The 3-Sum - Pt 5

It had been about a week since I’d heard from either woman. With me being out on winter break from school, I decided to spend a little extra time working and at the gym, so it wasn’t a biggie for me. Although the thought did cross my mind about the both of them. How they were doing. How they were doing together. If they were just playing some sort of sick game and my dick was the target….or was there a love triangle forming? I mean both were smart, very attractive, reaching the peak of their adult lives. Lisa was a bit older, but sheltered early on in life. Tiffani had experienced a lot to be so much younger than Lisa. They were the perfect compliment to each other at this stage in their lives. Their paths crossed at exactly the right time. And apparently I was caught in their cross-hairs.

I got a text from Tiffani while working out at the gym. She invited me over for dinner at her place tomorrow night. I agreed to come and replied what should I bring. Her reply was “You well rested”. I smirked to myself, knowing she must have been getting the same itch that I was getting. I wanted to be inside her again, but this time I wanted to truly DICK her ass down. I wanted her legs weak and her body drained from releasing so much of herself onto my manhood. I was determined to get her hooked. It was almost an obsession for me. Her game of seduction had finally paid off, and I wanted to see her cash out involuntarily.

I decided to dress a little more like a proper gentleman, thinking it was going to be an intimate session for us, so I put on a nice pair of jeans, wheat colored timberland boots and a plad rolled up sleeves button down shirt from the buckle. It was my ultimate rude boy get up. You knew exactly what you were getting yourself into…getting that pussy Lumber-jacked. I spruced a bit of Armani aqui di gio on as my final piece to a seductive ensemble I had put together. This time I wanted her to ravage me at first. I wanted her to show me how much she wanted it. It was about 8:30 pm when I finally made it to her house. It was Friday evening so there was already excitement looming being that it was the weekend. Little did I know just how exciting it would get.

I knocked on the door and she answered with a seductive smile “oooo u smell good, what is that?” “Armani” I answered with a hint of seduction myself. “So what’s for dinner” I asked her with anticipation. “Oh Lisa’s picking up dinner from Willie’s ice house. We getting you the tenders.” “Wait a minute, y'all cool? U not tryin to poison my ass are u?” I jokingly replied, but still with apprehension apparent on my face. “You are so silly! No I’m not, but Lisa really likes you, so that’s why she said she would get dinner”. No sooner than we said her name she came indoors with containers of hot food smelling amazing. She had her traditional sweats on with a tank top covered up by her new sweat shirt, all zipped up. She always managed to have her ass exposed so I could take a glimpse, and boy did I. “y'all go ahead and eat, I’m gonna shower and change” she said.

As music lowly played throughout the apartment we began to share laughs and started to eat. Tiffani had the grilled salmon and Lisa apparently had already eaten. We started taking tequila shots and the laughs ensued. Our laughs turned to lite flirting and touching, our energy drawing us closer subtly. Lisa decided to come out of the room and sat next to Tiffani on the couch. The same couch that I fucked them both on. They both had this look in their eye. I couldn’t quite make out what they were up to, but it didn’t take them long to reveal what they were thinking.

“You should just fuck both of us” said Tiffani. “Yeah, it’s not like you haven’t fucked us both already.” Lisa so willingly followed up with a co-sign. What seemed like the unthinkable had just been proposed to me, although jokingly as they managed to laugh afterwards. “Whoa is this the drinks talking y'all? Y'all tryin to fuck wit me?” I was already tipsy from the drinks, so my member was at a major salute. “From the looks of things yo dick not disagreeing” Tiffani said with her witty tone. She was so well spoken, but when it came to sex, the street bitch came out in her strong. I think that’s why part of me was so attracted to her, she made it clear that she would get down at any time if the opportunity was right. I shrugged and turned my head momentarily reaching for my cup. The moment I did that Lisa turned out the lights and began to kiss Tiffani so sensually, that I began to get jealous. The two had such sexual chemistry with each other that it was almost worth envy. She knew exactly where to touch Tiffani, how to kiss her. Tiffani just melted as Lisa began to take on the role of alpha female. I watched in shock as Lisa removed her shirt, bra, shorts and panties. It was like a dream to me, a blur of sexual pleasure. Not even the sexiest porno provided the kind of stimulation I was getting watching these two women getting lost in each other’s tenderness. Lisa began to somewhat aggressively pinch Tiffani’s nipples, exercising her authority in that moment. It was clear that Tiffani was just as submissive as she as subtle. But the odd thing was is that it felt like she was the one in control.

Tiffani looked at me as Lisa began to kiss down her stomach. Her frame was smaller than Lisa’s, but she seem to take the torture so very well. As Lisa placed Tiffani on her back I watched as her tongue begin to snake into Tiffani’s insides. Her Pussy was already wet upon Lisa’s touch. My hands began to massage my already 10 minute hard erection. I got off the chair and crawled behind Lisa. She changed into bedtime shorts, ones the ass certainly didn’t fit in……I kissed down her back as I peeled her shorts off her waist. Her turquoise thong showed through her juicy ass, even though she almost swallowed her thong with it. I aggressively palmed her ass with both hands, spreading her cheeks, exposing her soaked muff. It appeared she was getting off on tasting Tiffani as much as Tiffani was at being tasted. I slipped her thong to the side of her phat ass and made her arch her back yet again. My tongue and lips drooled at the site of her butter pecan colored ass, but dark colored vulva. The contrast placed in me the type of passion that drives a man insane. I slid my tongue inside her slowly, snaking my tongue down her slit until I reached her poked out luv button. Her taste was different than Tiffani….Tiffani was much sweeter, but Lisa cummed heavier. I sucked her clit patiently and sensuously as Tiffani began to pant and moan to me “eat her pussy….she love it like that. ”

I began to spread her ass some more and Munch on what seemed like the meatiest pussy I’d ever had. Her lips were so thick and soaked with her own juices. She momentarily paused from eating and bent over further, exposing herself to me more. The sound of both of them moaning just made my dick all the more erect. I palmed that ass and smacked it, then I turned over on my back and her her lay that delicious Pussy on my lips. Lisa moaned “fuck that feels so good Monroe! God you’re good at that!” As I managed to catch my breath for moment. I moaned and sucked her clit for what seemed like half an hour before we moved. Her soaked Pussy was all over my chin, her face coated with Tiffani’s love milk….both of them completely given over into passion. I took my shirt off quickly rising and crawling over to Tiffany. I asked her to suck my tongue and she obliged. Not only did she suck my tongue, she licked my chin and tasted the juices off of my cheeks. Her sexual intensity just seem to ignite Lisa more, as she helped to unbutton my pants and remove my timbs. My dick made it hard to take off my pants as it wouldn’t give way to the zipper, they had me Ina place of complete extension. One I was glad to be in at that moment.

Lisa finally managed to remove my jeans and boxers and seemed to swallow me whole as she took me n her mouth. Tiffani and I began to make out more as we continued to suck each other’s tongues. I pinched and smacked on her big ass titts some more, she was so turned on at the pain that she began to rub her own pussy. “Feed me those fingers” I demanded her and she obliged willingly, feeling me her wet and sweet ass pussy juice. I sucked on her fingers almost as well as Lisa was sucking my dick. She managed to grab a hold of my balls and dick at the same time and suck towards her. “God you taste so good” she said as her tongue licks up the sides and back down the to the base. Ropes of saliva cling to her chin as she massaged my dick passionately with her mouth, her lips pursing intently around my mushroom cap. Her mouth pops it out of her lips with such loud suction that I moan momentarily. She began to slap me on her tongue as she turned back submissive under my control. “ Feed her my dick Lisa” I deeply spoke to Lisa so that she would take Tiffani down where she was, and slowly fed Tiffani my thickness. Tiffani wasn’t as skilled at sucking dick and it showed. She was barely able to fit me in her mouth without frustrating Lisa. So Lisa grabbed me back and swallowed me down Her throat as to show her supremacy. I held Lisa’s ponytail and drove my dick through her mouth motion after motion as she sucked on me like bigmama’s neckbones. Tiffani actually smacked Lisa in the face playfully as her tipsiness finally came full circle. “I want dick!” She yelled as she began to mount me, moving Lisa out the way. Lisa began to suck my balls gently , letting them fall out her mouth repeatedly as Tiffani force fucked herself onto me, trying to ride my dick like it was her last amusement park ride. Although her ride game wasn’t great, her titts made it worth the experience. Her nipples would get so erect that they would literally poke me if I wasn’t careful.

I looked at her as she rode me hard and told her “that all yo ass got? U can’t FUCK me harder?” She whimpered in anger as she tried to fuck harder, but her tiny ass Pussy couldn’t take the beating. I smacked her ass and kept her on the dick, feeling suction from that tight ass pussy and from Lisa'a soft ass lips on my balls. Lisa rose up and spoke “my turn now, get it from the back”, but Tiffani kept riding. I felt in that moment that she wanted Lisa to see that it was her dick, not Lisa’s. and I felt the competition stiffen along with my dick as she rode me. “FUCK Tiff!” I drove her into my waist as I moaned like a bitch. It wasn’t the ride game that had me, but her revenge plot that showed me she wanted to prove she was better than Lisa. I played into it as she rode me, but she gave into the pain and stopped. It was simply too much pounding for her to handle at once. She got off laughing and saying “ yo DICK hurt!”

I got up and motioned for Lisa to get in position, face down ass up. I could tell she liked being fucked like a bitch in heat, so I pushed her head down into the floor as I slid that dick so deep in her that it touched the center of her soul. She gasped and groaned as i slipped the remnants of Tiffani’s pussy on me inside her, a stroke that touched me as well. Lisa’s Pussy was stronger than Tiffani’s, it had the ability to work a brotha good, but I stayed strong and never wavered. Her ass bounced strongly. Back against me as I grabbed her hair and yanked it hard, taking back control of the Pussy. “Eat Tiffani from the back” I moaned as she continued to take my relentless back shots to that pussy. I think Tiffani came almost instantly when Lisa tongued her, because she had been playing with her soaked Pussy anyway. They both echoed moans of steamy passion as I slammed my dick into Lisa, which made Lisa slam her tongue into Tiffani.

I loved the idea that Lisa bowed out to me, it let me know she really wanted more from me, which turned me the FUCK on. I started smacking her ass harder, talking shit playfully, “Dick fat in u huh? ” I’d ask as she took me over and over. “Yes it is oh my god!” She would yell as I continued to give her back shots. “Shut the FUCK up you gonna wake up neighbors!” Tiffani responded. I think at that time she sensed that Lisa was really passionate about me, a thought that never occurred to her when she initially started down this road. Tiffani was borderline narcissistic, I could tell in her eyes she wanted it to be all about her.

Lisa’s Pussy stayed so wet the entire time, I couldn’t say no to it. Every stroke inside her I felt my balls tightening slightly. “Oh fuck” I moaned as she began to tighten her grip. I pulled out just in case she gripped tighter. FUCK ride me now I asked her as she turned around. She happily got on top and mounted me. Her long ass legs straddled me as her wet ass Pussy slipped down comfortably on my dick.

“FUCK this Pussy is good!” I mumbled as Tiffani watched. She wanted more, but her Pussy was seriously sore from the beating it took. Lisa squatted over the dick, dropping it on and off me repeatedly, sensing my nearing orgasm. I moaned deeply “ohhhh Shit” as her ass clapped on my dick. “Give it to me inside!” She moaned as she continued to fuck the nutt straight out of my rock hard dick and into her wanting wet womb. I couldn’t hold back as she fucked me, my moans increased as I Shot a rocket of seed into her womb. At the same time she echoed moans as if she had been shot by a gun in her gut. As I released, she groaned. Another release, another groan. She clearly got off on me seeding her deeply. A function I could not control once she assumed control. She kept riding me until I went limp falling lifeless on top of me, kissing my lips with passion. Tiffani continued to rub her pussy as we completed our climax, her wetness sliding down her crack as she reached an intense orgasm of her own. I sucked her thick ass nipples to help her complete the moment. As she layed back and exhaled a sigh of sensual relief. This REALLY just happened. I really just had a 3-sum with my high school crush and her roommate. Their eyes glossed over as if they were high off top flight, I could tell they their endorphins were released, signaling ecstasy to me. I layed back myself, reflecting on the moment, how it happened, what happened. How good they both felt. And at that moment I realized how competitive women really are. A thought I would keep in the forefront of my thoughts from then on.


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