Normally Abnormal, Chapter 3

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20 Jul. '19

406 Guidry Road wasn’t where Ellen thought a professor would live, but that’s where the map had taken her.  Instead of being on another street full of houses near campus, it was out in the country.  It was a big house and looked relatively new because the shrubs were still pretty small.  She drove up the long, concrete driveway and parked in front of the garage, then took a deep breath and walked up to the front door.

Before pressing the doorbell button, Ellen asked herself if she was really ready for this.  She’d asked herself that same question all the way from the dorm to the house, and the answer had always been that she was.  Ellen pressed the doorbell button one time and then heard the chimes inside the house ringing.

Mr. Allen opened the door a few moments later and smiled when he saw her.

“Ellen, come on in.  Angie and I were hoping you’d drop by tonight.  She has a fresh pot of coffee ready and we were just going to sit down and take in a movie if you didn’t show.  Can I get you a cup?”

Angie wasn’t what Ellen had anticipated.  She’d assumed a woman who had a degree in psychology would be like the students she knew who had that major and the professors who taught the classes.  Most of them seemed to want to look like they were very professional and always wore business type clothing.

Mr. Allen always dressed in a suit and tie, and even that night, he still wore a dress shirt and his suit pants.  Angie was a lot more causally dressed.  She wore jeans and a top, and both accented her very feminine figure.  She wore her long, brown hair like Ellen did.  The brown tresses streamed down over her back and shoulders, and two hair clips with rhinestones pulled it away from her face.

Ellen hadn’t thought much about what type of wife Mr. Allen might have.  She figured a psychologist probably would look very intelligent but also pretty plain.  That’s how most of the female professors of any discipline looked.

Angie wasn’t that way at all.  She did look intelligent, but there was a sparkle in her eyes and her wide mouth tinted pink by her lipstick seemed to light up her face with the smile she beamed at Ellen.

“Ellen, I’m so happy you came.  Arnie has told me so much about you.  Can I get you a cup of coffee or maybe a soda?”

Ellen said a cup of coffee would be fine, and said she preferred cream with no sugar when Angie asked.  Angie came back into the room a few minutes later holding a tray with three cups, and sat the tray on the coffee table in front of the sofa.

“Here we go.  Arnie, here’s yours.  Ellen, I hope I got enough creamer in yours.  If I didn’t just let me know.  Now, lets all sit down.”

Ellen took the chair at one end of the coffee table, and Mr. Allen and Angie sat on the couch.  Angie sipped her coffee, then sat the cup on the table and smiled at Ellen.

“Ellen, Arnie tells me you are curious about some things.  I was like you once, so I understand what’s going through your mind.  That’s why I became a psychologist.  I wanted to understand myself.  I do now, and I like helping others understand too.

“We don’t want to push you into anything, Ellen, but I know how confusing things can be when you’re young and what you think seems to be outside what people consider normal.  I would bet you have the same thoughts, don’t you?”

Ellen looked at her coffee cup.

“Sometimes I do.”

“And you wonder if you have some sort of mental issue?”

“I used to before I went to the group meetings.  Now, I don’t think I do.  I’m just different.”

“Of course you are.  We’re all different in one way of another.  You’re probably wondering why you’re different the way you are though, aren’t you?”

Ellen looked at Angie.  Angie was smiling and the words just came out of Ellen’s mouth without her even thinking about what she was saying.

“Yes, I am.  I don’t know why I want to be dominated.  I mean, women are supposed to be submissive, but not like I am.  I don’t want to just have a man lead.  I want him to make me do things and I don’t know why.”

Angie patted the couch cushion beside her.

“Come sit over here, Ellen.  We can talk better if we’re closer.”

Ellen stood up and moved to the couch.  When she sat down, Angie touched Ellen’s arm.

“Ellen, the way you feel isn’t wrong, but you’re a little wrong in what that means.  It isn’t a need to have a man do things to you that you’re feeling.  It’s a need for a man to do things for you.  Does that make any sense?”

Ellen shook her head.

“I think that just makes me more confused.”

“Ellen, a BDSM relationship isn’t about the dominant doing what he or she wants to do to the submissive.  That would be abuse.  It’s about the dominant doing what the submissive wants the dominant to do to him or her.     

“The reward for the dominant is the feeling of power over the submissive, but that power only extends as far as the submissive allows it to extend.  The reward for the submissive is a little more complicated, but basically, it’s the ability to stretch the boundaries while still being in control.  

“That’s not to say the dominant won’t try to stretch those boundaries on his or her own, because they will once they begin to understand what the submissive wants and needs.  Part of the reward for the submissive is letting that happen.  It’s still the submissive who determines when to stop though.  In reality, it’s the submissive who is in real control, not the dominant.”

Ellen shook her head again.

“Now I’m really confused.  I thought the dominant decided what to do and the submissive got aroused by him doing it?”

Angie chuckled.

“I sounds like you think BDSM is only about sex.  It isn’t, not for some people.  Have you heard about master/slave relationships?  No?  Well, in a master/slave relationship, the dominant controls most of the things about the submissive’s life.  The dominant will assign tasks for the submissive to do, determine when the submissive should do anything, and pick out their clothing.  There really isn’t any sex involved.  Well, there is, but it’s not the point of the master/slave relationship.”

Ellen smiled.

“I don’t think I’d like that.”

Angie grinned.

“Some people love it, but that doesn’t mean you have to.  You can be however you want, and the right partner will be happy to let you do that.  That’s part of the rules of BDSM.”

“There are rules?”

“Sure there are, just like there are rules for most things we do.  They’re different for different people, but rules are what keep things exciting as well as keep things from getting out of hand.  The first rule is safety and consent, and is mandatory in any BDSM relationship.

“The rule is the dominant must never do anything to the submissive that will cause permanent harm, even if the submissive wants that, and never do anything without the consent of the submissive. Some people don’t follow this rule and they’re the ones you sometimes see on the news when one is injured or even dies.  

“The other rules you have to make up as you go along.  One of our rules is when I want to play, I kneel in front of Arnie.  That’s what tells him I’m ready.  Another of our rules is that he will stop whatever he’s doing if I say his name.  He will not stop what he’s doing if I don’t, and I won’t say his name unless I want him to stop.  

“Can’t you just tell him to stop”, asked Ellen.

“Ellen, for some submissives, saying the word stop is part of the attraction.  Sometimes I’ll tell him to stop, but I don’t want him to.  Telling him to stop is how he knows I'm so into what he’s doing I can’t think straight and I still want more.  That’s how it is with us, anyway.  Somebody else would probably be different, but the rule is the same for almost all.  If the submissive thinks things are going to far, he or she will say a word or make a gesture both have agreed to before they begin.

“Ellen, that’s the second main part of BDSM – trust.  The submissive has to trust the dominant to follow their rules, and the dominant has to trust the submissive to say when they’re uncomfortable with where they’re going.”

Ellen frowned.

“So I have to find a guy I trust first?  I don’t know how I’d do that.  I mean, trusting a guy not to lie to me or something like is a lot different than what you’re describing.”

“No.  It doesn’t work like that.  You wouldn’t dive into a swimming pool without checking the depth first, and you shouldn’t just tell some guy your don’t know really well about what you want him to do.  A submissive only trusts a dominant after the dominant has earned that trust.  You have to find a dominant you first of all like, and then work up to trust over time.

“How would I do that?”

Angie stroked Ellen’s cheek.

“You need to start with someone who understands so you’ll understand what I mean about trust.  That’s why you’re here, isn’t it?  Arnie told you we understand and would help you.”

Ellen smiled.

“I guess so.”

“Well, that’s the first step.  The second step is to make your list.”

“My list?”

“Yes, a list of things you’re interested in.  Remember, it’s the dominant doing things for you, not to you.  Arnie can’t just start doing what he wants.  He has to know what you want.  Now, I know you’ve thought about a lot of things because I used to and I still do.  Tell me three of them.”

Ellen said the only things she knew about were being tied up, being hit with a swatter, and having clamps on her nipples.

Angie smiled.

“That’s good, and it’s where a lot of people start.  We can do that tonight, or you can think about it for a while.  It’s your choice, not ours, and if it’s too much, all you have to do is say Arnie’s name.”

Ellen did think about it, but for only a few seconds.  She’d come to Mr. Allen’s house to learn, and leaving would be running away from what she so needed to experience.  She smiled at Angie.

“I think I’ll stay.  I’m afraid, but I have to know.”

Angie put her arm around Ellen and hugged her.

“You don’t need to be afraid.  I promise you’ll be a different woman tomorrow.”

Angie led Ellen through their house to a room with a locked door.

“We have to keep this door locked.  We have guests sometimes who wouldn’t understand and we don’t want them nosing around.”

She opened the door and turned on the room lights, though they weren’t very bright.

“Go on in.  Arnie and I will be with you in a couple of minutes.”

Ellen walked into the room and stopped as soon as she was inside.  She stopped because she was amazed at what the room contained.

In the very center was a large, padded table with a steel ring bolted to each corner, but that wasn’t what stopped her.  What did was the aluminum frame, sort of like a door frame, but taller and wider.  There were rings on each upright, top and bottom, and more rings across the top.  On the floor beneath it was a mat much like the gym mats she remembered from high school.

Along one wall was a rack containing what she knew were whips, some things that looked like fly swatters except the swatting end was made of leather, and several things with a thick bundle of long leather strings attached to a handle.  Against another wall was a cabinet with the doors closed.  Ellen thought about looking inside, but Angie came back just then.

“This is our play room, Ellen.  We don’t use everything here every time, but we’ve used everything at least once.  You can look all you want, but only Arnie can touch anything.  That’s another rule we have.

Ellen turned and then caught her breath.  Angie was dressed in a tight, black teddy with little black panties and black stockings.  She grinned at Ellen.

“Ellen, this is what we call a protocol.  It’s just something we do to enhance everything.  I wear something like this because Arnie wants me to, and I do it to please him.  You can get ready to please him too.  All you need to do is take off everything except your bra and panties.”

Ellen reached for the buttons on her blouse but then stopped.

“I think I’m too embarrassed to do that.”

Angie smiled.

“If you don’t want to, Arnie can do it.  Would you like that better, if he was in charge and did it for you?”

Ellen nodded.

“OK.  You’ll have to tell him that’s what you want.  Just kneel in front of him and he’ll understand.   Now, I’m sure you already know what we use the table for.  The tall frame is used like the table, except the submissive stands with her legs spread out instead of laying down.  It’s possible to suspend the submissive by her arms as well, and I’ve been tied like that, but not for very long.  It’s too dangerous.

“The whips, bats and floggers are things we use at different times.  The cabinet holds some of our smaller toys.  You’ll find out what those are in time, assuming you enjoy tonight and want to come back.  Oh, here comes Arnie now.  Remember to kneel.”

Ellen was surprised at what Mr. Allen wore.  He had on tight jeans and no shirt, and he had muscles she’d never even imagined because he’d always worn a suit to class.  After one look, she dropped to her knees and looked at the floor.  

She was both terrified and excited.  It was going to happen and it was going to happen because she was going to let it happen.  She was shaking a little when Mr. Allen lifted her chin, and she shook even more at the difference in his voice.  It wasn’t a request he voiced.  It was a command.

“Stand up, girl.  You have too many clothes on and I’m going to fix that.”

Ellen stood and Mr. Allen moved closer.  She saw the muscles in his arms working as he undid the first button on her blouse.  As he undid each button, she felt something she couldn’t have described.  It was like every sense was more alert than she’d ever experienced.  Her whole body was alert, alert and tingling with excitement.

When Mr. Allen had undone all the buttons, Mr. Allen pulled first one of her arms from the sleeve and then the other, and they tossed her blouse aside.  Ellen felt him undo the button on her shorts and then pull down the zipper.  Her shorts fell to her knees and stopped until Mr. Allen pushed gently to separate her legs.  Her shorts fell to the floor.

“Take of your shoes”, Mr. Allen commanded.

Ellen slipped them off without untying the laces.  When she stood in front of Mr. Allen in her bare feet, he looked at her.

“What is your word?  Say it.”


Mr. Allen’s voice grew softer then.

“Ellen, remember that if something doesn’t feel right, all you have to do is say my name and I’ll stop.  I will stop several times tonight because it’s your first time.  Be honest with me and with yourself about how you feel.  If you are, this will be much better for us both.  Are you ready to begin?”

Ellen’s nod was answered by the commanding voice.

“Up on the table and lay on your back.”

As Ellen was climbing up on the table, she saw Mr. Allen walk to the cabinet and take out some leather straps.  When he came back, he took her left arm and pulled it over her head.  Ellen felt soft fur against her wrists and then a tightening as Mr. Allen pulled the strap tight.  Then, she felt her left arm being stretched over her head and to the side.  The tingle of fear she felt was mixed with the alert feeling of excitement, and made that excitement even stronger.  It was the same with her other arm.

Ellen unconsciously tried to keep her legs together when Mr. Allen fastened a strap to her right ankle.  He pulled gently and when she didn’t move, he slapped her thigh.

“Obey or you will be punished.”

The slap hadn’t really hurt, but it still set her mind reeling with the other feelings it caused.  For the first time, she was in his control, his to do with as he pleased, well as long as she allowed it.  It was a feeling of being submissive and yet of power.  Ellen let him pull her right leg far to the side and fasten the strap to the table.

She didn’t try to stop him from pulling her left leg to the other side of the table.  She was still enjoying the feeling of not being able to resist.  When he finished, Mr. Allen stepped back and looked at Ellen, then came closer and his voice was again soft and gentle.

“Are you OK?  Nothing’s too tight or cutting into you is it?”

Ellen shook her head.

“I’m fine.  Nothing hurts.”


Mr. Allen then stroked his hand from her belly to her breasts, and Ellen shivered at his touch.  He smiled and did it again, then hooked his fingers under her bra cups and pulled them over her breasts.  Ellen looked down to see what he was going to do.

He didn’t slap her breasts like Mr. Witherspoon had in the book.  He just stroked her nipples until they stood stiff and erect, then went to the cabinet again.  When he returned, he showed Ellen what he had in his hand, and said “OK?” in his soft voice.  Ellen took a deep breath and then nodded.

When the cold metal jaws of the clamp closed around Ellen’s left nipple she gasped at both the cold and the knowledge of what was going to happen.  Mr. Allen let the spring loaded jaws close and then began using the adjusting screw to tighten them.  

At first, the sensation was much like when Ellen lightly pinched her nipples, a little tingle or twinge and ended up in her belly.  As Mr. Allen tightened the clamp, that tingle became firm pressure and then a pain that shot to her core and left her panting, “hah-ah-hah-ah-hah”.  She was still panting when Mr. Allen tightened the clamp on her right nipple, and once he stopped, Ellen groaned.  It hurt but there was something else, the same feeling she’d had when she put the hair clips on her nipples.  The pain was becoming arousal.

Mr. Allen again asked if she was OK, and Ellen nodded because she couldn’t speak.  He smiled and left for a moment.  When he came back, he had one of the handles with leather strings.

“Ellen, this is a flogger.  It can deliver a kiss or a bite.  If the bite becomes too harsh, remember to say my name.”

Ellen felt the soft leather strings brushing her breasts as Mr. Allen dragged them over he body.  It was like a thousand fingers caressing her and she shivered.  She felt the strings moving down over he flat belly, and then being dragged between her legs.  The strings brushed her inner thighs and sent little shocks to her belly.  

Twice, Mr. Allen did this, and Ellen felt the signs of arousal grow stronger.  Then, Mr. Allen raised the flogger and brought it down over her right breast with force.  Ellen cried out and tried to move, but the leather straps held her firmly in place.  The second slashing blow was to her left breast and Ellen gasped.  She cried out again when the flogger slashed between her thighs and tapped her clit.  Through the fog of pain and the tingle of excitement, Ellen felt the wet crotch of her panties being forced against her lips when the flogger hit her again.

After that, Mr. Allen began brushing the leather strings over her breasts again and then down to her mound.  He pushed one finger under the wedge of material that covered her mound and entrance and then pulled that wedge to the side.  Ellan’s cry was a scream when the small leather lashes whipped her soft lips and clit.

For a while, Mr. Allen used the flogger to alternately brush her breasts and pussy only to bring it down with enough force Ellen was soon trying to wiggle away when she knew the blow was coming.  She looked down once and saw the reddening welts on her breasts and could only imagine what her pussy lips must look like.  She didn’t have to imagine how Evengeline had felt any longer.  She was there, strapped to a table with her nipples squeezed tight in Mr. Allen’s clamps and her pussy tingling because of the flogger blows.

When he stopped and looked at her, Ellen didn’t answer.  She just nodded and closed her eyes to await the next delicious stab of pain from her breasts or pussy.  She was surprised when she felt a finger on her clit instead.  The finger slowly massaged her and what had been pain became a feeling so intense she could barely stand it.  

After only a minute or so, Ellen murmured, “I need to be fucked.  Please fuck me.”

The slap to her thigh was followed by Mr. Allen’s command.

“Quiet.  You are not allowed to ask for anything.”

Ellen winced and then moaned as the pain became a warmth that spread from her inner thigh to her clit.  She heard a zipper being pulled and thought he might do what she’d asked.  

Ellen raised her head in hopes that was the case.  Instead she saw Angie standing behind Mr. Allen and stroking his rigid cock.  He slipped two fingers between her pussy lips then and stroked her swollen clit with his thumb.  Ellen moaned and her head fell back to the table.  Moments later she felt her body growing tense.  It was without any cognizance on her part that her hips raised up as far as the straps would allow.  Mr. Allen rubbed her clit rapidly then and Ellen gasped as the strong surge raced from her core and caused her hips to shake up and down.  She was writhing against the straps that bound her arms and legs as the tension exploded, and barely heard Mr. Allen groan.

For almost a minute, Ellen lay on the table, her hips still rocking up and down and her mind a chaos of sensations.  As she slowly began to regain control, she opened her eyes and saw Mr. Allen and Angie smiling at her.

Mr. Allen stroked her breasts gently, then carefully removed the clamp from her right nipple.  The surge of blood into her nipple caused Ellen to gasp and set her hips to rocking up and down again.  Mr. Allen waited until that rocking subsided, and then removed the clamp from her left nipple.  Again, Ellen lost control for a while.  Mr. Allen gently stroked her breasts, avoiding her nipples for the most part until she was breathing instead of panting.  Then he unfastened the straps that bound her to the table, and helped her sit up.

Angie put her arm around Ellen’s waist as she sat there.

“Was it what it looked like it was?”

Ellen smiled a weak smile because she was still feeling little contractions in her belly.

“I don’t know how I looked.  I’ve thought about this for a long time, and I had imagined how it would feel, but I was all wrong.  I don’t know how to explain it.”

Angie kissed Ellen on the forehead.

“You don’t have to explain it, Ellen.  I already know.  So does Arnie.  It’s enough that you understand there’s not something wrong with you.  You don’t think that anymore, do you?”

“No.  I think I’m just different, and after this, I want to keep being different.”

Mr. Allen smiled.

“I think you can learn a lot, Ellen.  You did very well tonight in your role as a submissive.  I didn’t think you would arouse me like you did.  That’s why you saw Angie step in.  I did want to do what you asked, but one of the rules is you have to tell the dominant before, not during.  That increases the suspense and the resulting experience.  The other rule is that Angie and I hadn’t yet agreed to anything more than what I did.”

Ellen looked at Angie.  

“I’m sorry I said what I said.  I don’t want to make you jealous, not after you’ve been so nice to me.

Angie stroked Ellen’s back.

“You wouldn’t make me jealous, Ellen.  As I already told you, BDSM is about trust.  I trust Arnie and he trusts me.  If he had done what you asked, I’d know it was because it was something you wanted and not a substitute for me.  He’d know the same if I asked another man to have sex with me as part of our play.  We choose our partners carefully and we both agree on the choice before it goes any further, so we can’t be jealous.  We hadn’t done that yet because I didn’t know you like he does.  I wouldn’t have any objections now.”

Angie helped Ellen dress, and then the three went back into the living room.  Mr. Allen wanted to make sure Ellen was comfortable with the experience and Angie wanted to talk her through any reservations she might still feel.

When they sat down on the couch again, Mr. Allen asked Ellen if she had any questions.

Ellen did.

“I can’t begin to describe what I just felt.  Is there more?”

Mr. Allen smiled.

“As much or as little as you want.  It can be only what we did tonight with a few variations, or it can go all the way to you becoming a slave to a man.  I’m personally not into the master/slave relationship, but we can explain how they work.  In the end, you’ll have to decide how far you want to go.”

Angie stroked Ellen’s arm.

“You don’t have to decide that today, tomorrow, or ever.  It’s a progression you’ll make until you decide where you fit.  It took me five years to understand where I fit, but I’m happy now.  You will be too, when you find that place.”

Ellen looked at Angie and Mr. Allen.

“I want to learn more.  Will you teach me?”

For the rest of the summer, Ellen would finish her studies at noon, shower and dress, and then drive out to Arnie and Angie’s house.  After that first session, he’d insisted she call him Arnie instead of Mr. Allen.  It wasn’t a command when she was tied to the table.  It was just a friendly request.  

Most of their meetings began as dinner Angie fixed or Arnie grilled on their patio.  After they ate, Ellen and Angie would change in a spare bedroom.  Arnie would change in their bedroom.  They’d meet in the play room and Ellen’s next lesson would begin.

Before every session, she’d tell Arnie about what she wanted him to do.  Sometimes it was something she’d read about and sometimes it was something Angie had described to her.  Once she and Angie had dressed, Ellen in a black satin bustiere and black panties and Angie in her black teddy, little black panties, and stockings, they would wait for Arnie to come into the room.  Ellen would drop to her knees in front of him then.

The night Arnie told her to go to the framework and raise her hands filled Ellen with excitement.  She’d thought about how that might feel, and had told Arnie that’s what she wanted to experience.

She shivered in anticipation when he pulled her arms up over her head and fastened the straps to the rings at the top of the frame.  When he pulled her legs wide apart and fastened them to the rings on the bottom, Ellen felt truly in his power.  On the table, he could only reach her breasts, belly, and pussy with the bat or the flogger.  When she was standing upright, he could reach her back and hips as well.  That night, she felt the delicious sting of the leather bat on her hips, a sting that turned into the need to be penetrated and swept away by the strong orgasm she’d grown to expect.

Angie had told her that Arnie would stretch her bounds once he had an understanding of her wants and needs, and that night he did.  Ellen was so aroused by the slap of the bat on her hips and the kiss of the flogger on her breasts and clamped nipples, she desperately wanted the release of the tensions inside her.  She didn’t ask, for she knew that was futile.  She didn’t know how Arnie would manage to get his cock in her anyway since she was upright.

After he’d stroked her clit until she was dripping her juices onto the mat beneath the frame, he said, “Do you want to be fucked now?”

Ellen nodded and then moaned as Arnie thrust his three fingers in and out of her pussy.

“Very well, but you have not earned my cock yet.”

Ellen had closed her eyes to concentrate on the feeling his fingers were causing, but opened them when he pulled them out.  Arnie was standing there in front of her and holding a vibrator with a harness attached to the end with a foam ball, and a cord attached to the other.

Ellen knew what the device was.  She nodded and then closed her eyes again.  She felt Arnie buckle the straps around her waist and then the pressure of the foam ball on the top of her slit.  She wasn’t ready for the vibration that shook her clit, and cried out.

“Oh, no.  It’s too much.  Stop.”

Arnie had only laughed and the vibrations increased in intensity.  Ellen sagged into her arms as the buzz stiffened her clit and cause wave after wave of sensations to race from there to her core.

The orgasm hit her after only a few minutes, and had she not been strapped into the frame, Ellen would have fallen down.  Her body stiffened and she rocked her hips into the ball of the vibrator until the spasms ebbed a little.  She expected Arnie to remove the vibrator then, but he didn’t.  

Ellen writhed against the straps that held her in place and attempted to move her clit at least a little away from the buzzing ball, but she couldn’t.  Before she realized what was happening, a second orgasm wracked her body with spasms, and those spasms got stronger when Arnie pulled on the clamps on her nipples.  These clamps were different than the ones Arnie had used at first.  They were made so the more they were pulled, the tighter they got, and after the first few pulls, Ellen was gasping at the crashing together of the pain in her nipples and the vibrations on her clit.

The vibrator kept buzzing her swollen clit and Arnie kept pulling on those clamps, sometimes pulling her breasts down and sometimes pulling them up and out.  Ellen had gasped out the second orgasm when the third sent her into a fit of convulsions and cries.  The only thing keeping her upright was the straps on her wrists.  Without them, she wouldn’t have had the control to remain standing.

Ellen was gasping for breath, her breasts were heaving and making the weight of the clamps pull at her nipples when Arnie shut off the vibrator and unstapped it from Ellen’s hips.  She felt him unbuckling the strap on her right wrist and when it fell to her side, he gave her a command.

“You came.  Now make me cum.”

Ellen opened her eyes and saw Arnie standing there with his pants down and his rigid cock bobbing in the air.  Slowly she moved her hand to circle his shaft and then began to stroke his length.  She’d never held a man in her hand before, and marveled at how hard and smooth his shaft was.  She stroked the swollen head.  It was even softer, and she saw the small opening in the tip expand a little as a few drops of fluid flowed out.

Ellen began stroking him slowly.  Arnie moved a little closer and said, “Don’t grip so tight and stroke faster”.

Ellen did and after only a few strokes, Arnie was thrusting his cock in and out of her hand as much as she was stroking it.  A minute later, Arnie moved closer, and several strokes later, Arnie groaned and a white stream erupted from his cock head and splattered on Ellen’s belly.  A second followed that one and covered the hair on her mound.  The third didn’t reach her and dropped to the mat.  Arnie then backed away and a minute later, Ellen saw his softening cock moving as he un-clamped her nipples and then untied her from the frame.  He caught her in his arms when she started to fall.

Ellen had never had such wonderful feelings before.  The three orgasms so close together had nearly caused her to lose consciousness.  Making Arnie cum had been a quite different experience.  Ellen didn’t think he would have told her to do that unless he found her submission to be arousing.  By submitting to his will, she had cause him to want her, even if it wasn’t for actual sex this time.  

It was the result she’d dreamed about after Jerry took her virginity at the summer camp.  Ellen had dreamed of Jerry telling her he wanted her and taking her to the boat house again, but that hadn’t happened. Arnie could have just used his fingers to make her cum as he always had before, and then have Angie stroke him until he came.  This time, he hadn’t done that and Ellen was filled with both the pride of knowing he found her erotic as well as the satisfaction with the power she actually had over him.

Sagging into his muscular arms with her breasts pressed into his chest was a feeling she’d never even dreamed about before.  His strength, his hard muscles, his firm but gentle embrace made Ellen want to fall at his feet and beg him to do it all over.  She knew she was Arnie’s to do with as he wished for as long as he wanted her.

It wasn’t love.  Ellen knew that.  She didn’t feel anything for Arnie except a craving for his hands on her body, his smile as he tightened the clamps on her nipples and pussy lips, his strong voice that commanded her to open her legs or to stroke his cock.  When not in their playroom, Arnie was Mr. Allen, a somewhat stuffy professor she liked a little.  When he stood over her, barechested, and ordered her onto his table or to stand in the bondage frame, he was the dream she’d had after reading “Bound Love”.

When Ellen could stand, Angie took her to their bathroom to clean up, and brought her clothes so she could dress.  When they walked into the living room, Arnie was already there, back in his dress shirt and pants.

He smiled at Ellen.

“Ellen, You forced me to get carried away tonight.  That usually doesn’t happen with any woman except Angie, but it did.  Angie and I have talked about going further with you at some point, and I would like to do that.  She would enjoy watching how you react as well.  Think about that over the week.  I won’t impose myself on you, only do what you want, but I hope you will consider it.”

Ellen looked up at Arnie.

“I don’t have to think about it.  I want you to do it.”

Over the rest of the summer, Ellen learned more and more about this relationship she had grown to crave, and found that in doing so, she began to feel an increase in her opinion of herself.  It was knowing that when she submitted to Arnie’s ties, clamps, whips and floggers, when she stroked his rigid cock until he splattered her with white ropes of his cum, she was allowing him to do that, not just enduring whatever he wanted to do.  She had the real power, the power to say no.

As Arnie became aware of what Ellen liked, he began stretching her imagination, and Ellen looked forward to his surprises.  The night he clipped some weights to her pussy lips as she stood bound in the frame, at first, she’d gasped and panted as the weights pulled at her lips, but then, the new feeling took her away to a new height of arousal.  It was the same the night he’d bent her over what Angie called a horse.  It looked like a carpenter’s sawhorse with a padded top.  Arnie had tied her wrists and ankles to the legs and then slapped her hip cheeks with the leather bat until she felt warmth.  He also had used the bat on her exposed pussy lips.  She didn’t know until he released her the stinging slaps had cause them to swell.

That night, he’d taken her with his cock for the first time.  As she lay there bent over the horse and with heavy weights hanging from her nipples, Arnie had probed her pussy with his cock, and then rammed it home in one quick stroke.  Ellen had nearly cum from that first thrust, and probably would have if he’d continued stroking.  Instead he’d pushed his cock inside her until his hard, flat belly pressed against her hips and ordered her to beg him to fuck her.

“Tell me how much you need to be fucked.  Beg me to fuck you and fill you with my sperm.”

He’d slapped her cheek than and repeated the order.

“I said you are to beg me to fuck you.  Obey.”

Ellen had murmured, “fuck me”, and that caused Arnie to slap her cheek again.

“I can’t hear you.  Beg me in a voice I can hear.”

With that, Arnie had reached down, lifted the weights attached to the nipple clamps and then let them drop.  Ellen had shrieked as the sensation shot to her core and caused her belly to tighten.  She shuddered at that, and her voice was almost a scream.

“Oh God, fuck me.  Please fuck me.”

Arnie had merciless that night.  He stroked his cock in and out, fast and deep, until Ellen began to pant and writhe.  Then he’d stop and do nothing until she stopped panting.  As soon as she did, he renewed his ramming deep strokes until she was begging him to finish.  

Five times he took Ellen to the edge and then let her ease down a little.  After the first time, Ellen was aroused even more by the stretching of his cock inside her and the thrust that pushed against the end of her passage.  After the fifth, she was babbling incoherently.  When he took her all the way the sixth time, Ellen’s felt the orgasm taking her, then heard Arnie’s low groan and felt the throbbing of his cock, and then lost everything in a blinding surge of sensations that wracked her body with spasm after spasm.  Even after the spasms had ebbed away and Arnie had untied her, she couldn’t stand by herself.  Arnie picked her up and carried her to the table to let her recover.

By the end of the summer, Ellen had come to grips with her sexuality and with her desires.  She read as much as she could find about BDSM and every Friday night, would ask for Arnie to do something she’d read about.  A couple times, she’d found she couldn’t bear the pain and had said Arnie’s name.  He’d immediately stopped what he was doing and let her recover, then returned to that which he knew she enjoyed.

The night she’d asked how two women being tied together could be erotic, Arnie said it wasn’t something they did a lot, but they had done it before.  When they changed into what Ellen had begun to call her “play clothes”, now just a bra that didn’t really support her breasts and a tiny little thong panty, Angie smiled and stroked her cheek.

“Ellen, I’m not a lesbian, but being with another woman like this isn’t as much about sex as it is about watching how the other woman reacts.  Arnie is going to make us do things to each other.  If you find you don’t enjoy it, just say his name and we’ll stop.”

When Arnie walked into the play room, both women dropped to their knees.  Arnie ordered them to remove their clothing and then walk to the suspension frame.  He tied them face to face and then retrieved a bat and a flogger from the rack on the wall.

He started with Ellen, lightly tapping the leather flap of the bat on her hips for several strokes before striking her with a sharp blow.  Ellen cried out and writhed against the straps, and in doing so, pressed her breasts into Angie’s.  The feeling was different than when Arnie held her in his arms.  It was softness pressing into softness and she felt Angie’s nipples brushing her own.  

That new feeling was interrupted when Arnie slapped Angie’s hips with the bat.  She gasped and pushed her body into Ellen.  Ellen felt the hair on Angie’s mound pressing against her own.  Arnie hit Angie again and she jerked, stroking her breasts over Ellen’s.

Arnie changed to the flogger then, and spent a lot of time lightly striking both women on the soft lips between their legs.  Ellen cringed at the stinging bite, but also felt the familiar stirrings of need beginning.  She was surprised at Angie’s face when Arnie did the same to her.  Angie had said it was like looking in a mirror, and what Ellen saw was a face with closed eyes and lips that wore the half-smile of beginning arousal.

After he’d caused a reddening of both women’s hips, Arnie ordered them to kiss.  Ellen didn’t know if she could kiss another woman, but she didn’t have time to say Arnie’s name.  Angie placed her soft lips against Ellen’s and kissed her.  Ellen didn’t know if it was the sting and warmth in her pussy or because kissing a woman was something new, but she responded without thinking.  Both women moaned when Angie slipped her tongue into Ellen’s mouth.

That moan became a shriek when Arnie slapped Angie’s hips with the bat and Ellen’s with the flogger.

“Enough”, Arnie commanded, and then walked to the cabinet against the wall.  He came back with two pairs of clamps.  Each was a short cord with a clamp on each end.  He clamped Ellen’s nipples first and tightened the clamps until she whimpered, then clamped Angie’s nipples with the clamps on the other ends of the cords.  He did the same with their pussy lips, and when he’d finished, both women were effectively bound together as well as bound to the frame.

He then began using the flogger again, just light taps that ended in a biting slash that made the woman jerk.  In doing so, the clamps were jerked and both women’s nipples and pussy lips were pulled away from their bodies.  Both Ellen and Angie were left gasping after the first time.  After the second, Ellen groaned at the pain and Angie whimpered, “stop.  I can’t stand it.”

Arnie laughed.

“You will stand it”.  He slapped the flogger up against Angie’s pussy then and cause her to push into Ellen.  The clamps on Angie’s nipples hit the clamps on her own and pushed her flattened nipples down flat.  She shrieked and tried to pull away, and that only tightened the cord again.  Arnie laughed when both women began to pant.

“Kiss again”, he ordered.  

This time, Ellen willingly opened her lips to meet Angies, and though Arnie continued to flog their hips, sides, and pussies, neither woman pulled away.  Angie was feeling the familiar feeling of another woman’s lips, and Ellen was too excited by the same feeling to do anything except keep her lips moving against Angie's.

The end of that session came when Arnie took the clamps off, untied both women, and then told them to lay on the mat.  Ellen’s mind was working hard at controlling the need to feel his cock inside her.  She was sure he’d probably pick Angie, but he didn’t.  Arnie knelt between Ellen’s open thighs, then grabbed her ankles and pulled them to his shoulders.  She felt his cock probing between her lips and then the thrust as he pushed it between her tightly closed pussy lips.  She moaned at the tightness and closed her eyes as he sank his cock into her depths.

Ellen heard him say, “Angie, as we discussed”, and then felt lips close around her right nipple.  The lips sucked hard and because her nipple had been mashed flat before, the sensation was overwhelming.  She gasped and began to pant, both because of Angie sucking her nipple and because of the rapid thrusts Arnie was making with his cock.

She felt Angie’s small fingers find her left nipple and then begin rolling it.  It was like her whole body was singing out little tingles to her brain, the tight stretch inside her passage, the soft bump of Arnie’s balls against her cheeks, and the shocks that raced from her nipples to crash into the waves in her belly.  Ellen panted, “Ah…ah…ah” as the orgasm took her away.  

She was dimly aware of Arnie groaning and then ramming his cock in her quickly three times.  She felt Angie’s lips stroking her own and the electric shock when their tongues met.  After that, Ellen became just a mindless body writhing out the spasms that made her roll her face to the side and hold her breath until the next contraction forced her to gasp.

Afterwards, Angie asked Ellen if she had enjoyed their play.  Ellen smiled.

“It was nice.  I don’t know that I’d want to repeat it, but it was different and it was nice.”

Angie smiled too.  

“Like you, I find it interesting, but I’d much rather be with a man.  Sometime, you should try being submissive to a female dominant.  Female dominants are different, because they know how you feel.  I don’t want that all the time, but sometimes it is very arousing.”

Ellen asked if they would do that to her, but Arnie shook his head.

“No.  The semester starts in a week.  We’ll have to stop our meetings.  With all the students back on campus, there’s too much of a risk one or more would discover our relationship, and I saw this morning you have registered for another one of my classes.  Just as before, I can’t even appear to show favoritism to any student, and were our relationship to be discovered, it would end badly for both of us.”

He smiled when he sat the frown on Ellen’s face.

“Don’t think it’s the end of the world, Ellen.  The group is meeting the first Friday night at the same time and same place.  Perhaps you’ll find someone there.”

The week had been hectic what with standing in the endless line to get her student ID renewed and then standing in more endless lines to buy what books and supplies she needed.  By that Friday, Ellen had attended all her classes and decided she liked most of them.  In the English 201 class taught by Mr. Allen, he’d been the same professor she’d known before.  He didn’t ignore her, but no one would have guessed what they’d done together over the summer.

That Friday night, Ellen ate dinner and then walked to the Math building.  She didn’t hesitate at the door this time.  She wanted to talk to other people about what she’d learned about herself and how she felt about that.  Her enthusiasm crashed when she saw only Walt sitting at the desk in front of the room.

He grinned when he saw her.

“Couldn’t stay away, huh?”

Ellen smiled.

“Well, you have to admit it is an interesting group of people.”

“Yeah, but I don’t think anybody else is going to show tonight.  They’re usually here early.  They’re probably all worn out from this week.”

They waited another fifteen minutes and still nobody came into the room.

Walt smiled at Ellen.

“Looks like it’s just you and me tonight.  Would you like a cup of coffee or something.  We could stay here and talk, but it would be more relaxing somewhere else.”

Ellen had learned a lot about Walt the previous semester.  Over the course of the weekly meetings, she’d decided he was a nice guy. That he served as a sort of leader to the group also impressed her.  He also identified as a dominant.  They’d engaged in a couple of conversations after the meetings and she’d found him to be intelligent.  He seemed to like her then. It was selfish, she knew, but if she couldn’t keep meeting with Arnie and Angie, maybe….

She smiled.

“I think a cup of coffee would be great.”

The coffee shop would normally have been bustling with students.  Some would be bent over laptops and taking advantage of the wi-fi to do some homework while enjoying a cup of coffee.  Some would be in groups discussing one thing or another.  That night, it was nearly empty.

Walt sipped his coffee and then asked Ellen how her summer had gone.  Ellen put down her cup and smiled.

“It was great.  I took two classes.  If I keep doing that, I’ll graduate a semester early.”

He sipped his coffee again.

“Any more thoughts about what the group discusses?”

Ellen smiled, but she was thinking about how to answer that question.  She was sure she knew the reason for his question, and wondered how far he’d take it.

“Yes…I uh…I found a man who has similar interests.  I learned enough to know I am how I am and I learned how much better it can be when I can be that way.”

“I see”, said Walt.  “So, are you going to keep seeing this guy?”

Ellen shook her head.

“No.  We decided not seeing each other was for the best.  I’ll have to be contented with the group, I guess.”

Walt ran a fingertip around the rim of his cup.

“There might be someone else for you, you know.  Someone who would treat you like you want to be treated because he understands.”

Ellen knew then what he was really saying without actually saying it.

“If I found that man, what would he tell me?”

“Oh, I don’t know.  Probably the same old stuff - that he finds you very attractive and would like to get to know you a lot better.  He’d probably say he’d want to start slow until you trust him, and he’d probably say you’d get to decide on what rules to follow.”

Ellen grinned.

“I don’t suppose he’d have a place where we could make that slow start and do all that talking, would he?”

Walt looked at Ellen’s eyes, and she saw the honesty in them.

“He might, if you agreed to let him show you.”

That night in Walt’s apartment, Ellen took off her blouse and jeans and then knelt in front of Walt.  He lifted her chin and told her to stand.  When she stood facing him, he looked at her body and smiled.

“What are your rules?”

“The first rule is for you not to do anything that will permanently harm me.  The second is that you’ll only do to me what I tell you I want.  The third is when I say your name, I mean for you to stop.  I don’t want you to stop unless I say your name, but if I do, it means I can’t go on.”

Walt smiled.

“And what would you like tonight?”


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