The Future's Farm Part II

Part 2


I awoke from the feeling of warm sunlight shining upon my face. As I opened my eyes, I could see an open skylight above me. I wondered what the outside world was like now. Were there trees? Did it ever rain here? Turning over, I felt the pressure from my new assets lift slightly. Sir was stood against the window looking over the pens. He turned, taking notice that I was awake. 

“Good morning,” he announced, “How do you feel?” 

“A little dizzy and my new ears hurt a bit.” I complained as I rubbed my head. 

“You’ll adjust,” he reassured me before smiling down at my breasts. “You’re leaking,” he remarked. I flicked my eyes down and noticed a few milky drops spilling from my left nipple. Now that he mentioned it, I did feel unusually full down there. “I think it’s time for your first milking. Not being on tranquilisers must’ve sped up the process. It’ll be interesting to see how much you progress with milk production.” 

“What happens in a milking?” I asked in a worried tone. With my hand, I tweaked at my nipple causing a stream of milk to drip onto the floor. 

“Don’t worry about that,” he smiled and removed my hand from my nipple, “I’ll get a member of staff to escort you since I have work to do.” He then reached into a drawer near the bed and pulled out a thin black collar. It was similar to the ones given to the other women but this one was encrusted with small blue jewels and had a wider silver collar. 

“We give these to the girls who produce the top-quality milk, so they’re treated with more respect down in the milking room.” He began fastening it around my neck. “This one is different though, I had it custom made last night with your name and my office as your pen location.”

“My name?” I asked curiously, “What is my name?” I could still barely remember anything from my previous life. Generic memories of Earth were all that flowed through my brain. There were flowers, running through gardens and seeing the stars - it felt like looking at stock images. There was nothing personal left. 

“Your name is Mia,” he said matter-of-factly.


The named danced off my tongue as I relished in the thought of having something that was strictly mine. A soft smile spread across my face. This was the first step in getting my freedom back.

“Don’t feel ashamed for forgetting it. Cryogenic freezing often causes extreme memory loss. It’s rare for people to have any memories at all.” He explained as he finished attaching my collar. I snapped out of my fantasy as I watched him hitting a few buttons on his watch. “Jayce will be here in a few minutes. He’s the one who bought you in here and is probably one of the only workers that I trust here.” Sir moved over to his chair and seated himself against the desk. “So many of them let the power get to their heads.” 

I watched him shake his head before turning to his screen. Cautiously, I leaned against the bed for support to help me stand. I still wasn’t used to this new body. My breasts juddered with every step I took. 

“There’s food for you on the side and a band for you to wear around your waist next to it.” He called over to me. 

I found the band and promptly fastened it around my waist - I hated feeling so exposed. The food was an interesting flavour and texture, almost like porridge. Sir explained that it contained hormones to help me produce. My breasts were feeling fuller with every bite. 

Eventually the door to Sir’s apartment slid open and Jayce was stood behind it. He smiled to me as our eyes met. I felt his gaze scanning over me as he took in my new body. 

“The new body suits you 417,” Jayce remarked with a subtle pleased looked. 

“It’s Mia now,” Sir instructed. “You’ll take her to the milking room and keep an eye on her, understand?” Jayce nodded in affirmation as he began taking a lead from his belt. “I don’t want her bred by anyone else but me… I’d milk her myself, but someone has to run this facility.”

“Of course, Sir.” Jayce told him. “You can trust me.” 

I was then led out of the apartment and into a nicely decorated white corridor. Blue lights gave the area a futuristic feel as thin potted plants lined the walls given the blank corridor a splash of colour. I didn’t care about this however and was more focused on the windows dotting the walls. I gasped and stopped beside one as Jayce continued tugging on my lead. He stopped when he noticed me staring at the scenery below. We were very high up.

“Sometimes I forget what the outside looks like, working here,” he sighed as he looked out as well. “This facility is huge,” he began, “this is one of the only corridors that you can see grass out of.” Below us was a long stretch of green grass dotted with occasional trees. They looked different to the ones that my vague memory contained. The leaves here were a lot thicker and branches wispier. In the distance were a few modern looking houses and what seemed to be a city.

“What’s that?” I asked, pointing to the distant skyline. 

“Starrox City,” he explained, “we provide milk and offspring for them and the surrounding areas. There’s a big demand for breast milk here.” 

“Is that where you live?” 

He laughed and shook his head before pulling me away from the window. 

“I wish,” he started, “Only the rich live in cities like that. The rest of us live in small housing blocks near big work stations.” We reached the end of the corridor and stopped at an elevator. He hit the down button and continued explaining. “Women are sold to the rich or placed in farms like this. Us men have to work wherever we’re assigned. It’s a completely different world now.” 

After walking through a few more corridors, he led me out into what I presumed to be the milking room. By now my nipples were producing a constant drip of milk that was dripping onto my toes. The room felt like stepping into an industrial warehouse. The walls were a metallic grey and pipes criss-crossed over each other along the ceiling. Every few metres was another station with around half containing a woman strapped to a machine. The machines were made from thick steel bars. Each woman was fastened around her wrists, ankles and waist to the machines. Their collars clipped to the pad supporting their heads so they were unable to escape.

Jayce led me to an empty machine and helped me bend over so my breasts were poking through the bars. He attached my wrists first then my ankles. He pulled the chain around my waist to stop me moving my torso. Finally, he clipped my collar against the headrest. 

“This might feel strange at first,” he warned me as he brought two milking cups against my chest. They were attached to a long clear pipe which flowed into a bottle. I heard bleeping as the machine came alive and the cups created a vacuum around my nipple. “I’ll start it on the lowest setting, and I’ll adjust as you get used to the feeling.”

I nodded as I heard him flip a switch to begin the suction. My eyes closed as I embraced the feeling. Jayce was right; it felt strange but also somewhat relaxing. A breath escaped my lips as the machine’s suction tugged at my nipples. I opened my eyes briefly and noticed white liquid dripping slowly through the once clear tubes. 

“I’m going to turn it up a bit,” Jayce called from behind me. I blushed at the thought of him watching me. I knew the waist band wouldn’t cover anything with me bent at this angle. I wondered if he was staring at my bare arse. I wondered if he liked it. 

The thought made me clench my thighs together as he turned up the suction. The more my nipples were stimulated, the more the wetness between my legs grew. 

“You like it huh?” he remarked in a low voice. I felt a hand being placed against my backside. “Sir forbid us from breeding you but he never said I couldn’t make you come.” 

I blushed deeper as I felt him smear something against my opening and clit. 

“This just makes you more sensitive,” he informed me as he began tracing lines around my clit. He reached between my legs and grabbed at my tit, his strong-arm brushing against my clit and causing me to moan. “You’re still quite full,” he pointed out as he kneaded my flesh. Every squeeze caused more liquid to flow through the pipes. “I’m going to turn it up some more… Let me know if it’s too much.” 

I nodded while holding back the moans of pleasure from all this stimulation. Other girls around me seemed to be enjoying this too. My eyes rolled as I heard a girl scream with pleasure for the third time. The workers seemed to be enjoying the process too with some burying themselves deep into the women – thrusting away like animals. 

Jayce turned the machine up again as the moans finally broke through the barrier I’d built. Jayce slapped my backside, laughing as he began fondling my clit. By this point, milk was gushing from my tits and filling the container up fast. Another worker had to come along and swap to a new bottle. I must’ve already produced at least fifteen pints. 

“You’re doing good!” Jayce exclaimed as he continued fingering my clit, “Sir will be pleased with you.” Somewhere deep within me I felt proud. Almost as if my inner submissive self was happy to have satisfied my master. I could feel this presence growing. It whirled around inside me until it eventually reached my lips and emerged as:


I blushed as soon as the sound came out. Perhaps there was more to this transformation than just the bodily changes. 

Jayce slowed his movements to a gentle stroke which set me over the edge. My thighs clenched around his hand as my body rocked with the machine. My back arched as my pussy contracted, shooting bubbles of pleasure through my body. My breasts also reacted to the orgasm as milk shot out from them before eventually slowing to a drip. I was panting with the machine holding me up. I heard a beeping as the machine powered down and Jayce removed the milking cups. My nipples were bright pink and had almost doubled in size and length. 

“You’re getting a nice set of udders there,” Jayce said to me as he put the milking cups back in their compartment. He then cupped both of my breasts before attaching his own lips to my right nipple. It caught me by surprise as he suckled for a few seconds before pulling away. “Just making sure they’re empty.” He winked at me before he began removing my restraints. 

I was so exhausted after the orgasm that I could barely stand. Jayce had to hold me against him to stop me falling. 

“I’ll take you back to sir now but I’ll see you again for your next session,” he added as he began leading me out of the room, “I heard the moo by the way… Your transformation into a diary girl is complete now.” 

Instead of averting my eyes away in embarrassment, I gave Jayce a proud smile. My emotions were all over the place from being milked and the orgasm. I felt a calm sense of satisfaction from being able to produce. 

Suddenly a bleeping came from a wrist band on Jayce’s arm. He tapped at it while still helping me through the door. 

“Just as I thought,” Jayce muttered to himself. 

“What is it?” I asked curiously. He tapped again at the band before returning his attention to me.

“The milk of a pregnant diary girl is different to a non-pregnant one,” he explained. My eyes widened. I knew where this was going. “Your milk is much sweeter than it should be… This means you’re expecting a calf.”

“Already?” I queried, “It happened so fast.” I glanced down at my barely visible belly between my udders. My hand instinctively placed itself over my womb. 

“Sir will be very pleased with your progress,” Jayce told me, “he’ll definitely want to milk you himself next time.” 

A warm glow could be felt radiating from my womb, filling me with satisfaction. I was pleased with my life now. I finally felt like I had a purpose. My nipples tingled in anticipation of the next milking. I couldn’t wait to feel the pumping motion again. 

“When will I next be milked?” I asked excitedly. I could feel my thin tail swishing behind me.

“Tonight.” Jayce told me. I smiled, relieved it was so soon. With my hand on my belly I began counting down the hours until I was ready to fulfil my purpose again. My ears and horns felt like a part of me now, with my tail helping me adjust quickly to my swollen udders. I wasn’t embarrassed by the way they swayed against my chest anymore. In fact, I relished in the way they felt after being milked. I was proud to show off my pink, freshly milked teats and I couldn’t wait until they started dripping again.


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