My Hot Wife and Her Hot Friend

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28 Dec. '18

I can’t tell you how good the sensation of having two girls’ lips and tongues swirling and sliding around the head of your cock is. If you haven’t experienced it, you should move heaven and earth to make it happen. And ladies, if you really want to please your man, I recommend a double blow-job above everything else.

How was I lucky enough to have this happen to me, I hear you ask? Well, it all started back last summer… (Cue strumming harp music…)

You may remember from my last story when my beautiful Rachel turned into a hot wife, surprising me with her sudden surge in sexual energy and passion. It was when we introduced my work colleague Chris into our bedroom, a night I’ll remember until I wither and die. In case you didn’t read it, my name is Steve, and I’m one of the luckiest guys around!

We’ve repeated our sexy evenings with Chris a few times since that first unforgettable liaison. Every time has been a little different but just as horny and full-on. Rachel continues to amaze me and I think I love her now more than I ever have. Once a year, Rachel meets up with her old school friend Emma. They usually go out for dinner, catch up on their news and reminisce about the old days, and probably boyfriends past. This year, I was going out for the evening on the day Rach had arranged to meet with Emma and as we didn’t want to use up our baby-sitting tokens with her Mum, she decided to ask Emma over to ours. She arrived about 6.30, just as I was leaving, but I stayed long enough to be polite and exchange pleasantries with Emma. Oh, did I mention Emma is gorgeous? I think Rach was always a little bit envious of Emma’s looks, not that she had reason to be. But Emma has the kind of face and body that men can’t help but stare at, myself included. She’s quite tall at 5 foot 8, has long, flowing dark hair and pale skin which she always contrasts with bright red lipstick. She also has a fabulous figure with full breasts, slim waist and awesome hips that wiggle very invitingly when she walks. She had been married, but got divorced just over a year ago. I’m not sure what kind of guy could get bored waking up next to her every day, but I guess it takes all sorts.

I made my excuses and left the two of them alone, making sure I glanced back as Emma followed Rachel into the kitchen. Her hips were swaying perfectly; did she know I was looking? Of course she did! My evening was with a client and he was the type that always liked to end the evening in a strip bar. I’d told Rachel about this and she was cool. “Look but don’t touch!” she’d said. That was fine with me. I don’t mind strip joints, I mean what’s not to like? Great looking girls flirting with you, making you feel a million dollars as long as you suspend your disbelief and realise they are trying to get the dollars out of your own wallet. Thank God for expenses! The downside of these places is that they get you horny and if you don’t have a sex goddess to go to home to, as I do (I told you I was lucky!) then the evening ends in frustration and a frantic jerk off before falling asleep.

I got home just after midnight, not expecting Rachel to be awake, so I was happy to see her reading her iPad in bed when I entered the bedroom.

“How was it, Honey, did you get lucky?” she asked, wickedly.

“Oh yeah, I did – I got home and you were awake!” I replied, ever-so-slightly sarcastically.

“That’s the correct answer!” she said and eased back the duvet to reveal she was completely naked.

She put the iPad down and beckoned me to the bed. I had already showered downstairs before I came up so as not to wake Rach if she’d been asleep, so I let the big towel that I had wrapped around me fall to the floor, dropped my pile of dirty clothes on top of it and slid into the warm bed next to her.

She smelt gorgeous, as always and I was glad I was fresh and clean as well. She kissed me passionately and asked me about the hot girls who’d danced for me earlier in the evening. This had been the first time I’d been dragged to such an establishment since Rachel’s sexual reawakening six months earlier. Before Chris entered our lives, she didn’t want to talk about strippers and other girls, even though I was always upfront telling her where I’d been. But tonight was different. She asked me how many dances I’d had, what the girls were like, did I have a favourite and would I take her there one day! Wow, the change in Rachel continues to amaze and delight me. I promised I would and reassured her she wouldn’t be the only wife or girlfriend in the club.

Then, changing the subject, she said “Wanna hear about my evening?”

“Sure,” I replied. “How has Emma been? Any new guys on the horizon?”

“Funny you should ask,” said Rachel. “There is one she fancies and wants to get close to. And you’ll never guess who it is!”

I was puzzled. Emma lived in Edinburgh, 400 miles away from us. How could I know who she was after?

“No, you’re right, I can’t guess.” I said, as I started to trace my finger over Rachel’s shoulders.

“Ooh, that feels nice,” she said. “But the guy she wants to get to know is Chris!”

“Our Chris?” I asked, not hiding my surprise.

Rachel giggled. “Well,” she continued, “I might just have mentioned that we’d, um, you know, got friendly with him…”

Why did my cock start to stiffen when she said this? We’d agreed not to tell a soul, but I guess Rach figured with Emma living so far away, it wouldn’t matter. Plus, I should know by now, girls tell each other everything!

“Wow, how did she take it?” I asked.

“She said, and I quote, ‘You lucky fucking cow!’” said Rachel, laughing. “She asked me if I wasn’t content with one hot guy and I needed another?”

Hmm, Emma thinks I’m hot, does she? I was genuinely surprised to hear this and my cock twitched again. This time, Rachel felt it move against her leg, shook her head in mock annoyance, then moved her hand down and started gently stroking me.

“Yeah, she sounded really envious and asked me to tell her more about Chris” said Rach. “I told her he’s really nice as well as being a bloody good fuck!” Well, I couldn’t deny that, could I?

“So, how is she going to meet him? Is she staying down for a while?” I asked, absent-mindedly stroking the inside of Rachel’s thigh as she continued to stroke my now very hard cock.

“Promise you won’t be cross?” Rachel asked me. I nodded as I slipped a finger into her moist pussy. She shuddered and continued “Well, she’s coming back over here tomorrow for lunch and she asked if maybe you could get the afternoon off?”

Oh my God, was I hearing this right? Was she suggesting a threesome with Rachel and me? My cock started to throb as Rach stroked it a bit harder. I now had two fingers sliding in and out of her wet snatch. “Are you saying what I think your saying? I asked, as my breathing started to quicken.

“Yes, Baby,” said Rachel. “Would you like to fuck us both together?”

Fuck! I messed the damn sheets up as Rach asked me this, shooting cum all over her hand and the bed. Rachel giggled and said “I’ll take that as a yes!” I leant towards her and kissed her deeply, still massaging her pussy. I pulled my fingers out, put one each side of her hard clit and pinched quite hard. Rachel shouted “Oh fuck!” and her body lifted off the bed as she came, gasping and moaning and kissing me hard. Now she’d left a damp patch as well! Once we’d recovered our composure and our breathing had returned to normal, Rachel giggled again. “So, I take it you can take tomorrow afternoon off then?”

Fortunately, my diary was clear all day tomorrow and I was intending to spend the day in the office catching up with all the mundane stuff that tends to get neglected when sales are booming.

“I’m sure they won’t notice if I sneak off around 12. And if they do, too bad. It’s my fucking business and I call the shots!” I said, indignantly.

“Oh, Baby, it’s gonna be amazing. Emma is so hot and she’s really up for this. I can’t wait!” said Rachel. “Now you’ll get to have as much fun as I do when I’m with you and Chris!”

“So how does Chris fit into this scenario?” I asked.

“Well, I promised Emms if she fucks us both first, I’ll invite Chris over on Friday and all four of us can get it on!” Rachel said, cheekily.

I grinned and couldn’t help thinking to myself that Rachel is really making up for the years when her sex drive was through the floor. We drifted off to sleep quite quickly after that and I’m pretty sure I know exactly what we were both thinking as we did so!

I got up early the next morning and drove into the office. I got in before anyone else and managed to get some much-needed work done. I wanted to finish up around 11.30 and get home. Rach texted me around 10ish, asking if I was excited. I replied that I was and I’d be home around 12. For some reason, I was a little nervous as well. I wondered what it would be like to see Rachel with a hot girl. She’d never told me if she’d been with a woman before, but I has always suspected since the first time I met Emma. You know how girls can have a girl-crush on a celebrity, say Angelina Jolie? Well, this was the kind of girl Emma was. The kind of girl that men want to fuck and that girls want to experiment with!

I finished up in the office as quick as I could, told my P.A. that I had some family stuff to deal with and wouldn’t be available for the rest of the day. “No problem, Boss,” she said. “This place runs better when you’re not here anyway!” Normally, I would have threatened her with a pay cut for that jibe, but today, I smiled, nodded and got out of there quick! I got home just before 12 and I heard the upstairs shower on when I padded up the stairs. Rach was getting herself clean and sweet for our little encounter. I shouted hello and she walked into the bedroom wrapped in a huge white fluffy towel. I looked at her, drooling like Homer Simpson with a donut. “Don’t even think about it!” said Rachel. “Get your smelly ass in that shower now, Emma will be here by 1:00.”

I showered with a semi hard-on, anticipating what was to come. As I was drying off, the doorbell rang. Emma was obviously keen, she was early! I threw on a baggy shirt and loose shorts, and headed down to see her. Wow! Emma looked amazing in a simple white cotton dress and it was fairly obvious she had no bra on, her nipples poking against the thin fabric. I was hoping she had no panties on either! Emms and Rach kissed their hellos and I was about to give Emma a peck on the cheek when she put her hand around the back of my head and pulled me in to her, planting a full-fat kiss right on my lips. Hmmm, today is going to be a good day, I thought to myself.

We chatted for a while, mostly Emma complimenting me, telling me how hot she thought I was. It was like being back in the lap dancing bar! She was getting fidgety as Rachel started to stroke her hair. I leaned towards her and gently stroked her thighs and her eyes closed with delight. We were still in the lounge, all sat on the big leather sofa. I put my hands underneath Emma’s knees, lifted slightly, then swung her legs up on to the sofa so she was lying on her back, her head in Rachel’s lap. My hands were back onto her thighs, moving upwards, caressing and tickling her. Rachel moved her head down, Emma reached up, and they kissed each other’s mouths passionately. This turned me on enormously and I’m sure it wasn’t the first time they’d kissed like that. My hand reached the top at the inside of Emma’s thigh and I moved my finger across to touch her pussy. She moaned loudly as I brushed my finger across her clit, then when I moved it down her slit, she sighed deeply. “Oh yes Steve, that’s wonderful” she breathed. I slid my finger up and down her pussy lips then parted them a little and eased the tip of my finger inside her hole. It was wet, of course and so hot to my touch. I pushed it in further, enjoying her moans. Rachel had lifted her own skirt up and twisted her body so her pussy was accessible to Emma’s mouth. She wasted no time in getting to work on her moist lips and I watched carefully, taking mental notes, trying to identify what she did that made Rachel moan the loudest. Every day’s a school day!

I now had two fingers inside Emma’s red hot cunt and I was frigging her harder. She was slurping hard on Rachel’s soaking pussy and I could tell by the increase in pace and the loud gasping that they were both going to cum pretty soon. Rachel started screaming as she writhed on Emma’s tongue “Honey, don’t stop, make me cum, make me cum please!” Emma moaned “Yes Rach, cum on my mouth and I’ll…. Oh fuck! Yes Steve, yes, yes. Oh Fuck!” I think the speed and intensity of her orgasm took her by surprise. It did me! Her vaginal muscles were contracting hard around my fingers and I felt her pussy juice on my fingers. She kept licking Rachel’s sopping pussy as she moaned and Rachel also let out a stream of expletives as she reached her own shuddering climax. I hadn’t even taken my shirt off!

Both girls slumped on to the sofa, Rachel breathing hard, Emma giggling. “Wow, that was pretty fucking amazing Steve!” purred Emma. Rachel gasped “Wait till he fuck’s you babe, that will take your breath away!” I was grinning like a cheshire cat on laughing gas, my hard cock pushing against the fabric of my shorts. AS Rachel eased herself out of the last few garments she had on and Emma dropped her dress to the floor, I took off my shirt and shorts.

“Ooh, that’s so big!” observed Emma. “I want it!” Rachel giggled “All yours babe, just for today!” I didn’t need any more coaxing. I got onto my knees, crawled up to the couch and looked at these two beautiful girls. Rachel to my left – I leaned in and kissed her passionately on the lips – and Emma to my right. I leant across and kissed her on the lips too, all the time moving towards her. She was sat on the edge of the sofa, legs apart and I positioned myself between them, still on my knees. I couldn’t resist a little taste, so dropped my head between her legs and licked her wet pussy lips, making her shudder. I stayed down there for a few minutes, making sure she was really ready. Rachel had shuffled over towards Emma and was now fondling her beautiful breasts as I tongued her cunt. They were kissing again when I came up for air and they looked so sexy. I quickly slipped a rubber on and positioned myself ready to fuck Emma. She had slid down the sofa so her back was on the seat, her legs apart with my hands underneath her ass. I looked at Rachel and said “You sure, Honey?” She replied “Oh fuck, yes, don’t stop now!” and was fingering herself. Emma looked me in the eyes and huskily said “Fuck me, Steve. Fuck me hard!”

After pinching myself to make sure this wasn’t a dream, I placed the tip of my cock at her pussy entrance, pushed slowly to savour feeling as my knob slipped into her, then pushed again so I was fully inside her. “Oh my God!” squealed Emma as I hit her cervix. “I’ve never had a cock as big as this before!” I don’t claim to be hung like a porn star, but I reckon the horniness of this situation had added at least an inch to my length! It was also as hard as it’s ever been and I took great pleasure in stroking it in and out of Emma’s pussy. Long, deep strokes, almost fully out, then plunged back in as far as it would go. My hands were kneading her ass cheeks as I fucked her and Rachel was still fondling her tits, squeezing her nipples between her thumb and finger. Emma was loving this and wanted me to go harder and faster, but I didn’t want to cum too quickly, so I suggested a change of position.

Rachel had a good idea at this point. “Why don’t we both ride him?” she asked. “Ooh yes, good idea, then we can swap!” came Emma’s reply. I lay on my back on the floor and ordered Emma to sit on my face and Rachel to sit on my cock. That way, they could kiss and fondle each other and I got to taste one pussy as another one swallowed my cock. However, before this was to happen, they whispered something to each other and before I knew it, two mouths approached my cock. The condom was ripped off and this was the moment I got to feel my first ever double blowjob and hopefully not my last. Two tongues, two sets of luscious lips and two hot mouths pleasuring my cock beyond anything I’d ever enjoyed before. I wouldn’t be able to stand much of this without cumming so I coughed and said “Um, girls…” They got the message then went back to plan A. Emma lowered her pussy to my mouth and I savoured the beautiful smell and taste. Rachel straddled me, sliding my full length into her hungry twat in one go. She gasped as I thrust my hips upwards and Emma moaned as I swirled my tongue around inside her pussy lips. My face was covered in her juice and she and Rachel kissed deeply while groping each other’s breasts. Rachel was bouncing up and down on me, loving the feeling of me filling her pussy completely. Then, without warning, she jumped off me. “Swapsies!” she shouted, and she and Emma changed places. I now had my beautiful wife’s pussy grinding down on to my face and Emma reached down to suck my hard, throbbing cock. She sucked at it lovingly for a good two or three minutes before straddling me. I quickly realised she hadn’t put another condom on me, and I tried to protest but with a face full of Rachel’s pussy, I couldn’t make myself heard. I started slapping the floor, like a wrestler submitting and I heard the girls giggle. “I think Steve is liking this!” said Emma. “I can feel his raw cock fucking me and it feels great!” Shit, she had done it deliberately and I’m sure she and Rachel high-fived each other.

Rachel’s moans started to grow louder and more frequent and Emma was riding my naked cock hard. I wasn’t sure how long I could last but I didn’t need to worry. Rachel squeezed my head between her thighs and let out an almighty yelp as she creamed on my face, panting like a dog, almost suffocating me. She eased herself off me just in time for me to shout “Emma, I’m gonna blow, Baby!” I thought the least I could do was warn her, in case she didn’t want a pussy-full of my baby gravy. “Me too Steve, let’s cum together!” she replied and kept bouncing on my poor cock until I could take no more. With a huge grunt and a few well-chosen swear words, I exploded what felt like half a pint of cream deep into Emma’s pussy, which was contracting wildly as she reached another mind blowing orgasm. She slowed the pace and brought us both down slowly, then Rachel said “Lie on your back, honey, I don’t want to waste it.” Emma did as she was told and lifted off me, swinging her legs around so she was lying back with her legs open, cum-covered pussy exposed. “Come on Steve, help me clean her up!” commanded Rachel. Emma squeaked as she said this and we both very gently lapped at her pussy as my cum oozed out of her. Rach and I had a sexy kiss with cum dribbling down our mouths, then we both moved up and shared it with Emma, the three of us kissing each other’s mouths and tasting my creamy load.

We lay next to each other, stroking hair, sighing,  feeling our breathing return to normal and this afterglow ranked as possibly the best few minutes of my life thus far. Two beautiful women had enjoyed fucking me and I had loved fucking them. We eventually disentangled ourselves and took turns to have a quick shower. Rach made some tea and we sat and chatted, agreeing that what we had just experienced was special.

Emma piped up “So, did I earn my date with Chris on Friday?” Fuck, I’d completely forgotten about that part of the deal! Rachel looked at me and said “What do you think, Honey?” I stroked my chin and thought for a moment. Emma threw a cushion at me and I replied “Well, if I can’t keep you two gorgeous babes all to myself, I guess Chris will be the lucky son of a bitch that gets to share you.” Big smiles all round from the females in the room. “I’ll make the call.” I said and left the two of them giggling like two ten-year-old girls at a My Little Pony exhibition.

“Hey Chris, what are you doing Friday night?” I asked when he answered his phone. “Coming over to yours?” he replied. “Got it!” I said “and we have a little surprise for you too.” “He laughed, “Oh, I like your surprises! See you at around 7?” I told him he’d love this surprise and to bring some extra condoms with him. He was laughing as he hung up. The date was set. I knew Chris was going to love Emma and it would make a change watching him fuck someone other than Rachel! I returned to the lounge and told them Chris had said he’d love to come but was busy, so can Steve look after you both. When I broke into a smile, they knew I was teasing and another cushion came hurtling in my direction. “He said he can’t wait, especially when I told him we have a surprise for him” looking directly at Emma.

“I can’t wait either,” said Emma. “It will be so horny, all four of us fucking together!” I had to agree with her. From next to no sex at all just a few months ago, I had now experienced several threesomes with a guy, a threesome with another girl and I was about to experience a foursome. But the best thing of all? The amazing sex I now had with my beautiful wife. OK, so she’s a slut, I love it! Don’t worry, I say things like that to her all the time and she just grins.

Sometimes, I think to myself, Chris owes me big time for letting him into our lives. Then I realize, it’s me that owes him the biggest debt of all. He woke my wife’s dormant sexual appetite and I can never repay him for that.

I’ll tell you all about what happened when Chris joined the three of us in my next enthralling instalment. Stay tuned!


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