Jill My Sexy Lactating Secretary

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14 Jun. '16

The perks of being the boss are everybody listens to you. The fun part about being a boss is all the secretaries who suck at their jobs offer their bodies for trade. Not a bad place to be in. Over the years, I have had sex with several of my secretarial staff. The funny thing is, they all know that so and so is banging the boss. All the little nymphs are in competition to woo the boss to like them. 

I’ve had my share of little sluts. I’ve had the kind of secretaries that wear very revealing clothes and like to be bent over my desk and fucked like a whore. I’ve had the nerdy type who like to be under my desk sucking my cock through business meetings. I’ve also had the kind who like to be wined and dined and treated like a mistress. 

But, my latest conquest is Jill. Jill came to the office as a temporary employee. I liked her immediately and gave her a job. The thing about Jill is, she’s seven months pregnant. She’s a fire-cracker too. Her body is amazingly hot. She’s about 5”7” and before being pregnant was probably around one hundred and twenty pounds. Now that she’s pregnant, she has that curvy look and weighs maybe one hundred and fifty pounds or thereabouts. 

The greatest attribute of Jill is her bodacious breasts. I think she probably had a 38-D cup size when she wasn't pregnant, but now her breasts are growing. I can’t imagine what her breast size will be right before she delivers. Jill has said that she’ll be breast feeding her child. I look forward to when she comes back to work and will have to pump her milk. 

Jill has also told me that her husband doesn’t give her much attention since she has been pregnant. I can’t imagine why not. I could tell the little slut was hungry for sex. She basically wore outfits that she knew that I'd like. I’m a real sucker for pregnant women. I’ve always fantasized about sucking on a women’s breast when they're nursing. I’m kind of hoping that Jill will give me that dream. 

Jill several times would unbutton her top so I could get a good look at her knockers. She never wore bras and her stiff nipples would be poking through her silky blouses. It gave me a hard on most days. Another time, she was filing and she must have hiked her skirt up her thigh and revealed her thong to me. I could see she had a great ass. I imagined slapping it while we fucked. I was planning to get with her after she delivered her baby. I knew she wanted me too. She flirted with me most days.

She teased me for a month and I just looked. I never touched her once. I enjoyed seeing her tits and ass grow. I just loved her belly bump. Jill was a real looker too. She had dark long hair and the bluest eyes you’ve ever seen. She wore the nicest shade of pink lipstick. I knew she’d be a great lay. I didn’t want to fuck her until after she came back from maternity leave. I wanted to have a little fun with her. I wanted to see her using a milking machine on her breasts. I had an idea for a little fun with Jill. 

Before Jill left, we had a baby shower for her. I catered in lunch from her favorite restaurant. We had all kinds of gifts for her. My personal gift to her was the top of the line breast pump. It was the most rated pump on the market. I figured she could leave it in the office just so she wouldn’t have to lug it around. Although, she had no idea that watching her pump would be part of our lovemaking. I’d tell her once she got back. 

I had dreams and fantasies about milking Jill’s breasts. The thought of it just made my dick hard in my pants. I salivated at the thought of putting Jill’s engorged breasts into my mouth and sucking on her nipples. I dreamed about how deliciously sweet her breast milk would taste. I've always heard that women actually get excited when milk is being suckled from their breasts. I hoped that Jill would get excited when she let me suck hers. I imagined that her pussy would be a hot mess and she'd beg for me to fuck her. I couldn't wait for my sexy slut to come back to the office. 

Several times while at work, I’d take down my pants and masturbate with visions of Jill nursing. In my fantasies, she’d be so engorged with milk that she’d be crying for me to relieve the pressure of her breasts. I'd hold my cock and stroke my dick up and down. I held it pretty tight while I jacked off imagining my slut and her big milky breasts.

She'd be soothing me while I'd take each of her hard nipples into my mouth. In my fantasies, she’d be fingering herself. Her pussy would be so wet and after I had my snack of her breast milk, I’d bend her over the desk and fuck her bald cunt hard. She’d get the fucking of a lifetime. 

After I have had these fantasies, I come all over my palm. It’s really hot fantasy that I often have. I’m going to tell you a story about what had happened with Jill while being out on maternity leave. I’ll say that it was better than anything I could have imagined. It was like winning the fucking lottery. 


Jill had delivered a healthy little boy close to her due date. She said everything was going wonderfully with her new child. She and her husband were getting used to being parents. She said her husband was still not paying her any attention. He said, he just couldn’t get all excited that their new child was needing her for their meals. 

Most men find the whole breastfeeding experience a lovely thing. Jill’s husband found it annoying and didn’t even want to touch her. I asked her several times if she thought her husband was having an affair. She got very upset when I mentioned that to her. She said he was not coming home on time and traveling more than ever. I could tell she was very upset.

I think she had thought that her husband might have been cheating on her. I told her I would go over to console her. I was very excited to see her. She'd been out on maternity leave now for about four months. She’d be coming back to the office at the end of the month. I just wanted her to be happy with herself. I planned on making my move on her. Her husband hadn’t given her any attention while she was pregnant and now was probably cheating on her. 

I knew she'd be devastated at the happiest time of her life. I was going to make her feel really good about her situation. I was going to give her the love that she was missing at home. I was going to give her the fucking that a beautiful woman as herself should be getting at home. I would be her knight in shining armor. 

Before going over to Jill’s house, I went to the store and bought her a bouquet of pink roses. I had stopped at the mall and bought her a box of Godiva chocolate. I was ready to woo her. I wanted her to be happy to see me. I planned on making her feel loved and adored that day. 


After the mall, I drove over to Jill’s house. She lives about thirty minutes from the office. I arrived at her house and parked my car in her driveway. I grabbed the chocolates and the roses and walked to her front door. I rang the doorbell and waited patiently at the door. 

The door opened and there was my beautiful and gorgeous secretary. She giggled and opened the door wider and I stepped in. She closed the door and my eyes were roaming up and down her body. 

She was wearing a very short skirt with sandals. She had on a button up silk blouse. I could see her nursing bra through it. She looked so sexy. I licked my lips and my mind started going places where it shouldn’t have been. 

I could feel my dick getting hard in my pants. Jill was a very attractive woman. She still had the same curves she had after delivering her child. Her breasts were enormous in her blouse. 

“Mr. Lopez, it’s really great to see you.” 

“Jill, you look amazing. My God look at the glow of happiness on your face.” 

“You’re so kind Mr. Lopez. I feel like a fat pig.” 

“You look so great my dear. I bought you some roses and here’s a box of candy. I know you love Godiva.” 

“You think of everything. You’re the nicest man. I still can’t believe the baby shower at the office. I loved all the gifts. You’re such a sweet man. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” 

“It was my pleasure. You’re a very experienced secretary. I’m looking forward to your arrival back to the office. I bought you the same breast pump I gave you at your baby shower for the office. The one I gave you will be for home. This way you don’t have to lug it around. Now you have the same model at the office too."

“I can’t believe you did that. That’s awesome. I’ll be pumping a lot when I come back. I seem to make so much milk. If I don't pump, I'm in so much pain. I feed my son and then I pump many more bottles and freeze the milk. I feel like a cow. My breasts are constantly leaking and I get so tired of extracting the milk. I know that the milk is good for children to have. It’s just that I make so much. I could just sit and pump all fucking day.” 

“The thought of you pumping is very sexy. I know I'd be so excited to watch you pump.” 

“You’d like to see that. My husband won’t touch me anymore. I haven’t had sex since I found out I was having a baby. He just doesn’t find me sexy anymore. I’m not sure if he’s cheating on me. He doesn’t seem interested anymore.” 

“I think you’re the most beautiful woman in the world. Look at yourself. Your skin is glowing and you look so happy. You look absolutely scrumptious.” 

“I’m glad you think so. I feel fat and ugly and I’m afraid my husband isn’t interested in me anymore. Now I have a new baby that I need to care for. I’m exhausted and quite depressed.” 

“Don’t be depressed. I think you’re the most beautiful lady.” 

“I bet you say that to all the girls. Everybody loves you.” 

“I think you’re hot and sexy. Come over here and give me a kiss. I know you want me too. All that flirting in the office before you went out on maternity leave. Come here sweet girl. Come and give your daddy a kiss.” 

“Daddy! Is that what you want me to call you?"

“I’d like you to call me that. Especially today while we play.” 

“Okay, daddy.” 

Jill walked towards me and sat on my lap. She put her lips on mine and we shared a French kiss. Our tongues danced in her mouth. I rubbed her back while we sucked face. My cock was so hard in my pants. I really wanted her to show me her breasts. 

While we kissed, I pulled her blouse out of her skirt. I started to unbutton the buttons on her blouse. 

“Take your shirt off for Daddy. I want you to show me your breasts.” 


Jill stood up and unbuttoned the rest of her buttons. She took off her shirt and was left in her matronly style nursing bra. Her breasts were heaving in that style bra. 

“Let’s go into the room where you pump. I want you to show me how you do it. Would you mind, kitten?” 

“Of course not. Please follow me. I have it set up in my bedroom. Just be quiet because the baby is taking a nap in their room."

“Of course, darling.” 

I followed Jill up the stairs. I loved watched her ass wiggle up the stairs. I couldn’t wait to see her extract her milk. I was in high fantasy mode. I've only masturbated about this for months. Now I was going to have a front row seat watching my sexy slut milk her enormous tits. I was excited to see her doing that. 

We walked up the stairs and she opened her door to her bedroom. She had the pump on a small table. She got everything set up and then she removed her bra. Her beautiful breasts were out and in my view. She placed her breast into the pump and turned on the machine. I had bought her an electric one so the machine did all the work. Her milk was extracted and dripped into the bottle that it was attached too. 

“That’s really sexy. Does it hurt?” 

“No! It doesn’t hurt at all. I just have so much milk. I feed my son and then pump bags of milk to be stored in the freezer for later. I feel like a real live cow.” 

“You’re the sexiest cow I’ve ever seen. I’m so turned on. Would you mind if I took out my cock and masturbated?” 

“I think that’s really hot, daddy.” 

I was pleased that she had thought so. While Jill was pumping her milk, I stood up and kicked off my shoes and pulled down my pants. I removed my silk boxers and my huge erection sprang up. I saw Jill looking at my cock. I sat on the chair in her room and continued to watch her pump her juicy plump breasts. 

I held my cock and worked my hands up and down my smooth shaft. I jerked off while my sexy slut watched me. Her breasts were so engorged with milk. She had already filled two bottles since she started. I jerked my cock fast while she filled several bags with milk. She never seemed to dry out. She was the sexiest cow I had ever seen. 

“Would you like a taste of my milk?” 

“You have just made my day. I'd love to taste your milk.” 

“Let’s move over towards the bed.” 

Jill removed the pump and sat on the bed. She was still wearing her short skirt and sandals. Her nipples were standing at attention. I was thinking her breasts must have grown a few sizes. They looked just beautiful and very full. 

Jill sat on the bed with a pillow up against her back. I got comfortable and put my head on her lap. She leaned down and her breasts hung down. I wrapped my mouth around her nipple and began to suckle at her breasts. Her milk was warm and sweet while I breastfed on her tits. 

I was so aroused and horny and pulled on my cock while I fed on her tits. She held her breast while I enjoyed her mother’s milk. I couldn’t imagine why her husband wouldn’t enjoy doing this. I was in heaven and was looking forward to getting my cock deep inside of her pussy. I was imagining she was wet from anticipation of getting my hard prick into her. 

“Daddy, this is very exciting. My pussy is so wet. You’re really turning me on. Oh Fuck!” 

My little cream puff stood very still while her horny daddy suckled on each breast. I drank her milk down for a while. I really wanted to sink my cock into her sweet cunt. I removed my mouth from her sweet tits and just smiled at her. 

“Daddy wants to fuck you now sweetness. Daddy will take you from behind. Take off your pretty skirt and get on your hands and knees. Daddy has been dreaming about this moment.” 


I got off of her and just stood up. Jill stood up and unzipped her skirt. She stepped out of it. She removed her lacy white panties and threw them at me. I sniffed her cotton crotch. Her pussy had a lovely scent. I couldn’t wait to enter her sweet cunt. 

Jill got on the bed on her hands and knees near the edge of the bed. I spread her brown rose and tongued at her asshole. While I tongue fucked her sweet asshole, she played with her sweet pussy. She was very wet while she finger-fucked herself. I pushed my cock inside of her sweet and very wet cunt. I couldn’t believe how wet her pussy was. I held her curvy hips and fucked my whore fast. Her milky tits swung as I fucked her. 

“Daddy, your cock feels so good. I haven’t had sex in such a long time. Oh God!” 

“Tell daddy how much you love his cock. Tell me sweet girl.” 

“Daddy, your cock is the best cock. I love your cock. Fuck me daddy. Fuck me hard.” 

I loved my whore calling me daddy. I pulled my cock out of her cunt and then jammed it hard inside of her. Her cunt made farting noises while I took her hard. She screamed out and came on my cock. Her pussy juices soaked my cock and balls. I continued to ram my cock deeper and faster into her sweet cunt. 

Eventually, I blasted my slut with my dream cream. Her pussy was a wet beautiful mess. 

“Spread your legs! Show daddy your cream pie!” 

My sweet Jill spread her long legs and pushed the cream pie through her pink pussy lips. I got on my knees and licked the hot mess from her pink folds. I moved my tongue up and down her beautiful cunt. My cum tasted salty while I slurped at our combined juices. Her pussy was puffy and looked incredibly hot. I licked at her swollen clit which made her have another orgasm on my tongue. 

“Daddy, Fuck! I’m coming. Holy Fucking Shit. Fuck.” 

“Daddy loves your sweet honey. Keep coming for Daddy.” 

Jill was having sporadic orgasms while I licked her cunt dry. It was so sexy fucking her and even more sexy watching her pump her breasts. I was feeling really good. All my fantasies were met that day. However, the horny fucker I was, couldn’t wait to bang her again at the office. We’d start our lovemaking each time with her pumping her milk. Days at the office would be really hot now. 

A few hours later, her baby was screaming to get fed. I got dressed and left. Jill would be reporting back to work at the end of the month. I was looking forward to that day.



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