First Time Tales

Info trailmate
08 Dec. '18

Carol had to make an effort to concentrate on her driving as she headed south on 101 towards Mill Valley that Monday morning in late April. She and Robin had arranged to go jogging in the hills above Ted and Robin's condo. After her husband Bryan had agreed to donate sperm so that Ted and Robin could have a baby, Carol and Robin's long-term friendship had not only intensified, it had taken on a completely new dimension.

At the condo, Robin opened the front door and two women embraced and kissed warmly.

"Oh Carol, it's going to be such fun. I just took Melanie over to Joan’s. She’ll look after her while we’re out jogging.” And then with a knowing wink, “and longer if need be."

"That’s so kind of Joan. Bryan says 'hello' and told us to have fun." With that Carol winked.

Robin acknowledged with a knowing smile and added, “Joan and Roy really want a child. I think it’s harder on her than on him. It’s almost like I’m doing her a favor when she babysits.”

The Marin hills, beautiful and hospitable the year round, are in spring exquisite – wildflowers blossoming, grass green and swaying in the wind, oaks flush with new foliage and the fragrance of eucalyptus and bay leaves in the air. The hour they had allowed flew by and stretched into almost twice that before they noticed.

Arriving back at the condo, both were more than a little damp with sweat.

"Carol, why don't you go ahead and shower? I’ll go check in with Joan."

"I can wait. Take all the time you want.” Then directing a naughty smile at her friend, continued, “actually, yeah, I’d rather wait."

Some twenty minutes later, Robin returned. Carol was sitting on the couch with a blanket draped over her shoulders. “Borrowed this to keep from getting cold, what with all the sweat. Everything okay at Joan’s?”

“Yeah fine. Actually, just great.” Then flopping down on the couch beside Carol, she continued, “Joan said she’d be glad to extend another hour or so.”

“Uhmmm, how nice of her.”

“Yeah, she’s really nice.” Then sliding under the blanket to join Carol, "you know Carol, there's a big advantage to nursing that nobody talks about. We small breasted women get to feel how it is to have big boobies." And indeed Robin's breasts were now full and plump, not as big as Carol's, but still.

Carol laughed "So how do you like having big breasts? Or rather how does Ted like having a big-titted wife?"

"I think he likes showing me off when we go out. But with the lactation, my breasts don't bring me that much sexually. Ted gets horny looking at them and likes to kiss my nipples – at least he did until last week Friday when he got himself circumcised. Actually my breasts are really sensitive. Anything more than light kissing is just not so pleasant."

Carol: "I almost forgot how it was. Imagine forgetting and I nursed all three of ours!"

Robin: "Your breasts must have been massive when you were nursing."

Carol: "They were bigger but not all that much. Maybe it's like with men's penises. The big ones don't get that much bigger when they get hard. The little soft ones can really surprise you though."

Robin: "Hey that reminds me. Remember when we measured Ted's soft penis? We never got around to measuring him hard."

Carol: "How could I forget? But yeah, that's right." Laughing: "Other things took priority over measuring him hard. And now we have to wait at least a month. And we never measured Bryan, hard or soft. By the way how is Ted managing?"

Robin: "He took a few painkillers Friday and Saturday. Sunday was okay. This morning he looked pretty chipper when he left for work. He's supposed to go to the clinic on Wednesday to have the bandage taken off. We've got a tough 5 or 6 weeks ahead of us. Not only no sex, he's not even supposed to have an erection for the next 3 weeks. He still thinks it was good for him to get circumcised, but now he's sure wishing his parents had had it done when he was a baby."

Carol: "Poor guy. Hate to hear how he has to suffer."

Robin: "Sometimes you have to suffer to get where you want to be. He's really looking forward to using his new cut penis - on me and on you."

Carol, laughing, "Ted's uncut one took me over the top too. And remember that time in your shower? I couldn't wait to play with his foreskin. You sure you won't miss Ted's foreskin?"

Robin: "I liked playing with his foreskin too, but for me, it's more important that Ted feels comfortable with himself. And I didn't miss a foreskin when Bryan fucked me. Anyway I just hope it's worth it for Ted. For me it sure isn't. I have to do without for 5 or 6 more weeks."

Carol: "Well I could ask Bryan to help out. But only if you'd let me watch."

Robin: "Thanks, but the catch to that is that I wouldn't want to do it without telling Ted and then he'd get an erection while I tell him all the details." Laughing she added: "You wouldn't have a dildo you could loan me, would you?"

Carol: "I've never used one. Whenever the real thing wasn't handy, my fingers always seemed to do the job just fine."

Robin: "Oh I know all about how your fingers work. I sometimes get wet thinking about that afternoon when we were planning how we could get Ted to watch Bryan fuck me."

Carol: "Are you getting wet now?"

Robin: "Yeah, are you?"

Carol: "Do bears shit in the woods?"

Robin laughing and throwing off the blanket, "let’s go shower together. Or how about we take a bath? Carol would you mind starting the bath? Oh, there's a bunch of different bath foams, just pick one that looks good to you."

Robin went to the kitchen and picked out a bottle of chardonnay from the fridge. By the time she got to the bathroom, the tub was full of hot foamy water and Carol was comfortably soaking. Robin, still wearing running tights and sports bra, came in with the bottle and glasses. "You look all comfy Carol. How's the water?"

Carol: "Great, but it'll be better when you're in here too. Oh I can't wait to see you naked again!"

After placing the bottle and glasses on the wide rim of the tub, Robin undid the front of her sports bra and dropped it. Hands on her hips and chest out, she faced Carol as if wanting to be admired. This elicited a warm admiring smile from Carol, who, in a husky voice, managed to utter: “Nice, really nice.”

Robin, wanting to raise the emotional level, stuck her thumbs into the waistbands of her running tights and panties. "Ready for the beautiful sight, Carol?"

Carol: "I've been ready for that since I left Novato. I was so excited, I had a hard time concentrating on my driving."

In one smooth movement, Robin pulled down her running tights and panties. Then she stood facing Carol, again with her hands on her hips. "So how do I compare to before Melanie was born?"

Carol: "Robin, you're beautiful. I'm so glad that your shiny red pubic hair has grown back perfectly. Come please get in the tub with me."

Robin: "Actually I've already had to trim it on the sides and against my legs. That's for possible swim suit wear and Ted likes it neatly trimmed that way." With that she got into the tub and both women settled back facing one another and with their knees bent and slightly spread.

Carol was the first to break the silent reverie: "You know what we talked about before – you wouldn't really want to use a dildo would you?"

Robin: "Of course not, I was just kidding. In high school there was one girl who had one. Once four of us had a sleep-over and we all tried it out. I was still a virgin and couldn't get any more than the head in between my lips. The other girls got it in further, but none of us had an orgasm. How about you? Ever try one?"

Carol: "My fingers always served me just fine. But honest to God, in the years of life with Bryan, my fingers have gotten pretty rusty."

Robin: "Your fingers didn't seem rusty that day when we fingered each other."

By this time, both women were sweating, both from the hot water and from the rising sexual tension. They looked at each other, alternating between little smiles and purses of the lips. It seemed that both waited for the other to make the first move."

Carol: "Robin would you like me to wash your back?"

Robin's nod of assent and slight movement forward was all that Carol needed. She moved up onto her knees, soaped up a washcloth and began washing Robin's back. Robin, mesmerized by the sight of Carol's body, couldn't help but respond. Taking handfuls of bath foam, she stroked Carol, first her breasts and then her vulva.

Carol switched her attention to Robin's breasts. Robin liked the feeling of Carol's gentle washing. As a woman with naturally small breasts it was a novel feeling to have breasts that didn't fit in one hand. Now she had breasts that actually bobbed when she walked fast or ran. All that was great but lactating breasts are tender and there was a limit to the pleasure to be derived there. She guided Carol's right hand to her crotch.

Carol knew what her friend wanted and needed. She placed her left hand around Robin's back and with her right massaged Robin's pubic area. Robin, with her face against Carol's chest, couldn't get enough of Carol's magnificent breasts. She alternated between kissing them all over, burying her mouth between them, sucking the nipples, kneading them with the palms of her hands and massaging the nipples with her fingertips. Carol put her finger into Robin and stroked the slit, deep in between the lips, then softly circling her clitoris. Robin responded by pumping her hips. Carol worked the finger into Robin's vagina.

Robin: "Carol, more, please more! Oh please, fuck me with your fingers!"

Carol responded by inserting three fingers and began stroking as deeply as she could, first slowly and then in a faster and faster rhythm. Then she took her left hand from Robin's back and moved it down to Robin's crotch so that she could massage the clitoris at the same time that she was fingering the vagina. Robin threw her head back, clenched her teeth to avoid screaming and shuddered with pleasure. Even in the warm bath water, Carol could feel the warm liquid coming from between Robin's legs. Slowly Robin relaxed and her breathing slowed down to somewhere near normal. All the while that Robin was settling down, Carol kept her fingers in, slowly and lightly massaging Robin's vagina.

Robin, still breathing faster than normal: "Carol, I'm so sorry I didn't bring you along with me. You really took me over the top and beyond. But now I feel selfish for leaving you behind." With that she resumed massaging Carol's ample breasts.

Carol: "Somehow a bathtub is just not so ideal for sex. Bryan and I stopped even trying because it seemed that one of us always gets left behind."

Robin: "Don't you two play in your big hot tub?"

Carol: "That we do and it is big enough for us to properly fuck in. But we don't very often. Usually we get each other worked up while in the hot tub and then go to bed for real sex."

Robin: "Speaking of sex in a bed, there's our big king bed in the next room."

The two women got out of the tub and helped each other dry off before going into the bedroom. Robin threw back the covers and both women tucked in beneath them and snuggled together, rubbing breasts and intertwining their legs so that their vulvas were in intense contact. Madly kissing, exchanging tongues, it was as if they were having intercourse with mouth and tongue, all the time their groins grinding and twisting and humping. Both were so worked up that they could speak only in panting whispers.

"Robin, I can feel your pussy with my pussy. Your beautiful red hair down there. And oh you're really wet! Can you feel my pussy too?"

"And how could I not? Carol I want so much to make you come. If only I had a dick!"

"Don't wish that Robin, I like your pussy too much."

"Carol, there's something I want to do."

"And what might that be?"

Robin, panting heavily: "I want to go down on you."

Carol, happily: "I can't wait."

Without hesitation, Robin threw back the blanket, sat up and turned to Carol's crotch and kissed her pubic mound. Carol quickly responded by spreading her legs and elevating her knees to give Robin maximum access. Robin slid down towards the foot end of the bed and buried her head in Carol's crotch. She began by licking Carol's slit from top to bottom. Carol responded by trembling and moaning lightly. When Robin licked her clitoris with the tip of her tongue, Carol began writhing so furiously that Robin had to slow down and hold down Carol's hips. Still holding down on Carol's left hip with her right hand, Robin moved lower and stuck her tongue deep between Carol's labia and at the same time massaged her clitoris with the tip of her left hand index finger. Carol was now in heaven, eyes closed, moaning softly, hips rocking ever so gently. After what seemed like an eternity of pleasure for both women, Carol stiffened, thrust wildly against Robin's face and let out what could only be likened to moaning barks. Only after feeling the warm liquid on her chin did Robin slow down and gradually decrease her licking and fingering.

Afterwards the two women lay on their sides facing each other, embracing and kissing. No question, their friendship had taken on a new dimension, one could even say it was now more a relationship than a friendship.

This time Robin was the first to break the silent reverie: "Wow, I never dreamed I'd ever do that. How do you feel."

Carol: "Very relieved and relaxed. Like there's a light warm glow over my whole body. That was a first for me too."

Robin: "Doesn't Bryan go down on you too?"

Carol: "Oh yes but not that often and it's good with him, but somehow your tongue just seems to move to the right spot at the right time. Actually, I don't think Bryan's all that big on oral sex."

Robin, laughing: "Bryan's certainly big on genital sex, big in more than one way."

Carol: "You’re really fascinated with Bryan's big penis!"

Robin: "Guilty as charged! But Carol, I'm really curious about something. Did Bryan's size surprise or shock you the first time? Or did you have really big ones before. I mean the first time I saw Ted's penis, well I noticed that he was smaller than what I'd had before, but my pussy was so agitated, nothing would have mattered and it didn't. But again, I'm really curious when you saw Bryan's penis that first time? Didn't you wonder if it would go in or not?"

Carol: "I didn't wonder either way. Gee I've never told anyone this. To really tell you, I have to tell you about the day we met."

Robin: "Please do!"

Carol: "Look I think I told you that Bryan and I met while bicycling. See, I had just started teaching in Novato and a bunch of us, teachers, had a bike ride together from Novato to the Cheese Factory. Well we got to the Cheese Factory, sat down outside at one of those big long picnic tables and ordered. After a little while, somebody noticed that this one older teacher, Linda, wasn't with us. So we decide to wait a little longer. Then we see two bikes coming. It was Linda and a younger man, good looking, athletic, obviously a guy who was a lot more into serious bicycling than we were."

Robin: "Bryan?"

Carol: "Pretty obvious, but yeah. It turned out that Linda's bike had blown a tire and there she had been, all forlorn without a spare or patch kit or pump. Then she sees a bike roaring down that big grade towards her, you know on the Petaluma – Point Reyes Road. The rider, a guy, goes by and then comes to a screeching halt maybe a hundred feet past her. Skipping all the details, which of course Linda told me later on, he patched the tube and put her bike back together. So the two show up together and Linda can't say enough good things about her hero, Bryan. She insists on inviting him for wine and cheese and naturally he has to sit next to her."

Robin: "So he was between the two of you?"

Carol: "Nope, he was across from me and 3 or 4 people away. There were at least twenty or so of us – men, women, older ones, younger ones. Just like the rest of the young woman teachers in our twenties, my heart was thumping and wishing it had been my bike that crapped out back up the grade. He looked up and down the table and said a general hello and something or other funny. I gave him my flirtiest smile but didn't see any response. Afterwards I just couldn't help looking his way and every time I caught him looking at me. All the while Linda is gushing with praise for her young hero."

Robin: "Oh this is getting exciting!"

Carol: "It turned out that he had ridden all the way from where he lived in San Rafael and had further to go back than we did so he got up to leave before too long. Being such a gracious and polite guy, he walked around the table and shook everybody's hand before he left. Talk about a bunch of disappointed young women as we watched him head up the grade towards Nicasio. You know, it's really the shits when you meet Mr. Right and he doesn't even have your phone number. I was really pretty downcast during the ride back to Novato."

Robin: "So what did he do, look you up through the school?"

Carol: "That's what I was first hoping for but then how could that have worked? He couldn't very well call every school in Novato and ask for the young woman teacher with dark brown hair and nice tits, could he? So I went home feeling completely rotten. Back at my apartment, first thing in the door, I threw down my bike bag on the coffee table, got a glass of wine and flopped on the couch. Suddenly, I wondered if I'd left my sun glasses lay at the Cheese Factory so I looked in my bike bag and there was a Marin County business card with Bryan's name, title, position and stuff. You know back then he worked for Marin County Public Works. I thought 'What the hell, am I supposed to call him at work?' Then I turned the card over and there scribbled on the back was 'Bryan" and an apartment address in San Rafael. Then I remembered that before walking around the table and shaking hands, he'd gone to his bike and fiddled with something."

Robin: "So you called him?"

Carol: "Except there was no home phone number on the card and he wasn't in the phone book. Oh it's so embarrassing to tell you this! You're going to think I must have been a real slut! I couldn't wait for Monday to call him at his office so right then and there I decided to drive down and knock on his door."

Robin: "Carol, you were really gutsy even then! Oh I think Melanie's done drinking. Let me put her back in the bassinet. But go on! Oh this is so cool!"

Robin put Melanie in the bassinet and both women, still naked were again lying side by side on the bed.

Carol: "Just wait, the story gets better. So I showered and dressed in record time and drove down to San Rafael. Parked outside his building, my heart was pounding. What if he was married? What if he was living with someone? But then why give me his address? What's going to happen when he opens the door? Then I did something you won't believe."

Robin: "This is so exciting. What?"

Carol: "I was wearing a dress, actually I still have it. It's light green, mid-length sleeves, cut low enough to show the tops of my breasts and stops just above my knees. Anyway, sitting there in my car, something got into me. I can’t really explain it. Something made me pull up my dress and take off my panties!"

Robin: "Jesus Christ, Carol, were you that hot between your legs?"

Carol: "I was pretty excited down there, yeah, but that wasn't the issue. To me it was a now-or-never thing. If he grabbed my ass and felt I didn't have panties on, he'd take the hint and we would fuck. If he wasn't hot for me, he wouldn't grab my ass and he'd never know. So anyway, with my heart beating a mile a minute, I find his apartment and knock. The door opens and there stands Bryan wearing a grey sweat pants and no shirt. He beckons me in and we embrace and kiss."

Robin: "And nothing was said?"

Carol: "After a bit, he said he was really glad I'd found his note and that I had come. I asked him if he'd given a note to all the other girls and he says, oh, I'll never forget it Robin, he says: 'I  saw only one girl at the table, she had dark brown hair and green eyes and she was looking at me every time I looked her way.’ I jumped up and wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck and drove my lips into his. My rear end sort of slid down so I could feel his erection against my pussy and he must have realized just what was what, because he lifted up the back of my dress and felt my bare ass. I was so worked up I didn't even realize that he'd pulled down his sweat pants until I felt the head of his penis in my labia and his hips were rocking."

Robin: "So your first fuck was standing up?"

Carol: "Not exactly. Then he told me that something so special had to be just right so without putting me down, he takes off my dress and bra and walks me to the bedroom. Keep in mind all the time his penis is still in me or against me. We just flopped on the bed and he went right on in - all the way, just like that, the first time. I was so wet and worked up, I never even noticed whether he hit my cervix or not. My whole crotch was tingling. We fucked like mad, in fact it was so wild the woman in the apartment below hammered on her ceiling. I came right after I felt him squirt into me and then I blacked out. When I came to, he was still lying on me and I could feel his soft penis still inside me. We whispered all sorts of stuff to each other and kissed, no not really kissed more like fucked each others mouths with our tongues.

Robin: "And all this time he's still inside of you?"

Carol: "Oh yes, just like when he fucked you, remember? I could sense this warm soft thing in me and then, yeah, then he got hard again and we really went at it. We more or less came together, not that it mattered because our orgasms went on so long they would have overlapped anyway. I didn't black out that second time but it was very intense. Afterwards we both slipped off to sleep. When I woke up sometime in the night, we were lying on our sides facing each other and under the blanket. He must have covered us before going to sleep."

Robin: "I'm starting to get the picture. You two fucked a couple times before you ever saw his big thing, right?"

Carol: "You got that right. Anyway we're both covered, I'm awake and Bryan is still asleep and I'm curious. So I lift the blanket and take a look. Wow! He's lying on his side and it's hanging down and laying partly on the mattress."

Robin: "So then you were shocked that it even went in?"

Carol: "At first, yeah. But then it hit me. If something that big could ravish my cunt without hurting, it must belong to Mr. Right."

Robin: "So in a way his size did make a difference?"

Carol: "In a reverse logic sort of way, yeah. Bryan moved in with me two days later and we got married the week after that."

Robin: "So when he woke up, did you fuck again?"

Carol: "Not right away. Like I said, he was still asleep and I couldn't resist touching. I had it in the palm of my hand and was fondling it when he woke up. He fondled me and then it was like we couldn't do enough for each other. I went down and licked his penis, first the head real intense like before working my way down the shaft. Then I took him in my mouth, just real gentle, first sucking that massive head and then I just had to fuck him with my mouth. But Bryan just didn't lay back and enjoy it like I think I wanted him to. Oh no, he shuffled his body around and dove into my muff. We ended up having our third mutual orgasm in the 69. Then we really went to sleep. The next morning, that was a Monday, we were so beat, we both called in sick. Bryan was still working for Marin County. I could go on and on about what went on that day, but it was mostly variations of the night before and I wouldn't want bore you with that."

 Robin: "Carol, that's the sweetest, most romantic story I ever heard."

Carol sat up and noted that Robin, still lying flat, had spread her knees and was looking at her in expectant sort of way. The shiny red triangle that was Robin's crotch seemed to say 'please come to me.’

Carol: "Robin?"

Robin: "Yes, I'd like that."

Carol bent over and kissed the red furry mound and from the side, dabbled in the slit with her tongue. Robin spread her legs further and with moans and hip rocking indicated she was pleased but wanted more. Carol moved over so she was between Robin's legs, her face in Robin's vulva. She massaged the clitoris, first with her tongue and then with her finger as she moved lower to lick Robin's labia. Flicking her tongue between the labia and rapidly massaging the clitoris, she brought Robin to moaning and panting with pleasure. Then she became aware that Robin wasn't going over the top so she decided to change pace. Again she licked Robin's clitoris but this time she worked three fingers into Robin's vagina. A rapid circling motion of the clustered three fingers applying pressure to the walls of the vagina brought a muffled scream from Robin and Carol felt a warm fluid discharge against her hand.

Afterwards the two women embraced and lay still, letting their breathing and heart rates return to normal.

Carol: "Next time you have to tell me about your first time with Ted. But right now, I could use a bite to eat."

Robin: "Right you are. I'm starved too."

Over lunch, the two women agreed to hike on Monday of the next week from Bryan and Carol's house in Novato.

On Thursday, Carol called Robin to postpone the hike.

Carol: "Robin, how about Wednesday instead of Monday? On Wednesday, Bryan has an appointment with a client in Tiburon and he's blocked out the whole morning. For something like that, they'll have lunch together so he won't be home until 2 or even 3PM."

Robin, in a neutral voice: "Okay I'm good with that. Shall I bring something for lunch?"

Carol: "No silly, just bring yourself."

For Robin, whose husband had an incapacitated penis, the week went by slowly. Finally, the Wednesday rolled around and she drove to Novato, with all the nervous anticipation as Carol had had the week before. Arriving, she found Carol already in shorts and sweat shirt and walking shoes. After embracing and exchanging kisses they walked to the end of the street where the trail system began.

After taking several hours to walk the loop trail, they were nearly back to the beginning. Coming to a grassy knoll with a few scattered oaks, the two women decided to sit down and enjoy the solitude. Carol broke the reverie. "Robin, remember what you promised to tell me about last week?"

Robin: "You mean the first time Ted and I did it?"

Carol: "Of course, my imagination's been running wild all week. I mean did it just happen or did you both agree beforehand that tonight was the night? Did you undress him? All those juicy little details."

Robin: "I think I told you, Ted and I met on a Sierra Singles hike in Point Reyes. He asked me out and we started going out together. He'd ask me out to movies, concerts, plays, that sort of thing. The first few dates he'd say good night at my door and we'd exchange easy going kisses. As we got more comfortable with each other, the kisses and embraces got more and more fervent, but even then we still didn't sleep together."

Carol: "So you two took your time getting to the big event? Boy Ted must really have self-discipline! How long did this platonic relationship go on anyway?"

Robin: "I think it was more that Ted was very considerate and sensed that I wasn't ready. You know about the Anwar thing. Anyway Ted didn't push things and I certainly didn't either. Anyway we stayed platonic for months."

Carol: "Wow, what discipline! How'd you ever do that?"

Before answering Carol, Robin reflected back to the events leading up to meeting Ted.


Robin earned her degree in education at UC Davis. In her final year, she met her Prince Charming at a graduate student dance. Anwar, a handsome Saudi in his early 20's and working towards an MBA, had good manners and was an engaging conversationalist. Without bragging, he managed to let Robin know that his family was rich and influential. Best of all he took seriously everything Robin said. When she brought up the treatment of women in Saudi Arabia, he sympathized with her and carefully explained the difficulties in achieving change and how he hoped someday to make a difference. He even hinted that the social and political situation might keep him from returning.

Robin fell in love and before many weeks went by, she realized what needed to happen between them. Twenty one years old, she was still a virgin. It wasn't that she was religious or prudish – oh no, Robin enjoyed erotic movies, yes even the occasional porn flick. And she masturbated regularly and intensely – so intensely that the discharge had to be dealt with. Whenever she hadn't gotten off in the shower or bath before going to bed, she would lay a towel in the bed to protect the bedding. Then why was she still a virgin? She had had lots of dates with attractive guys and she knew from their erections that it wouldn't have taken but a small move on her part and it would have been 'goodbye virginity.' No matter how hard she tried to escape the truth, she knew deep down that it was her small breasts that kept her from finally fucking. Said simply, Robin was extremely self-conscious about her small breasts.

Showering after high school gym had always been a nightmare. Would the other girls whisper about her small breasts? She had taken to wearing padded bras but even that was a minefield – were the other girls whispering about her lack of real tits?

It must have been being in love with Anwar that finally made her face up to the problem. One night alone with him sitting side by side on the sofa in the living room of his apartment, she turned to him and openly asked "Anwar, do you like my body?"

This took even the brazen and cool Prince Charming by surprise but he quickly recovered and came back with an answer that Robin hadn't expected: "Actually, I haven't yet seen it."

Robin couldn't turn back now and somewhat emboldened replied "Would you like to see it?"

Anwar, ever the gallant charmer came back with: "Only if you want me to see it my dear."

After removing her blouse and bra, she turned to him with a hopeful and expectant look on her face. (Now would be the moment of truth!) He looked at her breasts, a soft and at the same time intent expression on his handsome face. She had to know so she came out and asked: "Oh Anwar, I'm sorry my breasts are so small. Are you terribly disappointed?"

The truth came. He took her hands in his and buried his face against her chests, kissing both breasts alternately, then mouth over a nipple, teasing with his tongue, again moving from left to right and back again. Massaging the nipples with his lips brought on the sensations that she got when she masturbated and she felt the moistness between her legs. He felt her body tremble with sexual tension. Moving back to her lips, they kissed wildly, tongues intermingling, bodies twisting and twining. Still kissing, he massaged her nipples with his fingers and she got even wetter. When would he place a hand between her legs?

Instead of the expected grope, he said very sweetly: "My dear Robin I haven't yet seen the rest of your beautiful body."

Now she knew this would be the big event. In one quick motion her slacks and panties were on the floor and she lay back with her head on the couch armrest and opened her legs ever so slightly, invitingly but not obscenely. Anwar, overcome with the erotic beauty facing him, bent over and nonchalantly kissed the nearly perfect triangle of shiny red pubic hair. Backing off he cooed: "You're beautiful my dear! Robin, I want you so much!"

"Then take me Anwar!" And she opened her legs wider.

He stood and off went his jeans and briefs to reveal a very erect penis standing out from a forest of neatly trimmed curly black hair. Then his body was between her legs and she felt what had to be the head of his penis between her very moist labia. Panting and encouraged by her moist condition, he quickly attempted entry to her vagina but was hindered by her hymen.

Surprised by her virginity, he whispered "Oh my love, you have saved this for me!"

Barely able to breath, she panted "Anwar, please enter me all the way. I want you and only you!"

With great force, he pushed into her and her virginity was gone. The tearing pain quickly subsided and was replaced by intense pleasure as he moved in and out of her, slowly at first and then ever more rapidly. Finally it happened, her back arched, she thrust her hips against his, her fingernails dug into his back and she let go with a sharp cry.

After graduating from Davis, Robin took her first job in the Novato School District as a primary school teacher trainee. It was there that Carol, a substitute teacher had befriended her and became her mentor. The one bedroom apartment that she had rented in Novato became her and Anwar's weekend love nest. They would talk for hours about the need for social change in Saudi Arabia. Anwar regularly expressed his frustration over the slow rate of change, or rather no change, and on many occasions he blamed King Abdullah, whom he said was a limp-dicked, ball-less cocksucker. Robin admired Anwar for his ability to see his homeland and its leaders as they really were. As he neared the end of his MBA program, he spent more and more time with her and she assumed a marriage proposal was right around the corner.

During his weekend visits, Anwar telephoned home regularly, and although she could not understand a word being said, something about his gestures and tone made her curious about the content of the conversations. Some calls sounded like an argument was taking place. On other occasions, the impression was left of a sweet and conciliatory exchange. Then there would be what sounded like bragging and jocular laughter as if he were talking with an old soccer pal.

One weekend she had visited her parents in Gilroy and got together with some of the girls from her high school class. Not being able to resist talking about her Prince Charming, she told one of the girls, a close friend, the whole story, including Anwar's phone calls. The girl told her she ought to record some of the conversations and let a friendly Arab enlighten her as to what was going on – surely she must know an Arabic speaker from her days in Davis. Robin thought that to be a good idea but argued that she wouldn't know where to get recording equipment, much less know how to install and run it. The girl friend mentioned a guy from their high school class, a geek now working in the Mountain View. It took some convincing, but the girl friend finally agreed to contact the geek, who in the end, installed a remote controlled room recorder in Robin’s apartment so that she would be able to record Anwar's conversations, or at least his half of them.

The very next weekend Anwar arrived on Friday afternoon and already that night, he made the first phone call. Over the weekend, there were several more and so it went for several weekends. Usually, she would activate the recorder when he dialed, but more often she activated it ahead of time and sometimes forgot to deactivate it afterwards. The result was that she had hours and hours and hours of recordings on her laptop – recordings that included conversations between her and Anwar. When she had enough phone calls recorded, she went to visit Leila, a Lebanese girl friend from UC Davis days. From Leila, Robin got her enlightenment – or more accurately said, her devastation.

It turned out that some of the arguments turned out to be with his parents over the question of Anwar taking as a third wife, this uncircumcised red haired California girl. Robin almost fainted when she heard that he had promised his parents that once they arrived in Dhahran, he would have a doctor remove her clitoris so that she would be clean for the wedding. A little less shocking but still deeply disturbing was to find out that immediately before the wedding, she would have to completely disrobe for a bunch of female relatives who would use their bare hands and tweezers to extract every hair from her body – armpits, arms, pubic area, legs – but, small comfort, not from her head. He had talked to a doctor friend about the need to establish her virginity before they could marry. Could a doctor rebuild her hymen? The bragging and laughter turned out to be in a conversation with his brother and it was just plain humiliating. Anwar had told the brother how she had sucked his cock and let him ejaculate in his mouth – even swallowing. After he had described her beautiful red pubic hair to his brother, they had both agreed how much fun it would be to hear her scream when the female cousins pulled it out by the handful. Before Leila was through translating all the recordings, Robin had gone to the bathroom and vomited.

When she came back, Leila said "There's more Robin. Or should we wait till tomorrow?"

"No, let's get it over with. It can't get any worse, can it?

"Yes it can Robin. Has Anwar asked you to visit Saudi Arabia with him?"

"No, but I always expected him to sometime or other."

"Well, that's when you need to be scared and that's the one thing you better not do."

Then Leila told him about the conversations in which they planned what to do once she was in the Kingdom - namely they would keep her from ever leaving again. Robin was so ill that she couldn't drive back to Novato and had to call in sick the next day.

Once back home, she made up her mind to break off the relationship and had the lock changed on her apartment. The following weekend Anwar came down to Novato as usual. Robin met him in the parking lot and dropped the bomb on him. To her surprise, he had a well thought out defense system. Anwar got out his laptop and showed her several videos made in his Davis apartment. The first showed both of them naked together and then fucking wildly. In another, clearly showing her face, her head was bobbing up and down over his penis. This was followed by a close up of her face with semen dripping out over her lips. In another he was straddling her head as he fucked her face. In all of the videos, her moans and cries of pleasure were clearly audible. The bastard had prepared his apartment with a video recording system!

"And what are you going to do with these, you son of a bitch?" she had screamed.

"Well I could post them on YouPorn and see that certain people get the link – like maybe some folks in your home town – Gilroy. Or maybe the Novato School Board. I don't know, we'll see."

Robin was about to ask him how he would like for the good righteous folks back in the desert kingdom to see him in YouPorn when she realized that his face had been blurred out.

Eyes full of tears, she slapped him, turned and went back inside leaving him standing in the parking lot. After a long cry, she phoned Leila and related the whole scene. Leila's response completely surprised her and relieved her at the same time.

"I'd rather have the whole damn state of California see me sucking a Saudi cock than be a Saudi in a video calling King Abdullah a limp-dicked, ball-less cocksucker!"

Robin, remembering that she had sometimes forgotten to shut off the recorder after one of Anwar's phone calls, was relieved "Sometimes it's lucky to be forgetful." Then realization sunk in "On a video, not just a recording?"

Leila: "Yeah, a video. That's what was on the USB stick you brought me. Oh don't worry, I won't publish any of you and Anwar's torrid couch scenes."

Remembering the wild fucks and blow-jobs in her living room, Robin's face got red and she trembled at the thought of her friend seeing on video what Anwar and her had done in the living room. At the same time, she was also relieved to have something on Anwar. Plus she trusted Leila, an ex-Muslim, who had her own grudge against holy hypocrites.

"Leila, what's next?"

"How about I put the limp-dick, ball-less King Abdullah video on YouTube and send the link to that good clean Muslim, Anwar?"

"And then?"

"Robin, Anwar might be a hypocrite and a prick but he's smart enough to know that if this video has the right tags, somebody back home is bound to see it and then he's got a lot more to worry about than you will if the school board sees a video of you with a mouth full of Arab semen."

And so it was that Robin managed to get rid of Anwar and she never heard from him again.


While Robin telling Carol about the disastrous relationship with Anwar, Carol had taken her hands and was still holding them when she stopped. "Robin, I'm so sorry I asked you to tell me. I just didn't know all that you'd gone through with Anwar. Why don't we take a break from the storytelling and start back to the house and have some lunch?"

After a healthy lunch at Carol and Bryan's house, the two women decided it would be a fine thing to relax in the hot tub. After a shower with lots of happy groping and kissing, the two women entered the hot tub.

"Well Carol, would you like to hear about Ted and I?"

"I'd like nothing better. But you're okay with that aren't you?”

"Sure. Well you remember I told you some things back then and you noticed that after meeting Ted, my life improved and just got better and better." Before beginning the narration to Carol, Robin closed her eyes and let her mind float back to the time when she met Ted and the development of their relationship.


Getting Anwar out of her life was one thing, getting over the hurt and humiliation was another. For months Robin submerged herself in her teaching job and suppressed everything else – including sex. For the first month she didn't even masturbate. One Saturday night alone in her apartment she had wine with dinner and afterwards sat in the living room listening to music and sipping the rest of the wine. Slowly in the wine induced elation, she realized that her self-enforced asexuality had to stop. She hadn't had an orgasm since the last time Anwar had fucked her. Maybe if she could just bring herself over the top, that would help break the bond that held her.

During the time that she was still in Davis and was together with Anwar, she hadn't masturbated once. She hadn't needed to, they had fucked so much that her needs were fully covered. After moving to Novato, she would occasionally masturbate during the week when they were apart. Those sessions weren't just casual rubbing while lying in bed, they were more like organized spiritual events. After preparing the couch with a towel, she would turn the lights down and put a soft music CD in the player. Completely undressed she would lie on the couch, close her eyes and begin by imagining that Anwar was there. Handsome masculine Anwar - black hair, olive skin, thick mustache, hairy chest and hefty circumcised penis standing out from his neatly trimmed black pubic hair. She imitated things that he did, both hands on her breasts, slow rubbing, then nipple pinching. Moving down with her right hand, the index and middle fingers would work their way up and down her slit, then down would go her left hand and with its middle finger she would massage her clitoris. As her crotch began to tingle and throb more and more she would introduce another finger, snugging it against the other two to simulate Anwar's penis. Rotating and wiggling the faux penis between the labia, she would become intensely wet and could now to probe her vagina, first with slow thrusts. As her need mounted to a frenzy, she would fuck herself madly with the three fingers until the crashing orgasm came – complete with muffled scream.

Some women masturbate neutrally – that is without imagining a sexual partner. Not Robin. She needed to picture a sexual partner for those magic moments and since splitting with Anwar, imagining him as a sexual partner certainly wouldn't do anymore. She decided to imagine that a man, the exact opposite of Anwar, was in her living room. He would have light colored hair, be clean shaven, no chest hair and have an uncut penis. The penis part wasn't easy for her because before Anwar, she had never seen a real live naked adult male, cut or uncut. At first it was difficult and she didn't even get wet enough to get one finger into her vagina. She resorted to internet research and even printed out some photos of naked uncircumcised men that she placed on the coffee table for stimulation. This helped and after a number of sessions, she was not only able to get three fingers in, she actually had a scream orgasm. She now felt she was ready to reenter the dating scene.

Meeting men in high school and college is easy. They are in the same classes, there are dances, sport events and just plain bar hopping. Teaching at an elementary school generally means most of your colleagues will be women and the men that are there are pretty likely to be married. Bar hopping in a college environment is one thing, afterward in an adult working atmosphere, Robin couldn't face it. Carol had suggested going to sponsored singles events like the Sierra Singles.

The next Saturday Robin joined that group on a hike in Point Reyes National Seashore. Gathered in the parking lot were a couple dozen participants. To Robin's disappointment, around two thirds were women and none of the men looked to be anywhere near her type – whatever that was. At least the fog was burning off rapidly and it looked as if a fine day was in the offing. After an hour and a half, the group reached the seashore and a short rest (and potty break) was called. Then a somewhat out of breath hiker arrived and asked if this was the Sierra Singles group. Asking the leader if he could still join, he apologized for being late, admitting that he had missed a turnoff on the drive.

That exchange caught Robin's ear because Anwar would never have apologized nor would he have admitted missing a turnoff. No, Anwar would have somehow made the leader feel like he was at fault or would have made up some macho story.

After they started walking again, she took a strategic position in the group – one that would offer the best chance of meeting Mr. Polite. Could she fake a stumble and get picked up by him? No, that might look to obvious because she wasn't that good an actress. When the group stopped for lunch, Mr. Polite took the initiative and sat near her and introduced himself as "Ted". Somehow he steered most of the conversation so that it revolved around her – where she worked, hobbies, education, environment, etc.. Afterwards back at the parking lot, he said that he'd like to see her again and asked her to go with him to a play in Berkeley the next weekend. Robin said she'd love to and so they started dating regularly. It was only after the play in Berkeley that she learned his last name and it was only after they had gone out four or five times that he finally told her that he worked for a hedge fund company in the San Francisco. Sensing that she wasn't into finance or business, he avoided talking about his work. It was only a few weeks later that she finally found out that he had an MBA from Berkeley and after graduation, had been heavily recruited by big name companies. Slowly it dawned on her that there might be a lot of substance behind Ted's modest and unassuming behavior.

They had only gone out a few times when she trusted him enough to tell about the affair with Anwar – not all the juicy details, just that he had turned out to be a real prick and had hurt her badly. Ted must have sensed her mood and the remaining hurt because, even after dating for several months, he still hadn't made a move towards them having sex. To Robin, it seemed that he was smoothly avoiding it and she even began to worry that he might be gay and that she was only an alibi girl friend.


Carol slid closer to Robin and taking her hands asked "So you two went out together for what, like months, and you still hadn't done it? My God, that must've taken discipline!"

Robin: "Yeah, discipline, more on Ted's part than mine, because like I said, I just wasn't ready after the disaster with Anwar – at least not at first. He sensed right away where I was at and after I told him about being hurt so badly, he just accepted me the way I was. Slowly, the hurt melted and I started wishing that our relationship would get less platonic.

Finally one Friday evening - we hadn't planned anything in particular - Ted came up to Novato and we went out for pizza and beer. Afterwards back at my place we watched the TV news and then I put some music on and we sat on the couch. Ted looked tired so I told him to lie down and put his head on my lap. Then I start thinking that the back of his head is within an inch or so from my you know what and damn if I didn't feel a little dampness between my legs. Of course Ted can't feel that I'm getting hot so I've got to let him know. So I bent over and initiated a kiss that he responded to. When we came up for air, I pulled his head against my chest hoping he'd notice that my nipples were getting hard. He got the idea and nuzzled my chest, first against my blouse before unbuttoning it and nuzzling my bra. Well Carol, you know how my nipples can react. I couldn't take it anymore so I just lifted the bra up so he could kiss my tits directly."

Carol: "So now he's sucking you like a baby?"

Robin: "Yeah but a lot stronger than any baby ever could so I got to wondering just how worked up he might be. I looked at his crotch and boy, there was a real nice bulge! What a relief that was! I mean after thinking that he might just be gay. Anyway it looked like his dick was trying to break out of his jeans, which by the way were fairly tight fitting anyway. I really wanted to reach over and put my hand on that bulge but that seemed a little vulgar so I shifted myself as if to get more comfortable and at the same time asked him if he was comfortable. Ted says his jeans are a little snug and gives me a knowing look. That was the answer I wanted so I asked him why he didn't just take them off. So still laying down with his head on my lap, he unbuckled and unziped and pulled off his jeans. He went back to smooching with my nipples and all the while I just couldn't stop looking at the bulge! And now it was a lot bigger bulge cause he only had briefs on."

Carol, placing her right hand on Robins pubis: "So I bet you reached over and started stroking the bulge?"

Robin: "Umm, that feels nice! No, at first I was too chicken or shy or whatever but when I'd just about worked up the courage to grab a handful, Ted saved me by asking if I'd mind if he took off his briefs. He took my kiss as a 'yes' and down went the briefs and out came Ted's erect penis. God but he was really hard and it was throbbing. He asked me if it was okay for me, I mean like was his penis okay. I didn't know if he meant was it big enough or too big or if I minded that he wasn't circumcised so my answer was to bend over and kiss it. At first without working his foreskin back I suckled the end and at the same time stroked the shaft with two fingers. I did it with two fingers so he would feel like his penis was really big. Then I backed off, sort of like to admire it before I rolled back the foreskin with my thumb and forefinger.

Oh that shiny red head was so pretty! So then I hold back his foreskin, make my lips really wet and put them against the tip, even sucking a little. Then I slowly go down over the head and work the rim with my lips. By now I hear him catching his breath and feel his thighs throbbing. Lips tight on the shaft I go all the way down to where my lips are almost in his pubic hair. I make my mouth get really moist and then I slowly bob up and down on him. On some of the upstrokes, I release his penis and my head goes up so I can look at it – like admire it – then I go down again. By now he's cooing my name, panting and really moaning, whispering my name over and over. I'm bobbing up and down on him faster and faster and then he whispers hoarsely 'Robin, oh dear Robin, I'm going to come!' Carol, a moment before I was ready to stop the blowjob and get myself fucked, oh how I wanted to be fucked! But that throbbing penis was begging for a release and a release is what I gave it.

My head was going up and down so hard, my neck started aching and then his legs tensed up, his balls receded completely and he came. And did he ever come! I could feel it splattering against my throat and all over the inside of my mouth! It was really something, I was really worked up and obviously so was Ted – but all he could say was 'Oh Robin, oh my dear Robin'."

Carol, now with a finger in between Robin's labia: "Oh how cool! So you got to swallow the first time you saw Ted's dick?"

Robin: "Partly, some must have run out of my mouth too. I kept his penis in my mouth as he got soft. I was so in touch with it that I could feel his foreskin sliding back over the head – you know with my tongue. Now you'd think that I'd back off but no I kept his soft penis in my mouth until he got back to breathing normal. Then I backed off and held it in my hand, again sort of like admiring it. We faced each other and kissed. His eyes were glassy with pleasure and appreciation. Finally it came out – I mean about his being self conscious about his penis. Well you know – the size and the long foreskin."

Carol: "My god, after you blow him and swallow and lick, he's still worried that you don't like his penis? You mean he actually asked you whether it was big enough and whether the foreskin mattered?"

Robin: "No, he asked something neutral like 'Is my penis okay for you?' I knew what he meant though because it was smaller than Anwar's and of course Anwar, being Muslim, was circumcised. I think Ted really needed me to say that his penis was fine so I did. I told him 'Ted, your penis is fine, it's going to fill me just right.' Then he asked if I minded the foreskin so I said something like 'Ted I'm really okay with your foreskin. Didn't I just make love to it?' Then I tell him rolling his foreskin back was sort of like opening a present."

Carol, now massaging Robin's labia with two fingers: "That's a neat way to put it but, yeah that's how I felt when the two of us were in the shower with Ted. Oh sorry for interrupting, go on now!"

Robin: "Anyway he's now getting hard again and asks me if we could make love. I nod yes and point to the bedroom. Somewhere on the way to the bed we just sort of melted out of our clothes and on the bed he kisses my pussy but before he can give me head, I tell him something like 'No Ted, maybe later, right now I just want you to fuck me'. Then he's on me and the head of his dick is in my labia and my mouth is wide open, I'm already about to scream but I hold back and gasp something like 'Ted I want all of you in me, please Ted, fuck me now!'"

Carol slid two fingers into Robin's vagina and twirled them slowly, at the same time very slowly stroking.

Robin: "Then he was in me all the way and we were both thrusting madly. Then I squirted and screamed, Ted lasted a little longer before I felt his cum hit me inside."

Carol now had three fingers in Robin's vagina and was stroking wildly. She saw Robin open her mouth to scream so she covered it with her lips and the two women kissed deeply as Robin spasmed, legs outstretched and hips gyrating. Even in the warm water, Carol could feel Robin's juices against the palm of her hand as she, Carol, herself went over the top.

 Afterwards, as both women were relaxing, their breathing now back to normal, Robin wondered aloud "Carol, didn't we just pollute the hot tub? I mean you and Bryan are both so religious about showering first and now we both squirt in the water."

Carol: "Getting clean before getting in the water is something we can do something about. Ejaculating with sex – that's something we can't do anything about."

Robin: "Do you and Bryan fuck in the pool a lot?"

Carol: "Once in while. I think we both get more out of undressing each other as a part of regular sex. The other thing is, I like having my ass on a good solid bed when Bryan puts it to me. It's not like we don't do it in water. I think we've fucked in every swimmable natural water body we've ever been in. In Acapulco, we swam early every morning and never once got back to the hotel without doing it."

Robin: "Oh Ted and I've done that too. Do you do it like we do? Ted takes his trunk down and stands, I take off my bikini bottom, wrap my legs around his waist and slide down on his hard pole. But you're right about the benefit of a good solid bed. Fucking in water is different, you've got to thrust carefully and in unison. Once we fell over and we both ended up coughing up seawater. Ted lost his erection and I lost my bikini bottom. He had to get a towel to wrap me in for the walk back to the hotel."

Carol laughing, "You should've walked back without the towel. All the men, and some of the women too, would've loved seeing your pretty red pussy. To answer your question though, Brian and I do it in the water pretty much like that too, but I always put my bikini bottom around my arm like a bracelet. I hate to brag, but we've never fallen over and I've never lost my bikini bottom."

Then they heard a car door close and a few seconds later the side gate being opened. Carol realized Bryan must be home. To Robin she said "Sure glad Bryan didn't get home five minutes earlier." She called to Bryan that they were in the hot tub and as he came around to the back of the house, asked if he'd had lunch with the client as planned.

"Hello my bathing lovelies! Yep, Haley and I had lunch with the client and his trophy wife." (Haley, a successful Bay Area architect through whom Bryan regularly got structural design work, was the architect for the clients, a well-to-do doctor and his wife.)

Carol: "So how did the meeting go? You thought it was going to be difficult."

Bryan: "Fortunately, Haley knows how to handle these rich dudes who have to impress their trophy wives by being nasty to anybody who works for them. I think we finally convinced him that without bracing, come the next little earthquake, their new house is going to end up down on Bridgeway Avenue. The guy's wife ended up being really nice and helped bring him down to earth too. Haley really connected with her and that sure didn't hurt."

Carol: "You think the wife was lesbian too?"

Bryan: "Nah, they didn't connect like that. Anyway Haley's got a partner and I really think those two are faithful to each other."

Robin: "You gonna join us in the tub, Bryan?"

Bryan: "Wouldn't miss it for the world! I'm off to the shower."

Shortly after they had purchased the house, Bryan had added on to the back of the garage to provide space for a changing room and shower for when they used the hot tub. This addition protruded out from the rear side of the house so the patio was in a U formed by the ell of the house and the addition. A door off the patio led into the changing room.

Bryan was taking off his shirt before he even got to the door. The women heard the shower running for a minute or two and out came Bryan dressed in his birthday suit. They couldn't help but notice that his penis wasn't hanging when he came out the door and by the time he got to the edge of the hot tub, it was nearly at a right angle to his body.

Carol to Robin, "I've always wondered how it would be if Bryan had to go to a woman doctor. He can't be naked in front of a woman and not get a hard-on."

Robin: "Better that than have the reverse. You know Joan. Baby sits for me. Lives two units from us? After I got pregnant and was getting big, we were talking one day and in her envy, it just kinda slipped out of her mouth. She told me that she really has to work on her husband to get him hard and even then they only do it a time or two a month."

Carol: "I didn't realize you and Joan were so close. Does she know how you got pregnant?"

Robin: "We aren't that close. She's just not very close mouthed and seeing me with my belly sticking out, I think she just needed to unload her woes. God, I would never tell her, or anybody else for that matter, about this relationship that we have." Laughing, Robin continued, "Can you imagine what would happen if I told her about this nice thing we have going? She'd be up here begging to have Bryan fuck her."

Carol: "Well we wouldn't want to spread Bryan too thin, would we? By the way Robin, am I hearing you right? Do you want to fuck Bryan again without telling Ted?"

Bryan: "Boy this is fun having you two talk about my sex life."

Carol: "Glad you're having fun. Anyway, how can we help it? You're the one who came out with a big hard-on."

Robin: "Back to your question, Carol. Maybe I could fuck Bryan and tell Ted when his penis is healed enough to allow a hard-on. I mean assuming you both agree. Oh shit! I forgot, I'm not on the pill. You wouldn't have any condoms around would you?"

Carol: "I'm sure we don't but I could run down to the Rite Aid and get some. Got any design wishes?"

Robin and Bryan in one voice: "Just make sure they're big enough!"

Bryan: "Wait a minute Carol. Robin is it really the right, I mean the wrong time of month?"

Robin: "Ummm, let's see. Last period ended just before we hiked last week – that's 10 days ago. It's too chancy."

Bryan: "Maybe I could make a strategic withdrawal – you know coitus interruptus. Isn't that the contraception that’s okay for Catholics?"

Carol giggling, "Fat chance of you pulling out in time. And no, real Catholics don't do coitus interruptus or least they're not supposed to because it's not natural. No I'll just run down to the Rite Aid and get a pack of rubbers – size XL!"

Bryan: "Carol, be careful and don't speed! No cop is gonna buy the excuse that it's an emergency. Oh I can just hear it, 'But officer, I really have to get a pack a rubbers for my husband so he can fuck my best friend."

Still giggling over Bryan's joke, Carol got out of the tub and showered. Before long she came out of the house dressed in a loose fitting cotton dress very obviously without a bra. Bryan knew and Robin suspected - without panties.

After Carol had driven away, Robin stood up in the tub and looking at Bryan asked, "Well how do you like me with bigger boobies?"

"They're beautiful Robin. You're beautiful Robin, Ted's a lucky guy. By the way, how's he doing?"

"Well, the stitches come out tomorrow. But yeah, he'd doing fine. It went a lot better than I thought. But he's out of action for several weeks to come. You're lucky you got circumcised as a boy. Oops, maybe Carol wasn't supposed to tell me?"

"Actually I'm glad she did. After all you've got a right to know all about the penis that goes in you and makes you pregnant. Come on, let's go shower so we're ready when Carol gets back."

In the shower they soaped each other up, rubbed their bodies together, massaged, fingered, all the while laughing and giggling – a scene of complete sexual abandon. Robin would have really liked to jack Bryan off and see him squirt but she was too much looking forward to her and Carol putting a rubber on his magnificent penis and then have him penetrate her.

Carol drove up as they were drying off.

"Oh good, you two are already showered. Bryan, how did you ever manage to stay hard? Or did you get hard again?"

Bryan: "Self-discipline Carol, you know me."

Robin: "Oh Carol, please leave your dress on. It's really lovely and it'd be really kinky if you were dressed while Bryan and I are doing it!"

Carol: “Okay, but Bryan needs to carry you over the threshold this time too. Let me go first, I want to watch you two come in.”

In the bedroom, Carol, still wearing her dress and sitting in a wicker bedside chair, watched as a naked Bryan, fully erect, came in with a naked Robin in his arms. "What a typical American family scene, I bet Norman Rockwell never painted one like this."

Bryan lay Robin down on the bed, leaving room in the middle for himself. Carol, still dressed, got out a condom and sat down on Bryan's other side. Carol caught Robin's eye and pursed her open lips to give a sign that that Robin couldn't misinterpret.

Bryan didn’t miss the sign either. “Let me scoot up against the headboard so I can watch.”

Robin bent forward and took Bryan's shaft in her hand and surrounded the head with her lips. Her licking the rim elicited warning groans from Bryan but it was Carol who interrupted, “Careful or you’re gonna have to wait for the main event.” Robin backed off and gave Carol a knowing look.

Carol gave the head of Bryan's penis a tender kiss and placed the condom over the end. After cautioning one another to leave room for the semen, together and taking turns, the two women rolled the condom down over the now throbbing penis. As soon as the condom was rolled out, Robin lay on her back, spread her legs and raised her knees slightly. Neither words nor her all inviting look were necessary to get Bryan on his knees into position between her invitingly spread legs.

Robin threw back her head and shuddered with pleasure as soon as she felt the head between her labia. Her first squeal came as he entered her vagina and she began thrusting wildly and Bryan matched her stroke for stroke. Carol, on her knees beside Bryan, had one hand on his buttocks and the other up under her dress and between her legs, using three fingers to fuck herself.

Now all the groping, talk and foreplay in the hot tub and shower began to take its toll. All three were wildly seeking relief from the pent up sexual tension and none of the them could hold back for long. After several minutes of violent thrusting, Robin's legs tensed and she screamed from the pleasure of the release. Carol, hearing Bryan's groan, knew he was not far behind. Then she saw the tightening in his legs as he released and moments later her body shuddered and she felt warm liquid flow past her hand and down her thighs. Bryan collapsed down on Robin and Carol flopped down beside them. Arms and hands intertwined, the three exchanged deep moist kisses, Carol and Bryan, Robin and Bryan and Robin and Carol. It suddenly crossed Carol's mind that Bryan didn't seem shocked when she and Robin kissed deeply.

They would have stayed in the musky sexy heap longer but everyone knows that a loaded condom on a soft penis in a freshly fucked pussy is a recipe for accidental insemination. Both Bryan and Robin would have preferred to stay coupled but both had enough discipline not to. After he pulled out and was on his knees between Robins legs, both women couldn't help but to admire the semen filled condom now dangling from the now hanging penis. Carol took the initiative to remove it and then held it up like a trophy, "Look Robin, thanks to Rite Aid this didn't end up in your pussy."

Robin: "Which is where I'd much rather have it. I'm going to go on the pill as soon as I can."

Bryan: "Is Ted going to be okay with this? I mean with a switching type of arrangement?"

Robin: "He hasn't said that in so many words, but you know, after you got me pregnant, he’d often start talking about watching you fuck me. Sometimes, he couldn’t even wait till we went to bed. Oh it was a real turn-on for him. And now, well not right now with his fresh circumcision of course. But I know how he's really looking forward to you getting me pregnant again. So yeah, I think he’d be into us doing some switching."

Bryan: "Back to what you said about going on the pill; so you don't like it as much with a condom?"

Robin: "No, not really. Bryan, when you come, it's just mind blowing. Like my heart almost stops when I feel your dick jerk and your cum hits the walls of my pussy. But I really have to admit that it was kind of fun to roll the rubber on."

Carol: "And I haven't put a rubber on a dick since high school days."

Bryan and Robin simultaneously: "Do tell!"

Carol: "Some other time, let's go shower."

Robin: "Yeah, but not for too long, it's already three and I promised Ted grilled haddock for dinner.


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