The 3-Sum - Pt 3

As my fingers pressed into the small of her back more I slipped my thumb in my mouth and pressed it onto her wet ass hole…. she dilated in the midst of her orgasm , which kept me extremely turned on and engaged. I pressed my thumb into the entry and she instantly orgasmed again, I instantly look down and found myself covered in her DNA. She began to passionately moan and whisper “your thumb is in my ass Monroe! You’re such a fuckin freak!” I dropped dollop of my saliva between her cheeks to loosen her ass a bit more, ignited by her cries of passion I decided to push in further with my thumb. As I stroked up I kept my length deep In her, the thin skin between her ass and pussy took on the shape of my girth as I felt the shape of my erection through her ass. I immediately took my loose hand and smacked that phat ass of hers.

I slowly removed my thumb and began to focus on another orgasm…mine.

I began to long stroke her wet ass pussy as it began to foam at the hilt of my thickness, the sheer look and feel of her silk insides began to cause a reaction in me. My egg like balls began to tighten instead of flap against her, my legs began to feel like rubber. “Shit I’m bout to nutt all ova yo back” I told her, only to get a reply of “No, let me catch it!” I pulled out instantly as her response sent me into a frenzied orgasm. I jerked every jet of my intense release out as she took me on with pride and desire. My moans echoed throughout the apartment as she began to milk me with her mouth, continuously handling my potent release.

No sooner than she placed me in her mouth we hear keys unlock the front door…It was my classmate! Her eyes darted through her roommate as she observed my nutt all over Lisa’s face and chest. She just walked by mumbling “I could hear your ass moaning across the fucking parking lot. Just had to fuck his ass…” Her door slams with ferocity as we both stood there speechless. “She’ll get over it” Lisa said, with such confidence at that. I wasn’t so sure. “Did you just see that? She could’ve burnt a fuckin hole thru yo ass. I better roll, looks like y'all have some talking to do.” “No! Stay” she said. For a moment her face displayed the look of remorse, her head down and in thought over what just transpired. She took her clothes and slowly walked back into the bedroom to talk to her.

Tiffani was a rather quiet yet mischievous woman. Always calculating and very ambitious when it came to something she wanted. I know because she constantly seduced me with her eyes, her words, and her gestures. They were subtle, yet very clear intentions she had, and she made it clear then that she wanted me. I never knew I was the object of her twisted game until later that night.

I heard them arguing in the room as I pulled up my sweats and sat on the couch, in shock that I just got walked in on. Damn what was I thinking? I knew she was coming home soon, we had discussed it. I just allowed my dick to run me….but then again she seduced me….who was I to refuse? Shes a woman with needs….I helped fulfill her need….hell, I’m not married, neither is she!“ I continued this discussion in my head as the bedroom door swung open quickly. Tiffani comes out in a cut off t shirt and shorts, her enormous and beautiful black breasts hang out the bottom slightly as she stands there staring at me shirtless. "You gon take a shower? U can use my shower if you want.” She turns around and mumbles “probably got her pussy juice stuck to yo balls” and again she slams the door.

I sit there in deep thought, wondering if I should stay or go. I didn’t even have a change of clothes and the fragrance of my release was still in the air. My dick halfway hard at the site of her skinny waist and big ass tits under that t shirt. “I’m out Tiff, I’ll call you later!” I yell outside her door as I put my shirt back on and pull my sweats up. I hear no reply so I slowly walk out the apartment thinking I’ll never get a chance to see where things would lead with her. I would soon find out I was sooo wrong about that….


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