Eden Beach: Caribbean Erotica - The Nude Beach Experience

I awoke in the morning to the calming sound of the ocean surf, feeling the warm tropical breeze gently blowing through the suite and the bright morning sun. In waking, I was in our bed alone. I noticed the sheer curtains flailing from the breeze from our suite’s opened sliding glass doors. I looked down into the living area. She was not there. I got out of bed and having slept in the nude like we always do, put on my lounge shorts. I walked through the living area pushing aside the sheer curtains and going out onto our patio looking out to the shoreline. There she was in her low cut yoga shorts and sports bra doing slow stretching exercises while facing the ocean. She was barefooted. Her hair was put up in a pony tail. Her movements were slow and sensual. I made a cup of coffee and returned to the patio to continue watching her do her stretching routine. Besides seeing she was so relaxed and tranquil doing her slow movements, I was mesmerized by her body’s limberness and flexibility. It was no wonder why she was so physically incredible when engaging in sexual activity with me. During our intimate relationship, I have always sensed when we engage in love making, she wants her entire body to be stimulated from my oral and insertion skills. This may be why she will quiver and shake when we engage in our erotic and boundless sexual engagements. This is now deepened with the mystique of the Caribbean ambiance.

I stood on the patio sipping my coffee as I continued to watch her slow graceful movements. In a straddling stance, she spread her legs extremely wide at the same time bending forward. She was looking back at me in between her legs. She gave me a huge smile. For a woman in her 30’s, she was displaying a body of a female in her 20’s. I watched her for 15 more minutes before she walked in and dove into the ocean. She swam out a distance before having the surf helping her back to the shoreline. Walking up to our suite on the beach, her sports bra and yoga shorts were semi- transparent from the ocean water. With the morning sun beaming on her body, she was exposing her nipples and the outline of her breasts. There was a faded view of her sea turtle tattoo, her small patch of pubic hair and the outline of her vaginal opening through her yoga shorts as she walked closer to our suite. It was quite an arousing view for the morning. When she got to the patio, she pressed her wet slender body against mine and we kissed. We both said good morning to each other. Looking deeply into my eyes, she took my coffee mug out of my hand and placed it on the outside table. She took one of my hands and led me back into the suite. She had us stop at the side of our bed where we were facing each other. As we kissed, her hands reached down and untied the drawstring to my lounge shorts. My shorts fell to the floor at the same time my cock was becoming enlarged with morning excitement.

She gently nudged me to fall backwards on the bed laying on my back with my legs dangling over the side. My cock was rapidly growing in size. Looking up at her as she stood in front of me, she pulled down her wet yoga shorts. With a hungry glare while biting her bottom lip, she slithered her damp body up onto my hips having her vaginal opening rubbing against the shaft of my hard cock. Leaning over me with her hands pressed against my chest, she slowly gyrated her pussy opening against my cock. I could feel her hot inner wetness on my shaft. Looking down on me, she softly said, “You know how much we enjoy making love in the morning. It’s always a great way to start the day.” She leaned upright and removed her wet sports bra. As she removed her bra, I reached up and started to softly  rub and squeeze her breasts. After removing her bra, she tilted her head back while keeping her arms and hands over her head. She was humming with delight as I massaged her breasts. I then lightly pinched her erect nipples. Her gyrating hips were sliding faster. I said to her, “You’re absolutely amazing in bed. Let’s make love.” Reaching down, she lifted her hips and grabbed the shaft of my long cock. She inserted the head of my cock into her saturated pussy opening and slowly slid down on the entire shaft. As she immersed her entire pussy with my hot throbbing cock, in a tormented tone, she blurted, “Jesus Christ, you drive me fucking crazy!” Leaning forward again with her hands on my chest, she thrusted her hips back and forth as she looked deeply into my eyes. What a sensational feeling having her wet pussy slide back and forth on the head and shaft of my cock. Both her and I started to shake. I was moaning in sexual ecstasy. She was lightly whimpering in excitement.

Her thrusting pace of back and forth on my shaft increased. She and I were getting louder in our moans with hyper morning fucking. She leaned back bracing herself on my thighs. I had a full view of her bald pussy sliding on my cock. With my cock still inside her, I took my thumb and rubbed the top of her vaginal opening. She jerked  her hips forward from the intense stimulation. She cried out, “Oh my God!” Her inner sex juices leaked out as she kept her hips thrusting. In my moans of surrender, she felt fantastic riding me. As I reached my climax and let go of my overnight replenished load of cum inside of her, she constricted her vaginal muscles around my cock. In gushing my seed inside of her, I grabbed her ass and pulled her into my groin having my entire cock deep inside her throbbing away. We both gave out final last gasps of incredible pleasure. Still gripping her ass, I sat upward pressing my hot body against hers. She wrapped her arms around my neck and we embraced in a deep passionate kiss. Still being embraced with one another, I went to stand up. As I rose from the bed, she wrapped her legs around my waist while I still firmly held her ass in towards me making sure my hard cock stayed inside of her. I walked us into the bathroom.

As we continued to kiss non-stop, she grinded her pussy onto my now semi-erect cock. I walked us into the large shower stall area where I was able to turn on the water and had the both of us doused and immersed under warm cascading water. The water beading down and around our bodies, she said, “Even your soft dick fells so good inside of me.” She continued gyrating her hips on top of my cock until I went totally limp and I slid out of her vaginal opening. Twitching and kissing her, I slowly let go of her so we were standing face to face. In looking at each other, we both had huge smiles of complete sexual satisfaction to start our morning. Being soaked in water, we stepped back from the shower heads. Taking the shampoo, I began to wash her hair running my fingers slowly through her scalp. She had taken the liquid body soap and sponge and began to lather up my entire body. It was so exhilarating feeling her hands caress and stroke my body with soap especially when she washed my lower torso and groin area. She did that really slow. I, in turn, did the same to her completely lathering her body with soap. When washing her vaginal and ass area, I made sure my fingers slightly penetrated her inner pussy which caused her to twitch from the stimulation. Being lathered in soap and shampoo, we again embraced and kissed deeply while slowly moving into the shower heads to rinse off. As the water rinsed away the soap and shampoo, we continued to kiss and with our hands, she slowly caressed and stroked my cock and balls. I was rubbing and fingering her vaginal opening causing her to have short pleasurable body trembles.

We stepped out of the shower feeling reinvigorated from our intimate morning activities and toweled ourselves off. Walking out into our bedroom and living area naked with the sliding glass doors open and the white sheer curtains flailing about from the ocean breeze, we really didn’t care if anyone walking by on the beach saw us naked. We were here to relax and to set aside any of our inhibitions. We got dressed for breakfast and our day’s activities. Excitedly, she had put on and modeled a new sexually suggestive white French laced one piece swimsuit she intentionally purchased for our vacation. To say the least, she looked rather hot and erotic wearing it. The swimsuit design was a very deep back, high cut legs, Rio style backside cut and it was unlined. Because of her tanned body, it made this swimsuit stand out even more especially where she had no panty or bra lines. She would then put on a pair of white linen low cut shorts and a loose fitting muscle shirt for a more appropriate attire appearance for breakfast and being in public. Myself, I put on a tan colored, low cut, loose fitting swim brief, a pair of light colored cargo shorts and sleeveless shirt. As I dressed, she commented, “Love your swimsuit. Very sexy.” We put on our hiking sandals and went to breakfast. Seated at our table, we both commented about and looked around for Tori. She was not at the restaurant. She stated, “Hey, maybe she hooked up with someone last night. I know this may be shitty with her being engaged in all, but I do hope she got laid last night. The impression I got from her was she was really horny.” I replied, “I sensed that too last night. Sort of sucks being down here by yourself.”

Finishing our after-breakfast coffees, I asked her what she wanted to do for the day. She told me she wanted to explore and see the area in and around the resort. Knowing that the peak time for sunbathing on the resort’s beach was after 1:00 p.m., we would have plenty of time to venture out.    We went back to our suite where we packed our backpack with the day’s necessities. Because of the size of the resort, we did a lot of walking and hiking visiting all of the resort’s amenities. In our ventures, we found the resort has a very long and wide beach which really provides a lot of privacy for couples. At this time of the year though where it is the off-season, it like having the resort to ourselves. Many of the European couples were not expected to arrive for their annual vacations for another week or two. There were a scant number of couples spread throughout the beach taking in the warm, beautiful tropical sun. Even though it was not allowed, some of the females were sunbathing topless. I really don’t think anyone was going to complain. We weren’t.

We were at a large open portion of the beach with no one remotely close to us. She said, “I’m hot. I’m going in for a swim.” She removed her sandals, dropped her shorts and pulled off her muscle shirt. As I was getting my sandals off, she ran into the warm tropical ocean and dove in. I pulled off my shirt and dropped my shorts to join her. The ocean water was crystal clear. Both of us in the water and standing in chest high water, I noticed her swimsuit was very semi-transparent. It left nothing to hide both on the front and back sides. She looked really lascivious and she knew it. We embraced one another and kissed. Being caught up in the exhilaration of the resort’s ambience, we couldn’t resist turning each other on. One of my hands rubbed and caressed her pussy on the outside of her swimsuit. My other hand was gently stroking the side of her breast. She had one hand on my neck as we kissed. With one of her hands underwater, she rubbed and caressed my hardening cock on the outside of my swimsuit. We really relished in the initiating sexual provocation on each other with the intention of satisfying our erotic appetites. Without saying a word to each other, neither of us would not have resisted and we would have fucked right there if it was appropriate. Even though we’re rather open about our romantic and sexual prowess, we do have a temperament in trying to be exclusive in our teasing and suggestive physical activities. We both submerged under the ocean water while still kissing. While underwater, our hands rubbed and caressed each other’s bodies concentrating on our erogenous areas. We surfaced looking into each other’s eyes and smiling. I told her she had me completely captured in her sphere of lust. She humorously nodded her head in the affirmative.

She suggested we get out of the water to continue with our venturing ways of the area. She swam towards the shoreline.  She walked a short distance from the shoreline, turned and waited for me. I had to wait a few moments due to large erection from her hand arousal. In waiting, I became semi-erect. Looking at her in her wet bathing suit from her short distance, the semi-transparency lace made it look as if she was almost completely nude. Although wet and faded, I could see her breasts, nipples, pubic hair and tattoo. I walked out of the water to where she was standing. My swimsuit was also semi-transparent when wet but not to the extreme hers was. Her selection in swimwear for the day was impeccable. She walked up to me. In running her fingers lightly up and down my chest, she did enjoy the view and outline of my cock and balls as I stood in front of her dripping wet. We got the towels out of the backpack and dried off. We put on our shorts, shirts and sandals and continued with our walk. We hiked up the side of large hill overlooking our resort. The view was spectacular. Looking down onto the ocean, we were amazed at the clarity of the water. Even from a long distance, the view of the resort’s guests in the ocean was so transparent. There was one couple who waded out a distance from the shoreline with a paddleboard who had removed their swimsuits and were skinny dipping. They were definitely enjoying themselves not only swimming nude but also being physically intimate like we would. She said to me with a laugh, “Now that’s something we should try when we get back.”

It was around noontime. In continuing with our venturing, we walked along a country road that ran parallel with the shoreline. It was sunny and hot. We came upon and walked through another oceanfront resort. Going beyond this resort, we came upon an elevated pathway. As we approached the end of the pathway, was a white gateway with an unsecured door. On the side wall to the gateway was a sign. The sign read, “Welcome to the True Eden Beach. This is a Clothes Option Beach. In Passing Through This Door, Please Remove ALL Clothing. Be Respectful. No Cameras or Video Allowed.” Both her and I could not resist and walked through the door. Looking out over the entire beach, there were only a few older couples who were dressing and gathering up their belongings. As we walked down the curving path to the beach, the couples were walking up towards us. As we passed by them, one couple with a British accent said, “Looks like you folks have the beach to yourselves.” Walking onto the beach, there was no one else around. We were both quite surprised thinking many more couples would be on the beach swimming and sunbathing nude. We were not going to let this opportunity pass.

She stopped and removed her sandals. I did the same. She turned to me grinning with her arms extended. She said, “Now I want you to undress me.” I walked up to her and we kissed. I removed her muscle shirt and untied the drawstring on her shorts causing them to drop to the sand. Grabbing the thin shoulder straps to her swimsuit, I pulled them down slowly removing her swimsuit. Getting to her waistline, I got on my knees and pulled down and removed the remainder of her swimsuits. She grabbed the sides of my head and ran her fingers through my hair as I proceeded to give her inner thighs and vaginal opening gentle kisses. She said, “I’m really getting turned on by this!” I stood up kissing her again. I said to her, “It’s your turn.” She removed my shirt. She unbuttoned my shorts having them drop to the sand. Looking in my eyes, she untied the draw string to my swimsuit loosening the waistline. Her hands reached in and fondled my cock and balls. We kissed. She pulled down my swimsuit freeing my cock and balls. She got on her knees to completely remove my swimsuit around my legs. While on her knees, she returned the favor by gently kissing my inner thighs, my cock and balls. She got up from her knees and we kissed. After kissing, we gathered up our clothes, stuffed them into the backpack and started walking down the beach. It felt so natural walking on a beach and being totally naked. Neither she nor I felt nervous or uncomfortable. As we walked along the surf holding hands, we only came across one young couple who were in a secluded dune enclave sunbathing nude. They must have been there for a while judging by the tanned tone of their skin and glistening of suntan lotion on their bodies. As our walk continued, it was so invigorating walking the beach in the surf naked.

We reached the end of the beach where we found 2 lone sunbathing racks at the base of a large sand berm. It was a large open cove area with a calm rolling surf. I placed our backpack on the sand and walked up to retrieve the sunbathing racks. While I was doing this, she walked into the ocean and dove in swimming in the surf. She was in ecstasy skinny dipping and being naked on the beach. I got our racks set up for maximum exposure to the sun. I walked down into the surf and ocean and dove in swimming out to where she was. In reaching her, we groped our naked bodies, grabbing onto each other and laughing. As the surf pushed us in towards the shoreline, we reached an area where I could stand in chest high water. We embraced in a deep passionate kiss. We were both so excited in our erotic surroundings. I said to her, “This is making me so fucking horny.” She immediately replied, “Oh my God, me too.” While kissing, I reached underwater with one of my hands and inserted my middle finger into her pussy. She let out a whimper of pleasure. I worked my finger in and around her pussy as she kissed me hard and squirmed. As I massaged her climax point, her breathing was getting heavy. Her moans were getting louder. She reached down and was stroking my enlarging cock.

The surf forced us closer to the shoreline. As we both got out of the ocean and made our way up to our racks for sunbathing, being ahead of me, I came up from behind her wrapping my arms around her waist placing my chin on her shoulder. She stopped and tilted her head back resting it on my shoulder. Standing on the edge of the surf with our wet bodies pressed against one another and the sun beaming down on us, my hands glided down to her inner thighs, then sliding upward across her firm abdomen to where I caressed her breasts. I was so captivated in tantalizing her body with the light gentle strokes of my hands. She had reached around and was slowly stroking my long thick cock. For the both of us, this was such a turn on being out in the open naked and wet engaging in intimate and obsessive fondling of each other’s bodies for others to witness. Not knowing if anyone was watching, even from any distance on this beach, our open exhibitionism in foreplay was hopefully a revelation for others to become intimate with their significant other. I asked her, “Are you concerned others are watching us?” She smiled and said, “I really don’t care. I hope someone is watching. They’d just be jealous of our hot sex life.” Unfortunately, there was no one else around to watch our loving and compassionate admiration for each of our bodies.

Being caught up in our moment and the exotic environment, she had to raise our intimacy bar. She turned to me and we kissed. She placed her hands on my chest. Descending downward to her knees as her hands slid down my chest to my groin, she briefly glanced at my long hard cock. With one hand she gripped the hot shaft while her other hand cupped my balls. She inserted the head of my cock into her mouth and started to suck and lick. With small swirls of her tongue, she intensely  teased the head. My knees buckled as I grabbed her head and looked down to watch her erotically torment my cock. Her hands reached around and grabbed onto my buttocks and squeezed my ass cheeks. She was gliding her mouth and lips up and down my shaft giving me an explosive Caribbean blowjob. Because of the sound of the surf, ocean water flowing around my feet and her knees, the feel of wet sand and heat of the sun, she was fixated on complete sexual domination of our early afternoon encounter. She moved one of her hands down to her vaginal opening and started stimulating herself rubbing her aching clitoris. She tried several times to take the entire length of my rock-hard cock into her mouth and throat to no avail due to our positioning. I moved her head off my cock. She looked up at me and said, “Please, I want more! You don’t know how hot you make me!” I replied, “Oh, yes I do. You make me even hotter for you! I’ve really got to fuck you now!”

Still on her knees, she leaned back on arms and hands as the shallow surf rushed around her. Looking up at me, biting her bottom lip, she spread her hips wide open inviting my hard cock to penetrate her pussy. The lips to her clitoris were a deep pink color and wet. I dropped to my knees onto the wet sand and leaned into her pressing our bodies together. We kissed. She said, “Babe! Take me! Take me now!” Just as she laid on her back and wrapped her legs around my thighs, I easily inserted my throbbing cock into her moist hot pussy. She tensed up her leg muscles pushing me into her, so she would get the entire length and girth of my cock inside her pussy. We both let out an impassioned loud moan. Her blowjob made me so worked up and horny, I started thrusting in and out of her like an animal. With her hands clasped together around my neck, her breathing got heavier. In an afflicted voice while coldly staring at me, she said, “Fuck me harder! Make me cum!” The surf was rolling around our sides as I kept rapidly deep thrusting my cock inside of her. The sound of the ocean muffled our moans even though we had no concern who may be watching us. I leaned onto her body and we kissed as I continued my humping. Whimpering, she lightly bit my bottom lip. She then said, “You’re making me cum! Keep going! Don’t stop!” I replied back, “My God, you’re fantastic! I’m going to cum!” I let go a powerful infusion of cum deep inside her pussy as we both moaned in the thrill of making love on the beach. As the intensity level of our fulfilled sexual fantasy subsided to a compassionate embrace while one of her legs rubbed back and forth against my thigh, looking into my eyes, she said, “That’s the most powerful love making we’ve ever had. Wow! You were great!” I kissed her on the lips. I said to her, “You’re a dream love making machine! And I truly love you!” I then asked, “You think anyone seen or heard us?” She laughed and said, “Who cares? They’d only be jealous.”

We got up from the shoreline, grabbed each other’s hands and walked up to the sunbathing racks. In looking around the beach and shoreline area, there still was no one around. The sun was positioned just right for sunbathing. Standing face to face smiling at each other, we applied suntan lotion on each other’s bodies in seductively slow rubbing motions. She completely surrendered her body to me as I caressed her breasts and vaginal area with my lotion coated hands. I did the same as she stroked and fondled my balls and cock with her lotion lubricated hands. We climbed onto the racks laying under the sun while holding hands. While baking under the sunshine and being totally relaxed, we would both nod off to the sound of the ocean surf. Thirty minutes into our sunbathing, I awoke from a light sleep. She was laying on her back still in a light sleep from the blissfulness of our surroundings. Her dark skin tone was glistening with suntan lotion and perspiration. I pour more suntan lotion into my hands and gently rubbed the lotion onto her beautiful body. Slowly caressing her shoulders, my hands glided over her breasts working her nipples. She gave a soft hum of approval. I would then rub lotion on her abdomen and navel area tantalizing her waist area. She would spread her hips wide open exposing her inner thighs and vaginal area while having the bottom of her feet pressed together. As I rubbed the lotion on her inner thighs and around her pussy, with her eyes still closed, she gave me smile and a long moan and said, “You make me feel so hot and horny.” I would finish her off by coating her legs.

I laid back down to continue our sunbathing. Like her, I had a gleam of lotion and perspiration. With the warmth of the sun and the sound of the surf, I again dozed off into a light sleep. The tropical surroundings and sounds were hypnotic to the mind and soul. I sensed touch to my neck, shoulder and chest area. Slightly opening my eyes, she was standing over me, rubbing suntan lotion on my body. I said to her, “Hey, I love you.” I then gave her a smile and pleasurable sigh. Her oily hands worked their way down to my stomach and navel. She guided her hands to my inner thighs and then caressed my balls with one hand while the other hand slowly stroked my large limp cock. In losing track of time in our relaxation on the beach, her application of lotion onto my cock brought it back to an aroused state. Seeing what she was accomplishing, she continued to slowly stroke as she watched me become enlarged. She said, “I love watching you get large and hard. It’s so exciting.” Her open hand slowly slid back and forth on the entire length of my hard shaft. Seeing what she erotically achieved with just her touch, she delivered a teasing hint by climbing onto my rack having her straddling spread thighs across my groin and the opening of her pussy slowly sliding back and forth on my hard cock as she leaned over me with a seductive smile. She said, “You do realize we’re not leaving this beach until you make love to me again.” I replied, “Hey sweetie, I planned on it.” In the time that had passed, our nude sunbathing lasted a little over 2 hours resulting in the both of us having much darker tans with the absence of any tan lines.

I again awoke, rolled over and leaned myself forward. Looking over at her, she was also laying on her stomach. She was so content, I did not want to disturb her. I got off of the rack and walked down to the ocean. Scanning the length of the beach, at a very far distance, there was a scarce number of couples sunbathing nude. I figured there would be many more people taking advantage of this beach. Obviously, that wasn’t so. I walked into the ocean and dove in. It felt so energizing  and natural swimming nude in the Caribbean waters. Being in water over my head, I dove down to the bottom and slowly resurfaced. Looking back at the shoreline, she was diving into the ocean and swimming out towards me. When she reached me, she wrapped her arms around my neck and pressed her body against mine. Our bodies were sensually slimy from our perspiration and suntan oil from sunbathing. While I treaded water for the both of us, we kissed. We waded into shallower water with the help of the incoming surf. Just as I got to neck deep water and I was able to stand on the sand, she immediately wrapped her legs around my waist. Leaning back from me with her hands clasped around my neck, she kneaded her pussy against my stiffening cock. Looking at each other with a smile, she said, “Guess what I want to do?” I told her, “You have no idea how badly I want to make love to you.” As I got us to waist deep water, I reached down, grabbed the shaft of my cock, and entered the head of my cock into the opening of her pussy. Grabbing her ass, I then thrusted into her shoving the entire length of my cock deep inside her. She let out a loud, “Oh my God!”

Firmly gripping her ass and spreading my stance, I started thrusting in and out of her. She had an excited but stoic glare of rapture as my sliding cock inside of her was intensifying our sexual and physical stimulation. We both started breathing heavy. Gasping, I said to her, “Let me fuck you on the beach, O.K?” With a serious smile, she nodded her head in the affirmative. We let go of one another and I pulled my cock out of her. Holding hands, we ran up from the ocean getting just beyond the shoreline onto the beach. Where she was slightly ahead of me heading up to our sunbathing racks, I grabbed her waist from behind motioning her to her hands and knees. When  she went down, she leaned onto her spread arms at the same time she elevated her ass upward spreading her upper legs wide. From behind, I gripped her slippery hips, inserted my cock inside of her vaginal opening and thrusted deep into her pussy. She let out an anguished “Oh God!” I took long repeated thrusts in and out of her pussy as we both started to shake in our arousal. With the side of her face in the sand, she said to me, “Don’t you dare stop! Do me harder!” We both became entranced in being naked on a tropical beach by the ocean having inconceivable love making under the hot sun. Both of us were breathing heavy, shaking, moaning aloud and sweating profusely. I stopped pumping my cock inside of her and leaned my chest onto her back. In a rasped voice, she said, “You just gave me the best orgasm I’ve ever had.” I reached under her and caressed her breasts. I said, “We’re not finished yet.”

I rolled off her back laying on my back on the sandy beach having to take a break. Collapsing from being on her arms and knees after she excitedly accepted my hard manhood, she nuzzled up to me on my side. We now both looked like sugar coated cookies from the very fine sand sticking to our bodies because of our lotion and sweat. I could feel her gentle quivers from being impaled by my cock. She noticed I still had a huge full erection. She kissed me as I was gaining my composure. It felt so natural being naked laying on the sand. With her head on my chest, I ran my fingers through her hair and said, “God, I love you. You know, my mission is to keep you completely sexually satisfied.” With a light laugh, she said, “Oh, you’ve already done that mister.” Becoming spellbound from the sound of the surf, she moved her body down in between my legs. Looking up at me while grabbing my long shaft, she took my cock into her mouth. Her head slowly bobbed up and down trying to draw as much of my shaft into her mouth and throat. She would pause for a brief moment and taking her tongue, she started at the base of my cock and slowly licked upward stopping at the head. She swirled her tongue around my large head before gently nibbling. She smiled at me and asked, “Have you cum yet?” I replied in aroused anguish, “No I haven’t but if you keep that up, I will.” Hearing that, she continued sucking and slurping on my rock-hard cock. God, she loves giving me head. She bobbed her head up and down on my shaft as my climax was building rapidly. She again tried to take my entire cock into her mouth and throat to no avail because of the position of her head. I breathlessly told her, “Oh God babe, I’m going to cum!” Just to drive me even crazier, she pulled her mouth off my cock and pressed her thumb under the upper front bottom of my shaft just below the head. Looking at me, she gave this ill-behaved but inquisitive stare at me and my cock. I gave out a loud moan. She felt the pulsation of my orgasm on my shaft. That’s when she released her thumb. I spurted 3 large strands of cum out of me and onto the side of her face and on her shoulder.  In a look of delight, she seemed enthralled in watching my cock spurt cum. She proceeded to continue her sucking and licking.

Still laying on my back, partially covered in beach sand with my arms over my head, I said to her, “That was fantastic! Let’s do that again.” She stood up from where she was laying looking down on me. Her beautiful tanned body also partially covered with beach sand and my man juice, turned and entered the warm tropical waters of the ocean. I got up and followed her in. Rinsing our tanned bodies down, we embraced and kissed. Where we had spent a few hours on the beach working on our tans, we decided it was time to return to the resort for some cocktails and appetizers. We got out of the ocean and walked up to where we were sunbathing. To her surprise, I dropped onto and rolled in the fine white sand recoating myself. She gave me a puzzled looked and asked me, “We just washed the sand off of us. Why are you doing that? Laughing, I said to her, “Hey, if we go walking by any other couple on our way out, I want them to know I got laid on the beach while we were here.” She chuckled and did the same. We were now both covered in sand as we started to walk along the beach to where we had entered. We actually looked rather sexy with the white sand against our tanned bodies. As we walked by the young couple who were still in the secluded dune enclave sunbathing, apparently they too got caught up with the aura of being on a nude beach. They were in a 69 position where she was on top and feasting on his cock while her hips were spread open over his face. They didn’t even pause as we walked by. Looking at each other as we walked by, we wondered if we inspired them by either seeing or hearing our sexual romps in the sand. We grinned at one another as we continued to walk. We passed by 2 other sunbathing couples before reaching the base of the footpath leaving the beach. I placed our backpack on the sand. We entered the ocean holding hands to rinse off the sand before changing into our clothes. As we were walking out of the ocean and got to thigh high water, she stopped us, turned to me and we kissed. With my hands clasped around her neck, she leaned away from me creating a space between us and reached down to fondle and stroke my cock and balls. Although I was not capable of becoming fully erect, the stimulation of her fondling and stroking was arousing enough to cause me to become enlarged in size. She was doing this to give the 2 other couples who were at a modest distance from us a show of our sexual liveliness. We eventually got onto the beach, toweled off, got dressed and headed back to the resort.

Arriving back to the resort, we immediately went to the bar to order some margaritas and appetizers. Our fun in the sun made us hungry. As we sat at our table enjoying our drinks under the hot sun and talking about our visit to Eden Beach. She leaned forward and expressed to me how erotic and exciting it was not only sunbathing and swimming nude but also making love on the beach. She asked me if we would be able to do that again before our stay ended. I told her absolutely. As we talked and laughed, Tori came into the bar area and saw us at the table. When she walked over to us, she stated, “Wow! You two got some real serious sun today. You both are dark as hell. You guys look great.” We invited Tori to join us and I asked her if she wanted a drink. Laughing, she said, “Now that’s a foolish question. Of course I’d love one.” Again, Tori was dressed in a very provocative bikini and long sheer tan tunic. She too had a body and slender figure that was very enticing to any man’s eye. As she sat at our table, I went up and got another round of drinks. Tori asked her where we had been all day. She told Tori we went to Eden Beach. Tori inquired about Eden Beach and where it was located. She told her it was a short hike from the resort but well worth the trip. She then added it was a completely a nude beach. No clothing allowed. Tori in disbelief said to her, “You guys went to a nude beach?” She replied with a laugh, “Yep! And we sunbathed and swam in the nude. It was fantastic!” Tori still did not believe her. She stood up from her chair and pulled aside her shorts and swimsuit. She said to Tori, “See, no tan lines. We baked in the sun without wearing our swimsuits.” I arrived back to our table with our drinks. Tori immediately said to me, “Did you guys really go to a nude beach?” Without hesitation, I told her we did, and it was great time. In convincing her, I too, pulled aside my shorts and swimsuit to show her the absence of any tan lines on me. Tori asked about the beach and if there were a lot of people there. We told her the beach was long, secluded and beautiful with very few people sunbathing nude to our surprise. Of course, we didn’t disclose our extra-curricular beach and surf activities. Tori told us her fiancé would never do anything like that, but she found the beach and opportunity to sunbath nude to be very tempting. Tori commented on how open and free our relationship was and how much we shared in common including our desires. We explained to her about living in previous empty and dismal relationships. We were making up for lost time and romantic lust. She asked if we were to go there again before her fiancé arrived at the resort, she would love to go. Looking at each other with a smile, we told her we planned on going there again before our vacation ended.


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