The Insemination Files - Part Three

Ryan had become a personal sperm donor – it was official! He had now met twice with Mike and Carla, enjoying another slightly surreal but highly erotic threesome on his second visit. He had met with Emily three times and loved the intimacy they shared. It was more like having a very attentive and loving girlfriend but without any emotional ties. He laughed to himself, isn’t that what every man wants?

He was actually becoming very close with Emily and was already thinking of quitting the sperm donor business, but he had promised two lesbian couples he would go and meet them for a chat. He’d already decided that if there was any hesitation by either party, he would pull out (sperm-donor pun, sorry!), then he could concentrate his energy on Carla and Emily. Sooner or later, neither would require his services again if all went to plan, at least not for the foreseeable future, then he would decide whether or not to continue donating.

Ryan had mentioned this to Emily and she grinned as she nodded. “Yes, and when that Carla finally conceives, you can just concentrate on me!” Ryan smiled, knowing she was semi-serious. “Oh,” she added, “I’m ovulating next week, so how about an intensive course of ‘donation’? I’ve cleared my schedule!” Ryan loved that she was so playful and almost matter-of-fact about their relationship. “Well, Baby,” he replied, “you are my schedule, so I’m all yours next week.” Emily smiled and clapped her hands together. “Oh goody, lots of lovely sex for me!” They had met at a little café about mid distance between their respective homes. “Sssh,” chided Ryan. “Don’t tell everyone our secrets!”

Ryan had told Emily about the lesbian couples he had promised to meet. He felt it would almost be like cheating on her if he didn’t tell her. “Isn’t fucking a lesbian what you guys dream of?” she asked casually. Ryan scoffed “Nah, give me a hot-blooded vixen like you any day!” Emily sneered at him. “You always know the right thing to say, don’t you, smart-ass? Hey, I just had an idea! How about I come with you, then if the girl you have to fuck turns out to look more like Matthew Perry then Katy Perry, I could maybe help you!” They both laughed out loud at this thought, but then Ryan remembered the first lesbian couple he was due to see, Faye and Lindsey, were a bit reluctant initially. Maybe if he took his ‘girlfriend’ with him, it would relax them. “Hey, that’s not a bad idea actually,” said Ryan. “If you’re serious, I’m off to see them tomorrow evening. Come with me, I reckon it would reassure them. Plus, if you behave yourself, I’ll buy you dinner afterwards.”

“Hah! snorted Emily. “There’s absolutely no fucking chance of me behaving myself, Baby. I thought you’d have realised that by now!” Ryan smiled resignedly. “Yeah, silly me. Come anyway, please?” Emily thought for a moment, then replied, “OK, I will. It might be even more surreal than when you fucked me the first time!”

“Damn, girl, I wasn’t suggesting you should actually watch!” protested Ryan. “Just come with me to meet them is all.” Emily looked crestfallen. “Aww, you’re no fucking fun!” she teased and punched him in the arm. “Hey!” shouted Ryan, “that’s the father of your soon –to-be first-born that you just assaulted!” Emily punched him again then pulled Ryan towards her and kissed him deeply. When she finally released him, Ryan said “I’ll pick you up at 6.30. They don’t live too far from you, maybe 20 minutes or so and I said I’d be with them by 7.00” “OK, Baby,” replied Emily. “You can fuck off now then, I have some stuff to do.” Ryan left the café they were at, shaking his head, but secretly loving their exchanges. It was like having a best mate to banter with and a beautiful girl to have sex with, all rolled in to one, the perfect relationship for Ryan right now.

He was looking forward to the next evening even more now. He quickly realised it was because Emily would be with him. Was he falling for this amazing girl? He knew the answer to that question already, but put it to the back of his mind. Since he started being a donor, he had completely stopped masturbating, making sure he had a good load ready each time it was required. He had last slept with Emily three nights ago and he was rampantly horny. Even if he didn’t have to perform later, he had a feeling Emily would want another session, regardless of her ovaries! She had that glint in her eye that aroused him so much yesterday and he reckoned that was the real reason she agreed to go with him to meet Faye and Lindsey.

He parked up close to Emily’s house bang on 6.30 and saw her trotting down the steps. He flashed his headlights as she looked up and down the road for him and she skipped towards his car with a big grin on her face. “Hey stud, is this ‘Take-your-floozy-to-work day’ she asked, wickedly. “Yep, it sure is,” replied Ryan. “Get in the car, Floozy, we don’t want to be late!” Emily jumped in the car, ran her hand right up Ryan’s thigh, giving a little squeeze and said “Damn, I’m almost jealous of those lezzers that are gonna get fucked by you!” Ryan let out a loud laugh. “Fuck me, you are wrong on so many levels!” and they both continued to laugh as they made their way to Faye and Lindsey’s apartment. The thought did occur to him, though. He actually liked the idea of Emily being a little jealous. Damn!

The sat nav said they had arrived at their destination. They looked up at a huge tower block of apartments which looked as if it had once been quite a grand structure but now looked like it needed more than a coat of paint to freshen it up. However, they weren’t here to admire the architecture, so Ryan picked up his phone, hit send and waited for one of the girls to answer. “Hi Ryan” chirped Faye. “Right on time, I like it. Come on up, we’re in flat 117 on the 11th floor.” “Great,” replied Ryan. “I’ve brought a friend, Emily along with me, I hope that’s OK. I’ll explain why in a minute.” Faye hesitated, but said “Sure, see you in a few minutes.”

Ryan and Emily found the lift inside the building. The foyer was a bit grander than the outside with a uniformed concierge sat behind a desk. He had had greeted them when they arrived and had shown them where the lift was located. The lift doors shut behind them.“Hmm, swanky!” exclaimed Emily. “I don’t think this is a council-owned tower block, somehow.” Ryan shook his head and said “Emily, you’re such a snob! And don’t punch me, I don’t want to be covered in bruises should we end up doing anything tonight.” Emily lightly stood on his toe instead. “I did warn you,” she giggled.

They got to apartment 117 and the door was open. Ryan tapped it softly and Faye appeared behind it. Ryan breathed an internal sigh of relief. Definitely more Katy than Matthew. In fact, she looked quite a lot like Katy Perry and even had big boobs. Emily whispered “Katy” to Ryan as he said hello. “Come on in, guys,” beckoned Faye. Ryan introduced Emily as his ‘friend’ and Emily immediately cut in. “I’m currently one of Ryan’s clients and we thought you might like to know what it’s like from my perspective too.” Ryan coughed a little. Faye said “How very thoughtful. I immediately thought you were a couple, you look so relaxed together, so, um, right.” Ryan coughed again, “Well, we do get along pretty well actually and we’ve enjoyed trying to make a baby, so, you know…” he tailed off.

“Lindsey is through here,” said Faye, motioning for them to go into the main lounge. Sat on the edge of the sofa rather nervously, Lindsey stood up as they entered the room. Wow! thought Ryan. He’d heard of lipstick lesbians but really wasn’t expecting both girls to be so attractive. Faye had long dark hair, dark eyes, pale skin and a very pretty, round face. Lindsey was taller, had dark blonde hair, high cheekbones, bright vivid blue eyes and a naturally smiley face. “Nice to meet you,” said Lindsey, “You too,” replied Ryan. “Me three!” chirped Emily. Nervous laughter followed and Faye went out to the kitchen and returned with a tray which had a large pitcher of iced lemonade on it and four big tumblers.

“Yummy!” said Emily. “I love lemonade.” Lindsey played mother and poured out four glasses and Ryan took the lead, offering his thoughts on the process they were considering. He asked which of the two girls was hoping to get pregnant. Faye and Lindsey looked at each other, a bit sheepishly. “Um, well,” stuttered Faye, “we thought, we’d, um, both like to try?” Emily nearly spat her lemonade out and couldn’t help herself laughing. Ryan said “Ignore her, I think she’s high.” Emily blurted “Cheeky sod, I don’t do drugs! I was just thinking all Ryan’s birthdays and Christmases have come at once!” They all laughed and Ryan said “I don’t deny that you are both very beautiful, so this isn’t going to be an onerous task for me.” He looked directly at Emily and said “It looks like you may have had a wasted journey!”

Faye and Lindsey both looked puzzled, so Emily explained the Katy/Matthew joke they’d shared yesterday and that Emily might be required to ‘assist’. “I feel redundant now,” she said, pretending to be disappointed. “I’d still like to watch though, make sure Ryan does it properly!” More laughter and any tension that was in the room completely disappeared. Lindsey asked “Are you sure you two aren’t really a couple?”  Ryan was about to think up something professional to say when Emily chirped in “Ryan is the best boyfriend I’ve ever had. He gives me everything and asks for nothing in return. He’s also an excellent stud!”

Ryan blushed but was secretly delighted with Emily’s comment. He decided it was time to show the girls his health certificates and genetic details. They scan-read them, nodding their heads, as if they read this kind of thing every day. “To be honest,” Lindsey offered, “we did speak to one other guy about this, but he was a total creep. That’s when we decided to go for artificial instead of natural insemination, but hey, you’re lovely, so that won’t be a problem.”  Faye asked “Are you OK with trying with both of us?” Emily laughed again and Ryan poked her in the ribs to keep her quiet. “That’s entirely up to you ladies, it won’t be a problem for me.” Emily exaggeratedly mouthed the word ‘Stud’ behind Ryan’s back and both girls smiled. “I have to ask though,” said Ryan. “Have you both had sex with a guy before?” Faye said “I lived with a guy for two years, so yes.” Lindsey said “Yes, I have too, but I prefer girls, just always have.”

“OK, well if there’s nothing else, then we just have to decide where and when” said Ryan. Emily, with her usual wicked smile said “Here and now is an option, you don’t want to back out or lose your nerve, do you?” Ryan smiled and said “I even had my annual bath not two days ago, so I’m ready if you are!” A moment’s hesitation before they realised he was kidding and Faye looked at Lindsey, who nodded, then looked at Emily, who beamed. Finally, she looked at Ryan, who remained implacable on the outside, but could feel his cock stiffening with anticipation. “Why the fuck not?!” she declared and Emily raised her hand for a high five. “Jesus, you girls!” said Ryan with mock indignation.

Lindsey beckoned Faye over to her and whispered something. “We’re just going to go into the bedroom, can you join us in a few minutes?” she asked Ryan. He nodded and stood as they left the room. “Baby, don’t make me laugh too much while I’m doing this, it’s bad for my ego, you know,” he said to Emily. She smiled back at him and said “Don’t worry, Stud, you’ve got this,” in a conspiratorial tone.  They continued to tease each other for a minute or two until Emily suddenly looked serious. She looked to the bedroom door, then back to Ryan. “Good luck, old man,” she said and reached up to give him a long, lingering kiss. “My hero, off into battle!” she sniggered.

Ryan tapped on the bedroom door and heard a voice say “Yes, ready.” He pushed the door open and was greeted with the amazing sight of both girls completely naked. “Wow!” said Ryan. “Fuck me!” said Emily. Faye sat on the bed and said “Me first.” Emily found a chair in one corner of the room and plonked herself into it. Lindsay sat next to Faye on the bed while Ryan stripped off completely. His cock was already fully erect at the vision before him. Both girls really were beauties and Ryan was thinking he’d struck gold for the third time in three attempts. He crawled onto the bed and said “I know we’re not going to be lovers, but we should try and be as natural and intimate as possible now. Emily won’t let me get too carried away, don’t worry. Lindsey said “The only think I’m worried about is your cock! Number one, it’s fucking huge and number two, I’m scared you’ll turn Faye straight again!” Faye and Emily both laughed out loud and Emily said “Hey, you’re only borrowing it, it’s mine really!” Ryan liked her saying that.

Ryan thought, that’s enough chat for now. He moved up the bed, held out his hand and Faye took it. He stroked her hair, then her face and her neck. She was shaking a bit, so Ryan took her right hand and offered it to Lindsey to hold, which she did. Ryan then moved his attention to Faye’s breasts, gently cupping them and squeezing them softly, Faye’s eyes were closed and she seemed to be enjoying it. Ryan moved his hands down Faye’s waist to her hips, admiring the perfect curve, then down the outside of her thighs. Faye had to admit to herself that this guy knew how to touch a woman. He moved his hands behind her and gently gripped her ass cheeks, put his mouth close to her ear and asked her to turn around and get on her hands and knees. Faye followed his instructions and Ryan gave his cock a few strokes before kneeling behind her. He lifted up her left hand and encouraged Lindsey to hold it as he was about to mount Faye. He dropped his hands in between her bum cheeks to feel her pussy, to check it was wet enough. It was, she was very wet, so he reached up to gently stroke her clit a few times. “Mmmm, that’s good” moaned Faye. “I’m definitely ready, Ryan.”

Ryan looked directly at Lindsey, as if for permission. Lindsay smiled and nodded. Ryan stroked his cock a few more times, pulled the foreskin right back and placed the tip of his cock at the entrance to Faye’s wet pussy. She was so wet, Ryan could see her juice dribbling from her lips, so he rubbed the head of his cock up and down the length of her snatch and Faye moaned again. “I hope you’re not enjoying this too much!” Lindsey chided. Faye, as if to answer her question, pulled Lindsey towards her and kissed her lovingly. As she did this, Ryan slipped the head of his cock into her hot pussy and held it there for a moment, letting Faye get used to the feeling of cock again. Not that she’d ever felt a real cock this big before, but there had been the odd over-sized dildo that Ryan’s cock reminded her of.

“OK, sweety?” asked Ryan. “Yes, it feels great, go on,” came the reply. Ryan pushed his hips forward and enjoyed the feeling of penetrating this beautiful girl for the first time. He pulled out and pushed in again and Emily yelped. He looked over to where she was sat and shook his head, rolling his eyes at what he saw. Emily had opened her jeans and was frigging her own pussy as she watched the sex show on the bed a few feet in front of her. He actually found it quite erotic, knowing that him fucking Faye was turning Emily on too. Lindsey, on the other hand, was concentrating on Faye, kissing her and stroking her hair as Ryan fucked her. Ryan did notice Lindsey’s hand slipping between her own legs as Faye’s moans grew. The whole scene was very erotically charged and all four of them were fully aroused and enjoying the slightly surreal situation.

Ryan started to thrust a bit faster and as the rhythm built, his cock was plunging deeper into Faye’s hungry snatch. He gripped her hips and relaxed, letting himself come to orgasm  without holding back, as he’d always tried to do before. He doubted Faye would cum anyway and that wasn’t what they were here for, so he figured she’d prefer it if he was fairly quick. “Mmm, I’m close Faye, I’m going to cum any moment. When I do, I’ll stay inside you for a few moments, then when I withdraw, you should get on your back and put a pillow under your hips. Keep your legs raised for as long as you feel comfortable.” Faye let out a moan of agreement and Ryan could feel her pushing back on each thrust. It was time, the familiar feeling arrived in his legs and his groin as his orgasm started. “Oh, God!” shouted Ryan as he unleashed a three-day load into Faye. She was biting the pillow as he came and could feel the enormous spurts of semen he fired into her, filling her cunt completely. Lindsey stroked Faye’s hair as Ryan came and from the corner of the room, they could all hear heavy breathing before Emily let out a deep sigh as she came too. Ryan slowed his thrusting down to a stop and carefully withdrew his penis. It was still as long and hard as when he started, he was so aroused by being in the same room as three hot girls. Faye turned herself over and Lindsey slipped a pillow under her hips. Faye kept her knees bent and her legs back so Lindsey pulled a sheet over her. Ryan got off the bed, poked his tongue out at Emily and disappeared into the bathroom to freshen up. He looked ridiculous when he came back into the room, his cock was still fully erect, swinging from side to side and Emily made a grab for it as he passed her.

“Oy, hands off!” he admonished her. “That’s not for you today, not yet, anyway,” he said, teasingly. His cock finally started to soften and Lindsey asked “Um, how long before you can go again?” Ryan smiled and was about to answer when Emily said “Ha! I told you, he’s a stud, he can go again immediately!” Lindsey grinned. “OK, well, I’m ready. In fact, My fou is soaking, I didn’t know I’d find that so hot!” Ryan smiled at her use of the word ‘fou’. Isn’t that what little girls call their lady parts? No matter, he looked at Lindsey, then down to her crotch. “Yes, I can see your beautiful fou is ready for me!” Both Faye and Emily laughed and Lindsey went a bit red. “Before we start though, I’m conditioned to making sex last as long as possible, so I might need a bit more stimulation if you don’t want me fucking you for ages!”

“Me, sir!” volunteered Emily. Lindsey nodded and Emily got on the floor and crawled up to Ryan. She looked up at him before taking his cock into her hands and very lovingly stroking it. Ryan flipped his head back and enjoyed the sensation as Emily took his cock in between her lips. She sucked gently and let his cock slide into her mouth and didn’t stop until it was all in. Ryan couldn’t help but smile as both Lindsey and Faye looked on wide-eyed, totally amazed that Emily could deep-throat his massive member. Faye chirped in “Jesus Ryan, you should marry this girl before someone else snaps her up!” But Ryan was too lost in the moment to reply. He knew she was right, but didn’t say anything. Emily worked Ryan’s cock up nicely, licking all around the head then going deep again, gripping his ass with her hands, pulling him deeper into her. Lindsey lay on the bed patiently waiting for Ryan to say when he was ready. She was stroking her pussy with one hand and holding Faye’s hand with the other.

Ryan moaned. “OK, Baby Girl, you’d better stop now.” Emily looked up at him lovingly, gave his knob one final kiss and said “He’s all yours, Lindsey. Be gentle with him!” Ryan stroked Emily’s cheek as if to say thank you and as he turned to face Lindsey, Emily gave his ass a playful smack. His cock was now fully erect again and throbbing. Lindsey gasped at the sight of it, knowing she hadn’t felt a cock inside her for some years now. “How about on your back with your legs pulled back at the knees?” Ryan suggested. He heard Emily enviously whimper from the corner where she had sat back down. Lindsey nodded her agreement and lay back, lifting her legs back from her knees. Ryan just couldn’t resist and pushed his face towards her pussy. Lindsey didn’t flinch, so Ryan ran his tongue up the length of her slit, right up to her clitoris. Then she flinched! “Oh my God!” she cried. Ryan’s dick was twitching furiously and he knelt in front of Lindsey’s wide open legs and wide open pussy. He rubbed it along her lips to lube it up a bit, then pushed into her. “Fuck, it’s huge!” moaned Lindsey.

“Yeah, fucking good though, isn’t it?” said Faye. Emily just moaned as she started to frig herself again, inserting first one, then two and finally three fingers into her soaking twat. She finger-fucked herself in time with the rhythm that Ryan had established, fucking Lindsey with long, deep thrusts. Lindsey held Faye’s hand tight and they leant towards each other so they could kiss. This was so erotic that Ryan knew he wouldn’t last long again. Emily’s blowjob had been one of her finest and with the erotic aroma of sex filling his nostrils, the sight of his cock sliding in and out of Lindsey’s beautiful pussy and Emily’s loud moaning from her chair in the corner, he knew he was going to cum any second.

Just as he was about to repeat what he’d said to Faye earlier, Lindsey started to buck her hips and writhe underneath him. She stopped kissing Faye for a moment, let out an almighty moan and came hard. “Oh Fuck! Jesus Christ! Aaaaaaaaaaah! Yessss!” Wow! thought Ryan, that was amazing and it tipped him over the edge at the same time as Emily let out another big gasp. Ryan’s cock twitched and throbbed as he came, spurting another five or six big strings of cum, this time into Lindsey. He collapsed on top of her and couldn’t resist kissing her on the lips, only briefly, but like he was sealing the deal. He was surprised that Lindsey kissed him back so eagerly. Faye was giggling. “Um, I thought you didn’t like guys any more!” she teased her partner. Lindsey couldn’t reply immediately. She was still gasping for air and coming down from her own huge orgasm. Faye reached in to kiss Ryan as well. Lindsey just squeezed Faye’s hand as Ryan dismounted, being careful not to spill any semen. Eventually, she managed “Yeah, well he’s not just any guy, is he? He might be our baby’s father!” Faye nodded, Lindsey smiled and Ryan’s legs buckled underneath him as he tried to stagger back to the bathroom.

“Where the fuck do you think you’re going? demanded Emily. “Get your tush over here and put your head between my legs, I reckon you owe me one!” Ryan got the rather unsubtle hint and crawled over to where Emily was sat, her fingers working her soaking pussy, wanting Ryan to finish what she’d started. “Yes, go on, lick my cunt you big stud! Watching you fuck those two hot babes has got me going and you’re gonna fuck me when we get home too!” Faye and Lindsey were both a little shocked to hear Emily talking like this, but they did agree that the whole experience had been very erotic. It had been so much better than they had expected and with Emily being there, it added to the naughtiness of the evening.

Ryan was getting to work on Emily’s soaking pussy now, humming as he sucked first one of her lips, then the other. He pushed his tongue deep into her wet pussy and heard Emily moan loudly. This was going to be fast, she was already so aroused from watching Ryan fuck Lindsey and from the finger-fucking she’d been giving herself. Ryan moved his lips up to Emily’s clitoris and French kissed it, sucking firmly until Emily shouted “Oh my God! Yes! Oh!” then farted and fell off the chair edge as she came hard. She hit the soft carpet before Ryan could catch her and poor Emily gasped with the power of her orgasm and laughed at the ludicrous position she was in. Ryan was laughing too and both the other girls shrieked. They both jumped off the bed, each holding one hand over their pussies, to see if they could help and Ryan sat on the floor in front of Emily, laughing loudly.

“You didn’t tell us entertainment was included in the package!” said Faye, still laughing. “All part of the service!” grinned Ryan. “It’s always entertaining if Emily is involved.” Emily looked up at Ryan and he offered her his hands. She took them and he hauled her back on to the chair. He could feel she was still shaking from her intense orgasm and the shock of landing on the carpet mid cum. After a few moments, Emily said “Well, that was fucking embarrassing!” and they all laughed again. She loved that Ryan found her funny and entertaining. Lindsey said “You two seem to understand each other perfectly. How long have you known each other?” Emily grinned, Ryan scratched his head and said “Hmm, it must be nearly two weeks now!” Faye walked into the bathroom, muttering “Well, if you can’t see it…”

After they’d all freshened up, Lindsey made a fresh batch of lemonade and they talked about what they had just experienced. The consensus was, it was way better than any of them had expected and that they’d love to do it again soon. Emily was still feeling particularly naughty despite her recent orgasm. “You know what I wanted to do after Ryan had fucked you, Lindsey? I wanted to go down on you and lick you clean. I haven’t hand a proper mouthful of Ryan’s cum yet and I can’t wait!” Ryan coughed and called her a dirty cow. Lindsey and Faye just looked at each other, shaking their heads. They could see it. Ryan felt it. Emily felt it. These two were meant to be a couple. They were even unconsciously holding hands as they sat around the kitchen table.

“Hey, Ryan” chirped Lindsey. “Can we book you for a follow-up consultation before Emily persuades you to retire and marry her?” Ryan spluttered and Emily shouted “Ha! Don’t worry guys, married or not, we’ll both be back for more. Maybe we can persuade the stud here to fuck all three of us next time!”

Ryan simply looked up to the ceiling and mouthed “Thank you, God”.





It was now six months since Ryan made his decision to try being a sperm donor. After his third visit to Mike and Carla, he got a call saying that she had become pregnant. They were absolutely delighted, not just because they had a baby due, but also because Ryan had helped them rediscover their enjoyment of sex. They promised to give their child the middle name of Ryan if it’s a boy or Rhian if it’s a girl. He keeps in touch with them and even went along to Mike’s birthday party last week, with Emily in tow, of course.

With Mike and Carla happy and no longer needing him, Ryan visited Faye and Lindsey twice a week for 6 weeks. Emily always went with him and the four of them enjoyed increasingly erotic and intimate sessions. Ryan did, indeed, fuck all three of them. Just yesterday, Faye phoned Ryan to tell him the good news. She had just peed on a stick and got the result she wanted. Lindsey was delighted and they decided to stick with just one of them being pregnant, so no more sex would be required for a while, if at all. What a shame, thought Ryan. He really adored both Faye and Lindsey and knew the four of them would remain friends for life.

That just left Emily. Ryan never tired of making love with her. If he could stop her trying to get a mouthful of cum every time they had sex, he made sure to fill her pussy each time. He wasn’t worried that she hadn’t conceived yet. They had plenty of opportunity to make love now Emily had moved in with Ryan. They did go to see the second lesbian couple, but they hadn’t really decided if they wanted to go ahead. Anyway, Milo, the rather butch partner, seemed to have taken a dislike to Ryan, so nothing further happened with them.

One afternoon, a few years later, Ryan was sitting on the sofa with his arm draped over Emily’s shoulder. Her belly was large and round. The sound of a toddler gabbling away to himself could be heard from behind the chair. He glanced at the photo on the wall opposite him. It was in a heavy silver frame and the photo itself was almost completely black and white. The only exception was the bright red carnations of the wedding bouquet that Emily was clutching, her arm linked through Ryan’s.

Ryan leant his head back and looked up. “Thank you, God” he mouthed.


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