We were grinding on the dance floor of the club, moving our hips into each other to the hip hop music blasting, trying to focus on each other through the blinking lights in the dark.

His familiar hands ran up and down my body as I swayed against him, cupping my ass and fingers digging into my hips and waist, pulling me close to him. God, I loved this man so much.

Every once in awhile he would grab my hips and pull my ass against his front, and I could feel him getting harder with every song. Then he’d grind, and the large plug inside my ass would move, sending thrills of pleasure through me. I couldn’t wait to get home and fuck him. When his hands reach under my short skirt to lightly trail along my ass, I had a thought. Why do I have to wait?

When we finally left the club, only a little drunk but still pretty clear-headed, he began walking us to the bus station, but as we passed the alley behind the club, I pulled him in without a word or even a true thought as to what I was doing.

I started kissing him, once again running my hands over his body like I’ve done hundreds of times before. The air was cold but we soon heated it up around us. He directed me further away from the street and put me against the wall, the shadows mostly hiding us from view.

The wall was cold against my bare skin, wearing only a tank-top and skirt, but it barely registered. His hand was up my skirt and in my panties in a second, the other pushing up my shirt and bra to let my breasts feel the cool air, my nipples hardening instantly.

He teased one; running his thumb over it, pinching it, and then pulling slightly, eliciting small gasps from me. My hands went up his shirt to feel his hot skin, pulling him closer to me.

His fingers greedily went inside me, not caring for being gentle or slow, just plunging two fingers inside me to roughly massage my g-spot, and I couldn’t help the moans escaping against his mouth. I quickly went to undo his pants, and took his hard cock out, stroking it fast and massaging his balls.

He quickly pulled his hands away and spun me around, firmly pushing me against the wall, my breasts pressing against the cold brick. He wasted no time and pushed his entire cock inside of me in one go. He held me firm against the wall by gripping my hip with one hand and tangling the other in my hair, holding me still as he started fucking me hard and fast, the animal-istic need to fuck consuming both of us completely. 

I tried to push my hips back against him and let the pleasure fill me up until nothing else could get in. We were so close to cumming when we heard a loud voice at the end of the alley.

“Hey! Everything OK? Is he hurting you?!” We looked and a man was standing silhouetted in the light from the street, walking quickly towards us.

“I’m fine! This is my boyfriend, but thank you so much, man!” I yelled out to him, knowing he wouldn’t believe it if only my boyfriend spoke. He paused.

“Oh. Ok good, sorry to interrupt” He said, and I could hear the smirk in his voice. The relief flooded me, knowing we probably weren’t gonna get in trouble from this man. He had gotten pretty close during this time and he could probably see the outline of my body, with my shirt and skirt pushed up past my boobs and ass, showing everything.

He started to turn away when my boyfriend called out. “Hey, wait!” He paused, and my boyfriend whispered to me, “I’ve got an idea, baby.” He turned back to the man and said, “I think you deserve a little reward. You got a condom on you?” The man gave a chuckle and stammered out, “Uh, yeah?”

“Well, I’m just about done, you wanna fuck her next? You won’t regret it. I promise.” He spanked my ass hard and I cried out in surprise and pleasure. He started fucking me again, slowly, and reached around to rub my clit with his hand, and I made sure to look directly into the man’s eyes as low moans escaped me. He was handsome, I realized. But even if I hadn’t thought so, I wanted him inside me badly, just the same. The idea of it was too hot to resist.

“Hell yeah, man!” The man said, and my boyfriend started fucking me harder. The deep need inside us had dissipated somewhat, but it was replaced with the sick thrill that comes with doing something we both knew we shouldn’t, and neither of us could wait for it.

He moved his hips as quickly as he could until finally he came inside me, grunting one last time and pushing me flat against the wall.

He stepped away, but it hadn’t been enough for me to cum yet, and I was desperate to. I turned around and grabbed the man’s hand and pulled him to me, kissing him. His hands touched me tentatively at first, but when mine went to touch his crotch over his pants, he grabbed at me more firmly.

Soon his cock was out of his pants, condom was on, and he was lifting one of my legs to place around his waist as he pressed my back against the wall instead of my front.

He angled my hips and then slowly sunk his hard cock into me, making sure I felt every inch of this strange man’s dick. He could sense the excitement between my boyfriend and I, how much we were getting off on the wrongness of it all, and it spurred him on to be a part of it.

Once he had slowly sunk every bit of him inside of me, and pulled out quickly and shoved back in just as fast. He fucked me like a man given an opportunity that might be taken away from him at any moment. He was frenzied, and his hands clumsily clutched at every body part they could find, and it thrilled me to have him enjoying my body so much.

It didn’t take long for either us. The need to cum was all consuming, and he finally gave it to me. It exploded throughout my body, and I sank my teeth into his shoulder to muffle my screams, and he did the same when it was his turn. The sharp pain of the bite mixed with the lingering pleasure after he was spent, and all three of us were utterly satisfied.

The man left, without any of us ever exchanging names. I gave him a kiss on the cheek as he left, and my boyfriend and I went home, hand in hand. The high of this night fueled many more erratic nights at home, remembering how fucking hot it was. Maybe someday we’ll do it again.


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