Cabin Fever: Parting Shot - Part 7

Disclaimer: This is a fan fiction based on the 2002 movie, Cabin Fever. The characters and settings of Cabin Fever described in this story remain the property of their original owners. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.


It must’ve been a dream. That was the only explanation. Shit as unbelievable as this only ever happened in dreams.

Little more than 24 hours ago, Paul had been on track to finally score with the girl he’d been in love with since month one of junior high. Despite all the game-planning and self-consciousness, it was essentially a simple state of affairs. 

But in the intervening day, everything had changed.

The truly weird part about all of this was that right now, things were even simpler. They shouldn’t have been, but they were.

He was in bed. There was a naked woman on top of him. They’d just had sex; phenomenal sex. His sperm was in her vagina. That was all that mattered.

He wasn’t completely oblivious to the staggering minutiae of the situation. They were lingering somewhere in the distant reaches of his mind, tangled up in one big knot of confusion and doubt. But it was all a trifle. Life was too perfect to fret about such trivial things.

There was a naked woman pressed against him at this very moment; no clothing, no ‘protection’, no margin of separation. Nothing but skin-against-skin, from the nose pressing into his cheek to the ankle crossed against his own.

Paul had seen dozens of naked girls before, certainly. Being a red-blooded guy, he’d watched his share of porn and skimmed his share of girlie magazines. He’d seen the odd wasted girl ‘take it off’ at a party, been dragged off to a strip club a couple of times and even walked in on some friends when they were getting lucky. But, he realized now that there was a world of difference between looking at one of those seductive, curvaceous forms and feeling the warmth, the suppleness of a woman for real. If he’d been asked at that moment to describe what it was like laying beneath a naked 21-year old coed, he wouldn’t have the words.

What a woman she was, too! Wet dreams and genetic engineering put together would struggle to create such a superb example of womanhood.

Karen had it made in terms of face, body, and personality; she was truly a dream. But if he took the love-goggles off, Paul had to admit that Marcy had it all over Karen in terms of sex appeal. Her face was just as beautiful and her body was stunning. She was taller, her legs were longer, her tits were much larger and perkier and her ass was tighter.

Paul had strong feelings for Karen in his heart. But as a virile male animal, which was all he was right now, he was delighted that he was lying here with Marcy instead. As far as his biological urges were concerned, it was like booking a plane seat in coach and being unexpectedly upgraded to first class right before take-off.

Being with Marcy was completely satisfying. Right now, Paul wanted for nothing and he couldn’t remember a time since his youngest days when a moment had been so perfect.

Screwing her had truly been a gift; a wonderful, precious gift. Losing his virginity to her on the beach had been a powerful, profound experience. But even that couldn’t hold a candle to what had just happened here, in the privacy of his own bedroom.

There were no theatrical aspects to it this time; they weren’t putting on a show for Bert. This time, the act was completely natural, completely genuine. He got to discover what Marcy was really like as a lover.  As if it weren’t enough that she’d been blessed with incredible looks and irresistible charisma, she also had enough sexual passion cooped up in that slender, hourglass figure to completely ruin a man.

She was a sex machine. There was no other way to describe the way she rode him. Her hips had been practically industrial with their perfect, consistent timing, their tirelessness, their unwavering and singular sense of purpose. He knew she would never stop until the deed was done; she was clearly too devoted a servant when she was doing nature’s bidding to let anything disrupt her.

That perfection was truly something to behold. To have that velvety pussy squeezing and rubbing his dick from every angle non-stop, to have that gorgeous bush combing so intimately through his own curly thatch had been hotter than anything he could’ve imagined. With every motion, she persuaded him that she was the ideal mate. No wonder it had been so inarguably satisfying to blast his seed into her nether regions. 

Even now, well after that mind-blowing exchange, Marcy was still making Paul swoon. She may have been passed out, but her radiant femininity was as potent as ever.

He took a deep breath and lost himself in her wonderful scent. He didn’t know what it was, a shampoo, a lotion, a perfume? She smelled like the best of summer. It was the smell of a warm breeze that had collected subtle hints of all the local plants, combined with that first breath of sea air when you get out of the car during the season’s first trip to the beach.

A long tendril of her hair had come to rest against the left side of his face. It tickled him there like a fly crawling over him and normally he would’ve brushed away anything that irritated him so. But because even that length of hair was part of the woman, Paul found serenity and happiness in its provocative touch.

He became aware of his hands, one on Marcy’s upper back, the other on her velvety ass cheek. As they shifted ever so softly, he contemplated the flawlessness of the warm skin beneath them. He opened his eyes. It wasn’t much of a view; nothing but an extreme close-up of shoulder. But even just admiring Marcy’s lightly tanned shoulder was enough of a visual cue to remind him just how flawless the whole woman was.

He noticed the hot cushions splayed out upon his pecks; the effect of their softness being sandwiched between two firm bodies. The heat he felt upon his nipples was incredible. He couldn’t see Marcy’s breasts right now, but he had a very precise mental image to muse upon instead.

Damn, those tits… they were a life-changing experience all by themselves. He knew the memory of them would plague his dreams for the rest of his life. They were truly fruit for the gods; each one a banquet of pure carnal luxury. If he buried his face in them, he suspected that even the prospect of suffocating wouldn’t be able to wrench him back out.

He slipped one hand down a little, and pressed his thumb deep into the swell of the side of her boob. The way it yielded in response made him melt. This ’had’ to be a dream. Laying there with something so perfect was just too good to be real.

Marcy didn’t react at all to Paul’s little experiment. She was well and truly zonked out. He decided to push his luck by giving her ass cheek a not-so-subtle squeeze. Still no reaction, but holy crap that cute little bulge was tight!

In hindsight, it was inevitable that all that musing over Marcy’s body would eventually provoke a physical reaction. Paul was surprised his cock had the energy to stand up again. The rest of his body was as limp as a sponge and that last party felt like it had drained his balls of all the sperm they could offer.

Nonetheless, Paul felt the smooth skin of Marcy’s thigh brushing over his cockhead as his organ stiffened and rose. The harder he got, the more he enjoyed it. If there was one thing better than laying beneath a gorgeous naked woman, it was laying beneath a gorgeous naked woman and feeling like a man who had the hutzpah to get the job done.

When his cock was fully upright, he patiently moved his hips so that it pressed against Marcy’s labia. He relished the sensation of having her sweet pussy kissing his rod once again.

But it didn’t take long for that frisky contentment to become a gnawing desire. It was only then that Paul began to consider what he was going to do next.

It wasn’t like that boner was going to go away by itself. A hard-on was difficult enough to calm down at the best of times. With a naked woman lying on top of him, he had no chance! There was no question about it; he needed to get off.

Of course, the lovely pussy positioned right next to his own organ was the first thing he thought of. Having it so close when he needed it almost seemed like fate. Marcy was dead to the world, if he was gentle, he could probably screw her again without her even waking up.

His body was saying, “Yes! Yes! Yes!”, but his conscience was saying something different. Taking advantage of her while she was asleep felt wrong. He wasn’t entirely sure why, but it just did.

He tried to rationalize his discomfort away by noting that the sex they’d already had tonight proved that Marcy had no problem with him fucking her. Except, she had been awake for those other two encounters; she had been able to consent. Now she was passed out and it was less a case of ‘two consenting adults’ and more a case of him exploiting her vulnerability and trust.

He pondered what her reaction might be if she ’did‘ wake up in the middle of it. Would she be in to it? Or would it come as a rude shock?

Then Paul remembered what had happened to her earlier in the night; how appalled she’d been when Jeff and Bert had made that bet over which of them would get to fuck her. They basically treated her like she was just a sex toy they could use at their convenience.

Was what he was considering right now any better?

He instantly felt ashamed for even thinking about screwing Marcy while she slept. He wanted to do it; God, how he wanted to do it! But it wouldn’t have been fair to her.

All the same, something had to be done about that boner. He needed to get off and if he kept it pressed against that soft pussy much longer he was liable to give in to the temptation. With a frustrated huff, Paul set about pushing Marcy off to one side.

The devil on his shoulder hurled scathing abuse at him, “Are you fucking kidding me? You’ve got a hard-on, the hottest babe you’ve ever laid eyes on is laying on top of you, and you’re pushing her away so you can jerk off? You must be fucking insane!” But Paul was resolute.

He tried to be as gentle as possible at first, not wanting to wake her. The trickiest part was trying to roll her hips off his when he had a towering hunk of meat lodged between her thighs, essentially locking her in place. Eventually, the chore became so frustrating that he gave subtlety away and hefted her left thigh up far enough for him to be able to roll his dick out from under her. He half expected the harsh jostling of his efforts to wake her up, but Marcy remained dead to the world.

As soon as Marcy was clear, he rolled away from her and immediately began masturbating like crazy. Normally, he would savor the ride a bit, but tonight he just needed to cum as soon as possible.

He kept his back pressed against her as he did it. He couldn’t see what parts of her had connected with him; he guessed it was probably just her shoulder, hip and lower leg. But the mere fact that a gorgeous naked woman was touching him at all gave him a pleasant rush.

He couldn’t see her, so he pictured her in his mind’s eye instead. He thought about that thick bush of chestnut hair cupped between the shapely creases of her crotch; so feminine, so mature. He thought about those large, heaving breasts, so soft and delicious, with their tiny, dark little nipples.

A tightness formed in his loins that made his legs coil halfway in to a fetal position. An instant later, he was spraying hot jizz on to the bed sheet. He came more than he expected, considering what a taxing night it had been, but most of the orgasm was just dry heaves.

When he was done, he rolled back over on to his back. The mess he had just made clung to his right hip. It was damp and uncomfortable but Paul was too spent to do anything about it.

It was a relief to get that out of his system, though he wasn’t entirely satisfied. Though the orgasm had been unusually strong, the blues that follow were especially vicious this time. He lamented not fucking Marcy when he had the chance, yet paradoxically, he also felt somewhat proud of it.

He looked over at her, sleeping right beside him. She was as perfect as ever. He thought about lifting her back on to him once again, but he didn’t have the strength. So, he settled for lazily caressing her wonderful body with his left hand.


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