He Is Such A Good Daddy

It was such a good night for Daddy. I'm spending this morning in bed now just thinking all about it again. We don't live together. Not yet. I know we will someday but now I get to dream about Him being here for me. He always is when I need Him. The best Master ever.

Daddy put the plug in last night when I left his apartment. He told me to keep it in until He calls me today. I like it a lot. It makes me feel like my Master is still inside me. Making me feel so good and so happy. My little kitten is getting swollen now just thinking about Him as I softly touch it. It's so tingly and wet. It was used so much last night by Daddy.

He's glad to hear me beg for it. All of it. All that He has to give to me. The gentle touches, the hugging, the caressing while I cuddle in His lap. And the naughty love we make. He loves His Little so much. He loves me. And He shows me all of the time teaching me to be a good girl. I haven't always been so good. But I try really hard. I giggle now, thinking about making Him hard.

I sent Daddy a text late last night. I was so lonely and wanting some attention. Daddy always understands. He was probably busy writing. He does that at night on His computer. But He sent back an answer real quick.

"Come." I did just that. I was skipping up His stairway in only a few minutes it seemed, ready to play with Him.

It's so nice to remember now how I sank down in front of Him and He picked me up and held me ever so close and tight. I almost cried because I was happy. He kissed me softly. Daddy is always so gentle with me. Except those times. You know. When I'm a brat. But not tonight. His lips were soft on mine as I moaned and touched His tongue with mine.

After awhile He wanted to know how my day had been. We chatted about what was going on in our lives. We hadn't been together for some days. It's so difficult not seeing Master every day. But we have things that need to be done and people we need to see.

That's another life for both of us. Now we talked about it all. Always getting to know each other better. That's what I like about Daddy. He wants to know me. All about me. And it's such a treat when He tells me new things. He's done so much in His life. That's why He's such a good teacher. I giggled and snuggled into His lap. I was so happy.

I knew Daddy was glad I had begged to come see Him. I could tell, as I stroked His face, that He was getting a little excited having me squirming on His lap. I was always glad when I gave Him pleasure. I touched His hardness and He groaned just a little. Daddy's in control all of the time.

"Who's a little slut?" He moaned. I squeezed His manhood and laughed out loud.

"I am, Sir. I am," I squealed and got down beside Him on the couch. I was on my knees bending over Him and I pulled His zipper down slowly as I watched His face. I was so eager because I need Him so much. I can be so greedy. He tells me I should control that, and I do, sometimes. Not always. Now I was fingering myself inside my short skirt. I never wore panties when I visited my Master. I wanted to taste my Daddy. I struggled to pull His trousers down and off.

Oh, it was nice. His prick gets so rigid, curving out from His shaved balls. I think I make Him harder than He's ever been. I just bet I do. It was stiff and the mushroom tip was getting purple. Just a drop of wetness was leaking out and I touched my tongue to it. He tastes so good. Yummy.

My fingers were tickling His meatus and stroking down the length. My thumb would rub the tip then squeeze it while my other hand's fingers were sliding up my juicy slit. He's so big but I can get it all in my mouth. I'm such a good little cocksucker. That's what Daddy tells me.

Now I was going to show Him. "Sir, may I suck you please?" I was trained well. I always asked permission because Daddy liked to wait sometimes letting the sensitivity build up stronger.

"Yes. Now you may please me. Do it Little One. Suck Daddy deep now. Oh, god. Good girl. That's such a good girl." That made me so proud. I was making my Master happy as He began thrusting into my mouth. Holding my locks of hair and making me gag with all of His cock.

One thing Sir likes so much about me is that I can cum so fast. Yes, He really likes that. He tells me He's proud to have such a sweet whore for His Little One. That makes me so happy. No one ever made me cum so deeply and for such a long time. It makes me shiver to think about it.

Lying here in bed I remembered that I was cumming while Daddy fucked my face. He had reached around and His hand was finger fucking me at the same time that I was leaning over taking His cock. Right now I was slowly pinching my nipples. I was close to making myself cum just daydreaming about us last night. But I was just edging. He told me last night that I couldn't cum today until He called.

Sometimes Master wants to give me all of His spunk and then relax as He plays with my kitten. He always makes sure I have been satisfied. More than satisfied, really. He makes me cum so intensely that I feel like passing out sometimes. He enjoys watching me take His milk and swallow it all. I didn't use to like sucking cock. But Daddy's taught me to love it. Now I look forward to it, cumming while I please Master.

Last night I was gagging and waiting for Him to shoot but He decided that I needed something else. Daddy is always right. He knows best. I did need something else. I really needed His rod filling my kitten up. Yes, I wanted that a lot. He could tell from the way I was humping up against His fingers. He pulled out from my face. I whimpered at the loss but He smacked my face with His prick. Master always knows best.

Then He pulled me up to fit onto His cock. I was on top. I liked doing that. I giggled as I slid my kitten down around His hard prick. My legs were straddling Him with my thighs resting on my calves. Daddy thinks I have delicious legs. He told me that before. Now He twisted my breasts, making me cry out. I moaned softly as I used my luscious legs to fuck myself on His big cock. Slowly.

"Daddy, Daddy, oh fuck, oh fuck, fucking my Master. Yes, yes. Oh shit. Thank you Daddy. Thank you."

"Yes Little girl. Yes, such a tight fucking kitten. Such a tight little slit. Baby, Daddy loves you so much. Take all of me Little One."

Now we were fucking the nasty way. He likes fucking me hard. He lifted me up and moved us so that now He was fucking me with my legs up and over His shoulders. He could get so deep like that. I wanted all of His prick inside me so I was crying out and begging Him for more. He was grinning as He looked into my eyes.

"You need this? Yes? You need this, little whore? Want me to fuck you deep baby? Oh fuck, so good. You are so good for me baby. So fucking good."

"Oh yes, Daddy. Oh, please do it to me. Do me, Sir. Do me. Fuck me. Ahhhhhhhh! Fuck me please. Cumming, now I'm cumming. I keep cumming Daddy. Cumming for you Sir. Ahhhh!"

It kept going on and on. My Master loves to fuck me into submission. That's what He calls it. I submitted long ago, of course. But I understand. I understand and I love Him for it. He's so good for me. Master kept fucking me for a long time. Never cumming though. He controls it so well. But He tells me to just cum all I want. He wants to see me being a whore. I'm Daddy's best little tart. That's what He tells me.

I was going to see if He would give me a treat. He was being such a good Daddy. I was going to see. As I shivered through another cum I started begging Him. "Please, Sir. Oh, oh, fuck. Please, Sir. Fuck my ass Daddy. Please, baby needs it, please."

He slowed His pumping now. Slowed down and looked deeply into my eyes. Then He grinned and pulled His long cock out of my kitten with a wet plop. My eyes were still begging Him but I could feel Him guiding His sticky prick to my butthole. The mushroom head popped into me and I sighed. I was getting what I wanted like the spoiled brat I could be. I moaned and smiled at the same time.

But He was not going to be gentle with me. I wanted ass fucking and He was going to give it to me. Oh, god. Daddy was fucking me deep and slowly for just a minute and then the ramming began. Shaking my whole body and making my titties quiver with each thrust. Filling me up and fucking me deep. I was hoping He would fill me with His spunk tonight.

Oh, god. Master was teaching me who was the best fuck in the world. He was fucking me so good. This time He didn't fuck me too long. He was ready Himself after screwing His Little One for about five more minutes. He was ready to squirt His cream into my ass.

"Now, now. Yes, yes. Oh fuck, baby. Fuck yes. Want it? Want it? Cumming for me now?"

"Yes Daddy, please Sir. Ohhhhhhh! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me." My Master was pressing my legs up and back as he kept grunting and battering my ass with His meat. My Master was loving His Little One. He yelled now.

"Yeah. Ahhh! Yeah. Feel that baby? Feel that cum baby? Yeah," And He spurted into me. I did feel it. Loving the feel of it and cumming again. Daddy's right. I'm a cumslut.

My Master always has a lot of sperm for me.

I got up slowly and went into the bathroom. I got a wash cloth and brought it into the front room. Daddy likes me to clean Him up after He pleases me. I folded my legs and sat crosslegged on the carpet beside Him. I gently wiped His precious cock clean. Then I quickly stroked it a couple of times. I giggled. He was getting hard again.

"You are such a little tramp," He said, smiling at me. His hand touched my cheek. Daddy adores me. That's what He says.

"Bend over now. You're getting a little present from me tonight," and with that He pressed the butt plug into my tender ass. "Keep that in until I call you tomorrow. Now get cleaned up and get your little ass out of here. I've got work I need to do."

That was last night. I slept quite well, even with the plug inside, reminding me of Daddy. Now I was lying in bed after having some tea. I was so close to cumming again. But I had to wait. My cell phone tinkled. It was Daddy's ringtone.

I looked at it. It was a single word text.

"Cum," and I did. He is such a good Daddy.



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