Their First Time

Our couple is unlike most couples, they are married but not to each other, they have decided to seek the pleasures they are missing at home.

We start our tale with a simple 'Hi' on a married persons dating app, they get on and decide to meet.

The first meeting was, as you can imagine, full of nerves and boundary setting but there is a spark between our two illicit lovers and they are eager to see each other again.

A week later as they are desperate to see each other and see if they are as compatible in the bedroom as they are in messaging.

The hotel is booked and our two lovers arrive and settle into the hotel room.

’Im just going to the loo’ says Brun trying not to sound nervous 

‘Ah ok’ says Alice, hoping she doesn’t sound nervous. She looks out the window wondering if he’s in the bathroom giving himself the same pep talk she’s giving herself. Your a grownup and fancy the arse of this man enjoy this moment he might not come back for seconds!

Alice takes off her top so she’s just in her bra and shorts, the room is warm and the summer sun is shining through into the room, Brun comes out of the loo and see’s Alice half undressed, she can tell he’s looking disappointed.

’You’ve started without me’ says Brun, 

‘Oh no, I erm sorry’ Alice already started to feel like this was going downhill fast

Brun walked over to the bed and held Alice’s head in his hands and started to gently kiss her, the softness of his kisses made her feel safe and wanted but most of all horny and sexy. Brun has a way of touching her that made her feel alive.

Brun moved his hands down and traced the outline of her nipples through her bra, just just sensation made Alice move her tongue deeper into Brun’s mouth. Alice could feel her vagina longing to to be touched, but Brun was going to take his time.

Brun undid the clasp of her bra, Alice’s breasts moved out of her bra, Brun ran his fingers down her chest and gently traced around the shape of her breasts. Alice could feel her breathes becoming deeper as her longing became stronger, she could stand it no longer and took matters into her own hands.

She undid Brun’s belt and positioned herself so she could undo his shorts she wanted to feel his cock in her hands she wanted to move this slow game forward, she wanted to be fucked.

There is was his cock was in her hands, she gently started rubbing it, with the other hand she directed Brun’s hand to her shorts she wanted him inside her she didn’t care with what.

Brun’s fingers moved into the front of her knickers she moved her legs further apart, he traced his fingers over her labia and around her clitoris she pushed his hand further down until he could feel her wet pussy wanting him inside her.

Alice was now vigorously wanking Brun off and couldn’t stand it any longer, she pulled his hand out from her shorts and licked her cum off his fingers, Brun watched as licked the wetness off his fingers with pure joy and lust in her eyes.

’I think we need to have some proper fun’ said Alice as she wriggled out of her shorts and layed on the bed.

Brun moved onto the bed and spread her legs he traced the inside of her legs with his tongue until he was face to face with her pussy.

He started with slow licks to gauge where Alice’s weak point was and when he found it, she groaned every time he gently licked her clit with licking motions. Her body would arch and her thighs clamp as she got more excited. Every time she can close to cumming he would change direction and feel her body relax and calm. Brun had found the sweet spot and he was going to enjoy licking the cum that was coming from her.

The tension was now building there was only so much more she could take, her body was aching to cum, no one had ever gone down on her like that ever or made her desperate to feel the intensity of the organism that was to come.

The licking and the deep sucking on her clit was becoming unbearable, ‘Make me cum’ came the breathless moaning, but still Brun carried on with the licking feeling the arch of her back and her legs clamping his body and then change direction, she was going mad in her own body and could take no more.

Alice finally could take no more and kicked Brun, ‘Are you going to make me cum or not?’ 

A face looked up at her with her cum all over his lips and nose and there was a little wink from Brun, he wrapped his hands around her bum and went full face in, if she thought it was intense before then she was sadly mistaken, the licking became harder and more furious, Brun could feel her legs shaking as her orgasism intensified, Alice’s moaning became deeper and lower as she pushed herself into Brun’s face.

She arched her back and clamped her legs around Brun’s head she was cumming and there was no stopping now, with a sharp deep breath there it was the moment of you can’t take it no more, she felt herself rise and grip her man and then fall, Brun still licking her cum was to much, she wriggled away, her pussy wet and swollen and now ready for cock.


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