The Insemination Files - Part Two

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05 Jan. '19

The Insemination Files Part Two

Ryan was feeling pretty chuffed with himself after his first meeting as a sperm donor. He had already agreed a second session with Carla and Mike and if the first meet was anything to go by, he was looking forward to another very horny encounter.

The next person that had replied to his ad was a young lady called Emily. She desperately wanted to have a baby but with no long-term partner on the horizon and not wanting endless one night stands, she had decided to contact Ryan. He had sent her back potential dates for a meeting and she had replied that tomorrow would be good, maybe they could meet for a drink? She had even sent a picture of herself and Ryan was delighted that she was a very pretty girl. He returned the favour by sending one back of him, taken at the beach during the summer. Her one word reply of “Wow” made him smile. This had the makings of another good meeting.

Ryan arrived early at the café bar where they had agreed to meet. It was quite busy but not so loud that they couldn’t chat. He ordered himself a soft drink then sat in a fairly secluded booth where he could see Emily arrive, but could then chat with her without being overheard. 7.00pm came and went and Ryan was starting to think maybe Emily had changed her mind. Then he remembered that most people weren’t as punctual as he was! Sure enough, about ten minutes later, Emily walked in to the bar looking a bit apprehensive. Ryan stood and waved her attention, which she saw and walked over to the booth. Formal introductions out of the way, Ryan offered to buy Emily a drink, which she accepted. “Rum and Coke please, I need something to settle my nerves!” she said with a little laugh. Ryan said “No need to be nervous Emily, we’re just two people out for a quiet drink. I’m a nice bloke, really!” Emily smiled back at Ryan and nodded, so he trotted off to the bar and returned with a large rum and coke and a gin and tonic for himself.

They exchanged a few mundane pleasantries before Ryan asked her if she still wanted to go ahead with her plan to have a baby and raise it alone. “Oh yes,” Emily replied. “No change of heart from me, and having now met you, I think you’d be just perfect. If I find out you have a big cock too, I might want to marry you!” Ryan coughed as he laughed and the ice was well and truly broken. “I didn’t have you down as that kind of girl, Emily!” Ryan chastised her. She giggled, replying “Well, I’m not really, but this is a surreal situation, so all normal rules go out of the window as far as I’m concerned.” “Fair enough, I suppose,” said Ryan. “But I think we should try and have a bit of fun along the way, don’t you?” Emily grinned, “Abso-bloody-lutely! Oh, and me wanting to marry you was just a joke, I’m not a bunny-boiler, I promise!” Ryan heaved a huge, theatrical sigh of relief and said “Just as well, if you know what I mean,” and winked at her. Emily blushed a bit and asked “Really?” Ryan nodded, “I guess you’ll find out soon enough.” Emily wrinkled her eyes as she said “We can’t go to my place cos I live with my parents, as I told you. When you sent me your picture, I immediately booked a hotel room for the night and it’s five minutes’ walk away. What do you think?” Ryan said “Hmm, I think I fancy a five minute walk….”

They left the bar and Emily linked her arm around Ryan’s. Was this turning into a date, he wondered? He didn’t really care at this point, they both had a real spring in their steps as they walked quickly to the hotel that Emily had booked. “You were that confident I’d be OK? asked Ryan, as they walked through reception. “No doubt in my mind,” Emily replied. “Anyone who uses real words and punctuation in an email is aces in my book!”

They exited the lift on Emily’s floor and walked quickly to the room. Emily fiddled with the key card for a moment before the lock clicked. As they walked into the room, the door barely had time to close loudly behind them before Emily turned around, reached up and kissed Ryan. It was a passionate, lingering kiss which firstly took Ryan a bit by surprise and secondly, sent a shiver down his back and into his groin. Emily was feeling the same shivers of excitement and anticipation running through her whole body and her pussy was starting to tingle.

The kiss continued and they were both enjoying making out. As it got more intense, Ryan pushed his hands up inside the back of Emily’s top, searching for her bra strap. When he didn’t find one, he smiled to himself. Her breasts didn’t need support, they were so firm. They weren’t big, probably no more than a ‘C’ cup, but as he moved his hands around to the front of her body and cupped first one, then the other, they felt so soft and beautiful, just perfect. Emily let out a sigh as he gently rubbed his thumbs over each nipple, then she started to wriggle out of the rest of her clothes. Ryan stood back and stripped off and was standing fully naked when Emily turned around to look at him. “Oh my fucking god!” she exclaimed. “You really weren’t kidding!” Ryan smiled, knowing the sight of his fully erect cock was an impressive one.

Emily now sat on the edge of the bed and motioned to Ryan to join her. He was about to flop down next to her when she held her hand up and stopped him. “I’m not going to let this opportunity slip away,” she said, teasingly. Ryan was now stood right in front of her and Emily reached out to touch his cock for the first time. It had been bursting out of his boxers when they started making out and he really wanted her to stroke him, which she did. Her eyes were wide with delight as she stroked this huge hard dick, pulling the foreskin right back, revealing the shiny glans. “God, I’ve never seen one this big before, never mind been fucked by one,” she said. “I’d like to suck it?” she asked, coyly, looking Ryan in the eyes. “Mmm, yes please,” Ryan replied. Emily moved her lips towards the head of Ryan’s cock and kissed it tenderly, before licking it then running her tongue all around it. Ryan let out a moan, encouraging her to continue. She then sucked gently, allowing it to slide into her mouth. Ryan was expecting her to only take a few inches and was absolutely amazed when she didn’t stop, taking his full 9 inches all the way into her mouth and throat. She had no gag reflex at all and seemed to relish the feeling of this huge cock filling her throat completely. She eased her head back, letting this monster out almost completely, before pushing forward again and swallowing it.

Ryan’s head was spinning. He’d thought Emily would be demur and she looked like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. Then he heard her use lewd language, marvelled at how she had taken the lead with their meeting, and now this! He was so looking forward to fucking her, but he decided to keep the foreplay going for a while yet. After a good five minutes of Emily slurping on Ryan’s massive member, Ryan needed her to ease off. As much as he would have enjoyed it, he didn’t want to cum in Emily’s mouth. His sperm was very much destined for somewhere else this evening. “How about I return the favour?” he suggested. “Oh god, yes! I thought you’d never ask!” Emily replied. She leant back so she was lying on the bed with her legs dangling over the edge.. Ryan got down on his knees then ran his hands all over Emily’s soft, smooth young body. She moaned quietly and was anticipating the thrill of Ryan’s tongue exploring her pussy.

He kissed her belly very gently, running his tongue around her sexy belly button. Then, he traced his tongue down her pubis. There was no trace of hair or any roughness, it was the smoothest pussy he’d ever encountered. His tongue continued to work, first down the inside of one thigh, then back up all around her pubic mound and back down the other. Emily could feel his hot breath on her pussy lips and was desperate for Ryan to lick them. She shuddered as the tip of his tongue flicked her clitoris then ran down her labia. Long licks all around the outside of her pussy that were driving Emily wild with excitement. Her pussy lips had swollen and her clit was erect and it felt like little electric shocks every time Ryan’s tongue flicked against it. Ryan was loving this too. Eating a sexy girl out was one of his favourite activities, and he was relishing this perfect pussy that was wide open in front of him. He twisted his head slightly so he could ‘French kiss’ her lips, mimicking the mouth kisses they shared earlier. Then he decided to slip his tongue into her as far as he could, without warning. Emily shrieked as he did this, shouting “Oh for fuck’s sake! You are so damn good at this, you’re gonna make me cum!”

Ryan’s tongue continued to work in and out of Emily’s now dripping pussy. He adored the taste of her and couldn’t resist giving his cock a stroke as he tongue-fucked her. Her moans were growing louder and her breathing was coming in gasps, then as he planted a loving kiss on her clit, sucking quite hard, Emily’s orgasm hit her like a runaway train. “Aaaaagh, fuck, yes!” she shouted, loud enough to be heard in reception. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” she continued as Ryan lapped up the copious juices flowing down her pussy lips. They dripped down her crack into her anus and Ryan didn’t flinch, moving his head lower, lifting her legs into the air, then licking her tight, puckered asshole. Emily nearly passed out at this point. Her breathing was laboured and she was twitching wildly, so Ryan came up for air, moved alongside her on the bed and held her tight. Emily looked at Ryan and she had tears in her eyes. No words were spoken for at least five minutes. Ryan just cuddled Emily as she came down from her shuddering orgasm. They lay there like lovers, Emily had tears running down her cheeks and Ryan stroked her hair tenderly. “Are you OK, Emily?” asked Ryan, seeing her tears and hoping they weren’t tears of regret. He secretly knew they weren’t, but he needed confirmation. “No, I’m not fucking OK, you twit!” snapped Emily, taking Ryan by surprise. He looked at her, quizzically. “I’m so much better than OK, there isn’t a scale to measure it!. That was absolutely fucking mind blowing! How the hell did you learn to do that?” Emily asked, still shaking a bit. “I don’t know, maybe I’m a natural,” Ryan replied cheekily. “But it’s not hard to be good at something you love to do so much. Wanna go again?” he asked, only half joking. “Jesus, you really mean it, don’t you?” Emily laughed. Ryan nodded, with a big grin on his face. “But I think we need to do what we supposedly came here for, if that’s all right with you?” suggested Emily.

“I thought you’d never ask,” Ryan gently mocked her. “Whenever you’re ready, you sexy little minx!” he teased.  Emily replied “I’ve been ready since that rum and coke, you big stud!” and jumped up, moving her leg over Ryan so she could straddle him. “I’ve never had sex without a condom before,” Emily confided. “I wonder if it will feel different?” Ryan smiled at her and said “Only one way to find out.” He placed his hands on her hips and helped her into position. His cock was standing tall, ready for her to slide onto it. He didn’t intend to cum with her in this position, but thought it was a good way to start. He wasn’t sure how much of his cock Emily could take, but in this position, she was in charge of how deep inside her it would go.

Emily was so wet, she had no trouble sliding the head of Ryan’s cock into her waiting vagina. She eased herself onto it slowly and Ryan let out an encouraging sigh. “Oh my god, your cock is just amazing!” said Emily. “I can’t get enough of it!” She now had it about half way in and was letting herself slide further down with each stroke. “Your pussy is so tight and so damn hot,” Ryan spluttered. He was trying not to get carried away with the moment. He was feeling very loving and tender towards Emily right now, and wanted to call her ‘Baby’ or ‘Honey’ but didn’t think it was appropriate. When she sank fully down on to his huge cock, he let out a big moan and shouted “Oh Baby!” Emily giggled. “Baby, huh? Now who’s being soppy?” she goaded him. “Shut the fuck up and ride me, Baby!” ordered Ryan and goose bumps immediately ran up Emily’s spine.

Ryan held Emily’s hips and controlled the rhythm. He didn’t need to worry about controlling how deep he was fucking her, Emily was smashing herself down onto his groin, taking every inch Ryan had to offer and thoroughly enjoying it. She paused for a second to catch her breath and said “I want to try something, hang on a second.” Ryan had no idea what she wanted to do, but Emily knew exactly what she wanted. She lifted one leg over Ryan’s chest, span herself around while still impaled on Ryan’s awesome cock, then lifted her legs into a squat position. She was now bouncing up and down on Ryan with his cock entering her from behind and he had the best view in the house. He watched his big cock disappearing deep into Emily’s hungry snatch, then reappearing until it was three-quarters of the way out before disappearing once again. The sight was mesmerising and the feeling divine. The feeling was, in fact, almost too divine and Ryan felt the sap rising quickly. The next time Emily lifted up, he craftily moved his hips and his rigid cock slid out of her. “Don’t worry,” he said. “Stay there.” He was now on his knees behind her and Emily got the message. She grabbed a pillow, pushed her head down into it and raised her bum into the air. Ryan climbed aboard and resumed fucking Emily, with an increasing pace and urgency. She knew what was about to happen and she was clutching the bed cover with both hands, knowing she was going to cum again very soon. She had never been fucked this deeply before or without a condom. It did feel different. So much better and natural. She couldn't wait to feel him cum inside her.

Ryan’s head started to get fuzzy as the semen rose from his balls, erupting into Emily’s tight pussy, spurt after spurt after spurt, possibly the most intense orgasm he had aver had. Emily could feel herself being impregnated and the ferocity of his cumshot thrilled her beyond anything she’d ever experienced before, sending her over the edge into another massive shuddering orgasm. They were both moaning and gasping, cries of “Oh my god!” filling the room. Ryan could not believe how passionate this girl was and how hard he had just cum. He slowed his thrusting right down until he was kneeling behind her, completely still, hands on her hips. “I’m going to pull out now and you should roll over onto your back with a pillow under your hips, OK?” said Ryan. He didn't want to move at all and Emily obviously felt the same as she replied “Aww, can’t we stay like this all night?, grinning up at him. Ryan laughed and said “Are you ready?” He eased his softening but still very large cock out of Emily’s pussy. Cum oozed out of her as she turned over. She popped the pillow under her bum and raised her knees like Ryan had told her to and reached down to feel the cum still dripping from her. She took a big blob of it in her fingers then moved them up to her mouth to taste it. “Mmm, tastes amazing. Come here ‘Baby’!” she commanded. Ryan moved up the bed until his cock was in reaching distance and Emily proceeded to lick it clean, savouring the pungent, salty taste of Ryan’s cum. “It doesn’t matter that a bit oozed out” Emily said, “I reckon there’s still about a gallon in there!” They both laughed and Ryan collapsed onto his back next to Emily. She turned her head, blew in his ear so he turned to face her and she kissed him deeply.

“You know what?” she asked. Ryan raised his eyebrows. She continued “If I get pregnant today, it will have been from the best sex I’ve ever had and that’s so cool!” Ryan replied “Baby, it was the same for me, totally mind-blowing and I mean that. You’re so hot and sexy and that really was the best of my life too.” He looked over to Emily and saw tears welling up in her eyes again. She snivelled “I don’t know why I’m crying, I’ve never been so happy. I’ve never cried after sex before! It’s just that, well, you know.” Ryan smiled as he said “Yeah, I know, Baby. I know. I feel like crying too!” That made Emily laugh and Ryan thought she looked so amazingly beautiful as she laughed and sobbed at the same time, big tears rolling down her cheeks.

The two of them lay cuddling for 30 minutes, both dozing and enjoying the moment. You can never have another first time with a person and even given the circumstances, Ryan wanted it to feel special for both of them. This might not be love, as such, but it felt like the closest thing possible to love to conceive a child. He knew it was a romantic notion, but he felt that a child conceived in love had a better chance to become a more stable person in the future. He then realised he was getting carried away with the moment and decided he had better leave Emily to her bed. He lifted himself up, but Emily pulled him back and said “You can stay, if you like.” Ryan was so relieved; he really didn’t want to go. He snuggled in closer to Emily and said “I hoped you’d say that. Now shove over and give me a bit of space!” Emily turned on to her side and they spooned. Ryan felt between Emily’s bum cheeks, making sure than no sperm was coming out. Emily jumped and said “Oh my god, you’re insatiable!” and reached around to feel Ryan’s cock was hard again.

They made love twice more through the night and Ryan felt sure this would be a successful attempt at getting Emily pregnant. He smiled as he thought that if the amount of sperm he had ‘donated’ tonight didn’t impregnate her then nothing would. But he wouldn’t mind trying again, just to be sure. “My place tomorrow night?” he asked. “Abso-bloody-lutely” came the reply.


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