Strippers on Stage

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17 Mar. '19

As a stripper, I often get bookings to do private events, usually with another girl or two. The booking that came in last week for a guy’s stag night seemed pretty ordinary, he was getting married a week or so after the event date and there would be an audience of around 100. I thought this was a large number for a stag party and questioned it. It turned out to be a do set up by the groom’s work, so all the male colleagues were invited. He was an engineer for a large telecoms company – maybe I could pick-up some tips on my broadband while I was there! They had booked two of us and I was pleased my bestie Charlotte would be with me.

I’ve been stripping for about two years. I started at a lap dancing bar in town and I’ve always enjoyed showing off. I have a great body and guys seem to like it! It takes a bit of work to stay in trim because I love food and dining out, so I spend more time in the gym than some of the girls. My best friend Charlotte who worked with me at the lap dancing bar told me that she was taking private party bookings and said “You should try it too, Suze, the money is excellent!” so I went with her to her next event and ended up dancing with her. It was such a fun evening, when she invited me up on stage to join her, I didn’t hesitate, so the lucky guys got two girls for the price of one, as well as a nice lesbian show!

I don’t really consider myself to be bisexual, although I have to admit I do find Charlotte very sexy. It’s not just her amazing body, she just kind of oozes sex appeal. She’s not bi either, but we do have some naughty fun on stage when we perform together. It’s mostly light groping and kissing, helping each other with dildos, that sort of thing. We’ve never actually had sex together but I bet her pussy tastes just fine, so I hadn’t ruled out that happening one day. It’s just nice to have someone to work with who I trust completely. She also helps attract the best-looking guys when we go out! We’ve both enjoyed some great evenings that have ended the next morning. Waking up next to a handsome horny guy is amazing and every one-night stand I’ve ever had has ended up with some knee-trembling morning sex before I leave their place.

Charlotte rang me the day before we were due to perform at the stag party. She told me she'd spoken to the groom’s best man who had organised the event. He was fishing to see how naughty we’d get on stage and if we’d rope the groom in on the fun. She told me he’d said they wanted it as dirty as possible and to embarrass him in front of all his workmates! I asked her what she said. She replied “Babe, I told him that’s what we do!” It sounded like it was going to be a fun night!

I went round to Charlotte’s apartment to get ready with her. We’d danced at this particular club before and the dressing room is actually pretty good, so we didn’t need to fully prepare at hers, we could arrive dressed casually and doll ourselves up once we were there. We were able to enter through the back so nobody saw us. It was already rocking in the club and we were due on at around 10.30 for an hour, a 30 min break and then another hour performing. It might not sound much, but that’s quite a long time to be on stage strutting your stuff and we have to be quite creative to keep the show interesting. We figured we’d give the guys a good lesbian style show in the first half, then when they were all drunk later, we’d get very naughty with the groom and possibly the best man as well!

We arrived in plenty of time and started to dress in our sexy outfits. I was a nurse today and Charlie was a schoolgirl. Ridiculous outfits really, but the guys loved them, especially Charlie’s very short skirt. I say skirt, it’s more of a belt really! You know the type, a little tartan pleated number and it shows off her sexy ass perfectly. I was feeling particularly horny this night for some reason. I usually do the week before my period is due, so I was really up for some fun. We shared a bottle of white wine while we got ready and I was nice and relaxed. The Manager of the club, Dave, who was also the MC tapped on the door. “Five minutes, ladies,” he called through the closed door. Charlie and I went straight out and waited back stage. It isn’t a big, raised-up stage like a theatre, more of a large plinth, just a small step up from the main floor. The silver and black curtain was now all that was between us and the big crowd of lecherous guys. I took a peek through the curtain and I could see they were all jostling for position to get a good view of us. Minutes later, the MC turned the music down and announced “Gentlemen!” and the room fell almost silent. “Gentlemen, we have two very special ladies who have come to dance for you tonight. Before they come out, a couple of things you need to know. Quiet guys!” They were getting impatient! “No getting on to the stage unless you’re asked by the girls. Anybody breaking this rule will be removed from the premises. If you haven’t met Doug and Simon the bouncers, you will and believe me, you don’t want to.” Muffled laughter rose from the audience. “Secondly, no groping the girls or exposing yourselves please. We’d like to keep our license if you don’t mind. Finally, enjoy yourselves! I give you….. Charlie and Suzy!”

A big roar went up from the guys and our music started to play. Charlie tip-toed out in front of me, looking around like a nervous schoolgirl. I quickly followed and took her hand then we started to dance as sexily as we could muster. The guys were shouting and cheering loudly. This was the loudest audience I’d ever heard! Cries of “Get ‘em off!” inevitably followed, but we had an hour to fill, so we were determined to keep the tease going for a while yet. There were two poles on this plinth-stage, so Charlie and I did some synchro pole work and I must admit, we did pretty good. Before long, Charlie’s shirt and skirt came off and my nurse’s smock was on the floor as well. Charlie is brunette and had white undies on. I’m blonde and I had black undies on. We both had stockings and suspenders on as well and I reckon we looked damn hot!

The volume of the crowd grew louder as we stated to lose our clothes. I love watching guys watching me, it’s fascinating. Honestly, you’d think they’d never seen a naked girl before, with all the baying and shouting, and the look of lust in 100 pairs of eyes! We’d been dancing for around 20 minutes now, so it was time to flash the flesh. Charlie and I do this thing where we strip each other, so she moved behind me and very skilfully snapped my bra open. I shook my shoulders and in an instant, my nice firm breasts were displayed for the guys to drool over. My nipples stood erect and hard as Charlie ran her hands over them. I turned around to kiss her and grope her ass, then swiftly unclipped her bra so when we broke, her tits were naked too. Hers are a bit bigger than mine and got a great reaction from the crowd, especially when I reached down to my nurse smock and pulled out a bottle of almond oil. I squirted a generous amount onto her chest and started to rub it in sexily, enjoying the feel of her bullet hard nipples in my hands. Charlie returned the favour and started to oil my chest too and I was starting to feel very horny.

The tempo of the music changed to a slower, more sensual track. Time to lose our thongs and carry on oiling each other, this time our sexy asses. Me first, so I dropped to my knees, raised my ass and wiggled it in front of the crowd. Charlie gave me a few light spanks then rubbed more oil into me. I think she was feeling horny too because she made sure to rub my pussy much more than we normally did when doing this. I was getting wet down there and I’m sure Charlie felt it. Now it was my turn to pull her thong down and get her ass oiled up. Charlie has a fantastic ass and I love kneading her soft flesh and running my fingers up and down the outside of her hair-free pussy. I flipped her over so she was on her back, grabbed one foot in each hand and pulled her legs wide apart, moving my head down as if I was going down on her. I brushed my hair against her crotch and I swear I heard her moan for real! I quickly flipped around so I was straddling her face and continued to mime eating her out. I was shocked when I felt her tongue running up and down my labia for real! Her hands were pulling my ass cheeks apart and she was fingering me and tonguing me eagerly. Now my pussy was dripping wet, so caught up in the atmosphere of it all, I ran my tongue from her anus all the way up to her clitoris. Charlie yelped with delight and pulled her legs right back. I lifted my head so the audience had a perfect view of her slippery pussy lips, then I very naughtily inserted a finger into her, quickly followed by a second one. I started to frig her quite hard, all the time feeling Charlie’s tongue darting in and out of my pussy. I was so wet, I must have been covering her face in my juice but that was nothing compared to what happened next. The guys were cheering me on and I frigged her pussy harder and faster, totally unprepared for the gushing orgasm she produced. I felt her pussy muscles clamp down on my fingers, then she grabbed my ass and squealed as gush after gush erupted from her, soaking my face and making a hell of a mess on the stage! The guys went mental when they saw this, shouting louder than ever. Her whole body convulsed for what seemed like minutes and with her lips fastened around my clit, I felt my own orgasm rapidly approaching. Her fingers dug into my ass cheeks as she convulsed and I let go, moaning hard as I came on her face. I didn’t squirt like Charlie did, but oh boy, it was a powerful orgasm, making my knees shake and my head loll back in pleasure.

We’d timed this to perfection because the first hour was now up and we could leave the stage to clean up. The guys were cheering and clapping and it was all we could both do to take a bow as we slid through the curtains and stumbled back to the dressing room. I didn’t doubt that many of the guys thought it was faked, but I can tell you, it was as real as it gets! It was the first time I’ve ever actually cum on stage in front of an audience and also the first orgasm I’d ever had from a girl’s mouth. Thinking back on it now still makes my pussy moist! As for Charlie, her gushing orgasm seemed to have knocked her for six. I had to practically drag her back to the dressing room where she slumped into her chair with a “FUCKING HELL! Suzy, Babe, that was amazing!” I giggled and said “You never warned me you were going to eat me for real! I was so shocked when I felt your tongue on my puss. I’m glad you did though, I’m so fucking horny tonight!”

Charlie was recovering now and said “Ha, sorry Babe. I don’t know what came over me but your vadge looked so fucking hot I just had to taste it!” That made me laugh, my ‘vadge’, as she put it, was still twitching and sensitive and I decided I needed a quick shower to cool myself down. Charlie went in after me and as we dried off, there was a tap on the door. “Drinks, Ladies?” we heard Dave the manager call out. I wrapped the towel around me and opened the door. He handed me a tray which had a bottle of white wine and 2 glasses on it. That was kind of him, we normally have to buy our own drinks. “You two are the hottest girls we’ve ever had here. The guys are champing at the bit for your second hour!” said Dave. I have to admit, I was looking forward to it as well. Charlie was obviously in a very naughty mood, I wonder what fun we’d have with the groom tonight?

On previous stag parties that Charlie and I have danced at, we’ve managed to get the ‘stag’ on to the stage and give him a memorable show, letting him grope our bodies and grinding our pussies into his face. Depending on the audience, we can get a bit rude, stripping the stag as far as he’s comfortable with. Mostly, we get him down to his underpants and try and flash his cock for fun. As the stag is usually quite drunk by this stage, it’s a flaccid cock that flops out!  The guys don’t really want to see another man’s junk, but it’s all part of embarrassing him, I guess, maybe to give the best man something to include in his speech at the wedding! Either way, it always gets a good cheer. I suspected tonight would be as naughty as we could get, being a completely male audience that were obviously up for it.

We had dressed again ready for part two when we heard another tap on the door. “Come in,” shouted Charlie and the door opened. A nervous-looking face appeared and asked for a word. We asked him into the room and he stuttered “Um, thanks girls, I’m Greg. I’m Andy’s best man and I’m the guy who booked you.” We both shook his hand and it was cute that he didn’t know where to look. Our skimpy costumes didn’t leave much to the imagination and he looked embarassed to be here. “I was wondering how you’ll do the second part of the show. Will you be able to get Andy up on the stage with you? I’d love to see his reaction and the guys would love it!” We assured him they wouldn’t be disappointed and he quickly left with a big smile on his face.

“Fuck me, he’s gorgeous!” I said to Charlie. “If the groom isn’t up for it, I want to drag him on to the stage and fuck him in front of everyone!” We both laughed, although I was half-serious.  Greg was seriously good-looking. He had short dark hair, obviously styled professionally. His eyes were a piercing blue, his jaw line was firm and strong and he had a finely-cropped beard. He had a confident air about him, despite his slight embarrassment about being with us while we were wearing our flimsy clothes. I could tell immediately he’d be an awesome fuck! “Suzy!” shrieked Charlotte, “I thought I was the horny one tonight!” I grinned and said “Well, you warmed me up, Babe, what can I say?” Charlie high-fived me and we left the dressing room with heightened anticipation.

The music dropped as Dave announced our return, then the noise level rose again. Charlie reached her hand through the curtains and cracked her whip loudly, then we both walked on to the stage to strut our stuff once again. We used the poles again briefly, then started to remove our flimsy clothes so we were both down to just thongs and nothing else. Now it was time to find the groom. I saw Greg in the front row and looked right at him with my sexiest pout. He pushed Andy towards me so I dropped my hand, took hold of Andy’s and pulled him up onto the stage. He was obviously quite tipsy and was shouting and swearing at his workmates. Charlie had found a chair and placed it in the middle of the stage, so we sat him on it, quickly pulled his shirt off and gave him a very erotic dance. I was behind him, rubbing my breasts against the back of his head. Charlie pushed her ample boobs into his face and shook them. She then sat on his lap and bounced up and down on him, encouraging him to grope her ass as she did so. He had one hand on Charlie’s ass and one hand on mine as I writhed alongside him, occasionally reaching down to kiss Charlie on the mouth.

The crowd was loving this and cries of “Strip him!” and “Fuck him” were shouted loudly. We waited for the music to change to a slower track, then Charlie got to work. She undid Andy’s belt, pulled it out of the loops and used it to lightly whip him. She undid his trousers and pulled hard so they were soon around his ankles. He wasn’t complaining as I had pulled his head to one side and I had my ass cheeks pushed against his face. I could feel his tongue trying to explore me so I made it easy for him. I bent right forward so my ass was really sticking out and he grabbed my hip, pulling me onto him. I felt a clumsy tongue lick my pussy lips and heard the crowd cheer louder. I had distracted Andy long enough for Charlie to remove his trousers completely so poor Andy was now sat in front of 100 workmates in just his brief underwear. There was no sign of a boner in his pants but that was no surprise as he’d obviously had a lot to drink, plus with 100 colleagues shouting and screaming, it can’t have been very erotic or arousing for him. Charlie took his hands and lifted him to a standing position, then started to grope him and let him do the same to her. She moved behind him, her hands all over his chest and without warning, bent her knees, hooked her fingers into the waistband of his briefs and pulled them to his ankles in one quick move. A huge laugh rose from the crowd as Andy’s flaccid but quite large prick started to swing between his legs. He made no attempt to cover it so Charlie made a grab for it and started to jerk it. I had been watching this as I walked up and down the stage. I approached Charlie and pulled her thong down and she stepped out of it. I dropped mine to my ankles and kicked it over to Andy. It landed perfectly on his face and that got a huge cheer from the audience.

Charlie was still jerking Andy’s floppy cock and getting no reaction. I decided I’d notch this up a bit and looked back down to the crowd. Greg was there, laughing and clapping watching his friend being humiliated in front of so many guys, so I thought, time for you to have some fun! I walked right up to him and made to clap my hands to his in a double high-five. He took the bait and raised his hands, so I grabbed them and pulled him towards me. He stumbled over the edge of the stage and onto it, so now I had him at my mercy too. I kissed him on the mouth and I was surprised that he didn’t object, kissing me back eagerly. I slipped his jacket off his shoulders and loosened his tie. All the time, he had his hands on my hips and we were gyrating with the music. I shouted into his ear so he could hear me above all the screaming “Let’s see if you really ARE the ‘best’ man!” and took off his tie and shirt. He was getting bolder now and started to grope my breasts. I held his head and pulled it down so he could take my nipples into his mouth. He suckled them greedily and I loved the feel of his mouth on my breasts, his prickly beard making my nipples tingle.

I persuaded him to lie on the floor so he was laying in front of Charlie as she tried to get some reaction from Andy. He was just grinning and groping her as she massaged his soft cock, so she sat him back on the chair and straddled him, letting him fondle and suck her breasts and giving the audience a great view of her ass and pussy. Once I had Greg lying on his back, I gave him a real treat. I lifted one stiletto-clad foot and swung it over his head, then moved into position so my knees were either side of his shoulders. My ass was now inches from his face and I leant forward, happy to feel his two hands on my ass cheeks. I dropped down, rubbing my pussy over his face and I could feel his tongue gingerly licking at my labia. I was now able to reach his belt and undid it, along with his trousers. His hands were busy kneading my ass cheeks, so he couldn’t stop me as I eased them down. Oh My God! No flaccid dick for this guy! His cock was bulging in his boxer shorts, stood up like a tent pole. I was shocked and happy to see his cock was huge. I didn’t have a tape-measure to hand, but from experience, I guessed it was easily eight inches long and really thick. It looked bloody amazing!

His tongue was now exploring my pussy a bit more urgently, all hesitancy gone. I knew I was clean and fresh down there and he really went for it, running his tongue up and down my wet slit, pushing into me and then flicking my bean with the tip. I forgot all about the 100 baying audience members as I released Greg’s huge cock from his shorts.  I called over to Charlie and she looked over wide-eyed. “Lucky bitch!” she shouted loud enough for everyone to hear and laughter erupted from the crowd. I jerked this beautiful cock slowly and I swear it grew even bigger as I did so. I couldn’t hear Greg moaning, but I could feel it in my pussy. I love it when a guy hums as he’s eating me, the little vibrations make it even more intense. God, I wanted to suck this cock I was holding. Fondling and groping each other on stage was one thing, but a full-on hardcore sex show wasn’t what we’d been booked for and probably illegal!

I hesitated and looked around to see if I could see Dave. I caught his eye and looked imploringly at him. I hoped he’d realised what I was trying to say, so when I saw him clap his hands together, nod his head vigorously and give me the thumbs-up sign, I figured, what the hell! Greg was now tongue-fucking me, getting his long tongue as deep into my soaking wet pussy as he could, thrusting it in an out. I was so aroused, I just had to taste his big juicy cock, so I held it up, wrapped my lips around his knob and took his entire length deep into my throat. I heard shouts of “Fucking hell!” and “Lucky bastard!” as I swallowed his whole cock. I’m lucky in that I don’t have much of a gag reflex so I’m able to throat a cock quite easily, even one as big as Greg’s. The crowd screeched and cheered as I lifted my head so his cock was fully out of my mouth, then dropped it again until it completely disappeared. Greg was now using his fingers on me as well as his tongue, gently running one finger over my ass hole. I writhed appreciatively when he did this and that naughty finger explored my butt hole even more. I could feel his cock starting to twitch in my mouth, I knew he was close to cumming. Well, let me tell you, I was damn close too! I love anal stimulation and his finger probing my ass was pushing me to the brink of creaming on his face. When he swapped his finger for his tongue, I nearly fainted with lust and my pussy started to convulse as a huge orgasm seared through my body. Spasm after spasm cursed through me and my pussy felt like it was on fire. I was breathing heavily, practically panting and it took me a while to come down.

I lifted my head and his big cock popped out of my mouth as I was recovering from my orgasmic high. I gripped it quite firmly with my hand and jerked it some more and even as my pussy was still throbbing and dripping, Greg came and shot several long spurts of cum, splashing my face and dripping own over my hand and on to his belly. The crowd were clapping and cheering and I used my mouth and lips to clean Greg’s cock head, before running my tongue through the puddle of cum on his tummy. It was so incredibly hot and I think the cheering crowd added to the eroticism. I crawled off Greg and helped him up. I was surprised that he pulled me towards him and kissed my mouth despite his own cum still covering my cheeks and chin. We stood up and got quite a round of applause, just as I looked over to Charlie. She had stuck to her task and got Andy’s cock semi hard. With vigorous jerking, she managed to make him cum too. Not a big spurting load like I had from Greg, but a few dribbles, which Charlie managed to catch in her hand then rub it on her mouth before kissing him!

Mission accomplished! We’d embarassed the groom and best man, given the crowd a super-hot sex show and I’d had a shattering orgasm, my second on stage that night! We left the stage to raucous applause, me holding Greg’s hand and Charlie holding Andy’s. We thought the least we could do was let them share our dressing room before they returned to their friends and get the ribbing they deserved. Andy had sobered up by this time and it was Greg that was unsure on his feet, following his massive orgasm. I was wobbly too but I felt elated as only the feeling of a huge orgasm gives me. We told the guys where we were taking them and one of the bar staff had collected all our clothes, the guys’ as well, and brought them through to us. Charlie closed the door behind us and clicked the thumb lock closed. “It’s all right for you lot,” she moaned, “but I didn’t get to cum out there and all you three buggers did!” Andy, who despite what had just happened to him on stage was now acting and thinking clearly, volunteered to solve that problem.

“Well, my dear, as part of my last night of freedom, I hereby offer to rectify that un-pleasurable situation you find yourself in!” he said. I looked over to Greg and said “Does he always talk like that?” giggling as I said it. Greg nodded and added “Yes, he’s very posh, you know. But I don’t think he’s joking.” I looked over and saw Charlie didn’t think he was joking either. She was locked in a deep French kiss with him, her hands groping his buttocks with his hands doing the same to her. She sat on one of the sofas and opened her legs wide as Andy dropped to his knees and knelt between her legs. He started to kiss her thighs then lifted her legs so he could kiss her beautiful ass. Then he plunged his tongue into her open snatch with much more vigour than he managed when he was licking my pussy on stage. He must have been good because Charlie started to moan loudly and she held the back of his head, pulling him into her.

Greg was stood right next to me and breathed huskily “Fuck, that looks good. You girls love having your pussies eaten, don’t you?” I smiled and took one of his hands in mine. “You’re bloody right we do, but do you know what? I’ve cum twice tonight from being eaten out. What I really need is a good hard fuck!” I looked him right in the eyes as I said this, then I kissed him passionately on the lips. Hell, I know I’m a good-looking girl. If ever I’m in this position, stark naked and asking a guy to fuck me and he declines, I would quit stripping immediately! Thankfully, Greg didn’t decline….

I led him by his hand to the sofa where I knelt down on it beside the moaning, writhing Charlie. Andy was working hard and slurping away at her soaking snatch, no doubt hoping she’d gush again when she came, like she did when I frigged her hard. I brazenly stuck my naked ass out and pulled Greg closer to me. His cock had grown hard again and I was desperate to feel it fill my cunt. He stroked it a few times and felt my pussy to see if I was wet enough. I was fucking soaking! I was almost shaking with anticipation as I felt Greg push his knob against my labia and couldn’t help whisper “Oh Babe, fuck me!” I felt his huge dick split my lips as he pushed into me fully, making me yelp with the sheer size of it. I think this was possibly the biggest cock my little pussy had ever taken and I was eager for him to stretch me. He thrust in to me deeper and deeper, faster and faster. This was no sensual love-making. This was a hard, energetic, desperate fuck which we both needed. He fucked me with an urgency I’d never felt before and even though I'd cum not long ago, I started to feel another orgasm well up inside me. It started as a dull heat in my thighs, ran up to my pussy like a bolt of lightning then exploded out of me like a thunder-ball. I shrieked and shouted out as I came and I could feel Greg thrusting harder, not giving my pussy any mercy . He was going to keep pounding me until he came too. I stopped throbbing for a few seconds then I was hit by another crashing orgasm, juice flowing out of my pussy and down my thighs and this time, it was too much for Greg. He stopped thrusting for a moment, groaned and then shot a huge spurt of cum deep into me. He then resumed thrusting as another spurt and another followed, flooding my cunt with his hot sperm. I was so engulfed by my double orgasm, I hadn’t noticed that Andy was now fucking Charlie hard and it was only when she let out a yelp and another gush of cum that I realised what we were all doing, sat inches apart from each other.

The force of Charlie’s gushing orgasm had pushed Andy’s cock out of her pussy and now he stroked himself to orgasm, shooting a much better load than he’d managed on stage, covering her belly and even reaching her tits. I was shaking so I had to sit and I was now facing Greg. He kissed me deeply and tenderly stroked my cheeks with the back of his fingers. Charlie was sobbing with the strength of her own orgasm and got a shock when Andy reached down, licked at some of the cum on her tits, then reached up and kissed her tenderly too. I could feel Greg’s load trickling down my thighs, it was an amazing feeling, so dirty and abandoned. Not only had we given our filthiest ever show on stage, both Charlie and I had got fucked hard by two great-looking guys. And we’d been paid five hundred pounds each for the night’s “work”. Damn, I fucking love being a stripper!

After we’d all cleaned up, composed ourselves and dressed, we wandered out to the bar with Greg and Andy. “Guys, drinks on the house, what will it be?” chirped Dave, our new best friend! The boys asked for a beer each and Charlie and I had another glass of wine. We sat with Greg and Andy as friend after friend arrived to clap them on the back and congratulate them. Now the mass baying and cheering had abated, individually all the guys who spoke to us were charming and very polite. Dave arrived and grabbed a chair, sitting on it backwards with his arms resting on the back.

“There’s one more thing before you go, ladies,” he said. Charlie looked at me and I looked at Dave. I suspected he knew what we and the two guys had just got up to in the dressing room, I wonder if he was looking for some action too? I felt guilty just thinking that when he said “The guys wanted to give you a little something as a tip, so they had a whip-round while you were, um, getting changed.” Ha! He knew we’d been fucking all right. He handed me a large envelope which was stuffed with bank notes. “I haven’t counted it,” he said, “but I reckon there’s more in there than your actual fee!”

I must admit, I blushed. Greg said “Well deserved!” and took a twenty pound note from his own pocket and pushed it in to the envelope. “Hear hear!” said Andy and did the same. It did feel a little like they had just paid us for fucking them but I’m sure they didn’t mean it like that. We weren’t about to complain anyway. When we counted the ‘tip’ back at Charlie’s flat later, there was over fifteen hundred pounds in the envelope. Not bad for a night’s fun, eh?

We said our good-byes and called an Uber to get us back to Charlie’s place. As it was late, I crashed there too and it was the next morning when we celebrated our awesome night. I made breakfast and took it into Charlie’s bedroom where we both ate. Finally, after talking about how amazing it had been and how lucky we both were having each other as friends, we made love over and over until we collapsed back on the bed and slept until dinner time.


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