Dogging Tales

It takes a lot to shock me. I’m an open-minded person and whilst I don’t agree with a lot of things people say or do, I respect their right to do them, within reason. Normally, illegal activities piss me off. I think that if most villains spent an equal amount of time and effort earning money legally, they’d be just as rich! However, there is one thing that’s illegal here in Britain that I have a different attitude to.

My name is Mark and I’m in my thirties. I took up road cycling not that long ago in an attempt to improve my fitness. I used to play rugby but had to quit after a bad knee injury. Swimming and cycling isn’t as stressful on the knees as running, so they are my chosen methods to stay fit. Swimming is OK, but it's a lot of faff sometimes and requires a very early start if I want to get a session in before work. Cycling, however, suits me better. I now ride to and from work so it’s a double benefit, helping me stay fit and saving fuel costs!

Anyway, that’s enough about my physical regime. This story is about how I discovered the delights of dogging! For those who might not have heard of it, dogging is the practice of having sex in public places, usually with audience participation! I believe it got its name from guys claiming to be out walking the dog but actually meeting up for sex in secluded public places. It is, of course, illegal to fuck in public in Britain as it is in most countries. The only legal public fucking allowed is when the Revenue send you your annual tax bill. Pay it or don’t pay it, either way, you’re fucked!

I digress. When I started cycling again, I would often ride along the country lanes about 3 miles from my house where there was hardly any traffic and the scenery was pleasant. I would call in at a little café and pick up a sandwich then ride on to a picnic area where I’d stop to eat. I’d done this a few times and had met some nice people passing through, most of which would stop and chat. There was a gate at this picnic area that led into a field with a large sign saying “Private Property. No Trespassing”. It was always closed and not being the nosey type, I never thought to open the gate and go exploring. After all, you’ve seen one field, you’ve seen them all and it was private land, I had no reason to venture in. However, on one occasion, I rolled into the parking area and noticed there were more cars than usual there, but no people around. That was strange in itself as it’s in the middle of nowhere, so it isn’t used as a car park for anything other than having a picnic or a cheeky toilet stop if you don’t mind peeing in the bushes. Then I noticed the gate was open and I could see footprints in the soft ground. Obviously whoever owned the cars had parked up and gone into the field, for what purpose, I had no idea.

I mused on this as I ate my sandwich. Curiosity got the better of me, so I locked up my bike and decided to investigate further. I wandered into the field, following the footprints. All was quiet until I heard the occasional voice not far from where I was standing. I came across a thickly wooded area and that’s when I saw a small group of about ten people standing in a little clearing. They were standing in a loose semi-circle, facing away from me. Whatever were they doing, I wondered? I got a bit closer and it suddenly dawned on me what they were up to. The semi-circle of people were all guys and most of them had their cocks out and were jerking themselves. There seemed to be some kind of show going on, so I crept around the perimeter of the wooded area to get a better view. Sure enough, a couple were standing in front of the masturbating guys, naked from the waist down, fucking vigorously. I watched, fascinated by this public sex show, but concealed from view of the watching group. The couple fucking certainly couldn’t see me; they had other things on their minds!

They started to reach their crescendo and were really going for it and I have to admit, it was quite arousing. The girl was about my age and quite pretty with a very nice ass. The dude fucking her seemed to know what he was doing and obviously loved being watched while doing it. He started to thrust really hard and the girl bent herself right forward, her hands between her legs frigging her clit furiously as he pounded her. She let out a muffled yelp, which I figured was her cumming, then the guy pulled his dick out of her, turned her around to face him and shot a generous load of cum over her pretty face. I then heard a lot of grunting and looked at the jerking onlookers, who, one after the other, started to cum, some dribbling, some really shooting a big load. It was a surreal scene but I realised as I scurried back to the car park to beat the rush that my own dick was hard. I’d heard of the dogging phenomenon but figured it was just out-of-shape middle-aged swingers meeting in dark car parks for a fumble. I was quite shocked to find a full public show with good-looking people in a pretty part of the countryside, but very aroused too.

I got back to my bike, unlocked it and sat on the saddle, taking a drink from the plastic container I always carried. I decided to stay and watch the guys return to their cars, to see if they looked sheepish. Only three guys returned within 5 minutes, all of who quickly got into their motors and drove off. What about the others, I thought to myself. Maybe there’s a ‘round two’? I decided to have another peek, so I locked my bike again and went back to my vantage point. Wow, the girl was now completely naked, on her knees being fucked by one guy and sucking another guy’s cock! They had laid a blanket on the ground and were fucking with abandon. I felt my cock stiffening again and was considering whether or not I should jerk off while watching them when I heard someone behind me. I turned to see a guy in his forties, grinning as he saw me. “Hey, man, you don’t have to hide. Come and watch my wife get her rocks off with these guys. She loves it, I love to watch, no problem!”

Wow, was this for real. “Um, oh, right. Hi, sorry but I’ve never done this before, I was kind of nervous.” The guy chuckled. “That’s OK, we’re a friendly bunch. I’m Paul and my dirty cow of a wife with two cocks in her at the moment is called Jill. I reckon she’d like you, you’re a good-looking guy. It’s nice to see a new face, come and join us.” With that, he scurried back to the clearing where there was now about six guys watching the threesome in front of them. I tentatively followed him, my cock bulging rather obviously in my cycle shorts. All six of the audience were jerking themselves off and weren’t fazed by my presence in the slightest. One or two of them acknowledged me, but the others were concentrating on the show. It appeared the two guys with Jill had swapped places. The cock sliding in and out of her greedy mouth was noticeably larger than before and she was straddling one guy on the ground, bouncing up and down on him eagerly.

I’ve never been one to be nervous in the changing rooms, being fairly blessed in the dick department. Not that anybody was looking at me anyway, but I decided if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em and whipped little Mark out from my shorts and started to stroke myself. It was quite an erotic feeling, exposing myself in the open air. I was the only one of the crowd in sports gear, so I stood out a bit. Perhaps that’s why when the guy who was having his dick sucked came with a loud grunt then backed away from Jill, she looked up at the group, caught my eye then motioned for me to join her. Shit, having a public wank was one thing, but getting my cock sucked by a total stranger in front of an audience was another thing entirely. Did I have the balls? A thrill shot through me as Paul said “Go on son, she wants your big cock!”

So with my cock sticking out, I nervously approached Jill and the guy being straddled. “Hey Baby, I haven’t seen you before. Your cock looks amazing,” and she reached her hand out to grab it. She wasted no time in jerking my foreskin back, then dipping her head to take me into her mouth. I had my back to the group, so she manoeuvred me around so they had a better view. My cock had never been so big or hard and she expertly worked her lips and tongue around the head before taking my full length into her throat, gagging noisily for maximum performance impact. I glanced over to see all the group, including Paul, masturbating furiously. The guy beneath Jill was obviously about to cum and she abandoned my cock for a moment while she reached down to tickle his balls. One fierce grunt and he was spent, although Jill continued to grind on him for a minute or two. “Fuck me!” I heard him gasp and Jill eased herself off him. His condom-covered cock was limp and he struggled to his feet, pulling the condom off as he went.

Jill turned her attention back to my cock and started to suck me harder and more urgently while frigging her clit fast. She was obviously going to cum again soon and I was close too. “Oh Baby, cum on my face and I’ll cum too,” she breathed. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and stroked it pornstar-like, aiming at her face. A quick glance to my left to see that my audience was ready and I gave my cock one final stroke. Oh my God! I unleashed what felt like two weeks- worth of cum over poor Jill’s face. She squealed with delight as stream after stream completely covered her, splashing her forehead, her nose, her cheeks and her mouth. She slurped greedily as it ran over her lips and she came hard, gasping for air, her one hand between her legs, the other hand kneading her breast. She leant back towards me and took my cock back into her mouth to lick up the remnants of my huge orgasm, cleaning my cock nicely. I heard a few comments such as “Good job” and “Great load, man!” then one by one, the little group dispersed, leaving only Paul and Jill with me.

“Make sure you take your used condoms with you guys, and don’t leave any litter,” I heard Paul say as the guys left the clearing. “See you all next week.” He approached me and extended his hand for me to shake. I was hesitant as I knew what had been in his hand a few moments before! He chuckled and said “Don’t worry, wet wipes!” and I laughed too, shaking his hand. Jill was straightening herself out, getting dressed and I felt her walk up behind me. “Wow, that was fucking awesome,” she said. “Haven’t you cum for days?” I smiled at her and said “Nope, that’s just the way I cum. Oh, nice to meet you, Jill, Paul invited me over, I hope you don’t mind?” Jill giggled as she said “Mind? Are you kidding me? You saw how hard I came didn’t you? That was because I love getting covered in a strangers cum and you nearly fucking drowned me! No, thank-you for ‘coming’!” It was such a surreal situation for me, chatting with a husband and wife having only minutes ago jerked off onto that wife’s face with hubby watching. Now we were chatting like we’d just met down the pub. Paul said “This is Mark, by the way. It’s his first time.” I nodded and said “I’ve stopped in this picnic area many times over the last few weeks but I had no idea what was going on just a few yards away. If I had done, I would have joined you before!”

The three of us wandered back to the car park, chatting and laughing. They told me they’d been doing this for about three months and let people know when they are going to be there via a website. “We’ve never had any trouble,” said Paul. “We tidy up after ourselves and the guy who owns the field was one of the spectators. As long as the Police don’t get wind of it, we should be fine to continue. Same time next week?” I was bemused with how well they had this planned. It was public sex but on private land, so no chance of any unwanted passers-by. Just a group of people enjoying their voyeur/exhibitionist fetish, I guess. I was slightly puzzled that Paul actually enjoyed watching strangers fucking his wife though. She was pretty and fit and Paul was a decent-looking guy, not at all what I would have expected from a swinging couple. We all see the ‘swingers’ in the porn movies but I cynically thought real life wouldn’t be like that. It just goes to show, one should never presume anything. Just before Paul climbed into his car, he said “Hey, Mark. Are you married? You can always bring your wife next week, the guys would love another female to play with!” I laughed, replying “I am, yeah, but I’m not sure she’d be up for it, don’t hold your breath!” He chuckled and said “Worth a try!” and with that, Paul and Jill drove off. I was now alone in the car park. I sat on my bike, trying to get my head around what I’d just experienced. I heard heavy footsteps behind me and turned to see one of the audience members standing on the other side of the now-closed gate. “Hey, man, I’m Brian, I own this land. You won’t tell just anyone about what you saw today, will you? We like to keep it just between us.” I shook my head and said “Mum’s the word, Brian,” and mimed zipping my mouth closed. He gave me the thumbs up and said “You’re welcome back any time buddy, that cum shot was outstanding!” I returned his thumbs up and rode off, with a slightly numb feeling in my crotch.

I knew I’d return and despite having a healthy sex life with my wife, I couldn’t think about much else all week. I always take Friday’s off now my business is doing well. It gives me the mental space I need without encroaching on family time. I had considered changing this to a mid-week day, but now I’d discovered something more interesting to do on a Friday other than swimming and cycling, I decided not to change. The only dilemma I had now was whether or not I’d tell my lovely wife Claire about this. She used to love fucking in the car when we first got together, saying the chance of getting caught used to turn her on. She is also a terrible flirt when we go out, enjoying the attention of other guys although she always reassures me it’s innocent. Hmm, I wonder…

I decided I’d go to my new favourite picnic site again before I broached the subject. I wanted to be certain everything was as it seemed and that Paul, Jill, Brian and the gang were all decent people, apart from their little fetish, that is. I set off a bit earlier on the next Friday morning. I have to admit, I also had a condom in the pocket of my shorts, just in case! I could tell Jill fancied me and I reckon she wanted my big cock in her pussy as well as her mouth. Paul had said they were always looking for ‘more’ females to join them. I wondered if there had been others that came to play or if Jill was the only girl in the group. I was to find out this very day.

When I rolled in to the car park, there was only one other vehicle there. A couple were in the car chatting and I thought at first they had nothing to do with the group. The driver’s window was wound fully down and the chap in the car said Hi as I pulled up. I didn’t want to be too obvious so I just said Hi back and started to do some totally unnecessary maintenance on my bike. I glanced up to the car, checking out the girl sat in the passenger seat. Hmm, not bad. She was quite curvy and had a pretty, round face. I couldn’t see her body or what she was wearing, but I secretly hoped they were actually members of the group. When another car pulled up, the driver got out and walked over to the first car, chatting to the driver through the window. The couple got out of the car and stood chatting for a minute or two, then another vehicle pulled in. The driver got out and joined them. This looks promising, I thought. A third car arrived and I recognised the driver as one of the guys from last week. He got out and joined the other four. I saw him point to me then motion for me to join them. I locked my bike and wandered over, as nonchalantly as I could manage!

“Hey, buddy, I was just telling the guys about you from last week. Great to see you’ve come back. Brian should be here any second and we’ll walk over. I take it you’re going to join us?” I grinned and nodded. The curvy girl said “Oh goody!” and rubbed her hands together. Just then, Brain appeared behind the gate and swung it open. “Hi Guys, “ he half-whispered, in a conspiratorial way. Without any more words, he turned and walked towards the clearing. I was wondering where Paul and Jill were when I saw their rather flashy Mercedes turn into the car park. I waited for them to get out of the car and said hello as they walked up to me. Paul extended his hand for me to shake and Jill was less formal, slipping her arm around my back and giving me a kiss full on the lips. “Hiya Mark,” she purred. “I’m so glad you decided to come back.” She turned to Paul and said “Do you think we’ll be able to persuade him to fuck me today?” I’m sure I blushed but I tried to remain calm. I took the condom out of my pocket and waved it at them. “Awesome!” I heard Paul say.

We caught up with the others as we made our way to the clearing. They were all chatting as if they were bumping into old friends at the supermarket. I loved how relaxed they all were. Was I the only nervous one in the group? Curvy girl welcomed Paul and Jill with a big kiss for each of them and turned her head towards me. “Who’s the new guy?” she asked. Jill quickly replied “That’s Mark, he’s got a huge cock and cums bucket loads!” Curvy girl couldn’t take her eyes off me and squeaked her delight at this news. A few other guys joined us and nodded their hellos. Both girls walked into the middle of the clearing and started to kiss each other. The show had begun. It was another warm day so I wasn’t at all surprised to see the clothes coming off. Jill pulled Curvy’s top over her arms and head and revealed her large soft breasts barely contained by her white bra. The bra quickly came off too along with her skirt. Her huge breasts with very long hard nipples were begging to be fondled and sucked and Jill was only too happy to oblige. She was also down to just her thong panties and made a big show of sucking Curvy’s long nipples. Each of the guys took their cocks out of their trousers and started to jerk themselves, so I followed suit. The guy Curvy had arrived with nudged me and said “What do think of my wife’s body? Fucking hot, isn’t she?” I nodded and was shocked to hear him follow up with “You can fuck her if you want to, she’d love that. I’m Pete, by the way, and the Misses is Cheryl.””

My new friends were a liberal bunch, to say the least. I was already on a promise from Jill, now I had an invitation to fuck the delightfully buxom Cheryl too. I suddenly felt guilty. A quick BJ in the woods from a stranger seemed harmless, but now I was intending to be unfaithful to my beautiful wife with two different girls on the same morning. I decided there and then that I wouldn’t take things further today, as tempting as it was. I loved my wife and would never do anything to upset her. If I was ever to return and fuck these two lovely women, I would have to get Claire’s agreement first. I made a big fuss about my phone ringing “Oh shit, who the fuck is this,” I said, as I took my phone out of my back pocket. “Hello? Yes? One second,” I tucked my cock back into my shorts and moved a few yards away from the others. I continued my fake phone call “No way! OK, well thanks for letting me know. I’ll get back to the office as soon as I can. Bye.” I sidled up next to Paul and said “Sorry man, I have to go, something’s come up at work. Say sorry to the girls for me?” Paul looked crestfallen. “Bummer,” he said, “we were both looking forward to you fucking Jill, and Cheryl is up for it too. You’ve missed a fucking treat, son!” I shook my head in genuine disappointment. “Yeah, me too. But I should be around next week if you’ll be here?” Paul nodded and quickly returned to watching the girls go at each other’s bodies. They were now laid down on the blanket, 69ing each other noisily. Damn, my cock was hard and now I had to cycle off with a boner! I knew I was doing the right thing though.

My next problem was how to bring the subject up with Claire. Perhaps while we were getting amorous ourselves? It’s not really a dinner table conversation. I woke early the next morning, Saturday. I had dreamt about fucking two hot girls in the woods and woke up with my own wood! Claire and I were snuggling, relieved that we didn’t have to get up at 6.30 like normal. She wiggled her ass into my crotch as we were spooning and felt my cock twitch. She was awake! “Oh my, what’s this Baby?” she asked, groping around behind her and feeling my already hard cock through my boxers. Claire loves morning sex almost as much as I do, so I reached around her and started to caress her tummy while deliberately poking my erection into her bum cheeks.

“I just dreamt I was fucking two girls in the woods with a gang of guys watching,” I told her. “It was hot as fuck and now I’m horny as hell.” Claire turned to face me, pulling my throbbing cock out of my boxers and kissing me passionately. “You’re so naughty, I thought exhibitionism was my thing! Oh my God, imagine being watched by a load of strangers while being fucked. No wonder your cock is so hard!”

Wow, did she really just say that? I practically came in her hands with the thought of it and she must have heard me sigh. “Oh, you like that idea?” she asked. “Oh, Baby,” I replied, “that would be so fucking hot!” I managed. I reached my hand in-between Claire’s legs and felt she was already sopping wet. “Wow, you really fancy it too, don’t you?” I said, as I pulled her on top of me and let my cock slide into her. She sighed as it slid fully in to her hot, wet pussy and she moaned, breathing huskily “Oh fuck, yes. A group of guys taking it in turns to fuck me while being watched. Amazing!” I lifted her nightie up so I could better grope her breasts. I flicked and pinched her nipples and enjoyed the pleasing squelching sound coming from Claire’s pussy as she smashed herself up and down on me. I was amazed how much this fantasy was turning her on and how quickly she started to cum. She leant forward and kissed me hungrily and let out a huge moan as her body started to convulse. The contractions of her pussy around my prick had me cumming moments later and as she eased herself off me so we could cuddle again, she said “Shit, that was a real quickie. Let’s do it again later and take more time.” I wasn’t about to argue.

I knew the idea of being fucked in public would percolate in her mind throughout the day. I needed to be careful not to bring it up again or when I eventually told her about my ‘gang’ in the woods, she would know it was contrived. I needn’t have worried. I was using the PC in the study during the afternoon, looking to buy a new lawn mower. I’d been online earlier in the week and I was trying to find a particular mower that I’d seen but forgot to bookmark. I clicked the ‘History’ tab and got the surprise of my life. The first twenty or so pages were all from a Dogging website! I clicked through them and it looked like Claire had been doing some serious research. She had also viewed about ten different videos, so I had a look. Wow, all sorts of people wanking, sucking and fucking in public. One looked very similar to the group I had stumbled upon. It was in a clearing in the woods with a group of guys watching a couple fuck on a blanket. I had to have a double-take to check there wasn’t a guy wearing cycling gear in the audience! The girl being fucked even looked a bit like Jill, except she wasn’t quite as pretty. The guy that came over her face wasn’t a patch on me (ahem!) but he did his best. Jesus, Claire had watched these. I wonder what she thought of them?

We went to bed a little earlier than usual that night and while I was on my knees and had my cock in Claire’s mouth, I started to tease her. “So, you fancy going dogging, do you?” She nearly choked on my cock then looked up at me. “Oh fuck, did I forget to clear the history?” I grinned down at her. “Yes, but don’t worry, I watched those videos too. They were really fucking horny, no?” She giggled and said “promise you won’t laugh?” I nodded and she said “The kids were outside playing so I thought why not have a look? I was so fucking turned on I brought myself off watching them!”

“No way!” I said, pretending to be shocked. “Jeez, you always were a dirty cow!” She playfully slapped my hard cock and said “Hah! You’ve never complained about how dirty I am before,” and slid my cock back into her mouth. OK, I had to strike while the iron was hot. “Funny you should be thinking about dogging,” leaving that statement to hang in the air. She looked up at me inquisitively, her lips still wrapped tightly around my thick shaft. I thrust my hips a little to encourage her to continue her first-class blow job. “I only stumbled across a group of doggers when I was out on my bike the other week. You know that little picnic spot halfway to Calworth?” That was a village about three miles from our house. I heard her say “Uh huh,” which was about all she could say with my big cock tickling her tonsils. “Well, I pulled in for a pit stop and saw the gate was open. I wandered into the field out of curiosity and walked into one of your porn videos!” Claire looked up at me and was about to speak when I continued “Yes, it was almost exactly like that video with a group of guys watching a couple fuck on a blanket in a forest clearing.”

Claire stooped sucking me for a second and said “No way!” When she resumed, I told her how it had panned out. She was now sighing and sucking me at the same time and recounting the experience got me over-excited very quickly. As I got to the part where I saw the first guy cream on Jill’s face, I came suddenly and filled poor Claire’s mouth with cum, almost choking her. Bless her, she swallowed as much as she could, but came up for air coughing and spluttering. “Oh my God, what the fuck was that? I reckon you find this as horny as I do!” I was breathing hard from my amazing orgasm, but managed to reply “You’re damn right I do!” Claire smiled and said “Are you going to tell me you joined in? Did you get a BJ from a stranger? If you did, I won’t be mad, just fucking envious!” I looked her in the eyes and smiled. “You bastard!” she said. “and when were you going to tell me about this?”

Time for a bit of honesty, I thought. I told her exactly what had happened, how I’d met Jill, Paul and Brian and how I was invited back for more. I told her about Pete and Cheryl and that I’d been asked to fuck both girls. I even admitted to taking a condom out with me but quickly added “It’s still in my cycle shorts, honest. I could never cheat on you, so I thought I’d tell you all about it instead. I hoped you’d be turned on but I had no idea how much you’d like the idea.”

“Well, from what you’ve said, that must have taken some will power to walk away from the chance to fuck two girls in the woods – Ah! Your dream this morning. That explains it!” The penny had dropped. She kissed me and said “You owe me one,” and pointed to her pussy. “No problem,” I said, as I moved my body around so I could reach her pussy with my mouth. “But you gotta tell me what you’d do in the woods with me and a load of strangers watching, OK?” I started to lick her pussy lips and parted them with my fingers so I could flick her clit. Claire moaned appreciatively, then tentatively started to talk. “Mmm, it would be so hot. I’d like to sit on one guy’s face while sucking another guy’s cock. Oh my God, yes, that’s good, don’t stop.” I was running a finger up and down her ass crack as I pushed my tongue deep into her. “I think I’d cum so fucking hard if I looked up and saw five guys jerking off while watching me. Oh shit, imagine if they all walked up one at a time and shot their cum on my face!” Trust her to take the fantasy even further than the reality! Still, it did the trick. That and my expert tongue work, no doubt. She started to writhe around and I felt her buttocks clench as she came, her breathing became laboured and she whelped as I slipped a finger into her bum, which always makes her orgasm stronger. “Oh fuck, Mark, you sod, that’s amazing!” I stroked the inside of Claire's thighs as she came down from her shuddering climax, then I turned myself around so I was face to face with her and kissed her. She reached down to feel that my cock was already stiff again and she whispered “I want you to fuck me hard!” I knew she must have been extra horny by all this dogging talk. It was only when she was really turned on that she wanted me to fuck her immediately after she’d just cum. Still facing each other, lying on our sides, I moved my hips closer to Claire’s and used my left hand to rub my swollen knob all along the length of her soaking labia. She let out a long “Mmmmmmm” as I did this and when my cock slipped in-between her slippery pussy lips and I thrust hard, she breathed “Oh my fucking God!”

We kissed like a couple of teenagers in the back row of the movies, not coming up for air. I fucked her with long, deep strokes and having just both cum not long before, I knew this would be a slow build up to a hopefully mind-blowing orgasm for us both. “Mmmm, imagine me fucking you from behind and a stranger jerking off over your face.” I teased. “Oh fuck, yes!” said Claire. “Or how about Jill lying on the ground, legs apart, you licking her pussy while I fucked you up the bum?” I added. “Oh, for fucks sake, you’re even dirtier than me! That would be so fucking hot, I’d cum over and over!” Claire replied. “In fact, I’m about to… oh shit!” and with that, I felt her cum again. She wrapped her legs around mine and held my ass as I hammered into her pussy as hard as I could. She actually screamed and I’m sure she squirted as she came. My cock slipped out of her pussy with the force of her orgasm, just as I was tipped over the edge and I sprayed a huge spurt of cum up her body, covering her tits, followed by at least four more spurts, coating both her belly and the bed sheets. We’d tried dirty talking during sex before, but it had always felt contrived. This time, it was the words, the thoughts and the superb deep-fucking that had us both cumming harder than ever before. Considering the fact that we’ve been together for ten years, that’s not bad!

We held each other tightly, still kissing, our bodies welded together with sticky cum, a huge wet patch on the bed by Claire’s groin. “I think you made me squirt!” said Claire, seemingly amazed by her own body. “You certainly made ME squirt!” I said, slightly mocking her. I got a slap for that jibe, but it was only a playful one. We kissed lovingly for several minutes, then Claire suddenly pulled away.

“Promise me one thing, Mark?” she asked.

“What’s that, my Love? I asked by reply.

“Don’t go back to the woods, Babe… not without me!”


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