We are lucky to get a week or two a year together, so we make certain that we plan ahead to use that time well. 

It has been 8 months since we spent a week locked in a hotel room together in his state. 

Now he is coming to me for a week at my place. 

The sexual tension and frustration has been torture, but we are sending plans for how we want to release all of it on each other. 

I want to be his sex slave. I’m offering every part of me for his enjoyment. 

The plan starts with me picking him up at the airport. I’ll be dressed in a low cut shirt with a front snap closure. He is obsessed with my big tits, tight, sensitive nipples and hearing me moan desperately. I’ll have a short skirt on with no panties so he can feel how wet he makes me. I’m certain that I’ll be a hazard on the highway but thankfully it’s not too far. 

Once we are home, he plans to lay me on the bed and lick my slit, teasing my clit, slamming his long fingers into me, until I cum. He’s made it clear that I am not allowed to pull away or push him back until he’s done tasting every drop of my orgasm. 

When he’s full of my juices, he plans to sit me up and feed me the head of his dick. I will suck it until he’s overcome with need to feel it slide all the way in to hit my throat, then he will grasp my hair in both hands and begin fucking my face. He knows full well how much I love sucking him and want to feel him shoot his load down my throat. I will moan with pleasure every time he hits the back of my throat, causing him to lose control and pound my face faster until that delicious load shoots onto my tongue. I will hold him in place to feel how my mouth works swallowing every drop he gives me.  I will keep him there as he begins to soften, focusing on teasing the head gently and tickling his balls softly until he begins to get hard again. 

Once he is hard, he plans to turn me over on my belly with my ass up for him. He will hold my hips tight and slip himself into my aching pussy. That fist feeling of him filling me will bring me to near cumming again.  He will slip out almost all the way, then slam back into me knowing exactly how to bring me over the edge. As soon as I cum for him, he will pound himself into me relentlessly, loving how wet he makes me, how loud I’ll get as the waves keep ebbing and my pussy throbs around his cock. 

Once I have cum at least 4 times for him, he will fuck me faster and harder to stroke himself to shoot a new load into my twat, filling me and causing a last thunderous orgasm from me. 

This is how every day will end. Both of us completely satiated and planning for more after we rest. 

Stay tuned for the remaining 7 days fun. 



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