The 3-Sum - Pt 1

December couldn’t have started out better for me. I got my new apartment, I had just transferred to the university of my dreams and my favorite cousin was staying with my parents for the holidays. Things in my life for some reason were just clicking. I was in a groove so to speak. Life just couldn’t get much better…or so I thought. I decided to pick up my cousin and hang out for a bit that night. He was fresh out of the pen, but was laser sharp focused on making his life better, so I figured what the heck, let me see if I can get him a job with me part time. We decided to meet up over a late snack at IHOP to discuss the details of getting him a job. I dressed casually that night, but still GQ enough to attract the slightest wondering eye. I decided to wear a black polo fleece, sleeves pulled up to mid forearm. Kenneth Cole dark denim jeans. slim but not baggy and a pair of black Nike air max - air huaraches. I decided to spruce myself with a little cologne, Armani Black Code. I normally keep my hair low cut, but for the winter, I decided to let it grow out. My hair gets a bit curly when long, so I tapered the sides and rear to keep it clean. As usual, my goatee was perfectly groomed as I splashed a bit of aftershave on my cheeks and neck before heading out. I picked him up and we headed to IHOP to chop it up.

It was about 11:45 pm as we enter the lobby and all of a sudden I hear a soft sensual yet jokingly tone “what’s up BIG head!” I could recognize that voice anywhere, It was my high school class mate Tiffani. She smarted at the sight of me but quickly smiled and embraced me warmly. My eyes immediately became fixated on her incredibly noticeable melanin enhanced cleavage lending itself to constant random stares around the restaurant. It appeared she and a friend had just arrived from some event, as they certainly weren’t dressed for evening coffee. Tiffani was wearing a formal dress, slender in appearance, yet bubbling in certain noticeable areas. Her black dress cut off just above her kneecaps, dark eye liner surrounded her telling eyes. Her smooth silky legs revealed slight tone, but her stiletto heels were an amazing compliment to her attire. The choker necklace she wore was the binding tie to her already dark sensual demeanor that evening. I nearly lost site of her towering female friend standing next to her. “Oh, I’m sorry, this is my friend Lisa.” Lisa’s eyes lit up with appeal as she leaned over to embrace me with the warmest of hugs. “hello there! God you smell good!” She laughed as she pulled back slightly, teasingly biting her pointer nail. “Thanks. This is my cousin Terry, Terry, this is my classmate Tiffani and her friend Lisa”. My cousin’s eyes fixated themselves on my classmates’ tender delicacies that perked before us as well. It seemed that every man that night was under her charming spell. “Would you ladies care to sit? We were just gonna bull shit a little.” “Sure, no harm in that right?” Lisa replied with such a sarcastic yet interested tone.

Her eyes seemed to be drifting towards me more and more. I could feel her pheromones emitting from her loins. Sensuality was in the air heavy that evening, undeniable to everyone at the table. Our small talk became laughs and memories of old high school interactions. The more Tiffani talked the more Lisa became interested in my boy-scout ways. “Oh come on, he’s not THAT innocent” she said. He never approached me. I think he was just so scared that I’d screw his brains out that he didn’t know what to do" was Tiffani’s confident reply. I scoffed at the idea of being Intimidated by her, even though it was partially true. Tiffani always had a sexual awareness about herself. She was also very curious of me, to the point that I knew she’d fuck me in a heartbeat. Time didn’t lend itself to us getting together back then, but times have certainly changed. “Tiffani and I are gonna have some drinks tomorrow night, you guys should definitely come over” Lisa eagerly mentioned, almost insisting we’d regret it if we didn’t. “Sounds good, we’ll be there” I said, exchanging numbers and confidently smirking in the direction of my classmate. We all embraced each other briefly and left for the evening. No sooner then dropping my cousin off I had a text in my phone from Tiffani. She had sent her address with a short reply of “looking forward to 2morrow nite.” At that moment I knew things were going to be different with her this time around.

The following night my cousin and I arrived at their apartment, anticipating what was to come. We started the evening off with small talk, jokes and cards, casually flirting each way; my cousin with Tiffani, Lisa with me, Lisa with my cousin, Tiffani with me. Tiffani’s energy oozed the desire to take care of unfinished business. Her conversation followed suit. “I bet you cant even get it hard rite now” she said, antagonizing me, daring me to make a move. I calmly laughed it off and excused myself to the bathroom. My dick started to twitch with spazmatic ferocity. almost uncontrollable. I pulled it out momentarily in the bathroom, having a conversation with him as if we’re in conflict. Talking myself down, even though everything in me wants to fuck her brains out. “It’s not the right time” I mumble to myself. I zip up my pants and wash my hands to exit the bathroom and no sooner than I exit Tiffani stands in the way of my exit, smirking and laughing as I try to make my way past her. “let me feel it” she mumbled jokingly. The drinks starting to take effect on her inhibitions with every passing second. As I attempt to head back to the table she grips my firmly stiff package. She surprisingly yells “Oh my GOD! I had NO idea!” she laughs and tries to pull my pants down, the liquor speaking to her mind as her body follows. I calmly lift her up and say “You lit Tiff. Lets just call it a night tonite ok? Don’t want you doing something you not ready for. Yo cuz, lets roll.” I caught everyone off guard that night, his eyes motioned to my classmate that we wasn’t interested in going anywhere. I just played it off, stating I had classes tomorrow morning. My intentions for Tiffani were certainly to have her, but on my terms. I’ve always been the alpha type, wanting it my way, when I want it, how I want it. She certainly wasn’t liking the idea of letting me leave. “Fine, just hit me tomorrow” she shrugged as she walked us to the front door. “What the fuck u doin cuz!!??” They was down to fuck!“ My cousin scolded me for my response. It had been several years for him and I had just denied him the opportunity to end that streak. I did sort of feel bad about the moment getting away, but she clearly wasn’t interested in him and didn’t want to risk letting him get offended by my classmate. Her friend Lisa seemed to be taking an interest in me the entire time, but I paid it no mind. Somehow I knew the stakes had just got raised for me. I had to redeem myself soon, and Tiffani just provided me a way to do it.


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