Hotwife - The Movie

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23 Jul. '19

May, Papi and Steve had arranged to meet at a new place they had never been to before. It was a very upmarket lounge bar in the centre of town with sultry jazz music playing and subdued lighting. Steve had arrived first and despite having met this lovely couple before, he was as excited as the first time they’d met. He wondered what tonight would have in store for them.

As the waiter approached his table, which was discreetly tucked away in one of the darker corners of the lounge, a stunningly beautiful woman slid herself onto the chair next to Steve. It was, of course, the lovely May, but she was on her own, no sign of Papi. Steve ordered drinks for them both and said “What about Papi, is he on his way?” May grinned and shook her head. “No, just you and me tonight Steve, if that’s OK?” The waiter slinked off to get the drinks and Steve looked puzzled. “Really, Papi doesn’t mind us meeting alone?” May shuffled closer to Steve and said “No, he’s had to work late but said that shouldn’t stop us from having fun!” Wow, Steve’s admiration for Papi grew even stronger hearing this. He felt humbled that Papi trusted him enough to look after his amazing wife, such a huge compliment.

“Wow, what a guy!” said Steve. “He must love you so much,” and May nodded. The drinks arrived and both of them sipped nervously at them. It suddenly felt strange that they were alone together, but also thrilling. The music was playing softly and May looked so beautiful, Steve reached under the table and started to stroke May’s thigh. She whimpered at his touch and little electric shocks started to emanate from between her legs. Steve whispered to May “I want you so much, I can’t wait to taste you again. Your mouth, your breasts, your pussy…” Steve’s hand rose higher up May’s thigh and eased her legs apart. May reached her hand down to Steve’s groin and could feel his penis starting to grow and throb inside his jeans. This slightly taboo, public foreplay was almost as exciting as the sex itself for May.

She felt his hand move in between her legs now so May shuffled in her seat to ensure Steve’s fingers could explore further. They soon found what they were looking for and Steve traced them up and down the silk gusset of May’s panties, feeling the outline of her labia. May let out another whimper as Steve whispered again, “May, I’m going to eat your pussy until you beg for mercy!” He was looking her right in the eyes and rubbing his thumb over her clit as he spoke. “Then I want you to take my cock into your mouth and into your throat.” He could suddenly feel moisture on the gusset of May’s panties, so he discreetly moved the material to one side and slipped a finger into her, making May moan a little too loudly! “Oh my God, Steve, you’re so bad!” admonished May, but her hand continued exploring too, and she could now feel the outline of Steve’s big cock, which was fully erect inside his jeans.

“I have an idea what we can do for Papi,” Steve said, teasingly. May looked inquisitively at Steve and he said “We should film it as we fuck. I think Papi would like to see you bent over a bed taking my big thick cock into your tight little pussy. What do you think?” May nearly came on the spot. She and Papi loved to film themselves playing but the idea of having a recording of Steve fucking her, and knowing Papi would love it, filled her with breathless anticipation. “Oh Steve, that’s a great idea, I really think he would, and so would I. God, we need to go now, I can’t fucking wait!”

Steve had booked a smart hotel room just a few minutes’ walk from the bar. He was tempted to go right away, but he decided to tease May a little more before they left. He was hoping to make her cum right there at the table, knowing May wouldn’t be able to cry out being in a busy bar. The sight of her biting her lip and suppressing her moans turned Steve on incredibly. His finger slipped a little deeper into May’s very wet pussy and he moved his hand so he could stimulate her clitoris with his thumb. May was trying her hardest not to shout out as the feeling welled up inside her. She knew what he was trying to do but was powerless to resist. Steve, feeling extra naughty this evening, knew what would push her over the edge.

He had his face close to May’s and he whispered “We’re going to do something later that we’ve never tried before. I don’t think you’ve ever done it, but I’m going to slide my cock into your tight little ass hole!” As he said it, he moved a slippery finger to her puckered anus and slipped it in, causing May to gasp and cum hard. She bucked and writhed, trying to control herself so it wasn’t too obvious what they were doing. Steve grinned as he felt her ass muscles contract around his fingertip and at the sight of May suppressing her urge to shout out. She whimpered quietly as her orgasm subsided and Steve shouted “Check!” to the waiter, even as his finger was still inside May’s tight hole.

“Oh my God, Steve, that was amazing. I’ll do anything you want me to when we get to the hotel, anything!” He nodded and as the waiter approached, he stood up, licked the finger that had just slipped out of May’s ass and gave the waiter a twenty. “Keep the change. Come on May, it’s time we weren’t here,” and held his hands out to help May up. She was a bit wobbly, but soon composed herself. She smiled to herself when she felt a trickle of moisture run down the inside of her leg as they walked out of the bar. Steve could hardly walk, such was the hardness of his erection. He held his finger up to May’s mouth and traced it over her lips and tongue. It smelt and tasted musky and raw. May then slipped her hand between her own legs to cover her fingers in her juice. She held that hand up to Steve’s face and he slipped one into his mouth and savoured the taste, much more of which he would get to sample in just a few minutes. It was the sexiest five-minute walk either of them had ever had!

Both Steve and May were practically panting with lust as they got into the elevator. It was a short ride up to the room, but by the time they had got there, Steve had already managed to slide May’s panties down and now had them in his hand, held up to his nose so he could deeply inhale her womanly odour. No sooner had the hotel room door closed behind them, May reached up to kiss Steve. He grabbed a handful of May’s hair and pulled her close to him, devouring her lips with his. Then Steve remembered that he’d said they would film their encounter, so he whipped out his cell phone, flicked the camera on and pointed it at May. She already looked flushed and ready and Steve asked her to strip sexily for him. May obliged and breathing hard, she shimmied out of her top, letting her perfect breasts swing free. She dropped her skirt which fell around her ankles, revealing that she had already lost her panties. Steve flicked them at her and she caught them, smiled at the camera, and tossed them aside playfully. She was now completely naked, a vision of feminine beauty for Steve, and Papi, to feast their eyes on.

Steve moved the camera down so it was facing his groin, unhooked his button and unzipped his flies. He pulled his pants and shorts down in one action and his throbbing cock jumped up, twitching in appreciation of the beautiful girl standing in front of him. May was almost shaking as Steve said “May, I want you to suck my cock and talk to Papi as you do so.” He pointed to his massive erection and May got onto her knees and crawled towards him. “Don’t forget Papi, “ Steve said, “he must share in every moment too.” May looked directly at the camera and said “I love you Papi, thanks for letting me have this lovely man all to myself. I’m going to suck his cock, I hope it looks as good as it feels,” Steve felt May’s blood-red lips wrap themselves around his stiffness, her tongue exploring his knob, then her whole throat taking his full length. May gave the best head Steve could ever remember. Her expert mouth and lips brought Steve close to orgasm very quickly. May looked at the camera lens as she slid Steve’s cock in and out of her mouth the way she liked to do for Papi. Her look of love and adoration into the lens wasn’t just because she was enjoying Steve’s cock so much. It was to show Papi how much she loved him too and this made it even better for Steve.

He decided he didn’t want to cum too quickly, so he moved back slightly and motioned towards the bed. They kissed as they fell onto the bed and Steve got onto his back. “Sit on my face, May, as you suck me,” he instructed. May let out another of her sexy whimpers as she turned around, Steve was getting it all on camera as she opened her legs to straddle his face. Pussy juice was running down her thighs as she leant forward to take Steve’s cock back into her mouth. Steve held May’s ass cheek with one hand, the camera in his other. He pulled her hips down so he could reach to run his tongue up and down her soaking slit and he felt May’s warm mouth engulf his rock-hard member. It wasn’t easy to film this 69 but Steve wanted to capture it as best he could for Papi. He alternated with close-up shots of his tongue flicking all around May’s labia and clitoris, then pulled back to capture his cock disappearing into May’s lipstick-red lips. Both of them were close to cumming and couldn’t hold back. “Me first!” barked Steve and held the camera so it could witness his orgasm. He filled May’s mouth with hot semen as spurt after spurt almost choked her. The cum exploded out of her mouth as she spluttered, swallowing a lot but most of it dribbled back down onto Steve’s tummy and balls. May cleaned up as much cum as she could and Steve caught it all on camera.

Steve them resumed his oral attentions on May and used his tongue and the fingers of his left hand to bring May off with a squirting orgasm, her cum splashing onto Steve’s face and eager tongue as she shook her sexy ass and winced as Steve smacked her gently. The camera got it all and Steve thought to himself that maybe he’d discovered a new career! May was moaning loudly as she came and cried out “Oh Steve, Oh Papi!” as her orgasm overwhelmed her. She then flopped down on top of Steve and they curled into a tight ball, Steve stroking May’s hair and cheek as they both recovered.

“Want a little peek?” Steve asked May once they’d gotten their breath back. “Ooh, can I?” squeaked May. Steve fiddled with his phone for a second then they sat side by side and watched what they’d just experienced. It was so incredibly horny and May marvelled at how sexy it looked  as she sucked Steve’s cock and how cute her ass looked as Steve buried his face between her cheeks.

“Wow, you’re pretty good at that!” she said. Steve laughed and replied “What, the camera work or the tongue work?” May giggled and said “The camera work, of course. You’re not good at the tongue work, you’re fucking epic at it!” Steve beamed and said “Well, you’re not so bad at it yourself!”

They had barely recovered from their orgasms, but watching it back had made Steve hard again already. May, who was multi-orgasmic, was always ready to go again and looked up at Steve, hoping he would suggest what he had promised earlier in the bar. He reached forward to kiss May and started filming again. “Remember what I said earlier?” he asked. May nodded and felt a tingle in her pussy. “Steve continued “I want you on your knees on the bed, ass in the air. I’m going to fuck your pussy till you squirt over me, then I’m going to keep fucking you until you cum again and again!” May’s knees went weak at the thought of this and she turned around and got onto her knees. Steve filmed her wiggling her amazing ass and couldn’t resist dipping his head down for another taste of her honey-scented pussy before rubbing his erect cock up and down her soaking lips. May’s head was down on a pillow and her hands were clutching the bed sheets as Steve’s cock found the entrance to her pussy. He let it slip in to her gently and couldn’t resist saying “Papi, I’m looking after your amazing wife. I’ll be gentle to start with then I’m going to pound her until she screams for more!” He slid his full length gently but firmly into May and she gasped out loud “Oh Fuck!” as he filled her completely. Holding her ass-cheek to one side, Steve fucked May with a hunger he had never felt before for a woman. He thrust in hard and deep, loving the sound of her loud moaning with each stroke. He could feel her getting close to cumming so he picked up the pace and fucked her even harder and was rewarded with May shouting “Yes, yes, oh fuck, YES” and cumming hard. Steve could feel her juices as his balls smacked her ass but he didn’t stop fucking her, reaching his free hand around to caress and cup May’s swinging breasts. He tweaked her nipples quite firmly and thrust into her soaking wet snatch as she came again and again, her breathing coming in loud gasps as she sobbed with the intensity of it all.

Now Steve decided the time was right to do the other thing he’d promised. May was shaking and her knees were almost unable to hold her, so Steve let her lie on her side and he snuggled up behind her, spooning her tenderly. May was still fuzzy-headed with the amazing feeling of having cum so many times as this gorgeous man fucked her with such passion. She had forgotten what Steve had promised in the bar, until she felt the tip of one of his fingers part her cheeks and worm its way back into her tight anus. She gasped again as she remembered he had promised to take her anal cherry. May was so aroused now, she would have let Steve do anything he wanted and she was secretly wondering what this would be like. She loved anal play but had never had anything as big as Steve’s cock in her butt-hole before.

Steve was trying hard to hold the camera still as he focussed it on May’s anus, his finger darting in and out. His cock was almost bursting as he anticipated penetrating the sexiest ass he’d ever seen. May was so wet down there from her squirting orgasms, Steve didn’t think he’d have any trouble entering her and that it wouldn’t hurt, such was the level of natural lube May was producing. He was careful to make sure she was nice and slippery, then he pushed the tip of his cock in between her cheeks, the camera getting a perfect view. May was a little tense but as she felt the tip slip into her, she relaxed as an overwhelming feeling of lust overcame her. “Oh Steve, that feels amazing” she breathed hoarsely and it encouraged Steve to push into her more deeply with each thrust.

Steve absolutely loved anal and had wanted to sample May’s ass the moment he’d first met her. Now he was spooning with her, camera in hand, filming for Papi the moment he slid his full length into the tightest, sexiest ass he’d ever experienced. May was frigging her clitoris as Steve plundered her ass and loved the amazing feeling of being filled like never before. She was surprised as her first anal orgasm hit her hard and so quickly. She was pushing back now so Steve’s cock was balls-deep inside her each time he thrust and May was squealing with delight as orgasm after orgasm wracked through her uncontrollably. As one subsided, another grew to take over and she felt she was going to pass out with sensory overload.

Steve couldn’t hold back any longer and as the last of May’s orgasms gripped her, his cock erupted and filled her tiny asshole with semen. He held his cock inside her as it spasmed and spurted and when it eventually stopped, he pulled out and a small river of cum followed, soaking the bedsheets and making Steve feel sorry for the maid who would get to clean the sheets the next morning! Cum covered May’s ass and Steve traced his finger through it then held it to May’s lips for her to taste, which she did. As they cuddled and enjoyed the afterglow of an amazing session, Steve, still filming, held the camera in front of May and said “May, have you a message for Papi?” May, hair frizzed and makeup running down her eyes, looked into the camera and said “Papi, I love you so much. I hope you like watching this, I did it just for you. I really love you!” Steve then pointed the camera at his own face and said “Papi, I love you too!” and they both laughed loudly.

After they’d cleaned up and dressed, they decided to have a final drink in the hotel bar before Steve would walk May home. “Do you think Papi will like the film?” asked Steve. “Oh my God, I think he’ll LOVE it!” replied May, “especially the bit where you, you know, up my butt! I had no idea that would feel so damn good!”

“Well, I hope he enjoys watching it half as much as I enjoyed doing it!” said Steve. “I’ll never need to download a porno again now I’ve got my very own, starring myself and the hottest wife in the world!”



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