Good neighbours

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07 Jun. '19

Vicky and Brad were so happy to finally move into their own home. They had got married very young, both being just 20 years old. Everyone assumed they had been childhood sweethearts, but that wasn’t so. They had met when they started working at the same department store when they were both 18. They started on the same day and there was an instant attraction. Vicky was what anyone would describe as ‘cute’. She was very pretty and looked even younger than she was but she definitely had the body of a woman, slim but curvy and had breasts that looked a little too large for her. Having attracted admiring looks from boys and men over the last few years, Vicky knew she looked good and had a self-confidence that takes some people years to acquire.

Brad was what he considered to be an ordinary guy. He too looked younger than his years and this isn’t something that he liked, always being called ‘baby face’ and ‘the baby of the group’. He got ID checked way more than his friends and they would tease him about it mercilessly. He developed a thick skin and consoled himself that he’d have the last laugh, years from now, if he still looked younger than the others. Brad was quite handsome but also quite shy and although he fancied Vicky the moment he first saw her, he never made a move. He was polite and kind to her but never gave any indication that he fancied her.

Vicky had been fighting off advances from other staff members for the whole year since they had joined the store, but Brad hadn’t had much of a sniff around any of the other girls. He used to lay awake thinking how lucky Vicky was, attracting suitors so easily. It was at the Christmas party when emboldened by alcohol, he asked her to dance and she agreed. After explaining to her why he’d never made any advances before, Vicky told him he was a fool because she had fancied him since day one as well! After metaphorically kicking himself, they became a couple, got engaged after six months and married after a year.

Today, having saved hard for a deposit, they moved into their new apartment which was in a block of just four in a fairly good part of town. As the removal guys were emptying the large van – Vicky was amazed at just how much stuff they had acquired over the last year in their rented flat – the neighbours from the next-door apartment came out to say hello. Carl and  Mel were in their early forties. A free-spirited couple, they had never had children, preferring to spend their available funds on cruises and exotic holidays. Mel was particularly nosey to see who their new neighbours were and introduced herself to Vicky. She called Carl over to say hello as well and he hoped he hadn’t let it show that he was knocked out by how beautiful Vicky was. Mel was no fool though, and as Vicky walked off to fetch Brad to introduce him, Mel said to Carl “So she’s nice, very pretty, don’t you think?” Carl knew he was busted, so didn’t try and bluff. “You’re not kidding, she’s a fucking babe!” he replied. Mel looked a bit cross and he said “Well, you did ask!”

Vicky returned with Brad in tow and he shook hands with Mel and Carl. Mel’s mood lifted immediately and she couldn’t help saying “Welcome to the building. How nice it is to have two such beautiful neighbours!” Vicky smiled, Brad blushed and Carl snorted. “Ha,” he said, “don’t mind her, she has a thing for younger men. I’m surprised she hasn’t traded me in for a toy-boy yet!” Now Mel blushed and subtly stood on Carl’s toe, making him wince. “Be nice, Carl,” she admonished him. “We don’t want to scare them away even before they’ve moved in!”

Vicky and Brad were lying in bed later that night, having just christened their new bedroom with some very energetic sex. Brad said “I think we were a hit with the neighbours. Carl was drooling like Homer Simpson when he was looking at you,” and laughed as he poked Vicky in the ribs. She responded with “Yeah, I noticed that. Just as well he’s not ten years younger, he’s a great looking guy. But what I really noticed was that Mel wanted to eat you up in one gulp!” and poked him back. Carl chuckled and said “Hmm, I can think of worse ways to go! She’s not bad for an older woman. You might say a bit of a MILF!” Vicky poked him again and Brad started to wrestle with her. Very soon, they were making love again, all thoughts of their hot older neighbours gone from their minds, for now.

Carl and Mel were slightly less playful in their assessment of Brad and Vicky. Mel started with “When I saw Vicky, I thought you were going to burst. She’s so hot and I don’t blame you for fancying her. Then I saw Brad and I thought I was going to burst!” Carl smiled and said “You’re right, they are both great looking kids. Shame we’re old enough to be their parents!”

The two couples got to know each other quite well over the months that followed. Mel’s beloved cat Charlie got hit by a car in the car park downstairs when both Mel and Carl were out, so Vicky took it upon herself to take it to the vet’s for treatment. Mel was so grateful and insisted both she and Brad come round for dinner so she could thank them properly. Vicky accepted on their behalf, knowing Brad wouldn’t mind spending an evening in their company, particularly Mel’s company! He mentioned a few times how attractive he thought she was. Vicky was keen too, she thought Carl was lovely as well, certainly no hardship for her to spend a pleasant evening with them.

Carl teased Mel over her attraction to Brad, referring to him as her would-be toy-boy. Mel teased Carl that he’d burst a blood vessel if he kept drooling over Vicky.

Brad teased Vicky that she could get rid of all her daddy-issues with Carl and Vicky teased Brad that he wanted to motorboat Mel’s ample bosom and learn some sex tricks from a mature woman.

None of them really thought anything would come of this teasing and neither couple really suspected the other was attracted to them. Then, the day before the dinner at Mel and Carl’s was due, Brad had a thought, which he had to share with Vicky. “Babe, you know I fancied you the moment I saw you, but said nothing for a whole year?” Vicky smiled and nodded, saying “Yeah, so?” Brad continued “I always think that was such a waste of a year. I could have had you all to myself so much sooner. I was thinking…” He paused, trying to select his words carefully. “What if Carl and Mel think the same of us as we do of them? I mean, are we maybe missing an opportunity here?”

Vicky blushed a bit but didn’t reply immediately, taking in the concept of what Brad had just said. She got the distinct impression that Carl and Mel wouldn’t be averse to a bit of swinging. They hadn’t said that in so many words, but the implication had been there when they chatted. What Vicky did wonder was whether or not she and Brad could try swinging without harming their relationship. Vicky wasn’t the jealous type, but she wasn’t sure if Brad could handle the idea of her being with another man. Perhaps he thought being older than them, Carl and Mel would be the prefect couple to try it with. Brad was still waiting for Vicky to say something, hoping he hadn’t made a huge mistake in bringing it up in the first place.

“By ‘opportunity’, do you mean you want us to fuck each other?” Brad looked horrified at Vicky’s choice of words. She wasn’t one to use the F word very often. He looked flustered and Vicky rescued him, saying “It’s OK Babe, I’ve thought about it too. Carl is hot and I know you and Mel would be great together, if she let you survive, that is. She strikes me as the kind of woman that mates and kills her partner straight afterwards!”

Brad was relieved that Vicky had thought of fucking the neighbours as well! He was laughing from Vicky’s ‘black widow’ comment too, nodding in agreement. Brad suddenly thought and said out loud “Fuck, what if they are saying the same about you and me? Shit, do you think tonight is a set up. Are we about to get molested?” He looked genuinely worried and Vicky, in her confident way, said “I don’t know, but perhaps we’d both better wear our best underwear tonight!”

That night, when they made love, Brad was imagining it was Mel’s oily breasts that were being slid up and down his hard cock by Vicky. In turn, Vicky was wondering if Carls cock would be as big and hard as Brad’s. Gosh, maybe it would be even bigger! She was fingering herself as Brad was sliding his cock up and down between her ample breasts and when he came, much more quickly than usual and with such force that she got a face-full of his cum. She yelped loudly with her own orgasm, surprising Brad with the volume, thinking Mel and Carl probably heard her. Vicky chuckled and asked Brad “Were you thinking of Mel’s tits just then?” Brad looked sheepish and said “Yes, and I bet you were imagining it was Carl’s cock, not mine!” Vicky nodded and said “Fuck, I hope they do try it on tomorrow. It would be awesome!”

Brad and Vicky returned home that evening with two nice bottles of wine to take with them later. What they didn’t know was that Mel and Carl had been plotting themselves, trying to work out a way to broach the subject of swinging. Mel said she reckoned Vicky would be more up for it than Brad and Carl grinned, saying “I do hope so!” Mel was about to throw something at him when he added “But if Brad is as red-blooded as I think he is, how could he resist you, my love. You’re hot as fuck and every young man’s wet dream!” Mel put the cushion down and decided to spare her husband. She loved it when he gave her compliments like that. “So you think a low-cut top will do the trick?” she asked. Carl sniggered and replied “Yes! and if not for him then for me later!” The cushion hit him on the back of the head as he trotted into the kitchen.

Brad knocked Carl and Mel’s door at 7pm sharp and Mel shouted “It’s open.” They entered the apartment and were first greeted by Charlie, the cat. Vicky made a big fuss of him and both Carl and Mel greeted them as well. “Hi Guys,” said Mel. “Wow, Vicky you look great,” she said as she kissed her on the cheek. “Hi Mel, how are you?” asked Vicky. “Oh, you know,” she replied, “hungry, horny, the usual!” She moved to Brad and said “Well, hello handsome!” and kissed his cheek too, holding his hand for a moment longer than felt normal. “Hiya Mel, looking good there!” said Brad, surprising Vicky as he was never usually so bold. Mel looked quite flushed when he said this and she said “Right back at ya!” with a big smile on her face. Carl said “You’ll have to excuse my crazy wife guys! Good evening to you both. Looking lovely, blah blah, how about a drink?”

Vicky giggled at Carl’s greeting and handed him a bottle of white wine. “Anything that’s open, please Carl,” she replied. Brad held out a bottle of red for Carl to take as well and Carl said “Wow, this is gonna be a great night! If nothing else, we’ll all get drunk!”

It hadn’t escaped Vicky or Brad’s attention that Mel was flirting like crazy and Carl had said ‘if nothing else…’ Brad hoped he had in mind what he and Vicky did. They dined and laughed almost non-stop. The wine flowed along with the compliments. Mel and Carl really couldn’t have made it much clearer what they wanted to happen that evening. After they’d cleared away, Mel was making coffee and Vicky was helping. Brad and Carl were choosing music when he asked quietly “So how did you land a knockout like Mel?” Carl laughed, “Yeah, she is pretty hot, don’t you think?” Brad agreed, saying “I think we both hit the jackpot!” Carl put his arm around Brad’s shoulder and said “It’s up to you, but why don’t we try hitting each other’s ‘jackpots’ tonight?” Brad’s heart jumped but he pretended to be shocked. “For real?” he asked, looking as surprised as he could. Carl lowered his tone a little and said “We’ve been swinging on and off for years. We’ve never met a sexier couple than you two though.”

Brad wondered if Mel and Vicky were having a similar conversation. They were. “I bet Brad is great in bed, Vicky?” she asked. Vicky pretended to be shocked but replied “Um, well, yes, he’s pretty awesome to be honest. He fancies you rotten too, by the way!” Now Mel’s turn to act surprised. “Me? Really? When he has a total babe like you?” Vicky nodded and said “Thanks for the compliment. But yes, he said, and I quote, Best tits I ever saw on a woman!” Mel looked pleased, grinning widely. “Next you’ll be telling me you have an open marriage!” Vicky said “No, I wouldn’t say that. But we are open-minded and up for new experiences.”  Mel nodded and said “We’ve found that’s the best way to keep our sex life really special. By the way, Carl fancies the arse off you sweetie!”

They wandered into the living room back to the guys. Mel was brazen, saying “So Brad, I hear you like my tits?” Not fazed at all, Brad replied “Of course I do, what man wouldn’t? Sheesh, what have you girls been talking about in there?” Carl offered “The same as us, I bet! How about it, guys?” There was a slightly awkward silence before Mel said “Its OK, we’re not predators, honest! We never play alone and only ever in the same room. If you fancy ‘swapsies’, we’re definitely up for it. If not, no hard feelings, let’s just get drunk instead!”

Brad looked at Vicky and winked at her. Vicky nodded and approached Carl. She put her arms around his neck and reached up to kiss him on the lips. Mel said “Oh YES!” and turned to Brad, undoing her bra as she approached him. “They’re all yours for the night, Brad,” and pulled her sweater over her head, showing Brad what he’d been fantasizing about earlier. His cock was rock-hard in an instant. He pulled his own top off and seeing Carl and Vicky out of the corner of his eye kissing and groping each other, he put one hand around Mel’s waist and the other on her left breast, squeezing gently before lowering his head to take one of her sexy hard nipples into his mouth. Mel almost swooned with lust, she’d been dreaming of Brad doing this to her for some time now. She held the back of his head and he went from one nipple to the other, biting and sucking while squeezing each breast in turn, as well as her firm ass.

Vicky was rubbing Carl’s crotch as he was pulling off his shirt. She stopped while she removed her own shirt, revealing her naked breasts having gone braless this evening. “Wow!” said Carl. Vicky smiled and went back to Carl’s crotch, this time unzipping his trousers and reaching her hand inside. “Oooh, what’s this?” she asked, teasingly. She felt his hard cock through his shorts, then slipped her hand inside them, wrapping her fingers around his throbbing shaft and stroking his foreskin up and down slowly. “Fuck me, you’re so hot. I want to see more!” said Carl, so Vicky took her hand off his twitching dick, took a pace back and pulled her jeans down. She stepped out of them, then eased her panties down, kicking them off towards Carl, who caught them. He put them to his nose and inhaled deeply, his cock twitching hard. He had dropped his pants and boxers as Vicky was doing the same, so they were now standing naked before each other. Carl reached one hand around Vicky’s waist and surprised her by picking her up and holding her legs with his other hand. She kissed him, liking this dominant turn and Carl said “Come on guys, let’s go upstairs.” He carried Vicky all the way up the stairs, kicked the bedroom door open and laid her gently on the bed, their lips never parting.

Brad had Mel’s hand inside his trousers and Brad had his hands down inside the back of Mel’s, squeezing her sexy ass cheeks. They broke away from each other for a moment and stripped off the few clothes they had left on. “Come on,” said Mel, holding her hand out for Brad to take. She led him up the stairs and he couldn’t take his eyes off her ass. Brad couldn’t help but marvel at Mel’s amazing body. She had really looked after herself and he bet she was sexier now than when she was his age. When they got into the bedroom, they were greeted with the sight of Vicky lying on her back with her legs apart, Carl’s mouth kissing and slurping away at her wet pussy. She was moaning softly, but looked up to see Brad and smiled as if to say “OK?” Brad nodded and put his thumb up, then turned his attention back to Mel. “That looks rather fun, you fancy trying it?” Mel nodded but said “Too fucking right I do, but I want to suck your cock first.”

Brad was hardly about to complain, and when Mel sank to her knees and sucked his throbbing prick into her mouth, he nearly came on the spot. It took all his will power to hold back but he was determined to enjoy this evening. Mel was an expert cock sucker and she brought him to the boil very quickly. She also knew when to ease off, which was more than Carl did as they heard Vicky moan loudly when she came hard, her body wracked with convulsions as Carl didn’t stop licking her clit as she came. She was struggling to get free from Carl’s tongue but eventually wriggled up the bed and said “Fuck, I couldn’t breathe that was so good!” Carl grinned and crawled onto the bed next to Vicky, stroking her belly and thighs as she came down from her orgasmic high. Meanwhile, a few feet away, Mel had gotten onto her knees and said “Lick me from behind Brad Honey.” How did she know this was his favourite position to give oral? He got on his knees and smacked her ass cheeks playfully. Mel said “Oooh, you kinky thing!” then gasped as he pushed his face in between her legs, his nose pressed against her asshole and his tongue darting into her pussy. “Oh fuck, YES!” was her reaction. Vicky and Carl were now kissing passionately and Vicky was jerking his cock, feeling the urge to have him inside her. “Fuck me Carl,” she whispered. “Oh my God, yes,” he replied and grabbed two condoms from the bedside table. He called over to Brad, who pulled his face out of Mel’s ass and looked over to him. Carl threw him a condom and said “You look like you might need this in a moment or two!”

Brad caught it, ripped it open, rolled it onto his hard cock then thrust it into Mel’s pussy before she knew what was happening. “Oh my good God!” she gasped, “Yes, yes!” and he started to fuck her with slow, deep strokes. He pulled out as far as he could, then thrust back in hard, holding his cock deep inside her for a few seconds before repeating. Vicky held her hand up to Carl and said “Just a sec, look at these two!” She was watching her husband deep-fuck a sexy milf and couldn’t believe how horny it was making her. Carl said “She has a lovely ass, I wonder if he’ll fuck her up there too?” Vicky replied “If I know Brad he fucking will!” Carl grinned. That told him Vicky liked anal too and his cock twitched again. He held his condom-covered cock and said “Fancy a ride?” Vicky nodded, so he turned to lie on his back and Vicky mounted him, facing Mel and Brad so she could watch them.

Brad was moaning now, close to cumming and again, Mel sensed it. She stopped pushing her ass back into him and turned to look at him over her shoulder. “How about you fuck my ass, Baby?” she suggested. Too late! Before he could pull out of her pussy, he exploded, filling the condom and moaning “Oh my God,” over and over. “You’re just too fucking hot!” he complained jokingly as he slumped down onto the floor. “No time for a breather, I’m close too,” said Mel and moved her body around so she was now lying on top of Brad, her pussy pushed towards his face. He continued what he’d started earlier, concentrating on Mel’s clit then slipping a finger into her ass for good measure. She squealed like a stuck pig as her orgasm rose from her pussy and exploded through her body. She was gasping as Brad continued to finger-fuck her ass and he said “Next time it will be my cock up there!” He smacked her ass cheeks as he let her go and she rolled onto her back and lay next to him, kissing him passionately.

Brad looked up to the bed where the noise level was increasing. Carl kept saying “Oh God, oh God,” as Vicky bounced up and down on his cock. She’d been watching Mel and Brad fucking but now they had finished, she closed her eyes and threw her head back as she was about to cum again. Carl was holding her hips and smashing her body down on to his big cock stretching her pussy as he did so. She screamed again as she came and Carl obviously came at the same time, his muffled cries quieter than Vicky’s but his orgasm was just as powerful. She could feel his cock twitching wildly inside her for some time after he’d cum and eventually, she climbed off him and copied the others, lying next to him and kissing his mouth with ardour.

All four of them were wasted for the moment but eventually, Carl spoke. “Jeez, we hoped you guys would be up for some fun tonight, but we had no fucking idea how much you’d be up for. Vicky, you are a fucking goddess!” The other three laughed and Mel added “No offense Carl Honey, but I haven’t cum as hard as that for fucking ages!” Carl looked horrified, then said “None taken, you dirty slut. It was the same for me too!” Brad said “Ah, so that’s what you mean about keeping your sex life fresh!” Vicky added “You know you’ve changed our lives forever, don’t you?” They all laughed some more and Mel suggested they take a break and have a drink. “It’s not over yet though guys, I’m still on a promise!” and smacked her ass as she tiptoed downstairs to get some drinks.

Brad and Carl carefully disposed of the condoms and as they stood side by side, Vicky couldn’t help but compare their cocks. She felt that Carl’s was a little longer than Brad’s, but not quite as thick. It didn’t really matter, she wasn’t a size queen anyway. They were both more than big enough to satisfy her. Mel returned with four bottles of chilled beer and they all guzzled them down in no time. Mel giggled as she said “My knees are hurting. How about we all get on the bed for round two?” Carl nodded and said “This gets really hot” to Vicky, knowing Brad was about to sodomise his wife and he hoped Vicky would let him do the same. She read his mind and whispered “Would you like to fuck me up the bum, Carl?” “Shit YES!” was his over-eager reply.

Mel had already got on her knees again and was rubbing some lube into her anus. Brad was stroking himself back to full hardness when Vicky offered to help. She took his cock in her hand and eased his foreskin right back, then stooped her head to lick all around his glans, flicking her tongue into his pee hole and making him twitch with excitement. Carl said “Can you do that for me too Vick?” so she released Brad’s cock from her mouth and turned her attention to Carl’s stiffening cock. Brad turned back to Mel who was fingering herself through her legs, waiting patiently for Brad to take her. He rolled another condom onto his fully erect cock and shuffled up behind her. Vicky also got on her knees beside Mel and Carl copied Brad. They were now both poised behind the other’s wife, ready to fuck again. Brad and Carl's hips touched and they both laughed at the absurdity of the situation. Brad was first to go, kissing Mel’s ass and inserting a finger again. She was good and lubed so he pushed his cock head into her hole and it sucked him in willingly. They both let out a huge sigh and Mel moaned as Brad’s cock slid in deeper. Carl did exactly the same with Vicky, who was shaking as he gripped her hips and offered his cock to her ass. She pushed back and he held firm, the tip slipping into her making Vicky sigh as loud as Mel had done. Carl reached around to squeeze Vicky’s breasts as he fucked her ass slowly, Brad saw this and copied him, grabbing a handful of Mel’s soft, full breasts, making her moan again. With his other hand, he reached around to stimulate her clitoris and Mel shrieked “For fuck sake!” and he felt her cum again. Pussy juice dribbled over his hand and down her thighs, but he kept thrusting, filling her ass completely. He timed his thrusts with the convulsions of her orgasm, pushing in deep with each contraction, driving Mel wild with pleasure.

Carl was a bit more vigorous than Brad and once Vicky had accepted his cock fully into her tight hole, he fucked her hard and fast, taking her breath away. She too came really quickly from this sensory overload. The feeling of a thick hard cock in her ass always made her cum quick and she gasped “Don’t stop, Carl, make me cum again!” He wasn’t about to stop anyway. He loved fucking this tight, young body. Vicky’s ass was so firm and hot, enveloping Carl’s cock perfectly. He fucked her so hard, he felt his own orgasm welling up and was about to slow down when he felt Vicky’s ass spasming again, gripping his cock tightly. This was too much for Carl and he groaned loudly as he came for the second time. Vicky could feel his cock throbbing inside her ass and the power of her own orgasm made her sob a little. Mel turned her head and kissed Vicky full on the mouth. It was so erotic, she came again and knew Brad had to be close too. As she recovered from her orgasm, she felt Brad’s balls tighten and she looked back at him and said “Don’t waste it this time!” She slumped forward so his cock sprang out of her ass. She quickly turned around, ripped the condom off his twitching cock and wrapped her lips around it. He pushed into her mouth a few times then shouted “Oh Fuck!” and pumped spurt after spurt into her open mouth. Mel didn’t swallow, but kept Brad’s cock in her mouth until no more cum oozed from it. She closed her mouth as he withdrew, then she pointed to her lips and looked Vicky in the eyes. Vicky nodded and she reached over to kiss her, allowing Brad’s cum to run out of her mouth and over Vicky’s. Carl said “Oh God, Yes!” and Brad stared wide-eyed at these two beautiful women, sharing his cum with their mouths and tongues.

It took them all a good ten minutes to recover from this awesome session. Brad noticed the clock on the wall and it was 2.30am. No wonder he was so fucking tired now! Vicky said “Guys, thanks so much for this evening. Dinner was lovely and the afters were just amazing!” Brad nodded and said simply “Outstanding!” Mel kissed them both and Carl gave them a little round of applause, making them both giggle. Once they’d dressed and were heading for the door, Mel chuckled “Best part of fucking your next-door neighbours. No long journey home!” Vicky said “You bet. Brad will probably still get lost on the way though!” Brad punched Vicky in the arm and said “One more thing before we go though.”

Mel and Carl looked enquiringly at him and he said “Our place next Friday?”



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