Table for Four - Another Hot Wife Tale

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17 Jan. '19

Table for Four

The kids were staying at Rachel’s Mum’s for the weekend, so I’d booked a table at the new Gallery restaurant not far from their home. We turned up early, both excited about what the evening had in store for us. This was to be the night when both Chris and Emma joined us for the first time.

Rachel had told her old school friend Emma about her rediscovered sex drive since we had invited Chris into our sex lives. Emma, being recently divorced and horny by nature had been intrigued. She had already enjoyed a threesome with us, which she said had been the best sex she’d ever experienced and as a ‘reward’, we had promised to introduce Chris to Emma. Tonight was the night.

The waiter showed us to our table for four and returned a few minutes later with our aperitifs. Rachel was fidgeting a bit and I couldn’t resist teasing her.

“I think you’re a little bit excited about this evening, Misses! You’re fidgeting like you’ve got ants in your pants!”

Rachel tilted her head as she looked at me, smirked then replied “What pants? I’m not wearing anything under this skirt!”

I raised my eyebrows and said “Really? You’re such a slut these days. And you know what? I love it! You’d better not get too excited though,” I continued. “You don’t want to leave a damp patch on these lovely new chairs!”

Rachel threw a breadstick at me and I caught it, snapped it in half and started to eat it.

“You think they’ll get on with each other? Rachel asked. She knew the answer but she just wanted my reassurance.

“Are you kidding me? I asked. “I reckon once they get going, we won’t get a look in!”

Rachel laughed. “Well, that’s definitely not going to happen, I’ll make damn sure of that!”

I raised my glass in agreement as the door opened and Chris entered the restaurant. He scanned the room and saw Rachel waving and quickly joined us. We kissed our hellos and the waiter magically appeared to take Chris’s drink order.

He lifted up my empty glass and said “Same again for these guys and one for me too, please.”

I could tell Chris was nervous because he was over compensating, trying to look cool. Rachel kicked me gently under the table, looked up at Chris and said “Did you bring the extra condoms like Steve asked?” Chris spluttered a bit and said “Fuck sake Rach, you don’t piss about, do you?” We were laughing as Emma entered the restaurant. Chris and I both stood up and I motioned her to our table. She looked absolutely stunning in a tight-fitting red dress and black stockings. Every guy in the restaurant tuned to watch her as she slinked over to us and I’m pretty sure the clunking sound I heard was Chris’s jaw hitting the floor, like a Tom & Jerry cartoon. If he was nervous before, he could barely speak now.

More kissed hellos and the ‘formal’ introductions followed. Emma, being the naughty, horny slut she is, kissed Chris a little longer than would perhaps normally be appropriate. He didn’t object. “Ooh, you said he was gorgeous and you’re right!” she purred. Chris puffed up his chest and Rach looked at him. “Well?” she said, fishing for his opinion. “Meh, not bad, I guess,” he smirked. Rachel hurled another of her breadstick javelins at him and Emma smiled, knowingly. Knowing she looked fucking amazing and that few men could resist her. She oozed self-confidence and that was part of her allure. We relaxed and chatted about all sorts of things and it was a very enjoyable meal. We settled the bill and called a cab to take us the short distance back to our place. Rachel was already getting horny, flirting hard with Chris and trying to touch me up in the back of the taxi. When we finally got to our house, we were like four kids on their way to a birthday party.

I went in to the kitchen to get some drinks and when I returned to the main room, Rachel and Emma were kissing each other passionately. Chris was watching and rubbing his groin through his trousers. “Are you going to put on a show for us?” I asked, hopefully. No reply came, but Rach and Emms kept kissing and slowly, their clothes started to come off. Emma was struggling to remove her dress, so she stood up, turned her back to Rachel and said “Unzip me, Hun?” Rach tugged at her zip and as it opened, her dress fell to the floor revealing Emma in all her naked glory. No underwear at all and both Chris and I whistled. Rach quickly lost the remainder of her clothes and they stood in front of us, totally naked, kissing and exploring each other’s bodies. This was hotter than any strip joint I’d ever visited and as I was taking in the wonderful sight of them, Chris had started to strip as well. I did the same until we were both sat there in just our boxer shorts.

Rachel looked over to us and giggled. “Look, Emms!”

Emma looked in our direction and said “Well? We’d like a show too please!”

Chris looked at me, I looked at him and I said “Fuck it!” I stood up, dropped my boxers and my hard cock sprung out. Chris slipped his shorts down too, stood beside me and we both jerked ourselves as we watched the girls get ever more intimate. It was an incredibly erotic sight and a great warm up for the main event. I knew Rachel loved watching Chris and I jerk. After all, wasn't it seeing Chris jerk off that had reignited her libido in the first place? When Rachel got on her knees and stuck her sexy bum in the air, Emma crawled up behind her and started to kiss and lick her ass and pussy, making Rachel moan. Chris’s hand moved over to me and he grabbed my cock and I reached over and grabbed his so we were stroking each other. It felt good. Pretty soon, the girls moved into a 69 position with Rachel on top. Emma was right in front of Chris and me with her legs spread-eagled. Rachel had one finger in her ass hole and was licking and sucking her clit, making Emma writhe with pleasure. She looked fantastic.

Chris then decided to drop to his knees and he took my cock into his mouth. He sucked me slowly to start, using his hands on my ass and my balls. Let me tell you, the sight of two beautiful girls licking each other and the feeling of Chris’s warm mouth wrapped around my throbbing dick would be too much for any man. I was no exception and I warned Chris I was about to blow. He patted my ass but kept sucking. Emma looked around Rachel’s body so she could see us and Rach looked up too. She crawled off Emma and motioned for her to follow her. Within a few seconds, I had three mouths giving my cock and balls attention and I couldn’t hold back any longer. I felt a finger slip into my anus, I have no idea whose it was, and that did it. I exploded and long streams of cum shot out of the tip of my cock, firstly in to Chris’s mouth, then Rachel’s and finally covering Emma’s face. I have never cum so hard or produced so much semen and my cock twitched and spasmed for ages after there was nothing left to come out. The three of them kissed each other and played with my cum with their mouths and tongues and I dropped to my knees to share it, first kissing Emma, then Rachel.

That was me out of the game for a while, so I sat back on the carpet wondering what would happen next. “I was just about to cum!” complained Emma, so Rachel laid on her back and got Emma to climb on top of her so they were 69ing again. Chris figured he’d help out and knelt behind Emma, rolled a condom on to his stiff cock and got himself into position, being careful not to hit Rachel’s head with his knees. He’s not as gentle as me and grabbed Emma’s hips as he thrust deep into her in one hard push. She let out an almighty moan and started to pant like a dog as he fucked her hard and fast. Rachel was still licking her clit as well as Chris’s shaft as it thrust in and out and I could see Emma starting to cum. Her eyes rolled back and she kind of held her breath for a second before bellowing “Ohhhhhhh! Fuuuuuck!” at the top of her voice. Chris never paused, but kept fucking her as she convulsed. Rachel pulled Emma’s face back down to her crotch and even as she was still shaking from her own orgasm, she buried her face into my beautiful wife’s pussy. Chris eventually pulled out and ripped the condom off his cock. He manoeuvred himself so he could slip it into Rachel’s mouth and she sucked hungrily at it, squeezing and stroking his ass cheeks as she did so. Picture the scene. Rachel on her back, Emma on top of her, slurping at her pussy and Chris kneeling by her face, fucking her mouth. Is it any wonder my cock was already hard again?

Before I had a chance to join back in with the fun, Rachel moaned loudly. “Mmm, don’t stop, baby, I’m cumming!” Emma very naughtily lifted Rachel’s legs up by the knees and bent them right back so her ass and pussy were perfectly exposed then plunged her tongue into her soaking snatch, pushing Rachel over the edge. At the other end, Chris was stroking hard, waiting for Rachel to cum before releasing his own. When Rach shouted “Shit. Oh my God!” and came hard, Chris finished himself over her mouth and face. God, I wish I’d filmed them! Like me, he came hard and his cum never seemed to stop oozing from his cock. Emma climbed off Rach and spun around so she could clean Chris’s cock up and kiss Rachel at the same time. His cum was everywhere and I was so glad we’d put some towels down before we’d got too carried away. Emma looked up at me while I was stroking my cock back to life. “Steve,” she said, “If you’re not the luckiest guy in the world to have Rach as your wife and Chris as your friend, then I don’t know who is!” I replied, “Yes, I think I am, and don’t forget that my sexy wife has the hottest friend in the world too!”

I decided to let the three of them catch their breath before initiating anything else. We all grabbed some chilled water bottles and had a little breather, then Emma came over to sit on my lap. My cock was hard again and she was never one to waste an opportunity. She turned to face me and straddled me, impaling herself on my cock. Rachel and Chris looked on as she bounced up and down on me, kissing me passionately. My hands were supporting her bum cheeks and she really went for it, grinding down onto me, taking my cock into her as deep as it would go. “Mmm, I love a good hard fuck after cumming,” she said. She arched her back and I ran my hands up and down her body, feeling her full breasts and her bullet-hard nipples with the palms of my hand. She has very sensitive nipples and she squealed with delight as I stimulated them with my hands. When she leaned forward again, I took first one nipple, then the other into my mouth and sucked quite hard. I wasn’t expecting her to lift herself off me a little, spit into her hand, rub it into her anus and whisper in my ear “Now fuck my ass!”

My cock was as stiff as a policeman’s truncheon, more than ready to feel her tight ass slide onto it. It took a bit of manoeuvring, then I felt her lower her hips down and my cock head was pushing against her sphincter. After a few seconds, it relaxed and gobbled my knob into her and we both let out a moan. Emma slid herself down onto my hard cock slowly to start, then up and down with smooth, firm thrusts. If you haven’t experienced this feeling, I urge you to try it. If you can find a girl as beautiful as Emma to try it with, good luck lasting more than a few thrusts! Fortunately, having cum not that long ago, I was able to last and really enjoy it. Emma was breathing hard and groaning loudly each time my cock slid deep into her tight hole. I knew she’d have no trouble cumming again soon, and no doubt several more times as the evening progressed!

I continued to fondle her breasts and tweak her nipples quite sharply, which Emma loved. She was frigging herself hard now and the volume level of her moans had risen considerably as she neared her orgasm. I knew it was going to be a big one, but fuck me, I wasn’t prepared for what happened! She arched her back again and I dropped my hands to her thighs. She rubbed her clit hard and fast then paused and shrieked as she came. A huge squirting orgasm overtook her body and soaked my belly. Cum gushed from her pussy like I’d never experienced and she gasped “Oh my God, oh my God!” over and over, still sliding up and down my cock all the time. She must have let out four or five gushes of cum and both Chris and Rachel were open-mouthed in astonishment. Emma was shuddering and her body went stiff and she looked like she was suffocating, her arms reaching for something that wasn’t there. She slowly came down from her tremendous orgasm and her body was still shaking as she eased herself off me, collapsing into my arms. She was actually sobbing uncontrollably so I instinctively held her tight, whispering calming words in her ear. Emma’s arms were around my neck and her head on my shoulder as tears rolled down her cheeks. I think she’d just had the orgasm of her life, both Chris and Rachel looked concerned for her. Rach went and got a fresh bottle of water for Emma and Chris helpfully passed me a towel. What about me? I thought. I nearly fucking drowned! As if she’d read my mind, Emma started laughing as she sobbed.

“Oh my fucking God, Steve. I’m so sorry! I’ve never squirted before in my life, I don’t know where that came from!” she half spoke, half sobbed. I stroked her cheek to reassure her it was OK, but I figured there’d be some pretty great teasing in her future! She eventually climbed off my lap and I looked like someone had thrown a bucket of water over me. Chris laughed, the little sod, and Rachel said “Fuck, Emms, what have you done to my old man?” Emma rolled on to the floor and started to thump her hand down on to the carpet repeatedly. The other three of us were laughing and Emma was shaking her head. “I can’t even…” she stuttered, unable to finish her sentence. Rachel handed her the water and she guzzled it down thirstily, draining the bottle.

Wow! That was really something. Rachel sat next to me, mopping me gently and whispered “If you don’t make me cum like that next time we fuck, I’m divorcing you!” I smiled and said “I’ll do my best, Honey.” Emma was wandering around the room aimlessly, still trying to figure out what day it was. She looked like she’d come out of a coma after four weeks, scratching her head and holding her pussy, which was still throbbing. She was shaking her head and still breathing hard, then plonked herself next to Chris on the sofa. She put her head on his shoulder and he cuddled her like he’d known her for years rather than just a few hours.

Both Rachel and Chris had been mesmerised by what Emma and I had been doing. I was fully expecting them to start fucking once Chris had got hard again, but they hadn’t. They were enjoying the show we were putting on too much and I can’t blame them. Chris muttered something about me definitely being the luckiest guy in the world, then stood up. Emma had recovered her composure and was drinking some more water. “Rach,” Chris said. “I can’t guarantee an orgasm like that, but come here, Doll, and let’s see what we can do!” Rach kissed me, then went over to the chair Chris was sat in. She copied what Emma and I had done and after rolling a condom onto his dick, she straddled him. Her pussy was soaking wet and she slid down on to his rampant cock easily, letting out a satisfied moan as she did so. They got into a nice rhythm and this time it was Emma and I watching, sat side by side, mesmerised by their fucking. Emma held my hand, squeezing it tightly. She leaned into me and said “You know, Steve, that really was the fuck of my life. I don’t know if I could ever top that, so thank you.” And she kissed my cheek. What a nice thing to say. I kissed her on the lips and said “But how do I help Rachel match it. I know it’s not a contest, but I want her to have the best night of her life too!”

Emma scratched her head then I saw a lightbulb go on above her. She grinned and pulled me closer and whispered something in my ear. I thought about what she said for a second, then nodded. “Let me help you get hard again first,” she offered, helpfully. I grabbed the lube bottle and poured a generous amount into her hands. She started giving me a slippery handjob and it had the desired effect, getting me rock hard again in no time. “Go on then,” she dared me. I was a little unsure if Rach would be up for this, but I just had to try it. She was still bouncing up and down on Chris’s cock. I’m sure she’d already cum once doing this. Sometimes, she doesn’t cry out or moan, but closes her eyes and bites her lip when she cums. She had done this a few minutes ago but kept on fucking. Bear in mind her position, straddling Chris who was sat on an easy chair. It meant her ass was sticking out towards me.

I walked up behind Rach and quietly motioned to Chris to slow down. He grinned, knowing what I had in mind. I bent down and kissed Rachel’s neck and stroked her face. She purred her approval and stopped bobbing up and down as she turned her head to kiss me properly. I dropped down on to one knee and moved my head down to her ass and kissed it. Then, I licked all around her anus and pushed my tongue into it, making her squirm. “Oh, that’s amazing,” she breathed. Making sure her asshole was wet with spit and some of the lube that Emma had been using on me, I held the head of my cock up to her puckered little hole and pushed firmly. The position she was sat in was perfect and my knob disappeared into her bum hole without much resistance. “Oh my fucking God, no! You dirty sod, oh my God!” shouted Rachel. Did she really mean no? I held my cock where it was with just the head inside her. If she didn’t want to do this, I would pull out immediately. “No?” I asked.  Rachel turned her head and pursed her lips. I kissed her passionately and she said simply “Yes.” I moved my weight back on to my knee and pushed my cock into Rachel’s ass with a firm thrust. She nearly hit the ceiling as she yelped loudly, her hands on Chris’s shoulders, my hands gripping her hips. “Oh FUCK!” she erupted. “That feels fucking awesome!”

We’d watched a video of two guys double penetrating a girl before we’d even met Chris. I think it scared Rachel a bit but I’d been dying to try it and it felt as good as I had hoped it would. Now we’d been so sexually active again these last few months, I figured it was the right time. I was gentle as I knew she was hyper sensitive down there but I also knew she loved me ass-fucking her. Now she had Chris’s cock in her pussy and mine up her bum, she was almost fainting with pleasure.

“Rachel, you lucky cow, that looks fantastic!” chirped Emma. Rachel could barely speak so she just nodded. Emma crawled over to us and started to stroke and smack my ass as I thrust in to Rachel. She reached between my legs and started to fondle my testicles and even inserted a finger in to my bum. It felt so good and I could feel Chris’s cock inside Rachel’s pussy with each thrust. This was a whole new sensation for me and with Emma’s assistance, my orgasm wasn’t far away. Chris couldn’t be too far away either. He had, after all, had the beautiful Rachel bouncing up and down and cumming on his cock. Now he could feel my cock from inside her pussy as well and he could see Emma playing with me, so I wasn’t surprised when he let out a huge groan of satisfaction as he filled the condom inside my wife’s tight cunt. I could actually feel his cock pulsate as he came and it was all too much for me. I looked at Emma with wide eyes and she knew what was going to happen. She kissed me full on the lips, forcing her tongue into my mouth and I came hard, filling my wife’s tight little hole with my cum. Thrust after thrust, spurt after spurt, it was so intense, I nearly fell over. If it hadn’t been for Emma’s arms around my shoulders, I probably would have. But I didn’t really have time to think about this. As my cock was still throbbing and sliding sloppily in and out of Rachel’s ass, she let out a primal scream, lifted herself off Chris’s softening cock and came hard. She frigged herself as she came and my cock slipped out of her bum, followed by a torrent of sticky white cum. Rachel’s orgasm seemed to last for ages and she kept frigging herself until she let out another scream. This time, she squirted. A fine stream of cum shot out of her and landed on Chris’s chest and it was followed by another two squirts. Cum dripped from her fingers and Chris was laughing as his belly and cock were soaked by my amazing wife’s intense orgasm. Rachel’s legs were shaking so much, I held her and helped her off the chair. Chris looked such a sight, slumped in the chair, soaking wet with Rachel’s pussy juice, cum-filled condom hanging from his shrivelled cock. I made a mental note to rib him about this later, but right now, Rachel needed me. I thought, for a moment, she’d need CPR! She was panting and gasping, unable to catch her breath. I lay her on her side with her knees up. Emma didn’t really help by reaching her head down and licking my cum from Rachel’s butt hole! That girl is so fucking dirty but I love her nearly as much as I love Rach!

Rachel was still breathing hard, it was taking her some time to recover from her orgasm. I lay next to her on the carpet and stroked her hair and her cheek, telling her how beautiful she is and how I hope that was good enough to avoid divorce proceedings! She managed a laugh, but she was also sobbing like Emma had earlier. She also managed to punch me in the arm. I say punch, it was more of a pathetic prod really, the poor girl had no energy left at all.

Emma finally pulled away from Rachel’s tired ass and with my cum all over her lips, moved around to Chris and planted a big cummy kiss on his lips. “That’s for helping my bestie have the cum of her life!” she said and Chris beamed. Then she came round and kissed me. “That’s for being you,” she said. Aww, I really do love this girl. Rachel was whimpering quietly as I cuddled her and eventually she raised her head. Her eye makeup had run down her cheeks and her hair was ruffled and I thought she had never looked more beautiful! “I love you, Baby,” was all she could say. I said the same to her and Emma pretended to throw up. I helped Rachel to her feet and we decided we needed a break from all this amazing sex. Chris piped up “I’m fucking hungry again. It’s like Christmas day, I need sandwiches, now!” and off he toddled into the kitchen, hitching his boxers up as he went, helping himself to whatever he could find in the fridge. Emma shook her head at me and raised her eyebrows. She asked if she could borrow a robe. I told her there was one on the back of the bathroom door. I shouted to Chris, “Hey Buddy, wash your hands then make enough sandwiches for all of us.” I saw him nod. I got some cold bottles of beer from the fridge and Emma came back from the bathroom, looking refreshed. Rachel had just about stopped shaking but her eyes still looked glassy, like she was in shock, which she kinda was!

Chris proved himself to be quite the sandwich gourmet and shouted for us to “Come and get it!” The three of us trooped into the kitchen and sat at the big wooden table. We munched sandwiches and drank beer and teased each other mercilessly about what we’d all just got up to.

Laughing out loud, Chris spluttered “Steve’s face when Emma soaked him and when she got off him, he looked like a rabbit caught in the headlights! That was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen!” We all laughed and I retaliated. “Yeah, you looked the same when Rachel gave you a cum shower and with a full condom dangling off your teeny knob, it looked hilarious!” More laughter until Chris said, “Hang on a minute. What do you mean ‘teeny knob’?” Rachel rose to his defence, saying “Um, not that teeny, Steve, believe me!” Emma sided with me – “yes, cos Steve’s big one was up your bum at the same time, my finger would have felt big!” It was all good natured fun. We all knew Chris’s dick was as big as mine, if not a little thicker, but it was fun teasing him.

Rach then turned on Emma, “Steve fucked Emma so hard she didn’t know what day of the week it was!” Emma nodded then added “at least I didn’t need oxygen after my orgasm!” Chris added “No, just a gallon of water to rehydrate yourself!” We all laughed so loud, we didn’t notice it was after midnight. There we all were, trading mock insults, eating and drinking and having the best night ever. I suspected the night wasn’t going to end yet. None of us had work in the morning and the kids were spending the whole day with their Grandma. No need for an early night and if we couldn’t manage any more sex, there was always the morning. But nobody seemed tired. The food and beer had given us all an energy boost – much-needed in Rachel’s case! Emma thanked Chris for the sandwiches in the best possible way with a big kiss and a grope of his cock through his boxers.

“Jesus!” said Rachel. “That girl is insatiable!” Chris agreed. “Yeah, I only bought a box of 12 condoms Emma!” She looked down her nose at him. “Then you’ll have to fuck me bareback like Steve does!” That shut him up.

The four of us wandered back in to the main room and Emma let her robe loosen until it was wide open. Rach had put on my shirt to eat and now she let it slide off her shoulders and she was completely naked again. Chris and I had bulging boxer shorts, which we both took off. Emma, of course, was the first to get raunchy. I was kissing Rach and spluttered as Emma asked “Has Steve ever fucked Chris? I’d like to see that!” Rach smiled and Chris nodded, “Yes, he has but he hasn’t let me fuck him yet!” “No way!” blurted Emma. “Well, Stevie-boy, tonight’s gonna be the night you get your cherry popped!” Oh shit, what have I let myself in for, I wondered. I couldn’t really object as all three of them had been bum-fucked and I was the only anal ‘virgin’. “If the mood is right, I won’t object,” I said and Rachel looked at me as if she didn’t believe what she was hearing. “Then we’d better get the mood right!” she said. She then dropped to her knees and took my stiffening cock into her mouth. Emma did the same with Chris, they obviously wanted us both ready for action straight away.

Rach pulled away from me and crawled over to Emma and Chris, pulling me along with her by my cock. She then helped Emma suck Chris’s dick and the look of pleasure on his face was worth a thousand words. Being a woman and able to multi-task, Rach jerked me as she licked all around Chris’s cock and kissed Emma. It was highly erotic, especially when they took it in turns to go deep on his cock, one thrust into Emma’s mouth then one into Rachel’s, repeated over and over. “Damn, you two are so fucking awesome!” Chris gasped. I couldn’t resist dropping my head down and joining the two mouths and tongues slavering over Chris’s knob. “Shit, don’t make me cum again just yet,” he pleaded so we eased off and Emma told him to get on his knees. She found a condom and threw it to me, then bent forward and started to rim Chris. She was getting his ass ready for my cock and Rachel went and found the lube. She squeezed some on to her finger and replaced Emma’s darting tongue, pushing that finger deep into Chris’s bum, making him squirm. I had rolled the condom on, so Rach grabbed my cock, pulled me down on to my knees and applied a bit more lube to my cock head. “I’ve never seen two men fuck before,” said Emma, “this is gonna be good!” Rachel added “Oh yeah, it really turns me on watching Steve fuck Chris.”

Chris bent right forward so his ass was sticking out nicely. I got in position and held my knob against his ass hole and pushed into him. “Fuck, yeah!” came his response. Emma was sitting to our side, intently watching my cock moving in and out of Chris’s anus. She looked fascinated. Rach lay down beside us and reached around to gently jerk Chris’s cock as I fucked him. It was another highly erotic scene, especially when Emma started to finger herself. We fucked like this for about five minutes then Rach said “How about you change positions?” I thought she meant maybe Chris should sit on me. What she actually meant was “swap” positions. Chris eagerly agreed and Emma yelped. “Oh yes, great idea!” “Don’t worry, Buddy, you’re gonna love this!” Chris said, encouragingly. Rachel kissed me as we got into position. This time it was my face down and ass up. I could feel a finger lubeing up my ass. I looked over my shoulder to see it was Emma. She took great care to lube me thoroughly and was inserting her fingers carefully, stretching my virgin bum hole ready for Chris hard cock. I was shaking a bit with nervous anticipation and I felt Chris’s body move behind me….

“Last hole standing!” shouted Chris and pushed the head of his cock against my anus. It felt pleasurable. I had, after all, been rimmed and fingered before. I tried to relax my muscles and I could feel my cock throbbing hard. Chris thrust a little harder and I could feel my anus accept his cock. A moment’s pain and the feeling of needing to go to the toilet soon passed and he pushed in to me further and further. The feeling was one of complete fullness, that’s the only way I can describe it. It was intensely stimulating and his cock felt enormous as he plunged it into me. He must have read my mind as he chuckled “Not so teeny, eh Steve?” I looked over my shoulder and said “Shut up and fuck me!” and the girls both shrieked with laughter.

Rachel, being the loving wife she is, knelt beside me and stroked my face. “Is it OK, Honey?” she asked. I managed to gasp “No, it’s not OK, it’s fucking awesome!” and she smiled and kissed me. Emma, meanwhile, decided to squeeze her head beneath my tummy so she could reach my cock. She took me in to her mouth and let me fuck her face at the same rhythm that Chris was fucking me. I was so overcome with the feeling of being fucked for the first time, I came within a minute of my cock sliding deep into Emma’s hot mouth. It was such an intense orgasm with my prostate being massaged by Chris's big cock sliding in and out of me. I thought my eyes were going to roll out of my head and my orgasm caught Emms by surprise. As I came, she gripped my shaft and sucked, letting me fill her mouth. She swallowed my whole load and licked her lips as she came up for air. Then she kissed Chris and he said “Oh, fuck!” again and he came, filling the condom with his cock buried deep in my ass. It was an amazing sensation, my tight ass wrapped around his pulsating cock. He must have cum really hard because I could feel it twitching for some time before he eased it out of me. We were very aware of good hygiene when fucking anally. I might not have mentioned it earlier, but after each time we had butt-fucked the girls, we had been careful to use sterile wipes and cleaned ourselves thoroughly. This wasn’t a porno, although it felt like it, so we were mindful of doing the right thing.

I was feeling very weak at the knees when Chris pulled away from me, so I turned over and sat leaning against the chair, with my knees bent. “How was it, Buddy?” asked Chris. I shook my head and replied “I never thought I’d do that, but I have to admit, you were right, I loved it!” He grinned broadly and high-fived me. He shuffled up next to me, cleaning his cock and carefully wrapping the condom in a tissue. He let out a big sigh and said “Well, I loved it too. This has been the best night of my fucking life!” I was completely wasted now and doubted if I could go again tonight. It was nearly 1am by this time and I could tell Chris felt the same. Rach and Emms hadn’t quite finished though and were kissing and groping each other’s tits. Emma whispered something into Rachel’s ear and she nodded.

They turned and walked over to us until Rachel’s pussy was right in front of my face and Emma’s was right in front of Chris’s. “One more baby, pleeeease” begged Rachel. Emma was more succinct. She looked down at Chris and barked “Tongue. Out. Now!” She squatted a tiny bit so he could reach her clit and Rach did the same for me. We both went to work, licking and sucking all around their pretty pink pussies and all the time the girls were making out and groping each other. I reached behind Rachel’s perfect butt cheeks and grabbed one with each hand, pulling her pussy to my mouth. Emma had raised one leg and rested it on the arm of the chair and Chris was getting his tongue really deep into her. It turned into a bit of a race, to see which one of us could make the pussy that we were licking cum first, maybe even squirt again. Chris won, or at least, Emma did. She gripped the back of Chris’s head and let out an animalistic moan along with some choice words as she came hard. She did squirt a little, but nothing compared to when I had ass-fucked her earlier. Her moaning spurred Rachel on and she too held the back of my head as she came. I spanked her hard just as she started to convulse and she yelped as she squirted again. I kept licking her furiously and spanking her bare ass and she moaned and wriggled for what seemed like ages. My face was dripping with her juice when she turned and fell on to the chair behind me.

I turned around and joined her on the chair, kissing her deeply. Emma flopped down next to Chris and asked if he’d marry her. “You wanna marry me or my tongue?” he asked, mischievously. Emma laughed and said “Neither really, but you’re fucking lovely and I’m so glad we all met tonight.” Chris, momentarily serious for once, said “Same goes for me Emma. Best night of my life by a country mile.”

I laughed and both Emma and Chris looked at me. “Rachel asked me earlier if I thought you two would get on!” I blurted and Rachel punched my arm. “I guess you got your answer, Honey!”

Emma then looked a bit serious. “I didn’t tell you earlier, but I got my test results back yesterday,” she said, ominously. “Oh,” said Rachel, “what tests?” Chris looked nervous and I waited curiously for her to explain. “You know,” she continued. “Those metrics tests for that job I’m after.” She had been deliberately teasing us and we all let out a collective sigh of relief. “Wait a minute,” said Rach. “Does that mean you’re moving back down here?” Emma giggled. “If I wasn’t intending to before tonight, I bloody well am now!” she said and looked directly at Chris. “Fucking awesome!” came his reply.

 We all laughed and as we were climbing the stairs to go to bed I said “Hey, I’ve got a good idea. When you come back to stay, we should all go out and celebrate. Don’t worry, I’ll book the table in the same restaurant. A table for four…."


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