The 3-Sum - Pt 2

I woke up the next morning with a text from Tiffani. It read “come by my house around 6:30 tonight. Alone.” GOOD. Finally a chance to be alone with her. Finally a chance to take out all these years of sexual frustration towards her. Finally a real chance to see what she’s all about. I got out of class that evening and showered on campus, not wasting any time with getting over to her place. I was in a calmed frenzy, aching to put to rest all the thoughts and trash talk. I arrived at her place in what seemed liked 5 minutes even though it was a 45 minute drive. I knocked on the door, dressed casually in sweats, but with another seductive fragrance draped all over me. The door opened and to my surprise it was Lisa. “Hey! what are you doing here?” I had the look of confusion and shock on my face, somehow hidden was my gazing at her amazing figure. “Uhh…Tiff said for me to come through…She here?” “Not yet, she’ll be here shortly though. You can wait for her.” She gently grabs and locks fingers with me, pulling me into the apartment. “Can I get you something?” She asked, full of energy. “Nah, I’m cool. I’m just gonna lay here if that’s cool? Long day.” Her response wasn’t what I expected, but definitely provoked an involuntary response. “It’s cool….as long as I can see what Tiff was so energized about last night.” My eyes widened, curious and turned on at the same time. “She obviously was impressed about something. I wanna be impressed too.” “Well, she grabbed ahold of something I don’t think she was really ready for to be honest. ” I had to chill.“ "Well I’m ready, and I don’t want you to chill.” she immediately reached for my pants, slowly loosening the tie, revealing me from my sweats. “You a fuckin freak” I spoke at her, almost taunting her naughtiness. “I bet you can’t swallow me tho.” “Lets find out” were her words, as she slowly stroked me to life quicker and quicker. Her grip squeezed my thickening pulse as she twisted me in her grasp. She gazed in awe of my firm and glistening milk chocolate erection, I slightly yet firmly wrapped my hand around her ponytail with swiftness, assisting her in her effort to take me in one swallow.

She struggled in her efforts at first slightly gagging as she attempted to place me in the back of her willing and passionate throat. I watched as she placed her soft hands on my stomach, seeming to be reaching for something to grasp, she enjoyed this sweet and sensual moment of lust she gave into. Her lips began to place a wet suction around the shaft as her right hand gripped the base, twisting in the opposite direction….a technique I began to slightly moan to. I started taunting her slightly, whispering in her ear “how long u been wanting to taste that”

She slowly rose off me, wiping her lips as she stroked the remaining saliva onto my thick tip….“The moment I laid my eyes on you I knew I had to have you” was her reply. Lisa was a Puerto Rican and black Amazon. She was an aerobics instructor part time, and part time clerk at the airport, so meeting men wasn’t an issue for her, there was just something about the idea of her having her roommates high school crush that moved her. A self serving urge that motivated her passion to please.

Her insatiable appetite for sex contributed to her direct and seductive approach as well as she slid her wet tongue up the back of my already wet dick laying against my stomach. I began to fondle her as she pursued her passion to taste me. I slipped my fingers in my mouth , lubing my fingertips just in case her entry wasn’t prepared for me and BOY was I wrong. I slipped her sweat pants off her waist as she positioned herself up on the couch, eagerly awaiting my fingers to penetrate her wanting insides. I started to hear whimpers of passion escape her lips as she paused momentarily, catching her breath and preparing for my play… her back slightly arched as she slid back against my fingers toying with her luv button ever so gently.

She damn near orgasmed right then, her mouth still over my tip, slight drops of saliva hanging along the side of my dick attached to her lips. She began to feverishly throat me, forcing a reaction from me so that she wasn’t alone moaning. I tried to maintain my control in the moment, but her passion overtook my restraint, as my moans began to increase. I whispered in her ear as she continued to bob her head up and down me.

“U wanna FUCK me?” I asked her over and over until she stopped sucking and replied “YES” I quickly got up, dropping my saliva soaked sweats and standing up behind her. She preceded to drop her pants and I noticed she had no panties on, so I replied “ur so bad and this is what bad bitches get”

I slipped my stiff ass dick under her opening, slipping it past her clit repeatedly, watching her reaction, looking for evidence of her passion to show up on me. I could hear the sounds of her wetness slosh against the tip of my blackness. Her hips began to sway back and forth, trying to match my motion to trap me inside her.

I teased her a bit more, then placed my right leg on the couch and thrusted myself inside her with force. I felt and heard her gasp instantly, and trapped her in position by pulling her hair back slightly. I asked her as I began to slowly stroke her at an angle “this what you wanted?” She barely spoke, paralyzed with passion and the feeling of my skin melting into hers. She echoed “God yes” and arched her back slightly as I began to use my hips to thrust through her. She was as warm as she was wet, her legs firm and well toned..she rose on her tip toes to try and gain leverage as my strokes began to increase in intensity. She began to yelp slightly, succumbing to her passion and my penetration with each ass clapping stroke, her ass began to smack against my stomach and vibrate with beautiful motion. I took my hands off her hair and placed my thumbs in the small of her back, forcing her to arch her back slightly more. She moaned as my stokes began to get shorter and harder, I could feel her tightening her grip as her orgasm intensified…..


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