The Hunter's Moon

Info silverhawk
24 Dec. '18

I shifted the pickup into four-wheel drive and started up the steep lane to the cabin.  It wasn’t really even a lane.  There were just two faint ruts in the fall-browned grass to follow, and here and there, I had to drive over a clump of brush or patch of weeds that had tried to reclaim the track for Mother Nature.  It was slow going, but I knew that up there on the mountainside was some of the best whitetail country in the state.  As the property - about two hundred acres - was privately owned, I also knew we would have it to ourselves for our weeklong hunt.

The trip had been more an accident than anything planned.  I’d gone down to Dick’s shop for a couple of boxes of .270’s, and saw her looking at the hunting boots.  We ended up at the counter at the same time.  I think it was her smile that got to me because I’m usually not very forward with women I don’t know.

“I haven’t seen many women in here buying boots.  They for your husband?”

“No, actually, they’re for me.  My husband doesn’t hunt.”

“Now, that’s unusual, a woman who hunts by herself.”

“Oh, I don’t usually go out by myself.  I have a friend I go with.  We went out last weekend.  I got my first buck with a bow – only a spike, but it was still a buck.”

She smiled at me again.  “Those for your wife?”

“What…Oh, the cartridges.  No, I bought a new rifle and I’m gonna sight it in this Saturday at the range.  The rifle season isn’t that far away and I don’t want to  have to sight in after I’m at the cabin.  All I’ll have to do once I get up there is take a couple of shots to make sure nothing moved on the trip.”

“You have a cabin?  Where?”

“Well, it’s not mine.  It belongs to a friend.  I help him out in his business once in a while, and he lets me use the cabin a couple times during dear season.  It’s in East Tennessee, over near Sadie, and just outside the Cherokee National Forest.”

“Wow, I always wanted to hunt in the mountains.  You need a partner?”

I must have given her an odd look, because she laughed and said, “I’m just kidding.  I would like to hunt there someday though.”  

I let her go first, and after she’d left, I paid Dick.  While he was getting my change, I remarked that she must be an unusual woman.  

“You mean Wendy?  Yeah, she’s been hunting for years.  Her Dad got her started if I remember what she told me right.  Comes here a couple times a year.  Hunts with some guy she works with, I think it was.”

That Saturday afternoon, I loaded up the Winchester, ammo, spotting scope and the little sandbag I use for a bench rest and headed to the range.  It was supposed to be a quick trip to sight in the Winchester, but it turned out to be longer.  Who did I see there but Wendy, waiting her turn at a bench.  

“Well, we meet again.   Never did get your name.  I’m Jack.”  I held out my hand.

Her hand was soft, but her grip was surprisingly strong.

“I’m Wendy.”

“So you’re here to sight-in too?”

“Yeah, I usually do it about this time of year.  Bob, that’s my hunting friend, he doesn’t like spooking the deer like it would if I do it where we hunt.”

 We both got on benches at about the same time, and it took me ten rounds to zero the Winchester in.  I was casing the rifle when Wendy walked up to my bench.  There was that smile again.

“All done”, I asked.

“Yeah.  Should do OK.  Bob’ll be happy I’m not killing beer cans again this year.”

“Well, I’m done too.  It’s about five and it’s getting chilly.  Can I buy you a cup of coffee.”

“I’d love one.  You know that little diner just up the road?  Let’s go there.”

Coffee turned into a hamburger and fries and a couple of hours of conversation.  About midway through her telling me about hunting with her dad, I decided it might be nice having someone to hunt with.  The cabin did have two bunks.  True, there was only one room, but we were both adults, weren’t we?  We would be going there to hunt, and that’s all we would do.

The young girl with a pierced belly button brought our checks, and I stopped Wendy when she started to open her purse.

“I got it.  It was worth it just to hear about your experiences with your dad.  He must have been some guy.”

“Yes, he was.  I still find myself looking for him when I’m out in the woods.”

I decided it was now or never.  The worst she could do was say no.

“Say, uh, speaking of the woods, were you really kidding about wanting to hunt in the mountains?”

“No.  I’ve always wanted to, why?  You need a partner now?”

“Well, it’s great up there, but I only hunt morning and evening, so it can get pretty boring in between.  The cabin’s pretty rustic – no TV, radio, cell phones don’t work, nothing like that.”

“So you figure I might go along and keep you company?”

I was a little startled by her wicked little grin.

“No, I mean, yes, but just company, nothing more, I promise.  We could play cards, walk down by the creek, stuff like that.”

Wendy gave me a suspicious look.

“You wouldn’t just want me to do the cooking, would you? “

“I like to cook, so I’ll take care of that.  Besides, if you’re not used to a wood stove, you’d likely have some problems.  I’ll even help you dress out your deer.”

“When would we be going?”

“Three weeks from Friday.  I like to drive over on Friday and get settled in.  I’m usually sitting in a tree stand about five on Saturday morning.”

I couldn’t believe she said yes, but she did.

So here we were, after almost five hours on the road, grinding our way up the mountain to the cabin.  I looked over at Wendy to make sure she wasn’t just a dream.  Nope, there she was in her baggy camo pants and sweatshirt.  It’s amazing how a seatbelt can accent a woman’s bust, especially is she’s nicely endowed.  Wendy grinned at me and I turned my eyes back to the track.  I could feel my neck getting hot from embarrassment.

We passed the big pine tree in the bend and the cabin came into view.  It looked a little shoddier than I remembered, but Wendy thought it was great.  While I started unloading stuff, she took the key and went inside.  In about three seconds, she came running back out.

“There’s a spider in there!”

“Got that covered.  I remember what you said about being afraid of spiders and such.  Give me a minute to find the bug killer.”

I sat the fogger in the middle of the cabin and opened the valve.  After making sure it was working properly, I went back outside and closed the door.

“Might as well fog the outhouse, too.  Then we have to find something to do for an hour or so.  It’s only a little after one, so we have plenty of time to get settled in before dark.”

We spent that hour walking down to the little creek that runs by the cabin.  The water is ice cold, crystal clear, and makes the most relaxing sound as it rushes over the rocky bottom.  I spread out the blanket I’d carried and sat down.  Wendy plopped down on the other end of the blanket and stretched out.  I think it was then I decided this had been a really good idea.

We let the insecticide work for an hour and a half, then went back and opened the cabin doors and windows to air things out.  After another half-hour, I started carrying things into the cabin.  By four, everything was inside, I had a fire going in the small stove, and was filling the kerosene lamps.  I was opening a couple of cans of potatoes to go with our eggs and bacon for dinner when Wendy asked where I planned on her getting undressed.

“Oh, I almost forgot.  There’s a new tarp in one of these boxes.  Ah, here it is.  I’ll just tie it up to the rafters across that corner over there, and we’ll have a dressing room.”

“That’ll work.  For a minute there, I thought one of us was going to have to go outside.  I’m not really into being naked outside.”

I lit the lamps before we ate.   The yellowish glow made everything in the cabin seem warm, somehow.  It would have almost been romantic, if I had been there for romance.  I had to keep telling myself Wendy was with me just to hunt.  

After we ate, I washed up while Wendy took one of the lamps outside to the outhouse.  I made my trip while she changed.  When I came back, she was  already in the bottom bunk with the blankets up to her neck.  I blew out all the lamps except one, changed into my new PJ’s, and climbed into the top bunk.  My watch was set to wake me at four.

The coffee was done before I shook her lightly by the shoulder.  

“Time to get up if we’re going to be in our stands by daylight.  Coffee’s done, and I’m starting our pancakes.”

Wendy yawned and stretched, then flipped back the covers and sat up.  I don’t know what I expected to see, but the pale blue flannel nightgown wasn’t one of them, especially since it was sitting at about the middle of her smooth thighs.  

“Oops”, she said, and pulled the nightgown down over her knees.  “Sorry about that.  Just don’t get any ideas.  I have a rifle, remember?”  Then she flashed that wicked little grin.

There aren’t many things colder than a tree stand on the side of a mountain in the last half-hour before daylight. I was freezing my ass off.  It was a little better once the sun peeked over the mountains, but I saw no deer. I wondered how Wendy was doing.  There hadn’t been any shots.  About eight, I climbed back down and walked to her stand, and we went back to the cabin.

The rest of that morning, we played cards, ate lunch, and took a nap.  We were back in our stands about four.  It was about five thirty when I heard the shot.  I waited for a couple minutes, then got down and started in the direction of Wendy’s tree stand.  

The buck wasn’t really big except for his antlers.  He was a ten-point.  I bled him out and gutted him before we started dragging him back to the cabin.  After we hung him from the game rack, he’d be out of reach of any other animals, and would cool out nicely in the cold night air.  Tomorrow, we’d take him into Sadie to Earl’s butcher shop and then come back to the cabin so I could get my deer.

The only problem was getting him across the creek.  The creek was easy to cross in daylight and without a deer.  There was a sort of natural bridge of smooth rocks at one point just downstream from the cabin.  That night, Wendy slipped on one of the rocks, and fell in.  I wasn’t worried that she’d drown; the water is only about two feet deep.  It was the cold water and the cold night that was of concern.  

I helped her out, and we quickly dragged the buck the rest of the way to the cabin.  Once I had the fire going so Wendy could warm up, I went back outside and hung the buck from the rack.  When I came back inside, she was huddled over the stove trying to get warm.

“Wendy, you need to get out of those wet clothes.  You’ll never warm up that way.”

“I can’t.  I uh, I was cold this morning, and didn’t want to take off my nightgown.  I just stuffed it into my pants.  It’s wet now, too, and all I brought to wear was these pants, this sweatshirt, and that nightgown.  I forgot to pick up my duffel bag this morning, and by the time I remembered it, we were to far to turn back.  I figured I could make it a week in the same clothes.”

“I have a couple extra shirts you can use.  Pants might be a problem.  You’re….well, we’re different sizes.”

“You’re saying I have a big butt?”

“No, but women are wider through the hips than men.  My pants won’t fit you.”

“God, I’m freezing.  Give me one of your shirts, one with a long shirt tail if you have one.”

When Wendy walked out from behind the tarp, I turned away.  I had to.  My shirt barely reached to her thighs and that was causing me to have the normal male reaction to a woman dressed only in a man’s shirt.  

She scurried up to the heat.  Now I saw that the shirt didn’t do much to cover her hips either.  Just about then, she bent over the stove, and the shirt tail slid up her back.  God, but that was a sight.  Smooth hips, and that sexy little hollow women have between their thighs.  I guessed her extra panties had been in that duffelbag, too, because she wasn’t wearing any.  There was a fringe of soft hair around the soft pink lips that peeked from that little hollow.  

I thought maybe joking with her might help make my cock go down.

“Wendy, I think you’d better get your rifle.”


“Well, in that shirt…well, you’re uh… pretty uh…inviting.”

“I wondered how long it would take you to notice.  I was hoping you’d notice.  I wanted you to.  I just couldn’t figure how to get you to do that until I fell in the creek.”

“You planned this?”

Wendy chuckled.

“Well, not the falling in the creek part, but I was going to get you interested sooner or later somehow.”

“But, you’re married.”

She grinned.

“Yes, I am.  My husband is older than I am, and he doesn’t hunt.  There are other things he doesn’t do too…things I really need to do but he can’t do anymore so we have an agreement of sorts.  He knows why I came up here with you.”

“He doesn’t care?”

“He cares enough about me he wants me to be happy.  I was hoping you wouldn’t mind doing what he can’t anymore.”

“He won’t be jealous?”

Wendy chuckled.

“No.  He’ll want me to tell him what happened.  It turns him on.  He can’t get hard enough anymore but he can still…well, I’ll use my hands and help him out.”

Wendy started unbuttoning my shirt.

“Maybe this will help you decide.”

Her breasts were heavy and sat lower than a young girl’s, but they were round and swayed gently as she took off my shirt.  Her nipples looked pretty stiff, but I figured that was because it was cool inside the cabin.  The dark brown hair on her mound had been trimmed pretty short, and didn’t do much to hide her full, puffy looking lips.

Wendy waited until I took off my shirt, then walked to me, put her arms around my neck and mashed her breasts into my chest. While her nipples tried to poke holes in my chest, I felt her breath against my neck as she whispered, “I promise you won’t be sorry”.

Her hand slipped between us and then stroked my cock through my pants.  I felt her undo my belt and then slide her hand inside.  My cock was standing up tall, and I gasped when Wendy closed her fingers around it and stroked gently.  She giggled.

“Hmmm.  Like that, do you?”

“If you keep doing that much longer, you’re going to find out just how much I like it.”

Wendy nibbled my earlobe and then whispered, “A good hunting buddy would return the favor.”

It took a minute or so to kick off my boots, strip off my pants and underwear, and then lead Wendy to the bed.  

The hair on Wendy’s mound was silky soft.  The lips I touched lower down were even softer, and a hint of moisture met my touch.  She spread her thighs and opened herself to my touch when I began caressing those soft lips.  I felt them part slightly and slipped my fingertip into wonderful wet warmth.  The little ripples of her inner lips were a joy to explore and Wendy grew wetter by the minute.  I slipped my finger into her passage.  Wendy groaned and began to pull gently on the head of my stiff cock.  I groaned a little too.  This was going too fast.  I was going to cum all over her hand if I didn’t do something.

With some difficulty, I raised up and worked my way between Wendy’s thighs.  She reached to pull me up, to get me to enter her then, but I had another idea.  I slipped my arms beneath her thighs and lifted.  When Wendy raised her knees, I lowered myself until my nose was brushing the silky hair on her mound.  A little nuzzling brought me to the point where her lips separated and I slipped my tongue into the cleft.

Wendy moaned and arched her back.  I moved my tongue lower while my hands slid slowly up her sides, then encircled her breasts.  Her nipples were still stiff when I lightly flicked them with my fingertips.  They grew harder.  I felt their wrinkled tips, then pinched them lightly with my fingertips.  Wendy moaned again.  

I thought she would throw us both off the bed when I licked her from her entrance up to her clit, and I was glad we were so far from everything else when I made a little circle around her clit with my tongue.  Wendy cried out and her satin thighs pressed against my ears.

“Oh, God, yes.”

I loved her scent and taste.  I loved it almost enough to finish her with my tongue, and would have if Wendy hadn’t pulled hard on my shoulders.

“God, Jack.  I need you inside me, now.”

I was still rising to my knees when I felt her slide her hand down my belly and search for my cock.  While I moved forward, Wendy gripped me and guided me to her.  She rubbed her clit with the head, then pushed it down between satiny lips wet with her arousal.  I felt her lift herself slightly and then she gently guided me to the entrance to her passage.  I had to restrain myself from plunging in to the hilt.  Instead, I slipped the head of my cock just inside her entrance and made tiny little strokes.  Wendy kept thrusting her hips into me in an attempt to drive me home, and I had to smile.  She was as excited as I was.

Finally, I couldn’t take any more, and sank my length into her warm, wet passage.  As I slipped inside her, I could feel her inner lips caressing my shaft, then rolling inside her just as my balls touched her hips.  I stopped long enough to move my hand between us to her clit.  It was now out of its little sheath, and I brushed the swollen little bud with my fingertip.  Wendy wrapped her arms around my back and hugged me tight.

I started my strokes slow and long.  It was such an exquisite feeling to be sliding in and out of her warmth, to feel her soft belly brushing mine when I was buried deep in her body, to feel her satin thighs around my waist when I withdrew.  Even more arousing was her breath on my neck and the tiny little moans Wendy made with each stroke.

I knew Wendy was ready when she wrapped her legs around my waist.  She was almost suspended beneath me, and let her body rock against my thrusts.  With each stroke, it felt as if I pushed deeper into her writhing passage.  Wendy was moaning almost continuously now, and it was obvious she was getting close.  I felt her nails rake my back after one quick thrust into her grasping depths, and then her belly started to roll against mine.  

Wendy’s breath was coming in short gasping pants, and I felt her pelvic muscles clamp down around my cock.  That was all it took for me.  The spurt started in my hips and splashed into her body just as she arched high and gasped.  Another stroke, another spurt, and Wendy cried out.

“Now, oh God, now.”

I was good for a couple more strokes, but riding them out was like riding a bucking horse.  Wendy thrust her hips high, and raked my back again.  She shuddered, over and over, until, with a final cry, she sagged back onto the bed.  We lay there, joined, for a few minutes.  It was nice to feel her softness beneath me, to feel her breasts flattened against my chest, to feel her inner thighs slide slowly over my hips and down my legs.

When my cock slipped from her, Wendy opened her eyes and smiled and sighed.

“Now that’s what I call a great way to keep from being bored.”

“Yeah it is.”

“Not sorry are you?”

“Hell no, I’m not sorry.”

“Well, then just enjoy it.  I’m enjoying myself all to pieces.”

She wiggled underneath me.

“Wanna do it again?”

“I’d love to, but, uh…, I need a little while to recover.  You’re something else, Wendy.”

“OK, but you have to promise to stay here all night and keep me warm.”

Well, I did stay there all night and keep her warm.  Somewhere along about midnight, Wendy got cold again, and we ended up locked together like spoons.  Well, I guess spoons don’t usually get locked together like we were.  She pushed my back up against the cabin wall and wriggled herself onto my cock.  I thrust in and out of her body, slower this time, and toyed with her clit and nipples until she was gasping again.  With a final thrust of her hips, Wendy drove my cock inside her until it pressed against the end of her passage, and then clamped down on me with her pelvic muscles.  

I thought Wendy came hard the first time, but this was amazing.  She was sort of babbling on and moaning at the same time, and when she finally shuddered out the orgasm, it felt as if she was milking the seed out of my cock.  When she stopped shaking, Wendy snuggled back against me and sighed.

“God, that was good.  It’s been a long time.”

We fell asleep again, her soft back pressed into my chest, her soft hips pressed into my belly, and her breast cupped in my hand.

When the alarm on my watch went off, I was already awake.  I was awake, because Wendy woke me with little kisses all over my face and a soft hand massaging my cock.  The first thing I saw when I opened my eyes was her smile.  The first thing I heard was her little giggle.

“Wake up, Honey.  We have things to do.”

“I don’t know.  I’m kind of tired.  It feels like I wrestled a tiger last night – twice.”

Wendy smiled again.  “Grrrr”.

Then she pounced on me and bit me gently on my lower lip.


“Oh, let me kiss it and make it all better.”

Well, it felt better almost immediately, though I can’t say if it was her kissing or the soft fingers that stroked my rapidly stiffening cock.  Finally, I had to come up for air.

“Wendy, you’re gonna kill me.”

“Then I’ll have you stuffed and take you home with me.  Would you like that?”

“I can think of things I’d like better, like sleep.”

“You can sleep later.  Right now, I have something else in mind.”

Wendy turned around and straddled me, then lowered herself over my cock.  She rubbed her lips and clit with the head, then slowly sat down and impaled herself.  I felt her hips moving slightly and realized it was the most fantastic thing I’d ever felt.  She was wet and slippery from our earlier joinings and the wet warmth enveloped my cock.  The slight movements were exciting me beyond belief.

All I could see was her soft hips until she raised herself.  Then, I could see my cock sliding slowly through her inner lips.  They were wet and glistened in the moonlight that streamed through the window beside the bunk.  As Wendy lifted herself more, those lips stretched out along my shaft as if pulling at it to go back inside her.  When she lowered herself, they casually crept up my cock and disappeared inside her with it.  The whole picture was more erotic than anything I’d ever seen.

Fortunately for me, Wendy seemed pleased to do all the work.  Fortunately for her, I was too spent to cum immediately.  She rode my cock for about half an hour, moving her hips from side to side as that soft bottom rose and fell, sometimes rocking her hips to drag her clit over my length, sometimes pushing back to drive me deep inside her.  When her hips pushed into my belly, I felt her fingertips gently rubbing her clit, and I could tell from the movement of her arms in the moonlight she was also rubbing her breasts and nipples.

This time the end came slowly, but it was even better than the other two.  The sounds Wendy made were so erotic; the movement of her body over me was so exquisite.  Even the quiet little slap when her hips met my belly was exciting.  I felt myself going over the edge and lurched into her when she lowered herself over my cock.  I heard her gasp “Oh”, and push into me hard.  Her fingertips touched my balls as she rapidly rubbed her clit, and she threw her head back with a cry.  I spurted my seed into her just as Wendy began to quiver, and had the pleasure of watching her whole body vibrate as the orgasm raced through her.  

Wendy slowly rolled back on my chest until her cheek met mine.  Once her breathing had slowed she opened her eyes and looked out the window beside the bed.

“Would you look at that moon.  I didn’t see it before.”

“That’s the “Hunter’s Moon”.  It’s supposed to be the time of year you put up your meat for the winter, at least that’s what they said when men went hunting for the winter’s food.”

“Well, it’s beautiful.”

I laughed.

“What’s so funny?”

“Oh, I was just thinking about the moon I was seeing a few minutes ago.  It was pretty beautiful too.  I think I’ll call it my “Hunter’s Moon”.”

Wendy grinned.  “That’s going to cost you, Honey.”

“Oh, how much?”  

“As much as I can get until this week’s over.”

Well, I didn’t get a deer on that trip, not that I missed it much.  We drove Wendy’s buck into town that day, and then rented a motel room so we could shower.  Then it was back to the cabin.  She seemed to like being all alone, and I found out she lied about being naked outside.  The last part of the week, it warmed up, and I couldn’t keep clothes on her.  I really didn’t want to, actually.  It saved us the trouble of taking them off again when the mood struck us.

On Friday morning, we packed up and headed back to Nashville.  I dropped Wendy and her deer off at her house and drove home.  Once there, I called my boss and told him I’d probably not be in until Tuesday or Wednesday.  I told him I’d caught something while hunting and needed to rest.  Well, it was only half a lie.  I was beat.

Wendy and I stayed in touch over the winter, and managed to get away together on a few afternoons for a drink or maybe a meal.  Now it’s getting toward spring and Wendy wants to go turkey hunting.  It seems she saw a couple up at the cabin, and she’s always wanted to hunt turkeys. Yesterday, Wendy told me she’d brought her camo suit with her so I could tell her if it would work.  What she pulled out of the shopping bag was camo all right, but it wasn’t going to do much good on a turkey hunt.  It was a tiny little bra with tiny little panties.

I told her the turkey’s wouldn’t come close with that much of her skin showing, and she just laughed.

“Well, if we can’t find any turkey’s, we’ll just have to find something else to do.  I have a few ideas, if you’re interested.  You might even see your “Hunter’s Moon” again.”

I have a week’s vacation coming and told my boss I’d be gone the week the season opens.  I figure even if I don’t get a turkey, I’ll have fun.  That Hunter’s Moon can be mighty exciting.


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