wasn’t his beloved dead wife, I wasn’t Raeena, I wasn’t even Farooq from his teenage years. I was a grown man with a hard cock he’d just fondled and who’s mouth was about to make him explode. And explode he did. He shot so much cum I almost choked.

   – Uhhhhhhh! Yeah! Baby! Yesssssss! Drink my cum, Gavin!

   Hearing him say that made me blow my own load on the bathroom floor. It almost felt like the cum rushing down my throat was flowing back out through my wooden cock. I also sprayed one of his feet, but that amused him as he was impressed to see how much I’d shot.

   – We can’t play Farooq’s game, he whispered, trying to catch his breath, ‘cause you swallowed half of the evidence. Now we’ll never know who shot the biggest load.

   We laughed and hopped into the shower together. He washed my body as if he was discovering what a male frame was like. Like he didn’t have one of his own. Or like this was a one time thing and he’d never touch a guy like this, ever again. I started to worry because I wanted to experience more stuff with him and… thinking that he’d be spending 13 nights in my home, I couldn’t imagine that his stay would be platonic after what we’d just been through.


    It wasn’t the only time he touched me. We had an amazing time throughout those two memorable weeks. Since he’d brought his portable computer, he even continued bidding on projects through Freelancer and hired me for another voice over gig while he was here. The coolest part is he was even able to come see me record it at the studio.

   When he was back in Lahore, he told me his two weeks in Montreal had been great because, although he had dreaded going back to Pakistan, he now didn’t feel as disgusted with his homeland.

   It’s been six months since he’s gone back and we talk almost every other day on the Freelancer chat. He’s gotten me a few more voice over jobs and always gives me good reviews on the site.

   I guess he’d probably give me a good review for his initiation into gay sex, too, but I never asked him about that. Thinking of that just makes me smile, that’s all.



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