The Insemination Files - Part One

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04 Jan. '19

Ryan was young, free and single and enjoying his life, being healthy and happy. He hadn’t had a regular girlfriend for a few months but being a good-looking, carefree type of guy, he managed to attract plenty of girls who weren’t looking for a relationship and that suited him just fine right now. At 28, he was in his sexual prime and was fortunate to be well-endowed as well as being gym-fit. He loved the gym but was careful not to become obsessive about it. He just loved the exhilaration of a good workout. That, and posing for the hot girls who liked to go there too.

One evening while alone in his apartment, he was flicking channels on the TV in that annoying way that girls seem to dislike so much.  He stumbled across a documentary about sperm donors for couples who couldn’t conceive and for lesbian couples. He was intrigued, especially as one of the girls featured was very sexy! He learnt that some donors offer their services remotely, as in jerking off into a container and handing it to the couple, whereas some would only perform their services naturally, as in actually having sex with the ‘recipient’. He sniggered to himself, thinking that sounded like an excellent way to have sex, help people out and spread his genes.

Ryan didn’t think much about the programme for a few days, until looking through Facebook one day, he saw an appeal for sperm donors from a friend of a friend. “Wow,” he said out loud, “this really is a thing!” He decided that he had nothing to lose by offering such services, so he did a bit more research. Some guys charged quite a lot of money for the service, but always undercutting private medical practices. All seemed to charge ‘expenses’ and most provided their medical history and relevant genetic information.

One thing that defined Ryan was his professionalism in whatever activity he did. He was thorough in his research and his preparation before deciding what the best way would be to advertise his service. He drew up a detailed family medical history, being fortunate that there were no genetic nasties in his lineage. He made an appointment with the GU clinic to get himself tested and was delighted that all the tests came back negative and he now had certificates to prove it. The stage was set, so he set up an anonymous Facebook profile, guaranteeing confidentiality and took out an ad on Craigslist to widen the net further. He was very specific in his adverts that this was to be a natural, personal service and that he would actually be having real sex with the recipient, not wanking off into a plastic cup.

He finished the profile and ads, feeling pleased with himself, and clicked them live. He wondered how long before he got any enquiries, or if indeed he would get any at all. He decided to check the new email address he’d set up every morning before he left for work, then he would be able to make contact with potential recipients during the same day.

Day one – no messages. Day two, the same. By day three, he was wondering if he had wasted his time and effort. He told himself to be patient. Day four and five came and went, but ever the professional, he continued to check the mailbox each morning. Day six dawned and he was pleasantly surprised to see three messages when he logged in. This was exciting!

The first message was from a couple in their late thirties who had been trying for a baby for five years. The message was from the wife and she went into great detail about their history. She asked if they could meet and discuss things further, so Ryan fired back a message with some possible dates and times.

The second message was from a single girl, just 23 years old. She explained that her parents had had her quite late in life and that she was worried if she didn’t reproduce soon, they would never know the joy of being grandparents and she didn’t want the trifling matter of not having a partner to stand in the way of her getting pregnant. But she wasn’t up for a one night stand, she wanted someone professional and Ryan seemed to fit the bill. OK, Ryan thought, this sounds promising. He again replied with some dates and times when they could meet.

The third message was from a lesbian couple. They wanted a baby and were both healthy and able to conceive but would prefer to do so remotely. Ryan replied very politely stating that he would only donate naturally and if they changed their minds, to message him back.

After reading and replying to all three messages, Ryan decided the idea of helping these people out was stronger than simply desiring sex. He also decided not to charge anything except travel expenses, and then only if he had to drive for more than an hour to meet anyone. He was logging out as he received a reply from the first couple. Wow, they were keen, opting for the earliest of Ryan’s suggestions to meet, which was the next day, after work. They only lived about 20 minutes from his place, so it would be an easy drive and no need to charge expenses. He confirmed the meeting, snapped his laptop closed and left for work with a spring in his step.

The next day, he finished work early, nipped home for a shower and a change of clothes and headed off to see the couple, Carla and Mike. He had no idea what to expect at the meeting, what these people looked like or how they would want to proceed. He pulled up outside their house two minutes before the agreed time, got out of the car, marched up to the front door before any nerves could take hold and rang the doorbell. The door opened and the very pretty face of Carla peered out. Ryan smiled, Carla smiled and she opened the door wider, inviting him inside. Introductions followed and he noticed Carla was quite flushed in the face. He already hoped this was going to go further – Carla was really hot and whilst he’d never had sex with a woman more than a couple of years older than himself before, he knew he’d have no trouble getting excited for this lovely lady.

He hadn’t been inside for more than a minute when he heard a key in the front door. Mike burst in, apologising for being late. Carla looked relieved that Mike had arrived and after Ryan introduced himself, they settled down in the comfortable lounge for a chat. They discussed what they had already tried and why they had decided to contact Ryan. Ryan, in turn, was upfront with them, explaining that they were his very first enquiry. Both Carla and Mike seemed to like that. They asked how Ryan wanted to do the physical part of the deal and he explained his feelings on the subject.

“I don’t see this as just a way to get sex with a hot woman,” he started, looking over to Carla as he spoke and making her blush again. “I really want to help you guys, so however you want to play it is fine with me. I do think, however, it’s important for Mike to be with us while we do the deed, supporting you.” he finished. Mike and Carla were nodding their agreement and Mike spoke first. “We hoped you’d be OK with me being there and we know it won’t happen by magic on the first attempt, so I guess we’re going to get to know each other pretty well!” Carla nodded, smiling broadly. So it was already decided, this meeting was just a formality to make sure Ryan wasn’t some kind of pervert looking to get his rocks off.

“When can we start?” asked Carla, eagerly. “We’re not doing anything right now if you don’t have to go.”

Blimey, thought Ryan, they really are keen. He wasn't expecting anything to happen tonight but he was happy to go with it. “That’s great,” Ryan replied, “I must admit I’m pretty horny today, so that’s a good start!” They all giggled a bit nervously then Mike stood up and said “The bedroom’s this way,” motioning to the stairs with a sideways nod of his head. Carla led the way with Ryan right behind her. He admired her very sexy ass as she climbed the stairs and Mike followed a few seconds later, carrying three chilled bottles of Evian. They entered the bedroom and Ryan admired the stylish décor and the huge king-sized bed opposite the main window. Mike drew the curtains and Ryan thought it wise to start undressing immediately, to take the lead. This wasn’t a romantic encounter but he didn’t want it to feel too mechanical either. He was down to his boxers quickly and invited Carla to strip off as much as she felt comfortable with. Mike chipped in with “Don’t be shy, Honey, we’re all friends now. Ryan will need to see you naked to get properly aroused.” He moved over to Carla and kissed her lovingly and she seemed to melt into Mike’s arms. “I love you, Baby” she whispered and Mike replied “You better bloody well love me, cos I love you too!”

Carla was down to her very expensive matching underwear. Ryan complimented her, saying how lovely she looked, then slipped his boxers off. Both Carla and Mike’s eyes were immediately drawn to his now naked body and Carla gasped a little when she saw how large his cock was. Mike grinned and said “You lucky sod! I hope it works as good as it looks!” Ryan countered with “No complaints so far Mike!” Carla slipped out of her underwear and Ryan looked over to Mike, letting out a low soft whistle and said “Wow, Carla, you’re beautiful. Mike, you’re a lucky guy! Mike replied, “Yep, I know it, so be careful and don’t break her!” Mike seemed to be enjoying this scenario, which surprised Ryan. He was, after all, about to get intimate with a very attractive woman and he assumed that woman’s husband would be reticent, to say the least, not salivating at the prospect.

Ryan normally liked to have his cock sucked as foreplay and go down on his partner but this didn’t seem appropriate. He was stroking his own cock as he got on to the bed next to Carla, when Mike said “Go on, Baby, help him out, I’m totally cool with this, really.” Ryan smiled and Carla reached over to him and took his cock in her hand. It sent a shiver down his spine as she touched him and Carla's cheeks were flushed again. She started to jerk him slowly, marvelling at his now huge cock which was fully erect. She looked over to Mike, who had joined them on the bed and held her other hand out to him, the one that wasn’t stroking Ryan’s massive erection. Mike took her hand and squeezed it reassuringly. Ryan decided this had to be at least a little intimate and started to stroke Carla’s breasts, and she moaned a little as he did so. Ryan looked towards Mike to check he was still OK and was surprised to see he was rubbing his own cock through his trousers. Well, there was a kind of porno going on right in front of his face, so he shouldn’t have been surprised that Mike was aroused. Ryan tweaked Carla’s nipples between his thumb and finger, then he reached down to touch her pussy, trying to see whether or not she was getting wet. He needn’t have worried, her pussy was soaking and he grinned to himself, knowing it was his big cock that was getting her excited.

Carla looked first at Mike, then at Ryan and said “I’m ready if you are, Ryan.” Mike snorted a laugh and said “Oh, I think he’s ready. If that cock got any harder, he could use it as a club!” Ryan had done some research, of course, about the best positions to encourage conception. There were many different theories, but missionary with the girl’s legs pushed back or doggie seemed to be the best. Ryan spoke, “We should try from behind for the deepest penetration, if that’s OK with you?” To his amazement, Carla looked him in the eye and barked “Stop being so damn polite and fuck me already!” This took Ryan by surprise and he saw Mike was smiling. OK, he thought, I’ll fuck you all right! He helped Carla on to her knees, knelt behind her and held his throbbing penis up to her ass, which was now pointing upwards. He rubbed the head of his cock up and down her soaking wet slit to lube it up nicely, then held it between her labia. “Mmm, yes, that’s it, get in nice and deep Ryan,” she moaned.

Carla held Mike’s hand tightly as Ryan pushed his huge cock into Carla’s tight cunt, moving slowly as he didn’t want to shock her. He suspected his cock might be a lot bigger than she was used to, so it took him a good few strokes before he was fully inside her. “Oh my God!” exclaimed Carla, “that cock is fucking huge!” Ryan took that as encouragement to fuck Carla harder and she started to buck her hips with every thrust. Mike looked on enviously. “I wish my cock was as big as yours Ryan,” he said, ruefully. “Carla likes a big one, don’t you Honey?” Carla was too preoccupied to reply, breathing hard and pushing back towards Ryan as he thrust into her. With such a small amount of foreplay, Ryan wasn’t going to cum quickly, so relaxed into a nice rhythm, enjoying the sight and feeling of his cock plunging in and out of this beautiful woman’s pussy.

After about five minutes of very deep fucking, Carla began to moan, quite loudly. She was still holding Mike’s hand and Mike was still rubbing his own cock through his trousers. Carla looked up at Mike and said “Honey, is it OK if I cum?” Mike thought about this for a second and said, “Of course it is, Baby, you should enjoy this.” Ryan chipped in “It might help the process if you cum once I have, and I’m bloody close now!” He kept thrusting as deep as he could and Carla started to really writhe and buck her hips. He knew he had to pop now for maximum benefit, so he relaxed, thrust into Carla’s tight pussy a few more times, then groaned loudly, just as Carla gasped and started to shudder with her own orgasm. Ryan’s dick pumped out his seed in several big spurts and despite her own orgasm making her body spasm, Carla could feel him cum inside her. Ryan kept thrusting, but slowed the pace right down. He made sure every drop of cum stayed inside Carla and eventually stopped thrusting. His dick was starting to go limp and he let it flop out of Carla’s pussy, rolled her on to her back and instructed her to put a cushion under her lower back, lie down, with her legs back and stay in that position for five minutes.

He jumped off the bed and fist-bumped Mike, who was holding Carla’s hand again, telling her how much he loved her. Carla was still breathing hard as she came down from that amazing orgasm, the first she’d had with another man since meeting Mike nearly twenty years ago. Ryan slid quietly into the bathroom to clean up a bit, then he reappeared a minute or two later with his boxer shorts back on. Mike had pulled a cover over Carla as she lay there in a rather undignified position and when Ryan smiled at him, they started to chuckle. Then Carla joined in and they all laughed hard at the ludicrous situation they found themselves in.

Trying to normalise the mood, Ryan said “Well, it’s a tough job, but I have to admit I quite enjoyed that!” and grinned at the other two. “I fucking noticed that,” said Carla, “as you just emptied half a pint of cum inside me!” Ryan countered with “Yeah, and you came like an epileptic, so don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy it! In fact, poor old Mike is the only one of us who hasn’t cum.” Mike laughed and said “I nearly came in my pants watching you two go at it like a couple of animals!” Ryan laughed and said “Well, Carla should help you now then. Go on, I just did it front of you, why don’t you do it in front of me?” Mike looked at Carla who was still lying with her legs up. Carla winked at him and said, “Come here then, Baby, let me suck you.” Mike didn’t need a second invitation and dropped his trousers and briefs to reveal he still had an erection. Carla reached her hand out to his hard cock and started to jerk it slowly. He moved up the bed so she could reach him with her mouth and she smiled wickedly, saying “I’ve just had my pussy fucked, so now you must fuck my mouth!” Mike put his hands around the back of Carla’s head and thrust his cock into her mouth eagerly. Carla relaxed her throat muscles so she didn’t gag and enjoyed the sensation of being mouth-fucked by her husband. Ryan watched intently, finding it so arousing that his cock started to stiffen again.

It didn’t take long for Mike to reach the point of no return. He was trying to control his gasps then let out a loud “Oh My God!” and came hard, filling Carla’s mouth with hot, sticky cum. She swallowed it all, as she always did. She adored sucking Mike’s cock and had missed the sensation of him cumming in her mouth these last months when they were trying so hard to conceive that they never wasted his sperm and he had always cum in her pussy. Mike pulled his dick out of Carla’s mouth and let out a huge sigh, literally a sigh of relief. Ryan said “Good job guys, but look. I’m ready to go again if you are Carla?” He was stroking himself and his cock had grown to it’s full, impressive size again. “How about you stay in that position and I donate another load!” asked Ryan, cheekily. “If you don’t mind, I won’t kiss you though…”

Mike laughed and called him a coward. Carla laughed and said “Come on then, big boy!” and Ryan hopped back onto the bed, huge cock in hand. “I might need a bit more foreplay this time,” said Ryan. Carla nodded and started to jerk Ryan’s cock again. Mike watched closely and said “Um, Ryan, do you, uh, no, never mind.” “What is it, Mike?” asked Ryan. “Is everything OK?”

Mike looked a bit sheepish and said, “Yes, fine. I just wondered if I could, you know, stroke your cock too?” Ryan smiled and Carla laughed. “I recommend it, Baby!” she said. Ryan said “Knock yourself out, Mike,” and he climbed over Carla so he and Mike were both on the same side of the bed. He turned towards Mike, who hesitantly took Ryan’s cock into his hand and began to move his foreskin up and down. “Fuck, it really is a monster. How did it feel inside you, Honey?” Mike asked Carla. “Oh, you know,” she replied, “just like yours really.” Then she spluttered and Mike called her a lying bitch. She was absent-mindedly stroking Ryan’s butt cheeks with the palm of her hand as Mike continued to wank Ryan’s big cock. It felt weird to Ryan, having another man’s hands playing with him, but he figured as he’d just fucked his wife, it was the least he could do. He was shocked when Mike lowered his head and licked the tip of his cock, looked up at Ryan, then took the whole length into his mouth, sucking greedily. Carla continued to stroke Ryan’s ass, running her fingertips along his crack. Mike came up for air and said “Man, this is good. But I’m just helping out with the foreplay, you understand,” and went back down to suck him some more. Ryan now had his hands all over Carla’s body, stroking her belly and rubbing the back of his fingers against her pubis. He brushed them across her sensitive clit and she tingled all over.

“Oh my God Ryan, I want you inside me again,” said Carla, huskily. Mike took the hint and released Ryan’s throbbing cock from his mouth. Ryan positioned himself between Carla’s legs, put his hands under her knees to lift her legs back as far as they could go, then let his cock find it’s own way to her glistening snatch. He felt her pussy lips open as he pushed forward and sunk his cock deep into her in one long thrust, which took Carla’s breath away. “Oh Fuck!” she shouted as he filled her completely.

The second time for Ryan usually takes a bit longer, especially as it was so soon after his first orgasm. However, this time, helped by Mike’s oral attentions and by Carla’s moaning and gasping, he felt the sap rising again quite quickly. Carla was now stroking Mike’s cock with her right hand and with her left hand, was cupping Ryan’s balls as he pummelled her pussy. Ryan was using the thumb of his left hand to rub Carla’s swollen clit and when Carla moaned loudly again, he couldn’t hold back and emptied his balls for a second time into this beautiful woman. Carla shuddered as he came, the feeling of him unloading inside her hastening her second orgasm of the evening. Her pussy contracted wildly around Ryan’s cock, almost milking the last few drops of semen out of him. Both Ryan and Carla were consumed with their orgasms, so much so that they didn’t notice Mike was stroking himself furiously. He groaned loudly and aimed his cock at Carla’s breasts and sighed as he came, showering her tits with his spunk.

Ryan pulled out of Carla, who let her legs come down so her feet were on the bed but her knees still bent. She really wanted Ryan’s precious essence to impregnate her and was trying hard not to lt any cum spill out of her pussy. Ryan reached for a towel but Mike said “No need,” and massaged his cum into Carla’s boobs. The he leant down and kissed both her nipples in turn, then kissed Carla on the lips, before collapsing in a heap next to her. Ryan lay next to Carla on the opposite side from Mike and she reached down to hold his hand. She did the same with Mike and the three of them lay there for what seemed like hours, enjoying the afterglow of what was the most amazing session for all of them.

Carla broke the silence. “Same time tomorrow?” she asked, hopefully. Mike and Ryan laughed and Ryan asked if he could move in with them both. Some more banter followed before Ryan excused himself and went to the bathroom. He came out fully clothed. “Well obviously we’ll do this again very soon. I know I’m a huge stud, but I can’t guarantee a result first time. Besides, we can have fun trying again. What do you guys think?” Mike and Carla were both smiling, nodding their agreement. They decided to meet again on the weekend and Ryan was already looking forward to it. He left them in the bedroom, let himself out and climbed into his car. He had a stupid grin on his face as he drove the short distance back to his own pace. That had been so much better than he had ever dreamed of. Not only had he just enjoyed some awesome sex, he felt like he’d made two new friends already.

Ryan let himself into the apartment and realised he hadn’t checked his phone for nearly three hours. Well, he had been busy! He saw he had some unread emails in his new mailbox so thought he’d better take a look. Wow! The single girl who’s mailed him, Emily, had come back to confirm a meeting date. The lesbian couple, Faye and Lindsey, had had a change of heart and also wanted to meet soon. Finally, there was a new enquiry from another lesbian couple, Milo and Rosy, asking when he could come and meet them. If what had happened earlier was a guide, Ryan was going to be a very busy and very satisfied man over the next few weeks! And with a bit of luck, there would be several new little Ryan’s running around in the years to come…

Next instalment – Emily wants a fuck-buddy as well as a baby daddy.


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