Lap Dancing with a Twist

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03 Jan. '19

The bar was swinging, loud music playing, girls everywhere in hardly any clothes. A freshly opened bottle of Bud sat on the table in front of him. Nick grinned to himself. He loved coming to strip bars with his friends. He was with his brother, Gary and his friend Mike, who were both at this moment enjoying a fully naked girl gyrating in front of them. Nick had decided to wait until they came back before he would have his first dance.

“Fuck me!” exhaled Mike as he slumped back into his chair. “That ‘Monique’ babe is awesome. She was dancing about two inches from my face and I could smell her pussy!” Nick laughed and asked him if he was tempted to stick his tongue anywhere he shouldn’t. “Too right I was,” he replied, “but I don’t want to get thrown out just yet!” At that moment, Gary came back to the table, sweating. “Sheesh!” he exclaimed. “This is so much better than the last lap dancing club I went to on a stag do!” “Oh yeah?” Nick asked curiously. “Definitely,” he continued. “I’ve never been allowed to touch before, but that last girl was holding my hands and rubbing them all over her tits and ass! My dick is bursting out of my jeans!”

At that moment, the girl he was talking about came and sat with the guys at their table. She looked Nick in the eye and said “Hi Honey, I’m Mercedes. Your friend has made me all horny for another dance.” Nick looked at Gary, who grinned and said “Go for it, Nicky. You’ll love her!” he held her hand up and Nick took it in his while standing up. He glanced back at the other guys as Mercedes led him away to the private area. “It’s twenty pounds for one dance or fifty for three,” said Mercedes, almost mechanically. Nick was starting to wonder if this was the girl for him. As if she sensed it, she leant towards him and whispered into his ear “Three dances are so much sexier, you know what I mean?”

Nick pretended to think about it for about three seconds, then took two twenties and a ten out of his pocket and handed them over to the beautiful girl who stood in front of him. “Mmm, thanks Babe,” she said. “I’m gonna be extra naughty for you!” and she blew him a little kiss. She started to gyrate sexily then suddenly stopped. “Is this your first time here Babe?” she enquired. “Uh, yes it is.” replied Nick. “Ooh, a newbie!” she teased with glee. “Let’s find a more private booth.” She held her hands out, lifted Nick up and led him to a corner booth. “Out of the way of prying eyes,” she said, tantalisingly. Nick could no longer see the naked girls who were giving private dances to other punters, but that was OK. He wanted to concentrate on Mercedes with no distractions. She put down her small bag and started to move sexily in front of him.

Nick had never seen a better-looking girl than this at close quarters and certainly not one naked, so he was really looking forward to the clothes falling off her. He didn’t have to wait long, as first Mercedes’s flimsy top came off, quickly followed by her bra and matching panties. Wow! She was stunning. She had a perfect gym-toned torso, not too muscular but very trim. Her natural breasts were firm and full with very perky nipples. Her hips thrust forward with a delicious curve and her ass was perfect and very inviting. How he stopped himself from biting it, he would never know, especially when she turned and quite deliberately brushed his face with it. Nick’s cock was already stiffening and the first dance hadn’t finished. No wonder Gary was sweating when he’d returned to the table earlier. Mercedes was seriously hot stuff!

As the first song mixed into the second one, Nick wasn’t thinking about the DJ’s prowess. He was salivating at the sight of Mercedes’s pussy which was inches from his face, his mouth. He licked his lips again and she saw him do it. She leaned towards him and said “It tastes of honey, in case you were wondering!” Nick beamed a huge smile and didn’t doubt her word, although he knew he’d never get the chance to find out for himself. Mercedes continued to writhe around, showing every inch of her body proudly to Nick. At one point, she lay on her back on the floor in front of him, opened her legs wide and frigged her pussy. Nick thought she looked like she was enjoying herself nearly as much as he was. Mercedes flipped herself over and got onto her knees, her perfect ass inviting Nick to jump on it and fuck her senseless. The consequences of such an action ran through his mind and he chuckled to himself. Totally worth it, he thought! When Mercedes started to push a couple of fingers into her moist pussy, Nick felt his dick twitch again. When she pushed a finger into her ass, he nearly came in his pants!

Wow, things have changed since the last time I was at one of these places, Nick thought to himself. And Mercedes hadn’t finished yet. The second song morphed into the third and she straddled Nick’s lap. He was conscious of his erection pressing against the denim of his jeans, forming a nice bulge on the top of his right thigh. As Mercedes started to grind herself against him, she smiled and said “I can feel your hard cock, you naughty boy!” Nick was quite proud of his cock and immediately invited Mercedes to stroke it, not expecting her to do so. However, she reached down and pushed her palm onto his thick bulge and squeezed it firmly. “Jesus, Babe, you’ll make me cum if you do that!” gasped Nick. Mercedes smiled, leant forward and gave Nick a gentle kiss on his lips.

Nick was thinking to himself he’d had three-month relationships with girls before that had never got this intimate! OK, maybe not quite true, but oh boy, this girl was special. Mercedes took both of Nick’s hands in hers and guided them over her body so he could feel her firm breasts and her very erect nipples. He resisted the urge to grab at them and relaxed and enjoyed the feeling. She moved his hands down her body and he could feel the curve of her waist, then down to her hips. Now they moved on to her belly, and Nick was hoping this third and final song would last all night! Down further and Mercedes allowed Nick’s fingers to brush her pubic mound and flick across her clit. “Oh my God!” sighed Mercedes and she eased herself off Nick, sat beside him and started rubbing her clit fast and hard. Nick looked on wide-eyed as she let out a huge moan and had a squirting orgasm, her juice shooting out across the floor almost two yards away.

Well, that was different, thought Nick. “Fucking amazing!” he declared as Mercedes’s body relaxed and she sat closer to him, kind of snuggling. Her breathing was fast and she could barely speak as she whispered “For Christ’s sake, don’t tell anyone about this or I’ll lose my job!” Nick knew she wasn’t kidding and suspected he’d got a bit more of a show than was usual. “Baby, I’ll never tell a soul” was Nick’s reply. Mercedes stood up, reached out for Nick’s hands and as he held them, she lifted him out of his seat. She then planted a full-fat kiss on his somewhat surprised lips. He even felt her tongue trace the outline of his lips before she pulled away, smiled and said “That’s it Baby. Maybe see you later?” Nick smiled back at her and said “I won’t have a dance from anyone else tonight, it could never compare to that!” He wandered back to where they were sat, not surprised that neither of his compatriots were there waiting. Gary was sat at the bar chatting to a very scantily-clad barmaid and Mike was being mesmerised by a stunningly beautiful black girl that Nick really liked the look of.

Smoking had been banned indoors in Britain for some time now and Nick really felt the urge for a cigarette, just like he always did after having sex. That’s what it just felt like with Mercedes, like they’d actually had sex there and then in the club. He attracted Gary’s attention and motioned that he was going outside for a smoke. He was the only one of the three that used tobacco these days and he kept telling himself that the occasional one after sex or maybe with a coffee couldn’t do him any harm. He knew that was untrue, but like all smokers, managed to delude himself enough to keep going. He headed out to the smoking area at the back of the club, relieved it was a mild evening and not raining. So few people smoked now, he figured he’d be on his own, so he was slightly surprised to find a very sexy girl outside who was just lighting a long, slim cigarette as he let the door close behind him.

“Oh, hello,” he said, a little surprised that the girls at the club didn’t have their own private area. “Hi” came the reply, “you look a bit flustered, are you OK?” Nick laughed and said “Yeah, I’m fine, I’ve just been blown away by one of your colleagues, and I needed some air!” “One of my colleagues, huh?” asked the girl. She was taller than any of the other dancers he’d seen in the club, but had just as beautiful a body. She wasn’t as facially attractive as Mercedes, but then Mercedes was an 11 out of 10. This girl was a mere 9! “So which of my colleagues danced for you? Was it Peter or Tim?” she asked, with a big grin on her face. “Uh, um, pardon me?” stuttered Nick. She continued “Well, you said you had a dance with one of my colleagues. Peter and Tim are with me here tonight, so I wondered…”

Nick realised he had been an idiot making assumptions. “Shit, sorry, uh, I don’t know your name. I just assumed, as you’re so beautiful and sexily dressed, um, you’re not a dancer here?” The girl laughed coquettishly. “No, Mister I-don’t-know-your-name-either. I’m a legal secretary and I’m out with two of the junior lawyers, but thanks for the compliment, I think!” Nick felt his face turning a deep shade of puce. “OK,” he said, “can we start again?” She tilted her head to one side as if to say “Go on then”. He continued “Hi, I’m Nick, nice to meet you. What’s a beauty like you doing in a dump like this?” He immediately wished he hadn’t used the cheesiest pick-up line ever written but she politely laughed and replied “Nice to meet you, Nick. My name is Seren and wow, your pick-up lines need work, Honey!”

Nick blushed again and said “Yeah, I really should try harder, but to be honest, as lovely as you are, I’m not trying to pick you up. I just fell completely head-over-heels in love with Mercedes so I’m off the market!” Seren giggled and said “Oh yes, the beautiful Mercedes. Now that’s a pussy I’d like to lick!” Aha thought Nick. Seren bats for the other team. “Just as well I wasn’t trying to hit on you, I guess,” he mumbled, not really sure how to respond to her. “No, no,” Seren protested, “I may want to lick Mercedes’s pussy but that doesn’t mean I don’t like guys as well!” Nick, totally confused, head spinning suddenly became bold. “Hang on a minute! Now you’re hitting on me!” he exclaimed, in mock outrage. Seren giggled again and Nick liked the tone of her laugh. “I told you, I’m promised to another…” he finished.

“Have you ever wondered who gets to take these girls home and wake up next to them each morning?” asked Seren. Nick replied “Yeah, I know what you mean, they are a bit out of my league, and most of the guys in here. I reckon you’d have a pretty good chance though!” Seren smiled “Well”, she said, “I guess it depends what they’re looking for. With me, what you see isn’t really what you get.” Nick was intrigued “Oh, cos you’re bisexual?” he asked, innocently. “Hmm, not quite” Seren replied. “More like looks can deceive!” More intrigue, then the penny finally dropped. “Oooooh, I see,” said Nick, scratching his head. “You mean, um, like, well, you’re a trans girl?” Seren laughed and said “Oh my God, thanks for not saying ‘Tranny’!” “Hey,” said Nick, “I don’t judge and I was always taught to respect everyone equally. Besides, I’m never rude to beautiful girls!”

“Oh Baby, those lines are getting better already!” said Seren, giggling. She was so attractive, Nick could barely believe this girl was anything other than 100% feminine. He assumed she’d had a sex-change and was on hormones but he admitted to himself that he knew very little about the subject. Seren walked over to Nick and lit another cigarette, offering him one too. He took it gratefully and Seren noticed his hand shaking a little as he lit it. She smiled again and said “So now you’re both nervous and curious?” Nick replied “Is it that obvious?” with a nervous laugh. “Yes, Baby” said Seren, “and I think that’s awfully cute.” She was standing very close to Nick now, almost too close and he could smell her perfume, mingled with the smell of cigarette smoke. “I’m still fully intact down there, you know” she said. “I can tell you’d be too gentlemanly to ask so I thought I’d better tell you. Not only am I intact, but I have to admit I’m aroused too!”

Wow, Nick was being hit on at a strip bar by a transsexual beauty, following the hottest lap dance he’d ever experienced. This night was going to go down in the history books! “Funny you should say that, Seren, but I have to admit, I’m aroused too!” He looked down to his crotch and a very obvious bulge was beginning to grow. Seren’s eyes followed Nick’s down and she gasped a little. “Oh my,” she said, “you really are! That Mercedes really did a job on you too huh? When she danced for me, my cock nearly split the material of my panties!” Nick coughed, still nervous, and replied “She’s lovely, but it’s the thought of you getting aroused that’s making my cock hard.” Seren smiled and said “I was hoping that was the case. Have a look,” she instructed, and proceeded to lift her skirt up. Sure enough, her thong had a huge bulge in it. Nick was fascinated. He could see the head of her cock pulsating, pushing against the flimsy fabric. “Wow!” was all he could manage. He looked back up to her eyes and Seren said “I’m glad you like it, Honey. You can touch it, if you want to.” Nick was fully aroused now and the sight of this beautiful girl was almost too much for him. He leant closer to her and reached his hand behind her head. He gently pulled her head towards him and gave her a tender, passionate kiss full on the lips. She responded by kissing him back, pushing her firm breasts into his chest and she let out a little moan. Nick took her cue and she let out a much bigger moan as he reached down and cupped her bulge in his hand, squeezing gently, feeling her hardness through the fabric of her thong.

“Oh my God!” said Nick, “that feels so bloody good!” Seren’s head was tilted backwards, her eyes closed, her breathing heavy as he released her fully erect penis from her panties and started to stroke it, gently at first, then firmer, longer strokes, making sure the foreskin of her cock was fully retracted over her glans with each pull. “Oh shit, you’re gonna make me cum Baby” she whispered, hoarsely. Nick dropped to his knees and Seren squeaked. “Oh yes, yes!” Nick took the head of her cock into his mouth and held it there for a second, before taking the full length into his warm, hungry mouth. Her cock was about seven inches long, the same as Nick’s but not quite as thick. It tasted amazing to him and he greedily sucked it, putting his hands around behind her, grabbing her ass cheeks and pulling her even deeper into his throat. Seren was whimpering now, “Oh yes Baby, that’s so fucking good. Yes, taste my cock, suck it Baby” Nick was so turned on by this, he nearly creamed in his pants but managed to keep himself together. Seren, however, didn’t and let out a huge moan and a gasp as she came in his mouth. Three spurts of cum hit the roof of Nick’s mouth and he swallowed it all. It wasn’t a huge load by his own standards, but there was plenty of it and it tasted almost sweet. He couldn’t help thinking of Mercedes’s honey-flavoured pussy at this point and smiled as he cleaned the last few drops off Seren’s twitching cock with his lips.

“Well, fucking hell Nick!” said Seren. “I think you’ve maybe done that before?”. Nick smiled, enigmatically, or so he hoped. “I couldn’t possibly comment!” he replied, cheekily. “Now quick, before someone comes out, it’s your turn!” Seren let out that cute giggle again and nodded, crouching in front of Nick. She unzipped his fly, reached in and pulled out his very hard, very thick cock. “Mmm, that looks good enough to eat!” said Seren, teasingly, and took it fully into her mouth in one go, sucking quite hard. Nick could feel the warmth of her mouth and lips engulfing his cock and the feeling of her tongue as it swirled around his cock head was sensational. Nick was already close, the thrilling eroticism of the scenario driving him crazy with lust “Don’t take too long,” said Seren. “We don’t want to get caught.” Nick laughed as he replied “Ha, that won’t be a problem, Ma’am!” and immediately started to cum. His load was considerably larger than Seren’s and even larger than normal. He felt his cock spasm seven or eight times and he heard Seren splutter a bit as she swallowed as much as she could. Nick thought to himself that that was probably the greatest orgasm of his life as Seren came up for air. He immediately kissed her full on the mouth despite the fact that he could see some of his own cum dribbling down Seren’s chin. She kissed him back then sighed deeply. “Shit, I only came out for a smoke!” she said, as if admonishing him. “Gee, sorry Ma’am,” replied Nick. “Better than a bar snack though, don’t you think?” They both laughed and straightened themselves out, relieved that they hadn’t been caught in the act. They both had another cigarette and another long, lingering kiss before making a date for later that week. “You go back in first” instructed Seren. Nick nodded, gave her one more quick kiss, then turned around and went back through the metal door into the club. Gary looked up as Nick re-entered and tapped his watch. “Where the fuck have you been, man, Mercedes is looking for you! I reckon you might be in there!”

Nick smiled and said “I doubt that very much but I may have one more dance with her if I see her. “What? I thought you were in love! Why the change of heart?” asked Gary. At that very moment, Seren re-entered the club through the metal door. Gary looked at her, whistled quietly, then looked at Nick, who was grinning wildly. “No fucking way!” he shouted and Nick replied “I’m saying nothing, except this has been the best night out ever!”

Mike stumbled back to the table with Mercedes in tow. It looked like he’d had the full treatment too. Mercedes grinned at Nick and said “If you’re not too tired, Honey, fancy another dance or two?” Nick nodded and followed her to the VIP area, wondering why she’d asked if he was tired.

Downstairs in the security room, two of the club bouncers were watching the CCTV monitors. The image on the screen was of the smoking area behind the club. The larger of the two men said to the other “I fucking knew that girl was a tranny!” His friend replied, “Well we’ve got it recorded now so there’s no doubt about it. I told Mercedes the guy that just had his cock sucked was one of the guys she’d been dancing for and she said ‘I’ll kill that bitch, stealing my damn customers!’“


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