Hottest Wife Ever

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25 Apr. '19

I was spruced up ready to go out on a hot date with the new girl who had just started at work. I’d detected a real spark when we first met. I’m 49 and I reckon she was about 35. I heard the text beep on my phone and fished it out of my pocket to find a message from her.

“So sorry, Steve, I have to cancel tonight. I don’t feel well and I don’t think I’d be good company. Can we go out next week instead? Sorry again. Millie X”

Damn it! I was as horny as an eighteen year-old on Spring Break, all dressed up, nicely groomed but nowhere to go! I decided to go down to one of my favourite bars in town, the one that overlooks the river, close to the swanky hotels. I might bump into some friends, so the evening wouldn’t be a complete waste.

I wandered into the bar and scanned around. Nobody I recognised but I was pleased to see my favourite lady bar tender. I also noticed a very pretty lady sat at the end of the bar alone. She had dark hair, oriental features and was a real knockout. I assumed she was waiting for somebody so I was reluctant to approach her. I ordered a beer from Sally the sexy bar tender and got a lovely smile from her as well, which lifted my spirits. I was still glancing over to the beauty at the end of the bar as often as I could without looking too lecherous. She drained her glass, looked directly at me and smiled a broad smile. Wow, she was absolutely dazzling! Now her glass was empty, so I had an excuse to talk to her. I walked to the bar stool next to her and said “Do you mind?”pointing to the empty stool. She looked at me with her sexy dark eyes and said “Be my guest.”

“Would you like another drink?” I asked, really hoping she would say yes. She giggled nervously and said “It’s only water, but yeah, sure. Thanks.” I waved to Sally, holding up my new friend’s empty glass, and she nodded and brought over another tall glass of crisp, clear water, clinking with ice and placed it in front of… “May” said my delightful companion, “pleased to meet you.” And she extended her hand. I took it in mine and said “Steve, and the pleasure is all mine.” I was so stunned by May’s beauty, I couldn’t even think of a cheesy pick-up line to use, not that she looked like the type of lady that would be impressed by a ham-fisted attempt at humour. I decided to be a bit more circumspect and said “Are you waiting for someone?” May’s eyes twinkled as she said “Not anymore!” She looked nervous yet confident at the same time. How did she manage this, I wondered?

“Oh,” I stuttered, “Um, you mean…?” May very coyly looked at me and said “Sorry, I didn’t mean to tease you. I’m here with my husband, he’s sat just over there,” and she pointed to a smart-looking man about my age sat a few tables back from the bar. He seemed to be watching us intently, and now I knew why. Well, I thought I knew why, but I was wrong. “Would you care to join us, Steve?  Papi likes to see me enjoying myself and meeting new friends.” May stood up and I followed her to the table that the man was sat at. She introduced us and we shook hands. He had a very firm handshake, which I admired. “What brings you here alone, Steve?” he asked.  I shrugged and said “A cancelled date, to be honest. I was due to go out with a lady for the first time this evening but she cancelled. I figured I’d stop by here and see if any friends were around.”

Papi smiled and said “No old friends, but maybe you’ve met some new ones?” meaning himself and May. I nodded and said “Yes, I hope so.” I’d started to think that I’d stumbled across a couple that liked to include strangers in their love-life. It wasn’t just wishful thinking on my part. May had already sat a little too close to me and I could see her smiling and nodding as her husband spoke. As if to eradicate any doubt in my mind, May said “Papi really loves to see me enjoy myself, don’t you, Papi?” As he was nodding his agreement, I felt May take hold of my hand and place it on her thigh. She was wearing a skirt which she had lifted up enough so I could see the tops of her stockings. My hand was now on her firm, sexy thigh and I could tell she wanted me to move it higher. The way we were sat, May was facing the room and I was sat next to her. Papi was opposite us, so I felt confident nobody else would see anything we got up to under the table.

Confidently, I gave May’s thigh a little squeeze, then moved my hand up over her stocking tops, feeling her bare flesh for the first time. Her skin was like the smoothest velvet to my touch and I felt her shudder as my hand wandered higher. She closed her eyes for a moment and I saw Papi smile and nod, encouraging me to continue. I moved my hand around so I was now stroking May’s inner thigh and she seemed to be loving this, lost in the moment. As my fingers brushed against the satin gusset of her panties, May let out a little moan and I traced my fingers along the outline of her pussy lips, which I could feel through the flimsy material. It was so erotic, my cock was already fully erect and becoming quite uncomfortable in my boxer shorts. I moved around a little to give it some space to grow and May realised what I was doing. She put her hand on my thigh and moved it up to my groin, rubbing her flat palm over the throbbing bulge that was now very obvious in my trousers.

“Oh, yes!” she said, looking at Papi and nodding her head. Papi grinned and said “Steve, if you can make May cum while we’re sat here, I’ll buy you another beer and we can go over to our hotel. How does that sound?”

Well, I like a challenge! I’d struck gold with the most beautiful woman I had seen for many-a-year and her very generous husband who wanted to share her with me. I almost came myself at the prospect of joining these two lovely people in their hotel room but I had a challenge to think about. I had no idea how easy or hard it would be to make May cum sat right here in the bar, but I was determined to find out. I was still rubbing my fingers up and down her slit from outside her panties. May was enjoying the feel of my fingers and I figured she would prefer erotic and sensual foreplay rather than anything more vigorous. I pulled at the elastic of her panties and slipped my hand inside them, turning it so I could stroke her pubes. Her mound was perfectly smooth, not a hair to be felt. She had either shaven that day or maybe she had her pussy waxed or sugared. Either way, I loved how soft and smooth it felt and I was already imagining what this beautiful pussy would taste like.

I started to retrace my fingers up and down May’s labia, but this time my hand was inside her panties and my fingers were directly on the smooth folds of her pussy. They felt even softer and smoother than the satin of her panties and I could feel how wet she had already become. I looked over to Papi and he smiled. May was starting to shake, such was her level of arousal. I flicked the tip of my middle finger gently across the erect nub of her clitoris several times and May moaned again. I slid that finger down through her soft, wet labia and found her vaginal opening. It was so wet down there, my finger slipped in easily, so I curled it forward and tried to tickle May’s G spot. Wow, I think my aim was true. Her eyes opened wide and she took a huge breath and bit her lip as I felt her pussy contract around my finger. Her pussy spasmed and I felt her fingers grip my shaft through my trousers, almost making me cum as well. I’d completed my challenge successfully and I’d enjoyed it enormously. Would Papi be as good as his word and lead all three of us to their hotel room?

“You’ve earned yourself a beer, Steve,” said Papi and winked at me. “Would you like another one here, or would you like one from the mini-bar in our hotel room?” I think he knew the answer to that question before he’d asked it! I grinned, stood up and said “Shall we go?”

May had composed herself after her orgasm and I was trying to conceal my raging boner. May stood up and took my hand, raising it to her nose to sniff it. God, that was sexy. She was smelling her own scent from the finger that had been inside her pussy just a few moments ago. “Papi,” she said and held my finger to his nose. He sniffed as well and said “Mmmm, perfect!” If my erection had started to subside a little, it grew again immediately when they did this. I sniffed my own finger and I had to agree, it was perfect. A musky odour of sex that was an indication of more fun to come.

Their hotel entrance was only a few yards from the bar, and within moments, we were in the elevator on our way to their room. When the doors closed, May reached up and kissed me full on the lips and I experienced the taste of her for the first time. It was utterly intoxicating. Her hand wandered down to my groin. She gave my hard cock a squeeze and said “Mmm, is that for me?” I was almost breathless as I replied “May, if Papi is OK with it, it’s all yours!” Papi just grinned and nodded, as he’d done several times earlier when we were in the bar.

We got to the room and Papi held the door open for us to enter it. It was a very spacious room with river views, but the view that interested me more right now was the enormous bed, sitting quietly in the middle of the room, inviting us to use it for our own hedonistic purposes. As soon as the door closed behind us, I turned to speak to Papi but he had disappeared into the bathroom. May was looking out of the big picture window so I decided to move up behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist. I inhaled deeply with my face pushed against her hair before moving my head down to kiss the back of her neck. May reached her hands around her back and started to stroke the bulge in my pants. She let out little moans as I kissed her neck and gently nibbled her earlobes and I couldn’t help but raise one hand up to her chest and feel her ample breasts under her blouse. I dropped my other hand down and hooked up the bottom of May’s skirt so I could resume my exploration of her pussy lips. She was absolutely soaking wet down there and breathed in sharply as I slipped a finger back into her luscious pussy.

Papi returned from the bathroom and saw us entwined together. “I want us both to fuck my wife together Steve. I think she’ll like it!” He moved in front of May and started to kiss her mouth. He dropped his hand so he could feel my own exploring his wife’s vagina. “Mmm, that’s the way,” he said and dropped to his knees. He hooked his fingers around the waistband of May’s panties and pulled it downwards until they were around her ankles. She stepped out of them daintily and waited for Papi to do the same with her skirt. I lifted her blouse up over her head and unhooked her very expensive-looking bra which she shook from her shoulders. May was now stood between Papi and myself, completely naked and totally vulnerable. She was shaking a little, but not because she was cold. The lust in her eyes gave it away, she was ready for us.

Papi took the lead and removed his clothes quickly and May span around and helped relieve me of mine. When she pulled my shorts down, my cock sprang to attention and May cooed “Oh my God, that’s perfect. Big but not too big!” I couldn’t help but notice Papi’s cock, which he had started to stroke. It was about the same size as mine. May took my hard cock into her hands then dropped to her knees. I was swiftly transported to heaven as I felt her wrap her warm lips around the head of my cock, her tongue pushing out and swirling all around my most sensitive area. May pushed me backwards and I sat down on the bed, all the time with her lips wrapped around me. She was now on her knees and Papi was quick to crawl up behind her and he caressed her beautiful soft ass cheeks. May was loving this and pushed me further onto the bed. She climbed up and motioned for me to get onto my knees in front of her. She was still on her knees, her ass pushed out over the bed in a perfect position for Papi to stand behind her and push his throbbing cock into her tight, wet pussy. I felt her gasp as he filled her and she moaned loudly as he began to thrust into her. I decided I wanted to thrust too, so taking a handful of May’s hair, I twisted it into a kind of ponytail and pulled her head towards me, my cock penetrating her mouth and pushing right into her throat.

It was easy to establish a rhythm with Papi fucking his beautiful wife with long, smooth strokes. I thrust my hips forward as he pulled out and really face-fucked this beautiful hotwife. We were spit-roasting May and she was nearly fainting with lust, almost overcome with the sensory overload of two big hard cocks filling her. It didn’t take long for her to start squealing as she came hard, almost sobbing with the intensity of her orgasm. I thought I should ease off a bit, but Papi, who obviously knew May so much better than me, continued to thrust. If anything, his thrusts became harder and faster, giving poor May no respite and making her cum again. This was so intensely erotic and I felt my own orgasm welling up from my loins. Papi was really thrusting hard now, fucking his lovely wife really deep, making her cum repeatedly on his cock. As I was about to explode, I heard Papi moan hard and shout “Fuck!” as he came and filled May’s pussy with creamy cum. May was convulsing with her fourth or maybe fifth orgasm as I came too and released a gush of semen directly into May’s mouth and throat. I don’t think I’d ever cum as hard or as much as this and May struggled to swallow my huge load. A lot of cum was dribbling form her mouth as I pulled my cock out and let the poor girl breathe. She gasped and sobbed and came yet again as Papi bent down and licked his own cum from his wife’s tender pussy lips. I moved into a position where I could kiss May and I snaked my tongue into her mouth and tasted my own cum as well.

We all collapsed into a heap of post-orgasmic bliss on the huge bed. May kissed Papi tenderly and I stroked her hair and her shoulders. We stayed like that for several minutes before Papi eased himself off the bed and wandered over to the mini bar. “I promised you a beer!” he laughed. “God, yes please!” I replied. He opened a bottle and handed it to me and gave May a bottle of water, which she guzzled down thirstily.

“Are you the type of guy that can go again?” asked Papi, with a hopeful look in his eyes. “After all, May has only cum five or six times so far! I bet she’d love to cum while riding your big cock!” I looked over to May and she was grinning and nodding her head eagerly. “I don’t think that will be a problem!” I said, laughing. May got back on to her knees and kissed my mouth passionately. She pushed me down onto the bed, suddenly a bit more dominant than she’d previously been. Mmmm, I liked that. She dropped her head and took my cock back into her mouth, feeling it grow back to its fully erect size. She then climbed onto me and leant forward to kiss me as she guided my cock in between her pussy lips. She rubbed the head of my cock up and down her slit and spent a few minutes stimulating her clit with it. Papi was lying next to us now, stroking May’s thighs and ass just as she decided to impale herself on my rigid dick.

I can’t tell you how amazing it felt, her velvet pussy engulfing my cock, swallowing it inside her. May’s hands were on my chest and she started to move her hips up and down, being careful not to let my cock slip out of her. Pretty soon, she was really smashing her pussy down on to me and Papi was giving her ass little spanks of encouragement. Every few minutes, May threw her head back and bit her lip as she was overcome with orgasm after orgasm. I lost count of how many she had, but then she changed position slightly. She brought her feet forward so they were flat on the bed either side of my hips. Then she was able to squat up and down on me and get real deep penetration, which after a few minutes, had the desired effect. She put her hand over her own mouth to muffle her scream. Papi smacked her ass quite hard and she lifted off my cock and sprayed a huge squirt of cum over my belly and chest. Papi moved his hand to flick his fingers over her clit and May let out another three gushes of cum before dropping back down and sliding my cock back into her.

Papi was still lying next to us and his cock was throbbing again. I didn’t know if he’d mind, but I took a chance and wrapped my fingers around his shaft. “Oh, yes!” shouted May, “Jerk him till he cums, Steve!” she said, gleefully. I jerked Papi’s stiff cock as May continued to ride me. She must have cum at least three more times before I heard Papi moan and felt his cock throb even harder in my hand as he came again. Some of his sticky white cum shot onto May’s thigh but most of it ran over my fingers. I slowed my stroking down until no more cum oozed out of him and released his tired penis from my grasp. May took my hand and raised it to her face and started to lick my fingers, taking them into her mouth one by one and sucking lovingly on them. Once she’d cleaned them off, she let my hand go, then leaned forward and kissed me. I could taste Papi’s cum in her mouth and it was so erotic, I knew I couldn’t hold out any longer.

“I’m cumming again,” I warned. We hadn’t used a condom, so I thought it only fair to warn May of my impending orgasm. She grinned at me and looked at Papi. He nodded and May sighed loudly but didn’t stop smashing her pussy down onto me. “Oh my God!” I shouted as my cock erupted like a volcano inside May’s convulsing pussy. I came even harder than the first time and I could feel and hear my cum squelching from her pussy as my cock softened. May had one more treat in store for me as I was coming down from my shuddering orgasm. Papi handed her a buzzing vibrator, a pink G spot vibrator and May was rubbing this all over her clit. Her moans grew louder and louder, drowning out the buzzing of the dildo. She managed to ease herself up the bed so she was now squatting over my chest, then she let out a fearful moan as she came again, squirting cum right onto my face and neck. Papi had grabbed my cock when May was squirting over me and he jerked me quickly, forcing me to cum again, semen shooting out and covering my belly. May eased herself backwards and dropped her head so she could lick my belly and taste my cum again. She kissed Papi then reached forward to kiss me and we were done. Completely spent. Exhausted. If I had died right there and then, I wouldn’t have minded at all. It would have been the perfect way to go!

But I didn’t die, thank the Lord. Instead, once I’d recovered, I said to Papi “When will you guys be staying here again?” Papi was about to answer when May chirped “Whenever you’re next available to come to the bar!”

We met again the following weekend. We got to know each other quite well and enjoyed more and more amazing loving. May eventually admitted that the first time we’d met, that had been her very first hotwife experience. She had been so nervous beforehand that she’d nearly chickened out, but she said when she saw me enter the bar, all doubts she’d had disappeared.

I told her then and I’ll tell them both every time we meet, Papi is the luckiest man in the whole Goddamn world!



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