She was in the kitchen when she heard the front door open and then close. She knew He was finally home from work and was going to make a nice dinner for the both of them tonight. She was also looking forward to sitting on the couch together after dinner and watching a movie. Cuddling on the couch with Him was always her favorite part of the evening and she always looked forward to their time together.

                She heard him removing his work boots in the foyer and turned to see Him walk into the kitchen. He smiled at her as He saw her and took her into his arms like he always did when he came home from work.

                “How was work today?” she asked.

                “About the same as usual. Nothing terribly exciting,” He said. “We have some new equipment in that will need testing next week so I spent most of the day drawing up the procedures we will need to follow to meet the contract criteria.”

                She knew what He did for his job and always did her best to listen attentively. She was honestly interested in what He did even though it wasn’t a field in which she was very familiar.

                “How about your day, babygirl?”

                “My day went pretty well,” she replied. “I’ve been thinking about expanding my customer-base but I haven’t decided if I want to bring in new products or whether I should try to advertise across a broader media spectrum.”

                She loved talking about her online store and knowing that He took an active interest in her career meant the world to her.

                “You could always try both together and see how it works out,” He suggested. “Think about it and let me know if I can help in any way.”

                They both smiled at each other and then He leaned forward to kiss her. His beard and mustache always tickled her lips a little but she loved how it felt against her skin. He always kept it nicely trimmed and the conditioner she had recommended to Him kept it soft. Her lips parted as their kiss continued and His tongue probed gently forward. After a few very short moments He broke the kiss and looked into her eyes. He had a bit of a mischievous gleam in the way He looked at her and said,

                “By the way, I want to thank you for the picture you sent me today at work. It was deliciously naughty! I really liked the black lacy panties you were wearing. Are they new?”

                “Yes they are. I bought them earlier today and wanted to show them to you. I’m glad you liked them,” she said.

                “Oh,I like them very much!”, He responded.

                Their eyes closed again as He leaned forward to kiss her a second time. His arms squeezed her tightly to him and her breath caught as He momentarily lifted her off the floor. Her lips parted eagerly as His tongue delved deep into her mouth. His kisses always took her breath away and she loved His passion. Arms still wrapped around her waist, He carried her out of the kitchen while their deep kiss continued. He lowered her gently to the floor and she felt his hand move to the back of her neck. His fingers firmly but gently grasped the back of her neck ensuring that their kiss remained unbroken. When He finally broke their kiss and when she opened her eyes she saw that they had moved into the breakfast nook next to the dining room.

                “Mmmmmm...I guess you really did like my new panties, didn’t you? I’m still wearing them, as a matter of fact,” she whispered, smiling, still trying to catch her breath.

                “Your new panties?”, He asked? “Wrong. Those are mine.”

                She barely had time to register the implications of what He had just said when, with his hand still firmly grasping the back of her neck, He forced her around facing away from Him. He moved swiftly and unexpectedly and bent her over the stool that had been behind her so that she now faced the floor. His hand was still on the back of her neck keeping her pinned down over the stool.

                She felt Him lean over her and heard Him whisper into her ear, “Those panties are mine, babygirl. They belong to me!”

                At that she felt Him stand up and with His free hand he hiked up her skirt to expose her new black panties that she had just bought. She then felt His hand slide down between the edge of her panties and the cheeks of her ass. Her breathing started to become faster and she gasped when He suddenly pulled at her panties with his fist tearing them from her body.

                Her ass and pussy were completely and fully exposed to Him yet all she could do was to hold on to the legs of the stool that she was now bent over. She felt a sting on her ass cheek as His hand gave her a sharp slap.

                “This beautiful ass is mine,” He growled.

                Her legs were suddenly thrust apart by His foot and she felt the warm wetness building between her pussy lips. She then felt His hand on her moist pussy as He said,

                “This pussy is mine, too.”

                With His hand still holding her down over the stool by the back of her neck she heard His belt being unbuckled and then His zipper being unzipped. She could feel Him pulling His pants down and then felt Him positioning His rock hard cock against her now dripping pussy.

                “You are mine,” He whispered into her ear.

                She gasped as He suddenly thrust deep inside her. With one smooth and quick movement He had pushed inside her so completely that she could feel Him hitting bottom. His thrusts in and out were long and rhythmic. She was completely immobilized by the pressure of His hand on her neck. Each time He pushed inside her it was balls-deep. And each time He pulled back it was until only the head of His swollen cock was barely parting her wet and swollen pussy lips.

                His thrusts became faster and harder and each time He pushed into her she gasped. As her own excitement grew her gasps turned into small whimpers as He began to slam into her from behind. She could hear His breathing becoming deeper also and knew He was getting closer just as she was nearing her own orgasm.

                His free hand that had been resting on her hip was suddenly between her ass cheeks and her whimper became louder as she felt him slowly inserting His thumb into her tight ass. This was the trigger for her and as the first waves of an intense orgasm washed over her all she could do was grasp the legs of the stool and bite her lip while she tried to muffle her screams and moans.

                It felt like He was devouring her from the inside as He continued to pump away against her. Into her. It felt like His cock was swelling inside her so much that she couldn’t tell where He began and where she ended. Her whole body began to quiver and shake as the second orgasm immediately followed her first. This one was so intense that her vision almost seemed to blur. Her moans, whimpers and screams seemed to come from deep within her almost as if they came from someone else entirely.

                And as her pussy convulsed and squeezed around his throbbing cock she heard him growl,

                “You…. Are.…Mine!”

                And with that last work of possession He came spurting his hot cum deep inside her. She could feel each spurt as it erupted from His muscular body and she could hear Him sigh as He shot the last little bit of His seed inside her.

                Her whole body was shaking uncontrollably and she hadn’t even realized He had let go of her neck when He gently took her by the shoulders and stood her up and turned her to face Him. Her legs wouldn’t support her own weight and He wrapped his arms around her to hold her up. She laid her head against His neck and He whispered in her ear,

                “Who do you belong to, babygirl?”

                “I belong to you, Papabear”, she whispered back.

                “And what do you say, babygirl?”

                “Babygirl says thank you, Papabear”.


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