Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek
A soft, girlish giggle echoed through the house. He paced slowly towards the sound, making sure to keep his movements nearly silent. This time he would be more careful. The last time he'd found her, he'd underestimated the situation. Here he was, thinking that they were playing hide and seek. And so, upon finding her, he'd made a big gesture of it, hoping to startle her. She made the most adorable squeals when startled.

Well, she'd certainly made an adorable squeal. But instead of admitting defeat, as you were supposed to do when found during this game, she'd taken off running, startling him enough that she was given a enough of a head start to hide again. So apparently they were playing seek and capture, not fucking hide and seek. That was alright, he could do that. And he'd give her a good punishment for changing the rules halfway through the game. That would teach her.

Actually, no, it wouldn't. She'd secretly enjoy the punishment, pretend to be good for a little while, and then pull the same sort of mischief.

There she was. He spied a pale, delicate foot peeking out from under the coffee table and crept towards it. His hand flew out, curling around her ankle and yanking her out into the open, enjoying the startled scream that escaped her pretty pink lips.

"Found you," he said, pulling her up by her leg so that only her upper back and head rested on the ground. She thrashed for a moment, before grinning up at him, blue eyes bright with excitement. "You broke the rules little lady. You aren't supposed to run when you're found."

She pouted. "But what fun is that?"

He released her ankle, letting her drop back to the floor with a soft thud, but before she could scramble away again his hand curled into her too-large sleep shirt. It was used as a handle to yank her up to her feet, as she was held high enough that she was forced to stand on her tip-toes. Even with her in that position, he still towered over her, his large, almost six and a half foot frame dwarfing her already petite 4'11. They were polar opposites, in looks, in size, in temperament. Somehow it worked though, the pixie taming the wolf.

"Fun or not, those are the rules of the game," he scolded, dark eyes hard as they met her bright ones. That pout intensified, and he had to resist the urge to grin. "You know what happens when you break the rules." Her head dropped, long pink curls falling forward to shadow her face.

"I get punished," she murmured, arms swinging by her sides. "I'm sorry Rafe." His eyes narrowed at her repentant tone. He knew her better than that. Despite his trepidation, he lowered her to her feet, releasing his grip on her t-shirt.

Well that was idiotic. No sooner was she steady on the ground, that her heel slammed into his bare foot. It didn't really hurt, but it startled him enough that he took a step backwards, giving her just the edge she needed to dart away again. Her peals of laughter echoed through the house again. Alright, so that's how she wanted to play that. He could play that game.

He didn't waste any time, taking off after her immediately. He caught up to her in the hallway towards their bedroom, hand catching her t-shirt again and yanking her roughly to the side so that she knocked into the wall. The hit dazed her and she stumbled, only Rafael's grip on her shirt keeping her from tumbling to the floor. He yanked her backwards so that her back hit his chest, free hand wrapping around her delicate throat to pin her there.

"You little bitch," he growled, dragging her towards the bedroom. Her tiny hands curled around his wrist, feet kicking as she struggled against him. "I was just going to give you a light spanking for breaking the rules, but I think this calls for something a little more severe, don't you?" She tried very very hard to smother it, but he could hear the giggles that tried to escape, and he shook his head, trying to cover up his amusement. That would be no good to let her see. This was serious business.

As soon as they cleared the bedroom door he released her, shoving her towards the bed and spinning to slam the door shut. The lock click had an ominous tone, matching the expression on his face as he turned back towards his impish prey. Her blue eyes were wide in her pale face, as she peered up at him, and as he stepped forward, she stumbled backwards, the laughter in her eyes tinged with a hint of erotic fear. Good. He liked that expression.

Without warning he lunged towards her, hands coming up to wrap around her sides and toss her onto the bed. She squeaked as she landed, immediately turning over to scramble away. His hand struck out, latching around her ankle and dragging her back towards him. The moment she was within striking distance, his hand crashed down hard on her ass, the only thing protecting it a pair of lacy pink panties. A cry escaped her and her struggles escalated. Two more times his hand crashed down, until finally she went still.

"That's a good girl," he murmured soothingly, hand gently stroking her ass now. "Just lie there and take your punishment, and if you're a good girl, maybe afterwards I'll give you a treat."

"What kind of treat?" She mumbled, voice barely discernible due to her head being shoved into the blankets. His hand crashed down against her ass again, startling another cry from her.


She sniffled, but didn't say anything else. The sniffle didn't affect him, he knew it was an act. She was loving this. And though she'd deny it vehemently, he had a surefire way of proving it. He dragged her across the bed by her ankle until her legs fell off, leaving her bent at her waist over the edge. The bed was high enough though that her knees didn't touch the ground, but not high enough that she could put her feet down right, leaving her legs crouched awkwardly.

He released his hold on her ankle, curling his hand into her panties and viciously yanking on them, tearing the delicate lace from her body. It was almost a shame, he'd liked this pair. He'd just have to take her shopping for a couple new pairs later. One of his favorite things about the panties she enjoyed wearing were how easy to rip off they were. And gods he loved tearing them from her body.

Rough fingers trailed across the light blush across her ass, before his hand came down hard again, startling another cry from the girl. A large red hand print formed, pulling a grin to his lips, and he slammed his hand down on the other side, wanting the cheeks to match. Enjoying the pretty red marks, his fingers resumed their light exploration, slowly working their way down. Because of her awkward position, she wasn't able to close her legs very well, so as his fingers worked their way down, they were able to trail directly across her, incredibly, wet pussy.

"You little slut," he accused, fingers moving roughly across her delicate lips. "You're enjoying this. You like the idea of me spanking you, hurting you, punishing you." She whimpered in response, hips rocking slightly. He removed his hand briefly, to leave another red print on her ass, before returning to that warmth between her legs. There was another whimper, her hips rocking and pushing back, grinding against his touch.

One of his fingers slid inside of her, and he hissed at how tight she was. It startled him almost every time, despite how long they'd been together.

"You're so fucking wet, Kei," he murmured, slowly thrusting his finger, loosening her up. "And so tight. How the hell am I supposed to fit my cock in here if I can barely fit one finger?" A low whine escaped her, and she thrust back against his finger. He let her grind against it for a moment before adding a second, enjoying her soft gasp. "We'll just have to stretch you out a bit. But not too much. I want it to hurt." His fingers slipped out once more to leave another red mark on her ass. There was the slightest hint of a bruise starting to form. He wasn't normally quite this rough, but something about her little game had seriously provoked him this time.

As his fingers slammed back inside of her, thrusting roughly, he continued, "Yeah, I want this to hurt. It's supposed to be a punishment, remember?"

"Rafe, please," she whispered, hands curled into the bed sheets, back arching, voice threaded with need.

"What was that?" He asked, free hand sliding up to curl up in her curls, yanking her head backwards. "Please what my love? Please stop? Please be gentle? Please don't punish me?" She whined, legs shifting restlessly. "Or is it the opposite? Please more? Harder? Rougher? Well what is it Keiley?"

"Pleaaaase," she keened, hips rocking and squirming.

Fingers still thrusting roughly, he used his hold on her hair to drag her body up off the bed, leaning forward as he did so to press his lips to her ear. "Please. What."

"Please fuck me," she whispered, struggling to keep her balance in his rough hold.

"I can't hear you, Keiley," he growled, slowly forcing a third finger into her quivering, aching pussy.

"Please fuck me," she managed a bit louder, voice shaking. Her hair was released and she was shoved forward, body slamming back into the mattress with a soft thud.

With his free hand he tugged down the waistband of his pajama pants, pulling his hard cock free and slowly stroking it. "I still can't hear you."

"Please fuck me!" She yelled it this time, her small body arching, hips pressed back, presenting her soft hole to him.

"Well, since you asked so nicely..." In one fluid motion, he pulled his fingers out and slammed his cock into her. It only made it about a third of the way in, her incredible tightness making such quick movement difficult, but her mangled cry of pain and pleasure made it worth it. He curled both hands around her hips, yanking them up to a more comfortable position for him, one that left only her upper body on the bed. Slowly, he began to make little thrusts with his cock, gaining a little bit of ground and earning a soft gasp each time.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, he was mostly buried inside of her, the head of his cock just slightly nudging her cervix. He still had another inch or two of shaft, which he knew her pretty pussy could take, she just wasn't warmed up yet. And despite his desire to hurt her, he didn't want to actually injure her.

"Oh, fuck, Kei, you feel so fucking good." He withdrew slowly and pressed back in just as carefully. Slowly, oh so slowly he continued his gentle rocking motion, feeling her muscles relax around him, feeling her tightness give way, until finally he was buried to the hilt inside of her. He groaned, hinds squeezing her hips so hard he knew his fingers would leave bruises. "And you fit around me so perfectly. Like you were made for me. Made for my cock."

A strangled laugh escaped her. "I dunno about that. You always feel a little too big to- aah!" Her words were cut off as he pulled back and slammed back in roughly.

"You were saying?" He asked pleasantly. As she took a breath to respond, he thrust into her again, turning her words into a groan. "That's what I thought." Without giving her time to adjust, he set into a bruising pace, her pained cries music to his ears. Her muscles spasmed around him so fantastically as he took his pleasure from her body, punishing her with his rough fucking. Though it didn't seem like much of a punishment, if you took into account how soaked she was, and how the pain in her voice was turning to pleasure.

He was past the point of caring about punishment though. There were no more games, just their bodies writhing in pleasure. He jostled her around a bit, releasing her hips and wrapping an arm around her waist, keeping her up at the best angle while freeing a hand to wander between her legs. His fingers unerringly found her clit, brushing against it with a gentleness that belied his rough thrusts. The moment they made contact, her entire body arched and froze up, pussy clamping down on his cock, a low keening whine escaping as an orgasm slammed into her.

"That's a good girl, cumming for me so nicely," he growled, struggling to keep up his pace. His fingers continued to play across her clit, tweaking and rolling it. Those little whines grew louder, turned into whimpers, into moans, into cries, until she finally exploded again, this time with a near scream, fluids gushing from her pussy.

As her muscles clamped down again, he lost control, slamming into her hard and fast three more times before cumming. His seed spilling into her set her off again, and he just barely managed to keep hold as she thrashed beneath him, pussy milking his cock for every last drop.

Slowly, oh so slowly, he came back to himself, hand moving away from her clit to stroke lovingly across her sides and hips and back. He lazily thrust a few more times, each earning a soft whimper from the girl who now slumpt tiredly on the bed. As his cock softened completely, he let it slip from her, each of them groaning from the loss, before scooping her up into his arms and laying them on the bed. She curled into his chest, humming in pleasure as his arms tightened around her, holding her protectively. 

"I love you Rafe," she murmured tiredly, nuzzling his shoulder.

"I love you too, Keiley. Even if you do cheat at hide and go seek."

She giggled at that, blue eyes opening to peer up at him. "Hey, didn't you say something about a treat?"

One of his large hands slid through her curls, gently detangling them. "I did. And you were a very good girl for your punishment. I was thinking maybe we could get some ice cream."

All signs of tiredness seemed to slip away as he mentioned ice cream, and her body nearly quivered with excitement. "Really? Can we go now? Please please please?"

He laughed, wrapping his arms tighter around her. "Of course my love. Just give me a couple minutes, you wore me out."

"That's because you're an old man," she teased, scrunching her nose up at him. He growled playfully, rolling so that she was on her back below him and startling a squeak from her.

"Careful there, or I'll have to show you what happens to little ladies when they tease big men," he warned, looming over her.

She pouted prettily, saying, "But then I'll never get my ice cream."

Rolling off of her, he laughed. "Yes yes, we'll get your damn ice cream." Her excited squeal made it all worth it, and once again he counted his blessings that he'd managed to captured such an amazing woman.

Even if she did cheat at hide and seek.

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