Park Life

Park Life

New Year, New Me. Isn’t that how the saying goes? Well, I’ve never been one for New Year’s resolutions. I’ve already given up practically everything that was fun, in other words, everything that’s bad for me!  Who was it that said “Anything that’s any fun is either illegal, immoral or fattening”? Whoever it was, he or she was right. Fortunately, I don’t worry too much about immorality!

Nevertheless, I’m conscious that my last big birthday started with the number four, and that was two years ago. As I intend to live until I’m ninety, I’m not quite middle aged yet. Yes, I know that’s not what it means, but humour me, please! Suffice to say, I felt I needed to increase my exercise and being too mean to join the local home of perfect bodies, aka the Gym, I figured running might be the solution. I’m currently single, so re-entering the dating world after a ten year relationship, I wanted to get into some kind of shape. I’m not fat or anything, but the pounds gained over Christmas tend to fall off more slowly than they used to, if they fall off at all, that is!

We’ve been blessed with a mild winter so far and I read in the local paper about Park Run, a sort of loose social running club open to everyone. I decided to put my best sports gear on - a scruffy old t-shirt and squash shorts - and give it a go. The morning I chose, last Sunday, was one of the rare chilly mornings this year but as I figured I’d be working up a sweat, that wasn’t a problem. I had no idea who to expect running that morning, so I didn’t go with any optimism of meeting any eligible single females. I was hoping there might be some fit girls to watch and maybe run with, but then, I always hope there will be hot girls wherever I go!

I got to the assembly point just before nine on Sunday morning. I was pleased to see there was already a group of about thirty people warming up. There were all sorts there, from toddlers to seniors and every age in between. I didn’t feel out of place and it wasn’t a race, so there was no pressure. It should just be a pleasurable jog and a chance to meet some new people. We started running pretty much bang on nine by my watch and I stayed with the main group. We were doing circuits of the large park on the outskirts of town. It’s a lovely park, with a huge boating lake in the centre and beautiful mature trees. I used to play in the park playground as a kid and it was one of the first places I visited when I returned to live here after nearly twenty years living in the town where I went to university. I would estimate a lap of the park is about a mile and a half, so I was only expecting to do two, maybe three laps on my first week. If I enjoyed the run, I’d build up my stamina and strength over the coming weeks.

I fell into stride alongside a nice looking woman who introduced herself as Kim. “I come to get a morning off from the kids!” she admitted. She looked very fit in her lycra outfit and when she picked up the pace and ran ahead of me, I enjoyed the view from behind her. I wasn’t on my own for long before a man’s voice chirped “Haven’t seen you before. Hi, my name is Mark.” “Steve,” I said. “No, Mark, he replied, sarcastically, then laughed at his own joke. I laughed too, more out of politeness, but he seemed like a nice guy, so we ran together for a while chatting. “Who have you got your eye on?” he asked. I gave him my best puzzled look and he said “Oh come on, a fit guy like you doing the Park Run. I reckon you’re on the prowl!” I tried to deny it but he wouldn’t believe me. “Have you seen Kim yet?” he asked and blew out a whistle. “Now, if she leaves her old man, I’ll be at the front of the queue!” I smiled and said “Yes, I’ve met Kim and you’re right, she’s very nice. If she does leave her ‘old man’, you may have to fight me for her!” We carried on with more laddish banter until Mark decided he’d had enough for the day. He left with a cheery “See you next week?” and I gave him the thumbs up.

I kept running, acknowledging other runners as I passed some and some passed me. Wow, I knew Kim was fit, but she was already lapping me. “Come on, slow coach!” she quipped as she breezed past me. Nice to know she noticed me, I thought. She swayed off into the distance and I noticed that I wasn’t the only guy watching her hips. The men running with their wives or girlfriends tried to be discreet, but I noticed them!

After two laps, I decided to take a breather and have a water by the hut that sold ice cream in the summer, but was closed now. “Slacking already?” came a voice from a bench hidden behind a large oak tree. It was Kim, so I wandered over to where I heard the voice and she was stretching her calf muscles and drinking from a bottle of lurid yellow isotonic drink. It looked like radioactive urine, and I figured if she was going to tease me, I’d tease her back. “Yes, I’m having a break, just like you are. At least I’m not drinking fluorescent piss though!” She laughed, looked at the bottle and said “Yeah, tastes a bit like that too!” We both laughed and I introduced myself properly. “No girlfriend or wife today?” she asked. “Not today or any day at the moment,” I replied. “Boyfriend?” she asked, with a broad grin on her face. “No, no,” I said. “nothing like that. I’m just saving up for my next divorce!” Kim looked right at me and said “Well, you’re either a cynic, a pragmatist or you’re just teasing me.”

I admitted I was teasing then told her I had not long ended a long term relationship. I didn’t go into details and she didn’t ask. “How about you then? Husband and five kids?” I enquired, nosily. “Ha!” came the reply, “something like that.” I couldn’t resist teasing her further. “Oh, so you come here alone just to show off your hot body to tease the single guys and make the wives and girlfriends jealous?” She blushed and I hoped I hadn’t pushed it too far as we’d only just met. I was about to apologise when she said “Oh, you think I’ve got a hot body?” I’d painted myself into a corner. I hesitated before replying then said “Well, lycra can be forgiving, but I think you look great and I’m not the only person to have noticed. All the guys and one girl in particular had their eyes glued to your bum as you passed them!” She laughed and said “Oh, you’ve met Sara then? She hit on me the first day I came here but she’s not really my type!” “Too masculine?” I asked, not expecting her to throw her empty drink bottle at me. “Oh, you’re bad. I like you!”

We chatted and flirted for about five minutes then Kim said “Well, I’m doing one more lap before getting back to my husband and five kids. You be here next week? I grinned back at her and said “Try and stop me. And if you want me to beat Sara up for you, I reckon I could take her!” She jogged off, giggling and I was already looking forward to next Sunday morning. I watched her sexy ass sway from side to side as she ran off and as if to tell me she knew I was watching her, she gave her own bum a smack, then disappeared into the trees. Hmm, what an interesting first meeting.

Next Sunday, I arrived a bit earlier, hoping to see Kim. Sure enough, she was stretching and warming up, but when she saw me, she jogged over to me. “Are you gonna keep up with me this week? she asked. “Well, maybe a few paces behind you,” I said, and smacked my own ass. “So bad!” was all she said. We started running at nine o-clock prompt again and we did run together. I think she’d slowed her pace a little and I’d raised mine. We didn’t chat much as we ran but after three laps, it was break time. “I bought a bottle of fluorescent piss for you, if you like,” offered Kim.  “Oh, that’s very kind of you, but I thought you liked me?” I joked. She threw the bottle to me and I caught it. “Go on,” she said, “it’s not so bad really.” I unscrewed the cap, took a sniff and wrinkled my nose. “Ah, it’s cat’s piss, I didn’t realise,” I scoffed. It smelt fine really and I took a long swig. “Tiddles did OK!” I said and Kim laughed again. I’d like to say her laugh was like music, but to be honest, it was more like a witch’s cackle. “I like your laugh, it makes me laugh too,” I said and she playfully punched me in the arm. Completely out of the blue, she then asked “Does running make you horny?” I was a bit taken aback, but countered with “Honey, everything makes me horny!” in a sarcastic American accent. “Good,” she replied “cos I don’t really have a husband at home. Two kids but no hubby!” Hmm, this was a revelation. Plus, she’d just said “Good” when I said everything makes me horny. Things were looking up. “Why is that good then”? I asked. She narrowed her eyes and said “Cos running makes me as horny as a stoat and I’ve been hoping to meet someone who could help me out in that department!” I felt the bulge growing in my shorts when she said that. It grew even bigger when she said “How are you with outdoor sex in a public park?” and moved towards me. “Never done it, but keen to try!” I replied. I put my arm around her hips and pulled her towards me. Our lips touched briefly then she pulled away. “Not here though,” she said. “Follow me.”

She jogged away from me and I quickly followed. She led me to the boathouse which was closed for the winter. We slowed to a walk and she said “Watch this,” and clambered up a tree stump and pushed at a top-hinged window. It opened after a few pushes and she climbed inside. “Come on,” she beckoned. I followed her in to the boathouse, barely believing what was happening and Kim pulled me closer to her and started to kiss me. It was a hungry, erotic kiss and it aroused me. I returned the kiss with ardour and soon, our hands were all over each other. She pulled her shorts down and lifted her tight sports bra over her head and dropped it to the ground. I followed her lead and dropped my shorts, letting my erect penis bounce up in full view. Kim’s body was every bit as hot as I thought it would be. She had small, firm breasts, a slim waist, no trace of fat on her belly despite having two kids and the perkiest ass, which I and every other guy had examined when it was clad in lycra shorts. I moved my hands behind her to feel her ass cheeks and they were the softest, most perfect buttocks I had ever had the pleasure to squeeze.

“We can’t take too long,” she moaned, somewhat breathlessly. I nodded and let out a moan as she gripped my cock in her hand and started to ease my foreskin up and down. This was so erotic, not only could we get caught at any time, it felt weird because our bodies were hot with the sweat from running, but it was freezing inside the boathouse. Kim bent her knees and crouched in front of me. She took my pulsating cock into her mouth and sucked it hungrily. I had a feeling it had been some time since she’d been with a man and it had been a few weeks since I’d last dabbled with naked naughtiness. “Oh, your cock is so hard. I want you to fuck me, Steve.” she whispered. “Anything for the cute girl that buys me piss!” I replied. “Stand up and turn around,” I ordered, assertively. She stood up and I kissed her, then span her around so she was facing the wooden wall of the boathouse. We could both see out of the window that the others were still running around but they couldn’t see in at what we were doing. “Bend forward” I commanded, in my best alpha male tone. She complied and as she did so, I dropped to my knees and buried my face in her sweet ass, licking at her pussy which was already soaking wet. “Oh fuck, yes!” she gasped as my tongue flicked her clitoris. In fact, my tongue explored all around her pussy and ass and it smelt divine. Not sweaty, just musky and ready for sex.

We were starting to cool down rapidly, so I stood back up and pushed my aching cock in between her butt cheeks. My knob felt the moist opening of her vagina and I pushed in hard, penetrating her beautifully, making us both shout “Oh fuck!” at the same time. That caused us both to chuckle then Kim got all serious and said “Don’t be too gentle, I’m gagging for this!” I did as she asked and proceeded to fuck her with long, deep strokes, making my balls slap her ass with each hard thrust. Kim was moaning and frigging her clit, loving being fucked hard by a virtual stranger. My hands were on her hips and I picked the pace up, fucking her hard and fast, timing my thrusts with her moans of pleasure.

We were both getting close, so I leant forward and whispered into Kim’s ear. “Baby, you are so fucking hot, I’m gonna cum hard” Kim moaned louder as I said this and with one more deep thrust, I felt her cum. Her legs almost buckled as she writhed in pleasure, but I held her up and kept fucking her through her orgasm. I slowed down as she started to wince with sensitivity and I felt the cum welling up in my loins. Kim could tell and said “Don’t cum inside me, darling”. She turned around, causing my cock to slip out of her squelching pussy, dropped back down to a crouch and took my dick back into her hungry mouth. Her head bobbed up and down furiously and I warned her that I was about cum. She looked me in the eye and kept sucking me sensuously, and I took this as my invitation to fill her mouth up. Boy, did I fill it! I came hard, and she squeaked with delight as I shot spurt after spurt into her. She swallowed like she hadn’t eaten in a week, not wasting a drop and she was very thorough in cleaning me up, making sure every drop of cum was out. She kept sucking me until I had to pull away and she giggled. “Wow, that was hot!” she said, in a husky voice. “And the best part?” she said, teasingly. I looked puzzled. “That tasted way better than that cat’s pee we were drinking!” We both laughed as we pulled our clothes back on and kissed each other passionately. Her mouth tasted of my cum and my mouth tasted of her pussy. The flavours mingled perfectly!

“Best Park Run ever” giggled Kim as she climbed out of the window. “Reckon you can do one more lap?” she asked, as I followed her. “I can if you can,” I teased and we trotted off on our last lap of the park that morning.

Needless to say, we repeated the erotic encounter the following Sunday and I insisted on taking her out to dinner, when we went back to my place afterwards and Kim stayed over. We messed the sheets up real good, then it occurred to me about her kids. “What about the sprogs?” I asked. “Haven’t you got a sitter to get back to?” Kim grinned. “Honey, I am the sitter. They’re not actually my children.  I’m the au pair and tonight is my night off!” No wonder she had no stretch marks or anything. She’d fooled me good and reminded me to never make assumptions. We made love over and over that night and we both struggled to walk properly the next morning. Kim had made it clear she wasn’t looking for a boyfriend, as such, and wanted to keep things casual. I was cool with this too. Sunday morning became the highlight of my week and Kim’s too. The boathouse wasn’t the only location we hooked up in either, being more creative each week. Mark even caught us kissing one week and scowled at me. I think he thought we were having an affair and he never spoke to either of us much after that.


“So, what do you do for fun?” asked the interviewer when I was going for a new job. “Oh, I like running. I go on the local Park Run every Sunday,” I replied. “Hmmph!” he snorted. “that doesn’t sound much like fun to me!”. I smiled and replied, “Oh, you’d be surprised. I find it very fulfilling!”


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