Long Weekend at Haley's Beachhouse

Info trailmate
21 Jan. '19

After going through the stress of having to act the part of a real estate developer on my date with Kay, the wannabe partner in a big law firm, and then later getting pushed around by a bunch of bossy G-men, I was ready for a normal client. Just a woman who wants to have nice dinner, go to a concert, take in a movie and then afterwards have a nice friendly fuck – or even a little kinky shit. Just no more stress from pretending I’m a normal successful big shot instead of a bail jumper, itinerant laborer and male escort.

 When my cell rang, I shuddered thinking it would be Maureen or Jolene with another stress client. It was Jolene. “Art, I wondered how long it’d be before you had some repeat clientele. Wanna guess who it is?”

With a note of dread in my voice, I started with guessing who I hoped it wasn’t, “Not Fatim, one of our allies from an oil rich Middle Eastern country?”

After a few more tries Jolene interrupted. “Art remember your first date?”

I couldn’t believe my luck. It was no complications in the name of Denise - late 50’s, packing a few pounds too many and ignored by her rich cardiologist husband who was fucking his young nurse with the juicy pussy.

Jolene was halfway apologetic. “Well Art, you can’t expect to always get clients who look like models. Anyway, it’s the clients we get who pay, not the clients we don’t get.”

I played the part of the dedicated warrior who takes it as it comes. “Right, we can’t always choose our mission. You know my motto: ‘Service is my middle name’.”

Jolene seldom missed an opportunity to be bitchy. “Oh Art, that’s a really clever pun. Got any more?” But never one to miss out on a chance to make money either, she quickly got over her bitchiness and turned nice. “Guess what. It’s a multi-day stint. The client wants to meet you out at Towson on Wednesday for lunch and then go to the Delaware shore for a long weekend. Casual dress, oh you’ll need swim trunks too.” Then injecting a forced laugh, she continued, “at least when you’re on the beach.”

My mood improved about 500%. On our one date, Denise had been a no fuss, no muss client. Just a woman past her prime and in need of good uncomplicated fucking and some halfway kinky stuff. Plus, bail jumper and itinerate laborer that I am, I don’t get many opportunities to enjoy beach life.

I had to control myself to not say, “where in Towson” too fast.

“In the lobby of the Best Western, same place where you met her the last time. She won’t be a guest though. She said at 12 noon and you’ll have lunch there together and afterwards head out to the Delaware shore. Don’t be late. From Towson, it’s close to 3 hours driving and you never know about traffic.”

I couldn’t believe my luck. Not only was there going to be 4 full days of ‘tips’, more important though was that only the first day would be halfway strenuous. I figured that after that, Denise’s carnal appetite would start petering out and it’d be easy street for the rest of the weekend.

On Wednesday morning, I packed a newly acquired gym bag with some clothes, toiletries and a newly acquired swim suit and took a bus downtown where I caught the No. 48 Quick Bus out to Towson Town. There I caught a cab to the Best Western. I could have easily walked but hotel staff looks at walk-ins as suspicious characters and anyway, I didn’t want to be all sweated up.

Arriving early, I took a seat in the lobby and waited. Around 11:45, in walked Denise. I wondered why she didn’t recognize me straight away and then remembered my Mitt Romney hair styling. On our first ‘date’, I’d been my 100% natural gray. After we sat down for lunch she gushed compliments about my new look. In fact she had so many compliments, I had to change the subject.

We had a really healthy lunch of Greek salads and mindful of the 2+ hour drive, avoided wine. She explained that we were going to Slatter Beach where she had use of a beach house. I conjured up visions of the two of us pumping away to the music of crashing waves as cooling breezes wafted in through open windows, early morning swimming followed by showering together and then breakfast on a porch facing out over the Atlantic. All that did indeed come about, but that there would be more didn’t even cross my mind.

My normal ‘tip’ (fee) for an overnight is $600. Taking into account that I’d get 4 consecutive overnights and assuming that only the first night would be anywhere near strenuous, I told Denise she’d need to ‘tip’ me only $1,800 for the whole 4 days. The look on her face told me that she hadn’t expected a volume discount. In contractor’s language, I’d left $600 on table! You’d think I’d be pissed at myself but I was happy as a fly on a manure pile – Denise’s libido was sure to peak the first night and even it didn’t, no matter. I remembered her as being a nice pleasant fuck.

She ‘suggested’ that instead of having coffee at the Best Western coffee shop, we would stop for coffee somewhere along the way. I agreed with great gusto – not that I had, or wanted to have, much choice in such matters.

Mindful of avoiding Baltimore traffic, she said we’d be going north on I 95 and then at Newark (Delaware, not New Jersey) take Route 1 south. The client being always right, I enthusiastically agreed that this route would be best. When we got out to her car, a newer model small silver Mercedes, she asked if I’d like to drive. Pleading unfamiliarity with the car and not mentioning that I had no driving license, I politely declined.

After an hour or so of bucking traffic on 95, I started looking at her maps and proposed that we get off the interstate and try US 40. She agreed and added that maybe it’d be easier to find a nice coffee shop. After all, along the interstate, it’s hard to find anything but disgusting noisy chain fast food places.

In Elkton, we did find a shopping center coffee shop. After we took a table, she got around to telling me about the beach house where we were headed. It turned out that it belonged to a college sorority sister, Haley. Then Denise went on about how she and Haley had stayed in touch all the decades since college – well not just stayed in touch – no they remained real friends who didn’t keep secrets from one another.

Interrupting her monologue, I asked if she had shared with Haley the problem she was having with her husband.

“Why of course. No reason to keep that back. Look Ralph, we just don’t keep stuff back from one another.”

I gave the rather patronizing reply: “It is really great to have friends that you can share your successes and problems with.”

“Yeah, Haley knows all about how Mark is fucking his nurse instead of fucking me.”

My brain was slowly getting into gear. “And does Haley know about me?”

Blushing slightly, Denise answered: “Oh yes of course. Actually she’s really looking forward to meeting you.”

That was the first hint that we wouldn’t be alone at the beach house and I tried to sound enthusiastic: “So Haley will be there too?”

And then we were interrupted: “Hello, I’m Tamara. I’ll be your server today.”

We told her we’d just be having coffee and then I looked up at her and was surprised to see that the waitress was an elderly lady who looked to be at least 75. Surprise must have been written all over my face because Tamara noticed. “Yeah I am a little old to be a waitress but that’s what happens when our government gives companies too much freedom.”

Seeing our puzzled looks, she went on: “My husband worked at Enron. When the big shots like Ken Lay started pushing employees to buy Enron shares, it looked like we couldn’t lose. He cashed in all his other 401K shares and bought Enron shares. As the Enron share price went up and up, the home we were going to build down near Corpus Christi got bigger and bigger. Then it all went south. The Enron shares were worthless, we had no savings and no pension plan. My husband, Burt, couldn’t take the shock and died of a heart attack. After burying him, I  couldn’t even afford my own apartment and was ready to go on welfare. But I was one of the lucky ones. My daughter Carrie offered me the basement apartment in her house down in Arundel. So I came back east and moved in. Then I was lucky enough to find this job.”

Denise’s face was a picture of compassion and probably mine too. We told her we were really sorry about what had happened to her.

Tamara came back with something I’d never expected from an old lady: “Well shit happens don’t it? Burt and I got greedy and we had to pay for it. But you know what I don’t understand? How people keep on voting for assholes who want to get rid of Sarbanes Oxley.” Then she turned and left to go fetch our coffee.

I didn’t have a clue as to who Sarbanes Oxley was so I kept my mouth shut and then got back to what Denise and I had been talking about before the waitress came: “Your friend Haley, the owner of the beach house where we’re going – she gonna to be there too?”

“Of course. When I told her about you, that’s actually when she invited me – us – for the weekend. You’ll like her. She’s lots of fun and a really good cook.”

The stress-free date began to look a little less stress-free. “And me? What does she know about me?”

“I met you in a shopping center coffee shop a couple months ago. You were doing some work on a house nearby. The coffee shop was crowded and we happened to share a table.”

At least I wouldn’t have to pretend to be something where I’d be in way over my head. “So what’s my name?”

She gave me a slightly hurt look. “Why ‘Ralph’, of course. Ralph Iverson to be exact. Look, Ralph, I had to do it this way. You do understand, don’t you.”

I couldn’t do much but say it was no problem, but I wanted to know more. “And so does Haley know that we, you know, that we are intimate?”

“Ralph, that sounds so proper and old fashioned. ‘Intimate’, my word! Yes of course I told her – I told her that we’re fucking. She needed to know so she could plan the sleeping arrangements.”

I was curious as hell as to know what other intimate details Denise had shared with Haley, but I realized that knowing wouldn’t change anything. I just started in on about how much I was looking forward to meeting Haley, swimming and generally just enjoying a long relaxing weekend at the Delaware shore.

After we got back out on Route 1, I couldn’t get Tamara and her Enron-caused problems off my mind. Denise, no dummy, noticed. “Ralph, is something wrong?”

“That poor woman, the waitress Tamara – her husband works all his life, they save and plan and in the end, thanks to a bunch of greedy fucking overpaid managers, she’s widowed, broke and has to move in with her daughter. Don’t that bother you?”

Then Denise came back with something that ended up teaching me a lesson. “Yeah that part bothers me but what she said afterwards really buoyed me up.”

Now I was really flabbergasted. “What?”

“She knows there’s a whole bunch of congressional assholes who either don’t know what happened or if they do, they don’t care if it happens again – as long as campaign contributions keep coming in from the corporations and their overpaid managers. Most people don’t know that, even some who got screwed. And lots of those who do know still find some reason to vote for the same assholes over and over again.”

Now I was really confused. “So these congressional assholes – how come they want to get rid of Sarbanes Oxley. What’d he do? Just because a guy’s got a funny name, that’s no reason to wanna kill him. For Christ’s sake who’d name their kid Sarbanes anyway?”

From the way Denise took a deep breath, I knew I’d said something pretty stupid or pretty insensitive. When she pulled off the road and shut off the motor, I really wondered what was coming. “Ralph, Sarbanes-Oxley is not one guy – it’s two: Senator Paul Sarbanes of Maryland and Congressman Michael Oxley from Ohio to be exact. They wrote legislation to keep other companies from doing what Enron did. It passed both houses of Congress by massive majorities and Dubya signed it proudly. Problem is, now we got a bunch of corporate ass kissers in Washington who want to get rid of it.

I saw Denise in a new light and from then on, she became, in my eyes, more than just another cheated-on wife in need of a good fucking. And I slowly got over the surprise of another person being in the house where Denise and I were to have a weekend fuckfest.

Slatter Beach wasn’t what I thought it would be. I’d expected one of those tacky coastal resorts with lots of neon lights and various crap and corruption. It’s actually a several miles long strip of mostly older houses along Harbour Avenue - all fronting on the ocean. On the landward side of the street there was mostly swamp, but here and there were commercial buildings standing on places where the swamp had been filled in. The land around the homes seemed for the most part to be not more than several feet above sea level and I wondered if the home owners ever worried about rising sea levels.

Haley’s house turned out to be one of the newer homes. We pulled in the driveway and hardly did we get the car doors opened when a smiling woman with strawberry blonde hair came out of house and welcomed us – Haley. First impression? She made me think of Jane Fonda – moved and talked like a 30-year old, hints of wrinkles like mid 40’s.

“Oh I’m so glad to see you Denise. And Ralph, welcome to Slatter Beach. I’ve so much been looking forward to meeting you.” And the gushy welcomes continued until she finally decided we might not want to spend the rest of the day in the driveway. “Okay, let’s get you two settled in the upstairs guest room and then we can go for a swim.”

We walked around to the ocean side of the house and went in through a door at ground level. Inside we found ourselves in what looked somewhat like a nicely furnished locker room. Haley announced it as the ‘mudroom’ and was very proud of it. Considering the beach location, I thought it should have been called the ‘sandroom’, but that’s neither here nor there and why antagonize a host. And what a mudroom it was - a big walk-in shower with a rain head, sauna, some nice comfy chairs, a set of shelves with lots of towels and remarkably, a massage table! Along one wall there were clothing hooks and even a few lockers without locks. Haley explained that we could leave our clothes in the mudroom while swimming and our swim gear there when we weren’t. I wondered if Haley would be in the mudroom changing when Denise and I changed into and out of our swim gear.

The guest room had a queen bed and its own bathroom. That together with what I’d so far seen of the house told me that Haley wasn’t doing too badly. I wondered where the money was coming from. Denise hadn’t said what she had studied in college or what she did for a living or who she had for a husband – if any.

When Haley left, Denise and I got out our swim gear and stripped. It appeared to me that she’d dropped a few pounds since our first date, but what really caught my eye was that she’d trimmed her pubic hair to a nearly perfect triangle and shortened it overall. I couldn’t help but compliment her.

“Thanks so much Ralph. I’m glad you like the way my pussy looks. Your new hair style looks great too.” Coming close to me, she reached down and took hold of my shaft. “And this looks great too, hasn’t changed a bit. But you got a pubic trim too. My God, you look even bigger than before.” Then she bent down and gave the head a fleeting kiss. “We’ll get back to this later. Haley’s waiting for us.”

Before we went back downstairs, I faked having to piss so I could go to the bathroom and apply a cold washcloth to my threatening erection. Haley was waiting for us in the mudroom and pointed out the where we could hang our clothes and the shelf where our towels were. I wondered if the three of us would be showering together – the walk in shower sure was big enough.

It was obvious that Haley had taken better care of her body than Denise had – she couldn’t have been carrying even a pound extra and had a nice female figure, albeit her breasts weren’t anything like Denise’s handful pluses. She proudly wore a bikini whereas Denise, wisely enough, wore a one piece.

I hadn’t been swimming in what seemed like years. Fortunately though swimming’s like bike riding, one never completely unlearns it. The three of us made our way out past where the surf was breaking. After we’d swam about for a while. Denise told me that she and Haley were going in to sun themselves. The way she said it, I couldn’t help but to understand that I should stay in the water awhile longer. Obviously the two women had some stuff to talk about – stuff that I wasn’t supposed to hear. That was fine with me so I just swam some more and then played around letting the waves hammer me. Ever so often I’d look toward the beach and see Denise and Haley sitting side by side on a big beach towel, deeply engaged in conversation and occasionally giggling. Finally Denise waved for me to join them on the beach.

I sat down next to Denise and the three of us gabbed about this and that. So far Haley hadn’t asked me anything about myself and I was happy about that. It’s always more comfortable not to have to tell lies.

Although late afternoon, the sun was still hot and after a while, the three of us went for another dip to cool out. This time Denise frolicked close to me and ‘accidently’ brushed my crotch a few times. I warned her that I might get an erection that might not go away when we got out of the water. She pooh-poohed this. “You think Haley doesn’t know about erections? Besides I wouldn’t mind showing you off and you’ve got lots to show off.” That a woman might want to show off her boyfriend’s erection to a girlfriend had never occurred to me. Well, live and learn. I thought about it a little and then it then occurred to me that guys like to show off sexy girlfriends or wives to their buddies. Well, not all men. Moslem men put tents over their women so their buddies won’t be tempted.

We frolicked some more and I got even harder. I pulled her close and put her hand over my crotch. “See what I mean Denise. Now what?”

We looked around and saw that Haley had gone back to the beach. Seeing us look her way, she shouted out that she’d be going in, shower and then look to getting some drinks ready. “See you two on the deck – say in a half-hour or so.” So it wasn’t going to be three in the shower.

Denise moved her hand inside my trunks. “I could do a better job if you dropped ‘em.” I pulled the trunks down to my knees and she started jerking me. Then she changed her mind. “Ralph, I got a better idea. We’re gonna shower in the mudroom and that walk-in shower is big enough for both of us.”

When Denise and I came into the mudroom, Haley, obviously already showered and now wearing a robe, was just leaving. I was still halfway hard and unable to hide the bulge. Haley pretended not to notice and I pretended not to notice that she noticed.

“I’m going up to get dressed and make the drinks. Take your time showering.” I didn’t miss the wink she gave Denise when she said that. “See you on the deck in say, 30 minutes or so. Just don’t let me rush you.” I noticed another wink as she turned to leave.

Denise and I scrambled out of our swimwear and went in the big walk-in shower stall. At first we just let the hot water from the rain head cascade over us and wash away the sand and salt. Then Denise took the initiative by taking hold of my hard shaft. “God but it’s good to get hold of this again.” Then she went to her knees and kissed and licked the head. Getting up, she handed me a bar of soap and said, “Soap me Ralph, soap me all over!”

Denise has boobs that just beg to be soaped, fondled, nosed, tit fucked – you name it - anything normal or kinky that a lover of big tits could ever dream up or just happen to do. The thing about Denise that makes playing with her tits extra rewarding is that she really likes having her boobs get lots of attention. Notwithstanding that, I didn’t start with her tits. No, I started soaping her back, then her hips, then her ass cheeks, then her arms and neck, then up and down her legs – always stopping well short of her crotch. When all that got her panting and swooning, I started giving her melons the attention they deserved. After renewing the soap on my hands, I put them to her rib cage and slid them up and hefted both boobs at the same time. My hands sliding over her nipples brought out an extra swoon and I went on up to where the fingertips of both my hands were in her cleavage. Then I went back down and alternated between playing with her nipples and hefting the boobs as a whole. It didn’t take long until through my erection, which was against the small of her back, I could feel her hips wriggling. I dropped both hands down to her hips and rubbed there before moving toward the middle.

At that point she knew that the tease would soon culminate and her hips began oscillating ever faster. Then the fingers of one of my hands found her clitoris while the fingers of the other her labia and then the entrance to her vagina. Two fingers went right in so I added a third and finger fucked her furiously, all the while continuing to vibrate her clitoris with the other hand. That did it. In spite of the shower flowing down over us, I felt her discharge against my hand.

All that was not without effect on me and buckling my knees a little let me put my erection in between her ass cheeks where I let go.  We had to shower off again.

Out of the shower, we dried ourselves. I was hanging low and Denise took note of that. “Ralph, with you like that Haley’s gonna think we did something in the shower.”

“What would she think if we didn’t do anything in the shower?”

Denise: “Yeah right. Looks better this way. You sure you can keep big boy under control for the next hour of so?”

The deck was on the main floor – a level higher than the shower and hence about 10 feet above ground level. The view out over the beach and ocean were pretty majestic. Haley rolled out a drink cart with various bottles, mixers and snacks. All three if us ended up having gin tonics so most of the stuff on the cart didn’t get touched.

Haley and Denise had some laughs reminiscing over the good times they’d had in college and I laughed politely with them. When the conversation turned to the present, Denise asked Haley about Rob and Terry. That was the first indication that Haley had children. It turned out that her two sons were both lawyers and nicely situated in big law, Rob in Chicago and Terry in Miami. Both sons had children of their own and Haley rambled on for some time about all their attributes, faults and how much she wished they lived closer. I wasn’t really so interested in all that and lost all track of numbers and names. Mostly I was pretty occupied figuring out what I was going to say if Haley asked me about my family and work.

Haley must have suddenly realized how she was dominating the conversation and turned to Denise and asked about some charity or other that Denise was heavily engaged with. That was good for some conversation and gave me some more time to think up some lies in case Haley asked about my work.

It turned out that Haley was a pretty considerate host and she was the one who steered the conversation away from the subject of who I was. “Well Ralph, it looked like you really enjoyed yourself out there in the surf.”

That was my chance to turn the conversation away from me. “Yeah, nothing like it. You just can’t compare pool swimming to ocean swimming. It always takes me a while to get used to the salt though.” And then I saw the chance to steer the conversation away from me. “Speaking of salt, that shower of yours sure takes care of that. That’s really some mudroom you got down there – or maybe I ought to say sand and salt room.”

Haley was proud as hell of that beach house. Probably she’d had something to do with planning it. Anyway, if you want to get along with newly moneyed people, compliment them on their possessions because they’re all vain as hell – even the polite ones.

After a several more gin and tonics and various snacks, Denise and  Haley went in to the kitchen and some time later brought out spring rolls and a water melon and feta salad for supper. I said ‘no thanks’ to the white wine because I didn’t want to disappoint Denise later when we got in bed. Denise didn’t have that concern so she didn’t hesitate joining Haley in just about finishing off the bottle. They were both somewhat tipsy when we got around to clearing the table and there were lots of giggling and missteps as the dishwasher got loaded.

Afterwards when the three of us went out on the deck for a nightcap, night had already fallen. If you don’t understand people who’ll do anything to earn the money to own a beachfront house, then you need to have a nightcap on a deck overlooking the beach – it’s just so damn romantic – surf rumbling, water glimmering, clean salt smell in the air and in this case there was the bonus of having a fragrance from the grasses that grew on the dunes. For me it was another chance to compliment Haley on her house. That gave her the opening for her to point out some more details she’d made the architect incorporate in the design. This almost backfired on me when Haley’s natural graciousness took over: “Ralph, you really do understand a lot about home design. Have you built homes too?”

I was about to mumble something about the need for listening to what people say they want when Denise came to the rescue: “In his home maintenance business, Ralph really gets to hear what people like and dislike about their homes. Oh dear, Haley, I’m really beat. The drive and all that swimming. Would you mind if we went off to bed?”

“Denise, dear, of course not. Yeah right, the swimming is really tiring.” Out of the corner of my eye, I caught the sly wink that she sent in Denise’s direction. “Do sleep well.” Then another sly wink that I couldn’t miss – almost like she wanted me to notice.

Inside the guest bedroom, still fully dressed and standing, Denise and I slammed out bodies together. I had already started getting hard as we climbed the stairs and by the time we got to the room, Denise couldn’t help but notice. Breaking off our mushy kiss, “Ralph, you’re poking me in the belly.”

I told her I knew only one thing to do about that and she agreed. We left a trail of clothes all the way to the bed.”

In bed under the covers, we wrapped our naked bodies together and got into some really mushy kissing. Soon our bodies were writhing with pre-fuck anticipatory passion and I could feel her wet slit against my shaft. Then, crazy as it sounds, it crossed my mind that she hadn’t told me what kind of fantasies she wanted to live out that night and I whispered that in her ear.

Denise: “Whatever ends up happening is okay. Just as long as you really put it to me. And you don’t have to whisper. Haley knows we do some pretty hot stuff. She might even get a kick from hearing us.”

I made a move to go down on her, but she stopped me. “Afterwards Ralph. Right now what I want is your big thing inside me.” There was a glowing smile of satisfaction on her face and she breathed out a soft sigh of satisfaction as I slid into her. Denise was a woman who really enjoyed getting fucked and readily showed it. All the while that we went at it, her face was a picture of shining delight. Whenever I slipped out, she’d put on a disappointed look and say something like: “Ralph don’t you leave me now!” Then if I didn’t get back in quick enough, she’d reach down and put me back in.

When she came, she let the world know with a lot more than a sigh. If Haley was awake and listening, she sure got her money’s worth that night.

Afterwards I wondered again why her dumbass cardiologist husband would ever want to dip his wick in the tight little cunt of a young nurse when he had something like Denise at home.

When Jolene told me that I’d be spending a weekend with Denise at a beach house, I had imagined lying in bed, sea breezes wafting in through open windows, the roar of surf, perhaps moonlight and pumping away at Denise. The only thing that didn’t happen was the moonlight – it was the wrong time of the month. And with Denise, it wasn’t just pumping away. We tried all kinds of positions and did one-way oral, 69 and tit fucking. Not all in one go though, there were sleep intermissions too.

I’d thought we might have a nice lazy fuck after the sun came up but my dick just wouldn’t stand up like a good trooper. Even Denise’s hand and mouth ministrations didn’t produce a rise. I ended up giving her head and she had a nice little orgasm from that.

By the time we had showered and gotten downstairs, Haley already had coffee ready on the deck. A few sips and she got up to fetch breakfast. I wondered if she might make some comment to indicate that she’d heard Denise and I going at it. But nothing, just breakfast and small talk. A fly on the wall might have thought we had slept in three different bedrooms. In a way I was kind of disappointed, after all things had gotten pretty wild between Denise and I – so wild in fact that I almost wanted some acknowledgement. (Little did I know.)

After breakfast, at Haley’s suggestion the three of us went for a walk along the beach, several miles at least, to a marina where we walked around looking out at boats, both motor and sail. That’s when Haley ‘happened’ to mention that she and ‘Brent’ had a boat there. That she hadn’t mentioned the boat earlier wasn’t nearly as big a  surprise as the existence of ‘Brent’ whom she hadn’t yet mentioned either. It struck me as strange too that Denise hadn’t mentioned Brent either. I figured that maybe Haley and Brent might be separated, divorced or otherwise in a big fight. I was curious as hell but didn’t know how to ask without being impolite.

Haley unlocked the gate and we walked out to see their boat. There are boats and there are boats, but this was no play-toy. No this baby was a  Catalina 35 with all the trimmings and it had the look of being owned by people who could afford to hire a caretaker. Definitely real money was at work here. I drew on some nomenclature I’d picked up working at a marina in Texas and was able to give Haley some intelligent compliments on the boat.

On the walk back, some weird music came out of Haley’s cell and she excused herself to drop back and answer. After 10 or 15 minutes the call was over and she caught up with us. “Oh, that was Brent. He won’t be coming up from D.C. until tomorrow afternoon. Work, work, work.”

Denise broke in with an explanation: “Brent has clients who don’t like to wait.”

I took that to mean that he had a real hot shot law practice, which of course explained the custom built beach home, the BMW I’d seen in the garage and the Catalina 35 in the marina.

As Haley had suggested over breakfast, we all had on swim wear on as underwear so in getting back to where her house was, we just had to pull off our outer clothes and get in the water to cool off. This time the three of us stayed together and swam further out – out beyond where the waves were breaking. When we turned around towards shore, I let Haley get ahead because I wanted a chance for Denise and I to play around in the sea. However, it didn’t work out because Haley, upon getting out of the water, turned around towards us and waved. “You two gonna stay in all day?”

As the three of us walked towards the house, Haley and Denise couldn’t rave enough about how refreshing the hike and swim had been. Turning to me, Haley asked: “Isn’t that just the greatest way to finish a hike? Going in the surf for a swim I mean.”

Of course I had to agree and thinking about not having gotten to play around with Denise in the surf, I wasn’t lying when I said that I just couldn’t spend enough time in the water.

Haley: “Oh Ralph, it’s such fun having you and Denise here with me. I really want this to be a really memorable weekend for you.”

When we got in the house and to the mudroom, we all looked at each other a little expectantly. Wanting to be the perfect guest, I volunteered: “Go ahead Haley, I can wait outside, it’s not cold or anything.”

Haley’s answer sent a rush of blood to my crotch and a smile to Denise’s face. “Actually, the shower’s big enough for three, don’t you think? And you know, we all know each other well enough by now. Don’t we?”

Denise turned her back to me – I took that as a request to unzip her one-piece swim suit. Haley’s bikini top melted off in the wink of an eye and she was tugging the bottom down at the same time that I pulled down my trunks. Haley and I were fully naked when Denise was still working at getting her one piece down to her ankles.

When a woman gets naked in front of me, I look at her tits first to see if I’ve guessed right. The size of Haley’s were pretty much like I thought they’d be, not big, not tiny. The good thing about average size tits like Haley’s is that they don’t tend to sag so much. And Haley’s didn’t. Her pussy was bare. Did she shave? Did she get Brazils? Maybe she’d mention that later.

The walk-in shower was truly big enough for three adults but only if the three adults didn’t mind some bodily contact. My erection made contact physically unavoidable and so we had more than some contact and it was seldom accidental. In fact the two women began to make a game of it. If Denise were behind me, I’d feel her boobs thumping me on the back. Haley’s more compact tits weren’t suitable for thumping me on the back but I could feel her nipples tracing paths across my back. Both would pretend the tit contact was accidental and there’d be giggling pretend apologies. When either Haley or Denise were to my front, they’d look down at my hard-on and then look up, either giggling with theatrical embarrassment or raise their eyebrows in wonder. It was  Haley who decided to move things along to another level. “Ralph please soap my back.”

I turned toward Denise to see how she would take this. She already had the liquid soap bottle in her hand and was holding it in way that meant she’d be supplying me with all the soap I’d need.

Standing and facing Haley’s left side, I put my left hand on her belly and with the right, I got her back lathered up pretty good. Then I pushed things along by working the lather over her shoulders and down towards her breasts. She sighed as if in anticipation of my soaping them up. But I wanted to tease her a little first so I changed pace and started working the lather down over her buttocks and hips. Then I moved up from her hips to her ribs, rubbing just below her breasts. Just like I intended, she squirmed in anticipation.

“Ralph, you know what I want. Do it please!”

Then I had her pert breasts in my hands and rubbed the lather all over them, occasionally  interrupting to pinch a nipple. The lather was wearing down so I put my hand out toward Denise who was ready with the squeeze bottle. After getting a good lather all over Haley’s shoulders, I went down over her breasts and then lower to her belly, staying long enough to tease. It worked.

Occasionally, I’d cast a glance at Denise to see how she was taking the attention I was giving Haley. The expression on Denise’s face was one of happy anticipation – like she was really looking forward to my next move with Haley.

Haley was also looking forward to my next move: “Ralph, there’s more to me.” And she pushed my right hand down to her crotch. Haley, being hairless down there, didn’t lather up as well as Denise but that wasn’t the issue at the moment. She had plenty of natural slick. I massaged her clit until she spread her knees to let me know she wanted to be fingered. I soon had three fingers vibrating in her vagina and even sooner she jerked and squealed.

Leaving the fingers in Haley, I reached for Denise with the other arm and pulled her close against Haley and I. That way, both Denise and I were able to feel Haley’s trembles as she came down from her orgasmic high.

With my arms around both, I squeezed the three of us together. When Haley stopped trembling, I kissed her on the lips and breasts and with my right arm still around her, I used the left to give Denise some badly needed attention.

Denise handed Haley the soap bottle. It was clear that the two women had changed roles. I gave Denise pretty much the same routine as I had just given Haley and her high point was every bit as strong as Haley’s.

As we were all clutched together with Denise still trembling as she came down from her explosive orgasm, Haley turned to Denise, “Poor Ralph, he’s been so attentive and we’ve been ignoring him. Any ideas?”

Denise just gave Haley a funny mischievous look and held out her hand, obviously expecting Haley to dispense some soap. She did and after Denise dribbled it over my chest, lathered me up. Haley put the soap bottle in the caddy and joined in by moving some soap down to my crotch to lather me up – dick, balls and down under to my asshole. Meanwhile Denise stayed busy massaging my chest and kissing. Then in a deep affected sexy voice: “Ralph, do you like Haley?”

I could only mumble that I liked Haley.

Denise: “How much do you like Haley?”

I said I liked Haley a lot and Denise came back with another superfluous question: “Do you like her enough to fuck her?”

Of course I answered in the affirmative and even though Haley understood everything, Denise felt the need to announce it with another superfluous question: “Haley, how’d you like to have Ralph fuck you?”

Haley: “Let’s first get rinsed and dried.” I thought we might do it on the massage table in the mud room but Haley was putting comfort before urgency. “Upstairs on my king bed.” Then she took me by the shaft. “I want to enjoy Ralph’s big one in big comfort.” Then the three of us pranced out of the mud room and up the stairs without bothering to pull on robes.

In her bedroom it was pretty obvious that she (or probably she and Denise) had planned on this. The cover was turned down and there was a big bath towel over the bottom sheet. Since we were all naked, there was no undressing ritual. At first we just stood there looking at each other’s naked bodies, the girls choking back giggles of anticipation. I was still rock hard. Haley was the first to say something, cradling my hard shaft in one hand, “wow all this is gonna go in me. Shit, and I don’t have any lube.”

Denise, in a soothing voice: “Oh Ralph brought his own. I’ll get it from our room – and some rubbers as well – his special size.”

That brought more giggles from Haley who sat down on the edge of the bed and motioned for me to move in closer. Denise came back with the lube and rubbers to find Haley with the head of my dick in her mouth. Haley acknowledged Denise’s return by pulling back and, “That was nice but I’d rather have Ralph in my pussy.” Both women giggled and Haley went on, “Denise, let’s do this together – I mean getting Ralph suited up.”

Denise: “Okay, you hold the cum receptacle and I’ll roll it out.”

They made a real fun affair of getting me rubbered up and there were all kinds of delays with ad lib jokes and laughing. Finally Haley decided enough was enough. “Okay Denise, enough fun. My pussy’s dripping.”

Denise: “Then we better skip the lube or you won’t even feel Ralph go in you.”

Haley’s answer was a breathless “right” as she grabbed me by the arm and pulled me down with her onto the towel. After the events in the shower, any kind of foreplay would have been superfluous. Haley just sort of moved into position on her back and raised and spread her knees. Denise was right, no lube was needed and I just slid right in as Haley breathed out an animal like sound of relief and pleasure.

I’d expected a true FMF with Denise joining in but I guess she wasn’t into bi at all because she just sat on the bed and watched Haley and I thrash away at it.  Haley came with a scream-squeal and afterwards they were both giggling in a way that reminded me of girls who’ve just told a dirty joke.

Denise was the first to say anything: “Well, Haley you see why Ralph and I made such a racket last night.” Then feeling the big wet spot on the towel, “you were right. The towel was a really good idea. We shoulda had one on our bed last night. Sorry, the sheets in that guest room are gonna need washing sooner rather than later. I’ll take care of it this afternoon.”

Haley: “No rush. The three of us can use this bed tonight. I’ll just put on a clean dry towel. As for your room, I’ll call our Maria to come in right away tomorrow morning. Right now though, lets go get some lunch. I’m starved and no wonder – what with the hike, the swim and this nooner with Ralph.”

That night after dinner, Haley said we ought to have a nightcap out on the deck and told Denise and I to go on out and she’d bring the booze. Outside we sat down on the outdoor sofa and huddled together – there was a cooling sea breeze but that wasn’t the only reason we huddled together. From the way Denise put her leg against mine, I knew she was horny and that gave me the beginnings of a rise. We’d hardly started really making out when Haley came out with whiskey and glasses. “Oh, sorry to interrupt you two love birds. Tell you what Denise, you go first tonight – but only if you throw back the blanket and let me watch.”

Denise giggled “okay.” They took my silence as agreeing. I wasn’t even asked. It was then that it dawned on me that Denise might have told Haley what my real current line of business was. On the other hand, one never knows. Folks who can afford a beach house like this wouldn’t see the owner of a home repair contracting company as any more their equal than they would a male escort.

When I say Haley brought out whiskey, I mean real whiskey - Scottish 100 buck a bottle single malt stuff that was old enough to go to high school. I had the feeling that the insides of that house had never seen a bottle of Johnny Walker, Seagrams or the like.

Haley sat down on the couch on the side of me opposite where Denise was. Christ, but this was luxury, overlooking the ocean, waves rumbling in, sipping a real sipping whiskey and getting squeezed in between two women, both of whom I knew I’d be fucking later that night – provided I could get it up two more times.

When Haley scooted in closer and made sure I could feel her leg against mine, the pleasant stirrings in my crotch came back. When I felt Haley’s hand on my thigh, the stirrings got more intense. When Denise’s hand crept over and down to the inside of my other thigh, the stirrings turned into a full blown hard-on that neither woman could help but notice. Denise was the first to acknowledge the situation: “Ralph honey, you wouldn’t be getting uncomfortable would you?” Before I could answer, she went on: “Whadda you think Haley? Should we make Ralph more comfortable?”

Haley: “Definitely. I hate to see anyone be uncomfortable. And besides, I wanna get my hands on what’s making Ralph uncomfortable.”

Denise was the first to move. She unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts. Haley was right behind – she tried to get my pecker out the pee slit and failed because I was already too hard. “Ralph, you gotta lift up.”

I raised my ass and Haley grabbed the waistband of my shorts and underpants. No sooner were they down to my knees and she and Denise dove in - but not for long. When I started grunting they slowed down and then stopped. Haley took charge: “Denise, we need to save this for your pussy.”

Denise: “You really meant it before? I get to go first?”

Haley: “Sure. I got the nooner. Now it’s your turn. But you gotta throw the blanket back so I can watch. Ralph, you go on up with Denise. I need to put some stuff away. Oh, I’ll bring your clothes Ralph – not that you’re gonna need them till morning.”

Denise: “Didn’t you want to watch, Haley?”

Haley: “Damn right I wanna watch – so just don’t let him stick it in till I get there.”


In Haley’s bedroom, I pulled off my T-shirt and took Denise first by the hips and then massaged her all over through her clothes. She wanted things to go faster. Breaking off, she pulled her T-shirt over her head. I objected: “We told Haley we’d wait so she could watch.”

Denise: “Only till you stick it in me.”

I was about to argue that once I undressed her, I’d never be able to wait. But then Haley walked in huffing and puffing from rushing up the stairs. “I thought you two’d be pumping away at it already.”

Denise: “Mr. Promise Keeper here made me wait. He even wants you to watch him undress me.”

And so I did put on the show, slowly undressing Denise, taking time to kiss her body in the right places as soon as each item of clothing came off. Denise was swooning and Haley would have been if she hadn’t been so keen on watching. Several times out of the corner of my eye, I noticed her hand flick over her crotch. I didn’t even have to look for the rubbers. There were several packs beside the bed. Haley opened a foil package and helped me put it on.

When I lead Denise to the bed, Haley, still dressed in shorts and blouse, followed and squatted near the edge facing so she could watch us. I wondered how long it’d be until she was rubbing her clit.

Once we really got going I really started realizing the difference between fucking Denise and fucking Haley. The difference had nothing to do with how tight their vaginas happened to be – a mute question anyway because the tightness is more a function of arousal than physical size. The difference was in their attitude towards fucking. Haley, like lots of women who focus so much on how their bodies look, seemed a little stressed while fucking, like she had to prove how much she liked doing it. Denise, on the other hand had a more relaxed attitude towards body care and she carried some extra pounds that Haley didn’t. But the proof is in the pudding and fucking is the pudding. Denise thoroughly enjoyed fucking and the look on her face while fucking showed it. Sure, she’d pant, moan, squeal, you name it, but she did it with humor and a smile on her face – and that smile was one of pure pleasure.

It seemed to me that having Haley watch intensified Denise’s pleasure. While we were going at it, she even interacted with Haley – turning aside, she’d look at Haley and half smile, half laugh. Haley would return Denise’s smiles but only in a sort of forced way. Maybe it was partly jealousy on Haley’s part, but my take on it was that Haley was overly focused on herself. It wasn’t that Haley wasn’t a good lay – she was and 90% of all men will never get to fuck anything close to as good as Haley. Over the next few days I got to wondering if I could teach Haley how to really enjoy fucking.

After I came and got soft inside Denise, I really didn’t want to leave that soft and warm haven but hygiene has to be and rubbers don’t stay on soft dicks very well.

Haley remarked on the problem: “Too bad they don’t make rubbers that stay in place on a spent penis.”

We all had to laugh and I put things into context for her. “Look Haley, it’s kind of a mute point right now because if I stayed in Denise and got hard, then you might have to do without tonight.”

Denise, ever the loyal friend put in her two cents: “Never would I let Haley do without. Even if you recovered and got hard inside me, I’d let you pull out and slide it into Haley.”

Haley: “Why that’s so sweet of you Denise.” Then reflecting a few moments, she went on, “Actually, we could do something like that. How about when Ralph gets hard again, he first fucks you a little bit and then pulls out and sticks it in me?”

I wasn’t asked but it sounded like kinky fun to me so I encouraged Denise: “Come on Denise, how about it? Sounds like fun to me.”

Having just shot a big load into Denise, it took me a while to recover – even with groping around with both women on the bed.  Finally they got me hard and slipped on a fresh rubber. I sort of regretted having to pull out of Denise and switch over to Haley but a promise is a promise and I take pride in keeping my word. In fact I take such pride in keeping my word that I made a special effort with Haley and she really got her money’s worth – well actually it was Denise’s money but you get the idea.

Afterwards the three of us dropped off into what must have been a pretty deep sleep because the I woke up to the sun shining from high and with a sleeping naked woman on either side of me. I showered and dressed and headed down to the kitchen to make coffee. There I encountered a Latino looking young woman emptying the dishwasher. She didn’t seem surprised to see me so I guessed that Haley must have told her who to expect in the house.

“Good morning Maria.”

With a slightly grim expression, she answered: “Good morning. I’m Jimena.”

“Oh sorry, Haley said it was Maria who’d be coming.”

With a slightly less grim look, she came back with: “Gringos think all Latino cleaning girls name Maria.” Then seeing my look of compassion, she told me coffee was ready and wanted to know which beds she needed to change. I told her which guest room to go to and went out on the deck with my coffee.

A couple hours later, first Denise and then Haley, both showered and in fresh summer dresses came out on the deck with coffee and bagels.

Afterwards we went to the beach and after coming in from an extended swim lay on towels sunning. Compared to the day before, conversation was a little strained. I thought maybe it had something to do with the threesome sessions we’d had the day and night before. I couldn’t figure it out – all adults, we’d gone into it with eyes wide open and it was all 100% consensual. It turned out that the strained conversation had nothing to do with the fun we’d been having.

Over lunch, Haley in a voice loaded with resignation, finally let me in on what the story was: “My husband Brent called this morning while you were sitting out on the deck alone. He’s bringing along a client and his wife when he comes this afternoon.”

That was the first confirmation I’d had that Haley and Brent were actually married and the second hint that her husband, Brent, might be a lawyer. From Haley’s tone of voice and the look on the faces of the two women, something was expected of me. I took the safe route and chose my words carefully: “Oh really? Well it’s always interesting to make new acquaintances. Your husband – Brent. Is he a lawyer?”

The look on their faces didn’t improve and Haley’s voice turned sarcastic: “Yes, Ralph. My Husband Brent is a lawyer. Lawyers have clients, doctors have patients, teachers have students, prostitutes have Johns and so forth.”

Her high minded bitchiness pissed me off, especially after the Maria business, and I couldn’t hold back: “Okay Miss Smarty Pants and just what the fuck do you think engineering offices refer to their customers as? Or Washington lobbyists? Or business consultants and so forth?”

Denise struggled to hold back her giggle. Haley looked surprised at first and then recovered. “Sorry Ralph, I just expected you to come back with something other than how it’s going to be ‘interesting’. It would have been more appropriate if you’d answered with how tonight is not gonna be nearly as much fun as last night.”

I started to say how it was pretty obvious that with her husband and his client and his client’s wife in the house, the threesome of the night before would not be repeated but she interrupted me: “So we better have now what we can’t have tonight.”

I looked at both women and started waking up to what I was seeing. Haley, rich society wife with Jane Fonda face and body, Denise, well filled out but neglected wife, both dressed again in their light summer dresses. Haley’s expression was changing to a more naughty coy look, Denise flashed an expectant smile. I felt a familiar surge in my crotch and I must have given them the right look because I could see both their chests heave in a certain way. “You mean you girls think we oughta have a nooner while there’s still time?”

Denise: “Ralph, you men can be so slow. Even with your dick-driven mentalities.”

I had to fire back: “My mind’s pussy driven. You know that!”

Haley was more focused: “I put a fresh towel on our bed and Maria is gone.”

I didn’t think it was the right time to tell her that Maria’s name was actually Jimena.

Upstairs in the bedroom it was pretty obvious they had worked out their kinky plans ahead of time. The covers were completely off the bed and there were two giant beach towels covering the bed. Denise was the one to start the event: “Ralph we want you to undress.”

Both women stood there, still in their summer dresses, as I peeled off my tee shirt. Haley broke in with the next instruction: “Now your shorts, not your underpants, just your shorts.”

I dropped them and stepped out completely. Standing there clad only in my underpants, facing two attractive women, the predictable happened and it did not go without effect on Denise and Haley. Both faces glistened with perspiration and from the rise and fall of their chests, it was pretty obvious that their breathing rates were way up.

Haley was the one who made the first move. Standing to my side she put her hand on my bulge and turned to Denise. “Denise dear, did you even dream that Ralph had such a big one when you met him in that coffee shop?”

Denise replied in a tone that showed exaggerated shock: “Of course not. Haley, how could you ever think such a thing?” Then in a naughty tone of voice: “I didn’t need to. I saw the bulge in his jeans.”

Both women giggled and laughed. Then Haley went on: “Well no use keeping this hidden.” Pulling down my underpants she continued: “And I can’t very well ride the peg over his underpants.”

Denise: “Right. I’ll get a condom.”

They had me lay down on the towel that covered the bed sheet and both women, still fully dressed, put a condom on me. Then Haley reached up under her dress and pulled down her panties. Straddling me, I could feel her bare vulva against my dick. Still in charge and still sharing the fun with Denise she issued her next instruction: “Denise dear, would you mind guiding him in as I ease down? And Ralph, try not to move, I want to do the fucking this time.”

Denise’s hand was on my shaft only momentarily and then I felt that indescribable sensation of being enveloped in Haley’s warm and moist female flesh. Haley was in good physical shape and knew what she was doing. Several times her unique rocking rhythm nearly brought me over the top before she slowed down at just the right time. Her orgasms were monumental type affairs - she’d stop fucking and I’d feel her vagina muscles squeeze my dick, then her groan-swoon-squeal was accompanied by a warm flow over my crotch. Her technique kept me going for what seemed like 20 or 30 minutes. Finally I couldn’t wait any longer so on her next slow down, I grabbed her by the hips and thrust upward. She threw her head back and turned  passive as I emptied my load into the condom. Then she collapsed and lay alongside me on the bed.

Denise, still fully dressed, fetched a warm washcloth and towel from the bathroom and after taking off the condom, got me cleaned up. Then turning to Haley: “You want me clean you up too?”

As Haley raised her dress it occurred to her that there was a downside to leaving her dress on. “Oh shit, look at the spot on the ass end of my dress. I shoulda pulled it up before I flopped down.”

Denise: “I’ll keep that in mind when my turn comes. But first Ralph’s gotta recover.”

And indeed she was right. I needed to recover and at the moment the odds didn’t look good.

Haley in a lazy exhausted voice: “You might have to help him out a little. Damn, Brent and that other couple are gonna be here around 6. Then she dozed off.

Denise, still fully dressed, gave me an understanding look and a sweet smile. Then I dozed off. When I woke up, there was a tight pleasant feeling in my crotch. Denise was awake, still dressed and lying on her side close to me, had one hand on the inside of my thigh as close to my sack as she could be without actually touching.

“Was it me or Haley you were dreaming about that made you start to get hard?”

I told her it was neither. That it was her hand that did the trick. Then I rolled onto my side facing her. First a hand on her hip, then moving up her side I got it on her breast. There’s a unique feeling when you play with a woman’s breasts through her dress and bra, makes a man feel young again – like back in high school – except back then playing with girls’ tits took place in cars and not in big king size beds. Then I did what I often tried when I was in high school - and mostly didn’t get away with – put my other hand under her dress. That brought her lips over mine and we started exchanging tongues. The crotch of her panties felt damp and sort of crusty at the same time. She felt the need to explain: “I came when Haley was on you – and I came really hard when I saw you come.”

I decided to be a man of few words. “You wanna be on top like Haley was?”

In tone of voice that meant yes: “Whadda you think?”

“And your dress? Haley got hers stained.”

“Yeah, cuz she laid on it afterwards. Can I put the rubber on you now?”

“Don’t you want Haley to help?”

“I can handle it myself. Remember I’m a doctor’s wife.”

And she did it quickly and expertly without help from Haley or I. Then she rolled on her back and raised her hips and legs and tossed off her panties. Then back up on her knees she straddled me. I felt her pubic hair tickle the head of my dick and then the warm dampness enveloped me. “See how my pussy found the peg all by itself.” We both laughed. I couldn’t laugh anymore when she stated rocking.

Haley woke up – who could sleep the way the bed was shaking. In a ragged sleep drenched voice: “Hey you two coulda waited for me. I wanted to stick Ralph’s dick in for you Denise.”

Denise slowed down a little. “Sorry, my pussy didn’t wanna wait. Anyway we need to finish and clean up before Brent gets here.” Then she went at it with a vengeance and when I started thrusting upwards, we both came.

Later that afternoon we came in from a quick swim and after a groping erotic cumming shower, the three of us had coffee on the deck. Haley was going on about how she wished we could have another night like the one before when we heard a car pull into the drive.

Haley, in a tone pregnant with resignation: “Well let’s go greet Brent. If we don’t he’ll be in a really pissy mood.” I was about to ask if he was normally in a just plain pissy mood but just in time thought better of it.

There parked behind Denise’s little Mercedes was a big black BMW 4-door sedan. When I saw the Alpina 740 insignia below the trunk lid I made a mental note to look up how many K’s one of these machines would set a guy back. The guy getting out of the car wore a dark gray pin-striped suit and certainly had the aura of a big shot lawyer. A shade under six feet, pudgy complexion from too many 80 hour weeks, receding hairline, protruding gut that he unsuccessfully tried to hide with exaggerated good posture. In terms of physical condition, Brent was Haley’s opposite.

Haley was ahead of Denise and I and with lots of enthusiasm, she initiated the hugging and kissing. He responded like a college dude who hadn’t seen his girlfriend for months and months and Haley behaved like the girl back home who hadn’t seen her college guy for months and months. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Not three hours earlier, I’d had my hand in Haley’s pussy as she tried to tank up, as she put it, before having to put up with her husband Brent!

Brent greeted Denise warmly, kissing both cheeks as prescribed by the current rules of social ritual. With me he shook hands warmly and I got a “real pleasure to meet you Ralph. Glad you could make it here for the weekend.”

We started for the house and then Brent stopped. “I think I hear Frank and Janet coming.” Sure enough I heard some kind of roar in the distance – not a Harley kind of sound, more like the drone of a European racing car sound. A minute or so later I saw it – a red machine that by comparison made Brent’s 7’er BMW look like a school teacher’s economy car. Speaking of school teachers, there are school teachers who don’t earn in 10 years what a Lamborghini costs.

The flamboyant man who stepped out of the red Lamborghini, Frank, was an opposite of Brent - tanned, slender, sun glasses and clad in shorts and polo shirt. And completely bald. Out of the passenger side emerged a woman about Frank’s age, mid forties, medium length brown hair, not fat but without the Jane Fonda aura that Haley had. Wearing a dark blue skirt and white blouse, she looked like she didn’t belong to Frank’s world. Together an interesting looking couple, Frank looking the part of an actor or athlete, Janet on the other hand seemed to be playing the role of a shy conservative housewife.

Brent made introductions: “Haley, you remember Frank and Janet? Of course, yeah, that fundraiser at the Four Seasons last winter.” Then the fashionable pecks to the cheeks. Then turning to Denise and I and then back to Frank and Janet: “We have guests already here, meet Denise and Ralph.” Frank and I shook hands, Frank gave Denise the fashionable pecks to her cheeks and I did the same to Janet, trying my best to look like I did this every day.

I had the feeling that Frank wanted a compliment on the Lamborghini but before I could think of one without making a fool of myself, Haley announced that we’d be having an aperitif on the deck.

After a round of toasts and cheery talk, Brent and Frank edged aside, obviously having some business stuff to touch on. I was left in a circle with three women, two of whom I’d been fucking earlier in the day and the third who I knew only as the wife of a very well heeled DC big shot. I didn’t have a clue as to what to talk about. Haley was good in this kind of situation and breezed over who was who and we got into admiring the view out over the Atlantic and jabbering about what a fun weekend it was going to be.

When Haley had to go see to dinner, she asked Denise to show Frank and Janet their room. I was left on the deck alone with Brent who topped off my glass before I thought to refuse. “So Ralph, Haley says you’re in the contracting business. Residential or commercial?”

I would have loved to come back with some bullshit like how I wasn’t interested in little shit like residential and commercial, that my company did only heavy construction – ports, dams, etc. Trouble is though, lying can get you in deeper than you want to go so I wormed around to how I was into renovation and upgrade work – mostly residential but a little commercial. There was indeed a grain of truth in the commercial part – I’d once helped a guy fix up a scale shack at a grain elevator in Nebraska.

Brent probably sized me up as a loser but he could be a real gentleman and chimed in with how important it was that homes get updated and renovated. Then to prod me into complimenting him on the fine beach house that he and Haley had built, he went on with: “Well this place is pretty new so we won’t be needing much renovating the next few years.”

Knowing how the new rich are so addicted to compliments, I started out about how clever it was to put a change and shower room on the ground floor where people came in from the beach and how well it was equipped and arranged. And on it went but before I got done complimenting him on every room in the house, Frank and Janet came back. Frank and Brent went off to one side and got back into their shop talk. Denise left to help Haley in the kitchen so I was alone with Janet.

I thought she might have changed to a bright summer dress or even shorts and tee shirt, but no, she was still in that stiff blue skirt and white blouse. Janet wasn’t gregarious like Haley or intellectual like Denise – she was more down to earth homey. “Denise said you’re from Baltimore and she’s from Pennsylvania. Well it’s so nice how you found one another.”

And so it went, banality upon banality. Janet wasn’t ugly by any means, not even plain, just not all made up and flashy. Like all men do when they meet a woman, I tried to assess her tits but the starched white blouse wasn’t tight fitting so between banalities, I was still guessing about her tits when Denise came out to announce that dinner was ready.

Haley had the seating all thought out. Denise was on my left on one long side of table and Frank and Janet on the other. Brent and Haley sat on opposite ends – Haley at the end nearest me. I had some issues with Haley but one thing I had to admit – she knew how to entertain and make guests feel comfortable. And as far as cooking was concerned, she should try to get on one of those TV cooking shows.

There was lots of talk about the meal and the quality of the cabernet that she served with it. I just had to be careful not to sip the wine to fast – getting high can easily lead to a fuck up that I can’t afford. Denise and Haley worked as a team trying to integrate me into this company of people who were quite obviously my superiors – intellectually and financially. They also worked as a team under the table. Regularly I’d feel Denise’s right hand on my left thigh and Haley’s left hand on my right thigh. I don’t mind getting hard under the table but you never know when you might have to get up and a tented crotch can be a big embarrassment.  I finally pulled both their hands over my budding erection and pushed them away with a smile. Neither woman is dumb and they recognized the issue right away.

Not understanding much of what was being so animatedly discussed, my mind shut off halfway and I just made a point of laughing at the right time and occasionally coming up with clichés that seemed to fit. My mind was more on the nice comfortable fuck that I was going to have with Denise when this dinner party finally ended. Seeing Janet getting up and I thought ‘well finally somebody has to go pee’ and got back to my daydreaming about fucking Denise. Feeling a hand on my left shoulder I turned and looked toward Denise. But the hand belonged to Janet who was standing behind Denise and I.

To my puzzled look, it was Denise who responded with a gracious smile and “you need to go with Janet.” To my even more puzzled look, she went on “go ahead.” Glancing around the table I saw raised eyebrows and smug smiles. The thought that crossed my mind was: ‘Shit, while I was daydreaming they started one of those fucking parlor games that I so hate with a passion.’

Recovering my wits and not wanting to embarrass Denise who was paying me very handsomely, I got up thinking how lucky I was not to have gotten a boner from daydreaming about fucking Denise. Janet gently took my hand and led me out of the dining room and into the entrance hallway. I admitted to her that I hadn’t been paying attention: “Janet, my mind wandered a little. What’s going on. We playing charades or something?” Then to warn her that I might not do well at whatever game was going to be played: “Look, I’m just not such a good actor.”

Janet looked at me a little surprised but stayed cool. In a patient voice: “Yeah it’s sort of a charade but not the game. Come on.” Then she led me upstairs to the guestroom that Haley had set aside for her and Frank. Inside, she closed the door and turned towards me with an expectant look on her face.

I didn’t know what to say. She did and facing me: “Well?” Only when she undid the top button on her blouse did I start catching on.

All I could say was: “I had no idea.”

Janet: “You disappointed? Would you rather have gotten Haley? She looks like Jane Fonda – probably even when she’s naked. For her you’ll just have to wait till tomorrow.” To my flabbergasted look she went on: “Sure, tomorrow you get Haley. Tonight she’s going to be with my husband Frank. And your Denise is going to be with Haley’s Brent. Look we’re three couples here. For you it was either me or Haley.”

I must have looked like I’d just seen somebody walk on water and blubbered out: “So how did you …………?”

Janet: “Decide? We didn’t. We did a matchstick draw. I drew the long matchstick - you. That put Haley with Frank and Denise with Brent. With three couples, there’s no other way. Tomorrow we don’t need to draw. Haley gets you, I get Brent and Denise gets Frank. Okay? It’s actually very simple isn’t it?”

“So I’m your long matchstick?”

Janet: “We only needed two. A long and a short. Denise and Haley absolutely insisted that the long matchstick be you. And that’s the one I drew. Okay?”

Watching her talk, the top button of her blouse undone, it finally dawned on me that I was going to get to see what that conservative slightly oversized white blouse was hiding. I felt my crotch swelling even before I wrapped my arms around her and lay my hands on her buttocks over her skirt. When I started kneading her buttocks, her lips came up to meet mine and she slammed her body against me. She had to be able to feel my growing erection against her belly. I ran my hands down to the hem of her skirt and brought them up beneath. Again my hands were on her buttocks, this time over the silky fabric of her panties alone. That wasn’t enough for me, I went for the waistband of her panties and then down inside and my hands were on her bare ass. The coppery taste in her mouth told me things were moving in the right direction. Still inside her panties, I slid my right hand to her hip and then around to the front and encountered trimmed pubic hair. Then the slit – moderately damp and she seemed to know it. “Slow Ralph, get me ready first, please.”

I tugged her panties down to her knees and helped her out of them. Now her crotch was free and I stroked it under her skirt. “Slow Ralph, slow. I’m not there yet.”

That was fine with me. I wanted an answer to the question I’s asked myself earlier – namely what was really under that slightly oversize starched white blouse. I let my hands abandon her crotch and moved to her chest. I undid the second button of her blouse, then kissed her and at the same time thrust my hips against her. Emboldened by her swoon, I undid the third button and kissed the top of her breasts. Then a fourth button. Around to her back, I opened the clasps of her bra. Then the remaining buttons and away went the blouse and bra. What had been hidden beneath the oversized conservative blouse was no disappointment – Janet didn’t have big tits like Denise nor were they as perfectly without blemishes like Haley’s, but they looked more genuine. Something like my wife’s (or ex-wife’s as the case may be) were when we got married. Even the protruding pink nipple looked familiar.

Of course this set of handsome tits didn’t belong to my ex but the feeling was strange. Janet noticed: “Disappointed? Not as big as Denise’s? You think Haley’s are gonna be prettier?”

I can be good with compliments when the need arises. “Janet, yours are really special.” I dove down and kissed both breasts all over, alternating with sucking on those protruding pink nipples, thrusting my nose into her cleavage and pushing a breast aside. She seemed mollified and was soon purring.

I wondered how long it’d be till I should get down below again. Before I could make a move, Janet took the initiative by whispering: “When will I get to see your big long matchstick?”

“How’d you …….., Haley and Denise ….. said?”

Janet: “We girls get to talk about men’s members too. Don’t men compare women’s breasts?”

She had me there so I murmured agreement and started unbuckling. As I stepped clear of my shorts and underpants, she insisted: “Your shirt too!” And there we were, me in my birthday suit, Janet topless but still in her blue skirt. I moved close to her, raised the skirt and slid my dick into her crotch along her slit where I could feel the moist pubic hair against my shaft. She let me know she still wanted to be in charge: “I need to shed my skirt and you need to put on a condom.”

In my surprise over the unexpected swap and the sudden opportunity of getting a look at Janet’s hidden treasure, I’d forgotten. “Oh shit, they’re in the guestroom where Denise and I …..”

“No Ralph, they are not. They’re here in the headboard.”

“How …? You girls planned …….?”

Janet: “And so what if we did? Enough talk.” She pulled back the blanket to reveal the bed sheet covered with a big towel. (Again I had to hand it to Haley. When she planned something, she planned it right and completely. That woman ought to be with the Pentagon or something.)

In bed on the towel, she reached into the headboard and took out a little foil envelope. As if she needed to explain: “We may as well put it on now. That way when you get me hot and ready, you can just slide right in. It’ll be more spontaneous that way.” (Talk about first impressions being wrong. How that conservative long blue skirt and bulky white blouse had fooled me!)

On my knees between her legs, I put on the rubber. She made no move to take part in putting it on but as soon as I had it on, she rose up and closely inspected the installation – tugging on the receptacle and eyeballing it all around. Finally, “Okay Ralph, looks good.” Then she lay back down and gave me a smiling expectant look.

She wasn’t all that enthusiastic about lip kissing but warmed up a lot from my kissing her breasts and sucking her nipples. When she got to really purring, I headed for the warm forest below. My tongue working her clit got her writhing and moaning and finally, “Ralph, uhhmm now, please, now!”

The moan from her as I slid in was like a moan of relief. In the end, the towel had a lot of juice to absorb. And later that night and early morning the towel got even more juice.

In the morning we showered together. Afterwards she told me how the day was going to go. “Today you’ll be with Haley and I’ll be with Brent. My husband Frank will get your Denise.”

To my look of astonishment, she continued, “Oh yes, and we’ll be going out on Brent and Haley’s boat. I hope you like sailing.”

I had some sailing experience from the time I’d worked at a marina on Galveston Island. There had been occasions when people with big boats needed somebody to round out their crew. But of course I couldn’t tell Janet this because it might open up more questions about why I’d happened to be a flunky at some Marina in Texas. I gave an evasive answer. “Haven’t had much chance to get to like sailing. Just some friends took me on their boat a few times.”

Seating at breakfast was as per the new day’s pairing off arrangement – Haley and I sat together on one side of the table, Denise and Frank on the other side opposite us and Brent and Janet at opposite ends. These people really had their swinging-switching organized!

We didn’t get away from the house until after 9 and I thought it’d be noon before we’d get the boat away from the dock. But I hadn’t reckoned with how the rich live. Somebody, probably Haley had told the marina operator to get the boat ready and even had food catered in. So it wasn’t only switching that these people could organize. We cast off before ten and it wasn’t 10 minutes later that we had already motored out into Delaware Bay. Haley took the wheel while Brent and I went forward to hoist sail. As soon as the mainsail was up and pulling us on a starboard tack, Haley cut the inboard diesel. Then with the jib up and pulling, we were heading for New Jersey at 8 knots.

Sail set, my crewing work was over – at least until we needed to tack - so I joined Haley at the wheel. Brent joined Janet who had been sitting alone on the port side locker while across from her, her husband Frank was lavishing attention on Denise.

Although Denise’s swim suit was a conservative one piece, it wasn’t very conservative in concealing her rather impressive cleavage and Frank seemed unable to tear his eyes away. Pretty soon his hand that had drifted down to her knee was working its way up along the inside of her thighs, which she made no attempt to close, in fact her own hand was soon on his thigh.

Haley, who wasn’t so busy on the wheel as to not notice all this, glanced at me and winked. I grinned back, but that wasn’t what she expected so she pursed her lips. I gave her the kiss she expected and she quickly turned back to steering.

When Frank and Denise started making out, it was like a catalyst for Brent and Janet who followed suite. I wondered which couple would disappear down into the cabin first. Or would they bother? When Frank started fondling Denise’s tits, I started wondering if they might just do it right there in the cockpit. The sight of Brent and Janet with hands on one another’s crotches brought a surge of blood to my crotch and Haley’s touch brought another big surge. From the look on her face and the twitching of her lips, it was plain to see that the sight of Brent and Frank engaging in sexual foreplay with Janet and Denise had an effect on her too.

Brent answered the question of where the coupling would take place. “Frank, you and Denise take the forward cabin. Janet and I’ll take the aft cabin.”

(The forward cabin is quite a bit more roomy than the aft cabin so that was a sign of Brent’s deference to his guest - and well heeled client.)

Frank: “Gee Brent that’s really generous of you, but really the aft cabin would be fine.”

Brent: “No, I insist. You and Denise take the forward cabin.”

Frank uttered a “Well if you insist” and took Denise’s hand to lead her to the cabin. Just before she disappeared through the companionway, Denise threw me a wink and a conspiratorial smile.

Brent and Janet followed immediately. The aft cabin is immediately below the cockpit so Haley and I could hear them as they entered giggling and groping. I remarked to Haley how the noise of the wind in the sails and the rush of the Catalina tearing through the water would give Brent and Janet some degree of acoustic privacy in spite of the physical proximity just under our feet.

Haley’s reply brought another surprise. “Only if we don’t want to listen to them. If you don’t believe me, put your ear against the wheel pedestal – low down.”

Sure enough, just like in some wooden houses, the sounds of Brent and Janet pulling off their swim suits came through clearly. Then more giggling, smooching sounds, slurping and moans of pleasure. Keeping a hand on the wheel, Haley bent over and made a quick listen. Then getting up, she offered: “Ralph, you wanna hear Frank and Denise going at it? See up forward by the hatch cover, it’s not insulated any more than this pedestal. Same drill as here.”

I thought: “What the hell, when in Rome do as the Romans do.” By the time I got to the hatch cover above the forward cabin, Frank and Denise’s undressing was of course long over. What I heard were smooching and slurping sounds.

Was he eating her out or sucking her tits? Was she sucking his dick? Between their moans and giggles, I got my answer from Frank’s utterance: “God but my dick feels good between your beautiful tits. Look down Denise, see the head poking out. Denise show me how much you like my dick between your tits. Show me how much you like my dick.”

Denise didn’t answer but from Franks groans and grunts, it was pretty clear that she was licking the head of his penis as it poked out from her cleavage. My growing erection grew some more and by the time I got back to Haley, she couldn’t help but notice. “Ralph, we need to do something about your hard on and my wet pussy.”

Before I could point out that it might be kind of hard for her to steer while I fucked her, she continued: “Open the second starboard locker. You know how to deploy a sea anchor, don’t you?”

She waited till I got to the bow with the sea anchor and then she turned into the wind. When the sails started luffing and we lost headway, I tossed in the sea anchor. The wind drove us back and once the anchor started holding, I close hauled the jib and main sails and Haley set the wheel so the boat wouldn’t start tacking on its own.

“Ralph, there’s some cushions in the forward port locker. I don’t fancy having my ass slammed down against the cockpit deck.” That was another way of telling me we were going to fuck missionary style right there in the cockpit. While I got out a bunch of cushions and laid them out in the cockpit, she pulled off her bikini top and bottom. When I dropped my swim suit, out popped an erection that made Haley gulp and then smile. In nothing flat she was down on the cushions and I was on top of her. The voyeuristic eavesdropping made foreplay superfluous and I just sort of naturally slid into her and we went at it like we’d been celibate for months. In fact the way we were going at it, Brent and Janet directly below us in the aft cabin couldn’t have helped but to have noticed – unless of course they were in the throes of some real passionate intercourse.

We were well into it and close to our summit when I thought I heard a chorus of voices, actually more than voices, more like cheering. Turning to look up, I saw the source – dozens of sailors along the rail of a US Navy destroyer on its way out from Philadelphia Navy Yard. They had come from downwind and I hadn’t heard the engine noise until the last minute. Then the destroyer was by us and for a moment the situation struck me as hilarious, but then it crossed my mind that a destroyer would make a hell of a wake. And it did. When the wake hit us, it hit with a fury and the Catalina rocked wildly – so wildly that Frank and Denise and Brent and Janet, all stark naked, came rushing out from the cabin to see what had happened. By then the destroyer was well past so the cheering sailors weren’t treated to the sight of six naked mature adults in a sailing yacht. But the sailors on the tender ship that was following - apparently alerted by the destroyer crew - were and their cheering was much louder. The wake from the tender was a lot bigger too, in fact the wake was so big that Frank and Denise and Janet were tossed overboard.

Brent, experienced sailor that he was, had anticipated the second wake and had stayed aboard by hugging the boom of the Catalina’s main sail. He was also the one who moved faster in throwing out cushions and PFD’s. Seeing that Denise was having problems – she was hugging a cushion but wasn’t making much headway towards our boat – I dove in and helped her get back.

In all the commotion of getting everybody back on board the tossing Catalina, we didn’t see the USCG MLB (US Coast Guard Motor Life Boat) approaching until it was practically upon us. A man (or woman) overboard drama is really draining to say the least and all six of us had been too drained to even think about getting dressed. The result was that the Coasties caught us with our pants down in more than one way.

Brent responded to the Coast Guard boat captain’s hailing: “All okay here. Everybody’s back aboard. Thanks for coming.”

The captain, actually a non-commissioned officer, wasn’t to be dismissed so lightly. “Ya’all ‘er hove to in a shippin’ lane. Thatsa violation and dangerous to boot.”

By then his entire crew of three were standing along the rail with astounded expressions and talking in a way that looked like they didn’t want us to hear what they were saying.

Brent responded to the captain: “Sorry for the mistake. I guess we just got in too big a rush to have a swim. It’s real hot today.” One after another, the Coastie crew just plain buckled over laughing.

Sure, catching a bunch of adults skinny dipping out in Delaware Bay is pretty damn funny, even something that’d get a few laughs over beer back at the base non-com club. But gut busting laughing? Seeking explanation I looked towards Brent and saw why the Coasties were laughing. A condom, reservoir full, was dangling from his flaccid penis. Looking down, I saw that mine was hanging free - apparently my condom had slipped off when I dove in after Denise. Then I looked towards Frank. His dick was free in the wind - no surprise - he could have easily lost his condom in the turmoil of going overboard.

Striving to restore decorum in accordance with his position as captain of a USCG vessel, the captain ordered his crew to action stations and gave us a final warning before departing.

Once they were gone Brent pulled off the dangling condom and flung it into the shipping channel of Delaware Bay. He was seething. “Goddam it Haley, were you that horny that you couldn’t wait till we got out past the shipping channel? We coulda been run over.”

Haley wasn’t one to take a tongue lashing. “And you, Brent? You couldn’t wait to get down in the aft cabin and get your dick in Janet. Anyway how the hell should I know where the fucking shipping channel is?”

Brent: “Jesus Christ Haley, don’t you see that line of buoys over towards the Jersey shore? They mark the shipping channel.”

Haley: “Don’t Jesus Christ me! You were the one those sailors were laughing at. What with a condom still hanging on your cock!”

Speaking in an affected tone of voice, Frank broke in as peacemaker. “Okay, okay, all’s well that ends well. I could have waited too.”

Janet couldn’t resist uttering a dig at her husband. “Yeah you could have waited. But no, you couldn’t wait to get your hands on Denise’s big boobies. Or your dick between them. Right?”

Frank: “Okay, okay, let’s just admit we all used a little bad judgment. How about we get out of this shipping channel thing and have a quick swim before we have to head back?”

None of us put our swimwear back on for the short sail to where we were out of the shipping channel. The swim in the shallower (and warmer) water closer to the Jersey shore was a nice relaxing skinny dip. Following lunch on the catered food, we did some whole body sunbathing and then more skinny dipping. I thought there might be another fuck session but I guess getting surprised by the Navy and caught by the Coast Guard took the wind out of our sexual sails.

Later towards evening back in the mud room at Brent and Haley’s house, we all stripped and quickly showered off the salt before going into the sauna. Somehow I ended up being the last to shower and was a little surprised by who was sitting where in the sauna. Brent and Denise and Frank and Haley were together on the top bench while Janet was alone on the lower one. So we had switched again and I was now back with Janet?

And so it was. Janet snuggled up against me and our bare legs were close together. There was some rehashing of the afternoon’s adventure in the shipping channel and some laughs about Brent being the only one dressed (in a condom) when the Coast Guard arrived. I gave a couple variations of what I thought the Coasties might be saying right at that moment back at their non-com club. Stuff like: “Skinny dipping, my blue jacketed ass! Or: “How’d they ever even notice the wakes? What with the way that little sailboat must’a been rockin’?”

We were all sweating profusely and I was about to say that I needed to get out but Janet beat me to it. Shining with sweat and in a husky low voice: “Ralph, let’s go get showered off. I’ve had enough.”

Right then I had a pretty good idea how the showering off was going to go and it did. She’d barely turned around twice under the flow when she took my shaft in her hand. “Ralph, you’re getting hard already. Please get me ready too.”

Janet didn’t have the body of a thirty year old like Haley but she did have a fun body that was a real pleasure to soap up – nice sized rather firm tits, a shade wide in the hips but no where near where you could say she looked gross. Best of all, she always had such a proper look on her face – like she’d  never fucked with all her clothes off, almost virgin like. I was at full mast in nothing flat.

I thought the other four would be waiting to use the shower, but no, when we came out, they were still in the sauna sweating it out. Janet and I had a giggly time of it helping each other dry off and when there wasn’t any more moisture to get off our bodies, she took my dick in her hand and in her husky voice: “Actually this we didn’t need to dry, because pretty soon it’s gonna be wet again.”

Always the practical mind, I came back with: “Were there any of my rubbers left in your room?”

Janet: “There probably are but no matter. There’s some left in Haley’s beach bag. It’s hanging right here.” She went over to the hook where Haley’s beach bag was hanging and took out a foil packet. As if in reply to the confounded look that must have been on my face, she went on: “We can do it on the massage table. It’s sturdy enough even for you.”

At first I was too surprised to answer. When I did, all I could get out was: “The others, they’re still in the sauna.”

Janet: “Yeah they’re still in the sauna. So we got the table to ourselves.”

By the time she’d finished answering, she had already hopped up on the massage table. Then on her back with her ass planted near the end, she raised her legs, spread her knees and gave me a half wink and smile of invitation.

That was enough to overcome all my reservations about the other four being so close by in the sauna. I was still rock hard and she had been loose as a goose when we were drying each other. No foreplay needed, I rubbered up and entered her kingdom of pleasure. In no time at all she was giving voice to the sensations she was getting from me sawing in and out of her as I held her hips. The other four so close by in the sauna could have been on the moon as far as I was concerned.

But they weren’t on the moon. And after Janet and I had our crashing finale, the cheering signaled that they weren’t in the sauna either. I turned to my left and there was Brent, his hard on in Denise’s very capable hands, and an arm over her shoulder with the hand cupping one of her magnificent breasts. To the right, Frank and Haley in more or less the same pose.

When I pulled out, Janet took the rubber off and held it up proudly. That got another cheer. She hopped off the table and wiped the end that was wet and sticky. As we were cleaning each other up, Denise hopped on the table and took Janet’s place. Brent dove in and gave her a really nice licking that went on until she begged him for the real McCoy. He was about to enter bareback but Haley stopped them in time. She helped put the condom on her husband before he plunged into Denise. You’d think that Brent and Denise would have been at least a little inhibited by the presence of two other couples watching, but they were anything but inhibited. Denise gave voice to an orgasm that was every bit as intensive as any she’d had with me.

When Brent pulled out, the condom was hanging loosely on his soft and drooping penis. Instead of  pulling it off or letting one of the girls pull it off, he proudly turned around so we could get a good look. “Hey, you don’t think any of the Coast Guard guys got a photo of me like this, do you?”

Haley couldn’t resist putting out some quick dirty humor: “No way they could of. Any photo they got, it woulda been Janet’s juice on the rubber, not Denise’s.”

Then it was Frank and Haley’s turn. Janet and Denise shared the fun of putting the condom on him. Unfortunately, they had too much fun and to Haley’s great dismay, Frank spilled his juice before they even got it on. He did, however, have the good grace to lick and tongue Haley all the way to her high point.

The six of us were so played out that the showers afterwards were fairly platonic.

Frank had to get back to D.C. that night because of some big commitment or other on Sunday. After a quick snack, goodbyes were said and Frank and Janet took off – and I mean took off – the Lamborghini motor screaming, tires squealing. Brent just shook his head with disgust. Haley rolled her eyes. Denise looked at me like she had something she needed to tell me.

And she did: “Frank’s got this problem. Well you saw it there with Haley on the table. Premature ejaculation. There’s got to be a reason why people, even adults, have to make extra noise with motor vehicles. Some have PE problems, others have other problems like ED. Then there’s a whole bunch who think their penises are too small.

I tried to defend Frank: “Look Denise. You and Janet should have been more gentle putting the rubber on him. Hell, I might have gone off too.”

Denise: “Out in the boat. He went off too soon too. Came all over my boobies and chin. Never even got it in me. Happened with Haley too.”

I couldn’t argue with that so I just looked at her and nodded my head. Then recovering: “So you and Haley compared notes on fucking Frank? Good grief, did you tell Janet that her hubby shoots too soon? Or does he shoot too soon with her too?”

Denise: “Actually Janet has another kind of problem with Frank. With her he has trouble getting it up and when he gets it up, then he has trouble keeping it up. That’s what all the switching was about.”

I was getting confused and needed to see if I understood. “So if I understand right, Frank has an ED problem when he’s with his wife and a PE problem with you and Haley. Right?”

Denise: “That’s pretty much how it is. Yeah.”

“And how is that connected to the switching.”

Denise: “Frank needs to have Janet do it with somebody else. Then he’s able to get it up for her. I mean not every day, just from time to time.”

“Is that why the four of you snuck up on Janet and I when we did it on that massage table?”

Denise: “Frank doesn’t necessarily have to watch but it helps. It also helped that yours is so much bigger than Frank’s.  I doubt if the two of them will make it back to D.C. without stopping for a quickie. Apparently watching your big shaft all slick and shiny sliding in and out of Janet was just what he needed.”

I would have liked to continue the conversation but we both realized it looked kind of funny – the two of us standing out in the driveway carrying on a big intense conversation after our hosts had gone back inside. Maybe later I’d get a chance to squeeze more out of Denise.

I knew Frank must be some sort of big name in the Capitol but up to then no one had mentioned his last name or what he was. I really wanted to ask but managed somehow to contain my curiosity. If they wanted me to know, they would have let it out at some point. Anyway, I figured that was another thing I’d try to squeeze out of Denise.

Haley and Brent were waiting for us inside – on the deck where the four of us had drinks. Expecting to be Haley’s partner for the night, I was surprised that we were paired off normal again – Denise with me and Haley with Brent.

After a second round, the girls left for something or other. It was then alone with me that Brent announced what was in store for the evening and next day: “I have to leave tomorrow afternoon and I’d like to enjoy my wife’s company for at least one night before I go. Ralph, I hope you understand.” I hesitated replying, maybe thinking I was disappointed, and he went on: “You did have a good fuck with her this afternoon though, didn’t you? I mean before the damn Navy came by.”

My reply was: “Brent, we had one really fantastic fuck. You’re a lucky man to have a wife like Haley.”

Brent: “Look, I’d say go get it on again with Haley before we all go to bed but then, unless your refractory period is a lot shorter than mine, Denise might be a little disappointed tonight. Shit it’s just not fair. Women are sexually so damned superior to us.”

That night Denise and I had the evening that I’d thought the whole weekend would be like. Relaxing foreplay to the music of the surf as we were bathed in ocean breezes coming in through an open window. A good fuck before falling asleep, then in the morning a quickie.

On Sunday morning after a late breakfast and goodbyes, Denise and I left. On the drive north on Delaware State Route 1, neither of us said much. It was like we were both reflecting on the events of the previous 4 days. Until Dover, the drive, through a mix of forest and farmlands, is actually pretty conducive to reflecting.

Approaching Dover, Denise suddenly proposed that we find a place to have lunch. I wasn’t really hungry and was thinking we might wait until she dropped me off in Towson. But the client is always right and I agreed with as much gusto as I could muster. Just past the Air Force Base, we got off Highway 1 and went over to US 13, which around there is a commercial strip serving colleges, the racetrack and so on. There we found a Cracker Barrel and she pulled in.

I thought that maybe over lunch, I’d get some answers to questions like who the hell were these people we’d been swinging with. Haley’s husband, Brent, I now knew was a big time D.C. attorney. I just didn’t know his last name and for whom he all worked. Haley had some kind of unmarketable humanities degree and had never got into any kind of career. She spent the warmer months of the year at the Slatter Beach house and concentrated on having cosmetic surgery as the needs popped up, diet and exercise to keep from looking her age and supporting Brent in keeping clients happy. In winter they closed the beach house and she moved back in with Brent in what Denise described as a really fine town house in Georgetown.

Frank was tougher to figure out. He was open, friendly, even gregarious but in my presence, he had never said anything of any consequence. Pretty amazing really, how some people can talk and talk and never give any information. That made me think he might be a politician – even a congressman or a White House staffer. The only thing I was pretty sure of about him was that he had to be a real Washington insider. But hell, that could mean anything. I hadn’t caught enough of conversations he had with Brent that I could figure out Frank was.

After the server brought us water and took our orders, I put the question to Denise. She tried to dodge my questions by going back over that, yeah, Brent was one of Frank’s lawyers. The ‘one of’ was what really blew my mind – you really have to be somebody if you need ‘lawyers’ instead of ‘a lawyer’. Regarding Frank’s identity she was way less forthcoming and that pretty much confirmed that he was, indeed, a big time Washington insider. But I then knew that, not only was he an insider, he was a public figure of some sort and I wasn’t supposed to know who. But what made things even more puzzling, was that we’d spent almost two days in the same house, screwed each other’s women and romped around together naked. If I wasn’t supposed to know who he was. then why let me in on a side of his life that no public figure would ever want known. Imagine the headlines! The thought crossed my mind that it didn’t matter to him if I recognized him and that thought sent chills down my back. Was I going to be snuffed out in the very near future?

When I kept pushing to find out who Frank was, Denise turned it into a game, sort of like the old 1950’s and 1960’s  ‘What’s My Line’ show on CBS. I turned out to be a piss poor panel member and she ended up getting frustrated with me. “Ralph, damn it, don’t you watch any TV at all? But look, you told me you read newspapers. How can you not know who Frank is?”

I just told her I didn’t have much use for the shallow shit they bring on so-called news and discussion TV shows. And the newspapers, I just didn’t read every last article and I usually glossed over stuff that didn’t interest me.

Then our orders came and we dropped the subject.

Afterwards over coffee she must have sensed my own frustration at not knowing who Frank was. “Okay, look Ralph, I’m going to tell you the first letter of his last name but only if you drop the subject for good. Okay?”

Well I figured with the first letter of his last name, I could just google ‘Frank G and then Google would fill out the missing letters and tell me everything about him except maybe how long his dick was and whether he was cut or uncut. Anyway I already knew that he was more or less average size and he was cut.

I still had some questions relating to the switching and before we finished coffee, Denise admitted that she and Haley had a switching background – in college they’d switched boyfriends. Haley had wanted a switch arrangement between her and Brent and Denise and Mark, but Mark had never agreed.

That wasn’t what I was really interested in. “Denise, was this switching planned when you booked me?”

Denise: “Not really. Frank and Janet joining us was a surprise. Brent absolutely has to keep Frank as a client.”

I just looked at her and smiled without saying a word. No dummy, she knew what my unspoken question was.

Denise : “The thing we had with Haley and Brent. Look Ralph, I told you Haley and I don’t keep much from one another. Oh shit, this is embarrassing. I guess I told, well actually I sort of bragged about your penis. Haley pestered me until I agreed to come out to the beach house. We were just going to share you for the weekend. Brent’s phone call changed that.”

That night back in my apartment over the bike shop, it took me a while to fall asleep – my mind was full of the sex in Haley and Brent’s beach house and the mystery of who the hell Frank was. The next morning I went down to the bike shop as soon as Marvin opened up and asked to use his PC so I could google ‘Frank G’. As anybody but me could have predicted, that got me one hell of a long list of men with the first name ‘Frank’ and the middle initial ‘G’. In a round about way, I asked Marvin but he hadn’t a clue. I called Maureen and Lisa but neither could help either.

By lunch time I’d given up. Maybe Denise was just kidding and Frank was just one of many Washington insiders, maybe some lobbyist who’d gained notoriety over some scandal that I hadn’t taken notice of. After all, when you’re on the run like me, you miss out on lots that happens in the country and in the world.

That afternoon I had an appointment to get my hair done again – the gray was coming out from below and it was beginning to look a little strange - gray at the roots, brown in between and then gray frosting.

Like the time when I first got my Mitt Romney hairstyle, I arrived early and went to the Starbucks knockoff coffee shop. Waiting in line I glanced up at the TV. Like the last time, CNN was on but instead of breaking news, they were running a report on mega churches and the pastors who get filthy rich from them. As an example of how well these men of God live, there on the screen was a couple standing next to their Bentley in the driveway of what looked like a 100-room mansion. The pastor had a full head of hair and was dressed in a conservative grey suit. Somehow his face looked familiar. The lady standing next to him, obviously his wife, was wearing a dress that looked like it cost more than I’d earned for my 4 night weekend. And her hair! Must cost twice what I pay to look like Mitt Romney.

Then it hit me - Frank and Janet with whom I’d just spent a swinging switching weekend! So Frank was truly bald and wore a damn high quality toupee in his public life. There was no containing my usual exclamation of surprise: “Jesus H. Christ!”

From behind I heard a youngish female voice: “No it isn’t. That asshole of a TV preacher just tries to act like he is.” Turning around brought me face to face with two young women, obviously college students, and they had lots to say about Frank: “He’s one of those money grubbing hypocrite preachers who’ve teamed up with US Senator Jason Edwards. They’ve launched an initiative to add a definition-of-marriage amendment to the Constitution.”

I would’ve loved to tell those two coeds just how much a hypocrite Frank really was, but at my age, you don’t go around telling fuck stories to women a third your age. I just acted surprised: “Really, I sure didn’t know that!”

Then it came back to me and explained why Frank had looked faintly familiar when I first saw him at Haley and Brent’s beach house. Frank had been standing behind US Senator Jason Edwards when he announced the launch of his definition of marriage initiative. Well hell, I knew how Reverend Frank defined marriage. That son of a bitch was even more a hypocrite than Senator Jason Edwards!

After I got my coffee, I sat down to do some thinking. Why wasn’t Frank G. afraid I’d recognize him? Did he think I wouldn’t connect bald headed swinging Frank with fully haired Pastor Frank? Had Janet put on the plain-Jane look at the beach house so I wouldn’t connect her with Janet, Pastor Frank’s wife?

At that point a chill went down my back. Could it be they planned to put out a contract on me and silence me for good?

Then I came to my senses. Frank doesn’t have to worry about the folks who send money to him. His supporters are going to keep the money coming no matter what. They’re so stupid and so convinced, he could shoot somebody in broad daylight on Fifth Avenue and they’d say the Democrats hired a double to do it.


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