Sexy With Mary, My Son's Girlfriend

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23 Jun. '16

My son is still living with us. Even though he's a college graduate and has a good paying job. It's just very expensive to live on your own these days. He's hoping to buy a house some day, but just hasn't saved enough cash to do that yet.

His mother is quite happy with him living home still. She babies him more then she should. The thing that I find so annoying is, he doesn’t get hotels when he brings women home. He has sex in our house with his sluts. He brings home a new girl every week it seems. I guess he's a bit of a player or just doesn't want to get too involved with any of them.

He brings them home late at night, but usually I’m up and can hear my son getting laid. It’s not like he tries to be quiet. He’s been fucking some little slut now that loves to scream and use dirty language. I have to tell you, she looks like like a nice catholic girl, but has a mouth like a sewer.

Her name is Mary Kelly. I think she’s an Irish girl. She’s got a fair complexion and has red wavy hair and freckles on her face. When my son brings her home, she begs him to fuck her like a whore. I’m not sure what he does to her, but she screams all kinds of sexual things. My heart skips a beat when that girl is around. She really makes my cock hard. I know that must be awful for me to say.

One time, I was so turned on hearing my son’s whore begging him to fuck her harder and deeper and all the screams and moans. I needed to have sex with my own wife. She had already gone to sleep for the night. I kissed her and whispered things into her ear. She was smiling when I lifted her nightgown and gave her pussy a licking. My wife wrapped her legs around my neck and rocked her pussy on my mouth. I made her cum several times before she climbed on top of me and rode me hard. She probably wondered what had me all horned up at two in the morning. I think she was happy even though I woke her up.

After we both came, my wife went back to sleep. I stayed awake and listened to my son’s girlfriend moaning and groaning. About an hour after my wife fell back to sleep, my son’s girlfriend was begging for him to fuck her ass. I couldn’t believe this nice catholic looking girl begging for an ass fucking. My mind was filled with all kinds of impure thoughts. I was so envious of my son. 

I’ve been married to my wife for thirty years. I don’t think she ever asked for me to fuck her asshole. I’ve asked her, but she just shakes her head and tells me “maybe in your next life.” My son doesn’t know how lucky he is to have a girl beg him to fuck her asshole. 


The next day, my son left early to go fishing and my wife went to visit her sister. I went outside with my paper and my coffee and sat out by the pool. It was a sunny day and I was looking forward to a lazy afternoon by myself. 

About an hour later, Mary came outside in a white bikini and sat down next to me. I had no idea she was even here. She just smiled and started to apply her sun block. 

“I hope you don’t mind, Vinny said I could hang out today.” 

“Did he? When he goes fishing, he doesn’t come home until later in the day.” 

“That’s fine. I won't get in the way. I promise."

“I’d think such a fair girl like you, you’d hate the sun.” 

“That’s why they created sun block.” 

“I guess you’re right.” 

Mary rubbed the sunblock all over her body and put her sunglasses on. She looked amazing on the chair. A few times, I glanced over at her. I could see why my son liked her. She was very curvy and had a nice set of breasts. The thing that I liked about her was she appeared to be a nice catholic girl, but was a slut in the bedroom. She had a mouth like a truck driver. 

I read the paper while she sunbathed. Occasionally I glanced over at her and smiled. About an hour later, she turned over. 

“Would you mind putting sunblock on my back?” 

“Sure. I could do that for you.” 

She handed me the sunblock. I walked over to her and poured it onto my hands and rubbed it all over her back and shoulders. 

“Would you mind doing my whole body. I’d hate to burn.” 


I rubbed it on her middle and down both of her legs. 

“That feels so nice. You have amazing hands.” 

I just started to laugh. I had no idea what she was up too. After I was finished, I went back over to my chair. Her cellphone started to ring. She picked it up. 

“Hello. Hi there. I’m just hanging outside tanning.” 

Whoever she was talking to was making her giggle. She turned over on the chair and slipped her fingers into her bikini bottom and played with her pussy. 

“My pussy is very wet. I’m imagining my fingers are your big cock. I’m fucking myself with my fingers.” 

I pulled my paper to my nose and watched Mary masturbate and talk on the phone. I assumed she was talking to my son. She must have forgot that I was outside with her. 

“I’m so wet for you. I have three fingers inside of my pussy. I’m going to cum thinking of you. Oh God! Fucking hell. I wish you were here fucking me. I’m coming. I'm tasting my pussy juices now. My pussy is so sweet tasting. Hurry back. I want you to fuck me when you get home. I'm so horny for you."

Mary stood up and removed her bathing suit. She was now on the chair moving her fingers all over her pussy. I could see that she was very wet down there while she fingered herself deep. 

“You must be hard watching me get off. I bet you’d like a taste of my pussy. Come over here and be a good boy and lick my cunt.” 

“Are you talking to me?"

“Of course I am! You’re the only person here. Now get over here and lick my cunt. Do it!” 

I just looked at her stunned. I was so turned on and did what she said to do. I could see she was very controlling. I now wondered if she was dominant with my son. She was turning me the fuck on. 

Mary sat on the side of the lounge chair. She spread her long legs. 

“Come on Mister, I don’t have all day. My pussy needs to be licked. Now be a good boy and come lick my cunt. I know your son likes to fuck my asshole, I bet his daddy would too. Come and lick my pussy and then Miss Mary will let you fuck her asshole. Come on Daddy!” 

I couldn’t believe how she was talking to me. My cock was iron hard in my bathing suit. I got up and knelt down in front of her sweet pussy. She had little red curls covering her sweet pink pussy. I licked her pussy all over her sweet folds. She opened her legs wider and brushed her pussy up against my tongue. I sucked on her swollen clit which made her moan. 

“Daddy, you’re a good pussy licker. You're much better then Vinny. You’re going to make Miss Mary come. Fucking hell.” 

I was so turned on with her calling me “daddy.” I sucked on her clit and pushed my tongue through her sweet cunt. Her pussy was very wet while I tongue fucked her hard. She was pulling on her nipples which excited me more.

She was now moaning and groaning while I fucked her with my tongue. She had her hands in my salt and pepper hair. She was grinding up against my face. I had my hands on her thighs while I made her cum several times on my tongue. Her pussy was a dripping mess. 

“You lick pussy so good. I bet Daddy would want to fuck me now. Take me in the pool and fuck me like a slut.” 

I removed my bathing suit and carried Mary into my arms. I brought her into the pool and picked up her leg. I entered her sweet cunt and pushed my cock deep inside of her. 

“Fuck me harder, Daddy. I love your big cock. You’re so hard and thick. Fuck me!"

I loved how she was talking to me all dirty. My wife had never done that ever. I wasn’t even thinking about my wife. I was thinking about how good my dick felt in my son’s slut’s cunt. I was pounding her with my cock. She was moaning and groaning and loving my dick. The cool water felt nice on our bodies.

“Daddy, I want you to fuck my asshole now. Does daddy want to fuck my asshole now? Let’s go inside and you can fuck Miss Mary’s asshole. Miss Mary loves cock inside of her asshole.” 

I was so excited that this whore wanted an ass fucking. I’d never fucked anybody’s asshole before. I grabbed her hand and we walked back inside. My cock was iron hard and couldn’t wait to feel her tight asshole around my cock. I took her upstairs to the spare room. I didn’t want to fuck her in my bedroom. 

Mary got on all fours on the bed. I spat on my hand and rubbed it all over her asshole and my cock. I grabbed her hips and entered inside of her tight and puckered ass hole. I pushed my cock slowly into her asshole. 

“Daddy, that’s it. Now push it into me hard. Fuck me like the whore I am!” 

I was so excited and did what she said. I pushed myself into her tight space. Her asshole opened right up while I fucked her. I held her hips and rocked my cock in and out of her tight anus. 

“Daddy, slap my buttocks. Give me a spanking daddy. I’ve been a bad girl. I’m fucking my boyfriend’s father. Fuck me harder!” 

I was so excited while I moved my cock in and out of her sweet ass. She was so tight and her big breasts swung while I fucked her. 

“Are you a dirty girl? Do you like my big cock?" Slap. Slap. Slap. 

“Daddy you’re making me wet. I’m going to finger myself now. Daddy, your cock is so big. You’re so much bigger then Vinny. His cock is so little daddy. You’re such a good fuck.” 

Mary was fingering her pussy while I fucked her hard and fast. I was slapping her good girl buttocks which was making her finger herself faster. 

“I’m coming! Daddy, come inside of me. Blast my asshole with cum. Do it!” 

I fucked her harder and faster. I was slapping her buttocks and ramming her with my cock. She was coming on her fingers. I let out a moan and blasted her with my come. I never came so hard in my life. 

“Daddy, that was so good. You’re a great lay. Now come and lick the cum from my asshole.” 

“No. I don’t lick my cum. That’s where I draw the line.” 

“You’re going to lick my asshole clean. Do it or I’ll tell your wife. Come on Daddy!” 

“You better not tell my wife. You’re a stupid bitch! I’ll tell Vinny that you had sex with me.” 

“He doesn’t care, he told me to have sex with you.” 

“I doubt that. Now be a good whore and suck my cock.” 

“I don’t suck cock after it’s been up my asshole.” 

“The rules have now changed. Get on your knees and suck my cock. I’m in charge now.” 

“Okay. If you say so. I kind of like a man in charge. Your son likes me to be in charge. I’ll suck your cock, daddy.” 

Mary got on her knees and licked my cock clean. She wrapped her lipstick lips around my dick and took me into her mouth. Her mouth felt amazing on my cock. She held my balls and lightly caressed each one. 

“Daddy, I’ll massage your prostate.” 

Mary wiped her fingers on her pussy and pushed her fingers into my prostate. She rubbed her fingers all over me. This was a new sensation that I had never experienced before. She was giving me head and rubbing my prostate. I was so excited and blew a load down the slut’s mouth. 

Mary swallowed it all down. 

“You’re a dirty daddy. I like you. You’re much more fun then Vinny.” 

“You’re a dirty girl. You love to get fucked don’t you?” 

“I’m a very dirty girl. I love to get fucked especially from my boyfriend’s father’s.” 

“So I’m not your first daddy?” 

“No. Does that bother you?” 

“No. But, I hope to be your last.” 

Mary stood up and we kissed passionately. I tasted the cum on her breath. I played with her asshole and pushed my fingers into her ass while we French kissed. I couldn’t believe I had cheated on my wife. I felt like a million bucks. I finally had anal sex. I was hoping to fuck Mary again. We had sex most of the day and into the night. I wondered if we’d fuck again. I was hoping we would.



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