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17 Dec. '18

I’m a keen amateur masseur and I love massaging women. However, I’ve recently discovered I have bisexual urges too so I figured the way to meet new people and to indulge my massage passion, I would advertise online offering massages to girls, guys and couples.

I wasn’t surprised to get quite a few men replying but I was quite surprised to get my first couple enquiry last week. We exchanged a few emails and I learned that the man, let’s call him Phil, had a fantasy of sharing his hot wife, let’s call her Susie. However, he was quite nervous about this. He didn’t want the ‘Bull and Cuckold’ scenario (just as well, because I’m no bull). He wanted to take things slowly, at a pace he and Susie could cope with. This was perfect for me too and I was straight with Phil, telling him it would be my first couple massage and first hot wife experience.

I figured I’d better try massaging a guy first, just to make sure I was cool with it. I’d started to like Phil and Susie from our email chats and I didn’t want to let them down. The guy that sounded the coolest from the first replies I got from men, let’s call him Elliot, was a straight guy in his early thirties and he too was a bit nervous, wanting to be with a man for the first time. I told him we’d learn together and he seemed happy with that.

 I arrived at his place around 7pm one evening, freshly showered and with some massage oils. Wow, what a great looking guy Elliot is. I told him this, which I’m sure he’s heard many times before and he blushed slightly. Very endearing, I must say. He had showered just before I arrived, so without delay, I asked him to strip down and lay face down on the bed. I stripped down to my boxers, climbed onto the bed and proceeded to massage his lovely smooth body.

 I won’t bore you with the massage details, but I should tell you I spent a long time massaging his glutes. Or, to put it another way, I groped his ass and enjoyed hearing him moan slightly as my hands slid between his legs, brushing his balls. He also seemed to like it when my fingers parted his ass cheeks and touched his asshole. I kept doing this and with the slippery oil, it was very easy to slide the tip of my finger into his anus. I got the response I hoped for and he let out a deep sigh as my finger slipped in. Not one to disappoint, I got the message loud and clear and pushed my finger in and out a little more and a little deeper with each push. He was really moaning loudly now, my one hand squeezing and kneading his ass cheeks, the other in between those cheeks, my naughty finger gently fucking his tight hole.

 If I had any qualms about whether or not I would enjoy massaging a man, nobody told my cock! It was fully erect, straining the material of my boxer shorts. Elliot was really enjoying my anal attentions, but I figured it was time for him to turn over. I wanted to see how aroused he’d become and I wanted him to see my bulging boxers too. He flipped over and there it was, his rock hard cock throbbing on his tummy. OK, he was having fun, that much was obvious. I was sat on his thighs, my cock straining to get out of my boxers. He suggested I slip them down, which I did. I’m happy to report that our cocks were almost identical in size. Not that it really matters, but I’m a modest 7 inches with a good girth and so was Elliot. No penis envy here, thank goodness.

 He was actually shaking a little as I decided the time for oil and muscle massage was over. Only one muscle needed my attention now. I took his cock in my hand for the first time and Elliot sighed deeply. I squeezed his shaft and moved my hand slowly down then up again with long, firm strokes. Elliot reached forward so he could reach my cock and followed suit, stroking it in time with me jerking his. Neither of us wanted this to end, but we were both so fucking horny, I knew we wouldn’t last much longer. You know how it is with your first time! Now, should I stroke him until he explodes, or… no, I had a better idea.

I eased my body down a bit so I could reach down and take Elliot’s throbbing cock into my mouth. Oh my God, my first blow job! I slid his rigid cock between my lips and I swear he yelped with pleasure. I held the base of his cock with one hand and with the other, I gently cupped his balls. My head started to bob up and down, Elliot moaning deeper each time my hot mouth engulfed his cock. I took it as deep as I could without gagging and Elliot kept saying “I’m gonna cum, man, I’m gonna cum”. He was warning me, in case I didn’t fancy a mouthful, he’s such a considerate guy. But I thought, what the fuck, in for a penny, in for a pound, so I kept going.

 I moved the hand I was using to cup his balls and very naughtily, slid one finger down to his anus. Elliot was almost shouting now, “Fuck, yes!” as I slipped my finger into has ass again. Well, you can guess what happened next! With the inevitable “Oh my God!” his cock erupted with a thick, hot spurt of cum, sprayed out with some force into my throat, almost making me choke. I was amazed and thrilled at the sensation, and opened my mouth a little as he kept pumping spurt after spurt into me. Cum poured from my mouth, covering his cock and balls, his tummy, my hands, my chin. Fuck me, it was messy! But I kept gently sucking that awesome cock head until there was no more cum left and Elliot started to buck his hips.

 I swallowed the cum still in my mouth and lifted myself off his legs. He was shaking after what he later told me was the best orgasm of his life so far! Wow, thanks man, I’ll take the compliment. There was, however, one thing left to do. Yep, I hadn’t cum yet and Elliot eagerly grabbed my hard cock and started stroking me hard. I was never going to last long after that most erotic experience of feeling a big hard cock cum in my mouth, so I closed my eyes and enjoyed his hands jerking me.

 “What does it taste like?” he asked. “Only one way to find out”, I replied and he got the message, moving his head forward so I could slide my dick into his mouth, and let me tell you, it was just in time. Two thrusts against his hot tongue and I erupted like a mini volcano, filling his mouth with creamy cum. He coughed and spluttered a bit, but he swallowed my load beautifully, draining my cock of every last drop of cum. Wow, I was totally wasted and lay down next to him, breathing hard. It was only a minute or two after Elliot had cum, so we lay there, side by side, recovering after each having had an amazing, shuddering orgasm. I don’t smoke, but I felt the urge for a cigarette right then!

 When we’d recovered sufficiently, Elliot offered me his shower for a rinse off, which was nice. We had a quick drink then I left not long after and we agreed a follow up ‘massage’ soon. I suspect I’ll need condoms and lube for the next time – he really loved my fingers in his ass, so I’d like to take it to the next level and fuck him when we meet again. I don’t anticipate much resistance to that idea! What an amazing first experience for both of us. I chose well, meeting the nicest guy. I hope he feels the same.


OK, time for me to think about Phil and Susie now. I was starting to feel more confident after pleasing Elliot and I was very much looking forward to meeting this couple. Could it be as good as my experience with Elliot? Well, I was to find this out three days later…

We’d arranged to meet at their place at 8pm. I showered thoroughly before I left the house and found their rather swanky house easily. I parked up on the drive and I must admit, I felt a bit nervous, or maybe just excited. I walked up to the door and it opened before I had a chance to ring the doorbell. Hmm, are they looking forward to this as much as I am?

I was welcomed in and offered a drink. Phil is a nice looking chap, I would guess about 40. His body is in great shape and he has a little goatee beard. Then Susie walked into the room. I was gobsmacked, not only was she really attractive with long, honey-coloured hair, but she was wearing a beautiful sexy nightie, stockings and suspenders. She had obviously taken great care getting ready for our encounter and if she was nervous, she didn’t show it. She smelt wonderful too and I immediately wondered if she liked the aftershave I had chosen for tonight. Her body was stunning, with perfect sized breasts, a slim waist and lovely curvy hips. I didn’t ask, but if she had kids, you couldn’t tell. No stretch marks or wrinkles that I could see, just beautifully smooth, soft skin.

I complimented both her and Phil on how they looked and they were kind enough to reciprocate. There was then a period of slightly nervous small talk while I sipped my iced water. I really fancied a stiff gin and tonic, but I figured that could wait until later. “How are we going to play this then?” asked Phil. “Well”, I replied,” it’s a couples massage so how about we all get on the bed, me in the middle and you two face down. Oh, and be sure to take off all your clothes…”

Phil, being a typical guy, was stripped naked in seconds and laying on the bed. Susie, being a very tasty hot wife, took her time, stripping seductively, watching for my reaction. She saw my reaction as I slipped my jeans down and my blue boxers had a rather large bulge at the front. She looked at my crotch, then up to my eyes. She smiled and I’m sure she licked her lips with anticipation. I was starting to think Susie had initiated this meeting rather than Phil.

Susie lay face down on the bed and held Phil’s hand. I was mindful that Phil was a bit nervous, so I decided I’d keep a running commentary throughout proceedings, so he could protest or stop me at any time, should he be unsure. I figured keeping him relaxed was the key to this meeting going well. Plus, Phil had told me they both really get off on dirty talk, so I could be as filthy as I liked!

“Relax guys and I’ll warm some oil in my hands. I’m going to start with you, Phil. I hope you don’t mind Susie, but I want to relax him first. I’m rubbing some oil into Phil’s shoulders and around the base of his neck. I prefer to be gentle to start with but firm enough for you to feel it. More oil and down Phil’s back, firm strokes tracing his spine. Now I’m moving down to his hips and his ass. Oh? Does that feel good?”

I was squeezing his ass cheeks between my fingers, recalling how much Elliot enjoyed this. I let my fingers slide along Phil’s ass crack, and in between his legs, ‘accidentally’ touching his balls for the first time. He shuddered as I did this and I thought, that’s promising. I moved down to his thighs and his calf muscles, then back to his ass. Susie was watching intently.

“That feels great Phil, but now it’s Susie’s turn, OK?.”  I turned around so I could reach Susie’s shoulders and poured some of the oils into my hands. I repeated the process with Susie, who was purring her approval. I restarted my commentary, to reassure Phil.

“I’m starting slowly on Susie’s shoulders and arms. Phil, you’re a lucky guy having such a beautiful wife. I’m gently oiling her back and her hips now. Susie has the softest skin I’ve ever had the pleasure to massage. Not only are you lucky to have her, she must really love you to do this. Plus, you get to kick me out later and spend the whole night with her. Lucky man indeed”

I could see the smile on Phil’s face as I spoke and I hoped I was pitching it about right. I didn’t want to be sycophantic or false. Susie really is beautiful and any man would be lucky to wake up next to her each morning. I also didn’t want to come across as too leery, even though I was dying to sink my face into her ass and hungrily eat her pussy! If all went well, there’d be time for that…

“Now I’m moving my hands from her hip’s to her ass. Mmmm, you have such a sexy ass Susie.” She giggled as I said this and Phil snorted a little! But my hands never stood still, softly kneading her beautiful ass cheeks, my thumbs tracing into her ass crack as my hands moved  up and down. “My hands are exploring Susie’s ass now and one finger is slipping in between her thighs. I’m stroking her beautiful pussy now and I can feel that she’s already getting wet” In fact, Susie was dripping and moaning quite loudly as I did this. She was holding Phil’s hand tightly and looking at him adoringly, but it was my fingers that were making her wet. She was very naughty at this stage and moved her hand towards my cock, stroking it through the material of my boxers. I don’t have to tell you that I had a raging boner by this time and her hand made me even harder.

As much to stop me cumming too soon, I suggested they both turn over and lie on their backs. Susie got the message and released my cock, so I slipped my boxers down and dropped them on the floor. Did I hear Susie gasp as she saw my cock spring out? Probably not, but my ego took over for a moment! Phil had a huge erection too. Modesty forbids me saying his is a little smaller than mine. Oops! Whatever, it was just as hard and thick as mine and Phil was stroking it gently as he lay there.

“Hey, that’s my job” I said and I reached down and took Phil’s cock in my hand. Phil grinned and put both hands behind his head. I wanked his cock with firm strokes, pulling his foreskin back each time and letting it slide back over his knob with each upward stroke. He started breathing heavily as I did this, and I could sense he wasn’t going to last too long. Susie was looking me in the eye as I continued to stroke him and said “He’s an impressive cummer, if you keep doing that, you’ll see!”

“Oh, I don’t want him to cum just yet. I have a plan for where he’s going to shoot his first load!” So I slowed my stroking down to a stop and said “Susie’s turn again.” She was smiling at me as I said this. My hands moved to her smooth flat belly, Phil straining to watch as this stranger started to paw at his wife’s soft flesh. I ran my fingers along the outline of where her pubic hair would have been, if she hadn’t been freshly waxed – that morning, as she later told me. No wonder it was the smoothest pussy I’d ever seen, or felt. Now I started to run my thumb over her clit, which was quite hard and erect.

“I’m flicking Susie’s clit with my thumb now, that’s why she’s moaning, Phil. She seems to like it!” Susie giggled as I said this, nodding her head as she breathed hard. “Now I’m running my finger up and down the length of her pussy. It’s so wet and beautifully pink. Perhaps I should slip a finger into her?” No complaint from either of them, so I did just that and Susie let out a gasp as I slipped my finger in. I used my middle finger, the longest one, and slid it right in in one go. She was so hot and wet, so ready to fuck and she moaned loudly.

OK, so I’m kneeling between Phil on the left and Susie on the right. My right hand has the middle finger thrusting gently in and out of Susie’s sopping wet pussy. I reached my left hand over to Phil’s cock and start stroking it up and down to the same rhythm. I remember thinking to myself at the time, this must be what it’s like in heaven!

Two good looking people, both writhing under the touch of my hands. “I’m the lucky sod now guys. I have a throbbing cock in one hand and I’m finger-fucking Susie’s soaking wet cunt” Wow! As I said that, Susie gasped, let out a lomg, loud moan and started shuddering with a huge orgasm. She held Phil’s hand tightly and I could feel her pussy muscles contracting around my probing finger. As she started to relax a little, I slipped my finger out and very gently rubbed her clit, using her juices as lube. Susie was whimpering like a puppy and kept saying “I love you” to Phil. He smiled and said “Me too, Baby”.

I was still jerking his very hard cock, just about to tell him my cunning plan for where I wanted him to cum. Shit! Too fucking late. He let out a huge moan and shot a massive spurt into the air, followed by another and another. I swear I counted them, seven big spurts and one dribble as he covered his chest, tummy and my hand in thick creamy cum. I slowed my jerking so as not to hurt him. Susie moved towards Phil and kissed him deeply as his orgasm subsided. I could see the bliss on his face and Susie, being the naughty little slut she is, slid down the bed a little, then started to lick the cum from Phil’s body. Wow, that looked so hot. If she’d touched my cock at this point, I would have shot my load in a second, but she didn’t. She licked up most of the sticky cum on Phil’s body then reached up and kissed him, with cum oozing from her lips.

This is one cum-hungry girl! She looked over to me, took my left hand still covered in Phil’s cum, then took each of my fingers in turn into her mouth, cleaning all the cum from them. “Mmmm, I want more” she said “Any idea how I can get some?” She pulled me towards her, kissed me on the lips and yes, I could taste Phil’s cum on them. She then lowered her head and took my cock into her mouth. She was on her knees, bent towards me. Phil had the best view, her amazingly sexy ass in front of his face and the sight of another man’s rock-hard dick in his pretty wife’s mouth. No wonder his cock was still hard and throbbing.

This was the sexiest scenario I had ever found myself in. Erotic, horny, OK, that’s my excuse for lasting all of three strokes before I emptied my balls into Susie’s mouth. She sucked hungrily as I pumped more cum than I’ve ever managed before into her mouth. Seven spurts at least, to match Phil. She swallowed the fucking lot, licked her lips as my dick flopped out of her mouth, then kissed me again, full on the lips, so I could taste my own cum. Fuck! I think it’s safe to say we’d all enjoyed our meeting so far. We had a little breather then, I sipped at my water, which tasted sweet compared to the pungent cum I’d just tasted. I got the impression Susie would gargle with cum if she could! She didn’t want water, just more cum! And guess who was going to oblige her?

Phil said “Tell me about this cunning plan, Steve. The one about where you wanted me to cum.” So somebody is ready for round two! The three of us eased ourselves back onto the bed, Susie playfully reached for my cock and pretended to sulk when I told her to stop, you naughty little slut! “I think this girl needs a damn good spanking Phil, what do you think?” He nodded in agreement and I grabbed Susie by the hips and pushed her over my knees. Phil knelt next to me as I playfully spanked her right bum cheek and he smacked her left cheek. She’s getting into character now and let out little yelps of ‘pain’ as we kept spanking her, but I can see her pussy lips glistening between her thighs. She’s fucking loving this!

“Hey Phil, you wanna try fucklicking?” I ask. “Hmm, sounds good to me” Phil replied. “OK, you first, if you don’t mind me fucking your stunning wife from behind. Susie, get on your knees, you filthy little slut!” I love a submissive girl and Susie didn’t disappoint. She turned away from me and got on all fours, she looked like a bitch on heat, ass in the air, gagging to be fucked. “Phil, get on your back with your head between Susie’s legs so you can 69. Then I’m going to fuck her while you lick her pussy, and hopefully my cock too!” Phil did as he was told too. I couldn’t believe I was totally in control of this hot couple and I was about to fuck Susie in my favourite position. I let them get in position with Susie taking Phil’s hard cock deep into her mouth. He manoeuvred her ass so he could reach upwards and tongue her pussy and especially her clit. I could see her pussy getting wet again and I carefully positioned myself so I could slip my length into her. Oh my God! The feeling of penetrating Susie’s hot, tight cunt, and Phil’s tongue flicking her bean and licking the length of my shaft as I fucked her was out of this world! It took all my self-control not to cum again really quickly.

Susie was moaning with each stroke and I can only imagine what her pussy felt like, being fucked hard and deep by my big cock and feeling her hubby’s tongue on her clit, all with a mouthful of Phil’s throbbing cock. I didn’t know how it felt for Phil either, but I would find out shortly…

Poor Susie couldn’t hold on and had another shuddering orgasm, screaming with pleasure as I fucked her faster and Phil noisily lapped at her pussy lips as she squirted her cum over his face. She then pulled forward as her pussy was so sensitive after such a big orgasm. Phil stayed where he was and turned his head so my cock slipped into his mouth. I fucked his mouth and throat for as long as I could without cumming, then pulled my cock out, trying to get my breath back. Phil hadn’t cum a second time yet, so we decided Susie was going to get another good fucking, this time by Phil while I did the cunt-licking!

I know it’s more of a porno position, but I asked if Susie could sit on Phil’s cock facing away from him. I believe it’s called reverse cowgirl. She straddled his cock, eagerly letting him penetrate her. I leaned forward and kissed Susie’s mouth hungrily and she had to catch her breath as I reached down and ran my finger over her clit. “My pussy is so sensitive now” she gasped so that gave me another of my bright ideas…

“Phil, you heard the girl, give her pussy a rest, man!” I said, with a wicked grin on my face and a suggestive wink. “Here, let me help” I said, and lifted Susie off Phil’s cock, high enough so I could sink my tongue into her anus. Susie squealed with delight as I licked her ass hole and lubed it up with my saliva, ready for Phil to fuck. I positioned her above Phil’s twitching cock and let him slide her down onto it. Her ass is very tight and it took a bit of pushing and wriggling, but soon, Phil’s engorged knob disappeared into Susie’s bumhole like it was being swallowed whole! Susie eased herself down so his full length was inside her, making her gasp again. Phil was able to lift her up and down slowly and I watched in awe as he ass-fucked his gorgeous wife.

Then it was my turn to do some licking. I desperately wanted to taste Susie’s cunt. It was so pink and inviting, and so fucking wet! I pushed my face towards her pussy and licked her clit slowly, making sure she could feel the tip of my tongue flicking over it. She was moaning loudly and breathing hard, her ass full of cock and her clit being licked by my eager tongue. I reached up and gave her tits a little squeeze and rolled her nipple between my finger and thumb and she seemed to like this a lot! “Oh my fucking God, you dirty bastard!” she shouted and Phil laughed. “I’m about to get even dirtier, you little slut” I replied as I pushed my tongue right into her cunt, tongue fucking her as Phil ass-fucked her.

Susie was almost passing out with pleasure then Phil realised that in this position, my cock wasn’t being stimulated. He gently pushed Susie forward and she understood what he wanted. Without his cock slipping out of her ass, she was now on her knees with him behind her, doggy-fucking her. I had moved so I could 69 with Susie as Phil butt-fucked her and now she could reach my cock, which she happily started to suck. What a view I had! I was inches away from Phil’s cock sliding in and out of Susie’s butt hole and my tongue was lapping her pussy juice as she got creamy from being fucked. I could also reach to lick the length of Phil’s cock as he pulled out on each stroke and at one point, he pulled out completely and let his cock slide right into my mouth. I was in heaven with Susie’s lips wrapped around my cock and mine wrapped around Phil’s.

Unsurprisingly, Phil said “Man, I can’t last much longer”. I replied, “OK, cunning plan time, Phil. Don’t finish inside her, but when you’re on the brink, pull out and spray Susie’s ass with cum”.

“OK Steve, here we go, I’m cumming now” said Phil, and he did exactly as I asked him to. Out came his raging hard cock and as he grunted loudly, spurt after spurt of hot cum splashed against Susie’s ass cheeks, butt hole and creamy cunt, with my face perfectly positioned to catch all the cum as it dripped down onto me. Phil was stroking his cock hard, then pushed it into my mouth so I could suck the last few drops of cum out of it. Oh fuck, this was insanely hot for me and I couldn’t hold back. Susie was bucking with her own orgasm, at least her third of the evening, as my cock erupted into her mouth. So much cum! Susie gagged as she swallowed as much as she could and I kept licking her cum-covered cunt, savouring the smell and taste of both her and his cum mixed together. My cock continued to twitch and Susie, the ever obedient cum-slut she is, kept sucking and licking until there was nothing left to come out. This girl could suck for Britain, I felt like she sucked my entire soul out of my dick! I was completely drained and exhausted.

We collapsed in a heap of post-orgasmic bliss, covered in sticky cum, breathing hard, Susie kissed Phil and then me in turn. My cum was still dribbling from the corners of her mouth and my face still had Phil’s cum on it. God, I wish this had been filmed, I only have to think of those cum shots and I’m hard in an instant. We all eventually recovered enough to have a little clean up and Phil suggested a beer. What a guy! He read my mind and Susie went one better and informed us that she had dinner cooked already in the slow cooker, and if I fancied some chilli and nachos, I was welcome to stay. Fuck, I wanted to move in with them, not just stay for dinner!

So, one advert, two amazing encounters, both of which will definitely be repeated very soon. I’m not a greedy man (not much!) so I’ve decided to keep my adventures with just Elliot, Phil and Susie for now. They all deserve my full attention and there’s no way I could ever meet anyone better.

I just wish my own wife was as open-minded as Susie…


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