The 3-Sum - Pt 4

I leave the apartment in shock, gratified, and even more horny than I started out. Something about the way she stood there made me feel as if she wanted her turn. No sooner than I popped the alarm for my car was she downstairs in a pink robe that cuts off mid thigh. She gave the illusion that nothing was on underneath. Her flip flops managed to remain on her pink pedicured toenails as she quickly made her way to my car door. “U really leaving? I said you could shower here.” “I know Tiff, but I really wanna get some new clothes on. Plus…I feel kinda bad the way things went down. I ain’t know she was gon come at me like that and I got caught up in the moment.” Her eyes rolled in frustration as if I made her relive the moment at that instant. “Y yo cum was so much? U not fuckin nobody?” Her reply caught me off guard, my eyes widened with amusement as she stood there seriously inquiring about my relationship status. “I’m in school and I just quit my second job. So no, I’m not with anybody like that rite now. ” I gaze at her standing there in her robe, she knew what the fuck she was doing.

“Lemme go hit the house and shower. Ima call u when I’m done.” She calmly replied “ok”. “So where will she be if I come back Tiff?” I needed to make sure there wouldn’t be any friction if I did return. I couldn’t bare the idea of breaking up roommates over me. My conscious was starting to get the best of me. “She should be gone to work, so you good.” “Alright, so I’ll be back in a little bit then” I said confidently as I pulled off. I watched her ass walk up the stairs with her arms crossed, caudling her amazing bust as she makes her way up her steps. My thoughts quickly turn to how long it’s been since she’s wanted me, and secretly how long I’ve wanted her. It was to be our moment of passion, our moment of bliss…no distractions, no school bells, nobody keeping us from being as sexual as we wanted.

I pulled up to my place, quickly getting out to shower. I wanted in her as fast as my sweats came off to enter the shower. Just before I get in my phone vibrates. I received a text message from Lisa. “Da fuck? How she get my number?” I pondered. The text said “You felt AMAZING. I need you inside me again. I loved the way you handled me. Save my number and we can go from there.” An eyebrow or mine raised as my thoughts became a bit more devious. Could I actually continue to fuck both roommates and they’d be ok with it? I simply replied “got it.” and jumped in the shower. I was bent on making Tiffani get it for seducing me all throughout high school. I quickly changed over and put on my silk navy blue boxers with the opening left unbuttoned. I oiled my skin from head to toe, I wanted to glisten. I wanted her to see me and think only of what she was about to get. I brushed my teeth, threw on some more sweats, a tank top, socks, and some flip flops and b-lined it out the door. It had been about an hour and a half since I left, so the anticipation was building. I called Tiffani to let her know I was on the way. She calmly said ok. I could tell in her voice that everything inside her screamed with excitement, her most sensitive areas stimulated with thoughts of what was about to happen.

As soon as I arrived I knocked on the door, only to have it opened by her in a black teddy. See-thru, thongs and her toe nails polished magenta. “took yo ass long enough” she seductively said as she took my hand and walked me inside. The living room was clean and filled with the aroma of French vanilla scented candles. The glow of her candle lights shimmered throughout the living room, reflecting off what seemed like her bronze colored skin. It was so dark the oil she placed on herself mixed with the candlelight created a sensuous mystique in the air. I gazed upon her, nearly awestruck by her allure. “I thought you was gon change your mind the way you left” she said. “You kidding me?” I replied. “We haven’t been alone ever. Wasn’t about to let u escape that easy.” We shared a glass of wine and talked a bit about how high school, how we both felt the urges at such a young age, but we never acted on them. About how she dated my homeboy and would visit his house at night, only to wish I was down there visiting him. All of the lite flirtation we did that nobody could catch onto. Almost our unique language. It had all built up to this tantalizing moment, a moment that we wouldn’t let be denied any more.

I slowly embraced her, squeezing her hips into me, my baggy sweats unable to hide the unmistakable erection attached to me. She subtly whispered in my ear “You’re stabbing me”. I replied by whispering in her ear “provoking a cobra is a serious offense Tiffani”, I smirked as I slowly began to kiss her along her soft and sweet smelling neck. Her moans litely whistled thru her lips as I made her feel completely helpless, weak in the knees almost instantly. She slipped my baggy sweats down my legs, revealing my boxers hiding my ferocious erection. She just slid her hands along my thighs and I continued to kiss along the nape of her neck, up and around to slope of her neck to Her shoulder. Whispering every so often how good she tastes. I managed to get the teddy loose as she started to breathe a bit heavier, almost panting. My hands smoothed over her skin, caressing her perky and suckle breasts, every so often looking into her eyes, when they were open. The tunes of 100% Genuine album filled the room, “Do you remember” was the track….it just took our intensity to the next level, she quickly removed my shirt as I began to massage her heavy d-cupped breasts, teasingly nibbling at each nipple, they erected like chocolate thimbles. As she moaned I slipped my fingers inside her thongs, her body nearly puddling up around my fingers as they find her warmest place with ease.

I couldn’t take this anymore, I lifted her up by her arms and grabbed her ass to walk her over to the couch, kissing passionately as I gently rested her on her back, removing her thongs as I pulled them down her legs. Her skin was so smooth and flawless, it just made me want to devour her ass. My sensuous ways took over as I began to lick her inner thighs, keeping my eyes squarely on her as my thumb presses on her thick pink clit…it slips off of her she’s so wet…and she begins to squirm at my touch.

I place my lips over her clit and begin to gently suck with my lips, her feet rest on my back Sliding up and down me as she moans in ecstasy. I begin to slide my fingers inside of her, trying to discover her spot so in can exploit it. I had become a master at pleasuring in this position, she was just the latest victim of my prowess. I raised her legs back so I could taste her from bottom to top, she released a moan that begged of intercourse. My body somehow identified and I happily obliged. I pulled her up to kiss me, slipping my erection through my boxers. My tip lubed with my own excitement juices, perfect for entry. I sat on the couch and pulled her on top of me as her wet pussy kissing the head of my dick just slipped in as she bit my shoulder. “Fuck you’re wide!” She said as I slowly guided her down me. That ass wasn’t phat, but it was a handful to grasp as her beautiful titts heaved on my face slowly. I could tell by her motion that she wasn’t as fluid in her hips, but her pussy was wet and hadn’t been broken in, which gave me all the info I needed to know. I gripped her ass cheeks and began to drop that ass on me at a pace she could handle. Her wet pussy began to color me white as she creamed on me with each stroke. Her arms wrapped around my neck as she hung on for dear life, my hips beginning to rock with a rhythm she hadn’t had before. I could tell she wanted to try and fuck me back, but she wasn’t nearly as skilled, so she took it gladly.

I lifted her under her legs and turned her around to lay her on her back, she layed there, completely open to me. I slowly lowered myself into her, slow grinding my hips which sent a jolt of energy up her spine, she orgasmed after a few strokes, just as I began to catch a rhythm with her. She wrapped her legs around my back and took me deep, whispering “fuck me, fuck me” I began to just use my hips to thrust through her attempts to match my stroke. She moaned as her juicy ass tits heaved up and down her chest. My eyes focused on how beautiful her body looked in this candle light. She kissed me as I continue to stroke in and out of her wetness.

I suddenly felt my balls tightening again, her wet pussy finally began to weaken my erection. I moaned in her ear as I tried to raise up, I whispered to her “Ima nutt on your chest Tiff….” As I pulled up she layed on her back watching as my orgasm warmly dropped on her skin, she played in it as my sticky load landed on her beautiful breasts and stomach, a puddle of me rested right at her belly button. The fragrance of my cologne oil and our sex Fragrances mixed the air with her candles, an aroma of sensuality and relaxation filled our nostrils…I kissed her gently on her lips laying limping dick against her stomach. She grabbed it tightly and whispered “I can see why you had her ass screaming. So damn wide..” “Nah, that’s yo pussy being so tight! Were the words used in my response. Her pussy literally drained my life force. I could hardly stand as I lay next to her on the couch relaxing momentarily. Suddenly I hear the creak of a door move. I move my eyes back towards the rest of the apartment only to see Lisa leaning against the doorway of the bedroom, her eyes glaring and watching me rest comfortably next to Tiffani. She slowly walked back into her bedroom and closed the door gently. She wouldn’t bother us the rest of the night.


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