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28 Apr. '19

Steve was due to meet his friend Pete at the Riverside Bar. They were due to go to a birthday party for one of the girls at work. Steve wasn’t really keen as it was to be at a club in town. He hated noisy nightclubs. He wasn’t much into dancing and liked to talk with friends, but could never have a proper conversation with banging music playing. Still, he liked Amelia the birthday girl, so agreed to go. You never know, he thought to himself, maybe I’ll meet a nice girl and who knows what might happen. Amelia was just turning thirty and Steve was in his very late forties so he wasn’t expecting one of her friends to fancy him. Maybe one of her family, perhaps. Whatever, he went along with hope rather than expectation.

He walked into The Riverside and was surprised to see Pete was at the bar talking to a stunningly beautiful oriental girl. He grinned and looked over to one of the tables. Sure enough, a chap about his own age was sat on his own, observing Pete and the dark-haired beauty who were deep in conversation. The beautiful girl was, of course, May and the chap watching was Papi. This was the couple Steve had met at the very same bar just a few weeks ago and ended up in their hotel room, experiencing the best sex he’d ever had!

“Hi Pete,” called Steve cheerily as he approached them. “And who is this lovely lady?”  Pete span around on his barstool, “Oh, hey Steve, how are you doing, Buddy? This is May, we were just having a quick drink before you and I head off to the party.” May beamed up at Steve. She thought for a moment about not telling Pete that they already knew each other but decided against it. She was so pleased to see him, she couldn’t help herself “Steve! Hi Babe, how are you doing?” she almost shouted and stood up to give him a big kiss full on the lips.

“OK,” said Pete, “I guess you two have already met!” Steve grinned and said “Whatever gave you that idea?” As he said this, he waved over to Papi who was watching the scene unfold. He made a drinking motion and Papi nodded. Pete looked puzzled so Steve got the attention of the bartender and said “I’ll explain in a sec, I need a beer!” He ordered drinks for everyone and then said “Let’s join Papi,” and led them to the table. Papi stood up as they approached the table, Steve shook his hand and introduced him to Pete, who was still scratching his head, not knowing who Papi was and how Steve seemed to know them both.

Steve made sure to sit next to May and was pleased to hear her say “Oh Papi, isn’t it so good to see Steve again. Steve, you never told us you had a handsome friend like Pete!” Papi nodded his agreement and Pete continued to look confused but was very pleased that May had said he was handsome! Steve was enjoying his friend being baffled but decided to put him out of his misery. “Pete, you remember I told you about that lovely couple I met the other week? Well, it was these guys. Didn’t I tell you May was insanely hot?” Pete nodded as the penny dropped. Whilst Steve hadn’t gone into great detail about their encounter, he had said enough for Pete to connect the dots. In other words, he knew they’d all got naughty together even if the details were sketchy.

“You certainly did, Buddy, but I had no idea you were telling the truth!” Pete teased. May blushed a little at this. Even though she knew she was a stunning looking woman, it still embarassed her a little when men complimented her. Papi loved it though, knowing it was true and that almost every man he met envied him his lovely wife.

“So, you two are off to a party then?” asked May. “Do you have to go straight there?” Steve smiled and said “Well, the sooner we go, the sooner we can leave!” and Pete nodded, adding “Not really our kind of place, that club is so loud!” May looked disappointed and said “Aww, that’s a pity. Papi and I were hoping for some company tonight.” Steve really didn’t want to go to that damn party now! But a promise is a promise and he was wondering how long they would have to stay there. Pete, however, was more devious. “May, Papi, why don’t you come along with us? The birthday girl won’t mind and I’ve heard there’s a free bar!”

May looked imploringly at her loving husband and said “Oh, Papi, can we? I haven’t danced for ages.” Papi smiled and said “Well, I’m not too keen on noisy clubs either, but if May wants to, then of course we can.” Pete looked pleased with himself and said “Perfect. I know the club manager and I’ll try and get us into the VIP lounge, it’s nice in there.” Steve was delighted too. He was relishing the prospect of seeing May dance and maybe even staying with them after they left the club. This night could turn out to be a good one after all!

As the four of them wandered the few hundred yards to the club, Steve said to Pete “You never told me you know the manager of that club!” Pete grinned and said, “He’s the owner, actually. He’s a handsome black guy called Declan. I went to school with him. He had a spot of bother in a bar a few years back and I stepped up to help him. He was so grateful, he won’t let me pay for a drink these days. If he’s in tonight, I’ll try and find him and introduce you all.” Steve was impressed. Pete was ten years his junior but they’d been friends for a long time. He thought he knew all Pete’s secrets, but obviously he didn’t! Pete whispered to Steve “Knowing Dec, he’ll have at least one pretty girl with him. I’ve heard he’s not only rich but he’s well hung too!”

May nudged herself closer to Steve and said “What are you guys whispering about?” Steve teased her, “Don’t be nosey, you’ll find out in a few minutes!” This intrigued May and she gripped Papi’s hand tight as they entered the club. It took a few minutes for their eyes to acclimatise themselves to the dark interior but Steve quickly spotted the birthday party and they all went over to offer their congratulations and give Amelia the gifts they had brought with them. “Oh guys, thanks so much, you’re so kind. There’s free drinks at the bar, just use tab 30, they kept that number just for me tonight!” Pete offered to get the drinks and May was already moving her sexy body with the music. She was trying to drag Papi onto the dance floor but he was reluctant. She let him go then went on her own and started to dance sexily. Steve couldn’t take his eyes off her and said to Papi “Wow, May has really embraced being a hotwife. Look at all the eyes on her!” Papi looked at the guys stood and sat all around the dance floor and realized they were all watching May’s sexy moves. He smiled and said “Dancing gets her very horny, I’m happy to say. I hope you’ll stick around, maybe Pete too?”

Wow, had Papi just invited both Pete and him to have some fun with May later? Steve wondered if Pete would be up for it. He needn’t have worried. Pete sidled up to Steve, handed him a beer and whispered “If you think there’s a chance of fucking that gorgeous woman later, can I join in?” Steve laughed and replied “No problem. If I know May and Papi, you’ll be welcome to join us!” Pete’s eyes were wide with disbelief. “Shit, really? When can we leave?”

Steve shook his head, mocking his friend. “Hey, before you get carried away, what about this VIP lounge and meeting Declan? Or were you just teasing about that?” Pete said “Follow me.” He led Steve to a door marked ‘Private’ and knocked it sharply. It was answered by a very pretty girl and Pete asked “Is Declan around?” The girl said “Hold on,” and closed the door. After a few moments, the door opened again and the handsome face of Declan peered out. “Pete ma boy! How are you doing?” said Declan and gave Pete a big bear hug. Pete clapped him on the back as they hugged and he broke away to introduce Steve. Declan ushered them in to what Steve thought would be his office, but turned out to be like a big open plan apartment. It was lushly appointed with three large sofas and had a kitchen area and a huge bed in one corner. He saw Steve’s surprised look and Declan said “I spend most of my life at this place, so I thought I might as well make it comfortable!” Steve nodded his approval. Declan offered them drinks and the pretty lady who answered the door went to the bar to fetch them. Steve asked Declan if his two guests could join them as well. Declan said “Of course, especially if they are hot ladies!” Steve smiled and replied “Well, one of them is!” and left to go and get May and Papi. Soon, they were all back in the office/apartment and chatting about everything and nothing.

May had been dancing and was now very horny. She was sat on Papi’s lap and whispered something in his ear. He grinned a wide grin and said “Sure Hun, go for it.” May stood up and looked at the other three guys in the room, like she was trying to choose which one to join. She decided she would be best able to demonstrate her intentions with Steve and straddled his lap, reached her arms up behind his head and kissed him passionately on the lips. Pete blew out a whistle and Declan said “Oh, like that, is it?” looking over to Papi. Papi nodded and raised his glass to Declan. “Whatever makes my lovely girl happy,” he said. “Steve makes her very happy and I reckon you two might as well!” Pete looked at Declan and Declan looked at Pete. When Papi said “May has always fantasized about fucking a well-hung black guy, you know,” Declan high fived Pete.

May heard Papi say this and she jumped off Steve, whose cock was already twitching, and she walked over to Declan, feeling bold now that she was so horny. She pulled her top down tight to show off her breasts and looking a little coy, held her hands out to him. Declan looked over to Papi, who nodded his approval. He took May’s outstretched hands and pulled her closer to him and leant forward to tentatively kiss her. She kissed him back and ran her hands over his athletic body, almost purring. She whispered “Oh my God, you’re so hot. I bet you have a huge cock too!” and ran her hand over the growing bulge in his pants. The other three guys were watching with fascination as May dropped to her knees and unbuttoned Declan’s pants. She pulled his zipper down and slid his pants down to his ankles. It was obvious for all to see even before she pulled his shorts down, Declan’s cock was massive! May ran her tongue over his bulge through the white fabric of his shorts. Declan stepped out of his pants and pulled his shirt off over his head to reveal his muscular torso. Even Steve had to admit, this guy was hot!

Papi was getting aroused watching his amazing wife take the lead with a hot black guy. Steve and Pete were both rubbing their own cocks through their pants, then May pulled Declan’s shorts down. Out sprung his huge, fully erect black cock and May’s eyes were wide with wonder. “Oh my God, it really is fucking huge!” she squeaked. It was easily eight or nine inches long and very thick, bigger than the other three guys’ cocks, all of which were now free of their trousers and being stroked in their hands. May looked around to watch the three of them jerking themselves as she stroked the biggest cock she’d ever seen. Her pussy was soaking wet already at the prospect of being fucked by this monster cock. She secretly hoped all the guys in the room would fuck her, one after the other as she eased Declan’s massive cock into her mouth. He let out a deep sigh as her lips wrapped around his throbbing cock head and enjoyed the feel of her hot mouth. May was struggling to get it all in her mouth, but she tried her best and reached around to grab Declan’s firm ass as she sucked him as deep as she could. The sight of this beautiful girl sucking a huge cock was getting the other three guys very aroused. Steve decided he wanted in on the action and approached May and stood next to Declan. He had already stripped himself of his pants and shorts and stood with his hard cock twitching, inviting May to suck it as well. She took it in her hand while still sucking Declan and started to jerk it slowly. Then, she moved her mouth to Steve’s cock and sucked it lovingly. Steve motioned for Pete to join them, then Papi, and before long, all four guys were standing in front of May, cocks out and ready to suck. May felt like a real hotwife slut as she moved along the line, sucking each of these beautiful cocks in turn.

Papi whispered something to Declan and he said “Oh my God, yes. One second,” and quickly went to the night stand next to the bed. He returned holding a box of condoms. May was now sucking Pete’s cock and she had managed to wriggle out of her skirt and panties while still giving the guys her oral attention. She was frigging her own pussy and had already cum once, when Declan had grabbed her ponytail and pulled her head down so his cock pushed right into her throat. Now, she was on the brink of being fucked by not just her loving husband, but by another three gorgeous men, one of whom had such a huge cock, she wasn’t sure her tiny little pussy could take it.

Papi decided he should go first as he didn’t need to wear a condom. While she still had Pete’s cock in her mouth, he walked up behind May and got down onto his knees. He stroked his cock up and down May’s soaking slit then sunk it into her pussy in one thrust, making her moan loudly with pleasure. The scene was so erotic, he wasn’t going to last long. May slipped her blouse off and exposed her beautiful naked breasts. Pete reached down to kiss and caress her nipples, tweaking them firmly then running the tip of his tongue all around them. Figuring the other guys wouldn’t want to fuck May with a pussy full of his cum, Papi pulled out and called Steve to replace him. Steve had already rolled a condom onto his engorged cock and he dropped to his knees behind May. He dipped his head down to give her pussy and ass a little lick, then plunged his cock deep into May, making her moan again. He suddenly remembered how it felt to fuck this amazing woman.

Declan replaced Pete in front of May and reinserted his cock into her hungry mouth. Steve was thrusting with long, deep strokes, making May cry out each time he fully penetrated her. Pete was now stood to one side, waiting patiently for Steve to cum so he could fuck May next. It didn’t take long for Steve to fill the condom inside her. His legs were visibly shaking as he pulled out and shuffled to one of the plush sofas. Pete eagerly took his place and ran his cock up and down May’s ass crack before guiding it into her soaking snatch. He pushed in deeply, making May breath hard. She was still sucking Declan’s massive cock and was almost fainting with lust. She had cum twice while Papi was fucking her and twice with Steve’s cock inside her. She felt another orgasm well up from her loins and explode into her head as Pete came hard. He kept thrusting even after he’d cum and May came yet again, pushing Pete’s softening cock out as she squirted.

Pete joined Steve on the big sofa, so that just left Declan. He moved behind May so Papi took his place in front of her. Her poor pussy had been fucked by three big hard cocks already and she had cum so many times. But now it was time for the main event. She was nervous about taking Declan’s huge cock inside her but she needn’t have been. He was tender and gentle and eased his cock into her soaking pussy very gently to start with. Papi was whispering words of love to May as she let out a huge gasp. Declan had pushed himself fully into May and it felt amazing. She came again almost instantly and as he thrust in deeper and deeper, May moaned loudly with each thrust. Papi was loving the sight of his beautiful wife being a slut for three other guys, two of which she’d only met this very evening. May’s moans were so loud and erotic, Papi couldn’t hold back and gave May a mouthful of his cum, which she swallowed greedily, licking his cock clean and smacking her lips as she did so. All the time, Declan was plundering the depths of May’s pussy with his huge, pornstar cock but he was careful not to hurt her. When Papi came in May’s mouth, she came too and she squirted wildly over Declan’s cock. Her orgasm was so strong, she slumped forward and Declan slipped out of her. Papi saw this and immediately said “Lose the condom and stroke a load over her, Declan!” May heard this and turned around to face Declan just as he ripped the condom off and took his throbbing cock in hand. It didn’t take long for him to cum, four or five strokes and he let out a fountain on semen, covering May’s belly and tits, some even splashing onto her face. May was rubbing her clit furiously and came for a final time, her thighs shuddering as her whole body was overcome with another squirting orgasm.

She sighed a deep sigh as Declan handed her some wipes and a towel. Papi sat down next to May and kissed her deeply, telling her how amazing she was and how she had never looked sexier in her life. Steve was nodding and Pete was slumped on the sofa, still amazed that this evening had taken such an erotic turn and how beautiful May, the hotwife, looked as she snuggled in to Papi’s arms.

Declan broke the silence. “That was amazing guys. I wasn’t expecting this tonight! You can all call in ANY time you like!” and they all chuckled. Papi added “Guys, Pete and Declan are the only guys other than Steve that May has wanted to fuck. No offense to Steve and Pete, but I think now she’s met Declan, her fantasies are complete!” They laughed again and Steve said “Yeah, we can’t compete with that, he is a bit of a Nubian God, isn’t he?”

“I am in the fucking room, you know!” complained Declan with mock annoyance. “You’ll make me blush!” Pete laughed loudest at this comment. “Yeah, like you don’t know you’re hung like a fucking stallion!”

May was still basking in the afterglow of so many intense orgasms. She never felt better than when she was wrapped in Papi’s arms after making love. She was also so grateful that all four of the guys had made this evening about her enjoyment, not just their own. It had been her fantasy to be gang banged and to experience a hung black guy and it really couldn’t have gone any better.

Eventually, they all dressed and freshened up in Declan’s bathroom before returning to the club. They found Amelia dancing drunkenly with a small group of hunky guys in various states of undress with the rest of her party looking on. May laughed and said “I bet she thinks she’s having a horny night with those strippers. She has no idea!”



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