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26 Jun. '19

Originally published in May 2018 as Smokey Saga #84

Greetings and hello once again after all this time, friends! Apologies for my prolonged absence from ’Twas a bit of an introspective period of life...I was taking a break from certain things and dabbling in other activities here and there. Still been writing all the time, though, and I have ten new stories since the last one I published here on NT. This is one of them. It’s one of the finest I’ve written. Hope you enjoy it. Cheers!


Skin Shallow

Friday, July 21st, 2017, 12:42 p.m.

Jamie Himmelfarb was not a truly happy person.

Here she sat at an outdoor table belonging to Perx, Juniper’s premier coffee shop, like so many other workday lunch breaks. She liked to rotate her orders, mixing and matching blends with pastries, such as a roll, fritter or bear claw. The Wi-Fi was top-notch, so along each time attended her personal best friend, the Asus laptop. The loyal electronic companion was always there when Jamie needed it. It never failed in entertaining her. It was always cooperative as long as it got its digital beauty sleep at night. It was seldom disagreeable or dishonest, and it did not get upset or envious when Jamie resumed activity on her work computer.

Her lunch break was a full hour, decent time to order a cup of roast, do some blogging, sort files or surf web waves. At home with the most free time, she put the Asus to more involved uses like streaming movies and playing questing games. Her job paid the rent and put food in the kitchen. And not counting her trusty laptop as a roommate, she lived alone. Dwelling in solitude was not the source of her unhappiness in and of itself, though it was a related element.

Jamie was single, and now going on 33, quite weary of it. Being bisexual, it stood to reason her chance of meeting people should be maximized. But here into play came her biggest hang-up. A hindrance to her self-confidence, which could turn romantic partners off. It was again brought to her attention as someone passed by. She looked up reflexively, to see her reflection in the glass panes.

Ugh…yeah, there I am. God, why do I have to be so unattractive? Why can’t I be pretty like other girls?

Indeed, Jamie had a low self-image when it came to her face. She felt she was unsightly. She thought her eyes naturally looked sad and standoffish—with the “help” of her arching brows—her lips and skin too pale, and her nose too pronounced. She supposed her body was okay, and was actually fond of her light brunette hair, which she considered her finest feature. And so she let it just grow. And drape her face just lightly enough so she could see. Although there are some things I kinda wish I couldn’t see.

She also rather wished the Asus’ screen wasn’t reflective. While she guessed the hair over her eyes thing was kind of cute, in its way, confidence in her looks was far too little to be congruent with mental health. Her eyes and reality were too truthful to play tricks on her. She was not what most would perceive as “classically beautiful.” She would not be accepted into a traditional modeling agency, and not just because she was only 5’5”. Unfortunately, there was little she could do that she hadn’t already tried. The deceptively named concealer didn’t help, and Jamie was terrified of plastic surgery. Besides, she wanted someone who’d appreciate her for her mind and sweet nature, as well as what was on the outside…or, instead of.

It wasn’t as if she’d never had a date, kiss or sex before. But with one main individual person? Leading to an actual relationship? That was a different story. Potential mates just didn’t like her “like that,” as they phrased it. Nor seemed they to have any problem telling her to her face. Jamie’s childhood was pretty run-of-the-mill: a quadrilateral family unit including a kid brother one year her junior, a decent academic performance, a typical adolescence. All that was missing was experience points in the field of dating. Looking back, it likely didn’t help that she called it “experience points.” She was a bit of a roleplay nerd, which influenced the way she thought and spoke. She didn’t know if this trait hindered her as a courtable lass. But maintained her face was a bigger hurdle.

She’d checked out a handful of dating sites, but only one struck her promising enough to join. It was adorned with one of the few pictures of herself she felt was okay. She raked in her share of hits, but resulting in nary a single connection. She visited some profiles and sent out a few messages, but to an equal lack of avail. It was awful. She’d never felt so rejected in her life. Eventually, she just stopped checking. Now her dating profile just floated in cyberspace, collecting digital dust.

She finished her lunch. She shut the Asus and began to slip it into its case when something caught her eye. A pair of shadows passed. Jamie looked up to see a young blonde with sunglasses walking her dog with a harness. She stopped by a neighboring table, where sat a single individual with naught but a book. Her dog stopped, sniffed and sat, indicating there was a person here.

“…Excuse me,” she reached, patting the air. “Could you please help me find the restroom?”

It took Jamie a moment to realize exactly what was happening. But to her surprise, as she watched, the table’s sole occupant threw one glance up, waited a moment, then wordlessly rose from the table and quietly departed, leaving the woman and her dog standing stationary. Jamie’s brows furrowed in empathetic concern. This apparently impaired woman needed to relieve herself, and someone completely able-bodied wouldn’t help her. How crappy, thought Jamie. She checked the time, and calculated she’d still a healthy portion of lunch hour left. She encased the Asus, stood herself, and approached.

“Uh, hi. Hi there,” she addressed, lightly tapping her arm. The blonde turned in her direction. The end of her dog’s harness was fastened around one wrist. Her other hand grasped a collapsible cane, which Jamie ironically hadn’t seen before. She continued.

“I have to go to the restroom too. I’ll take you.”

Oh—thank you,” said the blind blonde, already sounding relieved. She waved her harness-fastened wrist. “My best buddy boy Buster here can do and sniff out a lot, but he can’t locate a ladies’ room. And I don’t hear him growling at you, so you must be nice.”

Jamie chuckled. “No problem. This way.” She began leading her by the arm. “My name’s Jamie, by the way. Jamie Himmelfarb.”

Her visually challenged acquaintance nodded. “Carinne Fineman. Pleased to meet you, Jamie.”

So Jamie kept hold of Carinne’s arm, and the three of them maneuvered through the semi-crowded Perx interior. Animals weren’t normally allowed in businesses like this, but guide dogs for the blind were the lone exception. So Carinne didn’t have to leave Buster behind. Jamie did not know blind people took their dogs into the public restroom, but supposed it stood to logic. She watched with amusement as Buster’s tail wagged under the stall divider. Perhaps fortunate no other women were occupying.

“I’m, uh…” Jamie chuckled. “I’m inclined to say I’ve never tinkled with a dog in the room before.”

“I know, right?” replied Carinne, one toilet adjacent. “And he’s the only boy allowed in the girls’ room.”

“Hee hee…but sometimes when I was alone at home I’d leave the door cracked, and our dalmatian Tops poked his little nose in.”

A snicker. “Tops?”

“Well, our first thought was Spot. But that’s so common. We wanted his name to be a little unique. So then we realized, ‘Spot’ spelled backwards is a word too: Tops. And it fit; he was the best.”


“Yeah…he’s in doggie heaven now.”

“Aw, I’m sorry.”

“It’s cool. After him we got a precious little Yorkie. We convinced ourselves Tops would’ve wanted us to carry on our canine legacy. Remember what George Carlin said: ‘Life…is a series of dogs.’”

“D-E-lightful. I see you are a lady and a scholar, as well as a canine lover.”

Jamie was grateful for the stall divider, so Carinne couldn’t see her slightly blush. Then…oh yeah. “That’s me!” she affirmed.

“Fantastic. I could never be friends with someone who hated dogs. Someone who could take ’em or leave ’em, eh, I’d feel the same way; I could take or leave them. So a Yorkie, huh?”

“Yep. We named her Peppermint Patty.”

“Ha! Classic. D’you get another one called Marcie and try to get ’em to mate?”

Another laugh. “Um, no…that we did not.”

“Sorry,” Carinne called. “I’m a lesbian. That’s…kinda just the weird way my mind works.”

“No kidding.”

“Nope. Blind lesbian. There’s a combo for ya. Gay and visually impaired, since the day I was born. Life—and love—’re already tough enough when you’re sighted and straight. Try putting yourself in my shoes.”

“Or mine. Love’s not so nice to me either. My ‘shoes’ are really ug—…”

Jamie suddenly hushed herself up. It occurred at the last syllable that disclosing this could be a mistake. Even if Carinne was blind. The girl’d just told her she was gay. She could be a potential romantic connection. And she was beautiful, though Jamie could make no assessment of her eyes behind the sunglasses. But Jamie still didn’t really know her at all. If Carinne knew she considered herself an ugly duckling, even if only an opinion, it could still carry influence in the back of her mind. If Jamie decided she wished to court Carinne, and Carinne knew this about her…well, she’d just let this be her little secret for now.

“Really what?”

“…S-small. They’re…small.”

“Oh, I see. Well, size doesn’t usually matter much to lesbians. Some of ’em do like big…‘shoes.’ I like all shapes and sizes.”

“Interesting. I’m actually fifty percent straight and fifty percent lesbian. Or, bisexual, in other…word.”

“Get outta here! Can I have your phone number??” Carinne laughed. Jamie did not laugh.


Carinne’s laughter abruptly cut off. “Y—…rea—…Jamie, I-I was kidding…kinda.”

“But I was not. I know eagerness can be a turn-off, but believe it or not, even as a bisexual, it’s really tough for me to meet people. If you give me your number, I’ll call you right now.”

Carinne became excited. “O-okay! 507-555-9928.”

Jamie located her phone and dialed. Sure enough, one stall over, a ringtone piped out.

“Oh! Pardon me; I’m getting a call!” Carinne flirted. Beep. “Hello?

Her stall neighbor stifled a laugh, playing along. “Hi, is this Carinne?”

“It is. Who’s calling, please?”

“It’s Jamie. Jamie Himmelfarb. You remember, we met at Perx?”

“Oh right, of course! You took me to the bathroom.”

Chuckle. “Right! Right. So…how’s it goin’?”

“Good! Thanks for asking.”

“Not at all! So, hey, listen…I was wondering if you had plans the night of the…oh, say, Friday the 21st?”

“…Isn’t that tonight?”

Is it?…Well, look at that, it is! …So whaddaya say?”

Carinne giggled. “Well, um…actually, I’m having dinner with my family tonight. But I’m free all day tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow it is! I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning. We can do something after that. So…tell me about your family?”

“Hm, well, let’s see: my Mom’s a dermatologist, my Dad’s a courtroom clerk, and I have a big brother who’s an architect, and a little sister who’s a dental student. None of whom’re blind. Or gay.”

“Heh! Okay, my turn. Well, your Dad may’ve actually met my Mom, turns out; she’s a lawyer. My father’s always kinda been a stay-at-home Dad, although he’s going out and working for the census now and then, since my brother and I moved out. Oh yeah, I have a kid brother. He travels around and sells stuff. Wish I could do that. The traveling, I mean.”

“Neat! Wow, gosh, this is so cool. It’s super-hard for me to meet girls. But then, my social interactions’re pretty awkward in general. People don’t really care at all that I’m gay, but when they realize I’m blind, they usually respond in one of three ways. They either get uncomfortable, or they go way overboard on the sympathy…or they take advantage of me.”

“Oh, yeah. Or think it’s okay to disregard you. Like that jerk outside who got up and left when you asked where the bathroom was.”

“Eh…it’s okay. You get used to being shunned or ignored after a while.”

“But, but…that’s terrible. It’s wrong to treat someone like that just ’cause they’re disabled or different.”

“Thank you, Jamie. It means a lot that you feel that way. I really have developed a thick skin about it, but it doesn’t make me any less grateful. Knowing people like you are always gonna be around makes my heart smile.”

Jamie suddenly felt so touched, something welled in her own heart. Meeting and getting acquainted with this girl alone had made her day somewhat extraordinary, having barely known her fifteen minutes. Her phone buzzed. She looked at the display.

“Oh, shoot.” Click.

“Wh—hey!” said Carinne. “Did you just hang up on me?”

“Yeah, sorry. My battery’s getting low.”

“Well, how rude!” They shared a laugh. Jamie too noted the time. She’d better be getting back to work. They finished up, washed, and she escorted Carinne and Buster back outside.

“Well, I gotta run back to my office, but I’m so glad I met you, Carinne,” she told her, kissing her hand. “I’ll call you tonight, cool?”

“Way cool. I’ll keep my ears peeled.”

“Can I pet Buster?”

“Go for it. But, obligatory disclaimer: if he thinks you’re gonna attack me, he’ll attack you.”

“Oh, I’d definitely never do that.” Jamie crouched to scratch Buster behind his ears and stroke his fur. “I’m a lover, not a fighter. Right, fella?…You like me, don’t’cha? ’Course ya do! Who’s a sweet boy??”

The charmed Carinne chuckled. “A’right, we better bounce, and let you do the same. C’mon, Buster!”

They parted. Jamie kept her feet on the ground, holding herself back from happily skipping about like a six-year-old.

She suddenly found herself in a great mood.


…And Sex Can Be Too, If You’re Kinky

Friday, July 21st, 2017, 10:01 p.m.

“Okay, awesome, I’ll see you then!…No no, that’s okay, my phone has GPS. I shouldn’t have any problem…a’right, sweet! I’m looking forward to it, you cute thing you!” Click.

Jamie quickly hung up and giggled to herself, relishing having gotten the last word. Though she’d said and meant it, she was unsure their fledgling acquaintanceship was ready for aggro flirting and coquetry. She didn’t want to come on too strong—if that particular ship had not already sailed. But at the same time, damn it, she was excited! In the course of half a day, she’d scored a date with a gorgeous girl who seemed kind, charming, and to like her. And it was the very next day. And for once in her dating life, lack of confidence in her looks would not play a factor. It felt great. Why hadn’t she hit upon the idea to court a blind individual years ago?

She wanted to wait till moderately late to call. Not too late, of course, but to give Carinne enough time to dine with her clan and get home. Speaking of Carinne’s home, she suggested Jamie visit after her appointment, and they could decide what they wanted to do. Jamie gladly and promptly acquiesced. She was so jazzed and pumped, she wondered how in the world she’d get to sleep tonight.

After hanging up, she discarded her clothing, and adjourned naked to her apartment’s window door, which led to the balcony. The summer eve air was balmy and beautiful. Feeling naughty and adventurous, Jamie slipped out to let the pleasant atmosphere and temperature caress her nude body. The smooth concrete felt cool and forgiving on her bare soles. She smiled, closed her eyes and inhaled deep through her nostrils. She propped her elbows on the railing, letting her proud exposed tits rest on the same. Letting the other senses take over, she inhaled the sweet scent of night blossoms. She listened to the crickets and trees rustling in the subtle breeze. A whistling wind snuck between her legs, tickling her pussy and taint. She chortled with a shiver. Oooh…that felt good.

She thought about Carinne. The girl seemed to charm her effortlessly. It was remarkable how cheerful and upbeat she was in her impaired state. Then again, she’d been blind her entire life, and so it was just the status quo in her world. Being a sighted creature her whole life, Jamie couldn’t imagine having this power taken away. But supposed she could try.

All lights were off. Putting herself in Carinne’s aforementioned “shoes,” Jamie returned in, slid the screen shut, crossed back to her bedroom, found her sleep mask and slipped it on. She was well acquainted with her apartment, having lived in it for six years. Just the same, she placed her hands out, took her first careful steps toward the door and egressed. The hall led to all else the domicile offered. Jamie felt about and pawed the wall on her way. She had no cane, so she’d have to rely on caution and her fumbling hands.

There’s my little laundry area…there’s one of my pictures—ooh! Don’t knock it down, Jame. There’s the light switch…there’s my bookshelf…here comes the couch on the other side. We’re in the living room now…

She used the couch as a guide to maneuver. In due, semi-aimless course, she found the front door and closet, the coffee and end tables, the TV, additional chairs, and ended up back at the window door. She followed along the far wall into the dining room, reached the corner, and turned again, this time approaching the kitchen. This was actually kind of interesting and fun. Especially as Jamie paused in her tracks, still blindfolded, pretended her paws belonged to someone else, and groped herself with them.

Gasp. “Ooh!” she reacted, feeling her breasts plump in her palms. “Why…Carinne!” she rasped. “How naughty of you!”

Affecting a voice that sounded more like Carinne’s, Jamie answered herself.

“I am naughty,” she affirmed, giving her tits a squeeze on the word “am.” Still “as” Carinne, she challenged with the following query.

“What’re you gonna do about it?…Spank me?”

Suddenly a good little skosh randy, Jamie decided to pretend Carinne was teasing her further. She unhanded one tit, reached down, and gave her pussy a little finger diddle. She jumped, in almost legitimate surprise.

He-ey!” she laughed. “That’s mine! I didn’t say you could have it!”

“I’m aware,” she answered “as” Carinne. And with “that,” she grabbed herself. In the cunt. Extra rough.

OHHHHH!…” came the result. That was unexpected. Not the abrupt, roguish auto-grope, but just what an impact it carried. Jamie instantly went wet. Wow, this girl turned her on more than she’d realized—combined with her own dirty, smutty mind. If the truth be told, deep inside, she was a kinky little devil. While she’d admit it to no one, she kept a private digital folder on her private hard drive, to flavor her private happy time. Not of porn, per se—while porn was amusing entertainment, it did little for her sexually—but images of random people she found online, which she found hot and could see herself jilling off to. Both male and female, depending on what she was in the mood for that day. Everyday folks, stock photo models, obscure/semi-celebrities…if the image turned her on at all, she downloaded it, cropped it as desired, and stuck it in the folder as part of her masturbatory slide show. She had a pretty healthy, hungry libido and sex drive, though maybe it felt this way because she couldn’t remember the last time she’d had sex.

The next step in indulging this naughty amorous activity was to come up with a mini-“scenario” of sorts to put the person in, either with herself or someone else. Jamie had a great imagination, so this was no problem. But she couldn’t help wishing she could play a few of these things out for real. Base and depraved, maybe. But she wouldn’t be using this folder tonight.

She couldn’t let go of her pussy. Well, to be technical, she really really didn’t want to. So she returned to the hallway, feeling with her other hand to guide her back to bed. She kept the mask on because she’d now immersed herself in Carinne’s “world,” as it were, and enjoyed the blind fantasization. Once back in her room, she felt for and located the desk chair, over the back of which was draped a towel. She was quite the little flirt and little squirt, so she tossed the comforter aside, replaced it with the towel—which took a little while with only one hand—turned around, sat in, laid down, adjusted her position till just right…and went crazy on herself.

“Ohhhh…ohhhh, g—…OHHHH-HO-HO-HO-HO!” she wailed. She writhed on the mattress, ramming as far inside herself as she could get, holding ajar her soaked, reddening pussy with the non-dominant hand. When no longer necessary, she put this hand to use pinching and clutching her smooth, round size 36 tits. She smushed her pussy hand in between her thighs, hugging herself with the arm gripping her breasts. It felt lovely. Even if she thought her face lacked pulchritude, her body was soft, curvy, sleek and appealing. Another body she wouldn’t mind checking out belonged to Miss Carinne Fineman.

She pictured Carinne saucily grinning at her from behind those shades. Those pretty lips curling up, baring those pearly whites, sculpting those irresistible cheekbones, sunglass frames hugging that cute button nose. Mmm…dazzling. Simply stunning.

She didn’t know why until now she’d not taken in the full magnitude of Carinne’s beauty. Probably because psychologically, first and foremost, she was jealous. But now wasn’t the time to focus on envy. She grinned back from under her blindfold, letting her mind’s eye wield all the power. She giggled and chuckled as she frigged off, letting the tingly passion ride her up and down, inside and out, back and forth, and all over again. It built, making her mouth open in soft moans.

She found herself having never been so revved up before. She became so ragingly horny, her pussy drenched itself, her digits and her inner thighs. It felt so good. Intense, wonderful pleasure squeezed her erogenous zones, radiating goodness throughout. She pictured Carinne crawling all over her, sniffing around the goods, then sampling them. She imagined Carinne discovering her via all other senses…the scent of her pheromones…the sound of her breathing…the taste of her skin and salty sweat…the touch of…everything

Jamie’s sexual tachometer re-revved, boosting all her inner sensations. “Leveling up,” so to speak. Hee hee…god, I am such a nerd. I can’t believe I’m not a virgin. ’Course, I’m not super-experienced…which is probably why I’ve gotten so good at pleasuring myself.

It was true; Jamie was quite skilled at bringing herself to amazing orgasmic release. It helped that she knew what she liked. In a potential new romantic partner, Jamie ideally wanted someone kind, funny, charming, and who didn’t care a great deal about looks. For obvious reasons, Carinne fit the last of these criteria to a tee. In a female sweetheart, Jamie’d like someone who was soft, cuddly, a cozy snuggle bunny, and who hopefully smelled nice. And to differentiate from a stuffed animal fresh out of the laundry, she’d also prefer some shapely curves and smooth, silky, tasty privates. Speaking of which…

A smile washed over Jamie’s half-covered face. Another layer of wet love collected in her hand as she burrowed and scratched off to Carinne. She writhed in the sheets, giggling under her breath, as the bed continued its transformation into a sauna of the senses. Invisible live wires fired crackling sparks of passion over her. Paws now locked firmly in her pussy and on her tits, Jamie’s sizzle intensified further. With the mask over her eyes, anything could be happening right now. Under her bedsheet bubbled a scalding cauldron of lust. She began thrashing and flopping, losing control of everything except the grip on her genitals. She wailed and screamed, furiously whipping her head and slamming her heels in the mattress. Her nipples puffed and stiffened to diamond-hardness, as her blood-engorged cunt dripped and leaked a pool of arousal. Her loose, stream-of-consciousness verbiage teemed with fiery profanity. Her face grimaced under the sleep mask as she screeched.

Her wildly quivering, quaking frame made a limbless sweat angel in the sheet. Her lady-parts heaved and gasped, hungry for contact to the very end. Her toes curled and dug into the balls of her twitching feet. Her fingers clutched and snatched at herself like claws. She boiled with passion, about to erupt. She could feel herself hurtling towards climax. She could initiate the countdown. Time to bring it home. Jamming inside, pinching and pulling on herself like she would not see tomorrow—let alone spend a healthy chunk of it with Carinne—Jamie re-sharpened the girl in her mind, mentally placed her between her thighs…and imagined Carinne exploiting her biggest weakness. The girl slipped out her tongue and, merely in Jamie’s imagination, rapidly, repeatedly flicked her clit with it.

She lost it. The effect was even more powerful than anticipated. She instantly began gushing and squirting. The howling reached its own apex to accompany the Carinne-inspired monster orgasm. It drove her beyond all limits of sanity until becoming too intense, and she had to pull back. She drew it out as fierce as she could take it, until the orgasm inevitably declined. In the back of her mind, a little nagging voice warned her that choosing Carinne as the centerpiece of her fantasy may have been a mistake—even as insane as the jill-off session proved. It pointed out that she’d built up Carinne’s image with her mind and libido, and that if the interaction with real-life Carinne didn’t live up to her hopes, she could be very disappointed. Perhaps even a bit…heartbroken.

She argued with herself, insisting this was absolute worst-case scenario. She reminded herself how enchanting their brief encounter had been. Carinne seemed to love meeting her. And when Jamie gave her her number, the girl appeared to light right up. She could not attest to this for sure as the stall divider blocked her view. But she sounded positively elated. If any lapses or discrepancies arose, Jamie’d deal with them when the time came. Besides, she was far too tired to think any more right now. Far too exhausted. Far too…


The sleep mask hadn’t moved since Jamie’d slipped it on. Now having flung herself through this hurricane of an orgasm, she literally couldn’t keep her eyes open another minute. Game over, Jamie. You win. Good night.

She fell asleep.


Sweet Digs

Saturday, July 22nd, 2017, 12:16 p.m.

En route back out to her car from the appointment, she called Carinne one more time to confirm. She had directions scribbled out, and her GPS in case she needed it. Though she hoped she wouldn’t, as she loved singing along to music in the car. The directions were as helpful as could be. They did, however, abide by the law of driving which stated that one of the final street signs she needed was obscured by a tree. In full summer bloom. If this was winter, Jamie thought, this wouldn’t be a problem. Then again, it was also a cloudy day. In Minnesota. If this was winter, the problem would shift to being buried in a foot of snow. When Jamie considered it this way, she deemed the obstruction of a street sign a less objectionable bother.

22 Logan, apartment 3A, she repeated to herself, tracking down the desired building, parking, and casting an eye for the precise unit. 22 Logan, here we go…a’right now, apartment 3A…3A, 3A, where are ya, 3A…oh! There it is.

Her heart abruptly pumped harder and quicker as she registered the sign. Behind that door was a girl who could either become something very special in her life, or no more than just another fleeting encounter. Yet she still couldn’t help but feel this was special. She was at a chick’s home to begin a might-be could-be date of courtship…twenty-four hours after having met her for the first time. Ever. Gulp. Oh my gosh, this happened really fast! Is it too fast?…Are my feet getting cold?

She did not break stride, but slowed up as she neared. The Logan units’ doors bore markers with the addresses stencil-cut in a cute font, below which hung identical, also cute knockers. Hee hee…“knockers.” Oh, for cr—…did I really just think that? What am I, twelve?? She took hold of the knocker and put it to its purpose. A moment later, she heard a familiar voice.

“Just a sec!”

Footsteps approached. When the door opened, Jamie was regaled with the sight of a naked-eyed Carinne Fineman. One of her hands held the door. The other hung by her side, wrist adorned with a scrunchie-like bracelet. A white summer dress hugged her figure. Her feet were bare. But appropriately, most eye-catching were Carinne’s now visible baby blues. They were very light, almost ice-blue. And quite easy on Jamie’s. And set just a few degrees off from her visitor’s eager face. The visitor spoke.

“Hey! It’s me, Jamie!”

Carinne’s brows and the corners of her mouth jumped up. “Hey Jamie, welcome!” She reached and felt for her paw. Jamie took hers. Both leaned in a bit to kiss the other’s hand, before Jamie noticed, and let Carinne do this honor.

“Well, come in, come in!” She stood aside as Jamie entered. A moment later, a familiar jingly sound came from around the corner. An unharnessed Buster strolled in, perching before Jamie as if given command. He regarded her, panting and wagging his tail.

“Oh, I remember you!” chuckled Jamie, offering her hand to be licked and pet his face. “Who’s a good ol’ big boy??”

Buster panted louder, starting to thump the floor with his tail. Carinne laughed.

“Well, you’re clearly a sweetie,” she informed Jamie. “Buster’s an excellent judge of character, especially inside the apartment.”

“Oh, yeah, your place is really pretty.”

“Thanks!” Carinne gestured to the couch at her right. “Wanna sit on the sofa? I could get you somethin’ to drink. C’mon, boy!”

“Oh, eh, all right…” Jamie did as she asked. “What, um…what’cha got?”

“Le’ssee: coffee, tea, juice, Crystal Light…the freezer dispenses cold filtered water. And there’s some regular and diet soda. That’s for anyone, but my roommate drinks it more than me.”

“You have a roommate?” Jamie asked, more or less as a reflex, though sounding more surprised than she meant to. It actually made a lot of sense for Carinne to reside with someone else, for the reasons she proceeded to lay out.

“Yeah, Mike. He’s my best friend too, since we were kids. He takes care of me, chauffeurs me around, shops for us, orders me Braille books, does other stuff I can’t do myself. But I’m definitely capable of pouring you a refreshing bevvie.”

“Okay. Well…I like Crystal Light.”

“Done and done.” Carinne poured two glasses and returned the container to the fridge. Jamie watched as she returned. She had to admit she was a bit wary, and ready to hop up and assume the refreshments if something…happened. But Carinne brought them in both hands, gave Jamie hers, reached for a couple coasters and sat. For a second, Jamie was impressed. But just as quickly, she realized it was a less than huge deal. The girl was blind, but she’d clearly lived here for years. She wasn’t grappling with any sort of mental or motion impairment. She could make way around her own home and do these things like any sighted person.

“Thank you, kind hostess.”

Carinne performed a perched bow with a hand flourish. “The pleasure is mine, honored guest.”

Ignoring the naughty part of her mind that wanted to say, “That could be arranged,” Jamie took a sip and quietly cleared her throat.

“Y-you have really pretty eyes too, Carinne,” she coyly chirped. “I couldn’t tell yesterday with your sunglasses, but you do.”

“How sweet!” smiled Carinne, tracing a fingertip around the rim of her glass. “I’m sure you’re quite the cutie yourself.”

Jamie came up with an idea. It was a bit dubious, but she couldn’t see it doing a world of harm. She set down her glass, gingerly took Carinne’s free hand in both hers, and brought it to her own face so Carinne could feel it.

“Well…here I am.”

“Oh…” Carinne remarked, putting down her own glass. She brought her other hand to join and gently examined Jamie with her digits. It felt a bit funny, but nice. And seemed a delightful way to let Carinne get to “know” her, without letting her know she wasn’t exactly vixen-gorgeous. Carinne’s eyes gazed blankly as she let her fingers do the studying. She seemed pleased.

“I like it…your skin’s soft and smooth.”

She felt the corners of Jamie’s lips curl up.

“Are you smiling?”

“I am.”

Carinne did the same. “I wish I could see your smile.”

Jamie modestly blushed. “All you need to know is that yours is beautiful.”

Carinne let her hands glide down to Jamie’s jaws, shyly turning away with a giggle. They heard another set of footsteps approaching. Carinne’s roomie and b.f.f. Mike crossed through the living room, dressed to depart.

“A’right, chickabee, catch’ya later,” he called.

“Oh—Mike, this is Jamie,” announced Carinne. “We met yesterday at the coffee shop.”

“Nice to meet’cha,” Mike nodded. “Yeah, you too,” waved Jamie.

“Yeah, when I told him I was having a girl over today, he said he’d head out awhile and give us some time to hang out.”

“Oh, well thanks, Mike, that’s really cool of you,” Jamie told him.

“No worries. Peace, ladies.” He whipped his keys off their assigned spot by the door, tossed them in the air and caught them with a splash of pizzazz. He let the door slam shut behind, and the lasses were alone to enjoy one another’s company.

“Mm! So, tell me!” Carinne chirped, another swig of Crystal Light down her gullet. “Who…is Jamie Himmelfarb?”

A giggle. “Gosh. That’s…” Jamie let her eyes dart about.

“That’s a broad question. Based on my fondness for science fiction and role-playing games—and the way I talk sometimes—one may refer to Jamie Himmelfarb as Juniper’s Princess of the Nerds. One wouldn’t say Queen of Nerds, ’cause for one thing, I may be in my 30s, but I still think of myself as a dorky kid. And also ’cause I’m sure there’re other girls who like those things more than I do.”

“Fascinating. I can’t lay claim to first-hand interest, but I really have a wide-open mind. To pretty much everything.”

“Okay, well, another thing about me, that I pride myself on, is that I’m thoughtful and considerate of people’s feelings. I…wanted to bring candy or flowers, but…I’m allergic to chrysanthemums and coconut. And I wasn’t sure if you were allergic to anything.”

“Aw, aren’t you sweet. I am allergic to nothing but wool. So as long as you don’t show up bearing gifts of sheep, I think we’re okay.”

Jamie laughed. “You have a wonderful sense of humor.”

“That makes an even five I possess.” Gulp. “Hey, wanna play 20 Zillion Questions?”

Jamie’s brows jumped. “That…sounds like a long game.”

“It is. But that’s part of the beauty of it. The name really means nothing. There’s no such number as a zillion, and there’s no real end to the game. All you need to play’s another person you don’t know that well. And the only rules are that you have to answer honestly. But if you don’t wanna answer, that’s fine, you just say ‘fifth.’”

“Sounds easy-peasy.”

“It is. And fun. No set theme or topic, you can ask literally any question you want. It can be related to the last one, or completely random. And we can stop anytime we want, and start up again anytime we want.”

“So, it’s…basically a conversation, with a lot of personal info sprinkled on top.”

“Yyyyyyeah. Pretty much. A curiosity convo with a fancy-ass name. So, wanna play?”

“Well, I am a gamer at heart. Bring it on.”

“A’right, here’s the deal. I’ll throw out a question, you answer it, then I have to answer my same question. Then you pose the question, I answer it, and you answer it. Then it’s back to me. Get it?”

“Got it.”

“Tremendous. I’ll start with a simple basic one. What’s your favorite food?”

“Spaghetti. Meat or veggie. What’s yours?”

Cheeseburgers,” Carinne gushed, almost feeling her mouth water on the spot. “Loaded with toppings. Or…‘bottom-ings.’ B., l., t., mayo, onions, sauce, anything else you wanna jam in there. Fattier the better.” A chuckle. “A’righty, your turn. Pop a question.”

“Okay, hmm…” Jamie forgot her common sense for a moment. “What’s your favorite color?”

Carinne arched her eyebrows and cocked her head. She gazed toward Jamie in helpless amusement until her guest remembered.

“Oh…oh god, Carinne, I am so so so sorry,” she tittered, stumbling over her apology. “I totally just…spaced.”

Carinne smiled, reaching to locate her hand. She took and patted it with her other.

“It’s okay, Jamie, totally fine,” she smiled. “Humans err, divine humans forgive. Goofy stuff happens to everyone. To me too. You could have a wooden leg, or be in a wheelchair, and I’d still ask you to dance with me at some point.”

“Ha! Thanks, Carinne, that’s…that’s quite a relief. Rest assured all parts of me are real. And for the record, my favorite color’s green.”

“Fantabulous. So do you wanna ask another question, or would’ya like me to go again?”

“Uh, I’ll try again,” Jamie chuckled sheepishly. “Ummm…what’s your birthday?”

“January 30th, ’87. Big three-oh on the one-three-oh this year.”

“Cool. Mine’s September 8th, ’84.”

“’Kay, my go. My next question is…whaddaya wanna do with me today?”

Jamie’s brows jumped. She paused.

“Erm…if I may answer that question with a question…is that question…naughty…or nice? Sugar or spice?”

Carinne turned about as red as a beet. Fortunately, she was able to heartily laugh it off.

Oh my! Oh dear!” she guffawed. “I didn’t even think to mean it that way! Perhaps you’re the naughty one amongst us, Jamie.”

Jamie shrugged coyly. “Perhaps…”

Carinne felt the soft warmth of Jamie’s fingers stroke her temple, brushing a bit of hair behind her ear. She gave a small gasp.

“…I can be kind of a little devil. But you’re the beautiful one.”

Carinne blushed, shyly turning away. She shut her eyes even though no distinction was made.

“But for serious, what should we do today?”

“Well, uh,” Jamie mused, “I was thinkin’ about it, and…y’know, obviously I wanna do something with you you’ll be able to enjoy. And after weighing a lotta options, here’s my proposition for today. Halfway up Juniper Street there’s the fire station, that has this huge wide open field next to it. And right now, that wide open field is being occupied…by the carnival.”

“Ooh, that sounds super-fun! Let’s go to the carnival!”


On Fair Grounds

Saturday, July 22nd, 2017, 2:29 p.m.

Jamie quickly discovered an upside to spending time with a blind girl as soon as they left the apartment. This was that not only did Carinne want her hand held, it was helpful to the point of near-necessity. Jamie guided her to her car, and they broke contact momentarily. Once in their seats, though no longer incumbent (for now), Jamie held Carinne’s hand anyway. It just felt wonderful. Buster stayed inside, as putting him in Jamie’s car alone proved awkward and unwieldy enough, let alone taking him to the carnival. Jamie quieted the radio to an appropriate volume so that they could chat and enjoy the music at the same time.

Their game of 20 Zillion Questions continued along the ride. They learned about one another’s childhoods, families, interests, social lives and miscellany. It was a lengthy ride, but well worth the gas. Getting there really was half the fun. And below the first traffic light, Jamie also learned that she absolutely loved the side view of Carinne’s face. Sunglasses or sans. She became enchantedly acquainted with the forms of Carinne’s subtly sloping nose, her elevated cheekbones and her ever so slightly jutting chin. And the vixenish way it all came together when a smile crossed those (yummy-looking) lips. Jamie found herself wanting this to go much faster much more quickly. But she’d make herself wait. She wouldn’t love it, but there was no way she was risking messing this up.

“…Hey, Jamie?”


“Thanks. For…taking me to the bathroom yesterday. Not that I wanna sound like I’m…y’know, four.”

“Oh, not at all, hon. I’ve always been a helpful sort.” And not just ’cause part of me hopes something special’ll develop between me and the person…although that is an unignorable factor.

“And for this. Mike takes me out to do stuff now and then, but he’s kinda busy. It’s okay, though; he does way more than the call of duty to support and feed me. It’s just really nice to get out with someone for some fresh air and fun.”

“Wholeheartedly agree. Okay! Twenty-Z-Q, my turn. What was your best subject in school?”

“Ahhh…probably social studies. Although it wasn’t till middle school they started calling it by its rightful name—to wit: history.”

“Mm. Mine’s probably language. Some math too. I did pretty well in all of ’em. ’Course, I’m Princess Nerd.”

“Well, forgive me for trodding upon your sovereign soil, Your Highness, as I am a lowly nerd peasant.”

They arrived. Jamie parked in the shopping center lot across Juniper Street and reclaimed Carinne’s hand to cross the intersection.

“How should you care to proceed?” Jamie asked her, whimsical with her words. “Go on some rides first? Food? Midway games?”

“I say…rides first, on empty tummies. Then get something to eat…then some carny games. So…yeah. Same order you said.”

They reached the entrance and Jamie purchased tickets. Ten seconds later, they set foot in. Carinne sniffed as they made way along.

“Ooh, I smell the food! I can even taste a little of it in the air.”

“Oh, nice. Me, not so much, but, guess it makes sense the…senses you have’d be…stronger than my senses. Just my two cents…es.”

“Yeah…it’s made me a sensualist. I love stretching all of ’em I have to the limit. Including common and humor. ’S a wonderful thing. If the carnival let me, I’d go barefoot. But then something on the ground might harm my delicate little paws.”

“Yeah, let’s save that for the fields,” decided Jamie, raising and kissing Carinne’s hand. Carinne hugged her arm in return.

“A’right!” Jamie said. “Pick a ride! Any ride!”

She heard a chortle beside her. “Might need a little of your help with that.”

Embarrassment once again clouded Jamie’s face, which she covered with her free hand.

“God, Carinne, I am so sorry. I dunno why I keep forgetting!”

“Jamie, really, it’s okay,” Carinne insisted. “You can’t be faulted for it; you’re used to being around sighted people.”

“I know, I know, I just…” Sigh. “Y-y’know what, never mind. I’ll surprise you.”


Jamie was intrigued to see how much of a sensualist Carinne truly was, but didn’t want to start her off with anything extreme. So she selected and took Carinne onto the Tilt-A-Whirl first. Then she upped the ante, and the Screamer rollercoaster came next. They calmed down and took it easy again with the Carousel-Go-Round and cascade slides. Then Jamie wanted to see how her companion enjoyed the Zipper, the Wipeout and the Kamikaze. They became so dizzy they could barely walk straight. They settled down again on the ferris wheel. Carinne was so happy to be surprised by the rides, she made Jamie keep mum about them until they started. The girl yelled with excited glee as loud as any of their fellow riders. She even exclaimed “Wheeeeee!” like a small child.

She amazed Jamie with how much fun she was having. Then she made her realize something. On such an exhilarating ride, Jamie tended to hold herself back a bit. This was because she never knew where on the ride they’d placed cameras, or exactly when she’d be photographed. Whomever she went with always wanted to see the photos. Which was fine. They also wanted Jamie to see the photos. Which was less than fine. She didn’t even like looking at pictures of herself making normal faces. It was now she discovered an upside to being blind. Carinne was never made to look at pictures of herself…even though she was beautiful. But what was more…Carinne felt free to let totally loose. To be as expressive and enthusiastic as she could. She didn’t seem to care if anyone thought she was being loud, or having “too much” fun. Jamie admired this. Carinne made her feel more encouraged to get out of her self-conscious shell, and have this much fun herself. After all was said and done…who really did care? It was the carnival, for heaven’s sake! They were supposed to have a disproportionate amount of fun without being on any sort of drug!

Carinne wanted to go on one more wild ride. Jamie was quite glad she felt this way. Unsure how she’d missed this one, she placed them on the Round-Up. If no other ride landed them in a state of intense, euphoric vertigo, this one did. It was such an awesome rush. Though Carinne wouldn’t voice this sensation out loud, the combo of velocity and centrifugal force felt almost orgasmic to her. Especially with an affectionate woman right beside her holding her hand. Once off the Round-Up, Jamie stumblingly led them to the back of a hot dog booth, just to have something to sit against so they didn’t fall over. They giddily giggled and snickered.

“That felt pretty crazy,” Carinne commented.

“That’s because it was,” Jamie laughed.

They rested. Jamie shut her eyes to enjoy just the things Carinne did: the fresh mild Midwestern summer air brushing their hair and clothes. The sounds of crowd chatter, excited screaming, backing soundtracks to rides and carny games alike. The scents of hot dogs, popcorn, fried dough and more scrummy yummies scattered about. And after enough rest, finally feeling steady and re-balanced, they got back to their feet. It was time to indulge the last remaining sense.

They agreed to treat themselves, and splurge their bellies as well as money. Sniffing it out like a bloodhound, Carinne was dying for a funnel cake doused with powdered sugar. So Jamie got her one, adjourning next to a neighboring stand to buy herself some cotton candy. It was a few hours into the afternoon, bringing the sun westward, shifting patterns of shade. Grub in tow, Jamie took Carinne a short distance into a more secluded, shaded patch of soft lawn. They sat side by side to graze on the snacks.

“Ahhh…” Carinne heard Jamie say. “What a nice day.”

“Mm,” Carinne concurred, burrowing hands-free into the funnel cake. “’S one of the nicest days I’ve had in a long time.”

Jamie turned to her with only growing affection. Especially as the girl licked sugar off her lips, a bit of it having found way elsewhere.

“Oh—Carinne, hold still, hon. You got some sugar on your nose,” Jamie told her, brushing it away with the back of her hand.

“Oh, did I? Oops,” sniggled Carinne. “Actually, um…”

She blushed, coquettishly looking down, batting her lashes. She wanted to tell Jamie the truth, though while utterly silly and adorable, it could also have seemed a bit forward.

“Actually…I-I did that on purpose. I was…kinda hoping maybe you’d, um…” Chuckle. “…Lick or kiss it off.”

Jamie put a paw over her mouth, taken aback, yet also charmed and tickled inside. Now that Carinne’d shared this little secret, Jamie felt a little sad she’d missed the opportunity. And yet, a perfect, immediate solution lay in plain sight. So to speak.

“Oh. Okay. Well, do it again and I will.”

It was Carinne’s turn to go pink in the face and conceal her grinning mouth. But she repeated the action, turned to Jamie, and Jamie gingerly Frenched the powdered sugar from the tip of her nose. She heard Carinne titter.

“That feels funny. I like it.”

“It is what you wanted, isn’t it?” Jamie flirted through honey lips, her voice dripping like syrup.

Carinne tittered again, coyly turning away. Jamie watched her face in a shut-eyed smile, as if in slow motion. Her silky hair swished from the breeze, and her cute—now slightly wet—nose scrunched. Jamie’s heart swooned. It was just a little, to the shortest extent, but…she fell in love. She could neither help nor deny it. It seemed inconceivable. She’d known the girl a single day. How could she be in love? She wasn’t a teenager anymore; she knew a few things about emotion, devotion, the inner workings of the heart and mind. 24-hour bona fide enamorment defied logic. Infatuation was one thing. Full-blown love, even to this tiny degree…confounded her.

On the other paw…she didn’t necessarily believe in love at first sight, but she’d be the first to concede this belief proven wrong at any point. Especially if there was a chance of true happiness for her. And love played by its own rules—or lack thereof. It was one of the world’s great unexplainables. Could she be in legitimate love with Carinne Fineman? Might the girl feel similarly toward her, sooner or later (preferably sooner)? She supposed that…anything was possible. Maybe, just maybe…

Love really was blind. Figuratively and literally.


Breeze And Quackers

Saturday, July 22nd, 2017, 7:14 p.m.

The sun had begun to set, but just a month after the solstice, there was still plenty of daylight left. Jamie and Carinne let their energy replenish in the former’s car as she drove the latter. Carinne happily hugged the LARGE stuffed animal she’d won.

“Thank you for my koala,” she said to Jamie. “I love him. He’s super-soft and cuddly.”

“You don’t have to thank me, hon; you won him. It was all you. Blew my mind too. You were like a ball-rolling, horse-racing savant.”

“Yeah, but you treated us to the carnival. And the best part is, no one could accuse me of cheating,” giggled Carinne.

“That’s very true. A’right, T.Z.Q., my turn. Le’ssee…if you could be any animal you wanted, what would it be?”

“Oh, good one!…Well, be honest—albeit unoriginal—I really would have to go with a dog. Can’t overestimate my love for ’em.”

“I wouldn’t necessarily call that unoriginal. Though my choice might be a little less unoriginal…”

She let the end of her sentence trail off, but said nothing more for a few seconds. Carinne eventually turned in her direction.

“…And what might your choice be?”

“Well, believe it or not…I’d be a duckling.”

“Oh, that’s sweet. May I ask pourquoi?”

A chuckle. I’d kinda prefer you didn’t, but luckily I have a backup reason. “Well, I love ducks. And their baby counterparts. And…Donald, Daisy, Daffy, Darkwing, Scrooge, Huey, Dewey and Louie…Disney movies about hockey…the team in Anaheim—you get the idea. I also love that one minute I could get in the water, tuck in my wings and paddle around with my cute little webbed feet, and the next minute I’d spread the wings and take off. You know what they say: fish gotta swim, and birds gotta fly. Ducks do both! They’re great. And they quack. Who doesn’t like that??” They shared a laugh.

“That’s some good conviction. Almost makes me wanna change my answer.”

“Can I add a side comment? I like this game we’ve been playing, ’cause it’s about questions. I love the word ‘question.’ It has ‘quest’ in it. I may or may not’ve mentioned, I’m a big role-playing gamer chick. I’m crazy about quests. Including the quest for knowledge.” And romance. “You already know I’m princess of the nerds.”

“Hee hee…are you perchance in the mood for a quest for dinner? Nowhere fancy, we could just drive through someplace. I’m just craving a nice burger and fries. My treat.”

“Oh, that’s not necessary; I’ve got more than enough cash.”

“But you see, here’s the thing: I…insist.”

“You’re highly persuasive. All right, you treat us to dinner.”

“Outstanding. Okay, T.Z.Q., my turn. …Are you ticklish?”

“Mm, yeah…but I’m not really crazy about being tickled. You?”

Carinne shivered with tingles. “All over. And I love it. Legitimately. Most people don’t really love it, like you. But I get such a rush. It really gets my endorphins going. And ’cause I have so many tickle spots, no single one of ’em’s the ‘worst.’ I just enjoy being touched. Hugged. Held. All that stuff. Told ya,” she reiterated, pointing to herself, “Sensualist. And if it makes me laugh, that’s just a bonus.”

“Fascinating. Does it make you laugh more if it’s like a light tickle? Or a rougher, more aggressive one?”

“Both. It drives me nuts, but in a good way. Maybe I’m reckless to bare a weakness like that, but it’s just so exhilarating. If you, like, pin me, or sit on me, hold me down and just go crazy, you own me. You can get anything outta me. And I’ll love you for it anyway.”

Jamie abruptly felt her pussy quiver. She forgot Carinne couldn’t see, and pressed her hand betwixt her thighs. Her nipples quivered in the stead. Just like last night on her balcony naked. Before Little Jamie began to leak excitement, Big Jamie told her to cool it.

Just calm, down, girl, she ordered herself. It seems like she’s flirting with us—and aggro—and practically begging us to tickle the hell outta her, but we can’t jump to those conclusions. They’re too far away, and there’s a pit of fire in between. In other words, we’ve been burned before. What’re the odds we’ll meet someone like this again?? Just let the chips fall wherever they’re gonna.

So Jamie thanked Carinne for sharing such a secret with her, and moved on to her next of 20 Zillion Questions. She found out Carinne’s middle name was Luna, and shared that hers was Sue. In due course, she took them into a drive-thru, then to the nearby Juniper harbor, where they could sit by the water and eat. Carinne slipped off her shoes, letting her feet enjoy the smooth wooden dock. Her prize koala sat atop the hexagonal table as their supper companion. The water gave off a pleasant salt breeze that whistled gently under the girls’ clothes and through their hair. With a mouthful of burger, Carinne inhaled deeply, and let it out with an—

Mmm…this feels great, Jamie. Thank you so much for today. I’ve been having the best time ever.”

“So’m I,” Jamie garbled through a huge bite of honey mustard-smothered salad. Gulp. “’Kay, T.Z.Q.: favorite singer? Or band?”

“Hmm. Well, my favorite group’s the Barenaked Ladies. And not just ’cause of their name. And my favorite singer?…Might have to think awhile about that one, but I do like Adele a lot.”

“That is a helluva voice on her. Well, that’s interesting: you have a favorite girl singer and guy group. I have a favorite guy singer and girl group. John Legend and Little Mix. And even though they haven’t been around for awhile, I also always liked the Pussy Dolls.”

Carinne almost choked on her drink and had to keep it from spurting out of her nostrils.

“I, um…ahem! I think you left out a syllable.”

“Did I?” Jamie innocently asked, grateful Carinne couldn’t read the look in her face. “Whoopsie.”

Carinne felt under the table with her foot, found Jamie’s, and stroked it with her naked sole. “You’re a silly banana.”

Jamie felt the bottom of Carinne’s ped caress the top of her own in her sandal. The girl was playing footsie. Jamie felt utterly swept off both feet. She liked Carinne so much by now, and it was getting more and more obvious Carinne liked her too. A part of Jamie was happy and excited. Another wondered if this was all happening too fast. Too easily. Even if Carinne was one hundred percent sightless, and developed a crush based on voice, touch and pheromones alone…Jamie was so not used to being crushed on. And in her experience, anything that seemed too good to be true was. But her mind was drawn back to Carinne as she looked up to her face.

“Oh, Carinne, you’ve…um…got a little ketchup on the corner of your lips.”

“Oh, do I?…Oops…”

Jamie abruptly found herself overwhelmed as she realized… Oh god, she’s doing it again. But now she’s upping the ante. She’s either accidentally or intentionally—whose money’s on intentionally?—smudged another part of her face (her lips, no less) with a condiment. The impulsive side of Jamie grew zealous. So what the hell’re you waiting for?! it wanted to know. Kiss her, dummy!

I…I can’t! her cautious side argued. I’m afraid of what might happen!

Don’t be such a pussy! said her pussy.

She wants you, her libido agreed. And you want her. Admit it and own it, girl. It’s meant to be.

Make it happen, Jamie, breathed her heart. This is your emotional boss speaking. I give you the official okay.

Um, I don’t usually weigh in on such matters, her tushie volunteered. But I’m feeling a little numb from being sat on like this. I wouldn’t mind if we kissed her, but just so I can get a little feeling back. If we shift up and slip a leg under me, that works too.

You don’t have to listen to them, Jamie, her brain told her. We should handle this rationally. There’s a stack of napkins right there. Just pick one up and wipe off her…beautiful…pouting, beckoning lips with it…

The argument was settled hastily. Cooler heads prevailed. Jamie did as her brain said. Carinne looked surprised at the sensation.

“Oh,” she said. “Well, thank you.”

Jamie patted her hand. “Hey! Y’know what? I love this particular salad I got, but they always gimme these soft croutons with it—they’re essentially bread crumbs—and honestly, I’m not too crazy about ’em. But how ’bout we go feed ’em to the ducks?”

“Ohhh, how niyff!” Carinne approved, through another mouthful of cheeseburger. “Zhure, lewwe jukh finizh up.”

So both dollies polished off their meals, and Jamie collected the refuse. The next she collected was Carinne’s hand, guiding her by it to the guard gate, and depositing half her croutons.

“Here we go…now just go ahead and toss ’em right out in front of you, one at a time.”

And so they proceeded. Carinne heard quacking as the croutons captured their attention and they deviated paths to enjoy them.

Jamie gasped. “Oh look, there’re ducklings!” she pointed. She caught herself, even though the words were out of her mouth.

“Oops, I…I-I mean, don’t, uh, look…but there are; there’s a family of cute little baby ducklings right there with the rest of ’em.”

“Aw, that’s sweet,” said Carinne. Their remarks were nary more for another brief spell. Jamie watched the offerings pull the waterfowl in aimless directions, wishing her companion could take in the visual beauty. Then, she was reminded of something else.

I learned the truth at seventeen, that love was meant for beauty queens…” she whisper-sang. “And high school girls with clear-skinned smiles, who married young and then retired…

Carinne’s keen ears picked up on what Jamie was murmuring. Midway through the second verse, she began to mouth along.

The valentines I never knew…the Friday night charades of youth…were spent on one more beautiful…at seventeen I learned the truth…

To her surprise, Carinne sang the next segment of the song, out loud.

“And those of us with ravaged faces, lacking in the social graces, desperately remained at home, inventing lovers on the phone…”

Having turned her way with aback-taken eyes, Jamie gazed at Carinne. “…You know that song?”

“I love that song!” replied Carinne, smiling towards her. “I mean, I, uh…dunno whose song it is, mind ya.”

“Oh, who sings it? Janis Ian. From the ’70s.”

“…Jani—…wasn’t that the name of the one girl in…?”

“In Mean Girls, yeah. They named her after the singer. And they made us think that girl in the movie was a lesbian ’cause the singer’s a lesbian. They even had the song in one part of it. You just have to listen really close to hear it.”

Gasp. “…Omigod, you’re right! That’s, just…wow.”

“Yeah, pretty cool, huh?” Jamie tossed another crouton, returning to the song. Each knew the lyrics impeccably. Carinne took the following four lines, then Jamie the next four, and so on. A few more ducks and some geese joined the party as others swam or flew away. As the gals faced east, the sun descended behind them. Carinne finished the next couple lines, then promptly made a request.

“Oh—and, can I sing the next part with you? Together?”

“Yeah, of course.” So their voices blended into the next four lines.

“It was long ago, far away, the world was younger than today…dreams were all they gave for free…to ugly duckling girls, like me…”

The ducks’ morsels began to run out as the lyrics did. The moon had become visible. Carinne threw out her last crouton with two lines in the song left to go. As they tranquilly finished, she gave a soft, solemn sigh.

“…Yeah, that song’s got special meaning for me,” she told Jamie. “Apparently, I’m kinda…awkward-looking, or…ugly.”

Jamie threw her an utterly incredulous look, glad Carinne couldn’t discern it. Her gal-pal and chick-chum went on.

“Or at least I was when I was a kid. The other kids hated me. They’d always make fun of me and call me names.”

“I’m so sorry, Carinne. If it makes you feel any better, those kids know where they can go, and what they can do when they get there.”

“Heh, yeah. Anyway…one day it got so bad, I was in tears by the time I got home. My Mom was there, and she hugged me, and sat with me, and said she wanted to play me this song. And, um…I wasn’t sure what to make of it, or take from it at the time. But Mom gave me some encouraging words, and…well…I can’t remember all of it, but the last thing she said was, ‘…Don’t listen to those kids, Carinne. And don’t let ’em influence your opinion of yourself. ’Cause that’s the only opinion that matters. But if you’d also like mine, I want you to know that I couldn’t ask for a sweeter, more darling daughter.’ And she said, ‘And I’ll tell you just one more thing—

“‘You are a beautiful girl.’”

She felt Jamie affectionately clasp her hand.

“Your Mom’s right.”


Giggly Guessing Games

Saturday, July 22nd, 2017, 9:35 p.m.

Neither had planned to let this excursion extend to a late-night rendezvous, but neither anticipated what a magical day they’d end up having either. They just couldn’t say goodbye yet. So Jamie ferried them back to her apartment. Carinne took a quick moment to call Mike and tell him not to wait up; otherwise he tended to worry about her. That taken care of, they entered.

“Welcome to my humble pad…” said Jamie, holding open the door and guiding her in. “Now, um, I’ll be straight with ya, Car—…

“I’ll be honest with ya, Carinne: the place is not as clean as it could possibly be right now…”

“This may be a little tough to swallow, Jamie,” Carinne teased her, taking her shoes off. “But somehow, that fails to matter to me.”

Jamie laughed. “Well, I wasn’t going anywhere in particular with that, except that I’m glad you have that…walking…stick thingy with ya…so you don’t bump into stuff. I mean, there’s a few things on the floor, but it’s not like a war zone. See, here’s the sofa,” she explained, placing Carinne’s paw on its back end. “So now it’s like this morning, but it’s my turn to have you on my couch.”

Carinne momentarily stopped feeling her way along, letting her eyes widen and brows jump. “Oh my my,” she reddened.

Jamie gave a chuckle. “Guess the way I said that makes me seem like the dirty bird. But how you took it says a little about you too.”

The girl who was now her guest nodded, finding her way to the cushions and sitting. “Guilty.”

“So, would you…like to…listen to the radio?”

“Jamie, we don’t have to do something that doesn’t require sight ’cause I’m blind,” Carinne smiled. “We can turn on the TV if you want. I like all kindsa shows. Disney, WB, Nickelodeon, Animal Planet, truTV, Netflix, Hulu, go for it. I am wide open. I’m easy.”

Jamie smirked at her. “Okay, now you’re just totally messing with my hormones.”

“Am I now, or am I now?”

“Careful, missy. Or you might just find yourself on the business end of some intense tickling. Whether you love it or not.”

“Oooh-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo!” Carinne giggle-shivered. “And the best part is I really wouldn’t even see it coming.”

“A’right, I’ll put on Mean Girls. That’s a movie we’re both familiar with, so we don’t have to really pay attention. That way we can focus on flirting, and…teasing each other.”

Carinne bore in mind that she was blind, and Jamie was not. So she quickly folded her hands over her thighs, so Jamie couldn’t see that these words—and the honeyed tone in which she’d said them—had moistened her pussy. Jamie readied and activated the film. Within moments, Carinne heard the classic Paramount jingle. Her hostess put down the remote.

“Now you just sit tight, my friend, and I’ll be right with ya.” She quietly trotted away.

“Where ya going?” came the voice behind her.

“Nowhere far. No worries, I’m not leaving ya here or anything. Won’t be long!”

So Carinne sat, patient and cooperative, waiting for her return. She enjoyed the first few minutes of the movie, reflecting on all the wonderful things they’d done in this amazing day courtesy of Jamie Himmelfarb. What a great girl…what a fantastic person…

Carinne wished so very dearly she could see her face.

Not that she wasn’t used to harboring this desire. She always wished. A close second wish was that people didn’t treat her differently. She’d spent uncountable hours crying through the longing, hoping time and time again that just this once, the tears might cleanse her eyes through to a cure. She deserved to enjoy the same basic gift everyone else did. Didn’t she? She was a good woman; she’d done nothing to consciously deserve such a punishment. Karma, perhaps? Had she done something absolutely horrifying in a past life? Was blindness the price she was to pay for the whole of this life? Was that fair? And if by some miracle she could enjoy the privilege of sight, would she even realize it? Would it live up to her hopes and dreams? Well, she may not be Haley Joel Osment, but she’d been given four keenly enhanced senses. And she did enjoy these four to the fullest. Especially in as much as they tied to her emotions. Her rollercoaster ride of life had made her a quixotic, sentimental fool. Now she laughed and cried, “oooh”’d and “awww”’d at the drop of a proverbial hat. At least now maybe she had someone new to help her share those vivacious feelings. Her bestie Mike was fine, but she could only “bond” so much with him. So to speak…


She was sure she’d find Jamie an extraordinarily beautiful young lady, as Jamie seemed to find her. Of course, this presumed she had the cognitive perception to discern beauty. As her mind and personal preference dictated. She knew only that Jamie’s voice melted her like butter. It bore repeating: she’d been blind her entire life. She’d never viewed women—or men—in any light, let alone that special way reaching puberty. But once pubescent, only a female voice could turn her on at all, and the one time she’d almost been with a guy, it was impossible to enjoy it or relax. She just wasn’t “wired” the way most girls were. On the other hand, neither precisely was Jamie. She was bisexual. What a fascinating concept. Carinne couldn’t imagine…well, first of all, being able to see every person she met, to say nothing of possible attraction to them all.

Carinne was definitely no virgin (or slut). And every time she’d been with a woman, the sex—for her—had been unbelievable. Maybe she fundamentally enjoyed it to a disproportionate degree, or maybe women were just damn good at it. Or maybe she was so happy to be enjoying the physical bond with another person, the sensations proved amazing no matter what. The element that failed to enchant her was what happened after. Some of her sex partners—or “bopping buddies”—seemed interested mostly in shagging her for sport, then leaving her be. It broke her heart. Maybe she was overly clingy, emotionally or otherwise. But she couldn’t ignore the little voice in her brain that wished to know, …Wait, that’s it?? Others took enjoyment in romantically toying with Carinne. Messing with her head and heart, teasing her, coaxing her into the realm of hot desire, then changing the game. Or denying her outright. Carinne was not one bit crazier for this behavior. Sometimes girls could be so…well, what the movie of choice indicated.

“Carinne?…Hon? Y’okay?”

Reverie broken, Carinne reflexively turned her head back. “Wha—…huh?”

Jamie slipped around the sofa with what she’d brought with her, and perched beside Carinne.

“I just said is everything okay. You looked like you were…I dunno, kinda deep in thought.”

“Oh. Well, I…I was. But that’s all it was, just thinking.”

“Okay. Well, I thought of something fun we could do when we decided to come back to my place,” Jamie explained, setting down the small square-shaped basket on her other side, in which she’d collected some items. Now came the challenging part.

“Um…you wanna maybe…put your feet up…in my lap?” she entreated, audibly patting her thighs.

An intrigued smile crossed Carinne’s face. She drew her legs from the floor.

“Oooh…am I gonna get a foot rub??”

“Well, sure, sure. We could do that,” said Jamie, delicately taking Carinne’s ankles. “In fact, you deserve it after all the time you spent on ’em. But here’s what I was thinking we could do too. Someone did this with me once. But I had to wear a blindfold. You don’t need a blindfold, but, um…here it is. I brought a few little objects with me, that I thought maybe I could, uh…” She impishly giggled. “…Tickle your feet with…and you could try to guess what they are.”

Carinne’s charmed heart did a pirouette. “Oh, I love that!” she proclaimed. “I really am crazy about being tickled, it makes me so happy. My feet like it too. So can I, kinda, settle in here, and get more comfortable?”

So feet in lap, Jamie scooted to the far couch cushion, resting her basket of vellication implements on the sofa’s arm, as Carinne laid back, finding a pillow to place under her head. She let her eyes flutter shut, just to soothe them. And so the game began. Just to test the waters, as it were, Jamie started with her fingertip. Carinne lay obediently with her hands over her belly, tensing a bit as she felt the sensation, crinkling her face in a snicker. Her toes simultaneously curled a little.

“I…hoo-hoo!…I think that’s your finger!” laughed the ticklish girl on her back.

“That’s right, very good!” Jamie praised. “A’right, here’s one of the toys now.”

The first object Jamie retrieved was a moderately broad-tipped paintbrush. She eased the bristles up and down Carinne’s soles, which tickled a little, but not as much as her digit. Jamie wanted to go gentle and easy with her, at least for now. She thought she’d go ahead till she heard Carinne’s guess. And if the guess was wrong…well, we’ll just see what happens, ha ha ha!

“Um… kee-hee-hee… a…paintbrush?”

“Yes! Good job!” said an impressed Jamie. “This is fun, huh??”

“Funnest thing ever! Funner than screwing up English like a little kid!”

Jamie decided to make it even “funner” this time by choosing another plaything and skipping the warning. She applied some pressure and scraped it down her right sole. Carinne jumped with a gasp.

“EEEEEheeeeheeheeheehee! OOOOOhoooooohoohoohoo!!” she guffawed, rolling and writhing in the cushions. She reflexively tried to reach out and interfere, but was robbed of the needed energy. Jamie gave her endorphins a nice little workout before pausing.

“Okay, sweetie, whaddaya think that was?”

“Well, uh…” She caught her breath. “It was definitely more ticklish…it felt a little harder, and almost kinda sharp…with a little edge to it. Um…I’m gonna guess…the…lid of a soda can?”

Jamie shook her head. “Nope, guess again!” She resumed raking her feet with it.

“OhhHHHOOOHAAAHHAHAHAHAA! Okay, okay! I…” she panted, cluelessly shrugging her shoulders. “I’m…sorry, I…just dunno.”

“Okay, fair enough, I’ll tell ya,” said Jamie. “That was a fake press-on fingernail I had lying around from when I used to wear them. Then after a while I decided I didn’t like ’em anymore. But they still make good little…giggle-triggers, huh?”

I’ll say!” Carinne chortled. “I really really like this, Jamie. It’s so fun it almost feels kinda…naughty, in a weird way. Like I’m some kinda…helpless innocent little girl, and I’ve been left alone with you ’cause you’re, like…my babysitter, but…when you babysit me, you…tickle me and rough me up and stuff—but playful. And I can’t do anything about it ’cause I’m a kid and you’re an adult.”

This time it was Jamie who laughed out loud, at both the devious turn Carinne’s mind took and the unexpectedly detailed scenario she just came up with. Then again, while harder and harder to believe, she’d just met the girl yesterday. This kind of thing could’ve been in Carinne Fineman’s fantasy Rolodex for eons. Well, let’s let the good times keep a-rollin’, shall we?

In due course, Jamie gave her feet and toes a taste of: a feather from her pillow (which she guessed correctly), the end of a hair clip (which she did not), a plastic fork (which she did), a bobble hairbrush (also did), a nail file (didn’t), a pencil (did), a backscratcher (didn’t), her tongue (did), and finally a pen (did), with which she wrote on the bottoms of Carinne’s feet, “TICKLE US WE LOVE IT”. The letters came out sloppy as Jamie was trying to write on two twitching, quivering surfaces, but she wasn’t going for a prize in penwomanship. She simply reveled in the privilege of getting to watch a foxy doll squirm about in her couch laughing. Her heart was melting like ice cream outside on this lukewarm summer night. She wanted to do more than tickle her feet.

Mean Girls was about three fourths through. Worn out from the tickle game, they sat and relaxed. And as promised, Jamie rubbed Carinne’s peds instead. Carinne let her eyes flutter, giving off tender moans of comfort. Jamie let her eyes coolly drop shut as well.

“That feels sooooo good, Jamie…”

Jamie didn’t know if she could say what was really on her mind, but as the foot rub went on and the film approached conclusion, she could no longer deny it. She was going damp south of the border, and stiff and tingly where it also counted. She didn’t love the idea of taking advantage of Carinne’s blindness, but snuck a thorough examination at her breasts and pussy through her clothes. No blatant sign of arousal, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t there. She didn’t believe she had it in her to just grope Carinne in the erogenous zones without warning—whether Carinne might like it or not. If the positions were reversed, and Carinne pawed her tits or coochie, sans notice or foreplay, she didn’t know how she’d handle it. No, she had to ease into this. With relative timeliness, while it wasn’t too late. She reached over and gave Carinne a pat on the tummy. Carinne reacted.

“…Movie’s almost over.”

“…So it is.”

While Carinne was the guest here tonight, she was unsure it was her place to move things forward. But unbeknownst to Jamie, she was dying to. Fortunately for her, she wouldn’t have to die any longer. Jamie offered the advance.

“…You wanna…come to my room with me, get in bed and cuddle? Maybe…make out a little?…See where it goes from there?”

She barely got out the last few words before Carinne answered.

“YEEEEEESSS!” she asserted, whipping her feet out of Jamie’s hands and hopping right up.


Sweetest Surrender

Saturday, July 22nd, 2017, 11:13 p.m.

“Take me, please, take me! I’d love if you could carry me, but I know that’s not the easiest way to do it.”

“Heh! Well, maybe one day in the future, we’ll see.” Jamie hastily fetched Carinne’s cane, placed it in one of her hands and took the other to lead the way. When they reached their destination, Jamie set her hand on the mattress.

“It’s not exactly made, but I think that actually works out better.”

What Carinne did next amazed her. Her guest took the initiative to half-undress herself, down to her mere underthings. Once reduced to her bra and panties, she found her way into the bed and stretched out, reaching to the edges, acquainting herself. Jamie was transported to a state of elation by her acts. This girl was full of surprises.

“Oh my. Um…well, well,” chuckled the charmed Jamie. “I suppose that for all you know, I could already be naked. Then again, you probably didn’t hear my clothes come off.”

“I did not,” Carinne agreed.

“Well, I didn’t want to move too fast, so I thought I’d keep ’em on for now.”

“I was…actually gonna get completely naked. But I didn’t wanna go too fast either.”

Jamie raised her eyebrows. She was not actually expecting this reaction. But armed with it, she proceeded accordingly. Something about the situation made her go into “nerd” mode, and begin to speak like her role-playing game characters.

“Then again…ex post facto, we are two consenting lasses, with no prescribed ‘speed.’ Ipso facto, if you’ve no qualms about feeling my discovered figure beside your own, I’ve certainly no qualms seeing yours.”

Hearing these words and properly green-lit, Carinne promptly snuck her hands behind her back to undo her bra, yanked and flung it off by the gore, whipped her panties to the ankles and kicked them the rest of the way. Finally, she stretched out her limbs into a welcoming starfish pose, as if a silent “Ta-da!” It was done so quickly and elegantly, Jamie wanted to applaud. So she did.

“Splendid!” she bellowed, affecting an unplaceable accent. Unfastening and discarding her own garments, she addressed Carinne.

“But what ho, fair peasant maiden! What meanest thou by entrance into the private quarters of Madame warrior princess?!”

Carinne shrugged. “I…wanted to ravage you, Your Excellency, for I…got super-horny.”

Jamie gave a theatrical gasp, now almost nude herself.

Ravage! Such pluck! Such fortitude! Thou art painfully unaware of the perilous ramifications to befall thee for unlawful entry!”

Oh,” came the plucky horny maiden’s reply. “Am I to be…disciplined?”

“It should be thus decreed,” Jamie declared, crawling into the bed, easing between Carinne’s legs. “Thy quest sees thee fallen prey to the honorable warrior princess, common maiden. Thou hast thereby sentenced thyself, to a severe, prolongedtongue-lashing.”

She grasped Carinne at both thighs, culling a gasp from their owner. Her hands rode from Carinne’s pelvis, up her sides to her arms and shoulders, where Jamie wriggled forth to claim her. Carinne felt her warm breath, felt Jamie’s nose nuzzle hers. She enveloped Jamie in her arms and entangled their legs as well. They traded pecks, before settling in for the first majestic kiss.

Juices flowed. Squeezing and pressing one another in the mutual embrace, flesh heated, pulses ran high, and the maidens’ nipples and pussies inevitably responded. Feeling that they were turning each other on fueled and ignited both wildly. Jamie clutched Carinne’s cheeks and jaws in her palms, as Carinne pawed and clawed Jamie from the nape down her shoulders and back, leaving red nail streaks. Jamie ran her fingers through Carinne’s lovely fair hair, letting the strands tuft about her face as they would. Finally, they had to let the magic rest and break their first kiss to come up for air.

Ohhhh!” Carinne gushed in exultation, once more catching her breath. “That was magnificent!

Enormously flattered, Jamie modestly let herself down at Carinne’s side. She whispered two enigmatic words into her ear.

Level up.

Carinne burst out in hearty laughter, music to Jamie’s own ears. She gingerly reached up to caress Jamie’s mane in return.

“Madame princess Jamie, you are the best. You just gave me the most wonderful day of my life.”

“Awww…well, darling, you just made my day. You kiss like an angel. And this beautiful night of ours isn’t over yet.”

Carinne sniffled. “Okay, but…please don’t be alarmed if I cry…during…or, after. When someone makes love to me, my emotions get the best of me. So, um…instead of ‘if I cry,’ I guess I should say ‘when I cry.’”

“Aw, I think that’s sweet. Well, I’ll understand they’re tears of joy and take them as the compliment they are.”

“Y’know, I’ve, eh…not to make this weird or anything before we do it, it’s just…I’ve been with a handful of women, but I’ve had very few serious relationships. Sometimes it seems girls’ve only wanted one thing from me, and…some of ’em really ripped my heart out.”

Jamie shook her head. “Those bitches. Makes me wanna track ’em down and kick their asses for hurting you so much.”

“Oh, thank you…but it’s okay. I’m still fragile, but getting more resilient at the same time. And it’s their loss.”

Jamie dabbed her on the nose. “That’s for sure. I’m so happy you’re here with me right now, you have no idea.”

Sniffle. “My god, I’m feeling those tears come on already.”

Still together in their snuggly embrace, Jamie kissed Carinne the second time. Adding some serious initiative, she slipped her hand between Carinne’s supple thighs, and rubbed her pussy.

“MMM!” exclaimed Carinne, caught euphorically off-guard. With the paw of her lower arm, she re-dug her nails into Jamie’s shoulder blades. With the other, she reached straight down, frantically felt around for Jamie’s pussy, and luckily found it quickly. The second kiss broke much more rapidly than the first, and much more audibly as well.

Oh god…oh my god, oh my god, this is so beautiful,” Carinne breathed. She began to pepper Jamie’s face all over with kisses. “Please keep touching me, please please please! I love it!

I love it too, Carinne,” Jamie rasped back. Gasp.Holy smoke, you feel that? You’re making me wet all over you!

“You are too, Jamie!” Carinne abruptly yelled. “I am so turned on! It feels…” GAAAAASP. “OH, I’m in heaven!”

Already? thought Jamie. Well, you’ve (hopefully) got some major fireworks coming your way then.

“Oh, good,” Jamie said. “Tell me what you like, honey. What really does it for ya in bed?”

Oh. Um…golly. Well, I like a lotta stuff: soft kisses, massaging, nibbling…” She stifled a giggle. “…Spanking…being given a nice tongue bath, being…” Snicker. “…Jilled off…vibrated…and under the right circumstances, some…” She blushed. “…Darker stuff too.”

“Mmm…pique my intrigue, why don’t’cha.”

“But most of all, why drives me cuh-RA-zy…’s having my ‘button’ sucked.”

Well, what a coincidence…then again, I’m sure that drives a lotta girls crazier than anything else.

“Aha. The ‘doorbell,’ as it were.”

“Yup. Blows me clean through the roof. To infinity and beyond. Forgive me for quoting a Disney movie while we’re naked in bed.”

“Okay, great,” Jamie cooed at her. “We’ll work up to that. Or should I say, down to that.”

“Oooh, I’m tingling just thinking about it,” quivered Carinne. “Tell me then, my friend, what do you like in bed?”

She felt Jamie tenderly, intimately kiss her once again. She gladly cooperated, subsequently hearing the hostess purr her answer.

“I like you, in my bed.”

A number of parts of Carinne melted.

“God, you’re making me cry already.”

“Well…I also made you laugh like crazy before,” Jamie reasoned, teasing Carinne’s cunt slit with her fingertips. “And you’re free to make me giggle and weep when it might, uh…stroke your fancy.”

“OHHHH goooooood…” Carinne groaned, trying to make her eyes reorient. “I’m…I’m sorry, Jamie, could you say that again? I was a little occupied. You kinda had me…burning in passion.”

Another fingertip stroke. “Then my sneaky plan is working, I’d wager.”

Oh Jamie…you realize you’re using your power over me for evil.”

Another. “Am I?”

And another moan. “O-okay, Jamie, seriously, unless you want me to orgasm in your hand, like, right the hell now, please, let me settle down, and…and then get fired up again. Why don’t we just…kiss and play with our boobies for a while.”

“Orrrrr…” Nuzzle, kiss. “I could play with our boobies, and you can stroke my pussy.”

Carinne smiled. “That sounds perfect. I’d love to engage my taste buds. French me, s’il vous plaît?”

And so with libidos bubbling hot, the lassies hit the reset button and began phase two. Their tongues tangoed. Jamie gripped Carinne’s lovely, diminutive size 34 tits from the bottoms, gracefully nubbing the nipples with her thumbs. She circled the areolas one by one, feeling the satisfaction of their attentive stiffness. And that of Carinne’s soft, lusty moans through the nose while her mouth was busy. Jamie too adored the way her guest and playmate’s eyes lay innocently, peacefully shut as they kissed. She brought forth her own boobies to meet Carinne’s, and let them mingle. Their legs were tangled, giving Carinne easy access to her pussy. She matched the hungry nasal groan as Carinne found her cunt, burrowed two fingertips an inch inside, and masturbated her.

“MMMMM!” Jamie gratefully exclaimed into Carinne’s mouth. She uttered some muffled obscenities as well, to intensify her verbal feelings. Carinne understood, feeling both flattered and amused. She clutched and pulled at Jamie’s hair with her other hand. Sensing aggression, Jamie began accordingly to hump and thrust. Carinne followed suit, the both of them sending waves through the mattress, and turning their tender lovemaking session into a frolicky romp. Shouts and wails climbed, scaling the bedroom walls like ivy. Both drenched-wet pussies soaked their owners’ thighs, liquid arousal seeping down into the bed. They faintly gleamed by moonlight filtering the blinds. Even without direct contact, Carinne’s sex maintained its swollen red heat, and kept giving off moisture. Feeling prouder and prouder of her prowess, she began frigging Jamie off hard and fast.

Carinne’s digits pumping and ramming up and down, in and out of her pussy, Jamie lost it and went insane. Her lips popped off Carinne’s like a suction cup and she howled to the ceiling. She grasped and squeezed the hell from Carinne’s heaving tits. Sizzle consumed them both, sending pulsing goodness through to their extremities, as the bed once again became a sauna of the senses. Jamie was on the fast track to climax. Carinne was yet not, but having the time of her life.

She was focusing on giving Jamie her big bad ‘o’ for the moment, and holding off on her own. But blasting Jamie through plateau after plateau of insane pleasure brought her such joy it didn’t matter. And she was certain Jamie’d be happy to return the favor afterwards—if Carinne didn’t put her right to sleep from such a monstrous orgasm. In the meantime, she listened gleefully to Jamie’s awe-inspiring caterwauls, singing Carinne’s praises to the heavens. She urged her with words, shouting to be heard.


It must have been working, because Jamie audibly careened to the edge with raging velocity. Her head flew back, her sweaty, lust-grimacing face straight up. Carinne cheered her on, hollering, “THAT’S IT, BABY! ’ATTA GIRL! GIVE IT TO ME!!” Jamie didn’t even hear her. Her mind and cognitive resources were gone. Figuring this, and wanting to make the eruption as intense as possible, Carinne located one of Jamie’s breasts, and gnawed on her tasty pink nipple. Jamie already still had her firmly by both tits, and was too far gone to realize or let go. Their humping had diminished out of sync, but mattered no more. All that did at this moment was Jamie’s orgasm…then hopefully Carinne’s. Her wrist ached like her hand was about to fall off, but she couldn’t stop. Her playmate was on fire, mere nanoseconds to go. Carinne wished so dearly she could see her cum. She couldn’t remember when she’d wished for anything more longingly in her life. At any rate, she could feel Jamie’s pussy quake like the volcano it essentially was. Finally—

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH!!” Jamie screeched, as the mighty lightning bolt cracked and sizzled upon her. Under her cries, Carinne accompanied and harmonized with an ecstatic “YAAAAAAAAAYYYY!!” At the same time, she felt Jamie explosively squiiiiiirrrrrt all over her hand. Carinne tilted her face down.

“Oh, wow,” she said to herself, not having expected to make her squirt. What a lovely bonus. She almost stopped out of surprise, but kept jilling Jamie off furiously, relishing every climactic second she could squeeze out.

“OOOOOOHHH!! OOOOOHHH! OOOOHHH! Ohhh! Ohhh! Ohhh…ohh…” Jamie wound down. Carinne waited for a signal to stop.

“Okay! Okay…oh, Ca—…okay, that’s enough,” she panted through drool-leaking lips. “That…oh god, Carinne, that was…incredible.”

Carinne felt Jamie’s quick desperate breaths, and kissed her. Jamie broke it merely for need of oxygen.

“Oh my god,” she reiterated. “Oh, Carinne, th—…wow. Just…just W-O-W. How can I possibly show my appreciation??”

Carinne chuckled. “Oh, I don’t think that was a 20 Zillion Question, but I do think we’ve already answered it.”

So the girls took a small intermission, during which Jamie stumbled off to the bathroom and Carinne repositioned herself. When her hostess staggered back in, she was treated to the sight of a ripe, sweaty Carinne, grin on her face, groping and pressing her breasts, legs wide ajar, wiggling her toes and waving her feet. She looked adorable.

“You look adorable.”

“Don’t I though?” smiled Carinne, wriggling back and forth with her rump. She felt Jamie climb back in between her legs, and began giggling as if she were drunk.

“There’s a good girl,” Jamie purred. “You just lie back, play with your titties, and let me handle the rest.”

Carinne signaled her that she could handle that, and jovially burrowed her head in the pillow. Jamie fastened both hands around Carinne’s ankles, and began massaging slowly upwards. At her new angle, she loved the view of Carinne’s rising and falling boobs under her busy paws. Past the breasts, Jamie could see only the underside of her chin and the tip of her nose. She relished the smoothness of Carinne’s soft hot legs, reaching her knees and calves. Her milky thighs came next, which trembled at Jamie’s touch. Carinne’d been calmed back down, and now started to feel the waves radiating again. Her patient pussy had remained damp all the while, and began to wet over again. Jamie grinned roguishly at her soaked snatch, licking her lips. She applied pressure into Carinne’s thighs with her fingers, inching on her yearning womanhood. When she got close enough, Carinne tensed, seized her orbs with ferocity, and Jamie could swear that both she and her cunt gasped at the same time.

Jamie settled on her belly, dangling her feet in the air. And at last touched Carinne’s pussy for the first time since Carinne’d begged her to hold off. A shiver took over Carinne’s body, and Jamie looked up to determine the zealous smile from the portion of her kisser she could make out. She fingered Carinne’s majora lips and spread the moisture to coat the region. She then parted the labia just a bit, to slip out her tongue, glossally electrify her slit and brush her pussy lips in the same lap. Right on cue, Carinne screamed.

“OHHHHHH!! YES! Oh, please!” she entreated. “Again! More, my love! I’m your lesbian, now taste that rainbow!”

…WOW, thought Jamie. If she didn’t know better, she’d almost think Carinne was faking such wild arousal. Or overacting. But she had to keep reminding herself, the girl was a sensualist. She also remembered that Carinne had said she’d be crying happy tears throughout as well. Jamie guessed she’d better be prepared for some thunderous emotion. She gave a second, identical lick.

“OOOOOH-hoo-hoo!” Carinne jumped. “Best! Feeling! Ever! Keep going, pleeeeeeease!”

Jamie’s heart accelerated. She abruptly felt a bit of pressure descend. She’d better keep going, and make this good. Not that it was difficult to turn on Miss Carinne Fineman. But Jamie did want to give her a romp in the hay she’d never forget. A few more licks, and she gradually culled Carinne’s cunt lips further open. Her clit began to peek out from beneath its blood-rushed hood. Jamie lustily took it in, delightedly knowing she was the reason for it. Get ready, Carinne…you’re about to have your ever-lovin’ world rocked.

Judging by the visible tightness of her pinkish-red pussy, Jamie pressed two digits in, letting the autolube ease them through. She could not believe she was about to do to Carinne as Carinne had done to her just last night, only in her fantasy. But there it was before her eyes, twenty-four hours later, waiting to be orally gratified. She leaned up a bit further, took Carinne’s semi-erect clit in her mouth, tongue-flicked it, and let the meteors start showering. Sure enough, it was Carinne’s turn to lose it. And lose it she did.

Jamie started to town on her, giving her the works as Carinne unhanded her tits, and began pulverizing the mattress with her palms, fists and heels. She bellowed her lungs out, putting Jamie’s earlier shouts of ecstasy to utter shame. Jamie found herself having to hold back from giggling out loud at how crazy she was driving Carinne. She shut her eyes and let her taste buds enjoy. She thrusted and jilled her off at moderate pace, enjoying the wonderful feeling of Carinne pussy-clenching on her fingers, to release and re-clench ad infinitum. Damn, thought Jamie, the girl wasn’t lying about how much she loved having her “button” sucked.

She flicked and swished her tongue in a circular motion around Carinne’s by now bulging, blood-red engorged clit, holding said clit’s hood up and back with one hand, frigging her fast to the portal with the other. Carinne’s outbursts could very well have awoken her neighbors in adjacent units. Jamie was well aware she and her fellow tenants could hear one another, but were there ramifications, she’d deal with those later. This was too good to minimize. Jamie went on tasting the rainbow, as her clit nearly bulged to indeed the size of a Skittle. Carinne hollered some breathless, incomplete four-letter words that would’ve made Jamie and her ears blush, were it not for all they’d already been through tonight. Both could tell it wouldn’t be long. Jamie wanted to encourage and cheer her on the way Carinne’d done her, but her lips were steady at task. Besides, she didn’t think Carinne needed any extra help just now.

Jamie tried to pump inside her just far enough to reach her g-spot. She honestly wasn’t sure if she quite did, but was suddenly startled as Carinne’s body and limbs locked in place. She croaked, as if she could no longer breathe. Jamie became a trifle concerned, but didn’t stop going. It was the right call. This happened to Carinne just before she came like a hot geyser. And Jamie found that Carinne was truthful about her overwhelmed emotions as well. At the precise moment she began to feel Carinne’s own cum burst and spew through her cunt, the girl’s lacrimal ducts broke like their own dam.

She ceased croaking. She unlocked. She exploded. She sailed through the heavens as her marvelous orgasm ran course. She half-shrieked and half-sobbed. Her tears were among the most euphoric she’d ever cried. She claimed two fierce fistfuls of mattress and almost ripped the fabric apart. Her head whipped back on the pillow. Patches of flesh were as drenched as her pussy had long been. Jamie pleasured her until her hand felt the well go dry, so to speak. She slowly, gingerly extracted her fingers, and loosened her oral grip on Carinne’s over-rung doorbell. Inevitably, the smoke settled, and the dust cleared. She sucked Carinne’s cum off her digits.

“Ahhh, yesssssss…” Jamie congratulated her. “My fair maiden…our noble quest has concluded in honor and triumph. Game over.”

Carinne laughed, joyous tears still streaming her face. When she too regained the strength to get up, Jamie retrieved her cane and guided her to the bathroom. While Carinne took care of herself, Jamie fetched a towel to lay over the mattress. She then grabbed an additional blanket from the living room, so they could sandwich themselves. Done with this, she reapproached the bathroom.

“Carinne? Hon? Just call when you’re done.”

“Perfect timing, poet who doesn’t know it,” came the reply from inside. “I actually just finished up.

“…Is it okay if I sleep over with you?” she asked as Jamie helped her back to the bedroom.

“Is it okay?” laughed Jamie. “Sweetheart, I’d be very very sad if you wanted me to drive you home right now!

“Oh, good. I just hoped you weren’t gonna just boot me out after we…y’know…did the deed.”

“Wha—…Carinne, what on Earth would make you think that after the entire day we just spent together?”

“Oh…maybe it’s just my paranoia. It’s like I told you before, I’ve just had some real bad experiences with some of the girls I slept with in the past. It’s like they just wanted to use me for a sleazy toy. I felt so cheap afterwards.”

Jamie sat on the bed with her, clasping her hand as she hugged Carinne with the other arm.

“Well, you won’t have to worry about that with me. Maybe what we did was a little fast, just meeting for the first time yesterday and all. But, well, maybe you could tell this from my lovemaking…” She giggled. “But I’m looking for something truly meaningful. I haven’t had hardly any significant relationships in my life, and…I’ve always wanted one.”

“Oh, Jamie…I’ve never been so happy to be on the same page with someone. I feel so lucky!”

“Double for me. Actually, the biggest relationship I’ve had lately’s been with my laptop. I’ve never told anyone this, but…there’s a folder on there with pictures I like to…well, please myself to. I’ve also been on a dating site for awhile, and absolutely nothing’s come of that. I think I’m just gonna delete my profile. And it was really nice to take a break from the cyber-world today.

“…And y’know, I, uh…I felt a little funny about mentioning this, but…last night, after I met you, I put on my sleep mask, y’know, over my eyes, and I walked around the apartment. Just, to kinda…feel sorta what it’s like for you.”

Already turned Jamie’s way, Carinne reached for her face, and planted the most devoted, soulful kiss of the evening on her. When they brought it to an end, Jamie saw Carinne’s heartstrings once more getting the better of her.

“So…you did put yourself in my ‘shoes,’” she said softly. “That’s…that is the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard. Nobody’s ever done anything like that for me before. Jamie…I…I feel just so, so fond of you right now.”

Jamie failed to anticipate it being that big a deal, but knew a good thing when she heard it. She also recognized Carinne had chosen these words because it remained too soon to use a certain other four-letter word. She urged Carinne into the bed horizontally so they could lie together, and pulled the comforter over them. Carinne felt Jamie peck her cheek.

You really are so beautiful.

So’re you.

Oh…Carinne…I am not that beautiful.

I respectfully and strongly disagree. I’m entitled to my opinion, and in what I felt of your face, I found true beauty.

Well…they say beauty’s skin deep.

They also say it’s in the eye of the beholder. But that’s not really applicable for me, now is it.

Heh! True. Well…good night, Carinne. Sleep tight. See ya in the mornin’ light.

Nighty-night, sweet dreams.

It took Jamie a little additional time to fall asleep, because she did a bit more thinking. This was…magical. Surreal. Unbelievable. Forty-eight hours ago, she was a melancholy, downhearted young lady with some damaging self-esteem issues. Now…not so much. She guessed it just went to show that like Carinne, life was full of surprises. Some were nice, some less than nice. And she knew she had to take the bad with the good. Maybe she didn’t have all the answers yet. Maybe she didn’t know what the future held for her and Carinne as far as tomorrow, or next month, or years from tonight. But in the wake of yesterday morning, one thing was for sure.

Jamie Himmelfarb was a truly much happier person.


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