Episode at Sea

Info Maribelle7
06 Jan. '19

Madison pushed open the door of the lounge and looked around – there were more people than she expected at three in the afternoon, but there was plenty of space at the bar. She glanced down – the sparkling red dress that hugged her curves and fell halfway down her thigh was a little dressy for afternoon, but not out of place on a cruise ship. Anyway, she loved the feel of the soft material brushing against her bare skin with the sway of the ship as she made her way across the room. She was careful to keep the short red dress under her bare ass as she slid onto a stool. 

Glancing at the proffered list, she ordered a glass of champagne and then, with her heart pounding and a grin she couldn’t stop, she pulled out her phone. She typed, “There is a woman at the bar at the forward lido deck in a red dress that seems your type. You should go chat her up and see what happens.”

 She sipped her champagne and had to bite her lip to keep from giggling out loud. This was the third day of their long-awaited cruise, and there was no slowing down yet. Her heart was pounding, and it was hard to keep quiet from the spasms already clenching her body.

When she had left Joe an hour or so before he was in a chair by the pool, soaking up the sun.  After a morning of play in bed before and after breakfast, and then messing around in the pool until they almost got kicked out, she told him she was going to leave him to his sunbathing, browse some shops, get a manicure and meet him before dinner. Instead she scurried to the cabin, got cleaned up, put on one of his favorite dresses and made her way to the bar, waiting to get picked up by the sexiest man on the ship.

She picked up her phone again to glance at the time. Joe had replied: “Mmmmm.” She was curious how long it would take him to get to her. She pictured him hurrying to the cabin, getting showered and dressed in record time and making his way to her, rock hard the entire time. She put the phone on silent and put it in her purse. The anticipation was killing her, her breath catching and her thighs wet, and it took all her willpower not to turn and stare at the door. She had purposely picked a seat facing away, with her back to his approach. She wanted to be surprised, and seduced. She wanted to be swept away by a handsome stranger in an exotic land.

 She couldn’t help a glance at her phone – it had only been ten minutes. It would take that long to travel the length of the ship and back. She looked up from her champagne to order another, and caught the eye of a man down the bar. He was smiling, and his smiled broadened and he nodded as she glanced his way. She nodded back and glanced away, feeling the heat rise on her face. If he had been watching her, what in the world had her expression been? She was grinning from ear to ear, and gasping at the mini-orgasms that triggered at even the thought of Joe sliding in beside her and hearing his voice. She glanced back and the man was still watching her, with a pleasant smile and a little lean forward, ready to come over at the slightest encouragement, she thought.

She pointedly glanced at the door, then looked away. Oh, shit, she thought. This wasn’t the scenario she wanted. Although – the blush rose not just on her face but on her whole body as she suddenly could picture it, if Joe came in, looking for her, and found her sitting and talking with another man. The other man – she glanced up to see what he looked like, for she had hardly noticed, and quickly looked away again when she saw he was still watching her and  inclined his head at her glance. There would be no pretense that she and Joe didn’t know each other, no stranger picking her up. Joe would get his hands on her, slide an arm around her waist or shoulders, possessive and strong. He would tower over the guy, all alpha male, politely introduce himself, somehow letting him know that this was his woman and Mr. Bar-Hugger could just fuck the hell right off.   

Oh fuck.  God that was hot, imagining him claiming her, probably swooping in for a thorough kiss, eating her up, just to make sure both she and the stranger got the message.

“Hi, gorgeous.”

She couldn’t help a yelp when Joe’s warm voice was in her ear, his body warm even though he wasn’t touching her.

“Oh, fuck,” she whispered. “Um, hi.” Holy shit, she thought. He was wearing a black shirt, a few buttons undone. It was different shirt, somehow silkier or cut different, and oh god he looked hot.

“What’s a beautiful woman like you doing here all by yourself?” he murmured, leaning in. She could feel the heat from him and feel the spasms deep in her belly as her body responded to him, even though he hadn’t touched her yet.

“Um –“ she had to swallow hard and sip her champagne before she could answer. “Just worked out that way, I guess.”

“Well, that’s a shame. A gorgeous woman like you should have company.”

“I guess.” She looked up at him, biting her lip. He always looked hot, no matter what he was wearing – or especially nothing at all – but this really got her going. The black shirt unbuttoned, tight black slacks, a discreet gold chain and matching watch and rings – she felt like she was meeting a secret agent in Havana. His gaze traveled up and down her body. He shifted on the stool next to her and she saw his hand clench on the bar. She knew his cock was rock hard, and he was imagining sliding his hand up her thigh under the short dress to see if she was wearing panties.

“It does seem a shame to be alone in a place like this, doesn’t it?” she asked. She couldn’t help but glance at the bar guy. He was no longer staring right at her but was watching them out of the corner of his eye, his smile gone.

Joe followed her gaze, and his eyes narrowed. “It does,” he said, somewhere between a purr and a growl. “Can I buy you a drink?” 

“Yes,” she said simply. She didn’t have the voice or brain for anything else.

Joe got the bartender’s attention and ordered drinks. He slid his hand across the small of her back, flexing his fingers and pressing into her. She heard his breath catch at the smallest whimper that escaped her at his touch. 

Joe turned sideways on the stool, leaning toward her and framing her with his thighs. She laced her fingers together to keep from running her hand along his big cock, rock hard and visible through his slacks. He moved toward her until his mouth was inches from her. “I hate for you to be alone. Would you like some company?”

His voice was low and warm. She knew he had to be going crazy with wanting her, but he was so calm and confident, so collected. She pretended to think it over, sipping her drink and glancing away.

“Hmmm.” She peeked up at him and let her teeth barely catch her lower lip, but the effect of being unsure and innocent was ruined – or maybe enhanced – by the little gasps she couldn’t help. Her tummy contracted over and over, climaxes shaking her as she tried to stay quiet and still, until she had to close her eyes and bear down, riding it out.

She heard his low growl and caught her breath again when she could finally open her eyes and focus on him. He had scooted closer and his hand was solid on her back, supporting her.

“Damn,” he said softly. No one else in the bar knew what was going on in her body, but he knew. She knew that he could imagine what that would feel like if his cock was deep in her, feeling her whole body clenching him.

She took a deep breath and fidgeted on her stool. If she hadn’t soaked through her dress yet, she would soon. “What was the question?”

He laughed and moved in, his breath right in her ear. “I want to strip you naked, get you out of that gorgeous dress, and kiss down your beautiful body. I’m going to get my mouth in that luscious pussy, and then slide my rock hard cock in you and fuck you like there’s no tomorrow.”

“Oh. God.”

“Are you wearing panties?” His hand slipped up her thigh, under cover of the bar.


“Good girl.” His fingertips brushed her pussy and she had to clench her teeth to keep from crying out. “Let’s go.”

“Ok.” She was so breathless she could hardly talk. Joe held up the cabin key for the bartender as he helped her slide off the stool. “I’m glad I’m not in the heels,” she said. “I can hardly stand.”

“I’ll hold you up.”

His arm was strong around her as they made their way across the room. The second they were out the door she couldn’t even tell who had moved first – she was up against the wall, his body crushing hers as they devoured each other. His kisses sent her again, his mouth swallowing her cries as she arched against him. He slid his hand under her dress and grabbed her bare ass, dipping his fingertips into her soaking wet pussy, and then caught her as she almost collapsed.

“Oh, fuck.” His low growl sent another spasm through her. His arm still supporting her, he slid her dress back down and moved away from her a bit. She whimpered and clung to him, not ready to turn loose of his heat and strength. She became vaguely aware there were other people in the corridor, and loosened her grip enough for his to straighten and slide his arm again around her waist. They joked about how she lost her mind in this state, but awareness of what was around her and any sense of time truly did get overwhelmed by the sensations coursing through every inch of her body.

“Come on, sweetheart. I need to get you back to the cabin.” He swept her through the halls and she saw him looking around the whole way. She knew what he was searching for, but there were no little dark corners for fucking on the lido deck of a cruise ship at four in the afternoon.

He swept her up for more kisses as they waited for the elevator, and she had an irrational hope it would be empty. If it was, he would be inside her the instant the doors closed, and she would lose count of her climaxes before the next floor. But of course it wasn’t. Joe stepped to the back, spun her around and pulled her firmly back against him, both of them leaning on the back wall. She felt the length of him hot and hard against her ass, and had to fight not the grind against him.

Two interminable stops later, his hands on her hips just barely moving her back and forth against him, they were finally at their floor and they were racing hand-in-hand through the hall.

Again she was crushed up against the wall, moaning into his kisses. He had one arm around her waist, pulling her close, and the other fumbling with the key card.

“Hurry,” she moaned into his neck, then buried her face against him to muffle another cry. Finally a click and the door swung open, he swung her inside, kicked the door closed, and in an instant he grabbed the hem of her dress and it was gone, pulled over her head and flung out of sight. She kicked off her shoes and stood nude, flushed and panting, letting him take her in, before moving back into his arms.

“Oh, shit,” he groaned. When she pushed his fumbling hands away to undo his shirt buttons he braced himself and swept her up against him, his devouring kisses setting her off again, and again. She clung to him, her knees weak, hanging on his neck for support while he frantically tried to get out of his clothes, fumbling with cuff buttons and kicking off his shoes.

She finally stepped back for a moment and his clothes were gone and he was on her, bare skin against bare skin, kisses igniting, his hands in her hair, on her back, on her ass, his cock hard and hot against her belly.

All thought was gone – her whole body was sensation, the feel and sound and taste of him, and she knew it was the same for him. She loved that she did this to him. Joe was a man in control, strong and collected and in charge, and she drove him crazy. He lost it with her, lost himself and lost control, and she loved it.  She didn’t remember how but she was on her back and he slid her legs over his shoulders and dove in, tasting, sucking, his tongue probing and teasing her soaking wet pussy.

“Oh God, oh God - ” She barely knew she was crying out as she writhed against the bed, but he held her thighs and she couldn’t move far. She felt the vibration of his moans of pleasure, and she was screaming, arching, fingers digging into his arm and then grabbing his head. She couldn’t stand it but didn’t want it ever to stop.

On and on – she knew he loved this, making her insane, making her scream until her throat was raw, her body convulsing all over the bed. It went on forever, every instant more than she could stand but somehow her body could take more and more.

Finally he moved up her body, coming in for kisses with his face slick and sweet with her juices. He pulled back to watch her face as he slid in, slow at first, making way for himself, but as huge as he was and as tight as she was, she was so ready. He slid his knees on the bed and starting pumping, filling her up over and over, and her climaxes started again but deeper. She could feel she was squeezing the whole length of him, up into her belly, and she was lost.

Somehow they had gotten turned around and she opened her eyes to see the curve of his neck, his shoulder. His body was pressed on her, his arm was around her neck, his panting harsh in her ear, his body surging into her. His sweat was on her and she tasted the salt on his neck and her own juices still when he kissed her. Every sense was filled completely, the whole universe was this moment and the pleasure, almost unbearable, raging through her.

Through the haze she felt the tempo shift and quicken, and heard the cries of his climax. “Oh – fuck - ” It built again and she was contracting hard, coming all around his cock even while he filled her up. On and on – it seemed to go on forever, that moment of climax for both of them.

Finally, finally, he slowed and stopped, half propped on her body, and her spasms slowed. They were both drenched in sweat, gasping, shaking.

“Oh my god,” he groaned, lifting off her body and rolling to his side, pulling her with him.

“Yeah,” she said, still breathless. “Wow, baby.”

“Oh my god, that was hot.” He slid a hand around her ass and pulled her closer. “I love that dress. I love that you don’t wear panties.”

“I know. That’s why I do it.” 

“Wow. That was a Fourth of July.”

“I could tell.” She reached up to stroke his face.  “What was this, three times so far today?”

“Uh-huh. You might wear me out.”

She grinned and kissed his shoulder. “Oh, I doubt it.”

He rolled to his back with a sigh and she cuddled up on his shoulder, dozing off only to wake up to fingers stroking her body and kisses on her breasts and neck before he swung his body over hers, sweet gentle lovemaking as she drifted awake.


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