A Favor For A Friend

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29 Dec. '18

“Tom is going to be out of town on business for two weeks, so I asked Marsha if she’d like to have dinner with us Friday night.  I bought some steaks for you to grill.”

As usual, Jenny had planned our weekend, or at least part of it.  I don’t mind at all.  After all, it was Jenny who started our friendship with Jerry and Lynn, a couple who were our neighbors when we lived in Ohio.  That friendship became close, then very close, and for five years, we played together on most weekends.  Lynn had breasts that were…but that’s another story.

Jenny and I have known Marsha and Tom for about five years.  They were our first friends when we moved to the area, and since we’re all in our sixties, we’ve been close since.  

I like Marsha a lot.  She’s funny and playful, can be seductive without knowing it, and is always a lady.  Tom is bit of an odd guy, but he likes his yard, as do I, so we always have something to talk about.

If the circumstances had been different, Jenny and I might have tried to steer the friendship toward sex, but Tom was Tom, and we didn’t figure there was a chance of involving him in anything like that.  It was a shame, because Marsha was a woman both Jenny and I would have loved to play with.

The steaks turned out pretty good, reasonably tender and great with some of Marsha’s potato salad and the stuff Jenny made.  After we ate, I fixed some drinks and we relaxed on the patio.

The girls were having their usual chat about anything and everything, so I wasn’t paying a lot of attention until Jenny asked if I’d rub her back.

“I think I strained it reaching up into the cabinet this afternoon.  Can you do your thing and make it better?”

I grinned.

“Well, uh…are you sure you want that…with Marsha here, and all?”

Jenny smiled at me and rubbed her middle finger on her cheek as if scratching an itch.

“Just come here and see if you can get my shoulders to relax.”

I really like these back rubs, because they usually end up being a full body rub and then some great sex.  I figured the sex could come after Marsha went home, and walked over behind Jenny’s chair.  As soon as I touched her shoulders, she shivered and made a little sigh.

I kneaded her shoulder muscles, just as she likes, and felt her relaxing.  She purred out a little “mmmmmm” when I gently pulled her shoulders back.

Marsha chuckled.

“Looks like he’s pretty good at that.”

“Oh, he is.  Sometimes when he does my legs, I get so relaxed I can hardly walk.  Would you like him to show you?”

Marsha looked embarrassed.  

“Oh, I –I don’t know…I’m a married woman, and…well…well…”

Jenny laughed.

“It’s not like you two are going to jump into bed together.  You’d go to a chiropractor, wouldn’t you?”

“I suppose.”

“Well, just think of Bill as your personal chiropractor.  Come on, he won’t bite.”

Masha laughed nervously.

“OK, as long as you don’t get carried away.”

Marsha’s muscles were as taut as a bowstring, and as soon as my hands touched her shoulders, she flinched and got tighter.  With a little pressure, I slid my palms down over her arms almost to her bra band, then turned them and moved my thumbs to either side of her spine.  Again pressing a little, I moved my hands up until my thumbs stroked the back of her neck, then moved them sideways to her shoulders.  I repeated this massage a couple of times and felt Marsha relaxing a little.

My thumbs had just touched the back of Marsha’s neck again when I heard her little “Ohhhh”.

Jenny giggled.

“See?  I told you he’s good.  If you lay down, it gets even better.”

“I think I’ll just stay like this for now.”

I pulled gently on Marsha’s shoulders, causing her to arch her back a little.  In the process, I caught a glimpse of a soft rounded breast swelling beneath her tank top.  It was going to be difficult not to press this further than just a backrub.

“Ummm, do that again.”

This time, Marsha arched her back even more, revealing even more of her cleavage and a flash of the nude bra that caused it.

Although her shoulders had relaxed, her neck was still tight, so I did a little massaging from her shoulders up both sides to just behind her ears.  After a few minutes, Marsha was so relaxed I almost had to hold up her head.  When I stroked down her back again, Marsha pushed back into my hands.

She sighed.  “If I let you keep doing this, I’m going to go to sleep right here.  I think I’d better start for home.”

We said goodbye at her car door, cautioned her to be careful, and watched her drive away.  Jenny put her arm around my waist as we walked back inside.

“I think you liked being with Marsha, she giggled.  You had a tent in your shorts.”

“Well…it’s your fault.   You know what I think of her body.”

“So you’d sleep with her?”

“If she wanted me to, and you agreed…yeah.”

“She wants it to happen.  Tonight was kind of a trial… for her, not you.”

“You knew this was going to happen.”

“We had coffee last week at her place and she told me…well, they haven’t…Tom hasn’t touched her for over a year.  She still loves him, but…well, I can understand what she’s feeling.  I suggested she find a lover, but she thinks she’s too old to attract a man.  When I said you were attracted to her, she said that would only cause trouble.”

“And you told her it wouldn’t because we’ve had lovers in the past?”

“I just said I understood how she felt, that you and I like her too much for something like that to cause trouble between any of us, and that the decision would be between you and her.”

“I saw you two whispering just before she got in her car.  Did she decide?”

“Not yet, but if it’s yes, she’ll be back tomorrow night.”

About eight the next night, the doorbell chimed.  Jenny jumped up off the couch.

“You stay here while I see if it’s her.  If it is, she’ll be nervous, so fix us a drink.”

I picked up a magazine and did my best to look innocent.  In a minute, Jenny and Marsha walked into the room.  Marsha’s seemed a little uneasy in her fitted top and jeans, but her eyes were wide open and sparkling.

“Bill, it’s Marsha.  She forgot her compact last night and came by to pick it up.”

“Hi, Marsha.  Can I fix you a drink while you look for it?”

“I think it’s out on your patio, and yes, I’d love a drink.  One of your vodka sours, if that’s OK.”

I’d just finished mixing the drinks when they came back into the room.

“Find it?”

“No”, Marsha said.  “And I was sure I left it there.  Oh well, I suppose it’ll turn up somewhere.”

“Well you might as well have that drink anyway.  Jenny, here’s yours.  Marsha, your sour.”

Nobody said anything for a moment.  Then Jenny asked Marsha if she had enjoyed her back rub.

“Oh yes, I did, and I slept like a baby last night.  If it’s better when you’re laying down, like you said, it must be fantastic.”

“He could show you tonight, couldn’t you, Bill?”

“Sure.  We can use the couch, or there’s always the guestroom.  You’d be more comfortable on a bed, and I could get to both sides a little easier.”

Once in our guestroom, Marsha slipped out of her sandals and stretched out on her back.  Jenny giggled.

“Uh…Marsha…Bill can’t get to your back if you’re laying on it.”

Marsha blushed, then turned over.

“That’s better.  I’m gonna leave you two alone and go make us a snack for when you get done.”

Marsha was almost as tense as the night before, but I figured it was more because of what she thought might happen than anything else.  I rested one hand on her shoulders and one on the small of her back to get her used to my touch.  She flinched, but then relaxed a little.

“It’s better when you’re laying down because I can reach more of you.”

I gently rubbed up her spine, then across to her arms, then down them to the small of her back again.  I felt her relax a little more.  The third time I did this, Marsha whispered, “lower”.

This time, I let my hands slide down her arms then over the swell of her hips, then gently squeezed each soft cheek.

“Ummmm,  that’s nice.”

I kept moving my hands lower with each stroke until I knew I was separating her cheeks at the end of each.

“Marsha, move your arms over your head, please.”

Now, my strokes down from her shoulders were over the swell of each breast and down her sides.

Again, an “Ummmm” from Marsha.

“Marsha, you know what?  Sometimes when I do Jenny’s back I use lavender oil.  Of course, she has her top off.  If you’d like…”

“Oh yes, please.”

I left to get the oil, and came back to see Marsha lying on the bed, sans top.  Her black bra caused a twitch in my cock.

Rubbing a little oil between my palms to warm it, I started up and down her back again.  Taking a chance, on my second pass I unfastened the bra strap and let it fall to her sides.  Marsha moaned when my fingertips brushed the sides of her bare breasts. Working up her back again, I took a deep breath and let my fingertips slip under each breast.  They touched first one, then the other nipple.  Marsha moaned again. I moved them back down her sides, then, instead of stroking over her bottom, I slipped them inside the waistband of her jeans.

“Wanna take these off too?  It makes it better still.”

Marsha didn’t answer.  She just lifted her hips and slid her hands under her tummy.  I heard the “zip” of a zipper and then Marsha tugged the jeans down over her bottom.  It was a simple matter to pull them down her legs and toss them to the floor.

Adding a little oil to my palms, I slipped my hands under her panties and massaged her butt cheeks, first gently, then separating them and letting my fingertips trace the separation.  I didn’t ask to take the panties off.  I just started rolling them down.  Marsha lifted her hips and the black boyshorts quickly joined her jeans.

Gently separating her thighs, I traced their satin inner surface up to the dark curls that hid her sex.  When I brushed her soft lips, Marsha gasped, then opened her thighs wide.  My fingertip traced the length of her slit, up, then down, then up again.  I gently squeezed the satin soft lips together and tugged gently.

There was a touch on my thigh, then a stroke.

“I want to feel you too.”

In a few moments, my clothes were on the floor and I was sitting on the bed again, my fingertips stroking Marsha’s lips again.  I felt fingers slide up my leg, then circle my stiffening cock.  They explored my length, lightly brushed the head, then gently stroked me.  In answer, I slipped a fingertip between her lips and up to her clit.

It was like touching her with a live wire.  Marsha gasped, lifted her hips, and when I slipped the fingertip into her passage, she gasped again.  Her strokes on my cock became tugs, as if she was trying to pull me to her.

After helping her up until her knees supported her, I eased my cock out of her hand and moved behind her.  Separating her cheeks, I moved my cock to her open lips and slipped it between them.  Marsha quickly rocked her hips up and the head of my cock touched her clit.  I teased her this way with a few strokes, then slipped my cock up to her entrance.

Pushing the head in gently, my cock slowly slipped inside her a little.  She was tighter than I expected.  There was a little wetness, but not enough to let me slip completely inside her.  I pulled back out, put a little of my lavender oil on the head and shaft, then pushed in again. I entered her with slow, short strokes, slow enough to let her body relax.  I found the snug little ring just inside her entrance that I love to feel and pushed gently.  Marsha pushed back and my cock slipped past the snug spot and into heaven.  She groaned and pushed her hips all the way to my belly.

I began to stroke my cock in and out, and Marsha was trying to do the same.  The result was my cock slipped out a couple of times.  The second time, Marsha reached back, felt for my shaft, positioned it and impaled her body with it.  There was a moan and then a whispered, “God, it’s been so long.”

I wasn’t sure what Marsha liked, so I slipped on hand under her left breast and rubbed her nipple.  The gasp she made told me that was a good thing to do, so I lightly pinched it.  She almost knocked me off the bed when she slammed her body over my cock.

“Oh God, yes.”

My other hand found her clit and began rubbing it in small circles.  Marsha didn’t gasp at that; she shuddered and then moaned.  I pinched her nipple, then rolled it between my fingers and her body quaked.

I’m usually good at waiting for my partner to get there before I let go, but I was having trouble.  Maybe it was because she was new, maybe it was because she was being so responsive, or maybe because I’d fantasized about her more than once, but it was getting difficult to hold back.  As it was, I needn’t have been concerned.

Marsha began panting with every stroke, and moaning each time I touched her swollen clit or squeezed her breast.  She began pushing back again, speeding up our rhythm, and shaking with each stroke.  Before I expected it, she gasped, thrust her body over my cock and cried out.

“Don’t stop…oh, don’t stop…Now…Now…Now”

As Marsha gasped over and over and her body spasmed against me, I shot my seed deep inside her.  As I regained my breath, I stroked my cock slowly in and out, and Marsha made a little moan with each stroke.  When my cock finally slipped from her passage, she chuckled.

“Jenny was right.  I think that’s the best backrub I’ve ever had.”

“Believe me, it was great for me too.  I’m sure Jenny told you, but I’ve thought about this before.  I’ve thought about it a lot.”

“She did.  I didn’t believe her, but she did.  Now I don’t know what to say.”

“Just say you’ll do this again, sometime, whenever you’re ready.”

“Are you sure Jenny doesn’t mind?”

“If she joined us the next time, would that put your mind at ease?”

“Joined us?  You mean while we’re…I’ve read about that, but never…I don’t know if I could.”

“Jenny won’t push you and neither will I, but we both enjoy women.  Just something to think about.  If you’d rather it’s just you and me, that’s fine with Jenny too. “

I laughed.

“I’ll have to make it up to her, but that’ll be fun too.”

Jenny’s voice came through the door.

“You two done with your backrub yet?  The snack’s are ready.”

We said goodbye to Marsha about eleven.  She promised to come back the next weekend since Tom was going to be gone again.  As she drove off, Jenny asked if I’d enjoyed myself.

“Yes, I did.  Wouldn’t mind a repeat once in a while.  She seemed to really enjoy it too.”

“I know.  I was listening at the door.  It sounded like you two were having a great time, so I couldn’t resist helping myself out.”

“Well, at least you got something out of it.”

Jenny gave me that sensuous smile of hers, then kissed me with an open mouth and searching tongue.  I was rock hard when she finally stopped teasing me, looked up and gave me that wicked little smile she has.

“Hey, Hubby, the night isn’t over yet.  I’m still horny.  I want to be licked until I cum and then fucked until I cum again.  I’ll let you know if it was enough after that.”

I smiled.  Jenny was being the Jenny, and I was in for a really fantastic night.  Now, if we can convince Marsha to be with both of us at once…I can only hope.


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