Dogging Tales - we took the plunge

After I told my sexy wife Claire about stumbling across a dogging meet, she got so turned on by the idea that we'd since had some of the best sex of our lives, fantasizing how it would actually be to take part. Now, it’s true that some fantasies should remain just that – fantasies. The reality often fails to live up to the imagination, so I wasn’t sure whether or not we should even think of actually going dogging together. Sure, the people I met there were chilled as well as hot, especially Paul and Jill. I even eschewed an opportunity to fuck Jill and the other cute girl I'd met named Cheryl – I had a crisis of conscience and didn’t want to cheat on my wife. I did, however, tell Claire all about it and that’s when the fantasy started in earnest for her.

Claire has always been an outrageous flirt and teased me about liking exhibitionism. I never thought it would be my thing until that unplanned blowjob from Jill with 6 or 7 guys watching and jerking themselves off when I covered her face with cum!  I told Claire in graphic detail, and rather than being mad, she was just incredibly turned on and even watched some dogging videos online. The meet which I stumbled upon happens around 11am each Friday in a privately owned wooded area of a farm. The farmer is one of the spectators and being on private land, there is no chance of being seen by passers-by. Hell, public dogging is illegal but I’m not sure this would be, seeing as it’s on private land with only consenting adults present. Not that the illegality of this really bothers me. Nobody will get hurt and it’s just good clean, dirty fun!

I told Claire about my asecond visit to the meet and my refusal to take it further without discussing it with her after I’d returned home last Friday. As I said, we were both so aroused, it led to some amazing sex for us. My doubts about returning were seriously challenged, however, by Claire’s insistent teasing, or was it nagging?

“So, when are you going to get your rocks off with your new friends again? This Friday? I don’t mind as long as you let me come too. The kids will be in school and I’ll be at a loose end! I’ve bought some new undies that come off easily! I’d love to watch you fuck this Jill girl if you don’t mind me sucking off a stranger. Come on, Babe, what do you say? Can we go? Please?”

Wow! I’d opened up a real can of worms. My naughty wife wanted to give a stranger a blow job! I suppose I’d be a hypocrite if I objected, plus the thought of it actually turned me on. The revelation that she wanted to watch me fucking another girl blew my mind, as it’s not something I’ve particularly wanted to do, but it does sound incredibly horny. So I have a problem. If I go out for my Friday morning bike ride, Claire will think I’ve gone there without her. If I agree to her suggestion, it means taking our sex life in a whole new direction. I know my wife, and if she enjoyed dogging, she’d want to do it again and again. On the other hand, it would mean some great sex with new people, probably better sex for us when we got home and compared notes and it would keep our sex life and relationship fresh and intriguing.

Claire nagged me almost every day and when Friday morning dawned, she nudged me in bed. I woke and said good morning and Claire replied “Morning sexy. Are you ready to have some great sex today? If we don’t go together, I might go on my own!” Shit, I’d told her where these guys met, she’s got me over the proverbial barrel. “Are you absolutely sure?” I asked, still hedging. “Of course I am, I haven’t been able to think about anything else all week. And, what’s the worst that could happen? I’d hate it and we wouldn’t go again is all. No, I think we have to be bold and carpe that old diem. What do you say?”

What could I say. “OK, Baby, let’s pack the kids off to school and take the car on a little picnic!” Claire squealed and clapped her hands together. “Oh Hun, you’re the best. I’m going to take a long bath after I’ve dropped the kids off, this is going to be so awesome!”

So it was all set. I checked the website Paul had told me about and even though it was a bit cryptic, I could read between the lines and today’s meet at 11am was on. I took a long, thorough shower once Claire had finished her bath, selected my newest boxers and grabbed a handful of condoms. We left the house at 10.45 as the picnic area was only 3 miles away. We were the second car to arrive, the first one being Pete and Cheryl's, like last week. I waved to them as I entered the car park and saw a big grin on Cheryl’s face. Claire and I parked up, got out of the car and wandered over to Pete and Cheryl’s car. They got out to greet us but seemed a bit coy. Perhaps they weren’t sure if I’d told Claire everything and didn’t want to drop me in it!

“Hi guys,” I said, “ this is my wife Claire. I told her all about you guys and how I had to bale last week before the fun started. She insisted we come here together today, so, well, it should be great.” Pete shook my hand and Cheryl introduced herself to Claire. “Oh Claire, you’re gorgeous. Mark didn’t say he married a model!” Claire laughed and replied “Well, he did tell me how sexy you are, and he’s right, you really are.” This time Cheryl blushed and said “Aww, you’re sweet, but wait till you see Jilly. She’s a beauty like you!”

Another car pulled in to the car park, followed quickly by two more. No sign of Paul and Jill yet, but I knew they’d be here soon. Brian appeared behind the big metal barred gate and unlocked it, swinging it open. “Hi guys”, he half-whispered in his subtle way. “See you over there,” and off he went towards the clearing. The other guys that had already arrived both acknowledged me and took a long, leering look at Claire. I’m sure they liked what they saw. A few more cars pulled in and their horny occupants got out, smiling at us and heading off to the clearing. “Ooh, we’re gonna have a nice audience today Claire,” said Cheryl. “You up for this Babe?” Claire was grinning from ear to ear as she replied “You bet I am, but be gentle with my husband, won’t you? I want him in perfect working order when I get him home.” They sniggered like a couple of kids as they linked arms and walked through the gate. Pete and I followed as Paul and Jill pulled in. They caught us up and Paul said “Hi Mark, I wasn’t sure if you’d come back after your ‘phone call’ last time.” He hadn’t bought my excuse and suspected I’d had a change of heart. “Whatever gave you that idea?” I countered, “and not only that, I brought my wife too, like you suggested.”

Jill replied “No fucking way! Oh my God, I hope she’s up for some pussy licking!” I smiled, hoping the same thing. “Well, this is her first time, but she’s real eager. I want it to be as horny for her as it was for me when we, you know.” Jill giggled, saying “You mean when you nearly drowned me in cum?” I coughed and said, “Um, yeah, I guess so. And there’s plenty more where that came from!” Paul gave me the thumbs-up sign and Jill linked her arm through mine as we caught up with the others. “I bet Claire is fucking hot!” she said. “Well, I think so,” I replied, “see for yourself,” and nodded in Claire’s direction. She was still chatting to Cheryl and Pete was positively drooling over her. Jill looked over at Claire and said “Yep, I knew it, she’s gorgeous. You two will be such an asset to the group.” And with that, she released my arm and marched over to Claire, who looked at her and said “Jill, right?” Jill nodded and greeted her with a kiss on the lips. “Hi Claire, lovely to meet you. Did Mark tell you about the fun we had the other week?” Claire nodded and said “Oh yes, that’s why I’m here today. Not only do I want to see him with you and Cheryl, I want some fun of my own too!”

Jill smiled and said, “Well, Honey, you’ve come to the right place! But there are a few rules for your benefit. You only do what you want to do and only if you feel completely comfortable. Not everyone is into the same things, so nobody will be offended if you don’t want to do something. As for the men, you choose who interacts with you, not them. Some of them don’t actually like to participate anyway, they just like watching. But you’ll soon know who is up for fun.”

I remembered the time Jill looked into the small group and motioned for me to join her. It was her picking me and she could obviously tell I was up for it. I was relieved to hear these ‘rules’ because now it was entirely up to Claire how much she would do and with whom. I relaxed a little and I’m sure I felt my cock stiffen when she said, “Come on girls, let’s have some fun,” and walked a few paces away from us to start the show. “Join in when you feel ready,” she added to Claire. A couple of the guys had their cocks out already and had started stroking themselves in anticipation. Claire looked over to me and the others, her eyes wide with wonder at the sight of these guys unashamedly jerking their cocks in front of everyone.

Jill started to French kiss Cheryl and Claire watched on. It was another warm day and the clothes soon started to come off. As Cheryl was slipping out of her tight jeans, Jill turned to Claire and pulled her towards her. Claire didn’t hesitate and started to kiss Jill passionately. Claire had never hidden the fact that she found some girls attractive, but as far as I knew, this was the first time she’d ever properly kissed one and I’m certain she’d never had a full-on lesbian encounter before. Cheryl was the first to get naked and was frigging her pussy as Claire stripped down to her frillies. She moved in and unclasped her bra from behind at the same time Jill reached down and pulled her panties down. Now all three of these sexy girls were fully naked and started to caress and fondle each other. It was a very horny sight. So horny, that one guy moaned and shot his bolt immediately.

The girls were really getting down to it now. Cheryl lay on her back on the thick blanket they’d put down and pulled her legs right back, revealing her perfect pink pussy lips to the watching guys. Every single one of them, myself included, were stroking their own cocks now, mesmerised by the three beautiful girls about to give them a lesbian show. Jill got on her knees and started to lick all around Cheryl’s pussy while reaching under her butt cheeks to squeeze and knead them. She looked around to Claire and asked “Honey, have you ever licked a pussy before?” Claire shook her head, so Jill said “That’s OK. Just do to me what you like Mark doing to you. I bet he’s fucking good at it too!” Claire smiled and nodded and got on her knees behind Jill. She caressed her firm ass cheeks and kissed them tentatively, making Jill moan quietly. “Oh yes, Baby, that’s nice,” she cooed, encouraging Claire to get her tongue between her legs. At this point, I had to stop jerking myself. It was so fucking erotic watching Claire with these two sex-bombs, I didn’t want to shoot just yet. I did intend to cum before I got the chance to fuck either Jill or Cheryl, or maybe both of them though. I knew it would be so horny that I wouldn’t last three thrusts before shooting unless I’d cum just beforehand.

Claire was becoming bolder now, fingering Jill’s wet pussy and biting her butt cheeks softly, all eliciting moans of pleasure from Jill. Cheryl was getting louder too with Jill noshing on her pussy and fingering her asshole. Claire started to lick up and down Jill’s labia then used her fingers to part those lips, inserting her tongue directly into her vagina. More gasps of pleasure from Jill, then she squealed “Oh, fuck, YES!” as Claire reached her clit. Two more guys popped their loads at this but carried on wanking. Paul and Pete were stood next to each other, both concentrating hard and feasting their eyes on the girls as they wanked. I had started to stroke myself again as the scene grew ever more erotic. Cheryl let out a huge sigh as she came hard and Jill was thrusting her ass back into Claire’s face. Jill leant forward as Cheryl got to her knees, pulling her ass away from Claire’s face, who looked a bit disappointed! “Your turn, Baby,” she said to Claire, instructing her to lie on her back. Cheryl got to her knees between my wife’s legs and started to kiss and caress her pussy. Jill squatted over Claire’s face so she could continue being eating by her, then Jill motioned to one of the guys to join them. She pointed to her face and he instinctively knew what she wanted. He jerked hard and moaned as he came, shooting a nice load over Jill’s lips and mouth. This tipped her over the edge and she shrieked as she came, Claire’s tongue darting in and out of her pussy as she did so. Before she had a chance to come up for air, I heard Claire moan loudly and she came too with Cheryl gently smacking her pussy lips. I was about to blow when Cheryl pointed to me and beckoned me over. I managed to hold back, tottered over to her and she grabbed my dick, pulled it into her mouth and sucked me deeply. Jill had stood up and that had allowed Claire to sit up, her breathing still heavy from her orgasm. She looked up at me and smiled, just as I unleashed my first load of the day, covering Cheryl’s face like I had done with Jill two weeks ago. Spurt after spurt splattered her face and she kept squealing “Oh my God, oh my God,” as each spurt landed.

Once I’d stopped cumming, Claire leaned in to lick my cock clean and I grinned at her, stroking her hair. Cheryl looked like she’d been dipped in frosting! “Fuck me, you were right Jilly. You said he cums buckets. I’ve never had so much cum on my face, not from one guy anyway!” and all three girls giggled. Jill said “Claire, you’re one lucky bitch having a guy who cums so much.” Claire smiled and said “Why do you think I married him?” and all three girls laughed louder. That was round one finished and we all needed a little breather. I hadn’t really noticed but the crowd had grown a little while I was watching the girls. There must have been at least ten guys now, most of which had cum and were cleaning themselves up. Two or three slipped off quietly, no doubt to return to work or their own wives. One of them said to me “Great job, man,” as he walked away and Jill said “Hey Joe, you’re gonna miss the main event. Mark is gonna fuck all three of us!” He shook his head, saying “Maybe next time, I really gotta run, and with that, he was gone.

Then I realised just what Jill had said. Mark is gonna fuck all three of us. Hmm, no pressure! But I have to say, even having cum just minutes before, my cock started to grow again at the thought of it. Cheryl had just about cleaned her face of my cum and both Jill and Claire were freshening themselves up with wet-wipes. Pete and Paul came over to us and Paul thoughtfully asked Claire if she was OK and if she enjoyed it? She replied “Horniest Friday morning of my life!” and grinned widely. Jill chipped in “She’s a natural pussy-eater Paulie, Mark must be good if she just did to me what he does to her.” Pete said “Maybe he’ll get a chance to prove it Jilly, if Claire doesn’t mind him fucking you?” Claire shook her head, saying “Mind? Of course not, I want to see that as much as you guys do!” Paul looked at me and said “Son, you’re one lucky fucker!” and I nodded my agreement. My dick which had started to grow again was now obviously ready for more. Claire reached up to kiss me and said simply “Enjoy yourself, Honey, I just did.”

And with Claire’s seal of approval, I decided to initiate things. “OK then,“ I said, “who wants a good hard fuck?” All three girls raised their hands and that got chuckles from the audience. They hadn’t invited any of the other guys to fuck them today, so I figured I was the main event. That was just fine by me, I’d never been so aroused in my life. I felt like I could fuck the entire college netball team and still want more. “It’s gotta be Jill first after I let you down last week,” I said. She smirked and nodded and got on her knees, her ass perfectly posed for me to mount her. Claire knelt down next to her and reached forward to stroke my cock, which was nice of her, even though I didn’t need any encouragement. Cheryl got on her knees and knelt next to Jill, kissing her as I got into position, my condom-covered cock parting Jill’s labia ready to enter her. Claire leaned back to watch and Paul shouted “Fuck her good, son!” and I did as I was told. I pushed into her firmly and she yelped with delight. She continued snogging Cheryl as I started to thrust deeply into her tight, wet pussy and Claire purred “Oh fuck, yeah!” and started to frig her own pussy. Cheryl was also fingering herself between her legs, so picture the scene. I was balls-deep in Jill’s pussy, watching Cheryl who was also on her knees reaching between her legs, stroking herself while Claire watched on, her legs splayed wide and three of her own fingers thrusting in and out of her sopping snatch. Horny doesn’t begin to describe it. Then without warning, I felt Jill’s hand on my tummy, stopping me from thrusting. “Don’t forget Cheryl,” she said. I slipped my cock out of Jill and Cheryl said “No need for a new condom, Babe, fuck me now!” I was in heaven. Claire was getting carried away fingering herself as I shuffled over behind Cheryl’s ass, positioned myself, then thrust in hard. “Oh FUCK!” she shouted, and Pete encouraged me from the watching crowd. “She likes it hard and deep, Mark!” I bet she fucking does, I thought to myself. I slapped my balls against her ass as I fucked her hard and fast and she let out a little moan with each push in to her. She also pushed back towards me on each thrust, making Claire observe “Jesus, that looks amazing Babe.” It was amazing, having Cheryl’s soft round ass pushing into my groin as my cock disappeared deep into her hungry twat.

Jill was frigging herself hard and looked up to the crowd, pointing to a bearded guy, the one I’d seen cover her face the first time I had been there. He eagerly walked over to us and Jill took his throbbing cock into her mouth, sucking him until he came into it, his legs shaking and Jill gagging on his cum, which she let spill from her mouth. Claire moaned “Oh fuck, yes!” and I nodded to her, giving her my approval if she wanted to do the same. Jill noticed us and whispered into Claire’s ear. I couldn’t hear what she said over the rapidly increasing volume of Cheryl’s moaning, but I saw her point to a clean-cut young guy who happened to have a very big dick. He approached the four of us, stroking his cock as he walked. He stood in front of Claire, not two feet away from me and jerked a generous load all over her face. Claire gasped as her orgasm hit her along with the streams of the guy’s cum. I don’t think I’ve ever heard her moan louder with an orgasm and the guy grunted loudly, spluttering “Fucking beautiful,” as he backed away and returned to the crowd. Shit that was hot. Cheryl was very vocal as her orgasm overtook her and I was doing my best to hold back, desperately wanting to fuck Claire before I came a second time that morning.

Cheryl eventually slumped on to her tummy, my rigid cock springing upward as it popped out of her squelching cunt. Claire, who had wiped the other guy’s cum off her face, looked up at me and said “My turn now?” in a pleading tone. Jill giggled “Go on Mark, fuck you’re sexy wife. I bet somebody else wants to cover her face too and I want to lick her pussy again.” Jesus, could this morning get any hotter? Jill lay on her back and Claire squatted above her face, lowering her hips so Jill could reach to tongue her. I ripped the empty condom off my cock and with one knee either side of Jill’s head, leant forward and entered Claire’s soaking wet pussy in one smooth stroke, making her sigh deeply. Not only was Jill licking Claire’s clit as I fucked her, I could feel her tongue snake up and down my shaft as well. This wasn’t going to last long! Cheryl was lying beside Jill, too spent to add much to our erotic scene but to be honest, we didn’t need any more stimulation. Claire looked over to the crowd, trying to select another guy to call over to us.

Paul raised his hand and Pete raised his too. Claire nodded and both of them approached us. Fuck, was she really gonna get two guys to cum over her at the same time? Not only that, she took first Paul’s then Pete’s cock, sucking them eagerly into her slutty mouth, slurping and spitting on them, dying to feel them cum and cover her face again. I was enjoying this sight enormously and was on the brink of cumming again, such was the intense feeling of having a hot pussy enveloping my thick cock and the sensation of Jill’s tongue running along the length with each outward stroke. Pete came first, not a huge load, but enough to cover Claire’s lips and chin. This made Paul cum and he shot much more, most of it straight into Claire’s open mouth. She let it dribble out and some of it landed on Jill’s tits, which had her nipples standing hard. I couldn’t take any more of this and was about to cum when I felt Claire’s pussy clamp itself around my cock, stopping me from thrusting. I felt the convulsions of her cum and she let out an almighty shriek, almost sobbing with the intensity of it.

Despite no longer thrusting, the spasms of Claire’s orgasm around my prick made me cum too, filling her pussy with long streams of my hot cum. If Cheryl had thought I’d cum ‘buckets’ before, that was nothing compared to this. Even as my cock was still deep inside Claire’s pussy, my cum started to seep out and drip onto Jill’s open mouth. When I finally withdrew, a torrent of sticky semen splashed out and down onto Jill’s face and she squealed with delight, her own fingers bringing herself to another shuddering climax as my cum trickled down her cheeks, her tongue trying to scoop as much into her mouth as she could. She swallowed hard and practically cried “Oh my God, you two are just the fucking best,” and she panted hard from her orgasm, while licking the rest of my load from Claire’s aching pussy. Jill was the dirtiest slut I’d ever met, closely followed by Cheryl and my own beautiful wife was giving them a run for their money!

I was almost speechless from the intensity of my orgasm and Claire slumped down on her side, her eyes glassy and rolling back in her head with sheer exhaustion. It had been a marathon session by anybody’s standards and I had to laugh as the crowd started to disperse and I heard a ripple of applause. Paul and Pete high-fived each other and I felt quite smug, not just because I knew I’d put on a good show for the guys, but also because I knew I was getting to take the real star of the show home with me that day. Claire had been amazing and this experience would give us lots to talk about when we next made love, making it hornier than ever.

When we’d all recovered from our exertions and cleaned up as best we could with wipes, the six of us wandered slowly back to the car park. Brian touched his temple as if saluting us and closed the gate behind us. He doesn’t say much, but he whispered “That was the best session we’ve had guys. I managed to cum three times!” then he turned and strode off. Pete and Paul looked at each other and sniggered and I took a little bow. “I don’t like to burst your bubble, Mark, but I think it was your sexy wife that did it!” said Pete, with an apologetic look on his face. “Bollocks,” said Jill. “Mark is a fucking star. Honey, you can cover me with your cum any day!” she said, looking up at me.  I grinned back at her and Paul added, “Well I think they're both amazing. Guys, I’m so glad you came today and I hope you’ll come back again soon.” We nodded and said our goodbyes. I didn’t know if we ever would return, although I strongly suspected Claire would want to. I also suspected she’d want to try fucking one of the guys, perhaps that clean-cut young guy who she picked first to cum over her. I could tell she fancied him.

And to think, I was worried that the reality wouldn’t meet the expectations of our fantasy. It surpassed them by miles and it just goes to show, you should never pre-judge.

On the way home in the car, Claire reached over and kissed me on the cheek. She said “You know I love you, but today was honestly the horniest experience of my life. I think I love you more now than ever.” Was she fishing for me to say the same?

“That’s great, Honey,” I replied. “But tell me something. Have you always been a closet cum-slut? She blushed a little and nodded.

“That’s good then”, I continued. “Now I love you more than ever too!”


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