Eden Beach: Caribbean Erotica - Inhibitions and Decadance

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26 Apr. '19
Eden Beach: Caribbean Erotica - Inhibitions and Decadance

The caprice of our tropical vacation at the Eden Beach Resort has proven to be transcendent in setting aside our physical and emotional inhibitions at the same time of becoming over indulgent in sharing our limitless sexual decadence upon one another. It has made our love and lust for each other that much deeper. We both did not realize how much more aroused we become when we take away the boundaries of unusual and suggestive behavior between a man and a woman engaging in first time experiences. I don’t think she or I have ever engaged in so much spontaneous unbridled sex and love making in the amount of time we have spent at this resort. She keeps reminding me of the overwhelming aura she feels being in this type of ambiance. I too, have become captive to this aura. With each passing day, both of our sexually charged cravings and endurance to satisfy our erotic imaginations and needs have intensified making our sex life and love making anything but mundane. In her conversations with Tori, she learned Tori is envious to our spontaneity and physical attraction to each other without limitations. Considering we are both in our thirties. As she has repeatedly told Tori, when you live through an empty relationship and marriage for a long period of time with no compassion or physical interaction, once breaking away, impulsively you easily indulge in what has been absent in your life. She suggested to Tori to watch the other couples at the resort, especially the younger couples. She’d be able to notice the difference between European couples versus American couples. European couples are much more affectionate and physically attracted to one another while also wearing more provocative and revealing attire. American couples are more conventional and traditional being very reserved in physical expression.

She and Tori had gone into Heritage Quay of the island for shopping. This left me alone to do some photography on the beach, get caught up on some reading, relaxing and sun bathing. On several occasions, I would swim in the beautifully clear and warm tropical ocean. As I was coming out of the ocean on one occasion and making my way up to my sunbathing chaise lounge, a young attractive female in a bikini was walking the beach and walked by me. Of course, being polite and friendly, I said hello and it was a gorgeous day. She smiled and returned the greeting. As she did, she paused in her walk and told me with a grin, “You know, you look much more attractive without your swimsuit.” In hearing her comment, I detected a British accent. She too, was a slender and tan woman in her twenties. Standing in front of her with the ocean water dripping off of me, she could easily make out the outline of my cock through my slightly transparent swimsuit. I responded back with a chuckle, “Excuse me?” With a light laugh, she then asked me, “Weren’t you at Eden Beach the other day? You know, the nude beach?” Trying to remember if we had seen this young lady when we were there, I told her, “I’ve been there. How’d you know?” She told me she and her husband were at Eden Beach the same day we were. Besides, neither of us had any distinctive tan lines signifying our desire to sunbath in the nude. She then added, “You and your wife are quite the “randy” type.” Not quite sure on knowing what she meant by being “randy”, I asked her to explain after telling her we weren’t married but were in a serious relationship. She lightly laughed and told me in Great Britain, the term “randy” means being frisky or horny. On the day we were at Eden Beach, she and her husband could not help notice our constant sexual pleasuring and love making on the beach. It was so natural and open. She even thanked me because with what they witnessed got them real “randy” causing them to engage in the same type of beach activity. She said to me as she gave my groin area a glance, “That’s why I say to you, you’re much more impressive looking without the swimsuit.”

After a little more time of sunbathing and swimming, I made my way up to our suite. As I approached our outdoor patio area, I saw she and Tori had returned from shopping and were drinking large glasses of margaritas while lying on the patio’s chaise lounges. She was sweet enough to bring me one. I leaned over her, gave her a kiss and asked how her shopping went. Both she and Tori told me that had a great time and had purchased several items. I walked over to the outside shower head and turned on the water in order to rinse off the salt water and sand. As the water cascaded down my body, I turned to both the ladies who were watching me as they took sips from their cocktail glasses. Tori was fixated at looking at the outline of my large cock pressed against my loose fitting wet swimsuit. Tori commented to her, “God, you’re so lucky to be riding and sucking that thing. I’m envious.” When I finished my quick rinse down, she told me we were going to have an early dinner as she and Tori had a surprise for both Thomas and I later in the early evening. I asked what they were both up to. They both laughed and she said it wouldn’t be a surprise if she said anything. She did caution me by saying, “I hope you’re all rested up from today because you’re going to need your endurance for tonight.” While drinking our margaritas, Tori commented on how she and Thomas were having very frequent and unbelievable sex since being at the resort which was very uncharacteristic of him, not that she was complaining. She again, described him as being reserved and conservative but that has since changed. Tori told us they have sex at least two times a day and its great sex, not just a “quickie”. She asked Tori if she has taken Thomas to Eden Beach yet. Tori told us she hadn’t but was going to try tomorrow. Thomas did comment to her about her tan lines from her bikini being absent and inquired if she was sunbathing nude.

We all met and had an early dinner by the beach as the sun was setting. It was a very warm humid tropical night with a light sea breeze coming in off the ocean. Both of the ladies were dressed very elegantly with a seductive flavor. Once we had finished our meals, dessert and coffee, she asked me what time it was. I told her it was just about 6:30 p.m. She said, “We have some time to kill. Let’s get a table by the beach at the bar.” We all went into the bar area, ordered some more margaritas and got a table in the open bar area right off the beach. I asked her what this big surprise was for Thomas and I. Both she and Tori told us we would have to wait until 7:00 p.m. to find out. Thomas and I looked at one another, laughed and gave a perplexed look. In looking at both she and Tori, they both had this devious and mischievous look and smile on their faces. As we drank our cocktails, both leaned forward and held out their hands telling Thomas and I to extend our hands with an open palm. We did and they both dropped a single blue pill in our palms. With a laugh and smile, I asked her, “Is this what I think it is?” She tilted her head and said yes. I added, “Honey, I really don’t think I need this. We’ve been doing just fine.” Thomas agreed with me. I asked her where she got the pills from. She and Tori were in a pharmacy getting some pure coconut oil for their skin and noticed Viagra was sold over the counter. Being inquisitive, they both wanted to know if it does what it’s supposed to. Still maintaining their devious and mischievous look, they both wanted to experience an erotic sexual love making marathon. I looked at Thomas and he looked at me. I said, “Oh, what the hell. It probably will not work on me anyway” and ingested the pill. Thomas followed by taking his pill. Jokingly, I said to her, “See, I feel no different and I don’t have a boner.” We all laughed. She and Tori told us they were just getting started.

Thirty minutes had past as we continued to talk, laugh and drink margaritas. She asked me what the time was. I told her it was 7:00 p.m. She said good and both she and Tori told us to talk our drinks and follow them. Neither Thomas nor I had any clue as to what they were up to. We followed the both of them on a walkway into a secluded area of the resort surrounded by a mango grove. This was the resort’s water and day spa. The elevated top portion of the spa was where resort guests could get massages and pedicures. The ground level was a gradually descending swimming pool going from ankle deep to overhead water depth. The interior of the pool was lit up giving off a light amber glow into the fast approaching nighttime. At the end of the pool where it was the deepest was a wide cascading waterfall. Surrounding the pool were several large oversized and adjustable chaise lounges with brilliant tropical patterned cushions and pillows. The perimeter of the pool area was lighted with lit tiki torches providing a provocative and romantic ambiance. To top it off, there was soft Caribbean music playing in the foreground. The resort’s staff had provided some bottles of wine and an ice chilled punch bowl filled with a specialty tropical punch called “island love”. For thirty to forty five minutes, we talked and laughed as we drank wine and punch. Thomas and I asked the both of them what sparked this idea. Both placed their glasses on a tall standing table, came over to us and wrapped their arms around our necks. They both explained they wanted to take advantage of a very romantic evening with just us. When they returned from shopping and was coming through the entry way where we had checked in, they were asked by the resort’s staff if they were interested in using the spa for the evening. There was a last minute cancellation with four couples and the spa was paid for and available. It was explained to them that during the evening hours, the resort rents out the spa area for couples, gatherings and parties. Unless reservations are made way in advance, it is often time difficult to reserve on short notice. Both she and Tori jumped at the opportunity which was why we were here.

She and I engaged in a passionate French kiss as my hands caressed the sides of her slender body. Thomas and Tori followed suit. As we kissed, she slowly grinded her vaginal area into my groin giving me the bodily hint she wants me deep inside her tonight. Taking a pause in our kissing, Tori was telling Thomas as they were shopping today, they had stopped at a couple of outdoor cafés for drinks and had “girl” talk exchanging their experiences with intimacies. She continued by saying the both of them desired to do something distinctive for a first-time erotic encounter. Thomas gave out a laugh and told Tori they had both extended and experienced their sexual repertoire like never before while being on vacation. Tori responded with a chuckle, “Honey, I’ve only just begun with you.” We both engaged in another long passionate kiss. As we kissed, one of her hands moved down to my groin and gently rubbed my soft cock on the outside of my pants making me get semi-erect. Looking into her eyes with a smile, I asked, “O.K. babe, what is on your minds?” She stepped away from me giving a sinister smile as she could see a noticeable outline of my cock. She then looked at Tori who also stepped away from Thomas. They both walked over to the end of the pool, stopped, and turned towards Thomas and I. We were taking a sip of our drinks as they both kicked off their sandals. Tori started to unbutton all the front buttons of her dress at the same time she was unbuttoning her seductive camisole. Once having her entire camisole unbuttoned, she then unbuttoned the side of her skirt causing it to drop to the ground. Tori peeled off her dress as she let her camisole fall off her shoulders. Neither were wearing a bra or panties and their firm slender bodies looked so hot and inviting standing before us naked. Without looking at Thomas, I said, “Well, I don’t know about you, but this is a first for me.” Thomas added, “Um, ditto. Oh my God, they both look so fucking hot.”

She and Tori held their hands walking into the pool descending into deeper water. Just as the got to thigh high depth, they both stopped, turned to face each other. They put their foreheads together and started to fondle and caress the other’s breasts. I don’t know about Thomas, but I was definitely getting hard from what I was witnessing. She and Tori took it a step further by having their hands move down to their lower waists and then to their inner thighs where they gently rubbed each other’s inner thighs around their vaginal openings. With our eyes focused on the ladies sensual fondling of each other, Thomas asked me, “Has this ever happened to you?” I replied with a curt “Nope!” She and Tori stopped, turned, and dove underwater and swam submerged into the deep end surfacing next to the cascading water of the waterfall. They both broke out into laughter as they treaded water knowing they just delivered Thomas and I the ultimate tease. They then swam over to the side of the pool where Thomas and I were standing watching their sexual bustle. Both ladies got out of the pool and approached Thomas and I dripping wet. With the ambient light from our surroundings, their wet bodies looked so provocative and alluring for the taking. Thomas took notice to her dark tanned body absent of any tan lines and her sea turtle tattoo. What was even more provocative was both she and Tori had completely bald, smooth and glistening vaginal areas. Thomas made suggestion to Tori, “You should get a tattoo down there. That looks so hot.” Both Thomas and I had very noticeable bulges in our pants. As she got up to me looking me in the eyes, she said, “It’s about time you guys join us in this party.” Tori standing in front of Thomas as he put his hands on her wet waist was awkward as to what was happening. With her standing in front of me, she put her hands on my cheeks and gently kissed me. She softly said, “No inhibitions tonight, O.K.?” Smiling at her, I replied, “I’m game.”

Thomas and Tori were engaged in deep French kiss as Tori was stroking Thomas’s groin. She and I gently kissed one more time before her hands removed my shirt and then moved down to my waist where she proceeded to unbutton my pants as I kicked off my shoes. She went down to her knees while pulling down my pants exposing my semi-hard cock. Thomas and Tori glanced over at us getting a complete view of my manhood. Tori softly said aloud, “My Lord girl, is he ever hung.” Just as she said that, she looked up at me with a engaging smile and inserted my cock into her mouth slowly sliding her lips back and forth on my enlarging shaft as I held the sides of her head guiding her pace. Her mouth was so moist and hot as her lips and tongue tantalized my large hard cock. Tori advanced onto Thomas by peeling off his shirt and removing his pants and underwear as they both sporadically kissed and pawed at each other. Thomas was completely erect as his underwear was quickly removed by Tori. Even though Thomas was not tanned in his groin area, he was clean shaven on his cock and balls. Being on her knees, Tori inserted Thomas’s cock into her mouth licking and flickering the head of his cock before sliding her lips down his shaft. Thomas gave out a moan of pleasure telling Tori not to stop. Her mouth moved back and forth on his shaft. In taking a quick look at Tori blowing Thomas, Thomas was not as large as I was but definitely larger than average in size for his manhood. From our past encounter prior to Thomas’s arrival, I could see why Tori was sexually satisfied with Thomas. As she continued to suck my cock, she was taking in more and more of my shaft in her mouth, she paused for a brief moment and spread her bent legs wider, getting herself lower. She then tilted her head back and slowly ingested and slid the entire length of my cock into her mouth and throat with her mouth and lips stopping at the base of my cock. She massaged the bottom of my shaft with her tongue movements. I was overwhelmed with sexual bliss wanting to immediately cum down her throat. Thomas quickly glanced over at us and was astonished at her ability to take the entire length and girth of my hard cock into her mouth and throat.

I slowly motioned her head off my cock as she tried to resist. I told her, “Baby, not yet. Way to early.” She responded, “But I wanted to see if the pill works.” I said to her, “Not until I can ravage your body and make you scream.” She stood up and we embraced in a deep kiss as our hands caressed and fondled each other’s bodies. Tori was still wildly sucking Thomas’s cock as he continually moaned in ecstasy. I motioned her over to the edge of the pool and we both dove in. We both surfaced facing each other. Because the pool was much smaller as the resort’s larger pool and lighted, Tori and Thomas could easily see our lighted naked bodies in the pool water. She dove under water as I drifted to the deep end of the pool where the waterfall was trickling into the pool. With my back to pool wall and holding onto the pool’s edges, I waited for her to surface. Because of the depth, I had no footing. I saw the figure of her body move towards me underwater and then surfaced in front of me. Being face to face, she was holding onto the pool’s edges over my shoulders while pressing her firm body against mine. We embraced in a kiss while feeling the mist and drips of water from the waterfall pouring into the pool. Looking into each other’s eyes, she softly said, “Make love to me.” As she said this, she slightly elevated herself upward while having her inner knees and thighs pressed against the sides of my waist and thighs sliding her smooth pussy against my lower abdomen onto the top of my cock’s large head. With bent legs, she positioned her open aching labia onto the head of my vertically standing erection. With a jerk inward by her, the head of my cock slid into the opening her clitoris. She gave out a gasp of sexual sensation and said, “Oh Christ, right there! Right there!” She did short little thrusts causing the head of my cock to continuously excite her G-spot. After several of these short thrusts, she let out a moan I’m sure Thomas and Tori could hear. Leaning back while holding onto the pool’s edge, she then thrusted her hips into me taking my entire cock deep inside her. She let out another loud moan from the feeling of my length and girth. Having a very serious expression on her face as our eyes locked on each other, she blurted, “Fuck me hard baby!” Thomas could clearly see and hear her and I fucking like animals.

With our eyes locked on each other as our loins slapped against each other with our thrusts, heavy breathing and passionate moans of tantalizing our love muscles, we heard a splash into the pool. Thomas and Tori finally joined us in the pool. Still remaining fixated on each other’s eye contact during our unique fucking in the deep end of the pool, neither of us had any idea what Thomas and Tori were doing. We made it quite obvious though, our sexual repertoire had no limits by our voices and body motions. This was such a turn on knowing we were now being a participant of voyeurism with no shame. As she thrusted her wide open loins onto the shaft of my cock as she still gripped the edge of the pool with her extended arms, Tori had swam up from behind her. While still treading water, Tori reached under her arms and started to caress her breasts and kiss the back of her neck as she continued to moan and thrust. I could feel my climax building but was still in control of not letting loose to soon. Tori broke away and swam off with Thomas towards the shallow end. We both let go of the pool’s edges as our bodies drifted downward underwater. She wrapped her legs around mine at the same time I grabbed her buttocks and forced her deep into me. We grinded and thrusted our bodies against one another until we had to surface for air. When we both surfaced and were facing one another while treading water, she said with a confident laugh, “God, I love sex in the water!” We both swam towards the shallow end of the pool while watch Thomas and Tori exit the pool and walked over to one of the 2 person chaise lounge.

As we slowly drifted closer towards them, Thomas laid on the lounge on his back as Tori was crawling up over him first straddling his legs then his chest on bent knees. As we got closer, we watched Tori move her bent knees forward placing her pussy directly over Thomas’s face. We heard Tori tell Thomas, “Lick me until I cum!” She leaned back placing her extended arms onto Thomas’s chest at the same time she spread her pussy as wide open. Going over Tori’s toned thighs with his arms and hands, using his fingers, he opened Tori’s swelled labia and drove his tongue deep into her clitoris. Tori jerked several times as she gasped with delight. We both could see Thomas still had a rock hard cock as it laid unattended on his lower abdomen. He had gotten much larger from Tori’s blowjob. Being in the very shallow end laying on our stomachs watching the both of them engaged in hot oral sex, I leaned into her and whispered, “You should return the favor of a threesome with Tori and Thomas like we had.” She smiled and giggled, “You think so?” I replied, “You enjoyed it before, didn’t you?” She responded, “Yeah, but that was with you.” I said back, “Remember, no inhibitions.” Looking at me with this questionable smile, she got up hunched over and snuck up to where Thomas and Tori were going at it hot and heavy. Getting on her bent knees at the foot of the chaise lounge dripping water from the pool onto Thomas, she bent over Thomas’s spread legs and gently grabbed his cock. When she did this, Thomas jerked. As she took his entire cock into her mouth, she could feel Thomas tense up. Using her lips and tongue, she did slow deliberate bobs up and down on his shaft occasionally pausing to tease the head of his cock with the twirling of her tongue. With pleasured affliction, Tori looked over her shoulder to see she was giving Thomas another blowjob. Thomas started moaning loudly as his tongue continued to dart in and out of Tori’s pussy. From where I was laying, it was very erotic to watch all three of them engaged in such arousing decadence.

As she continued to have her mouth glide up and down on Thomas’s shaft, I noticed her to be spreading her bent knees wider and wider apart exposing her entire labia to me from my view. With one of her hands, she reached behind underneath her spread thighs and with her fingers, started to massage the lips of her labia as if she was hinting at an invitation for me to take her doggy-style. Looking at her tanned firm ass with her spreading thighs, I got on my hands and knees and moved towards her in the shallow water. My cock was rock hard at what I was watching. As I got closer to her, she took her fingers and spread her labia lips wide open exposing her pink clitoris. As she continued to suck on Thomas’s cock and softly moaning in unison with Thomas and Tori, from behind, I inserted the head of my cock in between the spread lips of her labia. Grabbing her wet hips, I slowly thrusted the entire length of my cock into her pussy. She let out a continuous moan of sheer pleasure as each inch entered her. She was so moist and hot inside. Once engulfing my entire length and girth and holding it inside of her, she paused from her sucking and let out a subtle, “Jesus baby, don’t stop. Keep giving me all of you!” With her hand still underneath her in between her spread thighs, she reached up and started to massage my balls. This set off my climax trigger. Starting slow in my thrusts, I purposely stimulated the hot moist inner walls of her clitoris using the length and girth of my shaft and head as she quivered from the erotic excitement of my cock’s movement in and out of her. Sensing she was about to have an explosive orgasm, she paused in her bobbing up and down on Thomas’s cock rapidly gasping and grunting. Just as her mouth came off of Thomas’s cock, Thomas tensed up and arched his back. His cock erupted and spewed streams of cum upward landing on his abdomen and groin. One stream hit Tori in her buttocks. I was quite impressed as to how much man juice Thomas put out in his orgasm.

I escalated the pace of my thrusts in and out of her pussy as she pleaded to me not to stop. By this time, Tori and Thomas were now facing us as they caught their breaths from heavy breathing. Watching us fuck for about twenty seconds, they embraced, smearing the streams of Thomas’s love juice on each other’s body, and engaged in a deep passionate kiss as they groped each other’s body. Tori reached down and grabbed Thomas’s cum coated cock noticing he was still fully erect and hard as she stroked him. Tori lightly laughed in delight and said, “That blue pill really does work.” She immediately got on her back, spread her legs open and motioning for Thomas to impale her with his hard cock. It did not take Thomas any time to Tori’s cue and instantaneously mounted her and inserted his cock deep inside her pussy. They both let out a passionate moan as Tori’s legs wrapped around Thomas’s upper thighs as he started with his rhythmic thrusts in and out of Tori. Thomas softly said to Tori, “Honey, you’re pussy is so fucking hot and tight” as his thrusts continued. Thomas was triggering her orgasms to such precision, Tori drove her fingertips into his shoulders as her toes curled and giving off grunts to Thomas’s inward thrusts.

Still on her knees and legs spread wide, her face was turned to the side and pressed against the lounge’s cushion with her arms outstretched as I kept up my pace of thrusts in and out of her. Her love juices were trickling out of her down our thighs. Both she and I were breathing heavy as all of us could hear my groin slap against her pussy and my balls hitting her underside. She let out a moan and said, “I can’t stop cumming.” In a distressed tone, I said to her, “Here it comes baby” and immediately let go pleasurable stinging loads of cum inside of her as my thrusts in and out of her continued. As we continued to fuck, I noticed I remained rock hard. I was not going soft and limp. Being upright on my knees on the edge of the large chaise lounge, I pulled out of her as she fell and laid on her side breathing heavy and lightly laughing in enjoyment. She spread her legs wide and continued to rub the swollen lips of her labia wanting to keep her pussy completely stimulated. With a smile as she looked at me, she said, “I love you even more when you make me orgasm that many times baby.” With a beseeching stare as we could hear the ardent moans and grunting of Thomas and Tori’s heavy fucking, she got up off the chaise lounge, took my hand and walked us into the pool. Just as we got into ankle deep water, she stopped us and facing each other, she slowly went to her knees and placed my cum covered hard cock in her mouth and started sucking. Although I had already orgasmed, I found the blue pill not only kept both Thomas and I hard, it also made my cock very sensitive to the touch. It was a feeling of just peaking at the climax point but being unable to cum. With her sucking away on my cock, she was now dominating my hormonal imbalance making me feel like an out of control nymphomaniac.

By grabbing the sides of her head pulling back away from my aching cock at the same time I slowly moved down to my knees while motioning her backwards so she was laying on her back in the shallow water. Before getting on her back, she leaned into me, we kissed as she grabbed the shaft of my cock and quickly guided it directly into moist hot pussy as she laid backwards. I followed her lead and forced the entire length deep into her causing her to let out a loud, “Oh My God!” and then continued to kiss. The both of us were now trembling with our new found sexual enchantment. With her hands, she grabbed her ankles and pulled her bent legs back. She then pushed her legs sideways to spread herself as open as she could. Gripping her around her waist as I looked down on her, my thrusts were long and deep as the shallow water splashed around us. For minutes, we engaged in hard physical missionary fucking enjoying every second. Sensing we were being watched, Thomas and Tori were walking into the pool and were slowly walking by us as we were grunting and moaning. Leaning into her so I could kiss her breasts, she reached around and grabbed my buttocks pulling me forward so she would get my entire cock inside her pussy. In a gasp, she said, “Baby, I cumming! I’m cumming like crazy!” Feeling my climax point but still yet to cum again as I slid in and out of her entire clitoris with my hip motions, the feeling I was experiencing was indescribable. Trembling from her orgasms, she motioned me to stop and lean back from her. Just as I was pulling my cock out of her, she grabbed my moist hot shaft at the base and just inserted the large head of my cock back into her. Still holding my shaft and using her hips, she did little thrusts upward causing my head to rub and poke just inside her clitoris stimulating her G-spot. After several little hip thrusts by her splashing water, she started gasping in excitement. Her stimulation caused her to squirt her love juices on my groin and lower abdomen as she moaned in ecstasy. Thomas and Tori loved what they were watching and continued their walk into the deeper water of the pool. Although I really wanted to cum in her again, we needed to take a break.

After collecting ourselves from this incredible sexual encounter, we stood up, embraced in a kiss. She said, “You’ve been magnificent tonight. No inhibitions.” She then led us into the deep end of the pool to join Thomas and Tori. We swam around for a few minutes, laughing, tickling each other and groping each other. Tori and Thomas had got out of the pool and were standing face to face talking and sipping glasses of wine. They would occasionally smile and give each other light kisses. We could see Thomas still had an erection as Tori would lean her lower abdominal area up against his cock, sandwiching it between him and her. We got out of the pool to join them. I poured us glasses of wine. Thomas said to me, “I take it you two have done this sort of thing before.” I replied, “Actually, no we haven’t. This is our first time doing something this decadent.” Thomas commented,  “You two are really something. Definitely daring. And I’ve never seen such intense fucking like you guys do.” Tori chimed in, “Honey, you weren’t too shabby tonight. You just gave me the best sex we’ve ever had since seeing each other. You were such a bull. You’ve been the complete opposite sex partner since arriving here. This is so unlike you.” Thomas smiled at Tori and then turned to her and asked, “And where did you learn to give head? You go to the same school Tori went to?” She smiled at Thomas and said with a laugh, “Practice makes perfect.” She turned to me and gave me a light kiss as her hand discretely rubbed the shaft of my semi-erect cock. Because of the sensitivity of my cock, her discrete touch of my shaft caused me to slightly twitch. It was more on the hard side versus being soft. She whispered in my ear, “Is that blue pill still working?” I told her it was. She then whispered, “Good. You’d better be able to fuck again.” I assured her that was not going to be an issue. The aura of the tropical atmosphere, our romantic and erotic settings, the seclusion and all of us setting aside our very own sexual inhibitions and discovering unique reluctances and desires, all of us were now crossing the threshold of a one-time experience of erotic decadence.

We spent about twenty minutes drinking our wine and talking. The night remained warm and humid. Noticing our dark tans, Thomas commented, “Being the adventurous types, I take it you both sunbath nude, don’t you?” He then commented how pathetic his tan was. She laughed and told Thomas, “Not to worry Thomas. We’ll cure that tomorrow. One thing at a time.” Thomas then asked me, “Where you guys are older than Tori and I, you seem to have a very active sex life. You mind me asking how often you have sex?” She said to Thomas, “That depends. We go on spontaneity. When the mood hits us.” She then laughed and added, “And that’s frequently. Like right now.” She grabbed my hand and led us to the pool where we both jumped in. Thomas and Tori followed us. As we surfaced, she had wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around lower waist. Looking into my eyes, she started motioning her vaginal area up and down against my cock. To say the least, I was immediately hard. All of us swam towards the shallow end with both ladies ahead of myself and Thomas. Just as we got to waist deep water, both ladies told us to stop where we were. They were knee high water. Both of them looked erotically delicious being wet, tanned and promiscuous. She and Tori then turned to each other and embraced in a kiss as one of their hands caressed the other’s breasts and the other hand was stroking the other’s vaginal area. I don’t know what Thomas was thinking but I thought what they were doing was extremely arousing. Tori, looking into her eyes, said, “Let’s try something really crazy.” Tori then whispered in her ear. She gave Tori a smile and a nod. She walked over to Thomas reached into the water and grabbed the shaft of his cock. Tori had walked over to me reached into the water and started to rub the long length of my shaft with her open hand. Looking at Thomas, she said, “You know, right now I’m super horny. I mean, real horny. And I want to see what kind of bull you are.” At first, Thomas had a look of bewilderment not knowing how to react. What we all realized was we were equally horny and willing to experiment with variations in atypical sexual encounters. When Tori came over to me, it dawned on the both of us that the ladies were extending our boundaries of decadence for the evening.

She took Thomas’s hand and led him out of the pool to the one of several chaise lounges. Holding his arms to his sides, she pressed her body against his and started to kiss his neck. In a slow humping motion, she was rubbing her vaginal area against his rock-hard cock. Although Thomas was not as large as I was, his manhood would definitely satisfy her sexual desires and appetite. Her kisses moved from his neck to his chest. She then continued her kisses downward as she slowly went to her knees. With her tongue, she swirled the tip in and around his navel. Thomas started to moan with acceptance. Still holding his wrists, she slowly ingested the head and a portion of his cock into her mouth. This caused Thomas to quiver in sexual delight. Her lips and tongue tantalized him as she glided up and down on his shaft. She let go of his wrists so one of her hands could massage his balls while the other hand worked his open shaft at the base. To her amazement, Thomas’s cock was a dark red and hot. From her kneeling position while still sucking his cock, she inched herself onto the chaise lounge and laid on her back. Pressing the heels of her feet together, she spread her and thighs wide open exposing her bald pussy for Thomas’s view and taking. With her head hanging off the edge, she took her arms and hands and wrapped them around Thomas’s thighs. She was teasing Thomas by flickering her tongue around the head of his cock. She then slid his entire cock into her mouth and down her throat. Like she has done to me, she used her moist warm tongue to massage the bottom of his shaft. Thomas’s quivering turned to shaking. After five minutes of sucking, stroking and swallowing Thomas’s cock, he motioned her to inch onto the lounge where he straddled his cock and balls over her face at the same time he immediately dove into her pussy driving his tongue into her swollen aching clitoris. As he licked her opening, he was massaging her breasts at the same time she was bobbing up and down while caressing his balls. Both she and Thomas were engaged in a frenzied moment of simultaneous fellatio and cunnillingis both moaning in precipitous pleasure. Since my dare at the wedding reception where she conquered Anthony in the bed, this is the only other time someone else other than me gets to taste her.

At the same time this encounter was heating up, Tori and I were standing face to face looking into each other’s eyes as she was slowly stroking the shaft of my cock. She said, “You know I’ve been craving to have this thing inserted into me all night long, don’t you?” Looking at my hard cock, she added, “I’ve slept with several men in my past and I’ll tell you, you’re quite impressive in size. Quite impressive. It’s the largest my eyes have ever set sight on.” I took her hand and led her to another unoccupied chaise lounge. She seated herself on the edge of the lounge as I attempted to motion her to move onto the lounge laying on her back so I could mount and defile her very inviting pussy. She gestured me to stop by placing her hands on my hips and instantly took in the head of my cock into her mouth. Slightly bending my knees, I placed my hands on the sides of her head and felt her gliding head movement of back and forth on the shaft of my cock. On occasion, she’d stop and with her tongue, would lick all around the head of my cock. Like Thomas, my engorged cock was also deep red in color and rock-hard. I briefly looked over at Thomas and her, noticing Thomas had shifted around her and was just about to plunge his cock into her waiting pussy as she wrapped her legs around his thighs and thrusted her hips upward in order to take all of him at once. Just as the head of his cock separated the lips of her labia, she grabbed his buttocks and forced him into her sinking his entire cock deep inside her. They both let out a long moan of sexual fulfillment. Tori suddenly stopped, centered herself on the chaise lounge cushion and laid on her back. Using her feet and spreading her hips wide, she elevated her buttocks off of the cushion by arching her back pushing her bald vaginal area upward. At the same time, she used her hands and fingers to separate the lips of her labia revealing her deep pink and moist clitoris. I climbed onto the lounge on my knees looking down on her and gripped her elevated buttocks. Pushing her buttocks upward, I lower my face into her begging pussy where I inserted my tongue deep into her open clitoris causing her to give out an immediate moan and her body to tremble. She tasted so good.

The more I licked and nibbled on her pussy, the wetter she became. With my continuous cunnilingus on Tori, her arousal rapidly flourished begging me not to stop. Judging by her trembling and gasps of pleasure, I sensed I was delivering orgasm after orgasm. Looking down at her, she told me, “I want you to put your cock deep inside me now!” Lifting my face off her sopping wet pussy and kneeling upright, I inched forward into her using one of my hands to guide the head of my cock into the opening of her wet clitoris. Tori, using her arms and hands, placed them on her elevated underside to keep herself braced upward anxiously awaited the delivery of my hard cock deep inside her. I grabbed her hips and just as the large head of my cock penetrated her pussy, Tori let out, “Oh Christ! Give me more!” I suspected I was rubbing against her G-spot as I inched into her. Although Tori had a tight pussy, because she was so wet from my cunnilingus, my hard cock glided right in causing her to sporadically twitch as each inch entered her. Even though I knew she was capable of taking all of me inside her from our threesome encounter, I quickly forced the remaining few inches into her causing the both of us to slightly shake and tremble with delight. As I started my thrusting motions while holding her hips, I told her how tight inside she was. She replied, “I’ve never had anything this big inside of me before. You feel fucking awesome!” I glanced over to see her and Thomas going at it hot and heavy with Thomas rapidly thrusting in and out of her after she had shifted her legs which were now tightly wrapped around his waist with her hands gripped on his wrists telling him not to stop and to go as hard as he could. Thomas would give her several single power thrusts causing her to orgasm and cum all over themselves. With baited breath and beads of sweat dripping off of him, Thomas told her she was an amazing fuck and warned her he was going to soon cum. She pleaded with him to cum on her chest and tits.

I was now delivering long deep thrusts in and out of Tori that was driving her crazy. In a rasping tone, she let me know she was cumming like crazy and not to stop with my sexually invigorating deep thrusts. By this time during our first time erotic frolic on a warm tropical night, we had not been in the pool and were perspiring heavily from our marathon swap session. Adding fuel to this lust was the ingestion of the blue pill Thomas and I had taken. Both Tori and she had this very well planned in order to fulfill an unprecedented sexual desire. Breathing heavy and shaking from non-stop arousal from the internal friction of my cock, Tori asked me to pause. In doing so she got up off her back, turned around on all fours beckoning me to now take her doggy-style. Without missing a beat, I plunged my cock back into her provoking clitoris driving the entire length and girth all the way into her causing her to let out a long continuous groan of erogenous fulfillment. By this point our bodies were covered with a thin layer of oily perspiration and internal love juices as I drove my cock in and out of Tori while reaching underneath her to caress her breasts. Thomas was kneeling upright feeling any moment he was going to cum. Her legs remained wide open accepting each delivery of his hard cock. He let out a moan, gripped the base of his cock and pulled out of her pussy. He gave off a couple of rapid gasps, let go of his shaft and once again exploded with streams of cum all over her breasts and stomach. After seeing how much he came the first time, she was in awe as to how much he could cum a second time in such a short period of time. After calming from her orgasms and looking up at Thomas, she said to him, “If you and Tori ever decide to have kids, conceiving is not going to be an issue with you two. God, you cum an awful lot.” She then noticed Thomas was still erect even after his impressive ejaculation on her. Catching their breaths, they then looked over at Tori and I as we moaned and grunted while fucking doggy-style. Both could see a sexy sheen of sweat glistening off our bodies in the night light. I felt my climax point building rather quickly. I wanted to cum so badly it hurt. Thomas was amazed Tori was able to engulf the entire length and girth of my cock as they both watched my long hard thrusts in and out of her pussy. Looking up at Thomas while laying on her back covered with his man juice and her legs still spread wide, she giggled and told Thomas, “You look like you’re sort of turned on by what you’re seeing. You should go over there and join them.”

Pausing for a moment, Thomas got off the chaise lounge and walked over to where Tori and I were fucking. He walked to the front of our chaise lounge facing the both of us as he watched me holding her hips and ramming my cock in and out of her as she continued to breath heavy and give out frequent and sporadic moans of passion. He climbed onto our lounge directly in front of Tori and was standing upright on his knees. Tori instantly reached out and grabbed the shaft of Thomas’s cock, motioned him in closer to her and immersed his cock into her mouth. Without hesitation, she feverishly sucked the entire length of his cock as he grabbed the sides of her head and tilted his head backward. All the while, I’m still fucking Tori doggy-style. Pausing as I am now watching Tori give Thomas incredible head, from behind me, I felt her arms and hands wrap around my chest caressing my upper torso as she placed her chin on my shoulder and then nibbled at my neck. She pressed her breasts and front side against my back smearing all of Thomas’s man juice between by my backside and her front side. With three quarters of my hard cock still inside Tori’s pussy, with one of her hands using her fingers, she clasped around the girth of my cock and motioned me to slowly withdraw from Tori’s pussy. Just as I was almost completely out, she had me stop so only a short portion of my cock remained inside Tori. In a manual up and down movement, she purposely stimulated Tori’s G-spot using my cock causing her to loudly whimper as she continued to devour Thomas’s cock. This was so hot and really accelerated my climax point. Gasping, Thomas said, “Please let me finish.” I gave Thomas the nod of approval. With the help of those blue pills, we all were much attuned to our first little orgy with no reservations or regrets. Later after our happenstance ended, we all experienced how much more our love for each other would grow.

As I pulled out of and away from Tori, Thomas motioned her onto her back where they both were at one end of the chaise on the edge facing each other. Tori spread her thighs wide open awaiting the penetration of Thomas’s cock. Thomas did not waste any time and drove his cock deep into Tori. I would never have known it but Thomas and Tori were the horniest couple I had ever seen. And Thomas was taking full advantage to the effects of the blue pill Tori gave him. I got off the chaise lounge, turned to her and we embraced in a long deep passionate French kiss. Even though our bodies were sticky and sweaty, the distinct smell of sex coming off ourselves was such a turn on. While still kissing she motioned me to sit on the edge of the lounge. Still being fully erect, she straddled my lap with her wet wide thighs. Moving her hips and without using her hands, her swollen moist labia was able to find the head of my cock. She impaled herself downward onto the head and shaft of my cock letting out a loud grunt after sliding all of me inside her wet hot pussy. Her hands were clasped together around my neck with extended arms outward so we could see eye to eye. She was giving me a steel tense look as she slowly rocked her hips back and forth on my lap causing the head and shaft of my cock to slide and massage her pussy. As she started to increase the pace of her thrusting forcing the opening of her pussy against my groin, she again started to tremble and quiver from being sexually aroused. I was gently massaging her sticky sweaty breasts. She triggered my climax point and I was finally going to be able to cum inside her. She pressed her forehead against mine and with a shuddered voice, she told me, “I love you! I love you so much! Keep fucking me until you cum inside me!” She quickly tilted her head back and rapidly slapped her pussy against my groin as her love juices were freely oozing out of her over our loins. I gave out a moan as I started cumming inside her pussy. The throbbing of my cock was so intense as I let loose my cum. It was an orgasm like I never experienced before. We embraced in another deep passionate French kiss pressing our bodies against each other with our hands wandering over each other’s bodies.

Our naked bodies were coated with love juices. I now found the blue pill had finally worn off as I was now going soft as we continued to kiss and caress even though we remained horny. Thomas and Tori continued to fuck with Tori telling Thomas to keep thrusting and driving into her pussy. Smiling at each other giving little kisses, we got up off the chaise lounge and walked into the pool walking into the deep end and rinsing off our bodies. Swimming underwater and surfacing at the end of the pool where the waterfall was flowing, she looked at me with a sincere expression and asked, “Was she better than me?” I gave out a light laugh and replied, “Baby, you’re my one and only and after tonight, I love you even more. We’ll probably never do this again but you’re the one I wanted to do this with.” She gave me an accepting smile, leaned into me and gave me a kiss. I added, “You’re my lover. And trust me, an incredible lover. There’s no comparison.” She then asked me, “Can I ask you, honestly and hypothetically? Would you ever consider marrying me?” I leaned into her pressing my forehead against hers and said, “Absolutely!” She smiled, wrapped her arms around my neck and we embraced in another French kiss as we sank underwater. As we surfaced facing each other, I could see she was lightly crying with joy. As we waded in deep water feeling cascading water spraying on us and grinding our naked bodies together, we continued to kiss. We looked over to Thomas and Tori who continued to fuck like maniacs. We were quite impressed as to the stamina the both of them we demonstrating as they continued to grunt, moan and hump as their sexual interlude was non-stop. That blue pill definitely benefited Thomas and his ability to fuck. She asked me, “Are you envious Thomas is still going?” I responded, “Have I turned you on? Do I peak you when we have sex and make love?” She replied with a smile, “Oh, hell yeah!” I told her that’s all I need to hear. She then asked, “You ready to go again?” I laughed and told her I think the blue pill she gave me and its effects have run its course. Looking in my eyes with a smile, she reached under the water and with her open hand, caressed the entire shaft of my cock hoping I would become hard and erect once again. I was able to get semi-erect but not fully erect. She leaned into me and whispered in my ear, “Damn, I’m still horny.” I gave her a quick kiss and dove underwater, surfaced at the pool’s edge and climbed out of the pool. She followed behind.

Both of us standing dripping wet by the table, we both sipped our glasses of wine as we looked at each other. She told me, “Even when you’re half hard, you still look hot and sexy.” I returned the compliment. I reached out and touched her chest area and said to her with a laugh, “You’re not sticky anymore.” She gave out a laugh. She then said, “You want to know what turns me on?” I asked, “What?” She added, “When I can smell our sex on each other. That’s hot!” Putting our hands on each other’s waists and pressing our bodies together, we embraced in a kiss. As we kissed, we heard Tori say to Thomas, “Cum inside me you bull! I can’t stop orgasming!” We looked over at the both of them and Thomas was rapidly pumping his cock in and out of Tori’s pussy. From the night light, both their bodies were glistening from sweating profusely. Thomas told Tori, “I’m going to cum, baby!” and let out a moan for injecting his man seed deep inside Tori’s pussy. Both still went at it, grinding and thrusting their bodies against each other for another minute before coming to a stop. Breathing heavy caressing each other’s bodies, they gave each other one last long kiss, before getting up and slowly walking into the pool holding hands, swimming to the deep end. We watched the both of them glide through lighted water before they both swam up to the pool’s edge remaining in the water in front of us. Looking at them both, Thomas and Tori looked at each other and Tori said to Thomas, “Honey, that’s the best love making we’ve had since dating. We’ve never gone this long having sex. And it was fantastic!” Thomas replied to her, “Tori…You were so hot. So, so desirable. So assertive. I’ve never cum that many times in my entire life.” We gave the them a smile. Thomas added with a laugh, “I hope you got more of those blue pills.” Tori returned a laugh and said, “You’ll have to wait and see.” I asked Thomas if the blue pill was still working for him. He said he thought so as he looked at Tori adding, “If she arouses me again, I’ll definitely get hard.” He then asked me, “What about you?” Laughing, I replied, “I think I wore it off with our fun” looking at her who was giving me a humorous frown. Thomas added with a light laugh, “Well dude, the way you’re hung, you probably need a bigger dose.” Thomas then commented, “Don’t you need a prescription to get these pills?” They added we had to remember we were in a foreign country and the pills are actually sold over the counter. When they saw this, they couldn’t resist.  

Thomas and Tori climbed out of the pool and came over to where we were standing. They both grabbed a glass of wine and toasted each other. We had been at the spa for almost two hours. All of us still standing around naked as if this was completely natural even though at first, it was awkward getting naked and seduced as a group. Looking at each in the evening light, she and Tori remained erotically hot. I commented to the group, “Well, I don’t know about you guys but this was a first for me. I can’t believe what happened tonight but I have no regrets.” She added, “Baby, we agreed to keep our sex life vigorous and unique. We all took advantage of a new sexual venture we probably only dreamed of doing so I have no regrets.” Thomas and Tori looked at each other before Thomas said, “Hey, thank you for recharging our sex life even though this was a lot different than what I would have imagined.” I suggested we finish our wine, get dressed and go over to the beachfront bar for some cocktails. I added jokingly, “Let’s see if anyone there heard our moaning and grunting.” We all laughed. She looked at me and said, I’m going to rinse off in the pool one more time before we leave.” Tori and Thomas continued to talk to one another as she walked over to the edge and jumped in the pool. When she surfaced, she was floating on her back having the ambient light of the night shine on her naked wet body as she floated. Her wet breasts and bare vaginal area looked so delectable for the taking. I got this urge of having to arouse her once again in order to keep this night unique, exciting and unforgettable. I walked over to the edge and jumped into the pool to join her. I purposely surfaced my head in between her floating legs at her knees. Treading water, I placed my hands on the back of her thighs and floated the both of us into shallower water where I could stand in shoulder deep water. She sensed what it is was I intended to do by bending her legs outward and having the sides of her feet resting on top of my shoulders. As I moved my face closer to her very inviting pussy as I braced her with my arms and hands on her back. Her arms were outstretched as I drove my tongue inside her pussy causing her to repeatedly flinch with each swirl of my tongue on the lips of her labia. She was still hungry and horny for more. The sex on this vacation and particularly tonight was far more deeply intense than I have ever experienced. In the beginning and first engaging in sex with her, I learned she was a sexual dynamo with big appetite for lust and no limitations. But this was incredibly extreme. Both of our large empty sexual voids of the past with our ex’s were quickly being filled with each of our encounters in and out of the bedroom, now expanding into our vacations.

As I continued to feverishly perform cunnilingus on her in the pool, she reached up and grabbed my hair forcing me forward deeper into her clitoris. Finding her G-spot with my tongue caused her to jerk several times upward as she gave out a moan. Thomas and Tori watched with delight. Tori said to Thomas, “They’re at it again. I’ve never met a couple like them that seem to have never ending sex. I hope we’re like that when we’re their age.” Thomas looked at Tori and responded, “After what we’ve done on this vacation? We will.” Thomas and Tori then jumped into the pool one last time. I had now moved her into shallower water where the water line was at mid chest. I stood upright pulling her spread legs into me as she still remained floating on her back with her arms once again outstretched. In pulling her into my chest area, she locked her legs around me. This allowed me to reach over her and caress her wet breasts. Squeezing her legs tightly around my waist and using her firm ab muscles, she leaned upward, wrapping her arms and hands around my neck and we embraced in a deep passionate kiss. At the same time she leaned upward, I grabbed her firm ass and lifted her upward so we would be eye to eye when we kissed. With her vaginal opening pressed against my upper abdomen, she was motioning up and down using her hips causing her labia to rub against my skin. She softly said in my ear, “Baby, I’m so hot. I’m so turned on right now. Really turned on and I’m aching for you inside me. I don’t care how soft you are but I need your cock inside me right now.” As we kissed again, I shifted my hands on her underside so my fingers could get as close to her labia as possible. With my hands and fingers, I lifted her up and out from me at the same time spreading open the lips of her labia. Slowly motioning her downward, the head of my cock pierced the opening of her clitoris. Easing her into me feeling the head of my cock penetrating her, she said with an elated smile, “Oh God, baby, you’re hard again.” I replied, “Yes I am. This will be short lived though. I’m real sensitive.” I was more sensitive to touch than I was before even though it was very enlivening.

Her hands were clasped together around my neck as she leaned back away from me. Still gripping the bottom of her ass, she loosened up her legs around my waist and spread her inner thighs outward opening up her entire bald pussy for my cock to enter. With her relaxed legs and thighs spread wide underwater and my firm grip on her ass, I glided my entire length and girth deep into her pussy causing her to give out an excited moan. She told me, “Jesus, baby, I love it when you do that!” Using the weightlessness of the water and my grip on her ass, I started my thrusts in and out of her. I felt my climax point building just as I had thought due to my cock’s sensitivity. As I thrusted in and out, our eyes were locked on one another. I could see her orgasm rapidly building as she was biting her bottom lip and then tilted her head backwards. She looked at me with this glazed stare and asked me, “Baby, do me doggy-style! Please do me doggy-style!” I let go of her ass and moving through the chest deep water, we went to the side of the pool where we were now in waist deep water. I quickly glanced over to Thomas and Tori. Tori was engaged in another aggressive bout of fellatio with Thomas’s cock. Floating on her stomach with her hands holding the pool’s edge, I stepped into her from behind in between her spread legs. Just as I was entering her pussy doggy-style, with legs and thighs spread apart, she bent her legs inward placing the heels of her feet into my back upper thighs forcing me into her. Holding her waist, I once again rammed my cock deep inside her causing her to let out a grunt. I was thrusting in and out of her as our breathing got more rapid. She was giving out erogenous whimpers of delight knowing I was making her cum over and over. She told me to keep going and not to stop. She then demanded I fuck her harder as she was now cumming. My climax came on so quickly and it was extremely intense. I knew there was going to be very little man juice from me but it sure as hell felt magnificent when I orgasmed. A very delightful and satisfying sex pain.

She and I submerged ourselves in the pool water, came up and then kissed each other before getting out of the pool. Holding hands walking back to the table, I told her she was without a doubt, the most enduring sex partner I have ever known. She consistently reminds me she loves sex, especially our sexual encounters. While drying off with towels and sipping our wine, we chuckled as we saw Thomas and Tori still in the pool only now, they were wildly fucking each other in the deep end. They were both so turned on by each other as they groped, grinded and slammed their bodies against one another while moaning and groaning. Because of the clarity of the pool water and being lighted, we could even see them fucking underwater when they submerged themselves and floated to the bottom of the pool. The blue pill has definitely paid dividends for the both of them. Quite impressively, they fucked for five additional non-stop minutes ending with the both them having orgasms. As they exited the pool and came over to where we were standing, they were complimenting each other and their love making performance. They both a persona of sexual euphoria. They’d seen we were already partially dressed to go to the beach front bar. They both dried off and also got dressed. While dressing, Thomas asked me, “Have you ever done anything like this before?” I replied, “Nope. Never.” Both the ladies chimed in also saying they’ve never done anything like this before. Not even in college. It was a first time for all of us.

Picking up after ourselves and placing our empty wine glasses on a server’s tray, the only way anyone could tell we were here was from the water of the pool on the surrounding surfaces. I’m pretty confident we are not the first couple to have engaged in a sex frenzied mini orgy in the spa. Regardless, both Thomas and I left a generous tip for the caretaker. We all walked the lighted pathway back to the beach front bar in order to have some evening cocktails before bed. Arriving at the bar, we ordered some margaritas, talked and laughed about our antics at the spa as we could hear the ocean’s waves coming ashore with a light warm tropical breeze. As we conversed with one another, the young lady who I had met earlier in the day on the beach came up to us with her husband and introduced themselves. Their names were James and Erin and both had a very distinctive British accent. In talking, we learned they were recently married and were on their honeymoon. We all congratulated the both of them. James asked me what we thought of Eden Beach. We both told him we absolutely loved it but was quite surprised it was so empty, especially during the best tanning times. James and Erin agreed but regardless, they loved it also and since being at the resort, they’ve been over there several times. They both had the tans to prove it. Erin went so far to pull up her skirt along her outside thigh above her waist line to show no tan lines. This also showed Erin was not wearing any type of panties. Thomas asked what was so special about Eden Beach. With a promiscuous smile, Erin told him it was a nude beach. Clothing optional. Thomas replied, “Really? No clothes? Nothing?” She and I told Thomas it was a really nice and secluded beach to go to if you want to sunbath in the nude. Tori told Thomas, “How’d you think I was able to get rid of my bikini tan lines?” Erin, looking at her and I, added with a laugh, “And anything else you wanted to do but wouldn’t be able to do on any other beach.” It took a moment, but Thomas caught on as to what Erin was implying and gave a nod of her head in the affirmative when she looked at James and Erin. Erin told Thomas, “Yes. We did it there. First time ever on a beach. It was great.”

We all spent another forty five minutes talking, joking and laughing over drinks. We all decided we’d call it a night. Being newlyweds, we could tell James and Erin were getting real antsy about getting back to their suite so they could get naked, climb into bed and fuck each other’s brains out. As we all walked down the pathway, we would depart into our separate suites for the evening. When we got to ours and entered, she walked through our living room area in order to open the sliding glass doors so we both could hear the ocean surf. As she’s walking back to where our bed is, she’s peeling off her clothes until she’s completely naked before reaching the bed. Where I was just wearing a shirt, linen pants and shoes, I was naked in no time. Then again, we always slept in the nude regardless. We both pulled back the sheets and climbed into bed listening to the calming noise of the ocean. She rolled over on top of me so that she was lying face down on my lower chest with her breasts in between my soft cock. I was running my fingers through her hair and caressing her cheeks as she was gently stroking the sides of my upper torso. With a light laugh, I asked her, “So, I got to know. How was it sucking and fucking Thomas?” She replied with a light giggle, “You know. Tori’s right. He’s a bull in the sack. He definitely knows how to fuck. And I’ve never seen a guy cum so much before. My Lord” She then added, “But you know something. Nobody and I mean nobody makes me orgasm and cum as much as you do baby. Like I’ve told you before, you’re an incredible lover and I’m not giving you up for anyone else.” She then asked me, “So what was it like fucking Tori again?” I replied, “She definitely loves big dicks. And she definitely can put out. Although she’s like you, you’re definitely wilder during sex. No inhibitions with you.” We both lightly laughed as we continued to gently stroke each other’s naked bodies. I commented, “You know, I knew this vacation was going to be very romantic and erotic, but I never even imagined we would be doing the things we’ve done. It’s like “Wow”, you guys did what?” She asked me, “You have any regrets about what we’ve done?” I replied, “Nope. So long in the end, both you and I are together having a stronger bond and a robust sex life. There’s nothing wrong in trying something new to keep our lust and desire for each other stronger. And I really do love you.” She replied, “I really love you.” We would both fall asleep to the sound of the ocean, the scent of a tropical breeze and the feel of our naked bodies pressed against each other from pure sexual exhaustion.


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