He gets his, she gets hers.

It was in the fall of 2007 when Tim and I first met. I was in my last year of college sitting on a campus bench fiddling with my lighter when a dark haired man closely resembling Johnny Depp sat down beside me reaching out with a light. After lighting my cigarette I gave him the expected response of “thanks”. I had noticed this strikingly handsome man glancing at me many times before on my smoke breaks. He proceeded to introduce himself with a “Hi, I’m Tim”, “Jen” I replied. We proceeded to make small talk about this and that, what we’re pursuing in college. He was going for his degree in engineering, as I was studying psychology. 

“Well time for my next class, I’ll see you around I’m sure” I said, as he was handing me his lighter. “here you may need this.”

I replied,  “don’t you need it?”

He smiled and said, “no, I don’t smoke.”

Confused by his response I accepted it and went on my way yelling back to him “thanks”.

The next day I was seeking Tim on my break to give the lighter back, but he instead found me. We continued our talks everyday on our breaks for 2 weeks till we exchanged numbers, as we seemed to really enjoy each other’s company. We were doing the whole dating thing with great sex. When I say great sex, it was nothing too crazy or kinky, at the time we were both pretty vanilla in the sack. Tim did have a serious smoking fetish though hence why he carries a lighter and doesn’t smoke I guess. He said he loves to watch beautiful women smoke. I would give him smoking blow jobs from time to time. It didn’t do much for me, but I loved pleasing him and seeing him get so aroused. Anyhow, everything was amazing and two years after we graduated college we got married.

      Now I’m going to fast forward about eight yrs and two kids later. As with a lot of marriages, the magic seemed to have worn off. We were at each other’s throats consumed by the mundane routines of life.  Sex became less frequent and uneventful. I started researching ways to spice up our marriage. I stumbled upon the world of bdsm and was so intrigued by it all. I would read story after story and caught myself watching bdsm porn whenever the house was empty. Tim just couldn’t get into this at all. He would give a few spankings during sex, but I wanted more, a lot more! I wanted to experience the feeling of being restrained and giving up control to my master. I wanted to feel the urge to submit. These desires and urges went on for years and they just kept getting stronger. I think this largely contributed to my misery. I was moody all the time, because something I desired was missing in my life. I realized the conflicts of interest Tim and I had one day when I took the opportunity to go through his phone since I had suspicions of him having an affair. He had clip after clip of porn saved on his phone. I was appalled at what he was into. It was nothing but hotwife porn! I had no idea such a thing existed, apparently it’s a becoming a popular thing. I spent the whole week researching this lifestyle to try and better understand the idea behind it all. I still asked myself what man would want to see his wife fucking another man? 

I figured out a way to confront Tim about it without blowing my cover letting him know I was snooping through his phone ( which by the way I found no evidence of him cheating on me).

We were lying in bed and I asked him “wanna spice things up tonight?”

He was shocked, “what?”

I said, “oh come on Tim, let’s not pretend things have been great lately. We need to add a little spice to our relationship. I’m in the mood for something new and exciting. I want you to put on some porn. Something besides the same old vanilla stuff. Something that excites you, no matter how taboo it is, like I said I’m up for something new”.

Sure enough, the porn he put on was an interracial hotwife scene involving the husband being cuckold by his wife while getting fucked by her black bull.

 I said “is this what gets you going?”

Tim replied “I’m ashamed to admit it, but yes, very much so.”

I wanted to say well don’t expect me to become your hotwife, but then I thought to myself we both have kinky desires. How is this any more taboo than me wanting to be tied up and having pain inflicted on me?

“Do you find this at all arousing?” Tim asked.

“Not really, but this is all sudden to me, let me process this. We never talked about adding someone to our sex life, I’m just a little shocked.”

“Well give it some time and thought. It doesn’t have to happen, it can remain just a fantasy of mine” he added.

“I can’t say I’m particularly turned on right now, but I did say any porn no matter how taboo. I can see you’re quite turned on right now.”

Looking at him with a smile reassuring him that I’m wasn’t mad, I grabbed his cock and gave him one hell of a blowjob, as I was definitely not in the mood for full on sex.

I spent the next few days thinking of how I can engage in his newly announced fantasy with him without actually involving a third person. I thought maybe if I put some effort into his kinky desires maybe he will do the same for me. By the end of the day I had it figured out. I was actually excited about my brilliant plan knowing how aroused he will get. Oh how I love to please him. The plan was put into operation the very next morning after he left. I found some interracial porn pics on the internet and saved them to my phone. After knowing he was finally at work and probably sitting at his desk, I texted him a naked picture of a very well hung black guy with a caption saying “have a good day honey, I know I will.”

Not even a minute later I get a reply:

”Oh my fucking god!” 

“Is this really happening?”

“When are you meeting him?”

“Around 2pm and yes I thought it over and I want to make you happy, plus I’m really excited to have a big black cock in me.”

“Omg I’ve got the biggest boner I’ve ever had in my life right now”

“Where are you two meeting?”

“At a restaurant or bar first, or straight to a hotel, maybe his place?”

I replied “No I was thinking it would be hotter at our house in our bed.”

“Jesus Christ Jen, I love you. You never cease to amaze me.”

“What’s his name? How did you meet him? Are you going to use condoms?”

The texts just kept coming, question after question til finally I said, “for fuck’s sake Tim enough! Let me get ready so I can meet him on time. I’ll tell you all about it tonight after the kids are in bed, while you’re fucking me.”

He replied, “Hotttt! Ok sorry, I just didn’t expect this. Take pictures, love you.”

“Will do, love you too.”

I grabbed my keys and headed down to the local adult toy store and bought the biggest black dildo they had and a box of Trojan Magnum XL’s. I raced back home and went up to the bedroom where I spent the next hour viewing the type of porn I like, BDSM. I was getting so horny, which was my plan so I could fit the monster rubber cock in me with ease. I slid the condom on the thick veiny cock. It looked so real, it was one of those Real Skin brand dildos. I applied a generous amount of lube. While watching a girl restrained to a St. Andrews cross wearing a ball gag and spanked on the tv, I slowly started to lower myself onto the thick 10” cock. Feeling the impressive girth entering my overly wet pussy I gasped like never before. Till then it was a feeling I had yet to experience, being stretched to my fullest with 8 1/2 inches to go I slowly slid up and down, going a little deeper each time. Finally, with it all the way in feeling completely full I picked up my pace. Feeling so dirty like the slut my husband wanted me to be I moaned like never before. I snapped a few pictures of it in me  with my remote controlled tripod camera at just the right angle where he wouldn’t be able to tell it was a dildo. I was getting so caught up in the pleasure riding the fuck out of the toy, I managed to break the seal at the base of it where it’s suction cup was stuck to the chair. So close to climaxing I threw myself on the bed in the missionary position grabbed my favorite butt plug and inserted it in my ass with the thick cock pressing down on the thin skinned wall that separates the two, I gasped as if I entered the highest possible level of pleasure. I continued to fuck my self, oh those long 8” strokes were mind blowing. I started snapping more pictures. My strokes got quicker and harder with each thrust “Oh god!” I screamed, as my body began to tremble with an overwhelming feeling of having to pee. “Aggghhhh!” pulling the cock all the way out with a gush of fluid following it. Squirting all over the bed and gripping the sheets. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I mean I heard about women squirting, but wow! I never thought it could happen for me. After the orgasmic geyser ended, I laid there feeling exhausted but complete. After 15 mins. of trying to collect myself. I picked up the cock and finished my photo shoot with a few pics. of me giving head.m, then reviewing all the pics. I started sending them to Tim and wow did they look real. I immediately get a call from him.

“Hello” I answer.

“Holy fuck Jen, I can’t believe you went through with it! I’m on my way home, I left work early. I called your mom to pick up the kids at school and keep them overnight. Sorry I just couldn’t wait till later tonight. I want you so bad right now, I want to reclaim you but before I do you’re in for a punishment for being such a bad girl.”

My eyes lit up with excitement, I figured it was just gonna be a few spankings so I wasn’t getting my hopes up, but boy was I wrong...

“Ok see you when get home honey, can’t wait to tell you all about it”

I hung up quickly so I can clean up all the evidence that would show this whole thing was fake. I hid my new favorite toy in a shoe box in the closet along with the remaining condoms, left the empty box of Trojans on the nightstand, put on some lingerie and waited for him with a glass of wine.

Tim came barreling through the door throwing his keys and suitcase while kicking off his shoes. He picks me up off the couch and carries me to the bedroom, throwing me on the soaked bed.

“Now that you’re my little slutwife. I’m gonna treat you like one!”

Pulling 4 silk ties from his collection and pinning me face down tying each wrist and ankle to a bed post.

He asks, “did you like that big black cock in you today?”


With a swift crack from his belt across my bare ass he asks, “Yes what?”

With the only reply that came to mind, the two words I’ve been longing to say, “Yes sir.”

“Good girl”

Ahh and the two words I’ve been longing to hear.

“I picked some things up for you on the way home.” Dangling a ball gag in front of my face and feeling a flogger drag down my back, I quivered with excitement. Thinking to myself “oh my god it’s finally happening.”

“Jen, you really did enjoy that dick today, the bed’s soaked and...” holding up the empty box of condoms.

“3 times, he fucked you 3 times?” Followed by another crack of the belt.

I squealed

“Yes, sir”

Putting the gag in my mouth strapping it tight around my head, he proceeded to flogging my ass hard. It felt so good. The stinging sensation ran through my body, he was in a constant repetition alternating cheeks, ugh the sound it made was even arousing to me.

“Let me see how stretched open you are now” sticking his fingers in my freshly fucked hole. “Oh Jen you naughty little slut. He stretched you good. Now you’re gonna pleasure your daddy showing him how much you appreciate him letting you be a slutwife while he’s at work.”

He removed the ball from my mouth so I could answer “yes sir”. Then he forced my  head down on his shaft. I’ve never seen him this hard in my life. Gagging and fucking my mouth violently he then grabbed my pony tail pulling me off of him. 

“Did you deep throat him like a good girl?”

“Yes I did sir”

“You let him cum in your mouth didn’t you?”

Just to get him going more I replied,

“Yes, I wanted to taste it, it tasted so good sir.”

This seem to drive him over the edge he forced my mouth back onto his cock where he immediately exploded with the biggest load I have ever known him to produce it just kept coming spurt after spurt. At this point I wanted to get off so bad. He then continued on with the flogging while rubbing my clit.

“Tell me how much you like black cock!” As he wailed away at my ass.

“I love it so much sir!” Followed by a more harsh tear jerking hit.

“ I can’t hear you.”


“I love it so much sir!”


“love what?!”


“black cock!”



(smack, smack)

“I love black cock!”

Oh how I was enjoying this immensely and did not want it to stop anytime soon so I kept repeating myself in repetition with his flogging.

“I love black cock!”

“I love black cock!”

“I love black cock!”

“I love big black cock in me!”

Just when the pain became almost unbearable, he stopped. Then forcefully shoved his cock in my dripping wet snatch I moaned, but was quickly muffled by him putting the ball back in my mouth. The feeling of being so helpless and giving up all control is amazing. While pounding away at me I felt him slide his thumb in my ass. Oh how I wanted him to fuck my ass so badly, but couldn’t tell him with the gag in. I just kept mumbling until he removed it.

“What’s that?” He asked.

“Fuck me in the ass.”


Thinking he misheard me as I never could get into anal, due to many painful attempts.

“Fuck me in my black cock loving ass daddy!”

Without hesitation he applied some lube and eased his thick cock in my tight hole. I was at the peak of my pleasure everything felt good. Before I knew it he was all the way in. That full feeling was back again, this time in my ass. The sensation ripping through my body sent me quivering as he took no sympathy on my virgin ass. I didn’t want him to be gentle either, it was perfect.

“Oh god Tim I’m gonna cum!”

Just then I felt the intense feeling of having to pee again. 

“Ohhhh! don’t stop, agh! Yes! Yes! Yessss!”

And then it happened, I started to squirt, gushing all over him!

“That’s right cum for me like you did for him, oh my god that is hot. Mmm! I’m cumming too right now in your ass.”

We both just laid there with our minds blown over what just happened for different reasons of course, but it was great to see him so satisfied. I haven’t seen him like that in a long time. We cuddled the rest of the night feeling so much more content with each other after the sheets were changed of course.

These sessions went on for weeks, I kept up my role playing. While my original plan I intended on telling him that there was no one else, but in return I was getting what I wanted. It was bringing out the dominant side in him more and more, I loved it. I couldn’t possibly tell him and I still couldn’t see myself being a true hotwife. Then one Thursday he told me he got us a room for the weekend at a popular swinger’s resort and make sure I get all dolled up for my date tomorrow night and bring some nice lingerie. He said he wanted to be there watching this time. He then said, “by the way I already found you a date, his name is Jerome.”

To be continued...


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