Jade and Her Sugar Daddy Adventures

I've come to terms that I really love older men. When I was growing up, I never had a father. I really missed that love that a girl gets from her dad. I've always enjoyed dating much older men. Of course, this is something that my mother doesn't understand. My friends think I'm too pretty to keep such old company.

I love all the men that I date. I guess some people might call me a "Gold Digger." I honestly love the men who care for me. I know I must be the unusual one. Older men love to be in the company of younger women. Some men call themselves "Sugar Daddy's". I kind of like that term. 

Over the years, I've dated some really interesting men. They're always much older than me. They like for me to be their little doll. They enjoy dressing me and caring for me. I absolutely enjoy all the attention. Right now, I've been dating two men who care for me. They both know about each other and they don't get jealous of each other. I give them both the attention they need. In return I'm loved and adored. What more can a girl ask for?

My sugar daddy's love the sex, I enjoy the love they give to me. We have great sex together my sugar daddy's and myself. Thankfully, a little blue pill was introduced called Viagra. My guys may be old, but they can fuck just like a younger male can. They pop a pill and they're hard for about four hours. I give them a fucking of a lifetime. My sugar daddy's adore me and I love them.

My name is Jade and I’m twenty-one years old. I went to school to be a bartender, but never did end up doing it. I guess my love for older men has afforded me to be taken care of financially. I really don’t have to work anymore. My men friends have bought my condo, cars, jewelry, and spending money. Basically, I just have to look good and perform sexually for them. It’s really a very easy job. I don’t think of it as a job really. I think of it as being loved and adored. 

All men seem to enjoy my look. I look like the good girl next door. I have blonde curls and doe shaped blue eyes. I’m tall and Paul who is one of my sugar daddy's, bought me my breast implants. He’s a really nice guy. He’s seventy and a nudist. We've been together for about a year. We met at the hospital. One of my friends was there and we bumped into each other in the hall. It was love at first sight for the two of us.

Paul asked me to have coffee with him in the hospital lunch room. We talked for awhile and he asked me to have dinner with him. Of course, that evening we had sex together. It was a match in heaven. He takes care of me and I supply him with endless sex. That's what sugar daddy's need most of all. Sugar daddy's get off with being with younger women. I get off with my sugar daddy loving me and caring for me. It works I know it must seem crazy to other's.

He loves to have sex with me outside. We have sex up against a tree, in his hot tub, and in his pool. One time, he wanted me to wash his car in my stilettos pumps. He bent me over and fucked me right there on the hood of his car. He was loaded up on Viagra. A few times, he invited a few of his friends to come over and watch. That was interesting too. They were all jerking off, while Paul fucked me all different ways in his backyard. He never let the other’s touch me though. I think he really enjoyed showing off. I of course enjoyed all the attention. The attention is what I crave most of all. 

After all our fun, he ran me a warm bath and washed my hair with almond shampoo and conditioner. He also gave me a relaxing massage. It was worth all the dirty games he made me play with him. The thing about my sugar daddy's, they all know I see lots of different men. They give me their schedules and I just make it all work. I haven’t really ever had a problem yet. I give them amazing sex and they give me love and affection and any material gifts that I desire. 

Roger is another man that I date. I was driving home one evening and got into an automobile accident. I was hit from behind. Roger was the driver who hit me. He didn't want to call the police and said he would pay for everything. Roger gave me his business card and told me to call him with an estimate. He flirted with me the entire time. He asked me if he could buy me dinner. I felt so comfortable around him and accepted. We had a lovely time and of course I ended up in his bed. We had amazing sex and I've been dating him ever since. Roger is sixty and owns a construction business, where he's the President. 

Roger loves to have sex at his job. Whenever Roger is stuck in meetings for the whole day, he calls me up to entertain him. What I mean by entertaining him is, I sit under his desk and pleasure him. I can basically do this, because he has a huge mahogany desk, which I sit under comfortably. Nobody can see me and this is something that excites him. As you know, I love to please my sugar daddy's. That's why they love me so much.

The longest I’ve ever been under his desk is for a few hours. Of course, the whole time I’m under there, I’m not sucking on his cock. He likes me to massage his cock and balls. I usually bring baby oil and give him a massage there, while he’s in his meetings. Usually they’ll break for lunch. That is my cue for coming up from under the desk.

The days that I visit Roger in his office, I wear clothes that excite him. He likes me to look like a school girl. I wear a white blouse with no bra, a short plaid mini-skirt, a white thong, white anklet socks, and pumps. Roger likes when I bend over he can see my round ass. He likes me to stand in front of him and do a little dance in my outfit. He removes my top and I shake my ass and rub my tits in his face while he’s sitting in his chair. He loves to suck on my berry nipples. This makes him very excited and aroused. I'm his little fuck doll. 

After the dance, he'll instruct me to pull my thong down and step out of them. I hand my thong to him and he enjoys smelling them. He holds them up to his nose and sniffs my pussy perfume scent. He tells me that my pussy smells like pineapple and sea breeze. He commands me to my knees, and instructs me to pull his pants down. Once his pants are down, I wrap my glossed lips around his cock. I feed his cock down my throat. I hold his big smooth balls and give him head.

He loves all the sucking, slurping sounds I make. I keep up with him and right before he’s about to cum he tells me to bend over his desk. He moves my skirt up around my waist and enters my shaved cunt. He pushes himself into my neat and pretty bald lips and fucks my pussy until he comes. At that point, it’s only about ten minutes of serious fucking. He finishes and comes into my pussy. 

Afterwards, he hands me a towel and I get dressed and I go back under his desk. I suck his cock clean and go back to massaging and pulling on his dick. I sit there for a few more hours until his meetings are done. When our games are finished, he hands me his credit card and I go and buy other costumes that he likes me to wear. 

Life has been really exciting with my two sugar daddy's. I recently met another man who has taken a liking to me. His name is Brad and he’s my kinky sugar daddy. Brad likes for us to do other things. He really gets off on different sexual things that most people don’t like. I only do it, because Brad gives me that love and attention that I crave. He spoils me with expensive shoes and clothes. I really don’t mind all the sexual games he likes me to do. 

I met Brad at a golfing tournament luncheon I was at with Paul. Brad bought me a drink and we got to talking. He asked me if I was dating anybody. I told him that I date lots of men and he asked if he could take me on a date. I needed another man to love me and accepted his invitation. The very next day he picked me up by limo and we had a wonderful date. These sugar daddy's, I think have a radar to young women who like this sort of thing. He immediately asked me if I'd date him. He told me of some of his fetishes and told me if I did them, I'd be highly compensated. I gladly accepted his offer.

This is the story about when my new sugar daddy took me away for the weekend. He had all kinds of wicked things that he wanted us to explore. I’ll go over all the naughty details. 


Brad had a limo pick me up and take me to his beach house. Brad had meetings that he needed to take care of and said we’d hook up later when I arrived. He had the limo stocked with chocolate, strawberries, and champagne for me. I enjoyed a book on the way and drank champagne and ate the chocolate and the strawberries. The ride was long and after a while, I took short nap. When I woke up, we had arrived at the destination. My limo driver pulled into the driveway. Brad had his staff waiting for me when we pulled in. 

“Miss Jade, Mr. Smith asked that you freshen yourself up and meet him in the back of the house. He’ll be waiting for you there. You can freshen up in the master bedroom upstairs.” 

“Thank you so much.” 

I walked up into the master bedroom. My luggage was put in the room already. I unpacked and grabbed my bikini and a cover up and walked outside to where Brad was waiting. 

Brad was 6’2” with salt and pepper hair. He was sixty years old. He never married and was quite rich. He has blue eyes and an excellent fit body. You’d never know he was sixty years old. Brad was very kinky and had lots of fetishes. 

I walked outside and Brad was sitting on a beach bed under a canopy. 

“Darling, how was your trip?” 

“It was lovely. Thank you for the champagne. I had several glasses.” 

“I know my baby likes her champagne. Come over here and give your daddy a kiss. You look stunning my darling."

I walked over to Brad and he held me tight. I kissed his lips passionately. Our tongues danced in his mouth.

“You look gorgeous. Daddy wants to have some fun. I can smell your gorgeous pussy from here. Daddy needs to lick your shaved cunt. I want you to ride my face. After you come, daddy needs you to urinate on him. You know how excited I get when you pee on me. Afterwards, we’ll fuck.” 

“Of course, daddy. I know you love this. I love doing it for you.” 

The beach bed was under a canopy. Brad was on the bed naked. The ocean was just a few hundred feet away. It was just an absolute lovely scene. I took off my cover up and untied my bikini. 

“You look absolutely lovely my darling. I just love that you let me do these things to you. You’re my precious little girl,” right? 

“You’re my kinky daddy. I love to please you.” 

I stood up on the beach bed and squatted down. I put my pussy right on Brad’s mouth. I moved my pussy up and down and rode his pink tongue. His tongue was incredibly long. I moved and rocked and played with my breasts. 

“Brad that feels so good. Right there. Oh God!” 

Brad was licking my pussy lips all over. He was sucking on my pink clit and tongue fucking my shaved cunt. I was moving all around. I could feel my orgasm building. I knew it would happen shortly. 

“Brad, I’m going to cum. Oh God!” 

I screamed and came on Brad’s face. He was slurping and drinking down my juices. Brad was an excellent pussy eater. I kept riding his face until I had orgasm after orgasm. I must have been up on his face for an hour. He loves my pussy and loves that I have multiple orgasms. 

“Daddy wants you to urinate on him now. You know how that excites me.” 

Brad likes for me to pee right on his cock. I stood up and squatted over him. I pushed out my urine and peed right on him. 

“Fuck, baby you’re making daddy very excited. Look at how hard I am.” 

I didn’t go to the bathroom for a long time. I felt like I urinated on him for a few minutes. He was moving the piss all over him. He really was hard and had his horny look on his face. 

“Baby, climb up on me and fuck me. Do it baby girl.” 

I got off of him. His body was covered with my urine. I climbed on top of him and put his cock into my pussy. Once he was inside of me, I moved my pussy up and down. I leaned down and kissed him passionately. He was playing with my 40D sized breasts. He was wiping his urine all over my body. His cock was so fucking hard inside of my cunt. 

“Baby, you’re so fucking sexy. I love when you pee and fuck me.” 

I rode Brad for a while. Eventually, he shot his cum into my pussy. I got off of him. Brad loves to lick his cum up. I got on my back and spread my legs. 

“Baby, you’re such a precious baby to me. Thank you doll for getting daddy off. I’m going to lick my adorable girl out now.” 

Brad licked my pussy of all the cream that he sprayed into my pussy. I think he enjoyed eating his cum. I loved how amazing he was at pussy eating. I had another orgasm on his face. He licked me clean. 

“Baby that was so hot. You really make your daddy happy. I have a little gift for you in our room. I have some business I need to take care of. You have the afternoon off to do as you wish. Tonight, I have some guests coming over to join us for a little fun. Wear something sexy tonight. See you later, doll.” 


Brad went into the ocean and took a swim. I wrapped a towel around myself and walked back into the house. I needed to shower after I urinated on him. I wondered if his staff knew how kinky he was. I wondered who the guests were and how it would affect me. I took a bubble bath in his Jacuzzi and rested for an hour. When I was done, I noticed the present that was on the bed. 

It was a long jewelry box. I opened it up and inside was a diamond tennis bracelet. It was beautiful. Brad had excellent taste. I put it on and got inside of the bed. I dozed off for a few hours. I wondered what he had planned for the evening. 

When I woke up, I went back into the bathroom to take a shower. The water felt amazing on my body. I really enjoyed the shower head. I noticed it was the kind that was removable. I took it down and spread my legs wide. The spraying action hit my clitoris which made me smile. The water felt amazing inside of my pussy. The warm water came out hard inside of my pussy. I screamed and had a small orgasm. It was very naughty. 

I finished up in the shower and got dressed. I wore a little black dress, black thigh highs, black garter and black panties. I didn’t wear a bra, because the neckline was plunging and Brad liked my cleavage. When I was finished, I walked downstairs and waited for him to come home. 


Brad walked into the house with an African American couple. They were a very attractive couple. I couldn’t imagine what he had in store for me. They both appeared to be very friendly.

“Baby, this is Anne and Stuart. We’re going to go to dinner with them. You look lovely.” 

“Nice to meet you. I’m Jade.” 

“Brad has told us about you. She’s a pretty little thing.”

Anne and Stuart looked at me like I was on display. They made gestures to themselves and giggled. I couldn't imagine what they were going on about. Brad seemed happy as a peacock to be with me. He came over to me and kissed me passionately on my lips. He smacked my ass and held my hand.

I had no idea what he had in mind. Brad went upstairs and changed and we waited for him. We didn’t really talk. They mostly talked to each other and just smirked at me. I had all kinds of wicked thoughts going through my mind. 

Brad came downstairs and had a limo waiting for us all. We got in and had some wine and were dropped off at a seafood restaurant on the water. We walked in and sat down. Brad ordered some wine while we looked at the menu’s. The place was right on the water. The atmosphere was just lovely. It was a warm evening with just a hint of a sea breeze.

Brad ordered appetizers and we all put our orders in. Eventually, the appetizers came. The couple and Brad were doing most of the talking. I just listened and smiled and a few times during dinner, Brad put my hand on his cock. He unzipped his pants and I gave him a hand job. 

After dinner was over, I excused myself and went to the powder room. When I came out of the stall, Anne was putting on her lipstick. 

“Brad wanted me to tell you about tonight. When we go back to his house, he wants my husband and myself to have a threesome with you. He wants to watch us pleasure you. Would you be up for that?” 

“Sounds fun. I knew he was up to something.” 

“I’m sure will have a great time. You’re a very sexy lady.” 

“So are you.” 

“I’d love to get a little preview. I’d love to give you a kiss. You’re incredibly sexy.” 

“Sure. That would be fine.” 

Anne walked up to me. She was as tall as me and put her lips on mine. She held me tight, while she passionately kissed me. Her hands were all over my black dress. 

Her kisses were very strong, while her hands moved up my dress. There was a sofa in the bathroom against the wall. We walked over to it. Anne pulled up my dress and stroked at my panties. She moved her hands all over my cunt. I could feel myself getting very wet. Anne pushed her hands into my panties and finger fucked my pussy while kissing me passionately. 

I was so excited and came on her hand. She sucked at her fingertips. 

“Delicious. I knew you’d be delicious. Shall we go back to the table?” 


I followed Anne back to the table. Brad obviously told Anne to do that. He was smiling and looked very excited. Brad ordered us dessert and we had after dinner brandies with chocolate mousse. Brad payed the bill and we all got back into the limo. 

Everybody was feeling really good. Brad was holding my hands and we all continued to drink. We finally arrived back to Brad’s beach house. 

“I had the staff go home. Let’s take this party on upstairs.” 

We all followed Brad upstairs to the master bedroom. 

“Jade, I’m sure Anne filled you in. Daddy wants to see you have a threesome with Stuart and Anne. This is going to make Daddy hot or you. Afterwards, daddy will fuck you after you urinate on him. You know how that excites daddy.” 

“Sure. Whatever you want.” 

Anne and Stuart stood up. They walked over to me and helped me out of my dress. They unhooked my garter and pulled down my panties. They handed them to Brad who smelled them. Brad was naked on a chair. He was very excited and was pulling on his cock. 

Anne and Stuart undressed and took my hand and brought me to the bed. I sat down and they were on either side of me. They took turns kissing me. They were both really great kissers. Stuart would finger my pussy and his wife would lick me. I was very turned on while this couple were arousing me. I noticed that Brad was sniffing away on my panties and pulling on his cock. He too looked very excited. 

Anne stood up on the bed and squatted down over my face. I licked her pussy all over while she rode my tongue. Stuart’s cock was hard as a rock and he rubbed it all over my pussy. He got on top of me and slid his cock into me. He pushed his cock deep inside of me and rode me hard, while I licked his wife’s pussy. 

“Oh God, does she lick pussy good. Fucking hell. I’m coming. Shit.” 

Anne had an orgasm on my face. I drank her juices down. Stuart was fucking me harder and faster. 

“I want to fuck my wife now.” 

Ann went on her back and I sat up top on her face. I moved my pussy up and down over her pink tongue. Her husband climbed on top of her and pushed his baton up her tight cunt. He fucked his wife nice and hard. Anne was tongue fucking me which was making me very excited. 

“I’m going to cum. Fuck! Shit!” 

I was so excited and came on her tongue. I noticed that Brad had come several times. There was cum all over the chair. 

“That was so fucking hot. Jade, go into the bathroom. I’ve left a little surprise in there. Put it on and come back in here.” 

I couldn’t imagine what he left for me. When I got into the bathroom, he left a strap on cock. I put it on and came back into the room with this strange thing sticking out of me. 

Anne and Stuart were making love on the bed. He was fucking his wife hard and fast. 

“I want you to go up behind Stuart and fuck his ass. There’s some lube in the drawer. Get it and put it over his anus and your big cock.” 

I went to the drawer and took the tube of lube out. I rubbed it all over my cock and his asshole. I got behind him and teased him at the entrance to his asshole.

“Fuck him! Put that cock up his ass! Come on Jade!” 

I pushed my cock into Stuart’s ass. He moaned and groaned while I got up inside of him. The strap on cock was at least eight inches long. He screamed as I pushed it up inside of him. I looked over my shoulder and saw Brad jerking his cock off really fast. He had my underwear under his nose. He looked very excited.

“Now fuck his ass! When you’re ready Stuart, blast your wife with cum.” 

I moved my cock into his asshole. I got into a good rhythm and fucked him hard. 

“Oh Jesus! I’m coming!” 

Anne had an orgasm. I was slapping on Stuart’s buttocks and fucking him hard with my strap on cock. That seemed to excite him even more. Stuart screamed and pumped his wife with his cum. Stuart fell down on his wife and they held each other and kissed several for several minutes.

I pulled out of Stuart's asshole and just stood there for a minute. Brad crawled on his hands and knees and wrapped his mouth around my cock. He seemed to really enjoy tasting Stuart's asshole on the cock. After he was satisfied sucking the strap on, he walked over and knelt down and licked Anne's cunt of Stuart's cum. I wondered if Brad was bisexual. I wondered if Brad would be fucking the couple too. I just waited to see what he wanted to do next.

“Okay, I want you all to urinate on me. This will excite me so much. Will move to the bathroom for this part.” 

We followed Brad into the bathroom. He got on the floor of the Jacuzzi. Anne peed on his face, and I peed on his cock. Stuart peed all over his body. Brad was smiling and jerking his cock. The urine really seemed to excite him. His cock was harder then a rock.

"I want you girls to each take a turn and fuck me."

Ann got into the tub and put Brad's cock inside of herself. She moved and rocked and fucked him good. She got off of him and then I squatted down and put his cock into my pussy. I rode him hard while he played with my huge breasts. Brad screamed out and came inside of my pussy.

“That was so fucking hot. I really had a great time."

Anne turned the water on and cleaned the Jacuzzi. When she was done, she filled it and her and her husband got into it. They fooled around in the tub. Brad and myself took a shower together. Eventually, Anne and Stuart left and Brad and myself went to bed. 

It was a very crazy weekend. Once we got home, Brad bought me a red corvette. I really loved my life and my three sugar daddy's.



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