My Hot Stay in the Hospital

Info Tristan LeMay
06 May. '19

Written by Tristan LeMay, PoohTang, Rajesh, MarkMaul, sanctuary, MrSexySexy, and completed by the starting author

   A few years ago, I was out partying with some friends and things got out of hand. So much so that I woke up in the hospital. I couldn't remember much but I was told that I had had my stomach pumped and that I needed to stay in the hospital for a few days.

   – A few days? But what about work? What about my thesis? I can't just...

   – Those things will have to wait.

   The doctor's smile was both soothing and sexy. It almost sounded like they wanted me to stay longer. I had had a few fantasies about hospital stays but they didn't involve being pinned to a bed, naked in an ugly, backless hospital gown.

   Actually, they did, but I just pictured it all much sexier than it actually was. It certainly did feel like I might have gone a little crazy at the party. My fuzzy brain was just not doing much to help me remember. Even though I really did because I was worried I might had done things I would regret.

   – I'll come back to check on you later, said the doctor with another sexy smile.

   Maybe I was just imagining the sexiness myself, I don't know. But I was just feeling so tired. Had they given me anything to sleep? I was just so drowsy. I dozed off to sleep. I don't know how long I was out, but when I came to...

   I had a huge boner. I hadn't opened my eyes right away and was actually playing with myself, half asleep. My hands came up to my chest and to the back of my neck. I stretched, waking up gradually.

   When I did open my eyes, I saw the huge tent my cock had pitched under the hospital gown and the white sheet covering my body.

   I made my cock twitch a few times, looking down at the moving sheet and I smiled.

   That's when I noticed I wasn't alone. In the bed next to me, I caught a glimpse of a red-headed, freckled-face guy turned on his side, propped up on his right elbow, clearly caressing himself under the sheet, looking over at me. I quickly closed my eyes to pretend I had not seen him. I was so aroused by this weird thing that was happening. I thought about the fact that he'd probably seen me playing with myself and I wondered how long I had fondled my hard cock and heavy balls before noticing I was even doing it. And then I thought: ''You like what you see, dude? I can give you a free show if that's what you want.''

   And then, I stretched again, pretending to still be sleeping, feeling the sheet rub against the fabric from the hospital gown and my hard cock.

   I licked my lips and brought my hands down to my crotch under the sheet. I started playing with myself again, slowly, trying to make it look unconscious, like I was still sleeping. I really wanted to look over at the guy next to me because I wanted to see what he was doing and how much pleasure it was giving him to look over at me, to fantasize about doing more than just fondling himself under his own hospital gown.

   I used my toes to push down the sheet slowly off my body. I cupped my balls and squeezed them like my hand was holding a beating heart. And once in a while, I'd stop the pulsating and I'd pull on my ball sac, giving my cock a down swing toward my knees. Since I was in full erection and I started to ooze pre-cum I could feel the wetness under the hospital gown. I was wondering if the guy in the next bed was going to just get up and come over, like he was going to use my "sleeping" body to give himself... and myself some pleasure. I was also worried that somebody might come into the room but I didn't care because my horniness was winning over everything else.

   I was dying to open my eyes, trying to remember what the guy in the next bed looked like from the small glimpse I'd gotten a few minutes before. It was driving me crazy. But I wanted to keep up the charade because all this pretending and fantasizing was really hot, too. My toes kept slowly pulling the sheet off my body, slowly revealing my hospital gown, taking a layer of fabric off my burning body. I felt so much pre-cum oozing out of my rock-hard cock that I thought it would no doubt have seeped through the hospital gown. And since my cock had shifted and moved under there, I thought: "Shit, maybe it traced a wet line from my bellybutton to my thigh!"

   I could hear the guy in the next bed moaning and I thought: "Damn, dude. What are you waiting for? Don't just stay there. Come on over here!"

   But then, I thought: "Sure I'm doing all this sexy stuff to arouse him, but he might think I actually am sleeping and doing it subconsciously and if he did come up to me, he'd be touching me without my consent."

   So I decided I'd just keep doing what I was doing. When I felt cold air on my knees, that was my cue that the sheet was down around my shins or ankles. I slowly pulled the hospital gown up with my free hand and revealed my hard cock and my masturbating hand. I actually heard the guy in the next bed gasp for breath. This made my heart race and my balls bounce up in my ball sac.

   I really wanted his hand to come and replace mine, feel his fingers around the base of my cock instead of my own. I rubbed my belly and down to my pubes with my free hand and gave my cock a few strokes when the door suddenly flung open and a male nurse came in and exclaimed:

   – Whoa!

   – Shit! instantly came out of my mouth and the guy in the other bed's mouth at the same time.

   – Sorry. Let me come back later, okay?

   And he was gone, leaving me and the guy in the other bed struggling to cover our hard cocks with our hospital gowns. I couldn’t help but think that my ‘shit!’ did not sound like something somebody who was sleeping soundly would say if someone came in the room. I thought my roleplaying was up. So I opened my eyes and found my red-headed roommate staring right into them. So intensely that it actually startled me. Within a second or two, we cracked up laughing.

   – So, I asked, Do want to keep watching me?

   This wasn't really in any fantasy of mine, but what the heck, right? I was willing to go with the flow.

   – Uh, yeah, sure… I've been watching you for a few minutes now. Check this out.

   His cock was hard as a rock. He slapped the palm of his hand with it and I was impressed with its girth.

   – I’ve never watched another guy jack off before, he said. I mean except for myself, of course.

   We chuckled.

   I could see he was really excited and nervous, trying to catch his breath. Clearly aroused and thrilled by the potential of the situation.

   – I was actually curious to watch someone else other than me do it, he added.

   – Okay, I said, as I uncovered my package again and started stroking.

   Red-headed guy started jacking off, too.

   He said:

   – Can I ask you something?

   I thought it was kind of weird and mood-breaking, but…

   – Sure, I replied, under my breath.

   – I've always wondered what it would be like to suck some guy's dick.

   My heart raced but I thought I’d make him work for it.

   – Just any guy’s dick or…?

   He swallowed hard.

   – I’ve never done it before. I’ve never had a guy’s dick in my mouth. You know?

   My immediate response would have been "Come on over here, and I'll guide you through the process because I HAVE sucked a few dicks." But I wanted this moment to last somehow. I just kept stroking my cock, pulling the foreskin away from the tip and pointing it in his direction so he’d see the glistening drops of pre-cum emerging from my piss slit.

   – It’s like… I… so fucking hot, thinking about it, he said.

   It almost sounded like he was begging for permission. This was making me even harder.

   – Thinking about sucking on my cock or… sucking on any guy’s cock?

   – I… I don’t think I’d suck on any cock, he admitted. I… I’ve only been with chicks, you know? Dove down into all sorts of pussy, but you know? Never had a cock between my lips and… yours is really nice.

   That’s what I wanted to hear. It sounded so good that my hard-on twitched again.

   – I think my cock likes the sound of that, I said, smiling coyly.

   – Really? he asked, swallowing hard.

   – Yeah. As long as you let me play with yours.

   – Hell, yeah, dude! he replied, getting out of bed and coming up to mine.

   I took his hand and wrapped it around my shaft. He drew in breath as though I’d swallowed his cock whole. I hadn’t even touched him!

   – Since this is your first time, you can go easy. Make yourself familiar with it. Give it a few strokes like you would your own. Lick it a few times. See if you like it.

   He bent over and gave my hard tube a squeeze before looking up at me to make sure he hadn’t hurt me.

   – That feels good, I whispered.

   He smiled.

   – Go ahead. Taste it. I bet you’ve tasted your own cum before, right?

   His smile turned to embarrassment. His reddish features turned to serious blushing. It was just the cutest thing. He made me want to kiss him full on on the mouth, taste his big-ass cock, knead his glutes. Mmmm… everything about him just turned instantly delicious from that innocent, shy smile.

   – We’ve all done it. There’s something really erotic about it, wouldn’t you say?

   – Yeah. I just never admitted it to anyone before, he whispered. Especially not another guy!

   – And now you get to taste another guy’s…

   He sucked in air like he was trying to catch his own breath, anticipating this first in his life.

   He bent down again, his mouth getting closer to the tip of my cock and licked his lips. My cock met the anticipation of his mouth with another pearl of pre-cum.

   – Man! That’s the closest I’ve gotten to a guy’s junk before.

   – So it’s your first time touching another cock, too, huh?

   – Well…

   He hesitated.

   – What?

   – Me and a buddy… we jacked each other off in high school once… you know, watching porn.

   The visual of this gorgeous ginger guy sitting on a couch with a buddy, their underwear around their knees, giving each other hand jobs almost made me shoot all over his hand.

   – But that was a few years ago… Man, I can feel your cock throbbing in my hand. That’s so hot.

   – That’s ‘cause your hand feels so good.

   – It does?

   He sounded like an amazed kid having sex for the first time.

   – You know how it feels to have someone touch your cock. You’ve had girls wrap their fingers around your cock, right?

   – Sure.

   – Jack you off?

   – Mmmm… yeah.

   – Suck on it, huh?

   – Yeah!

   – Blow you off…

   – Oh, man, yeah.

   – So why do you sound so surprised?

   – I don’t know. I guess since I’m not really experienced…

   I started laughing.

   – What’s so funny?

   – You’ve done all this with your own, so you’re good at it, trust me. The only difference is we have different color bushes…

   He laughed, too, and resumed jacking my hard cock, looking at it like he was analyzing each twitch, each reaction to his touch. My hips started oscillating as though I wanted to fuck his hand. It felt amazing and he could tell I was really getting into it.

   When he bent over even more, his lips coming just about an inch of my cock head, I noticed his hospital gown opened in the back and I imagined his beautiful, red-hair curly-covered ass cheeks poking out, turned toward the door. I wanted to reach over and knead those glutes but I waited. I wanted to concentrate on this first contact between his mouth and my cock.

   When he gave my oozing piss slit a swipe with his hot tongue, I thought I’d lose it instantly. An electric chock when through my whole body and, for the first time in my life, I felt my nipples become erogenous. My hands went straight under the hospital gown and I started frantically tweaking my tits!

   When he saw the effect he was having on me, he started swabbing my cock head over and over with his tongue and moaned against my sensitive flesh, sending more and more rushes of passion through my body.

   After a short while, he started really snacking on my dick, exploring different was to explore it with his tongue, his lips, even his teeth. Everything felt so good, as if he’d been at it forever.

   – Fuck! I whispered. That feels amazing. You’re such a great cocksucker.

   – But I’m not, he replied, removing his mouth from my pole. I’m new to this. I’m not gay.

   – Oh, I know, I know, I replied, just wanting him to be reassured so he could get back to it. Play with my balls.

   He did. He grabbed my gonads and twisted my ball sac as he swallowed my knob, giving it a bit of awkward suction that made weird noises. Nonetheless, the sounds added to the hotness of the situation.

   Suddenly, the door opened again and nurse Nancy popped in. She had been one of my favorites since I’d come into the hospital because she didn’t take any crap all the while looking gorgeous doing it with her 34B perky breasts in milky satin bras underneath her pink scrubs. Any girl who can make scrubs sexy is a winner in my book.

   Although the hospital is a public place, I was not expecting her to burst in on us and involuntarily slammed ginger boy’s face down against my crotch, using his head to hide my privates and making him gag on my hard cock as it hit the back of his throat. What an amazing feeling!

   – Oh, I see, guys, said Nurse Nancy. This is what you guys are up to, huh – no pun intended. This is not going to work, okay? While you are in the hospital, you need to follow some rules! Rule no. 1, never get caught by a nurse. Rule no. 2, if you do get caught by a nurse, make the most of it. And give her the best show you can!

   I quickly released ginger guy’s head and he came up for air.

   – I didn’t know you were into gay sex, Lukas, said nurse Nancy.

   “Okay, so his first name is Lukas”, I thought. “Nice.”

   – No, you’re right, he replied, his voice going up a notch like he was a kid caught doing something naughty. I’m not. I don’t… I… this is the first time. I…

   – It’s okay, Lukas, don’t worry, replied Nancy, sliding one hand under the top of her scrubs and started massaging her breasts.

   Lukas was more red-faced than ever.

   – I know you already like pussy, nurse Nancy went on, taking Lukas’s hand and slipping it into the bottom of her scrubs. You’ve proven that a few times. What does your friend’s cock taste like?

   As Lukas started fingering Nancy’s pussy, the nurse grabbed the back of his neck and kissed him sloppily, moaning into his mouth.

   – Very nice, she said, coming up for air and looking down at my cock. You have good taste, Lukas.

   This whole scene was happening so fast but did nothing to deflate my eager cock. I thought it was odd that my new lover felt he needed to justify himself, but since his hand was now in Nancy’s panties, I decided to reach over and feel what was making his hospital gown tent out. He moaned and almost lost his balance as I cupped his huge balls in my hand.

   Not wanting to waste any time, I waved my cock in his face with my other hand, encouraging him to get back to what he was doing before nurse Nancy joined in. Quickly, he went back down on me, slowing me whole and choking on my meat again.

   – Take it easy, Dude, I said. Go slow. You’re doing fine. You don’t have to deep-throat me to impress me.

   Wisely he followed my advice. As I looked at nurse Nancy’s face, I could tell she was having a really good time and seemed to like hearing me tell Lukas how to service my cock.

   – Use your tongue and slowly start licking my cock, from the balls up. Yeah. Do it – Repeat. Use your free hand to pump my cannon, use your right index finger to massage my assflower.

   He looked up at me, somewhat startled.

   – I… I can’t my… right hand is…

   Oh right. He was finger-fucking nurse Nancy’s wet pussy. Anyway, maybe I was asking this straight guy for a bit too much, this being his first time and all. Hmm yeah, he sure did a pretty good job sucking on my cock.

   Closing my eyes, I had almost forgotten the nurse, who was suddenly interrupting my state of lustfulness.

   – Why is it that everyone turns gay in hospital? she murmured, moaning away as if saying that aloud was making her even hornier and wet.

   I could feel the orgasm churning in my balls. In my head, I started talking her down. “Hey nurse babe, calm the fuck down. Gay is the way!”

   Smiling up at her, I said:

   – It’s not about turning gay, it’s about making the most of the stay. Glad you decided to join our biiiii-g party!

   – Hmmmm, she said. Sounds awesome. And feels pretty awesome, too.

   She was churning against Lukas’ hand and still playing with her breasts under her scrubs top. When she pulled her hand out of her shirt, it was to push her pants and panties down, kicking them off with her sneakered shoes.

   – Hmmmm… Do you eat pussy, too? she asked me. Of course you do.

   She got up on the bed and straddled my face. First, my nose and mouth landed between her ass cheeks but then she moved a bit, feeding me her wet slit as Lukas kept swallowing my cock.

   – Eat my pussy, she said. Mmmmm… Just as I thought. You’re no newbie at this.

   She whipped off her top, and pulled her tits over her bra so they could hang loose. I reached up and pinched her nipples, tweaking them lightly. It was as if I was milking her because I could feel the pussy juice start flowing abundantly as she moaned with pleasure.

    – Mmmm… yes! I'm pretty sure both of you will deserve an enema by the time we are done, eh?

   She shoved her already sopping pussy against my mouth even harder and even though I couldn’t see anything, I could still feel Lukas’ mouth and hands on my cock and balls as I played with his junk under his hospital gown. Nurse Nancy was humping my face so hard that after a few minutes, she fell forward, her hands landing on either side of me. Startled, Lukas took his mouth off my cock and nurse Nancy stumbled a bit. She quickly recovered though, swinging her left leg over my head and getting in position to straddle my hard cock. Before I even knew what hit me, I felt her spongy insides suck in my pole and her hot wetness started riding me like a rodeo bull.

   I grabbed on to her breasts and started playing with her hard nipples again. I could see on her face how much she was liking that. When I turned my head, I saw that Lukas was feeling left behind. He was just standing there, watching us as I played with his hard cock under his hospital gown. He had done such an excellent job sucking my pole that I wanted a taste of his.

   I grabbed the front of his hospital gown and pulled him in for a kiss. I knew he might be freaked out by this but it was just what I was feeling in the moment. The feel of nurse Nancy’s bare pussy grinding against my pubes, sucking the juice out of my pole and Lukas’ stubble against my face was an amazing turn-on. I knew that in that position, Lukas’ ass must be popping out of the hospital gown again and that just drove me crazy with lust.

   When he pulled away from the kiss, he looked down at me and I smiled. I could tell he had liked it and needed to not make a federal case out of it. Instead, he pulled the strings of the hospital gown loose and let it fall to the floor. There he stood in all his ginger glory.

   He bent down to kiss me again, this time very passionately because he was the instigator of the kiss. I reached between his legs and played with his balls, fingering the sensitive skin between his scrotum and his asshole. He moaned into my mouth and I felt his cock twitch.

   – Oh man, this feels so good, he murmured into my mouth as nurse Nancy’s moaning and groaning started to crescendo.

   – Let me taste your cock, I said to Lukas.

   Quickly, he got up on the bed and straddled my face. I looked up at him and started swabbing his hard cock head with my tongue. He watched every detail of what I was doing, enjoying the view just as much as the tingling of his nerve endings.

   I kneaded his beautiful ass cheeks, feeling their firmness and loving the feel. He made his hips sway, making the most of the excitement my tongue was providing his cock and my hands were providing his butt.

   As nurse Nancy kept riding my hard pole, her hands popped out from under Lukas’ arms and started massaging his firm pecs dusted with light ginger hair. His head fell back in ecstasy and the three of us rode our way to orgasm. Nancy started cuming first, her pussy muscles squeezing my cock so hard I thought they would snap it right off my body. I could feel each and every spasm of her body and she grabbed my hands so hard against her tits as she exploded that I thought should pull those off, too!

   – Ooooohhhhh… yes! Mmmm… I’m cuming so hard!

   Her bouncing was making the bed squeak like hell but we didn’t care. It just felt so amazing. All of it.

   That’s when I erupted inside Nancy’s burning pussy. I felt strand after strand of hot cum blast inside her and she squeezed once after once of juice out of my cock.

   – Fuck, yeahhhhh!

   I met each of her bounces with an upward thrust, the sound of our respective juices making a slapping sound that added to the excitement.

   When Lukas’ cock started tensing up, he worried I wouldn’t want him to cum anywhere near my face.

   – I’m gonna cum, dude, I’m gonna cum.

   – Do it, man, do it! Gimme that load.

   – Yeah, baby, said Nancy. Shoot that man juice.

   She had moved up behind him and was hugging him from behind. I could feel my cum dripping out of her pussy onto my belly as Lukas’ first strand of cum hit me in the eye. He freaked out at first but I just slipped his whole cock in my mouth so I could suck him clean. He shuddered relentlessly until he was done, moaning and groaning with pleasure and thankfulness in his eyes.

   When he was done, he surprised me by backing away, pushing Nancy back toward my crotch in the process, before leaning down to kiss me again.

   – Next time, I want to taste your cum. Not just your pre-cum, he whispered.

   I smiled at him.

   – That’s not gay at all!

   We chuckled.

   – Rule number 3, said Nancy, always include one nurse when you have sex in a hospital.

   We both laughed and all three of us would have collapsed into each other’s arms if that goddamn hospital bed hadn’t been so narrow.

   But just as we were about to get off the bed to recover our clothes, that male nurse came back!

   – OMG, are we still doing this? Wow…

   He sighed almost as if somebody had asked him to empty a bedpan … and started taking off his scrubs. All three of us looked at each other and thought: “Okay, sure… let’s give it another go!”


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